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File: 1510255762284.jpg (177.44 KB, 1200x644, TheCutting-01.jpg)


So, having enjoyed a lot of the bloody and violent art around here, I'd thought I return the favor. Here are some of my drawings.

I like masculine men killing and torturing for pleasure. There is not a lot of that around here, but I have seen enough to be convinced it's not completely out of place on Gurochan. So for everyone who does not mind sexual man on man violence, please enjoy!


File: 1510255920129.jpg (186.15 KB, 1200x818, TheCutting-02.jpg)

Black gloves with lasers! What will they think of next?


File: 1510255989605.jpg (224.92 KB, 1200x676, TheCutting-03.jpg)

Don't worry, it won't grow back


File: 1510256178585.jpg (170.01 KB, 1200x785, TheCutting-04.jpg)

Where to aim next...


File: 1510256427198.jpg (188.05 KB, 1200x784, TheCutting-05.jpg)

a clean cut.


File: 1510257350164.jpg (141.35 KB, 1200x687, TheCutting-06.jpg)


Off with his dick!


That is a delicious expression! Lovely drawings, thanks for sharing.


File: 1510341315531.jpg (284.05 KB, 1200x1076, TheCutting-07.jpg)

Thanks, I'm Glad you enjoyed them.


File: 1510341500835.jpg (257.85 KB, 1200x1132, TheCutting-08.jpg)

Poor little fellow...


File: 1510341581246.jpg (202.7 KB, 1200x880, TheCutting-09.jpg)

One "Off with his dick" coming up!


File: 1510349098933.jpg (200.68 KB, 1200x835, TheCutting-10.jpg)

And there it goes...


File: 1510357039487.jpg (200.98 KB, 1200x883, TheCutting-11.jpg)

He's full of great ideas!


next roll him over then off with his ass cheeks one at a time


Gorgeous blood spray and splatter!


Oooh~ Too bad he won't snuff the daughters too.


Could the man possibly cut off a shotas penis? Your art style is amazing, but I'd love to see your skill with shota!


File: 1510420869597.jpg (207.67 KB, 1200x863, TheCutting-12.jpg)

one "Ass-cheek-cutting" coming up!


File: 1510421842135.jpg (185.13 KB, 1200x781, TheCutting-13.jpg)

That's one..


thank you for the ass cheek removal


File: 1510447761852.jpg (240.03 KB, 1200x913, TheCutting-14.jpg)

"And there goes the second ass-chee... Oh, I thought we were alone. What are you doing here, little fellow?"

Thanks, let's see if I can pull that off. You know what? I had to look "shota" up, I wasn't quite sure what it meant exactly. It's sexualized young boys, right?

No problem, it was fun to do.

Yeah, I don't think I can help you with that. When I draw stuff like this my dick leads the way. I have never drawn a naked women in my life.


cut the shotas ass off too


I assume you're the same anon that asked me before. Do me a favour please, and describe to me what you like about cutting off asses.


I just like to see that happen, you see a lot of everything else on here except ass cheeks getting cut off


Hi there, any chance you’d mind doing anything of Sakyo from Yu Yu Hakusho killing off some unfortunate dudes? Maybe busting their balls or snapping their necks? There’s not much of Sakyo lewds anyways.


yeah, shota means boys. Usually aged from about 7 to 13

Nothing in this world is better than shota gore :>


anon prob likes ass cheek cutting because it's full of meat. if I were to eat somebody I'd go for the genitals, ass, ang thighs. Everything waste down (apart from feet) is delicious.


File: 1510493696879.jpg (170.8 KB, 1200x788, TheCutting-14.jpg)

I'm sure everything will not be okay.


File: 1510509777173.jpg (153.6 KB, 1200x1011, TheCutting-16.jpg)

Goddamn bratty little kid!


File: 1510511481177.jpg (247.5 KB, 1200x1386, TheCutting-17.jpg)

Little boys should stay little...

Thanks for that, I like reading about what turns other people on.

Thanks, I thought that. Well, some shota gore coming up... >:)

No, sorry, I don't really know anything about Sakyo. I'm not going to spend drawing time on something that I have no connection with. Thanks for asking, though.


damn, once that boy loses his willy you should totally do more shotas! Who's the protagonist, btw?


Very nice drawing. Will look forward to the next sequence. :)


File: 1510597223810.jpg (254.31 KB, 1200x1208, TheCutting-18.jpg)

Thanks! He is not based on anyone specific. I just like drawing big, beary men. His ability to shoot lasers from his hands is something I made up for this sequence.

you 're welcome


he should do a mass castration of shotas and men


File: 1510604477000.jpg (137.8 KB, 800x1297, NoRights_01.jpg)

Al right! something else now.

I drew this set with 2 adult men originally, but you perverts here seems to be more interest in boys, so I changed things up a little.

Ahhh, I like that image.


File: 1510605080420.jpg (136.02 KB, 800x1099, NoRights_02.jpg)

Ahhh, with a sharp knife it's like cutting through soft butter.


File: 1510605125863.jpg (203.88 KB, 800x1059, NoRights_03.jpg)


File: 1510605234061.jpg (144.07 KB, 800x1449, NoRights_04.jpg)

What do you have to do to get some cooperation around here.


File: 1510610344597.jpg (182.1 KB, 800x1290, NoRights_05.jpg)


File: 1510610582512.jpg (156.22 KB, 800x1150, NoRights_06.jpg)

I really hope that hurts a lot.


the expression on that boys face gets me rock hard. Hope he's thinking about what he's about to lose :)


I don't think they're in enough pain. How about the big dude gets a boys dad, shoves the dads severed dick down the boys throat, then cuts the boys dick off, shoves it down the dads throat, forces them to kiss and blows their brains out?


File: 1510620138311.jpg (204.15 KB, 853x1002, NoRights_07.jpg)

Bestill his beating heart.


File: 1510620449935.jpg (167.06 KB, 900x910, NoRights_08.jpg)


Awesome work, I'm really loving your artwork. I would like to see more teen male non-con gore from you. :)


File: 1511117185669.jpg (339.93 KB, 1200x812, Neutercamp.jpg)

Telling horror stories around the campfire about how everyone died horribly last year at this exact place. Stories about boys who've been found mutilated and castrated, bleeding to death. No one died quickly, guts and limbs were found all over the place.
You tell them you were there last year, the only survivor.
When asked how you managed to survive all that, you tell them you were the one doing the killing...

This is almost a mass castration.

Thanks. I'd like to think that he's realizing that the rest of his short life will be filled with more pain than he has ever felt :)

Oh yes, that sound wonderful. More pain and suffering is good.



aww if only we could see all of their weiners

amazing lighting though, but what's with the red tint to everything? just your style?


Would you be willing to draw something a tad controversial?


File: 1511198677711.jpg (113 KB, 1000x910, Cut_01.jpg)

You right, more close ups of wieners are needed.
The tint happened when I tried to make the lasers glow. I just kept it for this sequence. I didn't think much about it, so yes, I guess that it is my style.

Controversial? Here on Gurochan? You certainly have my attention. Please try me, you might get lucky.


File: 1511211805665.jpg (203.26 KB, 1000x1093, Cut_02.jpg)


File: 1511211987977.jpg (179.1 KB, 1000x986, Cut_03.jpg)

Easy now, you don't want to cut it off completely yet. He can't feel the parts that are already cut off, it hurts more if you make several small cuts.


File: 1511212452352.jpg (165.89 KB, 1000x867, Cut_04.jpg)

There you go! you are getting the hang of it.


if it's not too much to ask, there's a request I always make of artists I love the work of. Obviously I love intact weiners (uncut), but dicks chopped off are also awesome. Could you do a huge pile of severed dicks, quite detailed like the ones above, in 1920x1080? I'm somewhat obsessed with severed dicks and you'd be satisfying my craving with such an image :p

all uncut and shaved please! Cute weiners!

Also if you want I can give you some steam trading cards as payment (i dont actually own money...)


basically a school is attacked. The teachers are forced to strip themselves and their students. The boys all get their cocks chopped off while still alive. That's the idea.


File: 1511309804344.jpg (225.9 KB, 1200x937, Cut_05.jpg)

Now see how far you can stretch it before it cuts all the way through

So you want uncut, cute, cut off cocks? :D. I'll have a look.

That's a wonderful idea!


then after you do 20118 request, can you also cut off all of their ass cheeks too?


File: 1511395937309.jpg (271.62 KB, 1920x901, SchoolAttacked_01.jpg)

All right, lets teach these little brats a lesson they wont forget!


File: 1511570189094.jpg (244.36 KB, 1920x952, SchoolAttacked_02.jpg)

I don't know how it happened, but he story is going to take a little detour first.


File: 1511570416796.jpg (297.31 KB, 1920x976, SchoolAttacked_03.jpg)

I drew a guy with a gun in the first page, and I wanted to use him.


File: 1511570975432.jpg (376.65 KB, 1920x1195, SchoolAttacked_04.jpg)

Sven is having fun being mean.


Wow what a meanie!


Hi Just wondering if you are going to add more to the next set?


File: 1512831282216.jpg (217.72 KB, 1920x974, SchoolAttacked_05.jpg)

I'm not done with this sequence yet. I can't find a lot of time to draw at the moment, though.


oh my god that is so fucking hot


File: 1513604095163.gif (5.72 MB, 800x450, cutcocks4.gif)

Here's a pile of cut off cocks.


>>20603 holy shit where did you find that? if they were intact cocks it would be a million times hotter, please tell me where you found that, hot damn!


Hehe, thanks. I made that animation myself.
Intact cocks, do you mean uncircumcised?


yeah, but saying intact makes more sense, since we're not born with stuff chopped off :p
do you have steam? I fuckin' love that animation and would love to have more *_*

you should make a 3dcg thread!


could you do an animation of a cute boy getting his cock chopped off? of course, intact, if you made that masterpeice, i need moreeeee


File: 1513986474796.jpg (346.74 KB, 800x1452, examples.jpg)

I am trying to make an animation of this, and it's taking forever. So here are a couple of work-in-progress pictures.


looking good


File: 1514045017919.jpg (366.69 KB, 1161x2102, Time to die.jpg)

Splatter your brains all over the floor!


As somebody who has moderated on this site for years, I can tell you that you are easily one of the more talented artists I've seen. Try not to burn yourself out though. I've burned out from making art multiple times, so don't rush yourself to make more content.

By the way, it'd be best if you made a 3DCG thread for your 3D renders.


File: 1515073586787.jpg (126.37 KB, 930x800, SchoolAttacked_06.jpg)

"Now choke on your own cock, you little shit"

Thanks a lot. That seems like good advice, lets find out if I can listen to it :)

I do not have a steam account. Why do you ask?


cuz i'd love to chat lol

Hey would you be able to make a profile pic of sorts? Like a severed cock in a bag, but it not SHOWING the cock but the outline showing, so I don't get banned for nudity lol


ur my god! i love big muscle guys get totally destroyed


Thanks a lot! Those are the best.

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