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File: 1500393448488.jpg (51.62 KB, 423x700, 20170718C.jpg)


This is a test.


If it's a test, would you like a moderator (me) to remove it, or is it a test of what peoples reception of your art is? I'm confused.


Awesome art :) please make more of these decaps and headless


File: 1500487417419.jpg (21.21 KB, 700x331, 20170719C.jpg)


File: 1500487578200.jpg (29.41 KB, 303x700, 20170719D.jpg)


great work! i just love stuff like this :)


I like any test with Sarada in it


I just want to keep looking at your guro imege.


File: 1500571918684.jpg (63.1 KB, 532x700, 20170720C.jpg)


Sexy ass!! Awesome work thanks;)


File: 1500654426412.jpg (33.78 KB, 333x700, 20170721B.jpg)


I am glad I could meet you!


Well, this style looks super familiar. :)


File: 1500743215518.jpg (46.6 KB, 565x700, 20170722D.jpg)


Great sexy work! Do you have a homepage?


File: 1500835409789.jpg (43.65 KB, 580x700, 20170723B.jpg)


File: 1500911128200.jpg (35 KB, 385x700, 20170724C.jpg)


Every day of fun :)


fresh uchiha


Why no nipples?


File: 1500997476270.jpg (38.26 KB, 314x700, 20170725B.jpg)


Very hot kunoichi


File: 1501085266179.jpg (31.03 KB, 289x700, 20170726B.jpg)


variations are plentiful.


Yep... m77!


File: 1501266892422.jpg (30.58 KB, 453x700, 20170728B.jpg)


I want to lick ass.




File: 1501523940737.jpg (52.23 KB, 619x700, 20170731C.jpg)


my kind of stomach bulge


File: 1501616342265.jpg (50.56 KB, 530x700, 20170801C.jpg)


Great work thanks!!


I recognize this stuff! Would you take commissions?


File: 1501878180916.jpg (48.25 KB, 607x700, 20170804D.jpg)


I've always liked m77's style and yours seems just as good. His fisting and large insertions pieces are my favorite. You are certainly taking an inspiration from his work, since you can't possibly be the same guy, probably?

Anyway, great stuff! Keep going we need more artists like you.


File: 1502038327931.jpg (31.08 KB, 700x552, 20170806C.jpg)


File: 1502129992821.jpg (35.22 KB, 543x700, 20170807C.jpg)


I'm very happy:)


File: 1502215457001.jpg (24.52 KB, 303x700, 20170808C.jpg)


still beating heart


File: 1502396115854.jpg (29.51 KB, 294x700, 20170810C.jpg)


Hello genius! Can rangiku see?


I want to see is continued!


You seem to really like Sarada, i dont mind she's a cute character and like m77 you are focusing on having one ''victim''.

Have you ever though of drawing other characters? or creating one yourself?

And what is the biggest appeal or turn on to you? what drives you to make this?


File: 1507920773980.jpg (23.18 KB, 700x366, 20171013D.jpg)


File: 1507920899890.jpg (36.71 KB, 453x700, 20171013E.jpg)


welcome back


Awesome work! Thank you for coming back!


File: 1509835530445.jpg (41.48 KB, 700x627, 20171104F.jpg)


Very nice!


Any chance for cunt destruction?


More please!


Welcome back!! More pleeeeeaaaase!!


love your style <3


File: 1522084580526.jpg (40.08 KB, 364x700, 20180326E.jpg)



good torso


File: 1522171724748.jpg (44 KB, 440x700, 20180327C.jpg)


File: 1522256992411.jpg (60.95 KB, 516x700, 20180328C.jpg)


Thank you for returning:)


File: 1522434591477.jpg (38.23 KB, 509x700, 20180330C.jpg)


This is my favorite!!!


You a person who thinks of good new ideas one after another!!


File: 1527970554969.jpg (41.89 KB, 464x700, 20180602H.jpg)


welcome back ;)


This artist seems to have been posting on pixiv, their art continues to improve!

I suggest following them to show your support, I don't know if they still browse gurochan, especially after changing domains.

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