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First post of some of my sketches.
What do you think about them?
Any requests or any ideas about what else could be done to these young ladies?


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Hi, perfect works. Thanks. I like her flat skinny body. Pls, continue with bondage, stretching and torture. I am looking forward to continuing.


File: 1499666922171.jpg (360.37 KB, 1200x1680, 00 f.jpg)

Another one...


Considering requests and ideas it is hard to tell whats are your preferences. what do you think about more funny or silly pictures or do you want them to be serious? You are making pictures in similar poses is that your limitation or deliberate choice?
Your artwork is technically not that great, but for some reason it is quite attractive. It actually looks better than art of some better artists.

I wold like to suggest an idea of loli babysitter being tortured by younger kids
something similar to your last picture

As I imagine she would be tied with her legs spread, firecracker inserted in her pussy one grown up man watching with smirk on his face and little boy carelessly playing with matches, while girl is prettified in horror looking at that boy.


File: 1499923920849.jpg (425.6 KB, 1275x1130, 00 e 2.jpg)

Thanks, Onix, for your compliment.
A modest attempt about your request...


Nice work. Thanks.
You only need to learn how to draw better faces and expressions and your artwork will be perfect.


maybe you could chop off her hands and feet before you let them play with her...


I loce your artwork! I'm into older girls however.

Have an 18 or 20 year old in Hell, running naked over thorns through a cactus field until she's whipped hy demons, maybe set on fire or in a cage over a fire


these are great. i like to see some big men hurting her bottom


File: 1500274019081.jpg (285.11 KB, 1074x894, 05 a.jpg)

# 18171

Some chopped off hands and feet girls, manipulated from other artwork found on Internet.


File: 1500274103136.jpg (116.58 KB, 635x597, 06 b.jpg)


File: 1500277591732.jpg (308.81 KB, 950x662, Sin título- 7 men correcte….jpg)


Bottom being badly hurted


I was greatly surprised by the improvement of you face quality until i read the description that you decided to use copy paste method instead of drawing by yourself. LOL
Some artist complain about that but I totally support your idea as it will allow you to do things much faster and easier.
In that case you could also try to do same with eyes for your characters what woud make them look much nicer.


Wow, you are good! I would like to see some needles and fire applied to those pointy titties ...


great! that is very stimulating !



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