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The World of Bones is a harsh reality where humanity is little more than prey for the myriad of creatures with monstrous appetites. Mankind organises itself into small villages and tribes that scrape a living out of the feral forests of teeth and blood. Only their evolved ability to rapidly breed allows their kind to flourish in the deadly wilderness. A girl grows up knowing with certainty that she will one day meet her brutal and gruesome death at the claws of of a towering Histscream, live impaled and roasted at the hands of a rival tribe, or impregnated by a parasitic Grey Stalker, whose offspring devour their hosts slowly from the inside out. A young woman's highest aspirations here are to find one of the rare males of her species and to bear and raise as many of his children as she can before she is ripped screaming from this world. If she is exceedingly lucky, and gives birth to one or more male heirs, she may be rewarded by a compassionate lover with a swift beheading. In the world of Bones, death is a constant daily companion.

Elizabeth was taking two of her many daughters on one of her daily gathering trips into the village's local forest.
Melissa had journeyed with her mother on this relatively safe exercise many times while growing up. For Cassie, however, it was her first time, having only just completed her ritual of ascension that marked her as one of the adults of the village, and subject to their responsibilities. Cassie wore her hair in pigtails that hung over her cute freckled face. As they approached the watering hole, Cassie's fresh young eyes darted around looking for signs of danger in the unknown. Elizabeth and Melissa walked over to the crystal clear lake with a practiced confidence.... unaware of the new danger that had grown in their safehaven.

In the last moments before the Venus Mantraps sprung their ambush, Cassie's eyes fell on the bloody remains of the last villagers to pass this way; reduced to a pair of grinning skulls by the shoreline. She screamed and spun around as a slippery tongue wrapped around her mother's unaware neck. hoisting her into the air. Elizabeth gurgled out a muffled shriek of surprise as her eyes widened in abject horror. Her legs kicked in unladylike panic as she dishonoured her ancestors by letting a stream of warm urine project forth. Pissing yourself in your death throes was considered an act of cowardice, and was enough to have your name stricken from any historical records you may have achieved.

Melissa stood frozen in quiet fear as her mother was lifted bodily towards the gaping sphincter. Her mama was about to be consumed right in front of her eyes. In her lifetime, she'd seen many friends and acquaintances meet similar messy fates. Why, only last week, her childhood friend Tiffany Walker had been ritually disembowelled in the main street of the village. But this was her mother... somehow this was different... startling. Melissa found herself quite unable to budge an inch, which was unfortunate for her as a thick slimy tongue slorped down in front of her face. She pulled at her hair and choked out in a squeaky voice "Mama"

Cassie's legs took her as fast as they could in the opposite direction from the nightmarish scene.
Behind her, her very own man eating plant wetly launched its wet appendage to arrest her.


File: 1496115763912.jpg (784.5 KB, 3508x2480, plantcapture02.jpg)

The tentacle wraps itself like a steel vice around Cassie's exposed throat, choking the breath from her sharply as it begins to reel her back towards its delicate pink sucking mouth. she turns her head to view the menaceing greed pod in tragic realisation that this plant will ber her very own.The sphincter begins to dilate in anticipation of the juicy feast. Cassie gurgles her objection "Glarfagle" but if the plant understood her, it gave no indication apart from salivating more heavily.

Melissa jerks involutarily as the plant's sphincter-mouth decends to meet her, enveloping her face and covering her nose. The monster's tongue binds her tightly like the ropes of a bondage master, but, the moistness that she can feel between her legs is no arousal. Like mother, like daughter, she's pissed herself in fear. Thankfully, her loincloth hides her shame from the casual eye, darkening wetly as it eagerly absorbs her golden fluids.

Almost fully in the belly of the Beast now, Elizabeth twitches sparodically, her legs tensed and her toes curled in futile resistance. the pod's glistening lips slide over the curves of her ass cheeks, parting them slightly. Her anus puckers as she involuntarily squeezes out the very last turd of her insignificant life. As the last of the tiny brown waste passes from her and splatters against the sand, a small frustrated moan can be heard from within the green prison.


File: 1496159619924.jpg (753.78 KB, 3508x2480, plantcapture03.jpg)

The pink rope slithers down from Cassie's neck to restrain her arms by her back, brushing against the sensitive nipple of her tiny tits.
The lumpy pink mouth of the Venus Mantrap sags down from inside the drooling emerald body of the creature. The sphincter enlarges to accomodate the width of Cassie's head, revealing for a brief moment, the darkened eosophagus through which she will be immenently swallowed alive. Then, with great gusto it wetly slides down over the crown of her head . tears stream down her cheeks as she labours for breath denied to her as the plant gently asphyxiates her. Her cheeks flush cherry red, and her cobalt blue eyes roll slightly as her pink tongue lolls uselessly outside her mouth.
"Mama... I... dun... wanna...'die..." she huffs with the limited oxygen to her brain delivering her a contradictory sense of euphoria.

The plant's tongue laps over her sweaty, nubile body, savouring the many delightful tastes it discovers. It snakes its way down past her earthern loincloth towards her maidenhood, inadvertantly rubbing against her clitoris, and slowly pulling open the folds of her lightly furred young pussy..
Despite having had her little flower bloom and having reached the age of adulthood, little Cassie had still yet to feel the loving administrations of a boy. E
verything she knew told her she was about to die a horrible death, but her body was assaulting her delerious mind with confusing, pleasurable, tingling sensations that made her mind go blank despite the peril she was in. Saliva oozed down over her face, down her chest and across her modest breasts. the feeling of wetness on her chest was echoed by her tight, pretty little cunt, as Cassie proceeded to piss herself like her dishonourable whore mother and sister had before her. Soon, she was going to die just like them too.

The pink tendril explored Casssie's dainty, petite flowerbud searching for the source of the strong urine flavour, rising and falling rapidly ofer her bud of a clitoris. She bucked and kicked violently, as if she couldn't decide whether to free or pleasure herself with the motions. She opened her legs wide and high as if to recieve a lover, clenching her muscles tightly as she moaned.
With a wet farting sound, Cassie crapped herself. Her tiny virgin body defacated loudly for the last time in her life, the tiny brown logs sliding smoothly out of her firm round ass.


File: 1496234213064.jpg (855.04 KB, 3508x2480, plantcapture04.jpg)

Elizabeth was now firmly cocooned in the tight digestion sac of the Mantrap. The outer walls stretched firmly over her form, which bulged visibly as she wiggled in her flesh prison. From the outside you could see the shape of her mouth, opening and closing in a silent scream. The mouth of her Pod slowly beggan to retract its way back up into the main body of the plant in preperation for digesting its well earned meal.

Melissa was similarly situated. Only her feet remained in the cool air outside the nightmare plant. Soon though, even her toes would be slurped up inside the beast and she would be consumed like her mother. Her body hung sexily in the sac, her breasts dangling seductively, her back arched as if she was proudly presenting her vagina to a prospecive mate. Even now, you could tell that melissa had been a very attractive woman in the sexual prime of her life.
Very soon, her graceful curves would be nothing more than a pile of plant shit.

Cassie continued her struggle with the plant. The sphincter slopped down over her face hungrily. With a horendous sucking sound it began to pull on her with a rythmic vacume, easing her slowly up into its vile gullet. she tries to scream, but all she gets for her reward is a mouth full of slimey liquid. To her dismay the tongue evacutes the region of her vagina, leaving her unfulfilled. Her body aches, yearns, itches for the climax denied to her. She has never experienced it before, not even while playing with her fingers. But it will never come to her. It is too late. All that remains for Cassie is pain and suffering that will endure until the end of her very short life.

The tentacle coils around her upper thigh and hikes it up as Cassie squirts the last of her steaming urine over the skulls of previous victims. Her lower cheeks are spread apart further and she is compelled to continue shitting herself until her bowels are completely voided. Her poop will one day be fertilizer for the seeds of a new generation of plants.

Unlike her sibling and matriarch, the plant has no troublegetting past Cassie's flat washboard chest. It begins to slurp her up like a string of spagehtti. a trickle of her urine runs down her leg as her loincloth slips off her hips leaving Cassie uncovered.... not that she really had any modesty left anymore. Within moments she is completely inside the stomache of the venus mantrap, ready to be digested.

On this sunny day, these three girls will all die. just like hundreds of other girls all around the World of Bones.


These look good, though I avoid scat like the plague, I like a lot the monster vore part.


Thanks stunticon. It's great to get some feedback, even if it wasn't entirely to your taste. I Generally stay out of /s myself (Unless its the pissing / sober cutie on a toilet threads.
Next two images are scatless... the third is... well, lets just call it a natural conclusion.

Next set I'm currently working on is scat-free but is cannibalism and has some urination.


File: 1496279521635.jpg (904.75 KB, 3508x2480, plantcapture05.jpg)

It starts slowly, with a rumble, then the acid begins to spray from an opening in the roof of the digestion sac.
Melissa is lucky, the acid in her chamber fills up rapidly, and she will drown mercifully before she is dissolved. Elizabeth and Cassie will not be so fortunate. Holding her breath, Melissa's face slowly turns a peculiar scarlet as he blood rushes to keep her brain from dying. lungs aching from holding expired air for too long. Finally she relents and inhales the lethal acid. It sears her esophagus and trachea as it fills her lungs with leaden fire. Melissa madly thrashes in her death throes, her arms and supple legs contorting unnaturally. then she goes suddenly still as her soul departs her body. Her arms and legs stiffen as if she were still alive, but its just the last actions of her dying brain stem, firing off signals. The young lady has already long since been asphyxiated by the roiling digestive fluid.

"It's Burning My Pussy" screams Elizabeth uncouthly as she attempts to claw at it with her hands. She is of course, correct, the rising acidbath has arrived at her most delicate of womanly areas and has proceeded to melt into her genitalia. The pain is of course excruciating, but nothing compared to what awaits her. The pool of acid will not reach her head, her skin is destined to be boiled off slowly over the course of hours. Unlike her daughter Melissa, there will be no quick choking end.
"Make it stop... MAKE IT STOP!!!..."
It will not stop.
"Somebody HEEEELP MEEEEE!!!!"
There will be no help.
Her skin will redden, then her nipples will bleed and the blisters will spread all over her mature curves as she struggles in vane to escape her fate. Eventually her muscles and fat will be revealed
, before they too are rended from her body. sometime, hours later, her abdominal wall will give way, slopping her glistening guts out into the fiery fluid to be melted into a nutritious soup for immediate absorption.
Animalistic screams will come from an inhuman red slab of meat and bone, no longer capable of understanding anything but the indescribable torment. The screams will not end until the hydrochloric acid makes its way through her ear canals, and the empty sockets of her eye holes and begins to eat away at her primitive girl-brain, turning her into a vegetable. Then she will die. A natural end for a cock hungry slutty mother, whose only real contribution to her society had been the dozens of children she'd squirted out of her loose vaginal lips.
But that death was in the future. She had many long, agonising hours to endure before that time arrived.

In the last pod, Cassie finally makes her way to her final resting position in the digestion sac.
The sphincter she entered through tightens and disapears below her and the tongue relinquishes its hold on her slender neck. The pink wormy appendage slithers up into a recess, safe for the next step. She nervously looks up, her presexual awakening retreating and giving way to butterflies in her stomach. She knows whats going to happen to her next, she's seen it before. One of these things had infested her schoolhouse the year before. It had setup in the girls latrine and grabbed one of her juniors, a girl by the name of Katie Mitchell, in its maw. Cassie had stood with her gaggle of friends, watching from a safe distance as the mantrap greedily gulped up the dumb little redhead as she'd been busy taking a dump. Cassie remembered how they giggled and laughed as their classmate had dishonoured her ancestors right in front of all the girls. Their teacher had given them a free pass to witness the biology lesson firsthand, so they stayed hours to witness her full digestion.
Katie had squirmed and screamed for them to let her out, the sounds muffled by thick green flesh.
In the end, the monster had shit out Katie's skeletal remains directly into the squat toilet, and everyone agreed that it was an appropriate place for the stuck up little bitch. Now, somehow, it didn't seem quite as funny as it had then.

Cassie knows deep down what's about to happen to her. In her mind's eye, she can see poor little Katie screaming and begging for mercy that never came, and realises that this is where she is going to die, its an unpleasant cloying feeling that makes her retch and cross her legs protectively. A pinprick hole enlarges above her empty little head with a sputtering sound.
Cassie looks up to see what's happening. All she can see through the hole is pitch darkness.
A violent hissing sound breaks her concentration as the digestive fluids splash over her hair and past her modest breasts. They enter every crack and crevice of her form, coating her generously in a tingling, buzzing feeling very unlike the feelings of sexual arousal she had previously experienced.
"Mommy" she croaks
"Not like this... not like Katie... I don't wanna be bones."
The acid begins to pool at her feet as she pushes against the firm pink walls that entrap her.
But there is no escape for a girl caught by a venus mantrap.


File: 1496364333483.jpg (996.76 KB, 3508x2480, plantcapture06.jpg)

Cassie is all alone as the pool rises up to her shoulders. She screams in agony as it itches away at her genetals and skin The acid melts its way up her freshly shit-stained anus and sets fire to her vagina and urethera. She squirms and wriggles and bucks to no avail, there is simply nowhere to flee anymore. She clenches her eyelids tight to keep the stinging water out of her eyes, but even there blood wells from her soft tissue. she opens her soft mouth into a wailing scream of tortured suffering. Her entire body sizzles and pops like a piece of meat over the fire. The hair that Cassie had taken such good care of falls out in clumps, and her eyelids liquify and run down her cheeks, letting the acidic rain scald her exposed eyeballs, blinding Cassie permanently.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii.......cough.... cough... splutter.", her screaming is halted as the brutal broth scars her vocal chords. She convulses with ragged huffs as flesh runs down her body in rivulets, exposing the mother of pearl of her ribcage underneath. Her pathetic excuse for boobs have dissolved entirely into the bloody soup and her vagina and anus distend in bloody tatters outside of the usual confines of her childish body.
"uuuuuuuuughhhh" she groans and moans, unable to make the appropriate sounds to express her true revulsion. With a sickening popping, the gelatin of her eyes loses integrity and they deliquese back into her grinning skull. Bubbling gasses fart out of her when her tummy bursts open like a watermelon, depositing her rich intestines and unused womb into the slimey melting pot. Desperately, Cassie tries to claw them back into her, but there's no coming back from this. Her breathing labours as half her nose splashes into the liquid. She's silent now, twitching and jerking like a puppet under the control of an epileptic. She doesn't mean to, she just lost control of her motor functions when the acidic vapour reached that part of her grey matter.

Hydrochloric acid spills into her lungs and liver and kidneys, all on open display now. Finally it reaches her still beating heart and starts to work dissolving it. With one final earth shattering spasm, she goes into cardiac arrest. Finally, after many hours of intense, debilitating anguish, the once spry, sun-freckled, perky, smiling little angel dies alone in a confined claustrophibic sac.

The plants continue to melt and bleach the bloody off-white bones of their respective prey until there is no viable flesh left. The acids soup is then reintegrated into the walls of the venus mantrap, leaving behind just the skeletal remains of Cassie, Elizabeth and Melissa, just hanging in the light breeze of an early sunrise.


The farting and shit references were the best part for me. that + gore = heaven


great work, over all really like the story gave it a bit of flare for sure.


Glad you're liking it. It's not quite over yet, so don't blow your collective loads too early. Got to save some for the final image in the sequence. - although I'm not sure if its up to my standards...
its a bit shitty :)

Great that I could take you to heaven :) might have to start calling myself Charon If I keep this up. ;)

I was originally considering having in-panel text bubbles, but found that too restrictive for the world-building I was hoping on doing. I always found that erotic peril works better with a narrative and characters to get invested in (Although for obvious reasons - don't be expecting too many recurring characters) I kinda wanted to explore how a society might evolve in a heavy gender imbalance, a high birthrate, and a fantastic mortality rate situation.
that and yeah, most of it would have been screaming/choking dialogue bubbles. I thought this would be more interesting.


fucking hell m8 this is brutal. Brutal and hot! Some of the best art i've seen on this site, Keep up the great work


Brutal and hot - yup that was what I was aiming for. Think I got the spot between horror and eroticism.


File: 1496415506703.jpg (959.88 KB, 3508x2480, plantcapture07.jpg)

As with most large predators who have just finished digesting a juicy meal of human villagers, the Venus mantrap needs to eventually expel the waste products. The plant holding Elizabeth's both stretches and strains, and with a wet fart it shits Elizabeth's undignified remains onto the beach.
She is nothing more than plant shit now, her sloppy bones will be the only cairn to her existence.
The skeletons of her two daughters are crapped out beside her. They were all alone in their final horrifying moments, but now they will be reunited for all eternity.

Years later, most of their bones scattered by wind and tide, their three mortifying skulls, half buried in sand will be the only potential warning for future generations of naive villagers who wander this way. Most will ignore these signs until it is too late, like this young girl who has been hoisted high above them and is even now unawarely pissing on the bones of her maternal grandmother; literally dishonouring her ancestor. Elizabeth doesn't care about the flows of her granddaughter's stinking urine that run down her smooth white skull. Elizabeth, Cassie and Melissa have been dead for a long time. The dying girl above them begins to defecate with a wet plopping, and will all too soon join them in their open grave like the hundreds of heir ancestors before her.
This is the natural end for all people in the World of Bones.


Damn, this was probably one of the most intense things I've read in gurochan.


Also not a fan of scat, but this is good stuff.


-Das Gute
Too intense for Gurochan? should I take that as a compliment, or should I seek psychiatric counselling? (I'd ask ?Ist das gute? oder,
sollte ich psychiatrische Hilfe suchen?, but my german is as shitty as my artwork.)

- yeah scat's not an empirical favourite of mine, but it tends to underline fear pretty well, and fear and trepidation are my things. I like to think the trick is to remove the gross-out factors of 'shit'. In real life I can't even change a baby's diapers without wanting to hurl. glad you could work past it to gain fulfilment.


Unfortunately, I'm as German as the sausages they sell in supermarket. The name just sprouted since my classmate tours it yearly as part of a university chorale. And afaik, we're all a little bonkers here hahaha - take it from a medical student. And sure as hell there are doctors here lurking about hahahaha
Which comes to mind, the world you've built sounds like a nice killing field for characters people may someday commission you for.


do more scat and farts, love it!!


Hey! Great stuff! Can you do some more stories in the World of Bones? I would love to see a family fucking and interrupted by man eating plants or animals just before they start to cum! Hope 2 see more soon!


I'm sure there are plenty of Docs on here. not throwing up when faced with lots of blood is sure to be highly regarded in Gurochanner's and Surgeons alike.

-Anonymous x2
Mama Riraito always said - 'if you do something well - don't do it for free.' Suggest away, but unless it inspires me, or pays me, odds are that I won't be delivering exactly what you want.
I'm doing these mostly for fun - and working for clients is often not that.
I mean - I hope you like what I'm drawing, but I'm drawing for myself first.


So who's ready for round two?


File: 1496744751395.jpg (847.57 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage01.jpg)

The World of Bones is a harsh reality where humanity is merely prey for all kinds of vicious predators. Other humans are no exception to this vicious life-cycle

A beautiful party is being held for one of the few men of the village. The food is bountiful and his harem entertains him and his important guests.
But one of the party goers is an uninvited thief, seizing on the opportunity for free food. she strikes deftly at the table scraps and makes a getaway with her meaty prize.

As little orphan Muffy snacks on her prize, she is rudely interrupted from behind by a hefty hand on her shoulder as one of the town guards gently apprehends the scrawny ne'er-do-well.


Really getting into this tread. Bring it on!


File: 1496790823496.jpg (968.31 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage02.jpg)

Clapped in Irons, the guards escort her to one of the village's older establishments; the orphanage.
The headmistress of the orphanage, all smiles appears at the front door to welcome them.
"hello, and who are you little one? Welcome to the orphanage... you're just in time. we havent had our daily showers yet, and we've just recieved some new girls off the street. why don't you go introduce yourself to them?" she chirps at the dirty faced youngster in front of her. The guards remove her restraints, and leave.
Muffy thinks to herself. This isn't as bad as she'd thought it would be. there'd be food, and showers. Maybe life could return to the way it had been when her mother was still alive?


File: 1496826566894.jpg (887.46 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage03.jpg)

"Hi, My name is Muffy."
"Mine's Veronica" piped up a rough and ready looking tan girl with a boy's haircut.
"I'm Yuki, I'm sure we'll be the best of friends in no time." says a pale long haired beauty,
On her right, a timid looking pregnant girl smiled as she held her hand over her swollen belly.
"I'm Amanda" she says sweetly, "And the little one inside me will be named Sally if its a girl, and Thomas, on the off chance I'm blessed with a real baby boy."
"You're pregnant already? I'm so jealous. My mother said she was going to set me up with a real boy back when she was..... Is it true - do they really have a thing between their legs that the stick in you to give you a baby?" blathered Muffy excitedly.
The throng of girls around them mumbled in their own introductions and the general mood of the room was seemed joyous.

"Girls... Girls" shouted the Headmistress gathering attention. "The hot water has been turned on for tonight's showers. Please make you way to the shower room, for cleansing, and then your presence is needed in the examination rooms for a physical. Make sure to deposit you loincloths in the baskets provided, prior to entering the showers, as they will not be required for the examinations.


File: 1496848102344.jpg (1017.46 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage04.jpg)

The showers were divine and heavenly. Muffy couldn't tear her eyes away from the smooth bulge of Amanda's pregnant stomach. she wished that one day she'd get to be a mother too. She just knew she'd be good at it.. she'd be just like her own mother had been, kind and caring and protective, and she'd had plenty of practice caring for her sister on the street.
"What - you in love with Amanda are you Muffy?" chided Veronica, "You're staring at her so much, you must be."
"Noooo squealed Muffy... you know they publicly feed you to that Venus Mantrap they have in punishment square if you ... you know love another girl."
"Yeah, as the councilwoman likes to say in her sermons. If you're not a breeder, you're a feeder. it's every woman's duty to our society to bear as many children as she can to shore up our numbers" interjects Yuki. "Besides, if Muffy wanted a girl, she'd choose a real one like me."
"Like you?" laughed Veronica "You don't even have a real woman's tits Yuki. These puppies are the real deal" she bragged as she posed sexily, showing off her buxom goods. "Muffy blushed lightly at their banter. Amanda giggled "You guys are so silly.
Muffy thought to herself as the water washed away her dirt, and her worries. A new life, new friends, a new home.
She could get used to this.

The girls walked into the exam rooms. they were segregated cubicles made to fit several people, and to provide minimal privacy.
"What number exam space did you get assigned to? I'm number 12" asked Muffy hopefully.
"Oh my god - that's my number too shrieked Yuki.
"12 here as well... I guess the gods must favour us today."
"Dammit" cursed Veronica loudly - mine must be smudged - it looks like 17 to me... maybe if I look at ti sideways - it looks a little like a 12."
Muffy felt a little sad that Veronica wouldn't be joining them... but it didn't really matter - they'd have plenty of time to get to know each other better later. Veronica seemed to know heaps about men... maybe she could get her to talk about sex with a boy more... maybe even try some of those things that could get you sent to punishment square. Muffy's mind drifted into a lurid fantasy. It was nice. A slight smile lit up on her face. nobody else seemed to notice.


File: 1496876904195.jpg (867.74 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage05.jpg)

The girls arrived at space 12 and Veronica siad her goodbyes.
"I'll just be five cubicles over if you need me. see ya girls. I'm off to get my cooch studied I'll bet I get the highest marks!" Veronica seemed to be a bit of a braggart to Muffy. It was fun seeing somebody with so much confidence in her though.
Muffy turned to Yuki.
"Is that really what they're doing - examining our... our... lady bits?"
"Amanda leaned over to answer her instead.
"They're probably checking to make sure we're all capable of bearing children. If it's anything like our shcool examinations, anyone they find deficient will be executed as an example to others."
"Isn't that exciting? we might get to watch a flaying of some dumb cunt who can't even do what she was born to do. I always love public executions - aren't they thrilling?" exclaimed Yuki hopefully
a smile like a million watt light buld exploded onto Muffy's face. "I know right, there was this one day I was in the public square and they were trying this Lesbian for crimes against society. They did this thing with some captured Stalkers where they have this sucker thingy and it drille into her brain and started eating it while she was still alive. the look on the bitch's face was hilarious."
"Well I know I don't have anything to worry about" came Amanda victoriously. "I think I kinda passed the test already." Her hand moved down her belly to caress her sore exteneded belly button.
Muffy smiled some more - she could see that she and her new friends had a lot of similar interests. The future was looking bright.


File: 1496903060012.jpg (956.21 KB, 3508x2480, Orphanage06.jpg)

He strode into the cubicle like he owned it - maybe he did. A real, honest to god man. there weren't many of them around. male birthrates accounted for only a small percentage of all births. Muffy's breath caught in her throat.
He wasn't even wearing a loincloth to hide his privates, which Muffy could see were quite pleased to see them. His member was already engorged and standing at attention. It was like something she'd read in one of her mother's old erotic bedtime stories. Man how she'd love to be a part of his harem, for him to fuck her senseless and give her children to raise as her own. Muffy looked at him lustfully, a small amount of drool escaping from her lip as she did so. She barely noticed Yuki and Amanda beside her with a similar look etched on their faces.

"Hi, my name's Dan and I'll be your examiner for today. You lucky girls are on the shortlist to be groomed as sex slaves. I know you're all excited... but its no guarantee. My job here today is to give you all a practical examination."
Muffy's mind raced. It was better than anything she had ever dreamed of. she was about to make love to a man, and that was just to start - there was even a chance of becoming prime breeding stock sex slaves. It was a dream come true. It wasn't as good as being his alpha wife or mistress, but then Muffy wasn't exactly nobility.
"so why don't you all get started. Put you hands and feet in the wall and floor restraints and we'll begin."


File: 1496917166633.jpg (830.88 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage07.jpg)

The three girls stretched themselves into position as Dan closed the manacles over their hands.
Yuki wiggled her rump in what she thought was a seductive gesture. In reality it came out more like she was nervous.... which she of course was. somehow miraculously it attracted Dan's attention anyway. he leaned in to her close and whispered in her hear "I need you to beg me to put my long hard shaft in you. can I hear you beg me for it."
"Yes, yes" she moaned in anticipation.
"Say it" pushed Dan.
"Please examiner Dan.. I need you long hard shaft in me."
"Do you want to see my long hard shaft?"
"More than anything in the world."
"well little miss Yuki - do I have a surprise for you."


File: 1496929868253.jpg (756.35 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage08.jpg)

From behind him, Dan picked up a long metal Spit, the kind they used to roast girls alive when one of the rich men wanted to throw an impressive cannibal party. Muffy's heart dropped as she realised suddenly what was about to happen, and the harsh reality made itself known to her. Tears started welling in her eyes as she stared at the scene unfolding before her eyes. Yuki still hadn't figured it out until Dan caressed her breast with the pole, revealing it before her eyes.
"I take it you know what this is don't you Yuki? And you know where it belongs too. Why don't we introduce it to its new home.
"No, no, no, no... not my ass, please don't stick that think in my ass."
Dan's fingers stretched open her ass cheeks, preparing her pert little anus for its eager intruder. Yuki tried to clench he sphincter tight, but Dan gently probed until he found the opening and slid the spit slowly up into her unwilling anus.
"I don't want to be eaten. I'm not food.:
"I beg to differ" responded Dan. "From my perspective, you look... absolutely delicious."


File: 1496929979496.jpg (813.48 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage09.jpg)

Dan grabbed her roughly by the breast and used it a leverage to work the spit deeper up inside her. his erect cock pushed under her labia and rubbed softly against it as he licked the nape of Yuki's neck as if to devour her on the spot. With a practised ease, the spit slid up under Yuki's rib-cage.

Yuki did the only rational thing she could. she screamed. It joined a chorus of other cries that had started to come from every cubicle in the room. tears dripped freely down her face and blood from her anus, as the spit emerged slowly from her mouth. The phallic object depressed her tongue and she obligingly opened her mouth to allow it to pass through unimpeded. Her teeth and lips rested on the steel as it rose bloody from inside her.

Yuki's eyes crossed comically as the tried to stare at the metal protruding from her orifice. it didn't seem real. she couldn't really be impaled, that was the kind of thing that happened to other girls; where they would be run through end to end. It was hard to breathe with the spit sticking in her esophagus and Yuki realised with a growing horror, something that should have occurred to her earlier. She wasn't dead yet... and she knew what happened next to girls on a spit, they got roasted. And Yuki was very much alive.


File: 1496963716700.jpg (947.82 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage10.jpg)

Dan slapped his victim's ass hard. Yuki visibly squirmed on her skewer, letting her friends know that even though the girl-kebab had ceased screaming, there was still a lot of life left in her, and that the pain hadn't stopped. He did it because he knew that it would send a message to the other two girls, let them know what he was going to do to them before he did it. That look of fear on their faces was almost as good as the look of agony would be, and Dan revealed in their misery.

Muffy closed her blurry eyes muttering.
"This isn't happening, this isn't happening.... Oh god - she's still breathing.
Dan yanked her head back by her hair and threatened "Now its your turn Muffy." before turning his attention to Amanda. "And don't worry Amanda, it'll be your go soon - I promise."
Amanda just gritted her teeth in a frustrated half-scream, snot and tears mixing on the canvas of her face.

"You are going to roast up so beautifully Muffy, those tiny tits of yours are going to be so tender."
"The pain you are going to be in as the flames lap your little body.
"I don't want to burn."
"I know honey, that's what will make it so fun watching you turn a nice golden brown."
"Please, I'll do anything."
"are you ready Muffy? Prepare you anus."


File: 1496963955540.jpg (984.29 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage11.jpg)

The spit slides right through her in a single unbroken motion. Muffy barely had time to register what has happened as blood splatters her mouth and the pole exits in a textbook impaling. Dan's rock hard cock rubs against her clitoris as he tries to tease her with contradictory feelings of pleasure and pain. She flinches as he licks her ear passionately, probing the canal as he keeps her head steady with his hand. "Oh,yeah - a girl on a stick is just the tastiest thing ever isn't it Muffy."
Muffy tried to tell him no, but words will never come from her mouth again, not with a metal spit blocking her throat.

Yuki stares at Muffy's twitching body from the position of her own spit. The realisation that her new friend was going to share her fate was of little consolation to the young woman as she tried to shift her weight to alleviate the pain that tore a line up from her arsehole to her mouth. But there is nowhere that she can shift that will make any difference at all. A funny realisation hit her as she writhed on the spot. She had always enjoyed her fair share of suckling bitch off the spit at the cannibal parties her parents had taken her to when they had been alive. It struck her that she an Muffy were about to be served as the suckling bitches, the centrepieces of a grand party, probably Amanda too. She'd always gone back for seconds at those events, the rich taste of those dishes, always chosen for their artistic beauty and flavour had been irresistible. She'd always gazed up at their lifeless eyes and never wondered if they'd had hopes and dreams, or aspirations. They were just delicious suckling bitch to her, and now, she was going to be suckling bitch too. She wondered how she'd look all shiny brown with juiced sipping from her skin. Maybe she'd get a chance to see as the fire slowly crisped her pale white skin.


File: 1496964503015.jpg (752.15 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage12.jpg)

Dan sidled up to the last girl, slipping in between the wall and her body.
"Please don't kill me... My baby, just let me deliver my baby and then you can do anything you want to me. I'm almost due, any day now."
"Shhhhh, don't cry. it's clear there's been a mix up. You don't belong here Amanda." he crooned as he brushed away her tears.
"Really... you'll let me live... Oh my god thank you, thank you so much. If its a boy I'll name it Daniel after you." Amanda whimpered in relief.
"Let me feel the kid" He said as he bent down to place his hand under her massive hanging belly. His spit swung fast under her legs and the tip lined up with her arsehole. Dan's free hand slid from her belly past her pussy to grab hold of her brown hole and roughly enlarged it. In a sharp move he stood up, bringing the spit deep into her busty form. Her breasts mashed against his chest and his engorged dick slapped at her bellybutton as he brought her into a tight embrace and the tip of the spit punched through her gaping mouth.
"I lied" he stated matter-of-factly. "why the fuck would anybody care that you were pregnant?" You're just meat now. I've already got my own harem full of girls carrying my kids... I sure as fuck don't need you naming yours after me.
Amanda squealed like a fat pig as he chastised her. Right now, you're just another cunt for our dinner table. The only thing you need to do now is to roast up to be a pretty piece of girl crackling. All that extra fat on you is going to make you a treat to eat Amanda.


File: 1496964710982.jpg (931.16 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage13.jpg)

Dan pulled the girls from their restraints and laid them down on the post holders. They moaned and groaned with great vigour, their tongues waggling over their chins as they tried to wiggle their way off the poles, their breasts jiggling from the effort. Having the last of the trio skewered brought a kind of finality to their minds. They knew for certain that this was a thing that was going to happen now, no matter how hard they struggled. their limbs hung limply to the floor in muted acceptance. Using a pre-made assembly of rope, Dan deftly bound their arms and legs to their spits and sat down to wait.

Some orderlies from the orphanage showed up and picked up Amanda and Yuki, taking them down the hall and out of sight. Muffy waited on her spit... there wasn't much else she could do really. She waited for what seemed like an age before the orderlies returned for her.
"Do you know why we made you wait Muffy? Dan poked her in the small of her back.
"Its so that when we bring you over to the fire, you can see you friends already on their way cooking to perfection,"
he circled around to come face to face with the frightened girl.
"I need you to know the pain and suffering you are about to endure. and most of all I want to see the look on your face when you first smell their wonderful aroma.

The orderlies lifted her up by the spit and marched her down the hall past the other orphans; all undergoing similar precooking treatments themselves. As they passed space 17, Veronica, in a set of stocks turns her head to witness as Muffy's prone body is paraded past her on its way to the roasting pits.

"Muffy, oh god, was that Muffy? Fuck, you're turning her into a suckling bitch aren't you. Oh god, nobody deserves that."


File: 1496973435571.jpg (987.72 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage14.jpg)

"As charming as it is to see you worrying over your friend, I think you have your own worries to deal with Veronica dear." taunted the Headmistress " "the last three I gutted all dishonoured their ancestors. The last one even shat herself. I'm hoping to make it four for four with you Veronica" the headmistress grinned demonically.

"Do your Wors....."
The blade of the guillotining snapped shut before Veronica could finish her sentence. Her hands and feet were separated from her body in a scarlet spray of blood. Veronica looked incredulously at the stumps of her arms and opened her mouth to scream. Without delay the Headmistress jammed a hook up into the soft palate of her mouth and used it to hoist the crying flailing babe into the air.
"Dear, we've been doing this a long time, we've heard it all before from a lot of dumb cunts like you who think they're big and tough. You're no different.


File: 1496973647695.jpg (973.71 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage15.jpg)

"Let me explain, that hook has penetrated into your little brain. The frontal lobe to be precise - effects your motor controls. Makes you a little more docile for this next part. First we stimulate the clitoris. It has nothing to do the the butchering process of course. I just want to make you piss yourself when I cut you, and bringing you to the edge of climax before I make the cut will make me wet too. You should be thanking me for the service... its not like you'll be able to finger yourself any more without hands."
The headmistress brought her knife up to Veronica's sternum.
"I just think that every girl's death should be special."
Veronica moans involuntarily. It is unnmistakably a mix of pain and pleasure.
"Are you there yet dear? Are you cumming?"
Veronica groans and grunts in response, pushing her glistening sex harder into her fiddling fingers.Her eyes roll back into her head.
"Ah, there we are." whispers the Headmistress as her gleaming knife fillets Veronica from sternum to pussy. The blade cleaves her clitoris in twain and bisects the spray of urine she's issuing forth.
"I knew you'd be a dirty, ancestor defiling bitch when I saw you, just like the other ones."
Veronica twists and turns in the air, thrashing as her insides become her outsides.
Don't worry dear, we're getting to the real climax soon.


File: 1497016517661.jpg (842.42 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage16.jpg)

The headmistress begins enthusiastically disembowelling Veronica, dumping her guts in a bucket. Intestines, liver, pancreas, womb, anus.... all get slopped in expertly.
"You still alive there dear?" asks the headmistress "Wouldn't want you to expire before the big finish."
The emptied shell that was Veronica coughed and spluttered in weak response.
"Oh goodie - this is my favourite part.. don't blink - or you'll miss it."
And with that, the Headmistress dug her hand deep into Veronica's chest cavity and pulled out her heart, still beating even without connection to the body.

"The part where I show you what your heart looks like.
Veronica Stares blankly at the beating red lump of meat, takes one final ragged breath of air, then dies on the spot, her eyes glazing over.
"Oh, YES, that's the way it should be..." As she reaches down to finger herself. She climaxes fast, grabbing Veronica's cooling body in a tight erotic hug.
"Aaaaaaang... uuuuuuh... Yes. that's it - oh god that was so good."
The headmistress's sopping pussy drips against her loincloth, a testament to Veronica's final pathetic moments.


File: 1497095098003.jpg (949.6 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage17.jpg)

The orderlies set down Muffy nearby the roasting pit, and then left her to attend to some important task behind her. Muffy desperately wanted to turn her head to see what they were doing, but the straight brace of metal that penetrated her kept her head rigid. There was the sound of metal scraping and nearing footsteps as the orderlies returned carrying the freshly roasted corpse of a young girl to rest on the preparation table beside Muffy.
"Look who it is, its your friend Yuki. Doesn't she smell mouth watering."
Muffy glanced sideways at the smoking cadaver who was indeed emanating the most delicious aroma. She recognised the straight hairstyle and bangs as belonging to her friend Yuki; now reduced to a lump of delectable brown meat.
"Well, best get started dressing her up for the plate. You'll have to wait for a while there Muffy, we only have one roasting pit going today, and Yuki here just came off it. We'll be putting Amanda on next and then its your turn. You won't need as long to cook properly, and we're doing you medium rare."
With that, Dan waltzed over and unbound Yuki from her cooking wire and pulled the post and stabiliser back out of her body. With a moist popping sound the skewers slurped from her enlarged rectum and vagina,
"You know Yuki here was really brave, she didn't even pee herself once. a sign of good breeding that is."
Muffy couldn't help but stare at Yuki's burned face, locked in an eternal scream.


File: 1497096416109.jpg (887.66 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage18.jpg)

"Looks like they just popped Amanda on that rotisserie, look at that pregnant cunt go round and round over those hot coals, Muffy."
Muffy could hear Amanda trying to scream through the spit, muffled and low,gurgling. She didn't want to imagine the agony that could make a woman make sounds like that. After a while, the screaming reduced in volume and intensity to quiet choked sobs. Muffy didn't think it was because it had stopped hurting, rather the opposite really.
Well, back to the star of the show" Began Dan. We'll need to bind all your limbs in a frog-tie and then fit you with this stabilising post. wouldn't want the set piece of tonight's dinner getting overcooked on one side."
Dan reached down and stretched apart Muffy's vaginal lips with parted fingers, lining up the post.
"Oh, what's this... a Hymen? You're a little virgin? oh that is brilliant. I love it when a girl's first time is with a steel rod."
And with that there was a sharp pain in Muffy's cunt as he drove the pussy post into its new snug home. Blood dribbled down over her clitoral hood.
"well, just popped your cherry"


It's rough but I like it.


File: 1497134058886.jpg (1010.39 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage19.jpg)

"Now, we'll need to dampen your har with this seedtree oil so it doesn't burn off We'll keep applying it to you as you bake over those coals.. gotta keep you looking pretty for the party." He doused a cold greasy liquid over her hair.
"You know what you need now, a good brush with Balsamic VInegar and rock salt. Got to really rub it in there to lock in the flavour."
His hands massage her back and bottocks. If it had been any other time, Muffy would have welcomed the attention, but now with her holes filled by steel and blood, it did nothing for her. His hands reached around and pumped from her stomach up to her breasts, covering her in the tangy fermented wine.
"There, that's a thorough coating. Almost time to rest the Pregnant bitch. and then, you know what that means, Muffy - your turn to burn."


File: 1497134810222.jpg (864.59 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage20.jpg)

Muffy had to reluctantly admit that Amanda's supine curves looked like a work of art. these guys really knew how to do a suckling roast bitch right. From the way her bulge glistened with meat juices, to the way her crispy tits flopped over her rib-cage, she was done to perfection. Somewhere along the way, Muffy wasn't sure when, the timid mother-to-be had died. The orderlies heaved her up and deposited Amanda's beautiful dead body onto the preparation table beside Yuki, who was already being posed in a set of decorative metal braces.
Dan gently removed the spit from Amanda's bubble butt. Dribbles of clear meat juice came away with it.
"Now aren't these girl's just fine. I'll be sure to grab some choice cuts later... but for now,...
It's time to get you on to roast, Muffy."


Artistically 'rough' - or brutal 'rough'?
I mean - I know its both, but which one was meant?


File: 1497163678045.jpg (896.96 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage21.jpg)

"Mmmm," he said, licking his finger clean of balsamic, blood and pussy juices. "That is most assuredly the taste of a dishonourable cunt.
It didn't even take a minute for Muffy to dishonour her ancestors. As soon as she went over the coals, she lost control of her bladder, peeing over the hand Dan was using to support her into position on the rotisserie.
Your mother would be shamed, Muffy, if she was still alive... but if I'm not mistaken, we cooked her last week. Man that slut had the juiciest thigh-steaks. I'm hoping that you're as good as she was. I'll be reserving myself a good cut from your roast just in case, Muffy.
The roasting girl wasn't paying attention to Dan any more though. All she could concentrate on was the intense head that rose around her, flushing her face and drying her tears.

It was so hot it was painful, the skin on chest dried and cracked, tightening over her breasts and face. Her pussy dried up and ached. No side of her was spared as the orderlies continued to rotate the dying girl around and around, baking in that even brown crispy crackly Bitch skin that was so desired.
"It hurts, it hurts, it hurts" repeated in Muffy's head like some kind of chant to protect her from the fire as she screamed with all the force her lungs offered. She wriggled and squirmed on the spit, fruitlessly attempting to escape her agonising death.
Her eyes dried out, even as they reapplied the oil to her hair once again.
too... young... to die... were Muffy's delirious last thoughts as consciousness slipped away from her and she transformed from Muffy the lovely young woman, into a piece of dead girl-meat. Even after death, she continued to rotate, lifelessly basking in more of the heat from the coals.


File: 1497165652694.jpg (924.93 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage22.jpg)

remove the piece of crispy succulent bitch from the roasting pit.
"Good colour on her, and her face is still pretty. Perfect. Little Muffy here is going to be the talk of the party. She's come out so well.
Muffy was a delicious golden brown, dripping with meat juices. Her tiny crispy titties swayed slightly as the orderlies plonked her carcass onto the table next to Yuki and Amanda. All of their dead eyes stared sightlessly into the distance.
Dan leaned close over her warm steaming corpse and grasped firmly the spit and pulled. The pussy post pulled sloppily from her scrumptious looking cunt and the main skewer came free from her gaping anus with a resounding damp smacking sound. Steam rose from inside her cavities, wafting past Dan's nose.
"Mmmmm, hmmmm, girls, I think we have a winner here, she smells so good. lets get her prepped with the other two. And get that head brought in from butchering, crack it open and put in the freezer. We've got a party to get started."


Damn man, the images are great but I really love the stories


File: 1497189780086.jpg (842.92 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage23.jpg)

The entertainments were flexible and nubile, the wine was a great vintage, the music only the latest fancy from the village's leading bard in these circles. the party was already being hailed as the success of the season. But it was the food that had everyone's tongues wagging. a variety of strange and succulent plants, monsters, and of course the ever present girlmeats. The crowning culinary achievement was an installation of three suckling bitches fresh out of the roasting pit and posed with their legs and arms outstretched invitingly, and the foremost one was holding out a bowl of the hosts favourite desert, chilled girl-brain sorbet. The theme was obviously life and death in cycle (a popular one in village sermons). They had the mother, the maiden and the woman all represented in their very real death. Their skin was a flawless appetising brown of the same shade and their differing breast sizes gave the guests plenty of diversity and choice.
The host of the party tapped his fork against his goblet and called for quiet. The four friend's bodies were now offered up as tasty tributes to their host.
"I'd like to make a toast... To good food, good friends, good wine, good times, good loincloths, good harvests and good harems... Now, by good god let's eat!"


File: 1497189963628.jpg (820.73 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage24.jpg)

Dan finished the last delightful scoop of Veronica's frozen brain, leaving the eyeballs for and after dinner treat. Dan was the kind of guy that liked his dessert first, then his dinner... followed by a little bit more dessert if he could manage it. He was starting on a thick slice of Muffy's medium rare cuntsteak, (there was a joke somewhere there he knew,) when he noticed a slinking figure at the other end of the table.
Hmm, he thought, another sneak thief at one of my parties the little brats never seem to learn. A quiet whisper to one of the village guards ought to sort this out, he thought.

Tricia pilfered a tiny morsel of bitchmeat from the corpse in front of her, a little bit of liver or intestines that she didn't think anybody would miss. It had been hard for her on the street since her parents had died. Her older sister had been the one procuring food, but she hadn't been back to the hovel all day, and the smells and sounds of the party had been too much for little Tricia to ignore. she'd used her small size to slip through the gates and come inside.
she looked up at the three bitches that were providing her meagre meal as she heartily tucked in, and was startled by the face she saw on the half-devoured meal.
"Muffy?" she shrieked as she recognised her elder sister. The strong girl she had been raised to adore had been reduced to a gorgeous golden suckling bitch, already half skeletonised by the glutinous party goers . A small scrap of meat fell from her open mouth.
"Nooo, I can't lose you too." knowing that even as she said that, she already had.
"I can't live without you."


Thanks Anonymous. I'll keep it in mind that you guys like the stories as much as the images.


i love your blood and gore, not much on scat either but i do agree it shows fear. but i do wish you would use more busty females with the beach ball sized breasts i always found them more tasty even milkers

but the one thing i've learned it's the artists fetishes not the readers and we don't always get what we like 100% of the time, but i do say bravo.


File: 1497267959266.jpg (894.84 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage25.jpg)

The hand of a guard came down and clamped tightly over Tricia's slender shoulders.
"That can be arranged little girl. I can introduce you to the chefs who slaved over this delightful meal you've been pilfering. Our gracious host was asking after some more dessert.
Noting that she wasn't resisting. The guard's hand reaching for her undercarriage as she blushed furiously. Yeah, wet as she'd expected. She fingered her clitoris and leaned in close, whispering in her ear as Tricia slowly began to climax over her hand.
"In fact, I insist."

The guards strapped her to a spreader bar in the main food hall, where she began to wail loudly. The head chef brought out a device that would have looked at home in a torture room. It was a zipsaw with wickedly curved blades. The guards affixed it to the squirming girl's crown and pulled the cord, spinning the blades into whirring life. They cut through flesh and bone, scalping the terrified teenager. The assembled guests clapped at the light entertainment on display. Tricia just screamed.


File: 1497268108620.jpg (989.39 KB, 3508x2480, orphanage26.jpg)

The busty guard in charge of the dinner preparation yanks hard on Tricia's mousy brown hair and it pulls away with a wet shlucking sound, blood pouring from her split skull, as her still pink brain matter was revealed. She moaned in pain as her tongue flopped lazily from her mouth and she proceeded to crap and piss herself messily.

They pulled her shaking form over to the head of the table and sat her down on Dan's lap. Locking her head and arms into the eating stocks. His engorged cock slid up into her vagina as he pushed her breasts into his chest. he reached around to her buttocks and used his free hand to bring her closer, hilting himself in her virgin slit. in his other hand, a silver spoon dug into her squishy pink brain, removing a small morsel. he popped it into his mouth, then leaned in to deliver Tricia with a sloppy kiss. As their tongues intertwined, he slid some of her brain into her mouth where it disappeared with a swallow.
"MMMM, aren't you just the sweetest?" he asked the cross-eyed orphan.
"Wan ... muh ... moh... meee!" she groaned deliriously in return.
The host digs back into her brain with gusto. Tricia's pussy squeezes tightly over his dick, trying to suck in his meaty rod as he literally fucks her brains out.

She starts to convulse, foaming at the mouth, and a short loud fart sounds from her rectum as it loosens involuntarily as she squeezes out one last turd..
"Oh, yes, you dirty girl, you're shitting on my balls... Oh, yes, i'm cumming." he roared as his seed spurted inside the dying girl.
She jerked once, twice, and then was still, semen, shit, piss, tears, blood snot and drool still running from her fresh corpse.

"Man, that was one filling feast. You and that sister of yours really hit the spot."

They drew and quartered her remains and doggy bagged them for the guests. her hollow skull was used to collect her own faeces, and they were chucked unceremoniously on the waste pile, coming to rest next to Muffy's skull, similarly picked clean. When they had been younger, Muffy had sometimes called Tricia 'shit-for-brains' when she had been frustrated with her sister. Now it was true.

The two sisters would now lay side by side for the rest of eternity.
In the World of Bones,
what more could a girl ask for?


thanks for the sentiments.
I do like changing up breast sizes and skin tones, to give a bit of variation in women. I try to draw slightly more realistic proportions if I can. Beach ball size seems a little big for anything other than a supersized meal. Why, they might get stuck in some poor pod plant's throat, and you wouldn't want my poor darlings choking on their food would you?.



would be nice to use those hands and feet for soup or something maybe...?


Nice story


love your vore works, really glad to see these cute meals :3


Why boil them for soup? Kentuky Fried Hands... they're finger lickin' good!
You're welcome
That means the world coming from a talented artist like yourself Emikochan. Just knowing my work gets you wet is all the encouragement I need.


happy to help <3 I always wish i could write these great stories to go along with my art like you do ^_^


So, nobody here would be interested in round three, would they?


I like your style but I'm not a fan of amputations personally.


That would be great, I love your stuff! Personally I like them young, but you should make what you want of course. Looking forward to it!



round 3 sounds good. would love to see how amputated parts are repurposed as food or something else.


File: 1501981223540.jpg (904.47 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac01.jpg)

The World of Bones is a trecherous place where vicious wildlife devour humanity like an all you can eat buffet. Death is ever present in this world, an unavoidble daily occurence.

For every 10,000 women born, there is one man. Given the always pressing need to replenish numbers, a male's sole job is procreation. He will always be kept in the village's most secure place; the breeding room.

While men are the lifeblood of any settlement, they often wield little to no actual political power. Most villages are matriarchal, the women staffing the guard, the chiefdom, and most roles of any importance. Any woman who gives birth to a male heir is usually elevated in social position and will trade her son's important moments for political and sexual gain, the two being synonymous in the World of Bones.

When a boy reaches sexual maturity, his mother will choose a girl from a suitable noble family to take his virginity, usually the family that pays the highest dowry and has the most beautiful daughter. He'll then fuck her pregnant, and later she will bear his first baby girl. If the young mother doesn't die in childbirth, then the male will eventually perform a ritual mercy execution on her. With all the creatures that kill in horrifying ways, with ripping teeth, burning acid, or painful neurotoxins, a simple slit throat becomes an attractive reward. He will seperate her head from her body, have the flesh cleaned from her skull and displayed with a nameplaque on his conquest rack. It is one of the most honoured ways for a girl to have her life ended.

The next important moment is a Man's first marriage. In the World of Bones a man's wife is in charge of his life. She chooses where he lives, ensures he has food on his table, and picks out the most seductive mistresses and slaves for his pleasure. A first wife will be picked by a man's mother for him out of the most reliable, tenacious candidates available. She will bear him on average, between 5-6 children before she too becomes a trophy head for display.

His second wife is usually chosen by himself, for love, his mother usually relegated to the forced breeding stocks by this stage.

Aedyr is Max's Second wife. Today, she's bringing little virgin Rachael into his harem for him to deflower. Rachael's Mother recently gave birth to a male offspring and Aedyr negotiated marriage for her own firstborn daughter in exchange for Rachael's impregnation: a skillful trade. She guides the nervous girl into the bedroom where Max and the rest of his Harem are waiting to greet her.

All the girls of the harem had brought their own children into the room to learn from the copulation. Aedyr's own little girl, Susan, was sitting by the bed. The lesson's she learned today would come in useful when it came time for to be the first wife of Rachael's younger brother.

Max takes no time is kissing his new little toy, pulling her head close and puching his tongue into her open mouth as he starts to rub her pussy with his free hand, pushing into her needily. they break apart for a moment to breathe, tiny dribbles of spit still joining their mouths.
"Oh god, yes." she moans "I've waited my whole life for this."
"Oh girl, I am going to enjoy making a real woman out of you." he replied.
She smiled like all her birthdays had come at once.
"I can't wait to see your orgasm face."


Now, now, no need to be picky when eating. We don't have to cut off your crusts if you like them, I'm making sandwiches for all the children's tastes. But for today only, we can pick out a bread from the bakery with a nice crispy crust. What do you say?
(Subtext: Next one doesn't feature any strict amputations)
Nobody in the World of Bones really lives long enough to be truly old. Those that do manage to live that long are monsters in their own right.
Sorry, no table scraps for my monsters this time, I've gone to the effort of whipping up a seven course epicurean delight. (And they're the kind of guests with good table manners, they eat everything I put on the table for them.)


File: 1502006743615.jpg (879 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac02.jpg)

Aedyr, having finished the introduction, retired to the bathroom to take a well deserved dump. Managing the life of her loving husband was busy work, and between managing the girls of her harem, keeping food on his table and engaging in some wild lovemaking herself, the toilet was one of the only places she had any mental peace.

She relaxes and squeezes out a little turd as she fills the squat toilet with her warm pee. She sighs contentedly, unaware that even here in her safe place, pain and death linger unseen in the darkness. Attracted by the warmth and smell of Aedyr's excrement, teeth and tentacles and acid death crawl their way through the murky pipes towards the sweet pucker of her anus

A probing, split tongue reaches out of the drain, past her toned buttocks and arching back to wrap tightly around her exposed neck, cutting the air from the poor woman as she takes her final crap. The tries to scream, to warn her soulmate and children, and his mistresses, but nothing escapes from her lips as the defiler throttles her silent.


Great stuff, can't w8 2 see more!


File: 1502072933279.jpg (804.62 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac03.jpg)

The Swampsac stretches and squeezes out of the drain, its hideous mouth, lined with blunt teeth better suited to grabbing than tearing, emerges from the drain-hole yearning to suck in the delicious vulnerable prey it had found. It envelops her generous arse and leaking vagina, pulling her swiftly into its maw. Aedyr's legs stretch to the side in ways they were never designed to, and with a sickening crunch, they dislocate and she slides up to her tits into its gullet. Her breasts sway and bounce as she tries to squirm out of the saliva dripping mouth. She can feel something slimy and unholy caressing her body inside the creature, and she realises with startling clarity that this is where she is going to die: and it will hurt... a lot.
Oh, god, oh god... not like this." she thought to herself, unable to speak. "I need to warn everyone. Danger... death..."
Things wormed their way around inside the sac, already spraying her down with a strong hydrochloric acid.
"It Buuuuuurns" she tried to scream, but it came out as a choking sob, her eyes bulging in helpless agony.


What a sexy death! Can't w8 2 see what happens next! I like the writing 2! Gj m8!


File: 1502120378734.jpg (802.87 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac04.jpg)

And then Aedyr's worst nightmare comes to life. Her daughter Susan walks obliviously to the door, her fingers fiddling with her tiny little pussy. Her dumb little head was hazy with lust from watching her daddy banging his new mistress like a sexual jackhammer. Her little flower was already close to cumming, a feeling that she was ill prepared to understand.
'Mama, I need to go toilet. my coochie feels all tingly.' started Susan, and then she noticed her mother's tear streaked, silently screaming face, her tongue lolling over her chin uselessly as she was slowly sucked down into a monster's digestive sac.
Susan opened her mouth to shriek, but the Swampsac was ready for her, and no sound ever came from her petite little word-hole ever again.


hello next victim


File: 1502191387189.jpg (803.61 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac05.jpg)

Aedyr's head is finally consumed by the sac's greedy chewing, her beautiful curves bulging from the tight confines of the its digestive chamber. The Swampsac's manipulator tongue slams into Susan's face, smacking her harshly onto the wall, pushing the air from her lungs. it sprays a coagulating green goop, sealing her mouth shut, affixing her hands to the ceiling, and gushing down her flat little front. The manipulator arm pulls her legs in a backwards arc and paints them to the ceiling too, leaving the writhing girl suspended from the roof by stringy green slime. .
As the arm returns to its owner, it brushes up against her tiny cunt, involuntarily finishing off her climax. Susan shivers in both fear and pleasure as she squirts for the first and last time in her short, worthless life.
From inside the Swampsac comes a high pitched, whistling, inhuman shriek like a teakettle boiling over, as her mother becomes intimately acquainted with the method of her approaching, excruciating death.


This keeps getting better and better!


File: 1502279768045.jpg (854.52 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac06.jpg)

Susan watches the Swampsac as her mother's body kicks and squirms in true suffering. Aedyr's muffled screams can be heard lightly as tendrils snake across her body through the thin stretched skin of the beast. Blood gurgles from the tightly clamped mouth as the meat inside jiggles and jackknifes in ineffectual escape attempts. Her shrill screams are turned into choked sobs and she begins to convulse wildly in her death throes.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrggggghhhhh" groans the slumping thing entombed in the monster's belly. the meat-lump that was once a loving mother of 7, rattles its last breath and dies alone in the dark stomach. In tens of minutes, her plump breasts and childbearing hips are whittled down to stark bony outlines in front of her daughter's eyes. Aedyr lies still and Susan begins to guess at her own mind-breaking fate, the little girl defiling the memory of her ancestors by taking a long streaming piss and crapping herself with a cute, wet little fart. Then, the creature turned its attention to her.




File: 1502331093600.jpg (1.04 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac07.jpg)

The Swampsac expels Aedyr's bloody, smoking remains into the squat toilet bowl, still sticky with digestive fluids and scarlet insides. her viscera splashes out over the tiled floor as the bones reach their final resting place, grinning incongruously to the anguish she had suffered in life.
Now the Swampsac's hard bony teeth flowered outwards and opened its gaping ensanguined hole to devour Susan too. She could smell its foul breath, the stench of fresh death emanating from within. Susan cries in stony silence as her violent end comes to claim her, the green goop stretching over her screaming mouth. She imagines in horror, that just minutes from now, her own gory skeleton will be sharing the floor, spreadeagled and lifeless in a puddle of her own warm goop.


File: 1502377750176.jpg (742.4 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac08.jpg)

The Swampsac pulls her easily from her slime cocoon and envelops her face, slurping the fresh bucking meat with relish. Susan's urine arcs high in the air and her shit slid down her backside as the creature pulls her mercilessly to her doom. She shivers as the tingly acid saliva splashes over her face and up over her tiny, hardened nipples. Her legs kick and twitch as they are released harshly from their bondage by the monster guzzling in her petite hips. The gag over her mouth dissolves and Susan squeal in fear while she gulps in the fetid atmosphere.
Aedyr's little girl comes to rest upside down in the stomach that had burned her mother to death and soon, Susan will also join her as a pile of sloppy, smoking bones on the bathroom tiles.


File: 1502459714564.jpg (870.34 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac09.jpg)

A myriad of tentacles began to spray her body with a potent acid, melting off the outer layers of her skin. they plunge into her special places, invading her anus and vagina, filling her insides with unbearable pain as the acid began to liquefy her intestines and melt her womb into a bloody paste. Susan squirmed and screamed as she was reduced to a lump of meat and fat, quivering in mindless agony in the sac of the beast. more thick tentacles caress her lithe form, attaching to the erect nipples adorning her underdeveloped titties, and haemorrhaging her as they widened her urethra in order to spray more liquid nightmare juice up into her guts.


File: 1502537847050.jpg (1.09 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac10.jpg)

Tentacles invade her mouth and spray melting fluid into her eyes, pushing in to the juicy brain hidden behind, and digesting the wrinkly pink organ inside her skull cavity. Her hair falls out into the soup of her own flesh, leaving her scalp bald and bloody. With a straining groan, her belly pops open, dumping her liquefied guts over the tattered remains of her mosquito bite breasts. Her entire world is throbbing on fire, wet and excruciating. The creature sucks out her melted womb and ovaries through her diminutive, inflamed pussy lips, and torn hymen. Susan just wants it all to end now, the only thing she wants now is to die and make it all stop. "uuughg, Kiiiiiiiiil.... uggghe... mmmeeee.." The little heart in her chest jackhammers erratically as the thing that used to be Susan twitches and shudders violently, the sizzling pink slop of her melted brain boiling out of her ear-holes and running down her cranium. The very essence of who she was fled from her head, all her hopes, dreams and aspirations transformed into warm sloppy goop. "Guuuuuuuuuuuuughhh" she groans listlessly as the last life drains from her body. In less than ten minutes she has been turned from a vital young girl, into a lifeless carcass.


Melting complete


File: 1502625654561.jpg (1.01 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac11.jpg)

Susan's skeletal corpse is excreted messily from the Swampsac, still smoking as the stomach acid continues to decalcify her bones. She splats onto the white square boxed ground in an unsightly manner. Mother and daughter are reunited in their smooth ceramic grave. Their claret covered leftovers glisten together as monuments to the utility of human life.The Swampsac, satisfied that this is a fertile feeding ground, begins labour, birthing her vicious young. one by one, her hungry offspring are pushed out the monster's bulging vagina and begin to seek soft human prey.


Looks like the reald fun has just begun! I can't w8 2 see what happens when they reach the orgy!


File: 1502715801640.jpg (813.64 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac12.jpg)

Max has been fucking Rachael for close to twenty minutes now, their bodies so intertwined in their passionate lovemaking that they don't even notice that anything is wrong.
"Oh god, Yes, Yes, Yes." she squeals. "Fuck me harder Max.... I'm almost there... so close...."
"That Virgin cooch of yours is squeezing me so tight.. it's amazing... I'm gonna blow my load in you." grunted Max as a baby Swampsack glomped over his head and stretched over his shoulders.
"What the fuck" shouted Rachael, before she too had her head consumed by a starving beast.
As the monster lifted him, his engorged cock slid out of her, still slick with her pussy juices. Her legs kicked, fruitlessly trying to pull him back inside so she could finish. Neither of them would be cumming today, or ever again. Children will never pass through her hips as she had hoped, instead the only thing to go through them now would be the flesh tubes of hot acid that would digest the pretty folds of her genitals and suck her out. She squeals like a piglet with its throat cut as she tries to pull the creature from her face, but the creature tightens around her like a clammy vice.
"Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" she begs, as she wetly begins to piss over the bed-sheets


Verry HOT!


I don't like guys in guro 99% of the time but him getting stuck like that with his arms pinned back, knowing what's going to happen to him, is so fucking hot


File: 1502793784685.jpg (1.01 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac13.jpg)

Everywhere in sight Max's harem and children were being eaten alive by the family of Swampsacs. Subtle forms of nubile women could be seen cocooned, writhing as tentacles sprayed acid on their sensitive boobies and up inside their puckered arseholes. A chorus of muffled screams resonated as dozens of girls were melted to death. Instead of receiving a sex education demonstration, his children end up with very personalised anatomy lesson when they witness the flesh slowly rendered from their own bones. Women who are not already being eaten are strung up to the walls in goopy threads of hardening capture liquid, ready for later consumption. They piss and shit themselves in fear, awaiting their agonising deaths. One of the women tries to commit suicide by leaping out the window, but is arrested by Swanpsac's tongue manipulator before she can jump. Max and Rachael are digested side by side over the next few hours. They writhe like energetic lovers in their sacs, slowly flopping around in the stomachs of their slushy murderers waiting to die in a pool of their own guts and sloppy organs.


Best picture story around, we definately want 2 see more like this 1!


File: 1502985747560.jpg (992.02 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac14.jpg)

Miranda, a raven haired beauty is sucked in little by little, sandwiching her busty body up against the window. She scrabbles against the smooth cold glass, trying to crawl her way out of her fate. she cries, and bawls like a mewling child, tears wetting down her face and smearing against the window. Her friend Jenny, with the bubblegum hair watches onward from her place glued to the wall. The two girls had been inseparable friends since childhood, and now they would die in the same room. The beast sucked and slurped til Miranda's screaming head was
the only thing left outside the pink slurping maw, and then saliva drowned her wide eyed stare of horror, covering it with wriggling drool coated flesh.
"Oh gods, oh gods... Let me out, let me out. There's things inside me. It Huuuuuuuuurts...."
Sizzling and popping sounds emanated from the tightened sphincter as smoke wafted from the mouth pucker, and blood spurted from out of the Swampsac as it jumped and shuddered digesting the very first prey of its life. A shrill screaming, vile smells of death and decay, and a gurgling, boiling sound fill the room, and Jenny knows that her friend is being painfully flayed alive and absorbed by the disgusting creature. She pisses herself, because she also knows that soon, she too will occupy her own cramped stomach, and the sounds of suffering that she will make will be just like the ones coming from stretched sack of meat that Miranda has just become.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck..."


File: 1504099477327.jpg (804.99 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac15.jpg)

Jenny averts her eyes from the spectacle, only to come face to face with Aedyr's sister Sadie as a baby Swampsac grabs her violently by her sexy belly.
"Get iiittttt oooffff meeeee" she shrieks desperatly as the little monster tries to gulp her in sideways. breasts sway and jiggle as she struggles to free herself from its grasp, but all it does is make the thing suck harder. Sadie goes quiet and her eyes bulge in horror as the creature snaps her spine and swallows her up to her funbags . Blood spurts from her mouth and her eyes glaze over, but her twitching and gurgling reveal that she is still alive. all to eager to begin its first meal, the Swampsac salivates acid onto her face, already predigesting the delicious young woman.
"gurgle'.... Nooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuugghhhghhhurgle. ' gurgle" she splutters insensibly as Jenny chokes back the urge to vomit. Sadie sizzles and smokes as she slips into her tight wet Sac, her boobies bouncing as she jerked around in agony.
"Nooot... Liiiker... gurgle.... thisss... gurle"
And Sadie disapeared passed the monster's slick pink lips with a horrible slurping noise and a belch.


Verry nice! More kills!


I love how you called her tits funbags, i hope you keep wrting and drawing this awesome stuff!


File: 1504328518807.jpg (944.72 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac16.jpg)

Nkosasana was one of Max's most beloved mistresses from his harem. He'd met her at one of the travelling caravans that brought a breeding variety of noble girls from far away villages. It had prevented the blood sicknesses that had plagued the noble families for generations prior, and it was a way to introduce spice into a man's bedroom, and occaisionally his diet.

Nkosasana's mother had paid a pitiful dowry for her to be accepted into his harem and to be deflowered, but Max had needed little incentive to accept the beautiful and exotic princess into his bedchamber. He had ravaged her over and over again as she cried out in pleasure, until her belly was swollen with his progeny. As the years passed, she had birthed many little brown girls for her handsome groom, one of whom was at this very moment screaming for Nkosasana as she was slowly converted into a bloody soup.

Her strong handsome cock who she had relied on, was now unable to protect her. He was, himself jiggling in a monster's tummy.

The swampsac crawled up her lithe body, wrapping its crushing tentacles around her goop bound arms. Nkosasana screamed as she wet herself.
"Jenny, Sadie, Josie, Aedyr.... Somebody, anybody, please don't let iiit eeeaaaat meeeeeee!!!"
It wrapped its lips and grabbing teeth around the crown of her head and started sucking and slobbering at her shiny black hair. As it slithered down her face, all she could do was regret that she had never been able to give her lover the male heir he had always wanted.

Nkosasana kicked and squirmed as the Swampsac slithered over her ebony titties. The impression of her bawling face pressed against the fleshy walls as she wailed unhappily as she joined her child and lover in an acid bath. She wished that she could have had one more ride on his shaft before she died, kissed him and told him that she loved her Max as his cum drenched her womb and their bodies intertwined in sweaty intercourse.

The Swampsac didn't care for any of her wishes, it just attached its stomach tentacles to her perky little nipples and sprayed boiling acid into them as it engulfed her feet. Nothing Nkosasana wanted would ever matter again. Nobody cares about the wishes of a bloody pile of Swampsac crap.


File: 1504454721455.jpg (915.84 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac17.jpg)

Jenny turned from Nkosasana's writhing body back to the centre of the room where heavily pregnant Josie, with the mousy brown hair, was being pulled from the ceiling and into a waiting, hungry mouth. Josie had always been like a kind elder sister to Jenny, and it was unbearable to have to watch her be vored alive by a slimy brown tentacle filled sack of malice. Her butt-hole flexed as it pushed out a firm sticky turd and she sprayed piss from her large, womanly pussy. It seemed unreal, only last night Jenny had been picking out baby names with Josie. They'd settled on Samantha, after Josie's Mother.
Josie screamed like a cornered animal as the creature inhaled her whole. "Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!."
Her tits squished tightly up against the Swampsac's outer lips as her body splashed into the open craw full of melty saliva. she clenched her teeth tightly as squirmy things inside the mouth probed her tender areas.
"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." she squealed, even as her expectant body began to broil and smoke in the deathtrap. All Josie had ever wanted from life was to raise children of her own, and to be mercifully executed by her man when she could no longer be with child. Now all she had to look forward to was an awful acid-bath, and for her sloppy remains to be shit out on the breeding room floor. Jenny couldn't tear her eyes away as Josie was finally slurped in fully, becoming a kicking, jumping bag of human misery.
"Oh gods, stop making me watch this... just get it over with and eat me... I can't stand it anymore." Yelled Jenny to nobody. Nobody answered her apart from the empty screams that were filling the room in the fading sunlight of the late afternoon.



she is my favorite victim


Yeah - Monsters really don't have sexual preferences in their meat. We all taste the same to a hungry invertebrate killing machine
Well the Swampsac's are having fun with them, so 'Funbags' they shall be. (Glad you're having fun with my 'funny' words too)
Funnily enough, mine too.


File: 1504625376691.jpg (880.59 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac18.jpg)

Soon it was just Jenny and her sister Helena strung up under Max's trophy shelf where the grinning skulls of his retired ex-mistresses lay. Max had slit their throats and bled them after they'd delivered the appropriate amount of his children.

"Don't look at meeeeee!!!! Helena squealed as the slop that held her inverted began to disintegrate, slowly lowering her into agape jaws.
"It's gonna kiiilll meeeeee!!!" as her wide-eyed face descended into liquid hell. The Swampsac's mouth closed over her own mouth and slinky tendrils wrapped around her silky head and sprayed their fiery contents over her cranium and hanging, gravity flopped boobs. She thrashed around violently as she began to hiss and sputter in the acidic drool. Warm piss splurted up from between her legs when sucking tentacles clamped over her teats and she realised that her breasts were about to be burned lesuurely from the inside out. A similar pink vine wormed down her throat and started to make work out of her internal organs.

It wouldn't be long before identical slobbering hollow shafts would be plunging into her squirting pussy and clenched ass-hole, filling them to bursting with corrosive digestive fluids. Her genitals would then be painfully dissolved into nutritious slop to be then slurped vigorously out of her. Helena twitched a little as the monster swallowed again, drawing her closer to her doom.

Jenny gazed on as her sister disappeared into the beast, her crotch similarly wet as her sticky cowardice ran down her legs..


File: 1504797309340.jpg (951.51 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac19.jpg)

Jenny's face underwent drastic changes that betrayed her complexly morphing emotions. First came the fearful sadness, etched in her tear streaked cheeks. All her friends and family had beed gulped into flesh-sacs right before her eyes. As Helena popped and fizzled, Jenny hiccuped and sniffled.

Then came the Anger. How dare these things eat HER man, HER Harem sisters... HOW DARE THESE THINGS TRY TO EAT HER. Thin splashes of fresh sanguine spit from between the teedh and welled up beside Helena's still kicking legs.

Now came disgust and revultion, as Helena kicked wildly, and accidentally pissed directly into Jenny's face and gritted teeth with her wild twisting and bucking.

Finally came a sexual horror as the young girl realised that she was the only one in the bedroom who remained undevoured by the freakish hellspawn. in every corner came a ghastly wailing as girls squirmed in their slick living coffins as their skin blistered and their guts boiled.

A lonely Swampsac slimed its way across the floorboards to her, its mouth widening into a dark abyss, in starving anticipation.
It dawned on Jenny that it was her turn.


File: 1505017314843.jpg (917.52 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac20.jpg)

The girls trembled in their tight pink, wet new homes as the Swampsacs began to digest them. Their skin, reacting with the acid, melted away, revealing the ropy muscle and fat beneath.

Miranda squirmed helplessly as the swampsac latched onto her mammaries and sprayed into them, causing blood to dribble from beneath the seal. She screamed as they began to suck out digested tissue through the open wounds where her nipples used to be.
"Oh god, They're on my breasts, get them Ooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuurrrrrrgh!!!!"

A slick tendril surged into her ear canal and pumped digestive liquid into her cranial cavity, dissolving her brain slowly inside its case. Her face turned beet red as she let out a hellish sqeal and blood welled from under her eyeballs, like scarlet tears. She pissed and defecated without concern for dignity, as a final insanity took hold of her. Her mind went blank as everything that made up Miranda's cute, shy personality was transformed into a boiling pink sludge.
"Aiiiiireeeeeeee!... What is it?... It's... suuckking oooout.... myyyyy braaaiiiin.... uuuuuuuurggggh.... maaaake.... uuurch, iiiiiiiiiiit...stoooop... guuuuuuuuuuuuh.... preeeeetty.......... biiirdies.......piink......... bleaaaaaaaaah..... refridgerator...."

Sadie gurgled and coughed, her mouth foaming as tentacles groped her and wrapped tight agains her body, sliding around the newly paraplegic woman's jubblies. She couldn't feel any pain below her waist, but everything above it was on fire. she couldn't tell, but she was almost certain that she could feel something moving in her guts, winding its way up towards her heart and lungs, converting everything in its path to a bloody broth.
"gurgle,' cough. nooooooooo... 'guuuuuurgle. ooooooooo.... ooooooooooooo. hack hack... ooiooooouuuuuuuuuurggggh."

A thick penetrating tentacle took no time in surging up into Nkosasana's unprepared anus. It slurped out her liquifying organs with relish as her torn sphincter copiously spilled her life-essence into the Swampsac's digestive tract.
"Get iiiit ouut ooof meeeeeee!!!" she begged in a high pitched squawk, even as more slithered up her shaking form to spray her perky black titties with more liquid death.

Her mother had gone this way too. shortly after paying the dowry to Nkosasana's new lover; Max, she'd found herself on the wrong side of swampsac in the foreigner's quarters: the inside. They'd found her moist skeleton the day after, along with dozens of others. Nkosasana had asked the village witchdoctor if it had been a painless death. The doctor had told her that her mother's death would have been fast and without agony. She wouldn't have even known what was going on. Sitting here in her own stomach,she realised that that bitch had been lying through her crooked teeth.
"Mama.... It hurts mama.... make it stooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Helena could feel the tightly clasped tentacles slurping out her tits and a windy one slithering down her throat , eating what she had herself eaten for lunch today. Piss and blood dribbled down her belly in equal quantities.
She pushed at the side of the sac, trying to find a purchase to crawl her way back out, but all she could find was slippery wet flesh. She went crosseyed, trying to look at the one in her mouth as she hacked up deep red blood from her stomach.

All the girls smoked, sizzled, and convulsed in their sublime agony. Their bodies and minds were no longer their own, being painstakingly consumed by hideous slimy beasts that had infiltrated their safe place, and now continued to invade their special places in order to eat them from the inside out.. They're just meat now, ready to be reduced to blood-soaked skeletons.
This is the last place they will ever see as the light fades from their eyes..


File: 1505057954010.jpg (1.07 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac21.jpg)

Josie rests snugly in her prison of muscle and mucus, quivering in horrified anticipation of her approaching demise.
Acid bastes her voluptuous curved, burning off the outer layers of her skin, revealing the claret beneath. Pink suckers opened their holes ready to feast on her succulent meat.
"No... No... No.. No.. Nooooooooooooo"
The tentacles attach themselves to the breasts that were meant to suckle her newborn child and began to extract their own nutrition. Then they inserted between her asscheeks and into her soft juicy eyeballs, and finally, they penetrated her pretty little ears to get to her tasty grey matter. Josie began to spasm uncontrollably, her pregnant belly jiggling wildly under her full, tortured udders. Blood dripped from every orifice as Josie joined her harem sisters in their final stachatto dance of death. One last tentacle wormed its way up to her pussy, and slid her folds aside. She tried to grab it with her hands, to pull it out of her, but it speared into her forcefully, and widened her vulva until it tore and she began to leak urine over the coral shaded appendage.

"My Baby!!!" she screamed as the tentacle began to spray her insides.
It rythmically pumped inside her, splashing digestive juices up her squeezing cooch and slurping out the resulting mess. With a great heaving, straining suck, it pulled her baby out from inside the womb, and down to her vagina. Her pussy stretched wide around the fleshy tube as the baby was born into a dark, acid filled world. Josie pissed herself as she gave birth to her new daughter Samantha. A kicking squirming lump flowed down the tube, and a muffled crying could be heard from within. The tencacle churned and squashed the bulge until the acid inside dissolved Josie's baby, ending her short agonising life by converting her into a bloody stew.

Josie was beyond caring about her aborted fetus now, all of that had just been sucked out of her now empty head, replaced by an insane torment. Her distended reproductive organs begin to abort her guts into the glutinous sucker in a series of violent contractions, and her eyeballs spill across her rosy blushing cheeks.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggghhh!!!" She continued to convulse..
It will be hours before she succumbs to the tender ministrations of the Swampsac and breathes her last, and hours more before the skeletons of mother and daughter are vomited out onto a slimy, blood encrusted floor together.


File: 1505663202432.jpg (1.02 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac22.jpg)

Jenny struggled to untangle herself from her attacker. All her friends, her harem sisters, and their children scream hoarsely as they twist and kick in their Swampsac stomachs, their lifeblood gurgling from the closed lips of the creatures.
"Aiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!" convulses one sack of worthless jello as she is pumped full of hydrochloric acid.
"Uh... Uh... Uh... Uh... Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggghhh rattles another as her burning guts plop out of her belly.

Jenny can no longer tell which Swampsac contains which one of her friends. All the screaming faces pushed up against the sides look alike, indistinguishable in their suffering.
Her Swampsac opens its jaws wide enough to wrap around Jenny's head, saliva dribbling from the ravenous maw.
She glares into the gaping hole that will soon slither over her and wishes that she had never come to the breeding room today.
"I... hic.... don't..... hic.... wanna..... die.... hic." hiccups Jenny as tears stream down her face.
The stench of the Swampsac's breath washes over her, hot and steamy, as its tentacles yank her down from her hanging prison.
"Oh... hic.... gods..... hic... Nooooooooooooooo."
Her begging is wasted on the creature.
Jenny is going to die screaming.


File: 1505744088201.jpg (1.02 MB, 3508x2480, SwampSac23.jpg)

Max twitched, his body a deep red, bleeding from every muscle and orifice. His hair has lost its sandy colour, replaced with a limp clear white. A slick pink tube wrapped around his engorged penis, melting it and sucking up the bloody goop.
"Ah gods... not my dick... anything but that."
When it's done eating his cock, it'll move on to digesting his semen-filled balls and slurping them out. When it's finished there, it'll push up into his torn urethra and gouge into his guts meeting up with the one already shoved up his anus, and absorbing his intestines.

"Make it staaaahhhhp.. Aiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Rachael spasms up and down on the thrusting flesh rods injecting slimy acid up into her pussy and anus. She's gone from a taste of heaven, to a taste of hell in a shorter time than it takes to finish using the privy. Her eyes have long since popped, and her boobs are swollen til bursting with acid. Inside her, the invading tentacles writhe and tear, filling her in ways she never knew, and never wanted. Blood oozes copiously from her undercarriage. She's just a mindless shell now, shivering as she sizzles and pops in the dank digestion chamber.

All around them, Max's children are slowly dying in their own Swampsacs, tentacles stretching open their tiny pussies and petite little anal sphincters, spraying them with steaming acid. They wail in fear, not knowing what's happening to them.
'Daddy..... saaaaaaaveeee.... meeeeeeeeeee... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughhhhh"
"My eyeeeeesssss....... whaaaaat..... uuuuuuuuuuurrrrggggggghhhhh!!"
They gurgle in death rattles until their tiny little brains completely fry inside their skulls, and all the little girls finally give up struggling and remain still, glistening wetly and groaning brainlessly
The tightly wrapped meat packages linger in pain and darkness, waiting to finally be absorbed


File: 1505835503577.jpg (977.87 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac24.jpg)

It's finally Jenny's turn; the last girl to become food for a monster. the opening glides over her stunningly beautiful crying face and brings into view the wriggly, wet, worms that will devour her. They take no time, pushing in under her eyelids and enveloping her eyeballs inside their sockets.
Oh gods, not my eyes. I don't want to be blind.. I don't.... ooooooooooooooooo... Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" she screeched as acid flowed down the tubes and into her pretty pale blue eyes, melting them quickly into a gelatinous red and white sludge. Max had always loved her eyes so.
"Ah .. Ah Ah.. Ah.. Ahhh... Ahhh, Ah.. Ah.. AH", she breathed heavily, squirting herself with piss as her ass wiggled in the cold open air. A tiny tip of shit poked out her clenched anus with a ripping fart as her body involuntarily began relieving itself of the enormous load she'd been holding on to.
Uuuuuooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuurrrrrrghhhh..... It huuuurrrts sooooo baaaaaaad!" she moaned as the creature slurped deeply into her skull, her nipples aroused as the beast finished ingesting her firm round butt. Jenny squirmed in her sac restlessly.

She'd seen so many girls go out this way over the years, it had almost become a casual thing for her. She'd gotten so used to it, that somewhere in her mind, Jenny had thought that only unwary or foolish girls got eaten. It wasn't something that would ever happen to her. She'd been so clever, so observant, so much better than those other bitches she'd seen grabbed by snakes in the street, or hung up by podplant blooms by the butchers. Those women had been inferior hadn't they? Jenny wasn't like them was she? just a squirming sack of meat, slowly being turned into a pile of steaming crap. The roads of her village were lined with the strewn bones of unlucky girls who'd caught the stray eye of a vicious predator. Now, it was her turn to join them, to be gruesomely digested, shat out, discarded, and forgotten. She was going to be turned into bloody scraps of nothing.

Like all of her friends before her, tentacles rape her cunt and ass-hole, eat her titties, slowly hollowing them out, and painstakingly shred her epidermis from her body. Her muscles are wracked with seizures as nutrients are extracted from them.
She'd been told all her life at her home, in her school, and at her breeding home, that this is how she was going to die.
Now she really believed it.


welcome to the swampsack club, where all go for their final party!


Sure, it's a party down at the old Swampsac club. Bring some friends on by, hell bring the whole family, we'd love to have you all over for dinner. By the end of the night, we'll get everyone singing at the top of their lungs, and dancing like they've never danced before.
and the canapes are just to die for.


Loved the series and I hope 2 see more swampsacs in the future devouring incestuos families! Good work m8!


I don't know what i like more the story or the pics.Anyways together are a great mix.I just wish to see more sex and build-up before the kills, a bit of incest will be so good.I love the scat and pee also! Incredible work!


File: 1506612861640.jpg (824.96 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac25.jpg)

Miranda twitched and heaved erratically, hissing feralishly.
"Hisssssssssssssss" they dying girl squealed, the acid having melted her down to a lightly muscled skeleton, shreds of skin and guts hanging from her bare frame. Crap falls freely from her opened rectum as it swings like a pendulum under her exposed red hipbones. Her intestines flop messily outside in the scalding slop. The last of her mammaries dissolve into a fatty juice, ready to be absorbed by the mucus membranes of the Swampsac. There's a popping hiss as her lungs are penetrated and begin to deflate. Miranda barely struggles as she lacks for breath, gurgling hot blood up her esophagus. Her weakened heart throbs slowly, pumping what little oxygen is left in her blood, keeping her alive, even though most of her brain has already been sucked from her skull.
"uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggghhhhh... Ugh Ugh Ugh..."
As the last air escapes from her motionless lungs, Miranda suffocates in an increasingly jerky dance, and her afflicted heart beats its last. Poor Miranda finally dies, with the digestive sack still siphoning off the last scrumptious flesh from her cooling corpse.

Sadie had lasted for what seemed like forever before she had horribly expired. the last of her insides were currently being sucked down into the flesh soup that used to cover her bones. Tentacles slurped out the final dregs of her liquefied brains with a loud 'drinking through a straw' sound. Soon there'd be nothing left of her but a sloppy pile of bones heaped in a smoking pile.

There's not much left of Nkosasana now, just a few half-digested organs in the process of being melted off the
bony frame of the freshly dead girl. She had died, still sobbing for her mother, even as her own toddler lay deceased, melting in the guts of a nearby Swampsac. This marks the end of an honourable unbroken family line that had descended through the ages. Nkosasana has failed her ancestors, and all the unborn grandchildren that would never come to be. The body of the exotic princess slumps deeper into the stomach acid as the Swampsac finishes extracting the last scraps of lung and heart from inside her rib-cage.

Helena hangs in her sack, the Swampsac finally finished picking her bones clean, just another skeleton to add to the mountains of unidentified men, women and children that had been eaten and digested over the millennia. Her brains, eyes, stomach, liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, and intestines, all sacrificed to raise a strong healthy young swampsac that will go on to kill and consume thousands of other helpless women, all of whom will boil in agony, just like Helena in order to fuel the miracle of the beautiful young child Swampsac. The poor bitch was little more than Swampsac shit right now, ready to be crapped out.

Soon her sister Jenny will join her in her acrid lifeless coffin of monster intestines. The stomach that holds her begins to rumble and Helena's mucky remains are squeezed out of the creature's mouth sphincter and into cold daylight where she'll settle into her final grave.


File: 1506944280102.jpg (964.46 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac26.jpg)

Josie kicked against her prison walls as the slippery tentacles continued to vigorously rape all her orifices, squirting wet agony up inside her.
"Oooooooooooooooooooohhh.. Oooooh ooooh... aaah!!!!" she screetched as the last of her skin blistered away, leaving all her muscles exposed.
As she strained hard, trying to squeeze out the intruders with nothing more than the power of her abdominal muscles, she could feel something go horribly wrong in her stomach as something vital broke inside her.
"Naaa... Naaa. Nooo... Nah... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrggggggggggggghhhhhh, she grunted as her enormous, weakened belly gave way, and popped open like an overripe fruit. Josie spurted her guts forth in convulsive squirts. They plopped into the bottom of the stomach with a bloody splash.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggghhh" rattled Josie as she continued to violently abort her sloppy intestines into the drink. The pain was unbearable, unlike anything she would have ever conceived. Every inch of her being was on fire.

Soon Josie will be dead like her daughter Samantha, all of her friends, and her lover Max. She is absolutely helpless to stop what is coming. All she can do is shiver worthlessly in her burning, confined sack as it slowly churns the digesting mature woman into moaning organic pulp.
Exhausted, Josie slumps back and stops moving, and just waits and hopes for the sweet embrace of death to take her quickly.
She rattles incoherently as her final hours pass more slowly than she ever could have thought possible.

The pregnant girl doesn't die until acid fills the brain-dead bitch's lungs fill with acid, and she drowns in the acrid fluid.


File: 1507649745378.jpg (958.4 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac27.jpg)

Jenny can feel the Swampsac searching around in her guts, ripping and tearing at them in search of her most juicy offal. Yards of her intestinal tract are unspooled and sucked up into the insatiable tentacle. It proceeds to burrow towards the centre of the bright young girl's being, wrapping around the fist sized ruby of her regularly thumping heart. A sensation like somebody stepping on her chest overwhelms poor Jenny, it crushes her soul, and she is unable to breathe through the pain, as the thrashing tentacle tries to wrest the organ from its place.. Her left arm goes numb, and her hollowed eyes widen like saucers in horror.
"Mmmmmmmmmffffffffff... Mmmmmmmmffffff... mfffffffffffff..... Mmooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moans as her aorta is severed and her heart is slurped up through her empty abdominal cavity, where it quickly reaches her tightened pink rectum. The overlarge offal is too large for Jenny's tiny round opening, so the Swampsac sucks as hard as it is able to, stretching her ass to an unnatural gape. Overstretched, her anus tears wide and vermilion blood issues forth in gushes. A large bulge pushes up the fleshy pink tube in her behind. It throbs regularly as it passes up the tube into the acid reservoirs at the base of the monster, even disconnected from her body. It will take a short while for it to stop fibrillating and melt into nothingness.
The heartless Jenny discontinues her wailing and struggling, and quietly strains all of the muscles in her body at once, arcing her back and curling her toes.
"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuughghhhhhhhh.!!!!" the bubblegum haired girl finally rattles out her last breath, spasms once, and expires. Her tensed body relaxes and falls deeper into the belly of the beast, coming to rest at an unnatural angle in the thin coating of acid, blood and urine at the bottom of the digestion sac.

It's a humiliating ending, pissing and crapping herself, then dying by having her heart sucked out of her anus.


Yeah! humiliate those bithches! can't w8 4 a new batch to get in the swampsacs or other monsters from the WoB.If you please make them lewd and incestuos and add a little boy 2


File: 1507819026549.jpg (911.54 KB, 3508x2480, SwampSac28.jpg)

Temporarily satiated by their large meals, the young Swampsacs regurgitate the sloppy remains of their victims. A swamosac only has one opening, so their mouths are their own anuses. The Swampsacs shit out their corpses onto the bed-sheets and wooden floors of the breeding room. Blood pools under the grinning corpses, and soaks into the linen.
Max and his women carpet the floor as a sea of dripping skeletons. Even his poor children had not been spared, their tiny skeletons crapped out together at the base of the bed. Their little, hollow skulls gazed vacantly, bright young virgin lives cut predictably short, like so many others throughout the ages.

The mama Swampsac calls out to her children; already beginning to fill out now that they have nourished themselves on the flesh of the harem. Having finished exterminating their screaming prey, they join their mother in the bathroom and slither down into the drainage system and back to their nest in the darkness, leaving Max and his girls alone in their tomb to moulder and serve as a gory reminder to the future tenants of the room that no place is truly safe.

In the years to follow, they will cut a swathe through villages, murdering thousands of women just like these. Swampsacs are murder-machines highly evolved to eat humans and to poop out what's left.

In the World of Bones, the family that digests together, stays together... for the rest of eternity.


And that finishes this round... any thoughts?

Great that you like it. Incest isn't really a cornerstone of the World of Bones. Mothers tend to sell their boys to other families in order to maintain genetic variety (to avoid 'the blood sickness') and to attempt to marry off their own daughters and to maintain social position. When your species only method of survival is to out-breed your predators, then good procreation practices do become a cornerstone of the society. (inbreeding outside of isolated communities tends to work poorly) So, you'd probably get a lot of mothers personally teaching their sons and daughters the birds and the bees from an early age.

I'm kinda trying to set up rules about what these people would or wouldn't do based on their situation.
for example - Racism isn't a thing... but persecuting tribes they are at war with is.
There are more women than there are men: Just lets me draw more boobies without falling to the conceit that men 'are above death', but still lets me cater to some of the male death crowd.
Slavery is a thing, but getting to choose your own marriage partner isn't.
Technology isn't completely primitive, but mass manufacture, or anything that takes successive generations to develop doesn't exist (Humans are still naturally brainy, but aren't give a lot of chances to capitalise on it due to early deaths and spending all their free time banging, or trying to get laid.)
LBGT are reeducated, mindwiped or executed (They're not exactly the most open minded about sex when it is for pleasure and isn't for procreation.)
They're not my worldviews... but I think they set up simple archetypes I can work with. (Lets me do lesbian or gay forbidden love easily.)

thanks for the compliments. I'd definitely like to see more build up in my stories as well. I usually work forwards and backwards from a 'main kill' though... so you usually get as much backstory as I can sketch out before I get bored, get a hand cramp
(Hmm, another incest fan - shame you guys don't post with pseudonyms. Makes it a bit harder to put mental numbers to things)

Don't you worry, I'll be continuing the humiliation and snuff. I have at least 2 new stories in my head, that just need to be released to paper. You'll be glad to know one of then had some shota in it.
No incest though :(
Not that I have anything against artwork of it... I'm quite mercenary about my art, and I do like to please all sorts of people. I just haven't worked up any good stories around the theme.
Families on the other hand will certainly be a central part of a good portion of the stories - so if you have a good imagination, you can always assume that some of the girls and boys like to try out some of the fun things they learn on their siblings.

(Man, the incest crowd is really trying to work my shaft aren't they?)


Well yeah many people here love incest, including myself and your your too so they are trying to get them close.If you can squeze some in it's ok, if not is good also because i like your natural flow.Bte, rules are meant to be broken no? ;)
As for a quick review, what you did here is fantastic.I think it's the first and only one(i think) guro picture story.and it has so many fetishes its a sure win.Just a thought in the future make the sex part a bit longer.Can't say more about the rest, other than great!


File: 1508250123108.jpg (891.93 KB, 3508x2480, StreamingID01_v02.jpg)

Helen wondered where her eldest daughter Karin had wandered off to. She couldn't see her anywhere in the plaza.
She'd left Gracie, her youngest, in Karin's care, thinking her responsible enough. They'd probably run off to view the public executions that were being held close by. 'Dammit', she thought. 'I told Karin that we couldn't stay to watch them. Their larder was running short on meat, and they needed to go out hunting before sundown. Helen didn't want to dignify the idea of being forced to camp outside the village walls, the odds of survival were... slim.

She walked up and down the square searching high and low through the colourful markets for her two absentee girls.
The executions were winding up for the day. Helen paused to watch as a guard accused of dereliction of duty was fed into one of the produce garden's Gourdplants. The traitorous bitch was walked to the open maw and left alone. The duty of feeding the plant was left to the accused guard herself. There were many worse fates than to be recycled into foodgourds by the plant. Sure, it was considered to be a painful and humiliating death, but if the guard didn't willingly walk to her demise, then she'd surely be re-assigned an to be parasitised by a Grey Stalker. Helen shuddered at the thought of being having most of her brain slurped out, being impregnated with its spawn, and serving a long life as its living eggsac. It was a fate left only to heretics and anti-procreation deviants who preferred the touch of another woman more than a man; the worst crimes their society had.

The guard openly wept as she walked slowly, arms held in a ceremonial low akimbo away from her sides, so that the plant would have clean access to her breasts and pussy. The Gourdplant was an of unusual evolution. Unlike many other species in the World of Bones, the Gourdplant was symbiotic. It had evolved alongside society. It was devoid of tentacles, teeth, or grasping mechanisms. It needed prey to be right next to it to eat, or to be fed... as had been the case for thousands of years as a domesticated crop. In exchange for a regular diet of miscontents, derelicts and vandals, the Gourdplant would provide a village worth of gourds that could be eaten all year round.

The maw opened and the insides of the dull green fleshy pod could be seen. The pink digestion holder was revealed in its entirety. Rather than just an open sack, it followed the contours of its favourite prey: the human female.
It's breast sucking cups reached out eagerly and pulled the guards titties inside, sealing around them and supporting their weight like a fine brazier. The hungry orifices inside began to suck at her erect pink nipples. Off balance, the betraying bitch tottered forwards fully into the embrace of the monster plant. she lowers herself willingly, but hesitantly onto a set of hard, phallic feeding rods. They surge up into her maidenhood, and into the her anus, as she desperately tries to relax it enough to take the probusci into her gently. It doesn't work very well.

The plant finished embracing her fully, turning her into a little slut burrito, with only her crying head sticking out.
"Do you have any last words?" the executioner asks her victim.
"Oh gods... I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to leave my post... I just needed a pouch of water... I was soo thirsty... It's really going to hurt me a lot isn't it?"
"Yes my child."
"Aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee........ EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" she screams as she writhes in undescribable agony as the plant begins to digest her alive.

Helen leaves the scene, finding her daughters takes priority over entertainment.. no matter how enjoyable it might be.
But as the execution crowds thin, and the sun starts to set, she realises that she probably won't be seeing them again. That was the thing about this life, sometimes loved ones just disappeared without a trace. That was the way of the world, Henen thought.

"You wouldn't be looking for that stunning chick that was handwalking that little brown-haired girl would you?"
"What have they done this time?"
"Hehe... nothing bad" the tall, and gorgeous woman replied.. "They got an invitation from my husband to join his harem.
Helen was stunned.. that was great news. she'd need to start organising the parties, oh, and she'd need to write all her friends.
"You should come and watch him as he deflowers your daughters.... There'll be food, wine... and who knows, maybe he'll even give you a good dicking too... gods know your man hasn't been attending to you, you're not even pregnant."

A smile crept onto Helen's face as she followed the young girl back to her husband's breeding room. If this wasn't a mother's proudest day, then she didn't know what would be.

The door opened into a dingy, dust breeding-room space that looked as if it hadn't been cleaned up since the last occupants had passed away. Hell, there were bones strewn along the floors... most of them were still covered in some sort of slime from whatever had killed them. Helen looked up from a small pile of piss and shit to a gelatinous blue sack of slime hanging from the ceiling. Inside it was encased a skeleton, picked clean of all its flesh... and the slime mold.. it looked like Karin?

The surface of the slime formed ample breasts, a perfect vulva, and a divine moaning face curtained by Karin's straight cut locks. It was a Slime Mimic, a creature that little was known about. There were so few survivors of a slime attack, that some thought the Slime Mimic was just a myth; a creature capable of mimicking a person right down to their personality, highly intelligent and indistinguishable from the original... except that the original would have been reduced to a sack of bones that the slime used to stay upright. The reports from scouts said that they were intelligent and lethal, and one had just consumed her beloved Karin.

"No, it's not true... Not Karin." Helen covered her mouth in shock, and wheeled around, coming face to face with her other daughter Gracie. She too was held in a sack of jelly suspended from the dusty rafters, but unlike her older sister, the Slime Mimis wasn't quite done with little Gracie yet. It was only just done flaying the little girl's skin from her petite body. It was in a half melted pose from when it had shed its human disguise; the husband of the supposed harem. Gracie had been enjoying her first taste of anal sex, after an orgasmic round of vanilla missionary, which she had enjoyed immensely. Suddenly, she could feel her guts stinging from the inside as his human flesh transformed into a clear suspension of sapphire liquid.
"Are you still enjoying me inside you child?" The Mimic taunted his prey, as he elevatored her into the air. His proto-cock, still deep in her began to evacuate her intestines in a bloody flow of gore that ran up his shaft and into the main body of the Slime, where it dispersed and was absorbed. Gracie called for her sister to help her... but when she looked around for her, she spied Karin's twitching form, already fully slimed by one of the harem girls, and smoking as her flesh was eroded away by the acrid slop.

Now, Gracie's mother was here too. She tried to call out, get her mama to save her... It'd be alright, all she had to do was yell out, and her mama would fix everything like she always did. But all poor Gracie could manage was a weak whimper. The terrified girl tried to squeeze the air out of her lungs, but no voice came. Her diaphragm pushed hard as she strained all her muscles, but nothing.. A small stream of urine spayed down from between her legs as she relaxed all her muscles and resigned herself to the horror that was to come. It couldn't be worse than this. After all the lectures her mother and teachers gave her about the proper way for a lady to die, and here she was dishonouring her ancestors, and right in as her mother stared on at her. She wasn't sure what was worse, the pain or the humiliation.... No, wait, she was sure... it was the insanity-making agony for sure.

Helen looked back at her host... the young girl's skin had become hollow and... transparent. She stepped back away from the threat in a practiced rotation. Maybe if she could get to a window then...
A Slime Mimic that had been attached to the roof above her, dribbled down over her head and arms. It hauled Helen off her feet, and swung her into the air.

"What did you bring me to feast on today, my queen?" said the enveloping Slime Mimic to the girl who had brought Helen to her doom, and was now embracing Helen in a sexual manner. The bones of the girl, whose form the Mimic Queen had stolen, showed easily through the translucent shell of slime; revealing Helen's ultimate destiny.
The Mimic eating Helen began to excrete the bones of its last victim, adding them to the massive pile of mother of pearl skeletons lining wall to wall.
"I brought you the mother of those two your brother and sister just ate. Now we can wear the skins of a real family together..."
"Fantastic... your highness, she tastes so scrumptious...."
Helen, who had been holding what little breath she had, gasped and swallowed down a mouthful of the scalding slime into her lungs. At least she would have a quick death, she thought as the bubbles of her last air rose inside her killer.
Unfortunately for her, the Slime was another symbiote that had evolved to feast on humans... and it relished live prey. The Slime Mimic was comprised of a highly oxygenated liquid, and whilst extremely stressful to do so, it could be breathed. It wrapped around her jubblies and squeezed and measured their dimensions.
"Hmm, this one has a good rack on her, do you think her ass will look too big on me?"
"Your ass will look just peachy, my little one, besides, all you will need is her pretty little pussy, and you'll have prey lining up around the block to jump inside you." Calmed the Queen as she reached down to pull the folds of Helen’s flower apart with her thin wet fingers.

Gracie stared with dinner plate sized eyes as her mama gushed piss from her furry woman's pussy. She couldn't believe it, her mama, the centre of her world, was a ancestor dishonouring bitch too, just like her.
"Well, you're awfully quiet there 'juicy snack'. Did you enjoy watching you whore mother piss herself? I bet you're wishing that she was pissing you you, so you could guzzle it down like the daughter of a whore you are. Well too bad. You've been a tasty morsel, but its time to finish you off now" With that, the slim man split into two, the smaller slime around Gracie's shivering body. The larger one pulled out its pseudo-penis from the round borehole of her roughly reamed rectum.
"Mazultov!!! It's a girl!" he proclaimed as he birthed a baby slime, which promptly covered Gracie's face and dropped her at the speed of gravity into the floor where she writhed uncontrollably as the Slime Mimic hyper-acidised itself and speedily dug into her soft innards and juicy eyeballs and tender facial muscles. It didn't take long for the tortured preteen to stop kicking and die, leaving a crystaline Slime encrusted kiddie skeleton that was a perfect doppelganger for how Gracie had looked in life, all the way down to the agonised scream that was still on her translucent blue lips.

New Gracie stood up and walked over to the queen.
"Are you my mama?" she asked.
The Queen Slime Mimic bent down and smiled cruelly..
"You are all my beloved children. It warms my heart to see you take your first steps."
New Gracie stretched out, shifting the bones of Old Gracie into a more comfortable position.
"I like this body, it fits me really well."
"That's good child... maybe you can go out and play later... bring some new friends home for dinner."
"I'd like that.."
New Gracie skipped with childish enthusiasm over to New Karin, who bundled her up in a warm hug as they waited for their Old Mother to cease being.

Helen, a shell of her old self, squirmed like a worm on the proverbial hook as she emptied the last of her bladder in her dying humiliation. The Queen MImic rubbed at Helen's clitoris expertly, toying with the delicate bud.
"Settle down... it'll all be over soon, you'll see." as Queenie ramped up her stimulation.
Helen's body climaxed involuntarily, but she was unable to appreciate the pleasure through the unbearable pain of being dissolved into a red paste.
"Honey, stop playing with your food and swallow it." Queenie chastised her progeny.
"Yes mum."
And with that Helen's eyes popped, her tongue bulged out of her mouth, and her bouncing breasts deflated into messy liquid fat, as the Slime Mimic increased its acidity. Smoke rose in great wafts off of her manically thrashing, curvaceous body as it collapsed in on itself and shredded into quickly dissolved tatters.
In the blink of an eye, Helen ceased living, leaving only the framework of her naked skeleton neatly propping up inside the busty new body of her devourer.

New Helen turned to her family, standing expectantly at the front of a breeding room, filled with slimes similarly devouring fresh meat and becoming.
"Well girls." She says to her two Slime daughters and a pink flesh tone creeps up and covers her arms, disguising herself perfectly as the human Helen.
"Does this busty bitch suit me or what? I cannot wait to try these beautiful babies out" she gloats, pirouetting so the girls can see how her boobies jiggle, and her flesh fits over her new bones. The girls smile creepily in tandem, grinning skulls showing like unholy death from beneath the visage of their fake faces.
"Yes mama, you'll have so many to join you... lets go fetch them to join us."

In the World of Bones, that is all a woman is really worth, lunch for something better than themselves. They're all just livestock, Human cattle to the Slime Mimics, awaiting their inevitable slaughter, where they'll scream in vain as they piss and shit themselves like the dirty animals they are.


Looks verry verry promising!


So... I was thinking of introducing a class of schoolgirls and their teacher to some things that want to want to eat them.
What do you say? Round 4 anybody?


Sure m8 go 4 it, just when they start to receive pleasure from the teacher Bang! your monsters break the fun! :) Go 4 it m8! We're behind you 100%! You rock!


Btw can you put a little shota boy and his sister in the class?


Thanks, I like your enthusiasm.
I, uh can't really take requests. These stories are usually sketched, inked, coloured, signed and written 98% of the way to completation before I publish the first post. You can always commission me to make something unique to your tastes. (Mostly because otherwise, i'll be using the time to spend on myself, and my hobbies.)


File: 1509707874291.jpg (962.31 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_01.jpg)

It was a bright and sunny day in the World of Bones, the kind of day that schoolchildren everywhere would have rather been outside paying in, than inside listening to survival lectures being given by their big boobed adorable schoolmistress Miss Fallow. Her class adored her very much, but there was something about the way that she droned on that made them want to drop off to sleep. Miss Fallow was well meaning and sweet, but she really wasn’t a good teacher. They all loved her anyway, in fact, even though none of the girls would ever admit to having an attraction to another girl, they were all looking forward to Miss Fallow’s practical lecture on procreation later that month. They all knew that even at her old age of 23, Fallow was still a virgin, and was ecstatic about the upcoming demonstration herself.

Sara, a diminutive girl with larger than average titties for her age, was daydreaming about that very subject. Her tiny middle finger stroked her little clit in swirling circles, as she imagined her teacher spread-eagled over her lectern. Her face moaning lewdly as his dick broke her hymen and pounded her pussy, making her enormous breasts bounce up and down like sexy sacks of jello. Then Miss Fallow would beg Sara to come up and kiss her on her pretty red lips while she was being thoroughly fucked in her hairy virgin vagina by a tall oiled and muscled stud. Their tongues would wrap around inside each other’s mouths, exploring each other. Then, as Miss Fallow neared her climax, she would lick down Sara’s body to her own special place, and performing that cunnilingus she’d seen her daddy do on her mommy when they put on a performance for their harem. They’d scream “I’m cumming..’ in tandem and…

Sara orgasmed with a heavy breath into her brown worn loincloth, wetting it with her juices.
“Sara, are you paying attention? Or were you…” Miss Fallow began, looking up from her textbook. “Oh… What did I say Sara? There’s plenty of time to think of boys outside of class. If you keep this up, you’ll be failing and drop to last in the class rankings. You know how we punish the girl in last place at the end of the semester don’t you? We need a girl for the live demonstration of the eating habits of Giant Fire Snakes. The village captured one last month, and they need to keep it fed. If you aren’t careful Sara, then that will be you, digesting in a Snake belly.

Sara’s best friend, Sandy, with the curly orange hair, singgered loudly at Sara’s expense.
“Don’t you go laughing Sandy, I see where your hand is….”
Sandy blushed at the remark, because she hadn’t realised that listening to Sara moan had made her involuntarily reach for her tight little slit.
“Most of this class is a few failing grades away from being assigned as stock feed for the gourdplants at the produce farm.. So you all need to start paying more attention to the lesson.”

“Now as I was saying…” continued the beautiful but air-headed Miss Fallow.
Sara slunk back down into her seat and resumed her daydream… Now, where was she? Oh yeah… Miss Fallow’s bubble butt would be jiggling as he rammed her again and again…


Girls only class? Well it looks great anyways!


It's a scout class. Don't want any of those boys sent out in the wilderness to hunt or forage where they could get eaten. A man's place is in the bedroom. Hunting is real woman's work.
Start giving the breeding studs rights like going to scout school, and soon they'll be asking for the vote. The nerve.


I love this World of Bones! :)


File: 1509805539434.jpg (966.02 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_02.jpg)

Ignoring her teacher, she planted her fingers back onto her crotch and circled them around and around her tender clitoris. It wasn’t long before she forgot she was in class again, and was moaning softly like a little whore as she soaked herself downstairs. Every girl in earshot blushed furiously, their dainty hands stretching down to pleasure themselves too. Soon enough the entire class had been swept up masturbating together.

“Oh for the love of the gods..” began Miss Fallow. But she too was feeling aroused by the sight of her entire class getting themselves off at the same time.
“.... Oh well… it can’t hurt just for a little bit. It has been a nice day outside.”
Miss Fallow leaned against her lectern and rubbed at her own pussy.
“Just… uh… for … uh . little while…… uh…”
And then her head swirled in pleasure… and the lessons for the day were abruptly over as the class shlicked themselves into nirvana..


File: 1509878217447.jpg (865.17 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_03.jpg)

Suddenly, the Village Guard burst into the classroom with spears readied. Iron binders clamped shut over Miss Fallow’s wrists as they arrested her quickly. Startled, she tried to back away, but the guard just put her spear to the teacher’s throat
“What are you doing? I haven’t done anything…. I’m not a lesbian… I’m fetiile…. The school board is having me deflowered next month - I have the paperwork…” she defended against everything she could think of.
“We’re not taking you for that… we’re here about your dereliction of you teaching duties… None of your students are passing their subjects… and you know what that means..
“Oh gods no… no … anything but that… Nonononononono.” please just kill me….”
“Come along now… Don’t resist… or things will be…. Worse for you.”
The guard motioned her along, as more of their kind flowed into the room, each of them holding kiddy sized binders in their hands.
That bright and sunny day, a class full of 30 kids who society had just deemed as being worthless was dragged kicking and screaming down through main street in front of the bustling market crowds.
Today was their execution day.


File: 1509884414735.jpg (883.84 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_04.jpg)

Jennifer Fallow was bodily thrown through a trapdoor, into a shadowy room with a thick glass viewing window. The guard locked it soundly behind her. On the other side of the glass was her entire class, all their hands secured in black irons, being watched by the hawkish eyes of their captors.
"Just don’t hurt the kids… it was all my fault… I tried… I just wasn’t good enough.”
Miss Fallow didn’t even notice the shadow creeping up on her from behind. Grey Stalkers were a naturally stealthy creature, capable of sneaking effectively despite their size. They were also one of the more feared predators for their habit of keeping their victims alive, even after the feeding was completed.

The stalker reared up behind her and mounted her, pushing its thick ovipositor up and deep into her untouched vagina, opening a pathway all the way up into her cervix in one thrust. The action pushed her into the window, flattening her face and beach ball tits against the freezing green glass.
“Whaaaa??? Ohhhh…sooooo big… it’s tearing me up inside...:” she sprayed a little as the giant insectoid monster that was raping her began its insemination process.

All of her kids were watching, rapt in attention. It was an educational experience for them after all.


File: 1511448584042.jpg (950.63 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_05.jpg)

Miss Fallow looked up hesitantly, trying to get a look at the thing that was about to eat her., desperately hoping that it wasn’t what she thought it was. One look at the thing’s proboscis made her heart sink. The thing riding on top of her was a Grey Stalker, one of her worst nightmares.

“But I wanted to fuck a boy before I died…” she whimpered. Fitting last words for a woman who had never done anything worthwhile with her life.

The sharp spike rammed down into her useless head, cracking her skull, and giving the suckertube access to her frontal cortex. Grey Stalkers were infamous for eating the brains of their prey. But they were feared for one of their unique biological facts, they used the mindless bodies as other species as living eggsacs to incubate their young. The process was considered to be extremely traumatic for the individual who underwent it. Jennifer Fallow made an undignified, whorish face of surprise as the Stalker began to feast itself on her below average IQ brain. Her massive jugs bounced around, making smear trails on the glass, as the creature began to deposit its large round eggs up inside her overstretched, wet, pink babymaker. Her womb filled to a painful bursting, but still the eggs continued to slide into her unabated.
Uuuuuuuuuuggghhhh… nnooooooo… stop it… I’m too fullll!!! I’m gonna burst.” The cute teacher whimpered.


File: 1511787476647.jpg (987.92 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_06.jpg)

The thin needle that had punctured her cranium retracted back inside the stalker, having finished injecting small amounts of digestive acid into her frontal lobe. The sucking tube seals on tight to the open hole in her skull and then starts to rhythmically pump, vacuuming the loosened brain matter up into the Stalker’s waiting mouth. Miss Fallow squeezes her eyes shut and grits her teeth, a small whistling scream escaping from within as everything in her head that made her more than an animal is sucked out with a wet slurping noise. In a matter of minutes, the Grey Stalker essentially lobotomised the poor girl, leaving her a helpless vegetable, capable of understanding only two things, pain and suffering.

She goes cross eyed trying to see what’s going on above her forehead. She can feel something hurting up there, and she can’t quite think straight anymore. Her tongue flops out of her mouth as she labours to breathe: The perfect look for the retarded eggsack she is being transformed into.

Jennifer Fallow’s breasts tilt outwards as her body swells up to obscene proportions, being filled beyond rational capacity with the Stalker’s unborn offspring. She just wants the nightmare to stop… for somebody to kill her and end her suffering… but she has a long life as a broodmother ahead of her, perhaps longer even than her life would have been had she not become a living host for future generations of Grey Stalkers. It will be a life of unimaginable torment.


File: 1511954740100.jpg (803.92 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_07.jpg)

Sara stares in morbid fascination as the body of the woman she had lusted after was transformed into an abhorrent wriggling sack of eggs.Her MIss Fallow had become a host breeder for the captive Grey Stalker. They’d learned about those in class. Miss Fallow had told them how horrible it would to be taken by a Stalker., how they didn’t kill their breeders, instead keeping them alive, insane, and in torment for the rest of their natural lives. The teacher had insisted that any girl caught by one of these demon insects should kill themselves as quickly as possible, in order to avoid such a nasty fate. Now, here she was, bruising all over as she ballooned in size, pissing and crapping herself as she rocked worthlessly on the spot. He Grey Stalker continued to secrete eggs down her mouth and into her bloated tummy. Her legs and arms waved uselessly in the air, having become unable to move under her newly gained weight. A sharp crack in the air was all that could be heard as her sternum broke and her tits flopped her sides, making room for even more eggs to fill her grotesque host-body.
The kind, caring beautiful woman that the class had come to admire was now just a screaming the village executioner’s pet monster.
“Too good for the likes of that Traitorous bitch, if you ask me. Should have fed her to the Giant Firesnakes that the village elder just captured. Would have been a better show.” spoke the guard from behind the weeping girls.
“Well, now, you’ve all seen what a Grey Stalker can do to a girl.. I can tell you, that if anyone here wants to live desperately enough, we can always accommodate you by chucking you in there with her. Otherwise, I have the good fortune to announce that due to Miss Fallow’s defective teaching regiment, the school board has decided that your education has been insufficient. They’ve ordered that you all be terminated immediately, as its just too much effort to retrain you.”
“Please no” came a series of wails from the bereaved class. “We’re too young to die.” “Gods No.” “This can’t be happening to me.”
“Now, now, you’re all to sacrifice yourselves to the farm’s Gourdplants. Your waste of flesh will be recycled into fruit for the whole village to eat. For the rest of this crop cycle. Isn’t that wonderful… you can all have good honourable deaths despite your failure to become productive members of our society”
Sara wept openly as the realisation dawned on her that she was going to die a virgin.


File: 1512042253783.jpg (927.95 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_08.jpg)

The girls were all lined up in rows, their horrified faces peering at the plantation full of Gourdplants, sealed and waiting for them to approach.
In the Wild, Gourdplants use an attractant pheromone to lure their prey… These are domesticated Gourdplants though, their pheromones bred out of them for easier harvesting. This doesn’t mean that getting too careless around a hungry one will end up well for any of the farmhands. The domesticated Gourdplants have no natural tentacles, claws or hands, and so symbiotically rely on their human farmers to feed them. They can survive on water and soil alone, but a well fed Gourdplant can feed a village.
Sara and Sandy are first on the block.
“Now remember, anyone who thinks of running away from their duty will be given to the Grey Stalker. I know you’ll all do the right thing girls.” Says the guard as she unshackles the first three to commence their walk to doom.
“Make sure to keep your arms raised from your sides, present your breasts and crotches towards to plants to make it easier for them to imbibe you.”
Sandy’s plant flowers open to receive her as she walks into it with her eyes closed. The insides are pink and wet looking, but Sara doesn’t really pay much attention, as her own plant springs open, dripping gooey brown strands. It craps out the shit covered skeleton of its previous occupant, missing its head and most of its spine. The warm stench of fecal matter that used to be a girl assails Sara, as the undigested bones clatter stickily at her feet.
Was this really better than squeezing out baby Grey stalkers out her distended cooch in mindless agony until she died of old age? In a couple of days, it was going to her dainty skeleton being shit out in front of some other girl
Rachael, to her left, let out a whorish squeal as her plant shlorped her in, moulding to her flat little body with a disgusting wet squelch.
“Get it ooooofffffff meeeeeeeee!!!!!! Sara’s friend yelled as the plant scooped her bottocks up and into the maw, enveloping her finally.
“Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!” Rachael started to scream in unison with Sandy as the shiny green pods began to eat them alive.
Sara was beginning to understand that the lesser of two evils could still be an unacceptable choice.


File: 1512221912705.jpg (970.37 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_09.jpg)

Her pod glistened pink and was slathered with the watery fertiliser that had once been a bright, happy girl like Sara. It waited expectantly for her. She could see clearly where she was supposed to fit into the beast. It had holes for her legs, some tubes for her pooper and pussy, and some pinprick holes to suck on her titties. There was a kind of indented outline of a somewhat more filled out girl, like the gods had created it for the sole purpose of reducing women to smelly piles of goopy bones.
Sara hesitated, unable to willingly comply with the guard’s request. This wasn’t fair. It wasn’t her fault that Miss Fallow didn’t teach them enough. Why should she have to die for her teacher’s mistakes… It wasn’t fair.
“Don’t tally too long little girl, or we’ll make an eggsack out of you yet. The grey stalker’s would love to have a pretty little plaything like you.”
Sara sniffled, then she made her choice.. She lowered herself over the Gourdplant and waited.for it to grab her.


File: 1512269160502.jpg (1.03 MB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_10.jpg)

“Gods help me.” she sobbed.
The Gourdplant launched itself upward at its prey astoundingly quickly, wrapping her boobs up in its suckers, and yanking her in by them hard.
Sara let out a pig-like squeal as it wrapped fleshy arms around her midriff and choked her neck.
“Waaaaaaiiiittt… Iiiii’ve chaaaangeeed myyyyy miiiiiiind. Uuuuuuccckckkkk”
She was cut off as the thick serrated stamen slammed her diminutive pink fuck-hole. It was far too big to fit easily, and filled with a scalding acid that it pumped up inside of her womb. Sara urinated as her vagina smoked, whilst the stamen slowly pushed deeper, one overlarge ridge at a time. She cried, screamed, drooled, pissed and had snot running from her nose.
It was then that the naive schoolgirl realised with a mounting horror… there were no gods.


File: 1512556920088.jpg (922.93 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_11.jpg)

The second stamen, wormed up to her anus, tearing its way inside her cute behind, squeezing her shit out in small sloppy squirts, as it emptied its load of steaming hot acid into her bowels. Her entire body itched something awful as it was coated with stomach fluids. They weren’t strong acids, but that just meant that they’d take days to make her soft enough to begin leaching nutrients out of. In the meantime however, that itch was working its way into a sensation that her skin was burning. Sara wriggled in the pouch, trying to find some alleviation from the hot tingling that was slowly turning her pubescent body into human juice.
“Aaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhh!” she screeched as her classmates did nothing but stare at her, imagining how their own fates would be just like hers. The girls were pissing themselves at the thought that in just minutes, they’d be introduced to their very own plant, at how their own faces would stretch in agony as the flesh was painstakingly melted from their bones.
The looks of anguish would remain etched on their pretty little faces even as they were urged to offer themselves to their own plant. Even as the gourdplants cupped, and held their small titties, and spread their ass-cheeks, sucking them into perfectly formed girl shaped cavities that priceless look of horror remained unchanged.
It wouldn’t change until they were bathed in acid.


File: 1512649245544.jpg (990.89 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_12.jpg)

The Gourdplant is still hard at work digesting Sara’s pert little body, converting her into the necessary nutrients so that it can produce thousands of delicious fruits. Tired whimpers escape from her pink lips. She hasn’t slept in three days, the pain keeping her wide awake and shivering. The poor girl has gone insane from her suffering as the plant’s digestive fluids slowly softens her into the consistency of a thick gruel. From all around her come the dying moans and groans of her fellow classmates, all sharing their worthless grunts of protest as they sizzled in their own Gourdplants. Strings of drool trailed from open gasping mouths while they open and shut in desperation, silently begging for their suffering to be over. None of them have any skin covering their bodies anymore, their naked ropey muscles have been exposed by the stomach acid. They all want it to stop, to go home to their parent’s warm hugs, and hot food, to a life where they were still kids with a future, instead of being plant food.
But there is only one way that this will all end, and they all know it.
Every last girl in the farm is going to end up as a steaming pile of plant shit squirted out at the feet of the next girls to be fed to the Gourdplants, just as the skeletons of their predecessors were shit out before them.
Sara wiggles in her sack as the plant pumps another load of acid up inside her pussy and sucks out her melted ovaries with a bubbling farting sound.
“Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll….. Meeeeeeeeeeee.” she squeals. But it’s too early for that…
She’s not ripe enough yet.


Love your work man. The art and the stories themselves are amazing. Would love to see something involving Spiders at some point.


Thanks man,
Spiders might be on the list at some stage, but as I am already working on my next two items, and have the next four already being worked out in my head, it'll probably be a long time before I get around to doing something of that nature though, as spiders aren't involved in any of those stories.

On the other hand, I do have a commissions page over on Eka's portal


File: 1512996458347.jpg (954.11 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_13.jpg)

Three more days later
Sara’s teenage body was little more than a quivering lump of jello inside the pink guts of the Gourdplant.Her tiny titties ran in rivulets down the front of her bloody slush of a frame. She issued just the cutest little death rattle from the back of her throat.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhhh,” she rattled, phlegm and blood gurgling in her esophagus as she tried feebly to scream.

“Hello there.” Came the saccharine sweet voice of a pretty freckled farmhand with hair the colour of a cornfield. She reached down and wrapped her arms tight around the Gourdplant, squeezing it hard to check.
“You feel like you’re ready for harvest little one.”
The farmhand reacher out and wiped away Sara’s tears from her blushed face..
“You’ve been very brave, but you don’t need to try anymore. Just let go, and let me do all the rest.”
Sara just moaned brainlessly, unaware of the sweet voice crooning in her ear.
The farmhand reached in and grabber Sara roughly by the hair and places her foot firmly on the Gourdplant and pulled as hard as she could.
Sara’s head separated .easily, and her spine ripped up through her softened body, splashing claret gore as it exited the lips of the Gourdplant.
The Farmhand smiled happily as she harvested Sara’s skull and held it high for all her dying classmates to see.
Sara’s eyes rolled in her decapitated skull as she tried to breathe without lungs, her mouth opening and closing breathlessly.
Then, finally, her duty to her people served, she died.


File: 1513089191987.jpg (981.64 KB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_14.jpg)

The farmhand dumped Sara’s glassy eyed head unceremoniously into a wicker basket filled to the brim with the vacant decapitated heads of her friends. Her headless, spineless corpse lies, still decomposing in the guts of a very satisfied plant.

They used to be such happy girls with such bubbly smiles. Always talking about how they were going to be great hunters and scouts when they grew up. Now they were just piled on top of each other’s stupid open mouthed expressions, tears staining their dumb faces.

The Farmhand moved on down the row to the next waiting girl.
“Up you go.” she chirped happily as she ripped Sandy’s curly haired head out of the Gourdplant with a bloody flourish. Her little mouth worked up and down with a sick gurgling as she tried to scream as her spine is freed from the confines of the slop that used to be her flat chested loli body, still simmering away in the plant.

“Oh my gods, you have such lovely hair, what kind of product did you use in it.?” she asks the girl still struggling for breath that will never come.
“Shame you can’t answer me… why’d you have to be such a dumb little bitch? If you’d just studied harder, you could have still been alive to tell me how you kept your hair so glossy.”
With that she dropped Sandy’s head on top of Sara’s.

Soon their skulls would be hollowed out and their brains plucked out. Their tasty girl brains would be on sale at the markets before the day was out.

Their bodies would stay in their plant pressure boilers, stewing for a few more days before the last of their supple flesh was melted off their ivory bones and they were ejected to make way for new screaming, struggling victims...


You've outdone yourself. I like.


Why thank you LetitSnow. Here, have some more.


File: 1513397379869.jpg (1.03 MB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_15.jpg)

Three more days later again…
With a gurgling belch, the Gourdplant sprung open its fleshy doors revealing Sara’s headless, spineless, slick wet shit covered skeleton. Gravity peeled it away from the sticky pink walls of the plants digestion chamber. Her corpse spilled out onto the floor, trailing stringy brown crap as it fell to the dainty feet of a buxom brunette teenage girl, Vanessa. The older girl had failed he final year standard tests, and was about to be the next gasping occupant of Sara’s Gourdplant. Her friends were already screaming in their individual acid sacs, already starting on their hellish journey to the underworld. The Brave brunette steps over the crapped out remains of the dead little girl, and the already flourishing Gourdfruits that covered the farmland; a veritable feast for the rest of the village.
Vanessa presented herself to the waiting maw, stretching her arms out from her sides like she’d be instructed to. She really didn’t want to die… but the thought of living a long life like that girl from that other class in the Stalker pen…. That was worse.

The Gourdplant wrapped itself around Vanessa as fast as lightning, sucking in her enormous bouncing titties and lifting up her tight little ass. She moans like a good whore as the plant eagerly penetrates her with its acid sprayers and clamped down tight on her nipples.
She wondered what she would look like when she was eventually defacated out in front of some random girl.
“Oh… please…” she begs briefly before it pumps up into her and the look of pleasure dies on her face.
Oooooohh….Ooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhh!!” she squealed, thrashing youthfully as her eyes bugged out of her head, the Gourdplant having started the digestion.
She wouldn’t stop screaming for days.


File: 1513420288499.jpg (1.12 MB, 3508x2480, A_Lesson_in_Suffering_16.jpg)

Three years later.
There are, of course, fates far worse than death. Still very much alive even all these years later, and still squirming, blind, deaf, and mentally retarded, trapped in layers of her own black and blue swollen flesh as she swings suspended from silky webs in the Grey Stalker enclosure.
Muffled hoarse screams come from the fetid breeding sack that Jennifer Fallow has been turned into. Her engorged blue veiny titties lactate milk as she gives birth to yet another brood of the Grey Stalker’s baby insects from her prolapsed vagina and rectum, the hundredth or so time that since she was first taken by the monster. In the morning, after she has squirted out the last of the swarm, the adult Grey Stalker will feed her, then mount her again as it rapes her for endless hours. These fucking sessions are the only interlude in an everlasting life of darkness, silence, and excruciating pain. It is the only time where her last two remaining senses give her any real sensations. Even if it is only the searing hot agony of having a foot long ovipositor dump dozens of eggs into her broken and mutated body, and its sucker tube, invading under the flab that covers her mouth to regurgitate part of its last meal down her gagging throat. Every day she waits for those rare moments, after all, they are the best part of Miss Fallow’s new life. She is surrounded by many other girls who’ve come to join her. Some are murderers, some fellow bad teachers, others are political dissidents, and more rarely, there are girls who couldn’t bring themselves to sacrifice themselves to a starving Gourdplant when it came time for their execution. These broodmothers are all the same, crying and screaching brainlessly in their eternal suffering.,
Acid milked from the baby Grey Stalkers they birth will be used by the villagers to coat their weapons.
If they are unlucky, and the Stalker takes good care of them, they will live for another thirty years.

You do NOT mess with a kid’s education in the World of Bones… unless you want to join Miss Fallow and her screaming friends.


File: 1515595634153.gif (6.62 MB, 187x105, Exterminator2.gif)

So, its been a while since I last posted anything here.
I've been busy working on something

A larger version with sound can be found here





You're most welcome Carnivore.


Just thought I'd kick out a quick post letting you guys know that I have a Patreon now.
Its just there if you want to support my artworks in general, and to make it easy on me to take commissions... I'm not big on the whole hiding art behing a paywall thing.

don't worry, I'm halfway through drawing my next set, and its looking mighty fine if I do say so myself. (And I do) When I get a little further into it, I'll start posting it up here on Gurochan


Any news on when you'll start posting the next set?


Oh, I've already started posting them up over on Aryion
they'll make their way over here soon.


File: 1522836620603.jpg (824.17 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_01.jpg)

She was the graceful essence of a predator playing the deadly dance between life and death. Her prey, a predator in its own right, had not seen her stalking its path by the watering hole. She rested, poised to strike. A Stillness prevailed in the jungle air as she readied for the kill.
Tropical birds called to each other in the distance, and the water lapped gently by the shore, but otherwise was a dreadful calm that washed over the space.
She would dine well this evening


File: 1523019617821.jpg (798.82 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_02.jpg)

Her prey, distracted by something trivial, does not notice as she creeps ever closer. She wants to get as close to her target as she can before plunging in. One mistake here could turn her from pred to prey in the blink of an eye. Her prey shifts uncomfortably, tears streaming down its face as she looms behind, her fleshy pink maw extended. Her prey shivers, probably wondering to itself where it went wrong, maybe it should have checked the trees more carefully before trying to snare that Hellhound? How could something that size sneak up behind her so easily? Was it going to hurt a lot?
She arcs herself, held in tense loops and coils.above the bawling huntress.
Then with lightning precision, a deadly hunter becomes fresh meat for a giant, hungry Firesnake.


File: 1523021719036.jpg (896.05 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_03.jpg)

Gloria’s titties bounced erratically as the bright orange and yellow reptile clamped its mouth over her head. The majestic serpentine form of the fully grown Firesnake both pushed down towards her cleavage, and sucked her up off her clenched toes and into the air as she struggled fruitlessly to keep herself from being devoured. From underneath the heavy snake maw game the high, shrieking “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo” could easily be heard by her hunting partners, already fleeing to abandon their unfortunate leader to her gruesome fate


File: 1523109546998.jpg (805.97 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_04.jpg)

The Firesnake jerks back roughly, letting gravity slide Gloria smoothly down her gullet. Gloria bulged through the surface of the snake’s thick scales. Her second, Warrior Zara, legged it as fasts as she could. When the Firesnake had finished ingesting her recon leader, she didn’t want to be within a mile of that spot. Those larger predators were renowned for having fast metabolisms and insatiable appetites, and being eaten by a Firesnake had a reputation in the village’s Scout Corps for being one of the more unpleasant ways to die in the field. Zara did not want to stick around to find out the hard way.


File: 1523167751283.jpg (877.19 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_04b.jpg)

The Firesnake whipped its tail around and snagged Zara by the foot, tripping her ass over head. Her chin slammed into the dirt hard. She could feel one of her teeth loosen from the impact and she bit the inside of her cheek. Somewhere away from her, she could hear the clatter of her spear; her only defense, now lost to her. She hurried to collect her senses, but all she could feel was a sick warm, wet sliminess slowly working its way up her legs towards her crotch. She didn’t want to look down to see what it was. The thought of what she would see was just too frightening for her.


File: 1523167840963.jpg (830.67 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_04c.jpg)

The great snake worked its way up her sweaty body, inching its way along her tummy towards her georgeous boobs.
“Gods… gods… somebody Saaaaaaaave meeeeeee!” screeched Zara as the Firesnake inhaled her all the way up to her generous breasts, which flounced up to her collarbones, For the briefest of moments, she thought that the snake might choke on her ample bosom blocking the hole that threatened to swallow her whole. Her hopes were dashed when the beastly reptile dislocated its jaws and Zara slid the rest of the way into the pulsing oesophagus.




File: 1523699055658.jpg (990.43 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_05.jpg)

A hand reaches out of the Firesnake’s gaping maw, slowly being sucked in to join the rest of Zara’s writing outline and Gloria’s kicking and screaming lump. Then with a fast slathering snap, The Firesnake closes its mouth and swallows Zara down its twisting length. And with that she becomes just another sack of energetic meat to be digested by the superior hunter.


File: 1523721287998.jpg (817 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_06.jpg)

Xenia motioned with her free hand for the rookies to halt. Zara and Goria should have been back by now. They’d gone on ahead to stalk the Hellhound they’d spotted, leaving her and the two new Scouts to form up in a pincer position if it tried to run away from them. Emelia and Roxy wordlessly obeyed. Xenia was beginning to think that something had gone horribly wrong. Even if the hunt had gone poorly, at least one of the two recon girls should have made it back to let them know that the other had been killed. She hadn’t even heard them go down. Usually a Hellhound would take its time with its victims, taking them apart piece by piece over the course of an hour. Whatever had taken Zara and Gloria, had done so relatively quickly. That meant a big predator, and something stealthy. Never a good combination.
“Ok”, she whispered to the rookies as she peered cautiously through the foliage.. “I think they’re dead. We cut our losses and return to the Village. Empty handed, but alive, lives to hunt another day.
The two nodded in affirmation. They’d really been hoping to drag a Hellhound carcas back home so they could be honoured as they ate at the head of the feast. But coming back alive and eating basic staples would be leaps and bounds better than whatever had happened to the recon team.
“We’ll take time to honour their sacrifice when we’re safely back at the village gates.”


File: 1523811478104.jpg (848.46 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_07.jpg)

“Ok, you two, today wasn’t the best day out, but I’ve been doing this for two years now, and some hunts just go bad like this. Keep you heads cool, and your eyes sharp.. And……. Why are you staring at me like that you two...?”
A cool breath ran up her spine as the Firesnake slithered up from the dark behind the nearby bushes.
“Aw Fuck” Xenia swore as she realised that the two were staring past her. Before she could turn around, the Firesnake had taken her in up to her pussy, slurped up like a string of Gourdplant Spaghetti. Her legs flailed wildly and her ear-piercing scream startled the two rookies, just as Roxy lined up a throw with her spear.


File: 1523958938960.jpg (893.92 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_08.jpg)

Roxy threw with all her might, like her life depended on it. Which it did. The spear smacked the beast right between the eyes, and snapped in twain against the rock-like scales. If Roxy had studied her survival books in Scout school a little harder, perhaps she would have known to aim for the soft underbelly instead. Her Scout school teacher, Miss Fallow had always told her that she should study harder, or one day it would be the death of her. The Firesnake ate up Xenia’s curling toes.



File: 1526209346580.jpg (716.29 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_09.jpg)

The colossal mother snake reared up high in fury over the stupid squatting girl. It coiled loosely around her, giving Roxy a good view of the outlines of her former squad, bucking in agony beneath the smooth tube of the monster’s neon body.
In that moment, as her tear streaked eyes bulged in dawning horror, Roxy wished she’d never been born.


File: 1526282045232.jpg (935.06 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_10.jpg)

The Firesnake constricted poor Roxy fast, squeezing until her rib cage popped and snapped. It compressed her guts as it tightened, forcing the girl to stream piss and explosively squeeze out an unnaturally long, curly shit. She couldn’t breathe , and her face reddened as blood was pressured up into her head. With a second, violent squeeze, Roxy’s eyes popped out of their sockets and hung limply, then, while she was still miraculously still alive, the snake loosened its grip on the rookie scout and began to feast on her.


File: 1526361207571.jpg (799.97 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_11.jpg)

The Snake chows down on the broken wreck of a girl as she wheezed and flopped around, her long turd waving around from out her anus like some kind of fecal tail.
Caaaaaa… uuuuugh nt… breaaaaaa……. Tttthhhhhheeee… ugh. Moaned the meat puppet as the Firesnake wrapped its mouth around her prey and sucked up the squirming, suffocating girl. Every breath she took was like a vise had clamped tight on her heaving chest. With a long slurping it draws in Roxy past her breasts and up to her still shitting buttocks. A couple of desperate kicks later and the snake finishes its meal; full at last.


File: 1526458546368.jpg (842.8 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_12.jpg)

The last living scout, Lana, is already running full pelt through the bush, making a beeline for the nearest village outpost. Though young, she’s not a complete idiot and didn’t want to hang around any longer than necessary. Even if the Firesnake did look uncomfortably full. It always paid not to underestimate the ravenous appetites of the jungle gods.


File: 1526458623116.jpg (879.66 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_13.jpg)

Lana Skids to a halt as something large and serpentine slithers fast from behind her and overtakes. She can see the unhappy bulges of her friends squirming through the elongated monster’s guts. Tears fell as she sniffed and sobbed… finally understanding that there was nothing she could do to escape her fate.


File: 1526458676801.jpg (891.15 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_14.jpg)

The Firesnake rears up high over the poor scared little girl. Its stomach gurgles and with a loud sloppy fart, it shits out a skeleton-filled line of stinking wet snake crap. It just holds there above the petrified kid as it finished relieving itself in front of her, making a little room for dessert.


File: 1526525526010.jpg (1 MB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_15.jpg)

The tears blurred Lana’s vision, but even through that she could see the mortified grin of a human skull leering up at her. She could even make out the City Guard Pendant that the Lead Scout Gloria had worn around her neck. Lana immediately realised that the pile of shit had been her point warrior. Barely an hour before, Lana had seen her, stern faced and proud as always, a beacon of hope to her often downtrodden people. Now Gloria was just another pile of gross brown snake shit, littering the jungle floor.

The Firesnake interrupted her morbid line of thought by slamming its entire weight over her, completely swallowing the girl in one gulp. Lana’s screaming face could still be seen through the thick hide of the beast.


File: 1526567812515.jpg (965.99 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_16.jpg)

Inside the snake, the muscles tightly push Lana up into the squishy butt of Roxy.
Firesnake saliva has a rather unfortunate narcotic effect. It stimulates every pain cell in the human body, making it feel like it is on fire. Some say it is where the Firesnake gets its name from. Lana writhes as the light tingling strengthens into full on agony. She pushes her head up harder into Roxy’s pink, engorged pussy. They squirm displeasurable in tandem as the Snake swallows them deeper into its body.

In the darkest, foulest depths of the snake’s gullet, Zara and Xenia have already reached their final destination, the pink puckering sphincter entrance to the snake’s stomach opens and engulfs Zara. On the other side, a splashing, sloshing sizzling sound can be faintly heard. The wretched girl ceases her screaming, and now only emits a shrill, but weak, wheezy whimpering. She has gone insane from the pain.


File: 1526616334865.jpg (1.06 MB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_17.jpg)

The stomach acid of a Firesnake is of remarkable strength, comprised of a sulphuric base., it can rend flesh from bone in mere minutes. The acid itself would be painless, searing out pain receptors too fast for the victims to respond, but for the fact that the mucus lining of the stomach contains a potent neurotoxin that strikes the nervous system instantly and causes the most incredible agony in any part of the body not already digested. When the village kills or captures a Firesnake, this mucosal lining often becomes a prized and expensive toxin used for coating war weapons. The rest of the stomach contents are used for etching steel, and sculpting metal technologies otherwise in advance of their technological abilities.

And now, Zara feels that power of creation and destruction firsthand as her lower body is quickly skeletonised by the roiling liquid. She looks into the face of Xenia and tries to squeal for help, but no voice will escape her lips. In moments, her head pops through the sphincter and submerges beneath the waters of death.

More of her brethren slide down the flesh tubes, already anticipating their bloody, and unbearable demise.


I like your stories a lot!


Thank you, that's very kind of you Ykvr
here, have another picture.


File: 1526697390855.jpg (970.2 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_18.jpg)

Xenia joins her spear sister in the sac of fiery pain and suffering, slipping into the slush of half digested tissue and stomach acids. Her face and breasts melt into gooey strings and fall from her to join the offensive soup. Xenia moans is surprise and pisses herself while convulsing, even as the broth scours her brain from inside her head.

Soon, brave little Roxy is sucked into the sphincter, her own ass jerking around as she pisses straight into Lara’s groaning face, insulting both her ancestors and her junior.with the same wet squirting. As she dies, her sphincter loosens and she farts grossly, her final disappointing, action of embarrassment.


File: 1526792242381.jpg (1.17 MB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_19.jpg)

Lana is finally pushed through the sphincter herself. Her elbows splash in the treacherous liquid, and she reactively brings then out at the pain, revealing the whites of bone from beneath the already digested meat of her forearms. She flops around to save herself from an undignified death, but the floating bones of her friends show her that no matter how she struggles, that her fate is certain, and very gruesome.


File: 1526821435866.jpg (1.18 MB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_20.jpg)

Lana manages to land of the half digested body of Roxy, temporarily giving her reprieve from drowning in the sanguine stained caustic fluids, but as she sits up, she sinks into the drink and it splashes up over her body, digesting her eyes and stripping the skin away from her. Her anus and pussy sink below the meniscus and are disintegrated in short order, revealing the hip bones underneath. Her tiny breasts are eroded away, unveiling the sacks of lumpy fat for what they truly are. Soon she will slide deeper into the sludge and her hacking and coughing will cease when she too passes from this world


File: 1526823117705.jpg (826.82 KB, 3508x2480, Firesnake_21.jpg)

The Firesnake, finished digesting its fine meal, she un-clenches her anus and craps out a long line of human bones along the detritus strewn jungle floor. She leaves the feces as it slithers away to stalk more prey.With such a fast metabolism, the snake is always on the hunt for more unwilling prey. She is a master hunter, the equal of few but her kin. The hunting party has been reduced to mere bleached bones in a mucky brown bend of snake shit.
They are not the first prey to mark these forest burroughs with their deaths, nor will they be the last.
In the World of Bones, there is a fine line between the predator and the prey. The victors get to live another day, and the losers are reduced to defecated remains. But even should you win the day, tomorrow will be another struggle to survive, even for this great hunter..


So, that's the Firesnake sequence all wrapped up.
What'd everyone think of it?
Did you like it?
Gorey enough for everybody?

Probably a good time for a reminder:
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File: 1527306082572.jpg (930.82 KB, 2480x3508, Pitcher Catcher.jpg)

Mandy wasn’t exactly sure what had gone so wrong.
She’d known about the PItchers in the center of the Old District almost as long as she’d been alive. They were the remnants of an older, larger infestation that had survived every attempt to root them out. She had passed them almost every day as she went to school as a child. When she grew up, she’d had to go around them on her way to her apprenticeship at the bakery. Now that she was a master Patissiers, she would have thought that she knew exactly what to do. Her mother, gods rest her soul, had drilled it into her..

“First you look to see whether there’s a girl squirming in every last one of them… be careful to check all of them.. Don’t be fooled by a bunch of bones filling one up - they may look full, but mark my words, they’re hungry again.”

If only she hadn’t been so distracted by thoughts of work.. If only that cute man across the street hadn’t winked at her, distracting her attention.. If only she’d seen that the Pitcher had emptied itself, ready to consume her. If only Mandy had paid more attention, then the plant wouldn’t have caught her.

Mandy had thought only dumb bitches who didn’t look where they were going got caught by something that couldn’t even move itself from the ground… But a single moments distraction in all of twenty two years was all it took.

The vine wrapped around her waist and in an instant it took her into its slimy maw... The spiky Jaws snapping shut around her.One of the lime green spikes punctured through her throat in a bloody motion.. Another snipped at her belly, disemboweling her cruelly. Her guts flopped out as she gurgled a scream for help…
“Huggggugllllllpppp mmmmuggeeeeee!!!!”

But the only response was the pained gurgles from some blonde in the next plant… slowly being digested alive..

The pitcher poured digestive acid down her backside and settled her in for an agonising death.

Mandy wasn’t a girl anymore… she was plant food now. In a few painful weeks, her bones would litter the floor like all the other dumb bitches who didn’t look where they were going..

In the World of Bones, those who don’t have constant vigilance, pay the ultimate price.


So is anyone interested in me posting another sequence of my vile drawings?
I have some pretty young things in desperate need of being introduced to some nasty buzzing things.


Young things you say? Would be very interested!


i would totally love to see more of your art!! maybe id even be one of the young things ending up as a snack for a hungry creature ;P


File: 1528443738554.jpg (863.3 KB, 3508x2480, Aita_and_the_Dragon_v02.jpg)

Hmmm, so you're a princess then?
Aren't princesses famous for being tied up and sacrificed for dragons to feast on? I suppose that if you were one of the young things in one of my stories, then you'd surely be at the mercy of such a beast, waiting for your knight in shining armour to sweep you away and slay the foul creature.
Too bad for you, princess... in the World of Bones, there are no knights to rescue you.

This was part of a collaboration I did with the author Cobbly - You can read the whole story here... go check it out.

(I just had to post this one here once I realised I was speaking to a princess :) )


But enough with the snacks and onto the main course.


File: 1528555863378.jpg (772.15 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm01.jpg)

Night falls on the village of Genkysou, and the night Guard stands vigilant watch, their eagle eyes seeking out potential threats in the darkness. But not all Guards are as careful in their vigil as they could be. High, aloft in the cold night’s breeze, flitters in an insect menace from the swamps of the forest. Penelope scans the darkened ground outside , managing to miss the threat. It would only take a single ring of the bell behind her to forewarn the residents and give them a fighting chance.

She sticks close to the Lantern that lights her wooden blind.. It’s the only source of warmth on this brisk moonlit night.

Meanwhile in the noble quarter of the breeding housing, a young maiden moans in her bed, blissfully unaware of the nightmarish scourge of Miedo Mosquitoes that are on their way..


Yes! Mosquitoes!
Been intrigued by mosquitoes since seeing an old, cheesy sci-if/horror called Mosquito. Had a commission done up with another artist in which a giant mosquito slices open a girls chest and drinks directly from her heart. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this!


If Mosquitoes are your thing, then this is going to be a fantastic sequence for you T. Baggins. Now enjoy as some delightful girls get sucked dry.


File: 1528594306669.jpg (775.06 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm02.jpg)

Amy slips her fingers into her dripping pussy and rubs herself needily. Each stroke tingling and arousing the virgin bud. Today had been the day her mother had gotten her betrothed to a pretty boy named Jorgen. She’d always dreamed of being the first wife of some handsome man… but even as a noblewoman’s daughter, it had always seemed out of reach, what with the scarcity of men and all. Then her mother had given birth to a son of her own, and suddenly the family’s fortunes turned around. With such a great bargaining chip, Meryl had managed to buy all her daughters ways into assorted Harems. But the greatest was that she managed to come up with the dowry to get exclusive marriage arrangements with another family that had a male heir.
Money, and a promise to reciprocate earned her the rights to the name the both the boy’s first wife, and to nominate a sacrifice to be his first sexual partner.
Amy, being Meryl’s beloved firstborn, won the right of marriage, while her younger sister Charlene, was to take his virginity and earn an early, merciful death. Her skull would be the first to decorate his trophy wall.

She was just so excited.. Soon he’d be all hers. She would pick out his harem for him.. Choose his meals, nurse him when he was ill. His life would be all hers. And in the bedroom, that dick of his would be hers too. She’d seen it poking up from beneath his loincloth at the arrangement meeting. He’d liked her by the looks of things..

Amy Fingered herself harder, sitting up and leaning into her sex..
“Uuuuuuuuugggghhh… mmmmmm… yeeeeeesss Jorgen…” she groaned in pleasure…
“Give it too me… I want your dick in me now… Why can’t our marriage come sooner?”
It was a good fantasy… and it was making her approach climax… she dug her fingers in and reached inside her for the spot that would make her cum. “Gooooooddddsss… Yeeeeesssss!!!!!” She screamed as she squeezed over her hand and squirted on her two imbedded fingers as she orgasmed loudly in the nippy air. - the open window letting in the cool air that soothed her hot sweaty body.

Amy didn’t see her exoskeletoned killer until it leapt off the windowsill and grabbed her with its spindly legs.


Just checked out the story on Aryion. Holy hell I came so hard. Awesome so far!


That's a very strong praise there. I'm about to post another pic over there So keep your eyes on the story.


File: 1528620032446.jpg (939.02 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm03.jpg)

The Mosquito buzzes into the masturbating girl’s room and lifts her sweaty body out from under her sheets.She screams as the sheets slip from her shaking limbs.
“Nooooooo… Get off meee!!!!”
Its hideous serrated insectoid proboscis.presses at the soft base of her throat, just above her collar bones. It pierces through her trachea and down into her chest.. A small bead of blood wells through as in plunges into her chest cavity and down into her beating heart. The secretions on the outside mix with her heartblood poisoning Amy with a potent neurotoxin that heightens the fear of the mosquito’s victims,. and her heart-rate increases… thumping like a set of drums as the fear adrenaline speeds it up,allowing the mosquito to suck up her lifeblood faster..
“Moooommmm…. Heeeeeellllpppp Meeeee!!!””
Amy feels afraid… more afraid than she’s ever been in her life. She shakes involuntarily, otherwise frozen on the spot as the MIedo Mosquito starts to painfully siphon off her liquids....
“Noooooooooooooooooo… Uck...cack...cough cough cough”
Sluuuurppp Slurrrrp Sluuurrp.


omg!!! i just saw this and its so amazing and i cant wait to read the story too! and ya, you are talking to a princess but im too smart to let any dragons or monsters or badguys get me ;P

thx for posting it for me!!




Thanks, good to know that you're too wily and too strong to be consumed by ravenous beasts and murderous cannibals Princess. It's good to think positive in the face of adversity. It doesn't make a good shield against sharp teeth and melting acids... but it does wonders for your mood.

I certainly hope so.


File: 1528689571012.jpg (826.82 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm04.jpg)

Amy pisses her bed, rank urine soaking into the mattress as she writhes, impaled on the mosquito’s bladed stick. With a loud slurping sound, the mosquito begins to extract copious quantities of liquid gore from her rapidly fibrillating heart. Every beat squirts more of Amy’s fluids into the thorax of the man-eating parasyte. She screams, a sick, squelchy choking squeal as the spike passes through her esophagus on its way to her heart..
Amy lifts her legs, trying to kick the thing off her… and the mosquito holds her off the bedspread as it exsanguinates the struggling young teen.

More of her claret spills into the Mosquito, splashing and swirling in a pool in its innards. Amy looks up with bulging bloodshot sunken eyes and gurgles pathetically. Once she was a pretty, and blushing bride to be… now she was a pale, wrinkled bony looking thing, just ready to be discarded… what a difference an hour makes.

By now, her brain is in a nightmare induced haze as the poison takes it over warping her reality into one filled with her greatest phobias. She barely feels the agonising pain of being eaten alive… the world in her mind is just so much more horrific. The toxin has driven the dying girl insane.
Sllllllllrrrrrrrrrruuuupppp Squelch.

She exhales one last time… and then convulses erratically and then suddenly stops.


File: 1528755634703.jpg (900.55 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm05.jpg)

The Mosquito continues to suck the juices out of the soft skin-bag with an obscene slurping noise. Amy’s sweaty corpse dangles in its grasp as it extracts the moisture from every cell in her body. It almost looks like she’s still moving… but the motion of her titties bouncing slightly is just them stretching and sagging as they get sucked out. And the way her legs seem so squeeze tight is just the her dead muscles contracting as the water content disappears. The piss still streaming from her hairy cunt is just her bladder relaxing in death.

Soon there is a sound like a straw at the bottom of an empty milkshake, and her cadavre is just a sack of bones in a mummified skin. No longer the beautiful girl she was in life, now she’s just a wrinkled body with saggy breasts and lifeless hair

With a sick cracking pop the Miedo Mosquito pulls its proboscis from out of her still heart, trailing a string of liquified gore out of her chest. Her dull eyes stare blankly at the ceiling, mouth agape with a string of drool marring her cheek.
It tosses the dead teenager aside like a grotesque ragdoll. Amy falls onto the bed and slides to the floor, her head making a loud thump as it slams into the wood panel flooring.

“Amy.. What are you doing in there Amy? You know tomorrow is a big day for your sister Charlene. She’s being sacrificed to you future husband and you’ll need your sleep for the viewing. I know you’re excited, but you can’t stay up all night masturbating yourself sill…”
The door opens and a crack of light illuminates the grisly scene.

The mosquito buzzes happily in greeting.


File: 1528798759450.jpg (993.74 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm06.jpg)

Meryl stands at the door, illuminated from behind by the firelight from the breeding room. She’s a plumper woman than her daughter, flabs of skin still tightening over her belly after the birth of her twelfth child. Still blinded by the light from her side as she pears into the darkened room looking for signs of the noises she hear… expecting to see her daughter pleasuring herself. Instead, out of the inky darkness emerges a giant Miedo Mosquito flittering into the light.

“B… but… the bells…. The bells didn’t ring….” she whines as six feet of insect death hovers before the distressed mother, staring at her like she’s a wine skin ready to be drained.
“Oh… gods…. Amy.. Amy my baby… not like this…” she cries. She’d once seen her best friend sucked out by one of these things on one of her mercantile trips to the nearby village of Zarful.. She’d had nightmares about that day on all her nights since.

Meryl can see the blood filled thorax and she knows that soon her own fluids will join her daughters, sloshing around mixing together, and her dried out corpse will look just like Amy’s.
Her face gaunt, hair limp, her buxom breasts deflated, guts liquified and removed, and her perfect pussy all dried out like preserved fish.
She opens her hands wide to fend off her attacker, but to the mosquito, it just looks like an open invitation to dine.

“Please don’t take me..” she begged tearfully.

The nightmare beast in front of her ignored her pleas and took her anyway.


Perhaps she could have a breast cut off. Or her pussy targeted?


My comics are usually storyboarded in their entirety before I even start on inking and colouring the first one. So there's absolutely no room for requests in an ongoing story. That said, I'm inking the last panel at this very moment, and I'm fairly certain that by coincidence, it might be something you'd enjoy.

Of course, if you're after something more particular and bespoke to your individual tastes,
I have a Patreon up at:
and a page where you can PM me for one off commissions here:

I'm hoping to do sketch sessions for my patrons (When I actually get some) using Discord and where I take some time out to draw things for them that they might be more interested in every month.


File: 1528854893311.jpg (823.7 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm07.jpg)

The needle drives deep into her chest, right between her gorgeous breasts and pokes right into her full red heat, injecting her with a dose of the fear venom. Visions of nightmarish scenes take over her head and she shuts her eyes to make the freakish hallucinations go away...But even that isn’t enough. Her ticker ramps up in response to the hellish fever dreams her mind is cooking up. Ba-thump, Bathump Bathump. Meryl kicks and screams trying to get away from the freakish things in her imagination, as the mosquito in front of her lifts her from the ground and squeezes her tight with its legs..

“Uh… Uh… hh… Uhh… Uh…” she groans weakly.
She’s survived this long on her wits and strength… raised eleven beautiful baby girls into independent women, and one manly man. She’d made arrangements for them all to be married off… In just a feew months, her husband would retire her off and she’d spend the rest of her days in the relative safety of the village birthing rooms, serving the rest of her days out as a priority breeder.. It couldn’t end here… It just couldn’t … not because some fool couldn’t do their job and ring a bell.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh”, she moans as she opens her eyes to look into the warped, glowing red eyes of her attacker…
All she had to do was fight back her incredible terror… Surely she could pull this thing out of her...kill this monster, and save her family from the Mosquito menace.

She could do it… she could….
And then a pin sprung up from deep inside her chest.


“Oooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggghhhh” Meryl gurgled as the Miedo Mosquito began to feed on her, speeding up as her heart jackhammered faster..


Meryl struggled uselessly as the first splashes of her blood poured into that of Amy’s..
Her ample breasts bounced lightly as the creature drained her energetically and she let the unreal nightmares and sweet false hopes sweep her away from reality..

“Aaaaaaaaaaaieeeeeeeeee…. Hack...cough…. gurugleeee…”


File: 1528950011560.jpg (585.66 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm08.jpg)

Screams and shouts echo through the village as Meryl’s neighbours discover the same fate. Mosquitoes slipping into their homes, their beds and feeding on the poor helpless women. Hundreds of girls are lifted and sucked dry this night.

But Meryl is too far gone to care about the plights of others. She just pisses herself like a coward, groaning as she hollows out. A small turd pokes out from inside her as she twitches uselessly above her daughter’s dessicated corpse.

Soon she’s just a skin bag, holding a pile of bones, and the Miedo mosquito discards her. It flitters off, looking for its next squirming prey.

Meryl’s next door neighbour begins to scream. It’s going to be a long night for her.


File: 1528987433457.jpg (804.32 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm09.jpg)

When they’ve finished draining their victims of their lifeblood, the swarm goes on the hunt for smaller, lighter prey that they can lift back to the wet, dark swamps that they came from.
Having gorged itself with Amy and her mother Meryl, it finds her younger sister Charlene still asleep in her bed. It takes its thin spindly limbs. It lifts the sleepy eyed teen out through the window, and before she’s even woken fully, it flitters high into the air above Genkysou village. The brisk winds chill her to the bone and she awakens to find her legs dangling above rooftops.
“Whaaaa?” cries Charlene as she realises that something is very wrong… This isn’t her bed, this isn’t her home. She’s never seen anything like this. The ground drops away below her, and so sinks her stomach.

From here, she can see the world from an entirely different perspective, one she’s never seen before, let alone imagined. Charlene looks out to the sky and sees dozens of other boys and girls, all being abducted for the gods knew what. Most of them were thrashing in the grips of their predators… but some hung limp, resigned to their fates.
Charlene was too confused to know what to think… So she just cried.

The sound of her sobbing echoed above the sounds of beating mosquito wings, and carried to mix with the frightened yelps of her comrades as they began their long journey into the moonlit night and to their final resting place..


your stories are so incredible!!! you should make a choose your own adventure book!!


Thank you Princess. While I really think it'd be fun to do a Choose your own Adventure, or (More to my taste) a Visual novel. But I'm not sure whether there's any demand for something like that. It's a lot of time to devote to something that people may not even want. Maybe I'll set it up as a Patreon goal and If I reach it, then I'll set aside some time and effort to work on it.


File: 1529050890626.jpg (798.41 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm10.jpg)

When the buzzing insects finally reach their home swamp, they release their diminutive prey to freefall to the waters below. Girls and boys around Charlene shriek as they plummet and make little plopping splashes below. The Mosquito carrying her makes a titching buzz, and then lets her go too. The cold winds whistle past her and the surface rapidly rushes up to meet her.

Then she sliced through the water and emerged back on the surface, sputtering out the foul tasting brackish liquid. It’s a lot warmer than she had been expecting, the lagoon being warmed nicely by volcanic heat from deep below, although it gives it a slightly off smell, like rotten eggs. It felt real nice on her cold, shivering body though.

Charlene can’t believe her luck. She had been sure that the mosquito was going to suck her little body dry. Just yesterday, she’d been apprehensive about having to sacrifice herself in the Jorgen’s virginity taking ritual.. But now, the idea of having her throat cut quickly, seemed to be having more merit than she originally gave it credit. It would be long swim to the mangrove covered shores, and then a dangerous midnight trek back to the Village where she could be reunited with her mother and her older sister Amy… But Charlene was hopeful. After all, She’d managed to survive a Mosquito attack hadn’t she?


File: 1529136504640.jpg (841.01 KB, 3508x2480, mosquito_swarm11.jpg)

Charlene treaded the water to keep her head above it. But unbeknownst to Chalene, the waters were swimming with hungry Mosquito Larvae. They bathed in the warm hot-tub like waters, just waiting for the fresh flesh of victims to gorge themselves on. The volcanic flows deep below the swamp heated the waters, without it, the mosquitos wouldn’t be able to breed during these colder months. The wrigglers floated, breathing in air through their siphons that poked up through the surface right beside the girls and boys their parents had deposited for them.
As something slippery brushed against her leg, Charlene pulled it back. She shivered, hoping that it was just her imagination. Sensing motion, the mosquitos moved closer to their unaware dinner.


File: 1529202933145.jpg (982.03 KB, 3508x2480, mosquitoswarm12.jpg)

A slippery sucking feeling works up her ankle and leg, Behind her, screaming boys and girls get dragged under the water with a splash. The nightmare thing she can’t see underwater slips up her body, taking in her hips, little gripping teeth dragging up past her pussy to hold her firmly inside… It feels icky, like being wrapped in a blanket made of warm sticky flesh. She doesn’t like it in the least.
“Uh.. No… Please No.!” Charlene squealed pitifully.
The thing in the swamp just ignored her cries and ate her up to her chest, holding her small breasts in its maw. Her nether regions began to tingle and fizzle uncomfortably, and the fizz spreads up to her thumbtack nipples. For the briefest moment, Charlene’s head was the last thing on the surface of the water, then the wriggler dragged her under the water with a quick splash, leaving nothing but bubbles on the surface to show she had ever been there. Her short struggle ended as abruptly as it began..

But Charlene’s nightmare had only just begun below the calm swamp surface.


File: 1529289442649.jpg (1.03 MB, 3508x2480, Mosquito_Swarm13.jpg)

The Mosquito Larvae slurps Charlene up into its gullet. And underwater nightmare plays out in front of her eyes, with all the other girls and boys already squirming in agony as the Wrigglers digest off their skin. It has often been suggested that this behaviour that causes their prey to jiggle around is how the Mosquito Larvae got their moniker of “Wrigglers’. In one of the other translucent insect sacs, a boy is desperately holding his cock and balls, as the acids burn through them. In another Wriggler, a pretty girl with big boobs, and silky pink hair, who’s been inside the stomach longer, screams as her guts plop out of her decomposed belly. A pool of her blood is already growing at the base of the Larvae.

Charlene begins to piss herself as the stomach acid begins to strip away at her own pale flesh. She scrabbles, and kicks trying to free herself from the tight sac that’s making it difficult to breathe. Her predator wiggles around to accommodate her comfortably. The skin on her hands, legs and belly turn a cherry red.. It feels horrible, like the worst sunburn she’s ever had. She can see the thick ropy materials of her muscles revealed beneath and she realises that she is about to endure a long drawn out and agonising death. Just yesterday, she had been complaining to her mother, that she didn’t want to be sacrificed as part of a boy’s virginity ceremony. But now, digesting in a sac, she wishes she’d had that opportunity to fuck at least once in her pathetic short life, and to be executed by a merciful beheading. Now, she was going to die a virgin. Charlene was just Wriggler chow now.

On the surface, you’d barely even notice a ripple, even as a dozen young souls were slowly being extinguished. Underneath, however, was a living watery hell. Charlene could feel her belly soften with every time she strained… Then with a nasty ripping sound, her guts spilled from her cavity and out into the tight, slimy confines of the Wriggler stomach.
“No, No, Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!”

One by one, the prey died as the night continued on into early morning… and then soon Charlene was the only wretch left gasping for life


File: 1529337290656.jpg (957.3 KB, 3508x2480, Mosquito_Swarm14.jpg)

Charlene squirmed as her flesh dissolved into bloody strings and fell from her body. Her eyeballs boiled in their sockets, and the glistening pink of her intestines lined the bottom of the acid sac.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggghhh” she groaned, just a retarded hunk of meat, her brain stewing in her skull.
Every inch of her decomposing body felt like it was on fire. She raised a hand feebly, trying to push her way about again, but as she raised her hand, she could see through it to the pale bones underneath, completely skeletonised. Charlene convulsed like an epileptic, the exposed fat of her tiny titties jiggling as they dripped off her.
“Ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuggggghhh.. Aha. Aha.. Oh…” she complained as more acid poured into her brain through her empty eye socket. Her remaining eye rolled up into the back of her head. The bug food that used to be Charlene kicked and shuddered rapidly as it digested her brain.

“Ah, ah… Uuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhh.” Uh.. Uh… uh... ………”
And then her head slumped to her chest, the poor girl finally dead. The bubbline acids continued to break down her meat, and she continued to sizzle into the night The Mosquito Larva continued to wriggle happily as it continued its growth into a Pupa.

The sky began to lighten as the sunrise approached, a perfect beautiful end to a long night of suffering.


File: 1529378463569.jpg (916.51 KB, 3508x2480, Mosquito_Swarm15.jpg)

As the sun begins to rise, the light settles over the swamp, and the newborn mosquitoes rising from their pupae. They crawl from the stagnant, boiling waters and dry out their brand new wings on the muddy mangrove filled shores.

As their transformation completes, their digestive tracts disappear, no longer needing them in order to process blood. All along the bog, mosquitoes were relieving themselves of last night’s dinner. Tiny bones squirting out among the mangrove roots. It will be the first, and last time in their lives that they take a dump.

Charlene’s Mosquito heaves its abdomen, and its tiny pucker widens with a burst of flatulence. The Mosquito shits out Charlene’s steaming skeleton into the muck and detritus already covering the shore. She joins bones of her friends and fellow villagers sinking into the stinking bog. It won’t be long before they disappear into the brown gunk that lines the swamp joining hundreds of thousands of their ancestors below.

Finally dried, the brand new mosquito tests its wings out, and buzzes up into the air, and disappears into the sky, already hungry for blood.

Charlene’s corpse rests in her graveyard. Just another dead girl added to the sea of bones that mark the Miedo Mosquitoes’ breeding grounds.


File: 1529898848539.jpg (1009.7 KB, 3508x2480, Mosquito_Swarm16.jpg)

As for the incompetent guard, Eliza, who let all those mosquitos into the village without ringing the warning bell. Fate is not without a karmic sense of irony. One of the blighters grabbed the poor girl from the rear as it was making its way out of Genkysou Village. She tried to fight it off valiantly, but it knocked her spear aside and pushed its proboscis up inside her pretty pink pussy. She struggled long and hard into the dark night.
“Noooo.. Noooooooooo” her tortured cries echoed into the night, finally warning some people to shutter their windows and bed down securely if they had not had the wisdom to have done so already.

As the sun rises above the VIllage, her sucked out corpse lies in her guard blind, sitting in a puddle of her own filthy piss and shit., The mosquito had managed to work its pole all the way up into her, wriggling it deep into her heart. Eliza squirmed on her stick, helplessly impaled as id began to fuel her fears, and make her heart race.

Her own shortsightedness had doomed her, just as it had countless others that night. When she had failed to ring that bell, many of her fellow citizens had paid the ultimate price. She bucked and tried to shake it off with her hips, and cut her hands on the sharp ridges of the pole. The Mosquito just buzzed a little and began to draw her heartblood through its long sippy straw.
Hours later she had finally died.

The serrated Proboscis starts to slip from Eliza’s emaciated body, making bloody notches in her pussy folds.
It pulls out of her and dribbles a little blood on the floor, its abdomen full to the brim with crimson liquid, and flies off into the brilliant orange morning sky: The rest of Genkysou was just beginning to wake up with the dawn, and begin their day. The merchants set up their stalls, the patissiers were cooking up their breakfast pastries, and the fishmongers were already out negotiating deals with fisherwomen just returning from an overnight boat trip. All were oblivious to a lone mosquito exiting high above the city, its sac happily full of scarlet blood.

The swamp had bred more of its vicious insects, and when breeding season rolls around again, the cycle will repeat itself. Soon they will terrorise the countryside once again, preying, and engorging themselves on travellers and fisherwomen. This will not be the last time Genkysou is darkened by their shadows.

Eliza’s body just sat rested up against the walls; just a sack of sloppy, saggy skin filled with bones. When it comes time for a change of shift, her body will finally be discovered in a puddle of her own shame, and an order will be given to clean her out.
Her body will be stripped of its skin, which will be tanned and used for many small leather products… but the bones will be chucked into a Scout Corps latrine, with all the other traitors, ancestor defilers, failures, and incompetents who’ve gone before her. Everyday, girls from the scout school will use that pit to relieve themselves on her open grave, and wear her skin as a boiled leather pauldron.
Word of her deeds will be struck from the history books, and Eliza will just be another unnamed set of bones mixed in with thousands of others.

In the World of Bones, death is no escape for dishonour.


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Great! I love the masturbate before death scene! i only wished for a longer build-ul like fucking and little one watching their parents before the scene of joy turns to one of horror! Maybe next time! Keep up the great work! ;)


Doing more build up would be nice. I like to do things like that. But its also fun as an artist to get to drawing the climactic bits too.

Thanks for the feedback. If you want more of what I'm doing, then I must be doing something right :)


So would anyone else want to see another story of strange creatures brutally consuming some pretty girls in the World of Bones?


I'm always hungry for some tasty vore. Love your work man, are you on pixiv? Might be able to reach more people that way.


Thanks for the recomendation, I'll consider putting up some stuff on Pixiv.


File: 1533526455936.png (9.2 MB, 3508x2480, ZC01.png)

Cleo dove deep into the crystal clear waters of the freshwater lake, trailing a fishing net behind her as she freedove to the bottom. Her breath was held even to these depths as she hunted for the rich trove of Clams she knew to be at the bottom. She’d been making trips all morning, back and forth to her small boat, and then back to the docs. When she deep dove in the ocean, she’d wear flimsy, but pretty clamshell armours to keep small parasites like Lampreys from attaching to her breasts or undercarriage… but here in the clear pure aqua of lake that she knew so well, there was no need for such protective undergarments, so instead she swam naked.

The Zombie Clams she collected from the bottom of the seafloor were no threat to her. They were slow and weak predators, whose attacks were no match for a seasoned diver. Many an amatuer diver had been caught and drowned by their pathetic excuses for tentacles, but Cleo wasn’t so inexperienced. She would cast her net well before she reached the bottom, and grab the clams from off the lakebed, and hoist them behind her as she rose for the surface with her catch.

She broke the surface and into the brilliant, scorching daylight..Water glistened off her tan body as she lifted the wiggling sack of Clams into her one-woman fishing dinghy next to some full crab pots. Cleo could feel the sunlight harsh against her, burning her unpleasantly as it reached its midday apex. She grunted; womanlike, as she heaved herself back up into the small wooden canoe. Sitting herself in the tiny, seat, she takes the oars and begins to row back to shore, her muscles flexing pleasantly from the effort. If there was one thing that she enjoyed about her job; it was the freedom that her exertions brought her.

Much like many things in the World of Bones, the lake was no true safe haven. Deep below the surface lurked many unseen dangers that a clam diver might encounter. In fact, on the way back, Cleo witnessed the long thin black shape of a Giant Eel gliding along beneath her boat. It mustn't have been too hungry, because it ignored the splashing of the paddles, and kept on gliding by.. Such close calls were something all the girls fishing this lake would deal with from time to time. And it wasn’t uncommon for friends and other acquaintances to just disappear out there. Every girl on the water knew deep in her bones, that when her time came, that she too would join her ancestors skeletons in the muck under the clear blue waters,


File: 1533788405087.png (7.53 MB, 3508x2480, ZC02.png)

Cleo came into dock smoothly. Her family held a rather professionally crafted boathouse that sat on the back of Genkysou village’s rear barricades. Boats of other Clam divers had already been beached on the bone strewn beaches, their occupants already back inside to shade themselves from the heat of the midday sun. Cleo wanted to get back off the lake too, she felt she had earned herself a nice long rest under the awnings on the dock.

Her back stretched and flowed as she rowed through the clear aquamarine waters. The small boat coasted in to rest at the wooden poles that held up the boardwalks. She moors it, looping a long gourdplant twine rope up over the dock in a cleat. The strong, nubile girl, strained her well toned muscles as she grabbed hold of the Clam nets.

Cleo hoisted her catch out of the stern of her boat and heaved it to the wet dock’s wooden plank floor. The nets were heavy, full to the brim with her dangerous, but nutritious bounty.

It was a phenomenally warm day, and Cleo was beginning to feel exhausted. She wiped away the sweat for her forehead: A job well done, and now, she was feeling tired from a good days labour.


File: 1533877387456.png (9.29 MB, 3508x2480, ZC03.png)

A yawn escaped from her lips. The fishing today had gone better than expected. She’d collected more molluscs than the restaurant could serve for a while. Some thousands of them were packed away into nets and wooden boxes here in the docks.. The City Guard wouldn’t let the live ones into the city proper, of course… they were somewhat hazardous to the citizenry. But the Laughing Clam Restaurant had licences to operate a fresh seafood restaurant by the water… so Cleo’s mother’s breeding house backed the Restaurant, and as a result, they had one of the only private doors to the outside of the Barricades.. During the day, it was open for hawking fisherwoman to sell their wares to the restaurant, and by night it was locked down tight..

Cleo looked at the tightly wrapped net of Clams.She was an expert Clam freediver and had maintained her netting well, always checking for holes and weaknesses.. And it was the only comfortable looking thing around that she could use as a pillow for a midday kip.

“Ah, fuck it”, she thought.
“I deserve a little afternoon siesta before I head back out onto the water.”
And she lay out over the deck, propping her head lightly against the bulk of the netted Clams.
She stretched out her body over the netting, and she drifted off to sleep.
“Just… A … couple of… Minutes.”
And before she knew it, she was snoozing in the warm summer air, her sleeping body still glistening with lakewater that beaded off her curves..


File: 1533909876121.png (8.5 MB, 3508x2480, ZC04.png)

But Cleo had been negligent in just one aspect of her duties. Her mother had taught her every knot that every fisherwoman had ever known, and when to use them. But in her dozy state, poor Cleo had tied the bag with a quick release slipknot instead of the double secure one she had intended to.

From inside the netting, a slippery, slimy set of slow, meandering tentacles hauled one of the Zombie Clams out into the baking air. They weaved and tasted at the air.. And they could sense something delicious nearby… something fresh…

They wormed their way over Cleo’s blissful sleeping face, feeling for movement, for life.
“Ah….. what is that?” she mutters as the tendrils massage her face, leaving behind cold lakewater in their wake..
“WHAT?” she screams, suddenly awake… but it’s too late.
The Zombie Clam pulls itself up over her head, and its fleshy pink lips slam shut over her screaming face with a gross slap.

Cleo tries to yell as she realises just how stupid she’d been, but the Clam’s flesh smothers her. What was she thinking taking a nap over her catch? She should have known better than that. Now she was on her way to a painful and embarrassing demise.

A thin trickle of burning goo poured over the top of her head as the Zombie Clam started to digest poor, foolish young Cleo



File: 1533961541915.png (6.95 MB, 3508x2480, ZC05.png)

The Shells closed slowly around Cleo’s head, clamping effectively around her neck.
She tried to pull it from off of her desperately.
Cleo knew what happened to girls next. As a Clam diver, she’d seen it happen to unattentive divers in the field.
The goop inside the shell was already beginning to itch and sizzle at her delightfully tanned skin.
The foolish freediver felt afraid in the dark, slimy interior of the clam as it began to fill with thick juices. No girl who died to a Zombie Clam ever had an honourable death.

She knew just what to do in these circumstances. But Cleo had to act quickly, she wouldn’t have long before the Clam mercilessly disabled her resistance as they always did. But like all Clam freedivers, she knew the special weakness that would let her pry it off her head if she acted fast enough.
All she had to do was….


File: 1534048552453.png (6.65 MB, 3508x2480, ZC06.png)

The Zombie Clam lined up its Nervejack spike tail with the gaps in Cleo’s vertebrae.. And with a sickening crack, it plunged deep into her neck, squirreling its way into her spinal cord., spreading out fine roots and subsuming her nervous system for itself.

Cleo screamed into the body of the beast, and fumbled hopelessly trying in vain to get it out of her before her body refused to obey her commands.

But very soon, Cleo’s body would no longer be under her own control. This was a battle she had already lost.


File: 1534217124127.png (6.83 MB, 3508x2480, ZC07.png)

Cleo jumped up and down, waving her hands in panic.
“Nonononononononononono” she intoned, her breasts jiggling all over the place as she lost control of her bodily functions.

Her body squeezed and clenched in fear and pain, as the nervejack wormed down her spine and digestive acid poured in over her face.
Piss and shit squirted from her bottom as she froze up, unable to act how she wanted to, just a slave to erratic electrical signals being forced into her spine.

Blisters formed on her cherry red face and popped, clear liquid running from them, even as the acid blinded her eyes.

She didn’t deserve to die like this.. It was only a little mistake. Not like this.
“Fuuuuuuuuuucccckkkk!!!!!” she shrieked as the true torment of being turned into a meat puppet began.


File: 1534347295370.png (7.62 MB, 3508x2480, ZC08.png)

The Nervejack finished its infiltration of her vertebrae, cracking and fracturing them as it took the space of her spinal fluid. Each one sparked with communicative signals, making Cleo’s body dance and shudder. Even though she couldn’t control it, she could still feel everything; every painful convulsive squeeze of her thighs, every disc that was popped in her back, and the shameful piss running down her legs and squirting out her unused virgin pussy.

Cleo’s tumbled head over heels to the wooden dock, smacking the thick clamshell, that covered her face, against the logs. It wouldn’t be long now before her pretty tanned body became the Clam’s in perpetuity.


File: 1534470023996.png (7.52 MB, 3508x2480, ZC09.png)

She shuddered and convalesced on the floor, urine spraying all over herself, the warm yellow liquid cascading down her leg onto the dock. Her screaming intensified as unseen horrors assailed her under the Clam’s shell.

Soon she lay still.

And then Cleo got back up.. Only it wasn’t really Cleo anymore. It was a distinctly unnatural movement, too smooth to be entirely human.
Her body farted loudly as she stood, at an unwomanly volume. Almost as if she wasn’t trying to hold it back.

Cleo could still be heard, muffled and low, screaming and begging for her life over a loud sucking gurgling inside the hard Clam casing. But the creature that moved her limbs was no longer human.


File: 1534770764195.png (6.52 MB, 3508x2480, ZC10.png)

Her Zombified body stumbles out of the docks, and grapples at the main door until it gives way. It walks her body into the warehouse that houses that days catch… thousands of Clams, bound in crates and nets waiting to be freed from their prisons and fed. Cleo’s muted wails and sobs didn’t prevent the Clam on her shoulders from reaching down and using her hands to break the crates and unwrap the nets.

The Clam, blind as it was, followed the sounds, smells and pheromones to its destination. Then it used its stolen sense of touch to free its brethren. Now, it would use its newfound mobility to help them to hunt fresh prey of their own.

Cleo continued to scream as the last of the skin on her face was digested away.


File: 1537008087344.png (6.33 MB, 3508x2480, ZC11.png)

Cleo’s mother, Violet, was sitting at her dresser, combing her hair in front of the mirror.
Mirrors weren’t uncommon in Genkysou village, but well crafted ones like the one Violet owned were rare. He had once been a Clam diver just like her daughters, but she’d had to give it up when she married the male heir to the Village’s biggest Seafood Restaurant. Quite the coup for a Clam Diving girl from Zarful, who’d snagged herself a handsome, rich man, without even a dowry to pay his relatives off; a true marriage of love. Violet held her belly with her free hand, cupping her stretched, tan baby bump; she was six months pregnant again. She’d already birthed ten beautiful girls over the last six years, and she was finally relaxing in her senior years at the old age of twenty-eight. She was hoping for a boy this time. She’d already earned an honoured place on her husband’s trophy wall, but every time she went to the birthing rooms, she’d stare up at the lines of girls who’d given birth to male heirs, still living till their hair turned grey and they wrinkled up like prunes, being fucked continuously, and making what seemed like pleasant, slutty, little screams and whorish moans. Violet wanted that for herself so badly. A baby boy would bring her prestige until he was raised properly, and gain her entry into bliss at the breeding stock racks at the birthing room.

Violet was so caught up in her daydreaming, that she barely noticed her eldest daughter, now a fully grown and accomplished Clam Diver herself, returned from the lake. Cleo was her favourite daughter, being her firstborn. Still, though, despite her tasteful slim muscles and well curved breasts, Cleo hadn’t managed to seduce herself a husband. She’d have to arrange something for her before she wasted away into a spinster. Maybe she could get that Baxter boy who worked in the kitchen to adopt her as his second wife. His first wife was due for the chopping block any day now, and he’d be needing a replacement. Baxter was an odd one for sure.. It wasn’t often that a man opted to work to help support his wife and mistresses.

Hmmm… not a bad idea… all she’d need to do is arrange for some time for Baxter and Cleo to be alone together, and then pull together an appropriate dowry. Cleo wasn’t a nice looking girl, and quite forwards with her sexuality… Maybe Violet could reassign the scullery sex slave as a snuff slave, for some minor infraction, and have Cleo take up her slack? Yes, that could work out nicely.

“Say, Cleo dear, would you be a good girl and come here… Mommy has an idea.” sing-songed Violet happily.

Cleo slowly walked into the room, coming to rest just behind her mother. clasped in her hands was another Zombie Clam.


It wasn’t until the last minute that Violet realised something ghastly had happened to her precious daughter. Was it the stink of shit and urine that alerted her? Or the funny way Cleo stutteringly walked up directly behind her. Was it the faint screaming kept in check by thick Clam Shells? Or did she see the Zombie Clam as it was held up behind her head, ready to take her as its new host.

She reacted instantly, tensing up, trying to ship around and fight back… but it was just too late.. Pink mollusc flesh slammed shut over her screaming mouth, cutting her off from the outside world. The fishy musk filtered into her mouth, and heavy set Clam Shells closed protectively over her face, leaving only the prolapse of its anus drooping down from where Violet’s lips used to be. Her pregnant belly heaved up and down as her worst nightmares were finally realised.


File: 1537075667753.png (6.76 MB, 3508x2480, ZC12.png)


File: 1537266512961.png (5.9 MB, 3508x2480, ZC13.png)

The Nervejack splices into her spine, cleaving into the thick bones and making her jelly nerve-strands into its own. Cleo mindlessly slams her mother’s body into the desk in front of her, shattering the mirror into a thousand silvery pieces. Violet contorts and shudders, caught in the pain and humiliation of being caught with her loincloth down.

The Nervejack slithers under her skin and cracks its way into the hollow of her spine. Violet squirts piss like a fountain and squeezes out a thick tube of crap as the Zombie Clam takes over her enlarged brown body. Her large derriere humps up and down, slapping against the wood of her chair like she’s still riding an invisible dick. Arms and legs flailing around uselessly doesn’t help her in her plight, it only makes her dangling milk full titties jiggle under her chest.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” she screams pathetically into the stomach that holds her head. Acids already spray all over her face and scalp as the Clam happily begins its digestion of Violet.


File: 1537331345458.png (5.61 MB, 3508x2480, ZC14.png)

The mother of ten will never live to give birth to her eleventh, who will likely one day be aborted by her animated corpse, directly into the open, waiting mouth of a hungry Zombie Clam.

Her kicking and punching and convulsing slows and stops, even as her shrieking intensifies. The Clam is now in control of her body, and her slow, agonizing death by digestion is now assured. Violet continues to violently push out excrement from her tight butthole, as she desecrates the honour of her ancestors by leaking her dying piss over the hallowed grounds they once walked.

Cleo just holds her down forcefully as her mother finishes her transformation into a living Clam Zombie. Inside the daughter’s Clamshell, a sobbing animalistic scream can still be heard…
“Noooo…. Muuuummmm…. Not…. Muuuuuu,, toooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” she yells helplessly as her body betrays her will.


File: 1537627044487.png (5.85 MB, 3508x2480, ZC15.png)

It’s at that moment that Cleo’s little sister Wendy starts yelling about all the noise
“Mommy, what’s all the noise? I can’t read my books about Karni - Voras Plants that Mrs Trost wanted us all to read…. And I need to cause she was gonna feed the girl who got the worst score in class to a real life Venass Man-trap.. And I don’t even know what one of them is yet..
Mommmeee… are you even listening Mommee… Be quiet..”

As Wendy enters the room, ready to throw a tantrum, she spies her beloved mother, face down in her desk, ass up with an unending sausage of shit squirting from her puckered anus.
Wendy just stares for a moment at her twitching matriarch, unable to process exactly what is going on.

The Cleo Zombie saunters up to her little sister with another Zombie Clam in hand, as the diminutive girl stares incredulously at her mother dishonouring herself sloppily over her chair.

“Mommee” She winces, still not quite figuring out the imminent danger that she’s in. Behind her cute little head, her very own Zombie Clam flowers open its fishy maw to ingest her noggin. There’s a sickly squelching sound it made as it readied itself to eat the oblivious child.

Wendy, finally alerted by the unusual sounds, whips around to see what’s going on and comes face to face with the Zombie Clam that Cleo is trying to infect her with. The creatures Nervejack tail splices into her spine easily and the clamshell wraps around her face, enveloping her in a fishy darkness.


File: 1537807766350.png (6.1 MB, 3508x2480, ZC16.png)

Wendy tried to get the thing off her head, but became confused when her hands started shaking halfway up to her crown… Then she started to shake uncontrollably. Her poo hole loosened by itself and she felt a long snake of brown poop squirt from her. It was embarrassing, but for some reason she couldn’t stop herself… and her neck felt all painful. And sore… like a really bad ouchie…. Then the stinging water splashed over her face, like when older sister Cleo washed her hair with Giant Eel tallow shampoo and some got in her eye, but like a lot worse than that. It hurt so bad that Wendy, she just cried and sniffled and sobbed and called for her mommy.

The three girls stood there in the room, each alone in their own personal hells. Cleo was standing rigid her body straining as it swayed gently from side to side under her Clam’s absolute control. Wendy had her arms frozen in the air, mid movement, and was just twitching uncontrollably … Violet just farted and pissed on the spot, her big jugs wobbling side to side as the last of her control was wrenched away.

The room was deathly silent apart from the wet sounds of defecation, urination and the soft screaming barely audible to anyone unlucky enough to be close by.


File: 1537866304777.png (8.36 MB, 3508x2480, ZC17.png)

Now that their victims were powerless to resist them, the Zombie Clams began to digest their food. Wendy’s hair bands snapped as the acid melted them off. Her skin turned the colour of a boiled rabbit, and she realised for the first time in her short little life, that she might be about to die. Then she came to the realisation that she really didn’t want to die. Her small little brain began to process the mounting horror as a pool of vile smelling corrosive crept ever upwards, searing the skin from her smooth young face,

Her mother, Violet had been inside her Clam for a little longer, and the acids had already done significant trauma to her.. Pieces of bloody flesh hung from her jaw as the Zombie Clam extracted nutrients from it. Digestive juices flowed down into her stomach and lungs, where they scalded and ruined her. Her nose dissolved away, and her hair was leached and fell away from her scalp.
This wasn’t how she wanted to go, she deserved better than this. It wasn’t fair.. She’d worked so hard to bring a baby boy into the world so she could get fucked silly every day for the rest of her very long, pain free life. She was Violet, Seafood Restaurant Heiress, and she didn’t deserve to die like some common snuff-slave. But soon she succumbed to the boiling broth and expired, still worthlessly dishonouring her ancestors as she did.

Cleo had been long since dead. The acid, only just finishing up melting the last scraps from her glistening red skull, burning her sludgy brains out, and finally dissolving her eyeballs. While her body still lived, Cleo herself was very much departed from this world.

Soon her mother and sister would join her in death.


File: 1537975696637.png (6.61 MB, 3508x2480, ZC18.png)

Cleo’s Zombie Clam stretched and strained as it relieved itself of her skull through its external anal tube. A thin trickle of vile fluids squirted from the pucker as a bone white lump was pushed from the over-tight aperture. Her shit-stained skull popped out, falling past her generous bosom, and smashed to the ground with a nightmarish clatter. The decaying body of Cleo lurched away from the steaming decapitated cranium that had once held the intellect and passions that had been Cleo the Clam-Diving Fishergirl.


File: 1538024919179.png (6.52 MB, 3508x2480, ZC19.png)

Both mother and daughter finish evacuating their bowels, the Clams forcing them to squat over a pile of their own excrement. The Pregnant woman’s body farts wetly as her skull makes its way out of the Clam’s waste tube.

Similarly, even though Wendy has already died, the Clam is still forcibly cleansing her guts. Her kiddie head, once full of worries about being fed to plants in front of her classmates, is now making its way out of the Clam’s digestive system to join her family on the bedroom floor. Her mosquito bite titties bounce a little with every strained movement or her corpse.

Soon Cleo, Violet and Wendy would exist only in memories, and as the flesh bicycle vehicles of the Zombie Clams that murdered them.


File: 1538052174738.png (6.94 MB, 3508x2480, ZC20.png)

Five of Violet’s other children walked through the front door of the home, having finished their day at scout school. They were chatting about the morrow’s events to come. Sophia smiled brilliantly as she chided Jessica over her test scores that day. “Another bad day like that and the teacher will be feeding you to that Man-trap they’re bringing in next week.”
“Nuh-uh - Wendy’s got worse scores than me… She’s the one who’s gonna be pissing herself as it Eats her up.
Charlotte piped up “Is not”
Amy retorted - “Is too.. She’s a dumb-dumb. She’s gonna get swallowed and digested.”
Lilly laughed loudly as the rest of her sisters gossiped about their siblings and class.

None of them saw it coming., none of them saw the three Clam Zombies waiting behind the door with Clans waiting in their hands.
Jessica, Charlotte and Amy were the first to get it; Zombie Clams wrapping around their unaware little heads. Their flat chests heaved as the Clams began to digest them, liquifying their flesh The three sisters made cute little squeaks and squeals as they shivered and crapped themselves. Three Nervejacks punched into their necks and the girl became agitated further, rocking their slim hips and waving their small hands. Then they were still, and their screaming began in earnest.

Sophie tried to get away, but was grabbed immediately , and the zombie that used to be her little sister Wendy, reached up and wrapped a fresh.Bivalve over the back of her head.
“Noooooooooooooooaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa,,,!!!!” she wailed as it crawled up to devour her.

Lilly almost managed to get away… almost… But her mother managed to throw a Clam onto her back.
“No, No< No. Nononononononono… GET IT OFF MEEEE!!!” she shrieks as it weakly crawls up and envelops her face. The nervejack slowly works its way into her spine.
The Zombie Clam finally envelops her entirely and splatters the top of her head with digestive juices.which drip down. As the pain begins to assail her, she can feel her asshole widen involuntarily and the contents of her bowels evacuate wetly. Then she pisses herself, dishonouring the memory of her ancestors.

Five sisters sizzle and boil in the tiny containers… Then with one last spasm, they all die. Little Lilly goes last, and when there’s only a brainless skull in a pool of stomach acid… Her body gets up and moves on without her.


File: 1538105945046.png (6.77 MB, 3508x2480, ZC21.png)

Inside the family’s restaurant, hundreds of diners, the rich and wealthy noble women of Genkysou sit, adorned with rich accessories like necklaces of pearls, and fine hats, and freshly pressed loincloths, eating on linen tablecloths: A veritable treasure trove of fineries, cloth was hard to come by, given the only plants that made suitable weaving material were happy to eat those given the task of going out into the screaming forest to harvest from them.

The food was divine. Baxter in the kitchen had done a divine job working with the scullery sex slaves to prepare the dishes for their expensive lunches. Each course would set the girl who bought it back hundreds of shells each. And all agreed that it was worth the price. The Sauteed Firesnake was exquisite, and the Razor Kite mince tarts were the best this side of the Imperial City. The whole roasted teenager was highly sought after. Baxter really knew how to snuff a teen, and his basting technique made them tender and juicy, whilst giving them a crispy crackling exterior. The smell of their roasting flesh attracted crowds of well to do from all over. But it was their fried Zombie Clams in dried Bloodflower petals, server in a bed of Gourdplant jus that kept them paying to come back for more.

Cleo’s Zombified family stumbled in through the servants entrance near the front of the establishment, their shadow darkening the happy diners as they sucked the roasted marrow from the bones of the corpse of a girl freshly sourced from the orphanage that day. Others supped frozen brains from the cracked open heads of good quality heads of pretty girls whose rent had been suddenly raised by 5 shells.

The clientele didn’t even look up from their extravagant lunches to the sudden appearance of the zombified girls. They continued to chatter away about high culture concerns, brilliantly unaware of the oncoming storm… until the first clams wrapped around heads… and the screaming began.


File: 1538192847740.png (7.16 MB, 3508x2480, ZC22.png)

Carnage ensued. There was only one entryway: only one exit. And the Zombies blocked it with their own entrance. At first, the onslaught was slow but frantic, with eight zombies taking eight victims by surprise… but soon there were another eight casualties… and then as more Clam Zombies were born, sixteen, and then twenty two. Soon the restaurant was a hell of women screaming as their heads were digested alive. They stampeded to the back, trying to find another way out… but because it backed onto the water wall barricade, it was sealed shut.

It was an ungodly massacre. Noblewomen trying to climb up on table and stairs, trying to get away from the oncoming monsters. But they fell anyway.. One at a time.they succumbed. Slimy tentacles wrapped around them and hauled heavy clamshells over their crying faces.

By the time they were finished, dozens of women were trembling as their spinal columns were invaded by the nerve spikes of Zombie Clams. The restaurant had voluminous quantities of Clams in their storage… and the Zombies had brought them out in force.

Kiddie skulls were crapped out onto rich velvet chairs and beautiful Parasytecotton tablecloths, even as dozens upon dozens of new girls were added to the enlarging horde.

By the end, bodies were squatting on tables, defecating their guts out, and humping pillars in a blind desperation. Some were slumped against walls… but soon they rose, freed from their human condition, and helped in the slaughter of their fellow socialites. Their suffering was as exquisite as the meals they had been served that day.

A Clam crawls up the body of a roast that was being served, setting its fine tentacles to her bubbled golden brown skin. It sucks in her head and jams its body controlling tentacle into her cooked body. WIthin minutes, the dead muscles begin to move again, and the dead girl reanimates and begins to wiggle again, stuck immobile on her spit.


File: 1538224827187.png (9.12 MB, 3508x2480, ZC23.png)

It’s mayhem on Restaurant Alley in Genkysou Village. More and more women join the ranks of the undead. The City Guard try to keep the order. They swung their spears at the surging masses of Clam headed parasites. As a spearhead ripped through Cleo’s chest, skewering.her through the heart. Gore splattered over the Guard, even as she was surrounded by Zombies who fitted her with her own killer Clam.

Yet another Guard, when faced with the hundreds of Clam controlled girls, tried to run instead… but it didn’t matter if they fought or if they ran or hid… the result was the same. Hundreds of inhuman hands reached out and transformed them into hosts. The jerking, pissing mannequins they were transformed into, were a horrid pastiche of the stoic warriors they were in life.


File: 1538265562188.png (6.69 MB, 3508x2480, ZC24.png)

The horde made its way in unison out the back gates of Genkyso Village. Hundreds of poor dead souls walked into the cold, unforgiving lake,disappearing into its moonlit depths.

Cleo’s mutilated corpse walks itself into the lake last. After the events of the restaurant, and the subsequent tussle with the Guards on the way out, it’s missing arms, and flesh, and she has a great hole in the place her heart used to be… but still, her corpse marches on in defiance of logic. The Zombie Clam guides her body down into the freezing deep.

As the days drag on, the rotting bodies of the hundreds become fodder for baby clams to grow up on; fostering the next generation of predators.

Months pass by, and a clam opens its shells, and reveals magnificent pearls, made from the gritty calcium dust it sanded from human bones when trying to suck the last of the flesh from its victim… all that remains of a foolish pearl diver named Cleo.

In the World of bones, even a hideous death may turn out to become a thing of absolute beauty


So that ends another tale in the World of Bones.
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Mild nitpick: You wrote that there are guards around, so they'd have spotted the legion of clammed women slowly making their way towards them. :P


I'm sure you can level that nitpick at most Zombie apocalypse films.
The presence of trained military often seems to be unable to stem the tide of undead.


Yay, Gurochan is back up… let's all celebrate with fine wines, tasty bites, sun sand, and play.


File: 1544424194116.jpg (962.4 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_01.jpg)

It was a beautiful day for the harem to go for an outing, so Juan convinced his prime wife, to let him out of the compound for the day. It took a lot of begging and pleading on his part, but eventually, against her better judgment, she relented… She never could say no to those puppy-dog eyes of his.

He selected some of his favourite, most experienced, mistresses to accompany him. However, his primary goal that day was to deflower the newest acquisition to his harem; Alaine.

She was a pretty young girl that had caught his eye as he had been touring the barricades walls of his hometown; Genkysou. He’d spied her in the guard tower as his harem had guided him below. The way she’d been staring out at foreign dangers with such discipline and fervour, her body leaning against the wall, and her spear at the ready, had made him fall in love right away. He’d wanted to climb the ladder himself and ravish her right there and then, but he knew that unlike girls on the street, Guards on duty weren’t to be disturbed. So he’d spoken to the Guard commander, and had the guard assigned to that tower, report to his breeding compound that night.

Today, they found a secure spot on the lakeside beach.. Not so close to the water that they might get pulled in by an aquatic predator, and not too far away to that they couldn’t go for a dip to cool down if they wanted. Corks were popped on expensive Gourdplant wines, and glasses filled to the brim. Juan raised a toast to welcome the newest woman into the harem

The entire harem went swimming, tipsy on the fine alcohol they’d been consuming.
In the warmth of the early morning sun Alaine lay down on a crisp picnic blanket, to be pampered by her man. He fed her sharp cheeses and crackers by hand, and plied her with refills of fine wine. They laughed and giggled, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.
Then he asked her if she was ready for him,
“Yes” Alaine said, breathlessly. Then they kissed a little, his tongue pushing inside her mouth. It was more than she could have hoped for. The moment was perfect.

Juan undid Alaine’s loincloth with a much practiced hand, and cupped her ample breasts forcefully with his hands.
“Not so hard” said Alaine, still awkward around his ministrations. But when he asked her to open herself up for him, she did so eagerly, spreading her folds apart so he could enter her more easily. They made love happily, Juan showing her different kinds of positions that he had been taught over the years. She liked the ones where she was on top the most. When she in control of him, she felt the same exhilaration she did when on a hunt for a Hellhound. Something about fucking out in the wild, in the feral nature, the danger of it all made her so excited. Somehow her new beau seemed to know exactly what she wanted, and how she liked it.

His pubic bone rubbed against her clitoris as she rode his shaft… Each stroke bringing her closer to completion. She felt the perfection of his strong hands on her behind, the tickle of his breath upon her tummy… the feel of his face as it pressed into her chest. It made her giggle a little.
Her breaths became short and ragged as she got closer… Then there was a splash of wetness as she lost control of herself, orgasming around his hard cock. Juan, being a practiced lover, and having been holding off till she was finished, chose that moment to shoot his seed up into her.

She felt the warm sticky cum fill her, dripping down her vaginal walls.. The culminating moment in her life, as she was finally on the cusp of pregnancy. Months from now, she’d become a mother, just as she’d dreamed of being ever since she was a little girl. Alaine had never been happier in her young life.


File: 1544514999845.jpg (894.52 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_02.jpg)

Juan and Alaine finished their romp on the beach with a long and joyous french kiss. Alone on the bay outside Genkysou village, all they could hear were the chirps of small birds, and the lapping of water at the edge. It was a blissful serenity that belied the wild green danger of the world..

“Hmm, seems quiet… I wonder where the other’s have gotten off to.” he wondered.aloud.
“Probably doing some deep-diving competition… You know how those girls are Juan.” Alaine said, still with a sex-fed smile of contentedness on her face.
“Either that or they’ve gone to the latrine’s to take a piss. I know this wine’s going straight through me.” she said as she drained yet another glass in one loud gulp.”
“God you’re insatiable Alaine… And I’m not talking about the sex. You’re like a bottomless pit.”
“Pour me another and keep that blanket warm for when I get back. I want another for round two.”
“As you command, my fine young lady.”
Alaine shook her ass in what she hoped was a saucy manner as she trotted up the beach towards the privacy of some small bushes where the girls had dug a latrine earlier that day.
Juan smirked… that haughty manner was what he liked about this one. She was going to raise some fine strong children for him.

As she squatted and began to spray urine into the little trench, she didn’t notice the sand behind her change colour into a dull yellow-gray mottle and lift up to reveal a hideous, slimy, needle filled, pink mouth. The chameleonic creature shed its sandy camouflage and raised itself up behind her like a snake readying itself to strike.
Alaine didn’t notice the sounds of struggling, and the shaking forms behind the bushes until two spines penetrated her feet, pinning her to the ground. And by then, it was too late for her.


File: 1544680597380.jpg (1.06 MB, 2480x3508, ADATB_03.jpg)

In the bushes, were the other members of her harem, Diana, Mary, Vera, all wrapped up by their very own Mother Maidens, a type of vicious chameleonic ambush predator. They had been grabbed one at a time as they came to the latrine to relieve themselves. Viscous scarlet liquid dripped from the gaps in the cocoons, and their occupants were hellishly screaming as they thrashed in their lethal bondage.
“Aiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”” screamed one of the flesh sacs
The others squealed in reply, struggling in futility, like fish in a net.

Alaine cried as the Mother Maiden started to slowly wrap her up from the feet upwards, its thousands of needle like teeth puncturing her skin as it rolled up her back to her shoulders. It didn’t need to move fast now, it had her trapped already. Now was the time to savour its meal. She tried to escape, but it was no use. She was little more than the meat in a ‘grilled girl burrito’ now.

She’d learned all about these creatures, and the gruesome manner of how they fed on their prey. She’d studied long and hard about how to identify their ambush traps, and where to strike to kill them quickly, but none of that knowledge would help her now.


File: 1544745061551.jpg (822.43 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_04.jpg)

The creature squeezed tightly around Alaine’s trembling body, cupping itself to her curves. The Mother Maiden carefully lines up one of its bigger spines with the tip of her nipples and slides slowly into place over her boobs; a thousand needles entering deep into her tits. Blood sprayed out in little spurts from beneath the seals of the breast cups.
It was like something out of a nightmare.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhh” she screamed as it tightened further over her legs, ensuring that there was no potential for escape.

In their nearby pods, all her friends digested, still shaking every now and then as they groaned pathetically, just as Alaine would soon be doing.
“Juuaaaaaaannnn…. Get meeeeeee ooooooutttt offfff heeeerre - It’ssss Eeeeeatttting meeeeeeeee!”
Her man ran up the beach towards her, and on finally reaching the latrine where she was being eaten, and froze in horror at the sight of her being consumed by a Mother Maiden”
The smile on his face collapsed, and to Alaine’s dismay, he wheeled around and ran straight back for the Village gate instead of trying to help her escape. He was hollering for them so save him the entire way, and never looked back once.

How had it come to this? Only minutes before, she’d been having fantastic sex on a beach while sipping drinks with her handsome Juan. Now she was hurting all over, and going to be some foul thing’s lunch, while her cowardly wretch of a husband saved his own skin by abandoning her. It was so unfair… Alaine didn’t want to die.


File: 1544841754508.jpg (967.31 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_05.jpg)

Finally, the teeth and flesh wrapped around Alaine’s head, Long spines lining up with her eyes and mouth. Then with one swift move, they plunged into her face, blinding and gagging her.
A long thin stub of rear-facing spines pushed up into her freshly creamed pussy, hooking themselves into her womb and vagina. Alaine tried to squeeze it out by flexing herself and wiggling, but the painful rod was firmly embedded into her, and every motion she made just delivered more agony. It was like trying to fuck a cactus.
There in the dark, poor little pincushion Alaine slumped in her squishy pink prison as it pulsed rhythmically around her, secreting goopy enzymes all over her now inflamed skin.


File: 1545056496536.jpg (902.26 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_06.jpg)

The Mother Maiden contracted tightly against Alaine’s youthful body, stimulating acid sacs beneath all of its hollow needle-spines to produce its vile stomach acid, which was then pumped under Alaine’s skin. It bubbled and boiled inside her, causing her to shake and kick inside the pumping flesh case.
“Aiiiieeeeeeee. Fuuuuuuuuuckkkk…. It’s buuuuuuuuurrrrniiiiinnnng meeeeee!!!” she squealed shrilly.

The process of digesting Alaine seemed to go on forever to the unfortunate victim. She was aware when her skin melted clean from her, and when the stub of spikes that had been rammed into her turned her womb and ovaries into gross slush. She felt every painful moment of having her breasts siphoned and slurped from her chest.
Uuuuuuhhhh.. Don’t……. Waaaannnnaa….. Diiiieieeeeee!’ she groaned

Soon her belly exploded open, and her insides slopped out of her like a burst intestine pinata..
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuughhh,” she moaned. Softly, barely able to raise a noise as the acids melted away at her heart and lungs

Soon she was just a pathetic gibbering skeleton covered by a half-melted coating of entrails and mushy muscles. It took two full hours for the poor beauty to die from blood-loss, and another two more, for the Mother Maiden to extract all the nutrients from the gorey slop in its flesh sack that used to be a girl named Alaine.

When the Mother Maiden was done, it crapped out Alaine’s pitted skeleton back onto the beach, and slithered off to find another place to set up an ambush. Its belly was full for today, but the Mother Maiden was ever preparing to hunt for its next meal..

Alaine’s sticky corpse litters the beach, soon to be scattered by wind and tide, In a thousand years, the elements will have ground it down to a fine white beach sand… identical to the rest of the coarse bone sand that covers the entire beach.

In the World of Bones, getting sand in your important parts, was not the worst thing about sex on the beach.


File: 1545210551796.jpg (907.48 KB, 2356x3508, Worm.jpg)

In the World of Bones, travel is a dangerous endeavour, but many make treacherous journeys to make better lives for themselves and their children. Kimberly and her close friend Penny, were two such girls, seeking their futures in the faraway village of Genkysou. Both had been exiled from their home in the Imperial capital. The’d upset Terri, the prime wife of their harem, by upstaging her preparations for the birthday celebrations of their husband. He’d knocked them both up that very night, and set into motion a six month revenge plot.

Six months down the line, and both Kimberly and Penny were both in cast iron chains, begging for clemency at the feet of the woman they’d wronged. Terri had managed to convince the Dragon Empress’ consort that the two pregnant girls had said unwholesome things about the reigning ruler. A couple of carefully placed whispers and rumours had the City guard investigating the two with undercover agents. Some careful planning and cajoling, and with a little Gourdplant wine, and it had been easy to get the two naive youths to speak freely and without fear of repercussions.

Usually, dissidents were publicly and painfully executed in the Imperial City’s Coliseum. However, Terri had bribed the guards to deliver the two girls to her instead of the animal holding pens. She wanted to gloat about her victory in front of them, and to pass judgment of her own. Terri wanted to look them in the eyes as they cowered in the face of their fates.
Oh, how good it felt as they whispered and whinged, begging for mercy.
“My how far you two have fallen.” she looked down her nose at the two criminals on their knees
“Soon you reprobates will be gurgling away inside a monster’s belly.”
“Noooo, we didn’t mean to Terri” moaned Kimberly
“Forgive us please. Don’t let them feed us to a creature” begged Penny
“I certainly have the power to release you… but I want you to know that you are beneath me now. Criminals aren’t real people any more, so as punishment, I think I’ll have you pleasure me for your freedom. Now call me Mistress, and begin to lick me out. If you can make me cum, I’ll cut you both free.”
“Thank you Mistress Terri” Penny waddled up to her better, and began to lick Terri’s pussy with great enthusiasm..
Kimberly shyed back, a great blush appearing over her blonde bang framed face as she watched the big pregnant body of Penny engaging in those… deviant acts.

“Kimberly my dear girl, you’re not joining in? I have another hole down there to lick. Or would you rather be fed to a Grey Stalker… I hear that’s what they have for your humiliating death in the Coliseum today.
Kimberly looked up at Terri as she pulled her asscheeks open, the pucker of her anus waiting for a rimjob.
“I want… t-to … to service you…. M-Mistress” Kimberly wavered.
“Well you little bitch, get your tongue up inside me.”
Kimberly shuffled on her knees into position behind the toned body of her mistress.
She really didn’t want to put her tongue in Terri’s ass like one of those anti-breeding lesbians that they executed in the Coliseum every week, but there was no choice now, it was her only way out of being executed herself.
She pushed her face into Terri’s backside and began to reluctantly eat out her ass.
The sapphic act looked quite the sight, two big girls, their pregnant bellies touching under the crotch of their mistress as they satisfied her in ways that her husband couldn’t or wouldn’t.
When everything was done, she sprayed herself right into Penny’s face.
“Very good girls… I hereby free you from your bondage… but, you will also be exiled from this city, never to return. I have purchased Wagon tickets to a little village by the lake, where you can give birth to your children, and spend the rest of your days. Every Breath you take from now on, you will owe to me…”


And so Kimberly and Penny were bundled up and sent packing to Genkysou village, without even a loincloth between them. They were smooshed in side by side with other pregnant girls, on a reseeding wagon bound for their destination. The Imperial City frequently sent these wagons out to Villages around the country to replenish populations when they diminished too far, too quickly. It was an easy way to smuggle two wanted dissenters.
“Do you think they’ll need more people in the Village” asked Penny
“I don’t know - I hear that sometimes the villages turn back wagons when they haven’t been raided recently… and sometimes they just take them in for meat supplies.” replied Kimberly
“Oh shit, Kimberly, to escape the Coliseum, just to be hacked apart into pieces to be cooked? Why did you say something horrible like that?”
“I’m sorry Penny, I was just… It’s all so exhausting… I wasn’t thinking straight… I’m sure everything will be alright.”
The Wagons jostled as the horses pulled them along the soft desert sands. The hard seats bruised their bums. Most of the girls were unhappy with the situation. Kimberly guessed that they didn’t want to be here either. One of the girls, barely old enough to be out of scout school, was being comforted by another as she cried shamelessly. Her belly was ripening and her pregnancy easily outgrew her tiny tits.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. The horses startled, and broke from their reins, bolting across the hot sands. The girls were left in the back of the wooden wagon as their wagon driver ran out on her own two feet to round up the rogue animals. It gave them plenty of time to chat in the stinking heat. It felt like they were cooking alive - like oven-roasted girls.
“What do you think Genkysou is like? Do you think they have good food there?” the young girl questioned
“It’s smaller than the Imperial Capital, but they have plenty of good things to eat there honey…It’s a fresh start or us.”
“If we make it there”
“What do you mean?”
“Well after we make it through this godsforsaken desert, we’ll have to go through the mountain passes where Razorkites have their rookeries… and then if we make it through there safely - we have to take a trip through the screaming forest. I hear that every caravan loses at least one person when trying to get through that nightmarish hell-hole.”
“I hear it’s infested with Venus Man-Traps… They call it the Screaming forest cause it takes weeks to digest a girl…. So you can hear someone screaming as they get digested in there, all year round.
The tremors hit again, making Penny and Kimberly hug each other for stability.

“Gods, why do you think the ground is shaking like that… It feels like the earth is going to open up and eat us all.”
“I don’t know - sometimes the ground does that honey - there are things that live deep beneath us that move and make the ground shake… Other times mountains of fire make the ground do that. Of course, there’s also Dragons too. I hear they hunt out in the plains around here.”
“I’m scared.I don’t want to get eaten or be on fire.”
“Don’t worry, the Driver will be back soon with the horses and we can be out of here.”
But the Driver did not return. And soon the hot day gave way into the cool night.


The tremors continued into the night, and while everyone else was busy sleeping, Penny and Kimberly drew short lots for the first night watch. The temperature dropped rapidly , and soon they were huddled into each other for warmth.
“Hey Kimberly.”
“Yeah Penny”
“You know how you…. Know were licking that whore Terri’s ass as she forced me to pleasure her cunt?”
“I can’t believe that lesbo gets to live the highlife in the Capital, and we’re the ones being sent to live in some podunk village.”
“Well, it kinda looked like she… well… she was enjoying it … like a lot… and I was wondering… well… would you… I mean… if it was me?”
“You want me to lick you in the ass?”
“Ummm. yes please.. If you wouldn’t mind… no-one’s watching… and you.. You looked like your were really good at it”
“Penny, you know what they do to free girls who do that kind of thing to each other!”
“I’m sorry, I just wanted you to hold me close and…”
Penny didn’t get to finish her sentence as Kimberly forcefully grabbed her by the legs and sunk her face into her crotch”
“Oooooooohohhhh Yessss!”
Kimberly’s tongue ran the entire length from Penny’s Ass, through her taint to the top of her pussy.

The long night was shorter than it had any right to be, with Penny and Kimberly making ravenous love to each other, exploring their baby-balooned bodies together in every way possible.
They never even noticed that the tremors were growing more frequent as day broke. Soon the second day began, and the girls were woken up for an early breakfast. Without horses, or a driver, they were just going to have to walk across the desert, or they’d die of dehydration by the end of the next day. After a quick breakfast, the girls all started out on foot in the general direction of the Genkysou mountain pass. As the midmorning approacher, the sand began to blister their feet, and nobody was saying much of anything anymore.. It was too exhausting to speak.. And the dry sandy air made them want to keep their mouths closed. But Kimberly still held hands with Penny, and they both knew what that said to each other.

The sands shifted and swept with each tremor…. Each girl knew what that meant… It was no earthquake or mountain of fire… something was hunting them, and it was getting closer. Out here there’d be nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. If something found them, they’d all be as good as dead. So it was a good thing that in the distance, they could see the fresh greenery of the plant life at the end of the desert. And from within it rode their saviour. Their Driver had rounded up the horses, and was riding one, with the other roped in tow.
As the distant horseback figure drew closer, it became apparent that she was waving her hands desperately some kind of signal to hurry up.
“Girls,” Kimberly began “I think we need to really get moving now.”
“What?” Penny puzzled briefly, but then an enormous explosion of sand enveloped the rider.

A Giant Sandworm ate the girl’s horse whole. It whinnied, and neighed, and kicked as it went down, but soon it was a just a large horse shaped bulge passing down the enormous annelid.
The Driver was knocked down to the ground, but she stood up quickly, her skin marred by cuts and grazes.. She looked confused for her second horse for a moment, before the Worm plunged down from atop her and sucked her into its round slimy mouth, before burrowing back into the earth.
“Oh FUCK! It ate her…”
The sands shifted and wormed their way towards the little girl with the big belly.
“No.. No No” She cried.
And the sands parted to reveal an enormous round void beneath her. Saliva covered lips stretched up over her, struggling to become wide enough to swallow the young teen’s pregnant bulge.
Sluuuuuuurrrrppp. Then she slid down its translucent throat, still squirming as it began to coat her with acids.


“Kimberly” croaked Penny “We’ve got to run… for the oasis”
They tried to leg it for the grasses, knowing all the while that they would never make it in time.
Girls were taken by worms all around them. They ran as best as they could, but their big bellies slowed them down to nothing more than an undignified waddle. They had almost reached the grassline, as Kimberly felt Penny’s fingers slipping from her grasp.
A Giant Sandworm had yanked Penny away by her head.
“No… Penny - I’ll save you” yelled Kimberly desperately trying to claw her friend back.
However, her rescue attempt was cut short as a Sandworm of her own drooled stinking salive down on her head before gulping her up.
The two pregnant women were slurped up to baby bumps. Kimberly could easily see another pregnant girl, already being turned into an angry red slurry, through the thin segmented body of her worm. And further down, she could see the goopy skeleton of the tiny girl being excreted as a smelly pile of worm crap.

“Pen-ny” she gasped, her lungs already being burned by the acrid air in the Sandworm’s gullet.
Side by side, the two expectant mothers’ wide bellies stop-gapped the mouths temporarily, until the ravenous creatures could stretch their boneless jaws around their prey..
When they did, the two girls popped in and disappeared with one disgusting swallow.
The Sandworms slid back deep beneath the sands, slithering down into the dark to digest their meals.

A week later, and another Wagon full of travellers traverses the desert. As their cart glides through the soft sands, it passes through something both hard and squishy. The driver cautiously calls the horses to halt, and hops from the front of the wooden vehicle, landing in a pile of thick brown shit with human bones in it
“Hmmm… Sandworm shit… Looks like they’ve been busy here. Guess we’ll have to go around. It’ll add a couple of days to the journey - but it's better than becoming like this stupid lass here.”
The occupants of the wagon nod in agreement, and the driver pulls the horses around as the first of the tremors begin. They leave Kimberly’s corpse alone in the vast wasteland, alone in the seemingly empty landscape… but somewhere out there is Penny’s skeleton, and thousands more just like it, lost in the dry sands.

In the World of Bones, travel is a risk only the brave, the foolish, or the desperate take. Those that do risk everything for a new life, but are often rewarded only with slow and agonising deaths

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File: 1546167049639.jpg (795.85 KB, 3508x2480, Darla vs the Winged Devour….jpg)

A Commission I did based on the movie Beastmaster. There's an accompanying story that I wrote for it- but its bit too long to post here.


File: 1546429564113.png (7.2 MB, 3508x2480, tiffSnakes01.png)

Tiffany was just another young girl living in the relative security of Genkysou VIllage’s Female Residences. Every day she’d work at the docks, loading fresh shipments of linens, and teas on and off docking boats or carriages. It was a tough job - but she was the kind of girl that had the strength to get out and get the job done.

On weekends, she could often be found out hunting by the woods. Sometimes she’d come back with supper for the week. Other times Tiffany would come back with cuts and bruises instead. But mostly, she came back weary down to her very bones.

Today she’d been out hunting Hellhounds by the bay. After a pitched fight, she’d nabbed two baby ones. They’d struggled something awful, but eventually Tiffany had broken their necks with her bare hands. She’d had the haunch of one for her supper - grilled in a light breastmilk butter sauce with a sprinkling of Bloodflower petal dust. The other she froze in the evaporation refrigerator for later consumption.

Finally the young warrior retired to her bed. It was still mid afternoon, but Tiffany was so exhausted by the days events, that she just collapsed into the sheets, and put her head down on her pillow. Her fingers wandering down to her pretty little pussy lips for a little pre-nap masturbation session. She fiddled herself happily to the thought of a man of her very own.

She really should have checked under her bed first. It’s always the day you don’t check that a giant Firesnake slithers in past the Village fence and into your room, that you forget to check. A little reptilian head pokes up from under the silky blue sheets, and a slick tongue flits out to taste her rosy cheek.

Tiffany rolls over in shock, and comes face to mouth with the pink maw of the great green beast. She barely has any time to react whatsoever before it clamps sloppily over her face and begins to slurp her up. TIffany has no dignity whatsoever and immediately pisses and shits her bed, kicking and flailing desperately as the heavy predator eats her alive.


File: 1546675891053.jpg (958.77 KB, 3508x2480, tiffSnakes02.jpg)

The Firesnake rolls over on the sheets, revealing Tiffany’s bulge. She can be seen squirming from beneath the scutes. She pushes, screaming for a way out of her acidic prison. It doesn’t take long for her flesh to bubble and boil in the strong stomach acids of a firesnake though.

“Get me out of here… It’s Burning Meeeeee!!!; EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!” she wails as her nubile body is reduced to a gorey mush by slimey stomach contents.

Soon she’s just a pile of offal dripping of a skeleton, in a pile of gooey acrid slop Steam wafts of her lifeless cadaver as she is slowly converted into nutrients for the snake to absorb.. Her remains pass through its intestines to reach the anal sphincter

Tiffany passes out the Snake’s rectum as a long smelly pile of shit and bones. She plops wetly out onto the sheets where she’d once slept, foolishly confident in her safety. Tiffany is just another pile of snakeshit now.

The Firesnake, slithers off to find other victims. For weeks afterwards, the sounds of screaming girls would echo in the dark corners of Genkysou Village.

In the World of Bones, no place is safe from a voracious snake, not even your comfy bed.

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File: 1547002336959.jpg (924.58 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_01_comp.jpg)

“In the dying light of the afternoon, The great predator stalks her prey; delicious cheesy mayo fries. Slowly she approaches her unaware food. It’s so close that she can smell the steamy crispy potatoes, the fragrant melted provolone cheese, and the tangy mayonnaise that its drenched in. It smells like victory.

Then, the shark girl pounces on her food. Oh, the carnage, the tussle, as she greedily devours the treat. Scarlet sauce splashes over the chaotic stage. She shakes to and fro, gnashing and chomping at her nutrients. Chips go flying left and right, messy remains of a violent feeding. Oh the inhumanity.”

Daniella narrated her dining habits like David Attenborough doing the voiceover for a documentary on lions in the african savannah, as she chowed down on her favourite beach snack; a crispy box of Piper’s best Mayo Fries. Piper’s was the best surf food vendor on this stretch of beach. How she got her fries so soft and fluffy in the middle, and so crispy crunchy on the outside was a mystery. (One that likely involved copious amounts of animal lard)

Licking her fingers of the salty, greasy goodness, Daniela patted her tummy and rested for a while to digest her pre-surfing snack. She’d spent most of the daylight hours napping after a good morning shredding the fantastic tubes with her longboard. Every last creamy white dab of mayo, and stringy hot cheese was lapped up.

“Mmmmm. Delicious.” she murmured happily, giving an unladylike belch of approval.
Some of the other surfers, returning from a day out on the waves, just stared, stunned at the strange sight.

“Who’s that crazy lady attacking her food like an animal?” one Bunny whispers to her Kitty friend as they walk, surfboards by their sides, approaching Piper’s.
“Oh, that’s Daniela Shepard.. You know - the surfing champion” her friend replied
“Wait, ‘The’ Daniela Shepard? The one that was in that sex scandal with the entire female Swedish Olympic Beach Volleyball team, a luxury Yacht, and a giant hot tub filled with Strawberry Yogurt?”
“Yup - that one. ”
“Do you think I could get her autograph?”


After finally signing all the surfboards, swim clothes and the bare breasts of her fans (And handing out a few phone numbers to the more attractive ones), Daniela managed to extricate herself, and hit the water. The cool wetness of the salty ocean washed over her glistening scales. She enjoyed the feeling of strain on her toned muscles as she paddled out through the spray. Her freshly waxed board tweaked her nipples through her shiny black Bikini top. Every stroke made them harder. The orange light of the disappearing sun blinded her a little, as she sat up on her board, waiting for a good wave to catch. Twilight, was after all, the most active time of day for a shark.

Soon one came, She paddled hard to meet the wave, and as it rose beneath her, she leapt to her feet on her custom board, letting the aqua tube carry her along. Balancing with her tail, she angled her board, and let her hand dip into the ten foot wave as she soared along it, water breaking in a white foam cap above her head. It was perfect moments like these that made it all worth it. She was master of the water. As a shark girl, she was the most evolved of her entire species… and sharks were the apex predators in these climes. These refreshing depths were her birthright.

The wave took her all the way into shore. Daniela stood up in the shallows with a devilish grin on her face, and waded back out. Her plan was to surf well past sundown and into the night. When other surfers had packed up and gone home, she’d still be out there cutting through the chop to find the best rides.

She took back to the water, and paddled out once more. The salt water had drenched her hair, and gotten into her nose and mouth. Water beaded off the surface of her beige and brown scales. She swam out deeper than she had before. searching for the perfect blue. It made Daniela feel alive. She thought on what she’d do when she got home to the hotel later that night.
Maybe she’d ring room service and see if they served any fries. Probably see if she had any messages from any of her fans on voicemail. Perhaps she could arrange for a booty call… or another orgy… it had been a long time since that Yacht in the Mediterranean. And as good as an afternoon of hotel pay per view cable porn had been… masturbating alone in her room really hadn’t been enough to sate her kinks.

The cute shark girl floated beside her board in the last embers of the day, as the usual denizens of the bay swam under her. Fish, turtles, sharks… and something different…. Something from the deeper alien parts of the ocean. A monstrous and ancient evil.

The Pelican Eel swam up towards the surface. Usually a resident of the deepest black depths of underwater trenches, where inky blackness and crushing pressure fueled predatory competition unlike anything Daniela Shepard was used to on the surface waters she dived and froliced in. The thing came from a cruel and alien world beneath, filled with nightmares and teeth.

The slippery Eel, intrigued by the bright lights, and abundance of life to consume in this strange blue world above its own, begins to hunt the poor young maiden. It undulates and coils as it buoys towards the surface.

Unaware of her impending doom, Daniela bobbed obliviously on the waves, scouting for her next thrill.


File: 1547175958206.jpg (902.35 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_02_comp.jpg)

Absentmindedly, she was reminiscing about her self-ministrations earlier that day, rubbing her crotch against the waxy surface of the board through her cute black bikini bottom.
“Uh, Yeah” she grunted as she rubbed the right spot. It could be boring waiting for the right wave… but she knew some good ways , and kinky thoughts to make the time pass more quickly. Daniela bit her lip hard and closed her eyes half-lidded as she began to rock her body harder, grinding into the flat fibreglass . In her mind, she was already doing the hunky lifeguard she’d given her number to earlier that day. She’d written it in permanent marked all up his leg, and when she found she’d run out of room to finish.. She continued writing it up into his swimwear. It’d be hard for him to read the last digits… but she was confident he’d try every combination just to try to reach her again.

In her fantasy, he was driving his formidable member into her, holding her tightly against his chest. It felt fantastic. A little drool leaked out her lips as she moaned to him in real life.
“Uuunnnng,…. Harder… I’m…. almost there.”
And he shoots out his seed into her…. And she climaxes for real in that moment, shaking and clenching the board as if for dear life

Breathing heavily, she looks down at the board, and finds a wet little puddle between her legs, that she’s sure has nothing to do with the ocean around her. She’d always found it a little embarrassing that she was a squirter.

Almost as soon as she was done, she caught sight of what she’d been chasing. What looked to be the perfect beginnings of a radical wave. Daniela hopped off the board, so she could reposition herself, and push her torso into a more comfortable position to begin kicking to make up the speed she’d need to get on it.

Treading water, she waited for the best moment to begin… all her attention on the wave, and none of it where it really mattered, on the dark outline below her, that was rapidly becoming larger.

She felt it first before she saw it. Something slimy brushed against her leg. It felt long and stretchy, like some kind of squid tentacle wrapped around her leg. Daniela was almost excited at first. Giant Squid were always a tough wrestle… and Calamari tasted great, and could feed an entire party. She thought that it was gonna be a party pleaser. There was something about a vigorous fight with marine life, (where of course, she came out on top) that got her blood pumping. It was something animalistic in her, a primal urge to hunt and bring home the kill, that millions of years of evolution still hadn’t bred out of her completely.

But as she looked under the rippling blue surface, she realised that she’d never seen the taxonomy of a creature quite like she was looking at. It was a completely foreign entity to her. For the entirety of her 26 years of life, Daniela had lived and breathed the ocean. It was in her blood, a living part of her. She’d seen, hunted, and eaten almost every kind of sea creature delicacy available in its abundant waters. But this was new…. and big.

An Ancient part of her soul sank into her gut, and the poor girl experienced something that was almost as foreign to her as the creature wrapped around her leg: Fear.
This was something from the deep parts of the world, where the light failed, and even Shark people didn’t return from diving. A place where the creatures grew strange and ravenous. This monstrosity came from a horror world below where everything was on the menu… even cute Shark girls like Daniela

For a desperate moment, she clutches to her surfboard in the cold water, before the large Pelican Eel pulls her struggling form underneath with a frantic splashing. The Eel’s tail thrashes and releases Daniela as it flows through the sea, opening its impossibly wide maw to try to eat her. The jaw stretches to four times the size of the creature as it opens to accommodate Daniela Shepard’s squaline curves.

The underwater world spirals as Daniela is thrown around like a wet rag doll. She tries to catch her breath, but just takes in a large mouthful of saline water. Bubbles rise from her mouth as she chokes on it, Her gills pump it out, but already there is water in her lungs, making it tough to breathe and fight off the deep sea predator intent on making her its lunch.


Her strong hands grab the mouth of the Eel and prise them wide, trying to keep them from shuttering over her head. The two predators dance in the slow agony of the kill. Only one of them will survive this battle alive. The other will be consumed and die. There is no other way it will end now.

The Pelican Eel, frustrated with being unable to gulp down its hard earned prey, whips its tail around hard, trying to lash back around her ample posterior, in an attempt to drag her into range of its enormous mouth. But instead, the bristled tail catches in her bikini bottom, writhing around in her panties like an ungodly prehensile dick. It pushes up against her asshole and pussy flopping around over her labia as it tries to wrap around her leg, but is restricted by the black split nylon. In an angry lash, it yanks the offending undergarment right down off her legs, leaving her ass bare.

Daniela tries to scream “Nooooo”, but it comes out more like “Gurgleargles” as more seawater enters her windpipe. Her strength diminishing due to the extended nature of the fight, her hands tremble. The Eel gulps in water in vast quantities, forming a vacuum like area of suction. She shivers,as her hands give way, and her entire head is sucked into the creature’s mouth.

Slam, it shuts over her with a sticky slap. Once a proud young Mayo Shark, Daniela is now little more than deep sea monster food. The hungry fish slurps her in further, taking her bouncing tits, and slender waist in with a single motion. It pushes any water its take in out its gill slits, leaving Daniela’s butt and tail showing, kicking as she tries to escape her fate.

“Uuummmph” she protested unhappily, just a piece of food lodged in a long fish's esophagus
Her little useless struggles were unable to keep her legs outside it for long. Soon her toes joined her in the mouth, and Daniela gave an undignified shriek somewhere deeper inside the gullet.
“Oh, god, it’s eating me alive” came a dull muffled cry, echoing up the throat into the cavernous mouth

So this was how her mayo fries felt? Daniela didn’t like it one bit.


File: 1547388834719.jpg (997.72 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_03_comp.jpg)

The Pelican Eel’s insides were slimy and dim. Pink sticky walls closed around Daniela’s buxom body as she was squeezed down the slim throat. It almost seemed to tight for her to pass through, but the muscles relaxed as she went through them, and soon her head entered a gross sphincter, covered in a foul acrid smelling goop. It burns a little as it touches her, as her face is forced through the tiny opening.

Outside the Eel, her shark tail flicks and thrashes outside the creature’s mouth, giving it a hard time trying to swallow the last of Daniela Shepard. Like a really thick egg noodle, it wriggles as the writing wormy fish slowly gulps it up. Her fins disappear into the enormous mouth, and finally her caudal fin twists sideways and folds up like wet tissue paper. The cartilage and bone in it is no match for the mighty force of the prehistoric nightmare fish from the deepest places of the world.

And with that, no more of Daniela was to be seen, apart from the terrifying sight of her body pressed up against tight walls, showing through the thin scaled skin of the Pelican Eel. Every bulge of her nubile young form could be seen kicking and pushing for freedom that would never return to the unfortunate surfer.

Her head pops out into the Eel’s stomach, slowly her body is exerted into the cavernous organ. A saliva like liquid drips from every surface, sizzling and popping as it makes contact with Daniela’s soft scales. She can feel the pain of it as it contacts her soft tissues. Even her Bikini top is no match, the synthetic fabrics melting on contact with the vile liquid. It stretches and smoking holes appear in the material, exposing her large, well formed breasts beneath.

Tears well from her eyes, as she realises what has happened to her. It wasn’t supposed to go like this… she was the apex predator… she wasn’t supposed to be prey. It wasn’t fair.
Her thick tongue pokes from between her lips, and she pants as she blubbers.
“Noooooooooo” she cries in agony
“It buuuuuuurrrrrnnnsssss… make it staaaaahhhhpppp!”
As she writhes, trying to get away from the acids, she kicks up some, and is splashes between her buttcrack, seeping into her pussy and anus. It immediately feels like she’s been fucking a rusty potato peeler for an hour.
“Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkk Noooooooo!!!!!!”

The burning feeling spreads up into her womb, and her clitoris is being etched away by an invisible cheesegrater. Her asshole is like riding a glowing orange steel rod. It’s like accidentally getting chile oil up her rectum, but like a million times worse. Her hands go to scrape it out of her, but all she succeeds in doing is spreading it up deeper into her. The pain of her pussy and ass melting off is simply unbearable

Acid is beginning to pool at her feet, and she can feel it seeping in between the scales that cover her feet. They itch something horrible at first, then the lance of white hot fire comes, as the blood begins to flow from underneath them. They soften and come loose, peeling away from her flesh, revealing angry red skin underneath.

Her Tail joins her, squeezed out of the tight sphincter above her, and now she is fully inside her soft squishy death prison. There's nowhere she can escape to anymore… This is where she is going to die. Her tits jiggle like bowls of jelly as she squirms uncomfortably looking for relief.
“I doooooon’t waaaaaaant to dieeeee… I’m toooo Younnngggggg toooo beeee Diiigesssted!”

As if hearing her challenge, the entire fleshy wall gurgles and moans, and then torrents of stomach acid spray out onto her. The stomach begins to churn urgently. Clouds of steam rise of every inch of the tortured meal.

“Aaaaaaoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelps in strained torment.
“Ah… Ah .Ah… Ah….Ohhhhh….Iiiiit’sss Diiiigeesting… meeeeee…Allllliiiiiiiiiiveeeeeee”
She convulses in the stomach, like a cat in a bag being beaten by baseball bats.
It’s a wild, and uncontrolled thrashing, done out of worthless desperation.
She knows she’s going to die here.


File: 1551323120907.jpg (861.34 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_04_comp.jpg)

Frenzied, she splashes around, trying to find an exit. Maybe she could bite her way out the side? She tries, but the flesh is strong and pliable, and won’t give way to her sharp shark teeth, like she had expected. She is just rewarded for her efforts, with acid on the tongue, sizzling away at the sensory organ. She claws at her ruined mouth, trying to fix her gruesome mistake.

With a great effort, poor Daniela tries to rise. Her fevered mind recognises that the only way out of this mess, is the way she came in, through the stomach sphincter above her. She claws like an animal at the walls, and tries to locate the entrance… but torrents of fluids are now eating away at her legs. All the shiny scales on her body have fallen out, leaving her smooth skin to turn a ghastly brown pink. Anything below the surface of the caustic pool has already begun to bleed copiously. Her tail feels like it's going to fall right off her, and her shins and calves are in nightmarish suffering.

Daniela’s cute black bikini top snaps, freeing her breasts, and falling in tatters to the pool below. Her pretty blue nipples, finally exposed to the fiery slime, turn from their natural turquoise, to a nasty bluey purple colour, and begin to bleed. She’s in a state of complete distress now, it scares her so much that she can barely think straight.

‘Just a little more, and she can force that sphincter open and get out.’ Daniela hopes futilely.
Her fingers try to pull apart the bulbous pink ring with no luck.
“No… No. No. No. No…No…. I dooooooon’t deeeeeeeeserve thiiiiiiiiiissss!” she screams in the horrendous realisation that there will be no rescue, or escape.

SNAP. There’s an awful piercing pain, as the acid erodes away at the bones of her right foot… CRACK. The bone shatters, and Daniela goes ass over tit, and lands with her back in the pool of stomach acid. Bits of bone and gore that used to be her leg go flying everywhere as her shapely body is submerged in lethal acid. With a panicked gulp, trying to get air, she swallows a large mouthful of the corrosive goop.

“Hack, Gurgle… cough” She splutters
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhhhh!!!… Waaaannnt.. Uggggh. Muh… Ugggh… Mooommeeeeeee”, she begs looking for familiar comfort in all the pain. Of course, her prayers aren’t answered.

Her skin melts off, and her belly pops open, revealing a mess of slithery pink organs that spill into the pool, dissolving into a sludgy mess. The yellow fat of her tits shows through as they steam and crackle as they digest. She’s just a miserable pile of loosely cobbled together offal.

The bones of her fingers fall in gorey red dribbles, and splash into the drink., as her cheeks disintegrate. Never a more woeful sight had she ever seen, and was unlikely to ever again. The youthful energy of Daniela disappears from her body, and she lies her head back into the burning slime, unable to keep it above any longer. The acid washes into her eyes, and begins searing them

She’s given up on trying anymore. She just can’t move… She’s done her best, and failed. She’s no longer Daniela Shepard now, just a pile of meat waiting to be digested, and hopefully die quickly.

The meat twitches uncontrollably, spasming as it gurgles insensately.
A cloud of red blood billows in the water around the ugly outline of what used to be a girl.


File: 1551323327502.jpg (955.99 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_05_comp.jpg)

“Kiiiiiiiilllllll…. Meeeeeeee… Gurgle, splutter, hack” the thing screams as its mouth submerges.
The meat’s eyes caul over, blinding it, and as its abdomen disintegrates, its torso and head float up and bob to the surface. Bubbles flow from the meat’s mouth as acid fills its lungs, drowning it, if not for the gills, still trying to process the oxygen out of the hydrochloric acids, keeping the unfortunate slab of sharkgirl meat alive well past the time any mammal would have asphyxiated.
“Uuuugghh.. Gurgle gurgle”

The cadaver tries to scream one last time, but finds it no longer has functioning lungs to do so. Acids pour into its brain case, frying its brain and making it convulse frantically, blind, deaf, tasteless, and unfeeling… but still tortured.


More skeleton than meat now, the slab of animal flesh finally expires and remains silent and still.
The last of its meaty red gibbets is digested off the bone, The skull’s jaw unhinges and falls from the cranium, in a string of thin scarlet gore.

The waters are red with blood and bits of bone fleck now, as the floating cartilaginous skeleton of the girl, who used to be surfing champion Daniela Shepard, now begins the long process of breaking down and being absorbed by the Pelican Eel.

The Eel swims away down to the ocean floor, happy with its full belly, for the moment. It doesn’t have much in its head in the way of thoughts… but it feels vaguely happy with these hunting grounds… they seem full of prey creatures… especially the ones with legs that are close to where the light is. It thinks it will stay here for a while, see how the hunting goes.

Daniela’s bones fill the Pelican Eel’s belly. It’ll be awhile before they too are digested, and the Eel is ready to begin hunting again. It squeezes out what remains of Daniela’s perfect shark girl body, a fishy excrement flecked with pieces of bone, that settles on the sandy seafloor, her final resting place.


In the months that go by, the disappearance of renowned surfing legend, Daniela Shepard, is big news. Family and friends cry uncontrollably, The Fans hope for her reappearance… Conspiracy theories surface, theorising what had happened to their worshipped idol. Everything from secret spy conspiracies, to alien abductions are floated as reasons for her disappearance. Eventually the authorities rule the disappearance was likely an accidental drowning, and life slowly returned to normal. As time went on, people began to forget about her. Life went on.

Every now and then, on the same stretch of coastline, a surfer, or a swimmer, or a diver would disappear. The coastguard would blame it on rips, or underwater whirlpools created by undersea caverns. But in reality, Daniela Shepard was just the first victim in a long line of men, women and children grabbed by the voracious new resident of the bayside area.

First it was a cute kitty surfer… then a hunky lifeguard, pulled underwater while rescuing a woman swept out to sea by a rip. Then a mother and her children, snorkeling out on a daytrip to a nearby reef. The heiress to a business empire, missing after disappearing from her luxury boat. A fisherman pulled overboard while checking his nets. Some cute teenage girls riding tandem on a jetski… only the jet ski returned… and many many more.

Their screams went unheard, deep underwater, begging for mercy, as they were digested alive by a nightmare creature from the darkest depths of an undersea trench. Their grisled scarlet bodies were transformed into a sanguine soup as they tossed in unimaginable anguish. Hundreds more joined Daniela in her gruesome fate. Never to be seen again.

Many thanks to Timo for commissioning this set, and for the use of his Mayo Shark character; Daniela Shepard

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