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The World of Bones is a harsh reality where humanity is little more than prey for the myriad of creatures with monstrous appetites. Mankind organises itself into small villages and tribes that scrape a living out of the feral forests of teeth and blood. Only their evolved ability to rapidly breed allows their kind to flourish in the deadly wilderness. A girl grows up knowing with certainty that she will one day meet her brutal and gruesome death at the claws of of a towering Histscream, live impaled and roasted at the hands of a rival tribe, or impregnated by a parasitic Grey Stalker, whose offspring devour their hosts slowly from the inside out. A young woman's highest aspirations here are to find one of the rare males of her species and to bear and raise as many of his children as she can before she is ripped screaming from this world. If she is exceedingly lucky, and gives birth to one or more male heirs, she may be rewarded by a compassionate lover with a swift beheading. In the world of Bones, death is a constant daily companion.

Elizabeth was taking two of her many daughters on one of her daily gathering trips into the village's local forest.
Melissa had journeyed with her mother on this relatively safe exercise many times while growing up. For Cassie, however, it was her first time, having only just completed her ritual of ascension that marked her as one of the adults of the village, and subject to their responsibilities. Cassie wore her hair in pigtails that hung over her cute freckled face. As they approached the watering hole, Cassie's fresh young eyes darted around looking for signs of danger in the unknown. Elizabeth and Melissa walked over to the crystal clear lake with a practiced confidence.... unaware of the new danger that had grown in their safehaven.

In the last moments before the Venus Mantraps sprung their ambush, Cassie's eyes fell on the bloody remains of the last villagers to pass this way; reduced to a pair of grinning skulls by the shoreline. She screamed and spun around as a slippery tongue wrapped around her mother's unaware neck. hoisting her into the air. Elizabeth gurgled out a muffled shriek of surprise as her eyes widened in abject horror. Her legs kicked in unladylike panic as she dishonoured her ancestors by letting a stream of warm urine project forth. Pissing yourself in your death throes was considered an act of cowardice, and was enough to have your name stricken from any historical records you may have achieved.

Melissa stood frozen in quiet fear as her mother was lifted bodily towards the gaping sphincter. Her mama was about to be consumed right in front of her eyes. In her lifetime, she'd seen many friends and acquaintances meet similar messy fates. Why, only last week, her childhood friend Tiffany Walker had been ritually disembowelled in the main street of the village. But this was her mother... somehow this was different... startling. Melissa found herself quite unable to budge an inch, which was unfortunate for her as a thick slimy tongue slorped down in front of her face. She pulled at her hair and choked out in a squeaky voice "Mama"

Cassie's legs took her as fast as they could in the opposite direction from the nightmarish scene.
Behind her, her very own man eating plant wetly launched its wet appendage to arrest her.
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Both mother and daughter finish evacuating their bowels, the Clams forcing them to squat over a pile of their own excrement. The Pregnant woman’s body farts wetly as her skull makes its way out of the Clam’s waste tube.

Similarly, even though Wendy has already died, the Clam is still forcibly cleansing her guts. Her kiddie head, once full of worries about being fed to plants in front of her classmates, is now making its way out of the Clam’s digestive system to join her family on the bedroom floor. Her mosquito bite titties bounce a little with every strained movement or her corpse.

Soon Cleo, Violet and Wendy would exist only in memories, and as the flesh bicycle vehicles of the Zombie Clams that murdered them.


File: 1538052174738.png (6.94 MB, 3508x2480, ZC20.png)

Five of Violet’s other children walked through the front door of the home, having finished their day at scout school. They were chatting about the morrow’s events to come. Sophia smiled brilliantly as she chided Jessica over her test scores that day. “Another bad day like that and the teacher will be feeding you to that Man-trap they’re bringing in next week.”
“Nuh-uh - Wendy’s got worse scores than me… She’s the one who’s gonna be pissing herself as it Eats her up.
Charlotte piped up “Is not”
Amy retorted - “Is too.. She’s a dumb-dumb. She’s gonna get swallowed and digested.”
Lilly laughed loudly as the rest of her sisters gossiped about their siblings and class.

None of them saw it coming., none of them saw the three Clam Zombies waiting behind the door with Clans waiting in their hands.
Jessica, Charlotte and Amy were the first to get it; Zombie Clams wrapping around their unaware little heads. Their flat chests heaved as the Clams began to digest them, liquifying their flesh The three sisters made cute little squeaks and squeals as they shivered and crapped themselves. Three Nervejacks punched into their necks and the girl became agitated further, rocking their slim hips and waving their small hands. Then they were still, and their screaming began in earnest.

Sophie tried to get away, but was grabbed immediately , and the zombie that used to be her little sister Wendy, reached up and wrapped a fresh.Bivalve over the back of her head.
“Noooooooooooooooaaaahahahahahaaaaaaaa,,,!!!!” she wailed as it crawled up to devour her.

Lilly almost managed to get away… almost… But her mother managed to throw a Clam onto her back.
“No, No< No. Nononononononono… GET IT OFF MEEEE!!!” she shrieks as it weakly crawls up and envelops her face. The nervejack slowly works its way into her spine.
The Zombie Clam finally envelops her entirely and splatters the top of her head with digestive juices.which drip down. As the pain begins to assail her, she can feel her asshole widen involuntarily and the contents of her bowels evacuate wetly. Then she pisses herself, dishonouring the memory of her ancestors.

Five sisters sizzle and boil in the tiny containers… Then with one last spasm, they all die. Little Lilly goes last, and when there’s only a brainless skull in a pool of stomach acid… Her body gets up and moves on without her.


File: 1538105945046.png (6.77 MB, 3508x2480, ZC21.png)

Inside the family’s restaurant, hundreds of diners, the rich and wealthy noble women of Genkysou sit, adorned with rich accessories like necklaces of pearls, and fine hats, and freshly pressed loincloths, eating on linen tablecloths: A veritable treasure trove of fineries, cloth was hard to come by, given the only plants that made suitable weaving material were happy to eat those given the task of going out into the screaming forest to harvest from them.

The food was divine. Baxter in the kitchen had done a divine job working with the scullery sex slaves to prepare the dishes for their expensive lunches. Each course would set the girl who bought it back hundreds of shells each. And all agreed that it was worth the price. The Sauteed Firesnake was exquisite, and the Razor Kite mince tarts were the best this side of the Imperial City. The whole roasted teenager was highly sought after. Baxter really knew how to snuff a teen, and his basting technique made them tender and juicy, whilst giving them a crispy crackling exterior. The smell of their roasting flesh attracted crowds of well to do from all over. But it was their fried Zombie Clams in dried Bloodflower petals, server in a bed of Gourdplant jus that kept them paying to come back for more.

Cleo’s Zombified family stumbled in through the servants entrance near the front of the establishment, their shadow darkening the happy diners as they sucked the roasted marrow from the bones of the corpse of a girl freshly sourced from the orphanage that day. Others supped frozen brains from the cracked open heads of good quality heads of pretty girls whose rent had been suddenly raised by 5 shells.

The clientele didn’t even look up from their extravagant lunches to the sudden appearance of the zombified girls. They continued to chatter away about high culture concerns, brilliantly unaware of the oncoming storm… until the first clams wrapped around heads… and the screaming began.


File: 1538192847740.png (7.16 MB, 3508x2480, ZC22.png)

Carnage ensued. There was only one entryway: only one exit. And the Zombies blocked it with their own entrance. At first, the onslaught was slow but frantic, with eight zombies taking eight victims by surprise… but soon there were another eight casualties… and then as more Clam Zombies were born, sixteen, and then twenty two. Soon the restaurant was a hell of women screaming as their heads were digested alive. They stampeded to the back, trying to find another way out… but because it backed onto the water wall barricade, it was sealed shut.

It was an ungodly massacre. Noblewomen trying to climb up on table and stairs, trying to get away from the oncoming monsters. But they fell anyway.. One at a time.they succumbed. Slimy tentacles wrapped around them and hauled heavy clamshells over their crying faces.

By the time they were finished, dozens of women were trembling as their spinal columns were invaded by the nerve spikes of Zombie Clams. The restaurant had voluminous quantities of Clams in their storage… and the Zombies had brought them out in force.

Kiddie skulls were crapped out onto rich velvet chairs and beautiful Parasytecotton tablecloths, even as dozens upon dozens of new girls were added to the enlarging horde.

By the end, bodies were squatting on tables, defecating their guts out, and humping pillars in a blind desperation. Some were slumped against walls… but soon they rose, freed from their human condition, and helped in the slaughter of their fellow socialites. Their suffering was as exquisite as the meals they had been served that day.

A Clam crawls up the body of a roast that was being served, setting its fine tentacles to her bubbled golden brown skin. It sucks in her head and jams its body controlling tentacle into her cooked body. WIthin minutes, the dead muscles begin to move again, and the dead girl reanimates and begins to wiggle again, stuck immobile on her spit.


File: 1538224827187.png (9.12 MB, 3508x2480, ZC23.png)

It’s mayhem on Restaurant Alley in Genkysou Village. More and more women join the ranks of the undead. The City Guard try to keep the order. They swung their spears at the surging masses of Clam headed parasites. As a spearhead ripped through Cleo’s chest, skewering.her through the heart. Gore splattered over the Guard, even as she was surrounded by Zombies who fitted her with her own killer Clam.

Yet another Guard, when faced with the hundreds of Clam controlled girls, tried to run instead… but it didn’t matter if they fought or if they ran or hid… the result was the same. Hundreds of inhuman hands reached out and transformed them into hosts. The jerking, pissing mannequins they were transformed into, were a horrid pastiche of the stoic warriors they were in life.


File: 1538265562188.png (6.69 MB, 3508x2480, ZC24.png)

The horde made its way in unison out the back gates of Genkyso Village. Hundreds of poor dead souls walked into the cold, unforgiving lake,disappearing into its moonlit depths.

Cleo’s mutilated corpse walks itself into the lake last. After the events of the restaurant, and the subsequent tussle with the Guards on the way out, it’s missing arms, and flesh, and she has a great hole in the place her heart used to be… but still, her corpse marches on in defiance of logic. The Zombie Clam guides her body down into the freezing deep.

As the days drag on, the rotting bodies of the hundreds become fodder for baby clams to grow up on; fostering the next generation of predators.

Months pass by, and a clam opens its shells, and reveals magnificent pearls, made from the gritty calcium dust it sanded from human bones when trying to suck the last of the flesh from its victim… all that remains of a foolish pearl diver named Cleo.

In the World of bones, even a hideous death may turn out to become a thing of absolute beauty


So that ends another tale in the World of Bones.
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Mild nitpick: You wrote that there are guards around, so they'd have spotted the legion of clammed women slowly making their way towards them. :P


I'm sure you can level that nitpick at most Zombie apocalypse films.
The presence of trained military often seems to be unable to stem the tide of undead.


Yay, Gurochan is back up… let's all celebrate with fine wines, tasty bites, sun sand, and play.


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It was a beautiful day for the harem to go for an outing, so Juan convinced his prime wife, to let him out of the compound for the day. It took a lot of begging and pleading on his part, but eventually, against her better judgment, she relented… She never could say no to those puppy-dog eyes of his.

He selected some of his favourite, most experienced, mistresses to accompany him. However, his primary goal that day was to deflower the newest acquisition to his harem; Alaine.

She was a pretty young girl that had caught his eye as he had been touring the barricades walls of his hometown; Genkysou. He’d spied her in the guard tower as his harem had guided him below. The way she’d been staring out at foreign dangers with such discipline and fervour, her body leaning against the wall, and her spear at the ready, had made him fall in love right away. He’d wanted to climb the ladder himself and ravish her right there and then, but he knew that unlike girls on the street, Guards on duty weren’t to be disturbed. So he’d spoken to the Guard commander, and had the guard assigned to that tower, report to his breeding compound that night.

Today, they found a secure spot on the lakeside beach.. Not so close to the water that they might get pulled in by an aquatic predator, and not too far away to that they couldn’t go for a dip to cool down if they wanted. Corks were popped on expensive Gourdplant wines, and glasses filled to the brim. Juan raised a toast to welcome the newest woman into the harem

The entire harem went swimming, tipsy on the fine alcohol they’d been consuming.
In the warmth of the early morning sun Alaine lay down on a crisp picnic blanket, to be pampered by her man. He fed her sharp cheeses and crackers by hand, and plied her with refills of fine wine. They laughed and giggled, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.
Then he asked her if she was ready for him,
“Yes” Alaine said, breathlessly. Then they kissed a little, his tongue pushing inside her mouth. It was more than she could have hoped for. The moment was perfect.

Juan undid Alaine’s loincloth with a much practiced hand, and cupped her ample breasts forcefully with his hands.
“Not so hard” said Alaine, still awkward around his ministrations. But when he asked her to open herself up for him, she did so eagerly, spreading her folds apart so he could enter her more easily. They made love happily, Juan showing her different kinds of positions that he had been taught over the years. She liked the ones where she was on top the most. When she in control of him, she felt the same exhilaration she did when on a hunt for a Hellhound. Something about fucking out in the wild, in the feral nature, the danger of it all made her so excited. Somehow her new beau seemed to know exactly what she wanted, and how she liked it.

His pubic bone rubbed against her clitoris as she rode his shaft… Each stroke bringing her closer to completion. She felt the perfection of his strong hands on her behind, the tickle of his breath upon her tummy… the feel of his face as it pressed into her chest. It made her giggle a little.
Her breaths became short and ragged as she got closer… Then there was a splash of wetness as she lost control of herself, orgasming around his hard cock. Juan, being a practiced lover, and having been holding off till she was finished, chose that moment to shoot his seed up into her.

She felt the warm sticky cum fill her, dripping down her vaginal walls.. The culminating moment in her life, as she was finally on the cusp of pregnancy. Months from now, she’d become a mother, just as she’d dreamed of being ever since she was a little girl. Alaine had never been happier in her young life.


File: 1544514999845.jpg (894.52 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_02.jpg)

Juan and Alaine finished their romp on the beach with a long and joyous french kiss. Alone on the bay outside Genkysou village, all they could hear were the chirps of small birds, and the lapping of water at the edge. It was a blissful serenity that belied the wild green danger of the world..

“Hmm, seems quiet… I wonder where the other’s have gotten off to.” he wondered.aloud.
“Probably doing some deep-diving competition… You know how those girls are Juan.” Alaine said, still with a sex-fed smile of contentedness on her face.
“Either that or they’ve gone to the latrine’s to take a piss. I know this wine’s going straight through me.” she said as she drained yet another glass in one loud gulp.”
“God you’re insatiable Alaine… And I’m not talking about the sex. You’re like a bottomless pit.”
“Pour me another and keep that blanket warm for when I get back. I want another for round two.”
“As you command, my fine young lady.”
Alaine shook her ass in what she hoped was a saucy manner as she trotted up the beach towards the privacy of some small bushes where the girls had dug a latrine earlier that day.
Juan smirked… that haughty manner was what he liked about this one. She was going to raise some fine strong children for him.

As she squatted and began to spray urine into the little trench, she didn’t notice the sand behind her change colour into a dull yellow-gray mottle and lift up to reveal a hideous, slimy, needle filled, pink mouth. The chameleonic creature shed its sandy camouflage and raised itself up behind her like a snake readying itself to strike.
Alaine didn’t notice the sounds of struggling, and the shaking forms behind the bushes until two spines penetrated her feet, pinning her to the ground. And by then, it was too late for her.


File: 1544680597380.jpg (1.06 MB, 2480x3508, ADATB_03.jpg)

In the bushes, were the other members of her harem, Diana, Mary, Vera, all wrapped up by their very own Mother Maidens, a type of vicious chameleonic ambush predator. They had been grabbed one at a time as they came to the latrine to relieve themselves. Viscous scarlet liquid dripped from the gaps in the cocoons, and their occupants were hellishly screaming as they thrashed in their lethal bondage.
“Aiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”” screamed one of the flesh sacs
The others squealed in reply, struggling in futility, like fish in a net.

Alaine cried as the Mother Maiden started to slowly wrap her up from the feet upwards, its thousands of needle like teeth puncturing her skin as it rolled up her back to her shoulders. It didn’t need to move fast now, it had her trapped already. Now was the time to savour its meal. She tried to escape, but it was no use. She was little more than the meat in a ‘grilled girl burrito’ now.

She’d learned all about these creatures, and the gruesome manner of how they fed on their prey. She’d studied long and hard about how to identify their ambush traps, and where to strike to kill them quickly, but none of that knowledge would help her now.


File: 1544745061551.jpg (822.43 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_04.jpg)

The creature squeezed tightly around Alaine’s trembling body, cupping itself to her curves. The Mother Maiden carefully lines up one of its bigger spines with the tip of her nipples and slides slowly into place over her boobs; a thousand needles entering deep into her tits. Blood sprayed out in little spurts from beneath the seals of the breast cups.
It was like something out of a nightmare.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhh” she screamed as it tightened further over her legs, ensuring that there was no potential for escape.

In their nearby pods, all her friends digested, still shaking every now and then as they groaned pathetically, just as Alaine would soon be doing.
“Juuaaaaaaannnn…. Get meeeeeee ooooooutttt offfff heeeerre - It’ssss Eeeeeatttting meeeeeeeee!”
Her man ran up the beach towards her, and on finally reaching the latrine where she was being eaten, and froze in horror at the sight of her being consumed by a Mother Maiden”
The smile on his face collapsed, and to Alaine’s dismay, he wheeled around and ran straight back for the Village gate instead of trying to help her escape. He was hollering for them so save him the entire way, and never looked back once.

How had it come to this? Only minutes before, she’d been having fantastic sex on a beach while sipping drinks with her handsome Juan. Now she was hurting all over, and going to be some foul thing’s lunch, while her cowardly wretch of a husband saved his own skin by abandoning her. It was so unfair… Alaine didn’t want to die.


File: 1544841754508.jpg (967.31 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_05.jpg)

Finally, the teeth and flesh wrapped around Alaine’s head, Long spines lining up with her eyes and mouth. Then with one swift move, they plunged into her face, blinding and gagging her.
A long thin stub of rear-facing spines pushed up into her freshly creamed pussy, hooking themselves into her womb and vagina. Alaine tried to squeeze it out by flexing herself and wiggling, but the painful rod was firmly embedded into her, and every motion she made just delivered more agony. It was like trying to fuck a cactus.
There in the dark, poor little pincushion Alaine slumped in her squishy pink prison as it pulsed rhythmically around her, secreting goopy enzymes all over her now inflamed skin.


File: 1545056496536.jpg (902.26 KB, 2480x3508, ADATB_06.jpg)

The Mother Maiden contracted tightly against Alaine’s youthful body, stimulating acid sacs beneath all of its hollow needle-spines to produce its vile stomach acid, which was then pumped under Alaine’s skin. It bubbled and boiled inside her, causing her to shake and kick inside the pumping flesh case.
“Aiiiieeeeeeee. Fuuuuuuuuuckkkk…. It’s buuuuuuuuurrrrniiiiinnnng meeeeee!!!” she squealed shrilly.

The process of digesting Alaine seemed to go on forever to the unfortunate victim. She was aware when her skin melted clean from her, and when the stub of spikes that had been rammed into her turned her womb and ovaries into gross slush. She felt every painful moment of having her breasts siphoned and slurped from her chest.
Uuuuuuhhhh.. Don’t……. Waaaannnnaa….. Diiiieieeeeee!’ she groaned

Soon her belly exploded open, and her insides slopped out of her like a burst intestine pinata..
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuughhh,” she moaned. Softly, barely able to raise a noise as the acids melted away at her heart and lungs

Soon she was just a pathetic gibbering skeleton covered by a half-melted coating of entrails and mushy muscles. It took two full hours for the poor beauty to die from blood-loss, and another two more, for the Mother Maiden to extract all the nutrients from the gorey slop in its flesh sack that used to be a girl named Alaine.

When the Mother Maiden was done, it crapped out Alaine’s pitted skeleton back onto the beach, and slithered off to find another place to set up an ambush. Its belly was full for today, but the Mother Maiden was ever preparing to hunt for its next meal..

Alaine’s sticky corpse litters the beach, soon to be scattered by wind and tide, In a thousand years, the elements will have ground it down to a fine white beach sand… identical to the rest of the coarse bone sand that covers the entire beach.

In the World of Bones, getting sand in your important parts, was not the worst thing about sex on the beach.


File: 1545210551796.jpg (907.48 KB, 2356x3508, Worm.jpg)

In the World of Bones, travel is a dangerous endeavour, but many make treacherous journeys to make better lives for themselves and their children. Kimberly and her close friend Penny, were two such girls, seeking their futures in the faraway village of Genkysou. Both had been exiled from their home in the Imperial capital. The’d upset Terri, the prime wife of their harem, by upstaging her preparations for the birthday celebrations of their husband. He’d knocked them both up that very night, and set into motion a six month revenge plot.

Six months down the line, and both Kimberly and Penny were both in cast iron chains, begging for clemency at the feet of the woman they’d wronged. Terri had managed to convince the Dragon Empress’ consort that the two pregnant girls had said unwholesome things about the reigning ruler. A couple of carefully placed whispers and rumours had the City guard investigating the two with undercover agents. Some careful planning and cajoling, and with a little Gourdplant wine, and it had been easy to get the two naive youths to speak freely and without fear of repercussions.

Usually, dissidents were publicly and painfully executed in the Imperial City’s Coliseum. However, Terri had bribed the guards to deliver the two girls to her instead of the animal holding pens. She wanted to gloat about her victory in front of them, and to pass judgment of her own. Terri wanted to look them in the eyes as they cowered in the face of their fates.
Oh, how good it felt as they whispered and whinged, begging for mercy.
“My how far you two have fallen.” she looked down her nose at the two criminals on their knees
“Soon you reprobates will be gurgling away inside a monster’s belly.”
“Noooo, we didn’t mean to Terri” moaned Kimberly
“Forgive us please. Don’t let them feed us to a creature” begged Penny
“I certainly have the power to release you… but I want you to know that you are beneath me now. Criminals aren’t real people any more, so as punishment, I think I’ll have you pleasure me for your freedom. Now call me Mistress, and begin to lick me out. If you can make me cum, I’ll cut you both free.”
“Thank you Mistress Terri” Penny waddled up to her better, and began to lick Terri’s pussy with great enthusiasm..
Kimberly shyed back, a great blush appearing over her blonde bang framed face as she watched the big pregnant body of Penny engaging in those… deviant acts.

“Kimberly my dear girl, you’re not joining in? I have another hole down there to lick. Or would you rather be fed to a Grey Stalker… I hear that’s what they have for your humiliating death in the Coliseum today.
Kimberly looked up at Terri as she pulled her asscheeks open, the pucker of her anus waiting for a rimjob.
“I want… t-to … to service you…. M-Mistress” Kimberly wavered.
“Well you little bitch, get your tongue up inside me.”
Kimberly shuffled on her knees into position behind the toned body of her mistress.
She really didn’t want to put her tongue in Terri’s ass like one of those anti-breeding lesbians that they executed in the Coliseum every week, but there was no choice now, it was her only way out of being executed herself.
She pushed her face into Terri’s backside and began to reluctantly eat out her ass.
The sapphic act looked quite the sight, two big girls, their pregnant bellies touching under the crotch of their mistress as they satisfied her in ways that her husband couldn’t or wouldn’t.
When everything was done, she sprayed herself right into Penny’s face.
“Very good girls… I hereby free you from your bondage… but, you will also be exiled from this city, never to return. I have purchased Wagon tickets to a little village by the lake, where you can give birth to your children, and spend the rest of your days. Every Breath you take from now on, you will owe to me…”


And so Kimberly and Penny were bundled up and sent packing to Genkysou village, without even a loincloth between them. They were smooshed in side by side with other pregnant girls, on a reseeding wagon bound for their destination. The Imperial City frequently sent these wagons out to Villages around the country to replenish populations when they diminished too far, too quickly. It was an easy way to smuggle two wanted dissenters.
“Do you think they’ll need more people in the Village” asked Penny
“I don’t know - I hear that sometimes the villages turn back wagons when they haven’t been raided recently… and sometimes they just take them in for meat supplies.” replied Kimberly
“Oh shit, Kimberly, to escape the Coliseum, just to be hacked apart into pieces to be cooked? Why did you say something horrible like that?”
“I’m sorry Penny, I was just… It’s all so exhausting… I wasn’t thinking straight… I’m sure everything will be alright.”
The Wagons jostled as the horses pulled them along the soft desert sands. The hard seats bruised their bums. Most of the girls were unhappy with the situation. Kimberly guessed that they didn’t want to be here either. One of the girls, barely old enough to be out of scout school, was being comforted by another as she cried shamelessly. Her belly was ripening and her pregnancy easily outgrew her tiny tits.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. The horses startled, and broke from their reins, bolting across the hot sands. The girls were left in the back of the wooden wagon as their wagon driver ran out on her own two feet to round up the rogue animals. It gave them plenty of time to chat in the stinking heat. It felt like they were cooking alive - like oven-roasted girls.
“What do you think Genkysou is like? Do you think they have good food there?” the young girl questioned
“It’s smaller than the Imperial Capital, but they have plenty of good things to eat there honey…It’s a fresh start or us.”
“If we make it there”
“What do you mean?”
“Well after we make it through this godsforsaken desert, we’ll have to go through the mountain passes where Razorkites have their rookeries… and then if we make it through there safely - we have to take a trip through the screaming forest. I hear that every caravan loses at least one person when trying to get through that nightmarish hell-hole.”
“I hear it’s infested with Venus Man-Traps… They call it the Screaming forest cause it takes weeks to digest a girl…. So you can hear someone screaming as they get digested in there, all year round.
The tremors hit again, making Penny and Kimberly hug each other for stability.

“Gods, why do you think the ground is shaking like that… It feels like the earth is going to open up and eat us all.”
“I don’t know - sometimes the ground does that honey - there are things that live deep beneath us that move and make the ground shake… Other times mountains of fire make the ground do that. Of course, there’s also Dragons too. I hear they hunt out in the plains around here.”
“I’m scared.I don’t want to get eaten or be on fire.”
“Don’t worry, the Driver will be back soon with the horses and we can be out of here.”
But the Driver did not return. And soon the hot day gave way into the cool night.


The tremors continued into the night, and while everyone else was busy sleeping, Penny and Kimberly drew short lots for the first night watch. The temperature dropped rapidly , and soon they were huddled into each other for warmth.
“Hey Kimberly.”
“Yeah Penny”
“You know how you…. Know were licking that whore Terri’s ass as she forced me to pleasure her cunt?”
“I can’t believe that lesbo gets to live the highlife in the Capital, and we’re the ones being sent to live in some podunk village.”
“Well, it kinda looked like she… well… she was enjoying it … like a lot… and I was wondering… well… would you… I mean… if it was me?”
“You want me to lick you in the ass?”
“Ummm. yes please.. If you wouldn’t mind… no-one’s watching… and you.. You looked like your were really good at it”
“Penny, you know what they do to free girls who do that kind of thing to each other!”
“I’m sorry, I just wanted you to hold me close and…”
Penny didn’t get to finish her sentence as Kimberly forcefully grabbed her by the legs and sunk her face into her crotch”
“Oooooooohohhhh Yessss!”
Kimberly’s tongue ran the entire length from Penny’s Ass, through her taint to the top of her pussy.

The long night was shorter than it had any right to be, with Penny and Kimberly making ravenous love to each other, exploring their baby-balooned bodies together in every way possible.
They never even noticed that the tremors were growing more frequent as day broke. Soon the second day began, and the girls were woken up for an early breakfast. Without horses, or a driver, they were just going to have to walk across the desert, or they’d die of dehydration by the end of the next day. After a quick breakfast, the girls all started out on foot in the general direction of the Genkysou mountain pass. As the midmorning approacher, the sand began to blister their feet, and nobody was saying much of anything anymore.. It was too exhausting to speak.. And the dry sandy air made them want to keep their mouths closed. But Kimberly still held hands with Penny, and they both knew what that said to each other.

The sands shifted and swept with each tremor…. Each girl knew what that meant… It was no earthquake or mountain of fire… something was hunting them, and it was getting closer. Out here there’d be nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. If something found them, they’d all be as good as dead. So it was a good thing that in the distance, they could see the fresh greenery of the plant life at the end of the desert. And from within it rode their saviour. Their Driver had rounded up the horses, and was riding one, with the other roped in tow.
As the distant horseback figure drew closer, it became apparent that she was waving her hands desperately some kind of signal to hurry up.
“Girls,” Kimberly began “I think we need to really get moving now.”
“What?” Penny puzzled briefly, but then an enormous explosion of sand enveloped the rider.

A Giant Sandworm ate the girl’s horse whole. It whinnied, and neighed, and kicked as it went down, but soon it was a just a large horse shaped bulge passing down the enormous annelid.
The Driver was knocked down to the ground, but she stood up quickly, her skin marred by cuts and grazes.. She looked confused for her second horse for a moment, before the Worm plunged down from atop her and sucked her into its round slimy mouth, before burrowing back into the earth.
“Oh FUCK! It ate her…”
The sands shifted and wormed their way towards the little girl with the big belly.
“No.. No No” She cried.
And the sands parted to reveal an enormous round void beneath her. Saliva covered lips stretched up over her, struggling to become wide enough to swallow the young teen’s pregnant bulge.
Sluuuuuuurrrrppp. Then she slid down its translucent throat, still squirming as it began to coat her with acids.


“Kimberly” croaked Penny “We’ve got to run… for the oasis”
They tried to leg it for the grasses, knowing all the while that they would never make it in time.
Girls were taken by worms all around them. They ran as best as they could, but their big bellies slowed them down to nothing more than an undignified waddle. They had almost reached the grassline, as Kimberly felt Penny’s fingers slipping from her grasp.
A Giant Sandworm had yanked Penny away by her head.
“No… Penny - I’ll save you” yelled Kimberly desperately trying to claw her friend back.
However, her rescue attempt was cut short as a Sandworm of her own drooled stinking salive down on her head before gulping her up.
The two pregnant women were slurped up to baby bumps. Kimberly could easily see another pregnant girl, already being turned into an angry red slurry, through the thin segmented body of her worm. And further down, she could see the goopy skeleton of the tiny girl being excreted as a smelly pile of worm crap.

“Pen-ny” she gasped, her lungs already being burned by the acrid air in the Sandworm’s gullet.
Side by side, the two expectant mothers’ wide bellies stop-gapped the mouths temporarily, until the ravenous creatures could stretch their boneless jaws around their prey..
When they did, the two girls popped in and disappeared with one disgusting swallow.
The Sandworms slid back deep beneath the sands, slithering down into the dark to digest their meals.

A week later, and another Wagon full of travellers traverses the desert. As their cart glides through the soft sands, it passes through something both hard and squishy. The driver cautiously calls the horses to halt, and hops from the front of the wooden vehicle, landing in a pile of thick brown shit with human bones in it
“Hmmm… Sandworm shit… Looks like they’ve been busy here. Guess we’ll have to go around. It’ll add a couple of days to the journey - but it's better than becoming like this stupid lass here.”
The occupants of the wagon nod in agreement, and the driver pulls the horses around as the first of the tremors begin. They leave Kimberly’s corpse alone in the vast wasteland, alone in the seemingly empty landscape… but somewhere out there is Penny’s skeleton, and thousands more just like it, lost in the dry sands.

In the World of Bones, travel is a risk only the brave, the foolish, or the desperate take. Those that do risk everything for a new life, but are often rewarded only with slow and agonising deaths

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File: 1546167049639.jpg (795.85 KB, 3508x2480, Darla vs the Winged Devour….jpg)

A Commission I did based on the movie Beastmaster. There's an accompanying story that I wrote for it- but its bit too long to post here.


File: 1546429564113.png (7.2 MB, 3508x2480, tiffSnakes01.png)

Tiffany was just another young girl living in the relative security of Genkysou VIllage’s Female Residences. Every day she’d work at the docks, loading fresh shipments of linens, and teas on and off docking boats or carriages. It was a tough job - but she was the kind of girl that had the strength to get out and get the job done.

On weekends, she could often be found out hunting by the woods. Sometimes she’d come back with supper for the week. Other times Tiffany would come back with cuts and bruises instead. But mostly, she came back weary down to her very bones.

Today she’d been out hunting Hellhounds by the bay. After a pitched fight, she’d nabbed two baby ones. They’d struggled something awful, but eventually Tiffany had broken their necks with her bare hands. She’d had the haunch of one for her supper - grilled in a light breastmilk butter sauce with a sprinkling of Bloodflower petal dust. The other she froze in the evaporation refrigerator for later consumption.

Finally the young warrior retired to her bed. It was still mid afternoon, but Tiffany was so exhausted by the days events, that she just collapsed into the sheets, and put her head down on her pillow. Her fingers wandering down to her pretty little pussy lips for a little pre-nap masturbation session. She fiddled herself happily to the thought of a man of her very own.

She really should have checked under her bed first. It’s always the day you don’t check that a giant Firesnake slithers in past the Village fence and into your room, that you forget to check. A little reptilian head pokes up from under the silky blue sheets, and a slick tongue flits out to taste her rosy cheek.

Tiffany rolls over in shock, and comes face to mouth with the pink maw of the great green beast. She barely has any time to react whatsoever before it clamps sloppily over her face and begins to slurp her up. TIffany has no dignity whatsoever and immediately pisses and shits her bed, kicking and flailing desperately as the heavy predator eats her alive.


File: 1546675891053.jpg (958.77 KB, 3508x2480, tiffSnakes02.jpg)

The Firesnake rolls over on the sheets, revealing Tiffany’s bulge. She can be seen squirming from beneath the scutes. She pushes, screaming for a way out of her acidic prison. It doesn’t take long for her flesh to bubble and boil in the strong stomach acids of a firesnake though.

“Get me out of here… It’s Burning Meeeeee!!!; EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!” she wails as her nubile body is reduced to a gorey mush by slimey stomach contents.

Soon she’s just a pile of offal dripping of a skeleton, in a pile of gooey acrid slop Steam wafts of her lifeless cadaver as she is slowly converted into nutrients for the snake to absorb.. Her remains pass through its intestines to reach the anal sphincter

Tiffany passes out the Snake’s rectum as a long smelly pile of shit and bones. She plops wetly out onto the sheets where she’d once slept, foolishly confident in her safety. Tiffany is just another pile of snakeshit now.

The Firesnake, slithers off to find other victims. For weeks afterwards, the sounds of screaming girls would echo in the dark corners of Genkysou Village.

In the World of Bones, no place is safe from a voracious snake, not even your comfy bed.

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File: 1547002336959.jpg (924.58 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_01_comp.jpg)

“In the dying light of the afternoon, The great predator stalks her prey; delicious cheesy mayo fries. Slowly she approaches her unaware food. It’s so close that she can smell the steamy crispy potatoes, the fragrant melted provolone cheese, and the tangy mayonnaise that its drenched in. It smells like victory.

Then, the shark girl pounces on her food. Oh, the carnage, the tussle, as she greedily devours the treat. Scarlet sauce splashes over the chaotic stage. She shakes to and fro, gnashing and chomping at her nutrients. Chips go flying left and right, messy remains of a violent feeding. Oh the inhumanity.”

Daniella narrated her dining habits like David Attenborough doing the voiceover for a documentary on lions in the african savannah, as she chowed down on her favourite beach snack; a crispy box of Piper’s best Mayo Fries. Piper’s was the best surf food vendor on this stretch of beach. How she got her fries so soft and fluffy in the middle, and so crispy crunchy on the outside was a mystery. (One that likely involved copious amounts of animal lard)

Licking her fingers of the salty, greasy goodness, Daniela patted her tummy and rested for a while to digest her pre-surfing snack. She’d spent most of the daylight hours napping after a good morning shredding the fantastic tubes with her longboard. Every last creamy white dab of mayo, and stringy hot cheese was lapped up.

“Mmmmm. Delicious.” she murmured happily, giving an unladylike belch of approval.
Some of the other surfers, returning from a day out on the waves, just stared, stunned at the strange sight.

“Who’s that crazy lady attacking her food like an animal?” one Bunny whispers to her Kitty friend as they walk, surfboards by their sides, approaching Piper’s.
“Oh, that’s Daniela Shepard.. You know - the surfing champion” her friend replied
“Wait, ‘The’ Daniela Shepard? The one that was in that sex scandal with the entire female Swedish Olympic Beach Volleyball team, a luxury Yacht, and a giant hot tub filled with Strawberry Yogurt?”
“Yup - that one. ”
“Do you think I could get her autograph?”


After finally signing all the surfboards, swim clothes and the bare breasts of her fans (And handing out a few phone numbers to the more attractive ones), Daniela managed to extricate herself, and hit the water. The cool wetness of the salty ocean washed over her glistening scales. She enjoyed the feeling of strain on her toned muscles as she paddled out through the spray. Her freshly waxed board tweaked her nipples through her shiny black Bikini top. Every stroke made them harder. The orange light of the disappearing sun blinded her a little, as she sat up on her board, waiting for a good wave to catch. Twilight, was after all, the most active time of day for a shark.

Soon one came, She paddled hard to meet the wave, and as it rose beneath her, she leapt to her feet on her custom board, letting the aqua tube carry her along. Balancing with her tail, she angled her board, and let her hand dip into the ten foot wave as she soared along it, water breaking in a white foam cap above her head. It was perfect moments like these that made it all worth it. She was master of the water. As a shark girl, she was the most evolved of her entire species… and sharks were the apex predators in these climes. These refreshing depths were her birthright.

The wave took her all the way into shore. Daniela stood up in the shallows with a devilish grin on her face, and waded back out. Her plan was to surf well past sundown and into the night. When other surfers had packed up and gone home, she’d still be out there cutting through the chop to find the best rides.

She took back to the water, and paddled out once more. The salt water had drenched her hair, and gotten into her nose and mouth. Water beaded off the surface of her beige and brown scales. She swam out deeper than she had before. searching for the perfect blue. It made Daniela feel alive. She thought on what she’d do when she got home to the hotel later that night.
Maybe she’d ring room service and see if they served any fries. Probably see if she had any messages from any of her fans on voicemail. Perhaps she could arrange for a booty call… or another orgy… it had been a long time since that Yacht in the Mediterranean. And as good as an afternoon of hotel pay per view cable porn had been… masturbating alone in her room really hadn’t been enough to sate her kinks.

The cute shark girl floated beside her board in the last embers of the day, as the usual denizens of the bay swam under her. Fish, turtles, sharks… and something different…. Something from the deeper alien parts of the ocean. A monstrous and ancient evil.

The Pelican Eel swam up towards the surface. Usually a resident of the deepest black depths of underwater trenches, where inky blackness and crushing pressure fueled predatory competition unlike anything Daniela Shepard was used to on the surface waters she dived and froliced in. The thing came from a cruel and alien world beneath, filled with nightmares and teeth.

The slippery Eel, intrigued by the bright lights, and abundance of life to consume in this strange blue world above its own, begins to hunt the poor young maiden. It undulates and coils as it buoys towards the surface.

Unaware of her impending doom, Daniela bobbed obliviously on the waves, scouting for her next thrill.


File: 1547175958206.jpg (902.35 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_02_comp.jpg)

Absentmindedly, she was reminiscing about her self-ministrations earlier that day, rubbing her crotch against the waxy surface of the board through her cute black bikini bottom.
“Uh, Yeah” she grunted as she rubbed the right spot. It could be boring waiting for the right wave… but she knew some good ways , and kinky thoughts to make the time pass more quickly. Daniela bit her lip hard and closed her eyes half-lidded as she began to rock her body harder, grinding into the flat fibreglass . In her mind, she was already doing the hunky lifeguard she’d given her number to earlier that day. She’d written it in permanent marked all up his leg, and when she found she’d run out of room to finish.. She continued writing it up into his swimwear. It’d be hard for him to read the last digits… but she was confident he’d try every combination just to try to reach her again.

In her fantasy, he was driving his formidable member into her, holding her tightly against his chest. It felt fantastic. A little drool leaked out her lips as she moaned to him in real life.
“Uuunnnng,…. Harder… I’m…. almost there.”
And he shoots out his seed into her…. And she climaxes for real in that moment, shaking and clenching the board as if for dear life

Breathing heavily, she looks down at the board, and finds a wet little puddle between her legs, that she’s sure has nothing to do with the ocean around her. She’d always found it a little embarrassing that she was a squirter.

Almost as soon as she was done, she caught sight of what she’d been chasing. What looked to be the perfect beginnings of a radical wave. Daniela hopped off the board, so she could reposition herself, and push her torso into a more comfortable position to begin kicking to make up the speed she’d need to get on it.

Treading water, she waited for the best moment to begin… all her attention on the wave, and none of it where it really mattered, on the dark outline below her, that was rapidly becoming larger.

She felt it first before she saw it. Something slimy brushed against her leg. It felt long and stretchy, like some kind of squid tentacle wrapped around her leg. Daniela was almost excited at first. Giant Squid were always a tough wrestle… and Calamari tasted great, and could feed an entire party. She thought that it was gonna be a party pleaser. There was something about a vigorous fight with marine life, (where of course, she came out on top) that got her blood pumping. It was something animalistic in her, a primal urge to hunt and bring home the kill, that millions of years of evolution still hadn’t bred out of her completely.

But as she looked under the rippling blue surface, she realised that she’d never seen the taxonomy of a creature quite like she was looking at. It was a completely foreign entity to her. For the entirety of her 26 years of life, Daniela had lived and breathed the ocean. It was in her blood, a living part of her. She’d seen, hunted, and eaten almost every kind of sea creature delicacy available in its abundant waters. But this was new…. and big.

An Ancient part of her soul sank into her gut, and the poor girl experienced something that was almost as foreign to her as the creature wrapped around her leg: Fear.
This was something from the deep parts of the world, where the light failed, and even Shark people didn’t return from diving. A place where the creatures grew strange and ravenous. This monstrosity came from a horror world below where everything was on the menu… even cute Shark girls like Daniela

For a desperate moment, she clutches to her surfboard in the cold water, before the large Pelican Eel pulls her struggling form underneath with a frantic splashing. The Eel’s tail thrashes and releases Daniela as it flows through the sea, opening its impossibly wide maw to try to eat her. The jaw stretches to four times the size of the creature as it opens to accommodate Daniela Shepard’s squaline curves.

The underwater world spirals as Daniela is thrown around like a wet rag doll. She tries to catch her breath, but just takes in a large mouthful of saline water. Bubbles rise from her mouth as she chokes on it, Her gills pump it out, but already there is water in her lungs, making it tough to breathe and fight off the deep sea predator intent on making her its lunch.


Her strong hands grab the mouth of the Eel and prise them wide, trying to keep them from shuttering over her head. The two predators dance in the slow agony of the kill. Only one of them will survive this battle alive. The other will be consumed and die. There is no other way it will end now.

The Pelican Eel, frustrated with being unable to gulp down its hard earned prey, whips its tail around hard, trying to lash back around her ample posterior, in an attempt to drag her into range of its enormous mouth. But instead, the bristled tail catches in her bikini bottom, writhing around in her panties like an ungodly prehensile dick. It pushes up against her asshole and pussy flopping around over her labia as it tries to wrap around her leg, but is restricted by the black split nylon. In an angry lash, it yanks the offending undergarment right down off her legs, leaving her ass bare.

Daniela tries to scream “Nooooo”, but it comes out more like “Gurgleargles” as more seawater enters her windpipe. Her strength diminishing due to the extended nature of the fight, her hands tremble. The Eel gulps in water in vast quantities, forming a vacuum like area of suction. She shivers,as her hands give way, and her entire head is sucked into the creature’s mouth.

Slam, it shuts over her with a sticky slap. Once a proud young Mayo Shark, Daniela is now little more than deep sea monster food. The hungry fish slurps her in further, taking her bouncing tits, and slender waist in with a single motion. It pushes any water its take in out its gill slits, leaving Daniela’s butt and tail showing, kicking as she tries to escape her fate.

“Uuummmph” she protested unhappily, just a piece of food lodged in a long fish's esophagus
Her little useless struggles were unable to keep her legs outside it for long. Soon her toes joined her in the mouth, and Daniela gave an undignified shriek somewhere deeper inside the gullet.
“Oh, god, it’s eating me alive” came a dull muffled cry, echoing up the throat into the cavernous mouth

So this was how her mayo fries felt? Daniela didn’t like it one bit.


File: 1547388834719.jpg (997.72 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_03_comp.jpg)

The Pelican Eel’s insides were slimy and dim. Pink sticky walls closed around Daniela’s buxom body as she was squeezed down the slim throat. It almost seemed to tight for her to pass through, but the muscles relaxed as she went through them, and soon her head entered a gross sphincter, covered in a foul acrid smelling goop. It burns a little as it touches her, as her face is forced through the tiny opening.

Outside the Eel, her shark tail flicks and thrashes outside the creature’s mouth, giving it a hard time trying to swallow the last of Daniela Shepard. Like a really thick egg noodle, it wriggles as the writing wormy fish slowly gulps it up. Her fins disappear into the enormous mouth, and finally her caudal fin twists sideways and folds up like wet tissue paper. The cartilage and bone in it is no match for the mighty force of the prehistoric nightmare fish from the deepest places of the world.

And with that, no more of Daniela was to be seen, apart from the terrifying sight of her body pressed up against tight walls, showing through the thin scaled skin of the Pelican Eel. Every bulge of her nubile young form could be seen kicking and pushing for freedom that would never return to the unfortunate surfer.

Her head pops out into the Eel’s stomach, slowly her body is exerted into the cavernous organ. A saliva like liquid drips from every surface, sizzling and popping as it makes contact with Daniela’s soft scales. She can feel the pain of it as it contacts her soft tissues. Even her Bikini top is no match, the synthetic fabrics melting on contact with the vile liquid. It stretches and smoking holes appear in the material, exposing her large, well formed breasts beneath.

Tears well from her eyes, as she realises what has happened to her. It wasn’t supposed to go like this… she was the apex predator… she wasn’t supposed to be prey. It wasn’t fair.
Her thick tongue pokes from between her lips, and she pants as she blubbers.
“Noooooooooo” she cries in agony
“It buuuuuuurrrrrnnnsssss… make it staaaaahhhhpppp!”
As she writhes, trying to get away from the acids, she kicks up some, and is splashes between her buttcrack, seeping into her pussy and anus. It immediately feels like she’s been fucking a rusty potato peeler for an hour.
“Ooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkk Noooooooo!!!!!!”

The burning feeling spreads up into her womb, and her clitoris is being etched away by an invisible cheesegrater. Her asshole is like riding a glowing orange steel rod. It’s like accidentally getting chile oil up her rectum, but like a million times worse. Her hands go to scrape it out of her, but all she succeeds in doing is spreading it up deeper into her. The pain of her pussy and ass melting off is simply unbearable

Acid is beginning to pool at her feet, and she can feel it seeping in between the scales that cover her feet. They itch something horrible at first, then the lance of white hot fire comes, as the blood begins to flow from underneath them. They soften and come loose, peeling away from her flesh, revealing angry red skin underneath.

Her Tail joins her, squeezed out of the tight sphincter above her, and now she is fully inside her soft squishy death prison. There's nowhere she can escape to anymore… This is where she is going to die. Her tits jiggle like bowls of jelly as she squirms uncomfortably looking for relief.
“I doooooon’t waaaaaaant to dieeeee… I’m toooo Younnngggggg toooo beeee Diiigesssted!”

As if hearing her challenge, the entire fleshy wall gurgles and moans, and then torrents of stomach acid spray out onto her. The stomach begins to churn urgently. Clouds of steam rise of every inch of the tortured meal.

“Aaaaaaoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelps in strained torment.
“Ah… Ah .Ah… Ah….Ohhhhh….Iiiiit’sss Diiiigeesting… meeeeee…Allllliiiiiiiiiiveeeeeee”
She convulses in the stomach, like a cat in a bag being beaten by baseball bats.
It’s a wild, and uncontrolled thrashing, done out of worthless desperation.
She knows she’s going to die here.


File: 1551323120907.jpg (861.34 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_04_comp.jpg)

Frenzied, she splashes around, trying to find an exit. Maybe she could bite her way out the side? She tries, but the flesh is strong and pliable, and won’t give way to her sharp shark teeth, like she had expected. She is just rewarded for her efforts, with acid on the tongue, sizzling away at the sensory organ. She claws at her ruined mouth, trying to fix her gruesome mistake.

With a great effort, poor Daniela tries to rise. Her fevered mind recognises that the only way out of this mess, is the way she came in, through the stomach sphincter above her. She claws like an animal at the walls, and tries to locate the entrance… but torrents of fluids are now eating away at her legs. All the shiny scales on her body have fallen out, leaving her smooth skin to turn a ghastly brown pink. Anything below the surface of the caustic pool has already begun to bleed copiously. Her tail feels like it's going to fall right off her, and her shins and calves are in nightmarish suffering.

Daniela’s cute black bikini top snaps, freeing her breasts, and falling in tatters to the pool below. Her pretty blue nipples, finally exposed to the fiery slime, turn from their natural turquoise, to a nasty bluey purple colour, and begin to bleed. She’s in a state of complete distress now, it scares her so much that she can barely think straight.

‘Just a little more, and she can force that sphincter open and get out.’ Daniela hopes futilely.
Her fingers try to pull apart the bulbous pink ring with no luck.
“No… No. No. No. No…No…. I dooooooon’t deeeeeeeeserve thiiiiiiiiiissss!” she screams in the horrendous realisation that there will be no rescue, or escape.

SNAP. There’s an awful piercing pain, as the acid erodes away at the bones of her right foot… CRACK. The bone shatters, and Daniela goes ass over tit, and lands with her back in the pool of stomach acid. Bits of bone and gore that used to be her leg go flying everywhere as her shapely body is submerged in lethal acid. With a panicked gulp, trying to get air, she swallows a large mouthful of the corrosive goop.

“Hack, Gurgle… cough” She splutters
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhhhh!!!… Waaaannnt.. Uggggh. Muh… Ugggh… Mooommeeeeeee”, she begs looking for familiar comfort in all the pain. Of course, her prayers aren’t answered.

Her skin melts off, and her belly pops open, revealing a mess of slithery pink organs that spill into the pool, dissolving into a sludgy mess. The yellow fat of her tits shows through as they steam and crackle as they digest. She’s just a miserable pile of loosely cobbled together offal.

The bones of her fingers fall in gorey red dribbles, and splash into the drink., as her cheeks disintegrate. Never a more woeful sight had she ever seen, and was unlikely to ever again. The youthful energy of Daniela disappears from her body, and she lies her head back into the burning slime, unable to keep it above any longer. The acid washes into her eyes, and begins searing them

She’s given up on trying anymore. She just can’t move… She’s done her best, and failed. She’s no longer Daniela Shepard now, just a pile of meat waiting to be digested, and hopefully die quickly.

The meat twitches uncontrollably, spasming as it gurgles insensately.
A cloud of red blood billows in the water around the ugly outline of what used to be a girl.


File: 1551323327502.jpg (955.99 KB, 2480x3508, Daniela_05_comp.jpg)

“Kiiiiiiiilllllll…. Meeeeeeee… Gurgle, splutter, hack” the thing screams as its mouth submerges.
The meat’s eyes caul over, blinding it, and as its abdomen disintegrates, its torso and head float up and bob to the surface. Bubbles flow from the meat’s mouth as acid fills its lungs, drowning it, if not for the gills, still trying to process the oxygen out of the hydrochloric acids, keeping the unfortunate slab of sharkgirl meat alive well past the time any mammal would have asphyxiated.
“Uuuugghh.. Gurgle gurgle”

The cadaver tries to scream one last time, but finds it no longer has functioning lungs to do so. Acids pour into its brain case, frying its brain and making it convulse frantically, blind, deaf, tasteless, and unfeeling… but still tortured.


More skeleton than meat now, the slab of animal flesh finally expires and remains silent and still.
The last of its meaty red gibbets is digested off the bone, The skull’s jaw unhinges and falls from the cranium, in a string of thin scarlet gore.

The waters are red with blood and bits of bone fleck now, as the floating cartilaginous skeleton of the girl, who used to be surfing champion Daniela Shepard, now begins the long process of breaking down and being absorbed by the Pelican Eel.

The Eel swims away down to the ocean floor, happy with its full belly, for the moment. It doesn’t have much in its head in the way of thoughts… but it feels vaguely happy with these hunting grounds… they seem full of prey creatures… especially the ones with legs that are close to where the light is. It thinks it will stay here for a while, see how the hunting goes.

Daniela’s bones fill the Pelican Eel’s belly. It’ll be awhile before they too are digested, and the Eel is ready to begin hunting again. It squeezes out what remains of Daniela’s perfect shark girl body, a fishy excrement flecked with pieces of bone, that settles on the sandy seafloor, her final resting place.


In the months that go by, the disappearance of renowned surfing legend, Daniela Shepard, is big news. Family and friends cry uncontrollably, The Fans hope for her reappearance… Conspiracy theories surface, theorising what had happened to their worshipped idol. Everything from secret spy conspiracies, to alien abductions are floated as reasons for her disappearance. Eventually the authorities rule the disappearance was likely an accidental drowning, and life slowly returned to normal. As time went on, people began to forget about her. Life went on.

Every now and then, on the same stretch of coastline, a surfer, or a swimmer, or a diver would disappear. The coastguard would blame it on rips, or underwater whirlpools created by undersea caverns. But in reality, Daniela Shepard was just the first victim in a long line of men, women and children grabbed by the voracious new resident of the bayside area.

First it was a cute kitty surfer… then a hunky lifeguard, pulled underwater while rescuing a woman swept out to sea by a rip. Then a mother and her children, snorkeling out on a daytrip to a nearby reef. The heiress to a business empire, missing after disappearing from her luxury boat. A fisherman pulled overboard while checking his nets. Some cute teenage girls riding tandem on a jetski… only the jet ski returned… and many many more.

Their screams went unheard, deep underwater, begging for mercy, as they were digested alive by a nightmare creature from the darkest depths of an undersea trench. Their grisled scarlet bodies were transformed into a sanguine soup as they tossed in unimaginable anguish. Hundreds more joined Daniela in her gruesome fate. Never to be seen again.

Many thanks to Timo for commissioning this set, and for the use of his Mayo Shark character; Daniela Shepard




This thing is very hot! Fear, horror, pain. Just a couple of inches from freedom.
This toothy live latex costume is just a miracle. And the fact that it injects acids under the skin is very interesting. Usually on the skin and not under it.


File: 1566282597007.jpg (575.27 KB, 3508x2480, Shadowwraith01_v01.jpg)

Connie knew she shouldn’t be outside the village gates after dark, but she’d needed to fetch glowworms to help make a balm for her sister’s fever. In the World of Bones, all kinds of nasty things ate women in cold daylight. Bones littered the very street she lived on, where girls hadn’t been wary enough to avoid danger.

Of course, going out at night was even riskier. If danger was around, you wouldn’t even be able to see it, let alone avoid it.

So she found herself digging in the shallow roots of an old Ranpa tree for the little bugs. Carefully, she picked out the soft, almost imperceptable glow in the sodden dirt.. She packed them up into the hem of her loincloth with a satisfied smirk.

‘Great’, she thought. ‘Now, I can get back to the gates, and out of this forest before it kills me.’

Ba-Thump.. Sloooorp!

The sound set her on edge… What the hell was it? She’d never heard anything like it in her life.
She looked cautiously left and right into the impenetrable dark, but saw nothing… Why in the name of the gods, did she have to be so stupid to have braved the wilderness for her sister’s sake… the stupid bitch got herself cut but a Hellhound tail… Why couldn’t she have just died? Why did Connie have to be out here? Why couldn’t she have just let her sister die like the fool she was?

Connie cursed her big heart, and bravery.

Ba-Thump Slooorp!

The sound grew closer… It sounded like it was right beside her now. But in the inky darkness, she couldn’t see what it was, or where… she froze, unable to run, not knowing which direction would lead to her doom.

Ba-Thump Sloorp! Crack - Squealch!

She didn’t know what creature it was - but she knew the sound of an opening mouth when she heard it…

Her hackles raised as she finally figured out where the thing was.
Connie looked up in horror to be met with a view of hundreds of razor sharp teeth in the mouth of some big black nightmare as it descended out of the shadows.

“No” she squeaked like a mouse. And it immediately clamped its razor blade filled jaws over her with a gruesome roar.
There was a cracking sound of shattering bones, as the Shadowwraith lifted her high into the pitch black canopy. Connie kicked, and squirmed, and coughed blood, but it was futile.

There came an awful din from the empty inky blackness. Crunching, and tearing, ripping and pleading, sobbing and screaming. There was as slobbering gulping sound, an animal belch, then came a wet trickle of blood, splattering on the leaf strewn ground.

Then silence, and darkness. And the Shadowwraith and its prey were seen no more.

Just something I was playing around in Krita with.

Thanks for supporting me - feel free to join my public discord

or maybe help me make more cool vore drawings by supporting me on patreon


Thanks… I quite like the creature myself. it has a nightmarish BDSM appeal to it… like a living Iron


Love all your work, Riraito, and that shadow-wraith is great. It's nice to hear some cracking and crunching, as well as the usual gurgling and squelching!


Thanks, a little variety is the spice of life… er gruesome death.
Creatures with rending teeth is just as good as one that digests its food whole.
Girls come out the other end looking the same anyway.


>Thanks, a little variety is the spice of life… er gruesome death.

Wait!! Did you steal that line from my story?
Emma shrugged. "Okay, I'm outvoted, but next time, no squishing. Variety is the spice of life."

"And death!" added Kasia gleefully.

>Creatures with rending teeth is just as good as one that digests its food whole.

I hardly dare to profess a preference in the face of your wonderful writing, but I'm quite partial to tearing, chewing and rending. But please continue to do whatever you like, it's all magical.

>Girls come out the other end looking the same anyway.

Quite so!


A complete blind co-incidence, I'm afraid. I'm sure that turn of phrase has been used before in the snuff/fatalvore communities. It seems rather too obvious a joke to have never been used before. I think its a mild case of apophenia.
and I'm sure that I'll do some more ripping and tearing stuff sometime.
it's poop - they come out as poop and bones.


>A complete blind co-incidence, I'm afraid. I'm sure that turn of phrase has been used before in the snuff/fatalvore communities. It seems rather too obvious a joke to have never been used before. I think its a mild case of apophenia.

I'm sure you're right! (Hurriedly looks up apophenia)

>and I'm sure that I'll do some more ripping and tearing stuff sometime.

I await with great eagerness!

>it's poop - they come out as poop and bones.

Quite so!


File: 1567597058257.jpg (498.94 KB, 2480x3508, bondage01_v04.jpg)

Not exactly guro, but a bond girl in bondage. But I'm sure that she's next in line for the industrial laser.
Goldfinger doesn't expect her to talk after all… He expects her to die.


File: 1568507888600.jpeg (67.86 KB, 900x506, 2A2D052B-90D6-49D5-BDB2-9….jpeg)

Hi everyone, Riraito here, just letting you all know that I've finished up an animation project for my Patreon supporters.
It clocks in at two minutes and forty seconds, and is based on this fantastic comic strip by Zeniku.
Give him some love on his Pixiv page

So come on over to my patreon
and help me out, and be rewarded with all the slurping, sucking, screaming, and painful absorbtion action that you know that you want.


File: 1569635083814.jpg (907.02 KB, 2480x3508, Spa01.jpg)

Here have some sharkgirl getting boiled in a hot tub


File: 1569635113032.jpg (794.48 KB, 2480x3508, Spa02.jpg)


File: 1569635194352.jpg (742.99 KB, 3508x2480, Spa03.jpg)


File: 1569635238133.jpg (964.12 KB, 2480x3508, Spa004.jpg)


File: 1570243563945.jpg (1.09 MB, 3508x2480, Blob01_v01.jpg)

Become one with the Blob


File: 1570243676872.jpg (1.19 MB, 2480x3508, Harrypotter_v02.jpg)

Have some Harry Potter girls getting nabbed and digested alive by magically animated plastic bags.


File: 1570243740115.jpg (1.05 MB, 2480x3508, Harrypotter.jpg)


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