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This two are excellent!


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Thanks. And more...


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Love this one. I never thought about strangling someone that way. Amazing creativity!


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This is hot. Have you drawn any long drops?


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Maybe it's just my personal preference, but your simple black outline drawings are far sexier than the scribbled ones. Of course, they have their limitations, but ...


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This one is awesome.
There's kind of a Picasso vibe in this one...


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I love those! Full stars!


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>> готовое.gif
Wow, again.
First i found very good author, then i got information, that he is from Russia.


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Nice drawings.
Also, this boy had the right idea :)


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I like these drawings a lot. Thanks for posting here.


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File: 1533807774925.png (255.79 KB, 720x1280, Sketch94123647.png)


More please! I really love these last few.


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You should draw a trap or futa getting hanged from her genitals before a knife "Frees her" from that rope, severing her package and letting her bleed to death.


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File: 1547219737295.jpg (68.72 KB, 813x720, 125.jpg)


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Great drawing.


Think you can show some pregnant girls getting shot in the pussy execution style?


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