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Wow, when the old site went down I honestly thought this place was dead for sure. But it appears this new site's been up since...september?

Now I feel kind of stupid. And to make up for lost time, I'm posting everything I've posted in my art thread before in one go. And also allowing requests. (Nothing too gruesome please)
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Slade, do you not wander onto gurochan that often? You seem to stick a post into the thread and wander away for a month or two or three before coming back to post an image and off again you go.

Figured it might be worth asking as you have some pretty stellar art, and I've love to see more of your stuff.



At least it's better than the relationship I had with Malachi, where he'd be gone for a year straight...

... last time I heard from him, it was early 2013...



Didn't he pop up on pixiv with ONE picture that was a slightly improved version of one of his old works?

Still, bummer how Mal vanished, I was hoping for more like his Sailor Moon doujin, shit was the bomb.



So sorry man. Too busy with work and stuff. Wish I could've at least posted something new with this reply...

I do have some (old) regular stuff that I can post. But I don't even know if that's permitted, this being a guro board and all.



Well I DID find that Morton's Salt girl on Paheal, quite some time AFTER I last saw him, yes.


File: 1464167322771.jpg (468.65 KB, 1950x1200, marcelinescat1.jpg)

OK, I whipped up something really quickly. Unfortunately I didn't have my good drawing tablet with me at the moment. Maybe I'll touch it up later, if people want it.

So I've been a fan of adventure time for some time now. If you love the bitter-sweet relationship between Marceline and the Ice King like I do... prepare to have it ruined.


File: 1464167382097.jpg (394.47 KB, 1950x1200, marcelinescat2.jpg)



While I'm not sure if I find something literally shitting on part of Adventure Time up my alley, as I've said I'm not the biggest scat fan, it's another really good image, Slade!

Anything going to come out of the Elsa series? What about that latest Tsunade picture? I know we're still itching for the Honey Lemon image!


Can i request some spit golden roasting with maybe Nami from One Piece?
Its been awhile since you draw something like that and i really love your earlier drawings of cannibalism fetish. Pretty please. :)


Needs more Bulma scat/pee please?



Neat Marceline scat, Slade. Thank you.


File: 1464249297689.gif (122.31 KB, 700x800, scat.gif)

Sorry for those who prefer the gore variety over the scat... but I made another scat picture of Sakura pooping


The 2 seconds loop took me over 6 hours to do! How encouraging ._.


hey slade if it's okay to ask could you make a quick horsedick shemale edit of the soraka scat picture please?


Even with all that time, it still looks amazing. I've said it before, but you do really well with a lot of the mainstream Jump stuff.

Ever considered doing any of the Nisekoi girls? I'd love to see some sort of sexy bondage thing involving any of them. No scat, but if you're inspired, run with it!

Still wishing you took commissions!



Even if it DID take 6 hours for a 2 second vid, that's time USED (not wasted) to make something nice.

Ever thought of doing some of the girls from the Avatar series (either from The Last Airbender OR The Legend of Korra)?


Still hoping that Slade with join the fray with some HTTYD Guro for Astrid Hofferson


File: 1464496521643.gif (118.75 KB, 700x800, kaatarascat.gif)


Never seen the show but know there are a few hotties in it
This is a pretty lazy to approach it but I can do simple edits to the previous sakura scat gif to make it into different characters.

So here's Kaatara


File: 1464497968063.jpg (83.43 KB, 490x750, cad1c0689252a840027a54bae7….jpg)

This is amazing. Can you do Fem!South Italy from Hetalia/Nyotalia?


forgot to mention this is the original requester in case you needed consent or something



Lazy edit? I won't lie... yes it is.

Will I take when I've been given? Most certainly. Thank you, Slade...

... just don't make laziness a rule of thumb for yourself, ok?


Trying to keep this from falling off gurochan. Hope your inner muse hasn't gone on a vacation!


bump for these


Where is your other pooping Sakura pic? Just wondering is all :)


File: 1476026260626.jpg (264.6 KB, 912x972, fiscat.jpg)

Did this for the request thead in /s/


File: 1476029127197.jpg (32.92 KB, 268x640, bulma-bulma-briefs-3085816….jpg)

WOW! That's pretty awesome Slade, I like how you've kept Fi emotion-less as she's supposed to be, and how she's giving Link something as useful as blue poop, I wonder what he'll do with it :) Glad to see you're still alive and kicking :p

Say, do you think when you have more free time to do art you could do a young Bulma scat piece? The one where she's wearing yellow shorts and a red shirt, Maybe she could be using a western toilet to pee and poop with a spy cam view from inside the toilet bowl? Similar to the episode where Roshi tries to see bulma use the bathroom by turning small.

I really do love how perfect your drawings of young Bulma look, just wish there was more scat related ones :3


Ahh, finally found you, slade. I've seen your cooking art around, but never could find you until now.
You do amazing art. Even if I don't like the scat stuff, the rest is pretty good.
Are there any limits to what we can request? If not, can I request Nephenee (Fire emblem) being prepped and cooked on a medieval tavern grill by Calill (Also fire emblem)?
(And, if it doesn't bother you too much, could Nephenee keep her helmet on the whole time?)
If you don't wanna do this, i understand, and hope you have a wonderful day.


bump for these


Que paso con la tersera hoja de cookingbulma


A discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

Slade if you are there you are invited.


I 2nd the motion for Kaya yo shit in a bedpan looking embarrassed but forced by her butler


I 2nd the motion for Kaya yo shit in a bedpan looking embarrassed but forced by her butler


bump for these


bump for these


Please don't do that. It's one thing to bump a thread that's close to terminating, but doing it while also begging for a request rarely goes over well for artists, especially if they've gone dark for a while.


Did you ever finish drawing Honey Lemon?



... Really? Really?!



bump for these


File: 1557684296027.jpg (309.25 KB, 858x1650, honeylemon.jpg)

Wow, you guys wouldn't let this thread die until I deliver the Honey Lemon, would you?

Request is open. I'm not very into strong gore anymore though. So no more deaths, cooking, or dismemberment. I'm good with humiliation, bad end, scat, beast, though.

I've also been playing a lot of Fire Emblem Heroes so I'm up for any requests from that.

I'll also be more open this time and just decline any requests I don't feel like doing, so that people don't remain hopeful and keep bumping this thread up. (That means I won't do all the unfulfilled requests up to this point, sorry).

Have fun and keep it civil guys.


Could you do Trudy Proud from The Proud Family as a hucow?


You should join eka's portal


If by any chance you could draw either cooking like in the 1st 3 images of this thread with Carrot from One Piece or if not that then maybe Centorea from Monster Musume drowned or executed in nude (with her big tasty horse butt on display if possible xD ) … <3 Also thanks and welcome back!!!


If you like FEH, did you per chance get to read my very long guro story about the many girls from it? It's in /lit/ if you want to check it out ^^

I would love to see you take on some bad end scenario for Celica ^^ Or even if you would be up for that, some kind of (non-scat) humiliation scenario for my Fire Emblem OC? Here's how she looks like if you'd be up for that :)


He said no more cooking or death and you ask for cooking and and execution. Pay attention.


File: 1557786429411.jpg (126.89 KB, 744x1962, 1533118202577.jpg)

Could you draw True form Midna pooping while sitting on the chair backwards?


How about a bad end with Queen Mikoto as a pregnant slave about to get her breasts branded? Even better if it is Fallen Takumi or Corrin branding her.


So who is "Slade". Think i have seen his artstyle somewhere.





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