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File: 1512953277589.jpg (822.4 KB, 2000x1500, P_Pringle 02b.jpg)

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Just a Test Post, will post more once I get sorted...



Yerl: I think I recognize your work based on your wonderful art posted at Dolcett Girls Forum. This looks great, and thanks for your contributions there and here at Gurochan!


Looks promising! Hope to see more!


File: 1513138416771.jpg (388.14 KB, 992x1403, Grl_Imp_01-992x1403.jpg)

Daughter pain training day but not all of them survive it...


File: 1513138538954.jpg (424.33 KB, 1240x1754, LT_01-1240x1754.jpg)

First day of school execution a lot more girls to follow.

vaginal scolding is always a good start for the invited audience to watch and enjoy...


Bodies are perfect. But girl's faces looks like they are 40+ years. :-(


I take your point, I will work on age.

Thanks for comment...


File: 1513187165570.jpg (352.88 KB, 1240x1754, LT_02-1240x1754.jpg)

Another School Execution several more to come.

They are all old drawings I did and revamping them, once I've remastered the old stuff I'll work on some new.


Think you could stab a girls cunt?


Daughter pain training day its Very cool! I would like to develop the story and topic!


Wow, this looks really good and tortures are prety original. Only faces of the girls look kinda old you should make them a bit more round But I may understand why they look like that if it was intended for dolcettgirls forum.
I hope you have more of those pictures


Thanks guys, still working on younger faces will get there some time soon, next is in the production...

Yes..., nice idea 'Pussy Shooter' a pussy stab is definitely on the agenda any other suggestions what these innocent creatures should suffer will be gratefully received.


Are you willing to make any of the girls pregnant, by chance?


One old idea which I have for torture is to stick the needle directly onto the blader and let her pee like a man LOL

Another idea is a picture of a mother walking with a daughter or 2 daughters while connected to then with the chain and hooks in their breasts if there are more than one daughter they can be connected in series.

And finally, 2 girls skewered by their breasts used as a barbell for weghtlifting as bonus you can also draw the woman with hooks in her breast trying to lift the girls from the ground while hanking that barbell on those hooks.


File: 1513448364571.jpg (485.29 KB, 1240x1754, LT_03-1240x1754.jpg)

Ooo, thanks for the ideas guys.

This is the last of my old cartoon type artworks from now on I'll try to make them more realistic.

Started your cunt stabbing one 'Pussy Shooter,' hanging girls by hooks through tits sounds promising...

More to follow....


Glad to see Gurochan back, working on on new drawings posted soon...


And very glad to see you back! I was a fan of you when you drew under the name "Yerl the Impaler", your imagination is still as delicious! Your art has improved but I still love the skinny bodies, the floppy titties, and now your girls have stiff erect clits on hairless cunts, that is wonderful. Please keep posting and showing those lusty painsluts having LIMITLESS fun! I think those stiff clits just beg to be cut off, burned, torn off... The girls would love that I'm sure. So it could be a reward for a good performance...


waiting for new drawings!


Give the URL where you can see your drawings!


File: 1515434541592.jpg (538.41 KB, 1754x1240, GG_12-1754x1240.jpg)

Here we have three Senior School Girls totally off their heads on some drug that has impaired their sense of self preservation but not their sense of fun.

Anybody guess how long they will live from now on?

More to follow, just single girls gutted next I think...


Why should these three sluts need a drug to want some serious fun? Running fat nails through their stiff clits shows they have good taste in such matters.

Just wondering what's the white goo oozing from the ruptured intestine... Did the girl get ass fucked?

More... more... more!



The girls have slaughtered themselves, but the clear white goo dripping from her intestines is all she has left inside her after many pre-mutilation enemas.

You have to give them credit to keep the place clean..., no poo just lots of blood and goo!!

Any guesses on how long they would live like that?


>>Any guesses on how long they would live like that?

No worries this is just a flesh wound, nothing life-threatening bu guro standards LOL

Just tie those intestines with nice bowties around their waists using them like belts and they are good to go back to school.


File: 1515788127794.jpg (446.47 KB, 1754x1240, LT05-1754x1240.jpg)

Another School Execution, probably a bit extreme for a minor offence but you have to maintain standards and it does entertain the invited audience.

More to come, any suggestions for the next execution?


Bayonet practice


Oh my. What did she do to get a sexy wound like that?


Well I said it was a minor offence but on reflection being caught wearing panties is not and deserves the bloody execution and slow death on the pole spike.



another execution or more like punishment for being noisy in the class could be hanging the girl by her breasts on the meathooks (or just one hook for extra fun while another hook in the other breast can hold extra weight)


Thanks for the new School Execution! Your art has definitely improved and the girl looks real young. Wearing panties is a serious offense and look at her, she whines piteously and does not even play with the dagger to get a last orgasm, she really had no place in such an elite school. For another execution the girl should straddle an horizontal saw blade, with her ankles slowly pulled down by electrical winches. The picture should capture the moment when a tooth of the blade emerges from the stiff clit! But she still has to suffer for many hours as she is slowly bisected, guts should start to spill down when the blade reaches the navel... Hands tied behind her back of course, bad girls are not allowed to masturbate!


... but let me add I liked the "old" style also with the flabby titties! Like the grey-haired overseer in the picture with the three gutted sluts. I wonder if she volunteered for some special treatment? I can see her pushing her droopy tits inside a cage full with hungry rats!


Thanks for the ideas guys.

I have a impalement drawing on the go at the moment after that maybe a Onix's hanged on one hook, gutted of course.

Then Jeanne's sitting on a saw blade, keep me busy guys...


File: 1516077214804.jpg (401.8 KB, 1754x1240, LT04-1754x1240.jpg)

Here is a very naughty girl who had to be punished.

Firstly a hundred really hard cane strokes, now if you count the strokes on her little bum there's not a hundred you just can't see the ones on her titties.

Then impaled with a star picket available at all good hardware stores..

Next hooks!


Delicious. What was the spiked dildo for? Oh I get it, she was caught pleasuring herself with it without permission? Bad, bad. But she still fingers her dripping slit... anyway I wonder why she is crying! she needs a few more hammer blows! Before the hooks...


I see you also posted some pictures here,

is that all of your works or you have something more?


The last six in (f) 'Breast Distress' are mine and that is all of my tit torture ones until I do some more.

I have other subjects not yet posted a few hangings, vore etc.

Posted most of my guttings in (gd) 'Intestines Shown'.


File: 1516594469771.jpg (583.78 KB, 1860x2631, LT06-1860x2631.jpg)

Here she is dangling on her hooks, looks like fun...

She'll be the last one for a while as I have some breast mutilation drawings to do...

Then I'll find a young girl to volunteer to sit on a very sharp blade!!!


Excellent as always... do take your time, this is quality fun!


This one is probably my favorite.
Consensual self-mutilation involving multiple girls, their boobs and vagoos. God-tier stuff.



If you do not get this, I'll eventually write you an email.

I enjoy your random, not perfect approach to it all.

You create a world where not every character is harmed.

I love your POV


this looks nice but it would have been better if we had her full body o the picture to see how she is hanging on those hooks intead of just standing on the ground ;)


Thanks for your comments guys...

Now working on new series 'Cunt Mutilations' in close-up...


"Now working on new series 'Cunt Mutilations' in close-up..."

URL please!


File: 1521524894077.jpg (453.34 KB, 1754x1240, CTC_03.jpg)

First of intended Series, Members of a Cunt Torture Club who love to have their cunts mutilated.

To let them painfully heal up then do it all again and again...

INGA 28 years old...


File: 1521525063049.jpg (165.29 KB, 1024x724, CTC_04.jpg)

SOPHIA, 32 years old ...


So you decided to cut some corners and only draw most important parts?LOL
Interesting idea.
Adding text also helps a lot to make everything better


Glad you liked it more to follow in series...


File: 1521865315691.jpg (736.54 KB, 2631x1860, CTC_05.jpg)

Jade 26 years old

Another self cunt torture, this girl is really full on...


Nice, but thinking realistically, this is kinda least extreme torture of all you drew. ;)

I think sometime you could make a picture of the firecracker exploding in her peehole or something like that


Onix, strange isn't it, I get one comment like "What's wrong with you!" and you are saying I'm not extreme enough.

Great idea for fire cracker in pee hole, will research that one, maybe dynamite in cunt as well?


This is not about how extreme it is in general but more about the fact that in the reality this kind of torture would be relatively harmless :) Just do not think that I am complaining.

Putting dynamite in the cunt may be a bit too extreme for those series as it will blow her all lower half, not just her cunt but full picture of such thing would be pretty nice as her belly would rip apart, throwing pieces of her guts and reproductive organs all around while leaving a big hole in her pelvis.

Small firecracker is more appropriate for those closeup series as it will just rip apart her pussy while leaving everything else intact. of course you will need "before" and "after" pictures ;)

If you don't mind I have one more idea from one manga:
how about gaping cunt skewered with spikes in a way to keep it wide open (maybe in form of X or inverted V or find another way to keep it wide open) and a small candle inside, burning her vagina enough to emit some smoke.


File: 1522065065216.jpg (776.69 KB, 2631x1860, CTC_06.jpg)

Onix like this one...

Silaria 23 yo


I imagine how much force she needed to push all those sticks through her skin ;)


Ooh I love the idea of the firecracker blowing a girls pussy open, tearing her guts out!

Would love to see a girl in the pussy mutilation club whose cut around her cunt and pulling it from her body.

Even some forced stretching open of girls piss holes.


I hope there will be some update soon. So I will just ass some more ideas.
>>21672 that kind of cutting gave me this idea:
If you have nothing against some prolapse torture, it may be also an interesting addition. Instead of just torturing pussy lips and clit you can pull out cervix and cut, pierce or burn it ;)


Oh yes, I more mean, cut around and pulling her entire reproductive system out.
But yes, have her prolapsed and torturing her cervix would be amazing!


Guys, Onix & Anony...

(If you have nothing against some prolapse torture, it may be also an interesting addition. Instead of just torturing pussy lips and clit you can pull out cervix and cut, pierce or burn it.

I more mean, cut around and pulling her entire reproductive system out.
But yes, have her prolapsed and torturing her cervix would be amazing!)

Absolutely fantastic ideas and I promise you both I will, draw up your ideas as a series as soon as I have finished my whole raft of other stuff I'm doing.

If you like to help me out if you could find prolapse pics to it would certainly help.

Thanks for your erotic perverted ideas, much appreciated...



Glad your keen on my ideas! I'll dig through my pics of perverted fap material and see what I can find. Will email you soon :)



Thanks for that, look forward tp what you have...


Sent email.


File: 1527825423220.jpg (429.85 KB, 1240x1754, PLG_01.jpg)

to Onix & Anonymous, as requested some serious cunt torture.

A series will follow of vaginal prolapse Tortures...


Yerl 2018-06-01 03:57:03 №22120
PLG_01.jpg 1240×1754 (430 KB)

Wow, fantastic artwork and pretty victim.
I would have preferred that this scene seems less consensual.
For example, executed by religious extremists (in public and flimed, as they usually do) to punish Western women for having too much freedom and being too lightly dressed.
Please, more...


Personally I love the consensual nature of these drawings. There's not enough of that on this board. Hope to see more!


This looks great. It is very exciting to see your new works.
Maybe it would be a bit better if she was pointing the knife into that hole as if she just finished cutting it :)


Oh wow!! That's amazing!! Can't wait to see more!!


File: 1528051322784.jpg (572.59 KB, 1860x2631, PLG_02.jpg)

Can't please all, sorry another consensual one...

Will take all your comments on board though.

#2 is even more tame so I will have to think of something better for #3...


That's lovely. She has pretty strong uterus :)

Another suggestion for how it could be made better if she had both or one of her feet resting on that weight.



Yerl: Love the two girls on either side with the center girl's ovaries in their mouths! They look like hungry cannibals as well as slaughtered meat girls. Great Work!

Re: your question "How long will they live" I would say about 4 - 24 hours, depending how badly they're bleeding. Then they can be completely gutted and ready for stuffing. I should think their painful, lingering harvest would flavor their meat to be perfectly delectable.


File: 1528300095773.jpg (504.46 KB, 1240x1754, PLG_03.jpg)

Definately not consensual this one, next one #4 will be by her own hand again..


Oh hell yesss! Love it!! Need to do some bladder torture next! ;)


File: 1528486041832.jpg (433.48 KB, 1240x1754, PLG_04.jpg)

Will Niki do for the time being until I research 'Bladder Torture'...

One more in this Series for now, have other requests to fufil...


So that's how they make octopus rings ....

Thank you for making those pictures.


Seriously hot stuff, Yerl! Could you do any debreastings too?


File: 1528725632833.jpg (438.45 KB, 1240x1754, PLG_04a.jpg)

#5, Roasted this girl, last in this short Series...

Thanks for your comments, I've done a few Tit Tortures but not total Tit Removals..., posted here in Freakshow - Breasts in Distress...


File: 1528727108188.jpg (527.31 KB, 1240x1754, PLG_05.jpg)

Ooops, here is #5...


interesting. do you mind doing some foot/feet amputation pics?


Outline the scenario of the feet amputation and if it interests me, yes of course.


File: 1528901729612.jpg (468.07 KB, 1754x1240, CS_01.jpg)

Dear Anon,

Attached is a reworked hands on pencil drawing I did 10 years ago, I just added the colour and title.

Its the nearest I have done to your request, it was part of a Dolcett series on a Country Gynophagia Abatoir.

As you can see I was right into skinny women then, in fact I still am...



im thinking of something like consensual removal of her feet. like she's happy to get rid of it or something like a charity event where she happily offers her feet for charity.

her feet get sent off/sold and preserved and used for a variety of things like ie. some dude's FJ thing, or some lady using it as a shoe tree, attached to a chair/machine that gives FJ.



is there a 2nd/ more pages to that pic?

another possible use for those feet, preserved and attached to mannequins and used to model shoes in a shoe store/dept store


No second page, sorry...


File: 1529360923759.jpg (470.67 KB, 1754x1240, CTC_01.jpg)

The first in the CTC Series I finally finished...


Ooh very good! I like it ;)


File: 1529683844991.jpg (377.68 KB, 1240x1754, ABR_01.jpg)

The start of a new series on non-con Abortions...


You're getting hotter and hotter Yerl, love the prolapse fun!


nice BDSM orgy
I just wonder if girls survive all that fun
maybe it would be a good idea to add more scars on their bodies from previous games?

like for example one of them missing breast another missing pussy but all healed and making new holes in their bodies and sticking some sui>>22330
ff there :)
this one looks nice but I cant invent any story of what is going there
by looking those pictures again I got a fantasy of "reverse fisting".
since they have a hole there all what is left to do is to cut her belly and push arm through the both holes until it will exist through her pussy

It is nice to see that you are making more pictures.


File: 1530563279339.jpg (942.79 KB, 1860x2631, ABR_02d.jpg)

Sorry about delay, usual Gurochan problems...


File: 1530563358257.jpg (1.16 MB, 2480x3508, ABR_03.jpg)


File: 1530563417511.jpg (484.36 KB, 1240x1754, ABR_04.jpg)


File: 1530563523141.jpg (619.56 KB, 1612x2280, ABR_05.jpg)

The last of this series, move onto next, mmm...., any ideas?


When did you managed to draw that many pictures?

Those abortion series remind me thew old idea for picture of the girl with her belly cut open her womb pulled out and placed on the table as she holds it with her left hand while she is stabbing it multiple times with the knife which she holds in her other hand.

As for ideas of other topic, what do you think about something like girl cutting cutting her fingers with Pruning shears or other self mutilation by destruction of various body parts?



Yeah I got left 'Home Alone' for a few days and it got to be be quite productive.

As for a new series I'm struggling, mutilations other than erogenous zones is not my interest.

Bizzarre painful and damaging insertions is one idea, i.e., Pineapples!


Yes dangerous insertions is very arousing idea as well.

I think light bulb or bottle stuffed inside and then broken into pieces would look very sexy.

maybe you could draw picture with horse speculum stretched to the level where her pussy is torn apart and dripping blood

or another idea of watermelon stuffed into the pussy 9which is torn apart already) but also people (like her sons) are going to smash her belly with baseball bats.

Using hand blender as a vibrator also seems like good idea for your girls

and you still have my previous idea about inserting firecrackers ;)

But whatever else will come in your mind rill also be great.


Ghastly, gross, painful, agonising, bizzarre snd destructive vaginal insertions it is then...

Stayed tuned...


File: 1530981879508.jpg (442.44 KB, 1240x1754, DST_01.jpg)

First of the Vaginal 'Destruction' Series.

Girls who just don't want to be girls anymore...


Your artwork has been improving considerably. Would love to see you revisit some disembowelment scenarios now that you are so well practiced.


File: 1532061326955.jpg (466.27 KB, 1240x1754, DST_02.jpg)

Well Lulu has really got stuck into her cunt, that stick blender is now chopping up her uterus.

I think she will bleed out....


File: 1532061552712.jpg (448.5 KB, 1240x1754, DST_03.jpg)

Well Laura has seen and felt the light for sure.

Just lucky she still has some 100 Watt Incandescents to wreck her cunt...


Qexet, thanks for your kind comments, yes indeed I have been contemplating gutting some more pretty girls.

If you could suggest some scenarios as Onix has for my Vaginal Destruction Series that would be helpful.

Also the new series would more likely include some non-con and try to make them look more realistic, so that will take some research and time...


File: 1532094775043.jpg (559.95 KB, 1240x1754, DST_04.jpg)

Amy's taking Guy Fawkes night a little too far, don't you think?


Sure, I'll try and think up some scenarios! Main problem is that most of the ideas I have I'm probably going to try myself, but I guess no reason you couldn't give the same one a shot as well. Actually might be interesting to both try the same one and then compare notes along the way. Feel free to email me if you want, the address is in my name.


Oh! You drew my ideas :) Very nice! looks good. Maybe you overused the same pose a bit too much.

I also got another interesting idea: a girl lying or sitting with the power drill in her hand drilling through her belly so that drill bit comes out of her vagina all coated with ripped pieces of her meat for the better effect, make it look like this.



Have to agree on pose, getting a bit tired of it myself.

Link didn't work for me but I like the idea!

Working on one now, slicing and dicing...


Wow I'm loving these!! Fantastic cunt destruction!! I'll email you soon with a few more ideas for your next set! Keep up the fantastic work!


I like your arts very much!!! I wish you draw some young school girl use huge dildo/toy/object fuck themselves , and Break through their low belly from pussy. thanks


That gives me another idea how to do it a bit better.
just pushing some big object is not that interesting but instead of one object, it could be several smaller objects stuffed inside with force to tear her cunt apart. Maybe she could use a hammer to force those things inside?
it would be interesting to see her pussy stuffed so much that not only it is torn but even pelvic bones are broken because of the size of the size of stuff stuffed inside.

or slightly different idea to push 2 or 3 broom handles into the pussy deep inside then she can pull 2 of them up while the third is fixed to the ground somehow so that her hole it gets so stretched that it gets torn.


Ooo, I like that Onix.

A girl who doesn't know when to stop, until she splits, or will she then...


yes I like the idea of the belly protruding Dildo too....


File: 1532618621195.jpg (539.66 KB, 1240x1754, DST_05.jpg)

And the last of this little series and on to the next...

Oh, yes I think she made a rather good job of herself, don't you think...


Ooh I like that last one, I'd like to see her all healed up, no clit or lips left, she'd just have a pussy hole to fuck and never able to orgasm again!

I love that idea also onix, just ramming into herself until she splits!


This needs to continue

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