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File: 1505789818553.jpg (275.58 KB, 850x1100, GuroDoodles.jpg)


I drew a thing... <3 Okay buhbaiis.

P.S. What's up 2ndvoice? I know you're still here somewhere!


I know it's a late post, but these are great!


Glad you liked it. It's good to return to my roots and draw guro from time to time.


awesome work! and welcome back :)


Ooh. I like Seppuku NinjaKitty (although I don't think she'd appreciate)


LOL Probably not, I know Ninja Kitty herself doesn't do guro or scat or all that other stuff. But, guro coming from me is a compliment. I hope she takes it that way. =w=;;

P.S. I might wanna attempt to do Goretober, no promises though. I have the prompts ready, but I'm not sure if I'll have the time or endurance to do it. It'd be good to attempt though. Here's to a smooth Goretober, hopefully, if it happens...


File: 1507362024273.jpg (390.45 KB, 1100x850, Goretober 1-6.jpg)

Here is my first 6 days of Goretober, I'll post them here every time I fill a full canvas with them... I'm trying to keep the nudity to a minimum if possible. They're gonna be considerably less sexy. I'm sorry, if you need fap fodder.


Do something with girls from One Piece like Nami or Carot please! :D ;3


You say that as if this isn't good enough....


Interesting idea.
Like usual I just wonder how creative you will be able to get and what you will draw next


That's the first time i see some of your art. People seem to know you for some time, where can i see some of your previous works?



I'm not really a guro artist any more nowadays, but here is my pixiv. Every now and then, I do go back to my roots and draw more guro. I think I was most active between the times of 5chan and Gurochan when I made the exodus. A lot of really bad pencil drawings scanned with a bad scanner or camera back then ... =w=;;

You can check my pixiv or hentai-foundry... they shouldn't be too hard to find...


File: 1507602507832.jpg (71.6 KB, 665x719, Day 9 Goretober.JPG)


This isn't a request thread, and I'm not taking request, but I thought it'd be nice to at least honor a request at least once. ^_~ <3 I'll post the rest when the canvas is full by the end of the week or whatever...


Thanks a lot!


File: 1507933677732.jpg (442.08 KB, 1100x850, Goretobe 2.jpg)

Here is the next batch of Goretober... I really like that last one, it makes me giggle like a dumbass... Enjoy!


I love your artstyle! Very detailed but also really cute.


I love this.


Sorry I'm really behind on these goretober, stuff started to happen. I'll try to catch up a bit...


File: 1508646513778.jpg (406.08 KB, 1100x850, Goretober 3.jpg)

I'm trying my best to catch back up. I'm still like half a week behind. Life really threw a wrench onto my schedule. Enjoy guys... <3


This is great!


File: 1509415422110.jpg (406.81 KB, 1100x850, Goretober 4.jpg)

Trying my damnest to catch up. I stopped mid month and now I'm crunching like 15 of them in 2 days... LOL One more batch to go, let's hope I finish before the 31st ends... Raise your dongers in the air and give me that gud ki so I can do that spirit bomb...


You, sir, are doing the dark gods' work. Praises!


File: 1509502470139.jpg (424.95 KB, 1100x850, Goretober 5.jpg)

Okay, so this final set of goretober doodles is more trick than treat... My trollish personality shines through at the end there. But I'll tell you what isn't a trick. As you might have noticed, there is a missing date. Where is Halloween? The 31st isn't there! I'll tell you guys what, throw me ideas of what you guys want to see as the final doodle and instead of a doodle I'll make it a full blown guro piece. It'll be late since Halloween ends in a few hours, but let's end it with a bang. Post your ideas in this thread and sometime tomorrow after I wake up, I'll choose my favorite and make it awesome. Oh but there is one rule... It can't be a prompt I have already done within the 30 days of Goretober...


Nice! I don't get ALL references, but I get most of them.


I don't know, but I've always had a penchant for hangings...


Alright hanging it is! Any character you want in particular?


Thanks! No, I don't have any character in mind.


File: 1510444125172.jpg (324.42 KB, 680x880, hanging 2.jpg)

Day 31, an entire 10 days late because I'm a loser. LMFAO This concludes Goretober, in November... Alright see ya guys again whenever I decide to draw guro in the distant future.


Thanks, this is a fitting end to the month!


Any chance you take requests?


Nope, sorry Goretober is over too... Think I got drawing guro out of my system. You're always free to commission guro from me though. Otherwise, I'll be going back to lurk mode most likely in the /3dcgi/ or /g/ boards. Man I really admire OP's stuff... LOL


n ice


File: 1548933519021.jpg (275.21 KB, 880x680, Komi Sheet2.jpg)

Boku ga warui so let's fighting! LET'S FIGHTING LOVE!

Alright back into the lair for me…


aww, her face when she sees the cleaver



File: 1549404693248.jpg (219.48 KB, 680x880, Chelsea2.jpg)

A commission of Chelsea from Akame ga Kill!


nice touch with the tongue

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