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I'm a fan of gory art, particularly when it involves carving the boobs off of well-endowed beauties. But, my art skills are pathetic at best.

However, as a writer of some skill, I'm fairly good at telling artists what I'd like and, when there are no threats of police action, I even pay them to draw these things.

This is my latest commission and it comes from Hitori the Artist, who frequents this place. It features, not just debreasting, but also de-dicking.

And, it's something from one of my many gory stories.

If you like it, and/or want to know more about my writing, I have more of Hitori's art, and my own writing, lurking on my blog at:

FrictionByBill dot Blogspot dot Com

Also, feel free to fire off with some feedback!


I wonder whom we should be praising here you or Hitori. LOL

By the way, I also have half finished 3d picture on the similar topic so maybe you would like to use it for some of your stories.
It is about dickgirls at the barbeque.



How about a bit of both?

He does great work and I'm thrilled to have him draw commissions for me. When I post his work I give him credit for it and link to his projects/sites for those who are interested in more of the same.

I pay him in cashmoney too, not just exposure. Apparently artists can't actually live on exposure and need the money too. Who knew?

And, hell yes, send me your picture. I've got my email linked to my name here.



Well. if you insist LOL
Thanks for making Hitori show his talent.

Considering content of this picture. It a bit wrong because the futa in the door shoud be without dick and breasts because they are on the floor already.

Also everything woud be better if provided a small piece of the story which goes along.


Wish I could afford commissions..

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