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HELL-o all, I bring gifts, I bring art, I hope you like it enough to consider funding my adventures, please take a look.
"The meaning of evil"
"Souls in Hell"


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Trophy (censored)

Introducing my creation; the false/fake dog; not an amputee, but rather a creature engineered to be a cruel parody of a dog, a human adapted to walk on all fours again, with a body designed to copulate without trauma with dogs and wolves and lord knows what else.

Here you see him/her/it nervously enjoying the body heat, smell and protective/possessive aura of one very well endowed mutt (mutts are much healthier than pure breeds).

What will he think about, what will it feel later, when he is rhythmically penetrated by this large, menacing yet well-meaning beast over the wolf carpet.

The silent gaze of a deer trophy, what emotions does it hold?

So the theme here is different paths of domination/submission as will be the case with all the pictures I will post here.


Any questions and comments are welcome


interesting style, not seen anything like it before ^^


Thanks! That sort of pixel line is not such a rare thing, but most people that do things with it use it for sketches only, not finished pieces.


the line work is pretty insane


Thanks! I try.

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