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Where'd Paco's thread go?


I deleted it


Why? Your work was the best!


Seriously, why would you delete it? You're one of my favorite artists on here!


Yeah I loved your stories and artwork! Especially the consensual nature of them. Do you think you could repost your stuff or any new pieces you have?


You still there, Paco?


Yes. I may post again. I no longer have the previous works. Anything new will be somewhat different. If I do.


Really hoping you do. Your stuff is amazing.


I'm curious, what made you delete such a substantial thread?


You wouldn't understand


File: 1503207494642.jpeg (528.94 KB, 2550x3278, Drawing 001.jpeg)

Little Melissa moaned as she woke. She couldn't focus at first but she felt an aching in her young pussy. She tried to reach for it and soothe herself by stroking her own tender clit, but her arms would not move. As she tugged to free them, she felt a burning in her nipples. She looked down and as her eyes cleared, she saw the blood trickling out of the torn flesh of her tiny breasts. Her nipples were swollen and bloody from being bitten. Her heart was racing as she remembered the attack. The excitement of his hands on her as he undressed her, the confusion as he tied her arms and legs and the blinding pain as he stuffed his huge cock into her. She looked further down to see a thick mix of red and white falling in slimey glops from her spoiled cunt. She yelped as her nipples tried to swell as she remembered how it made her feel and she writhed in ecstacy as she climaxed from the stimulation of her wounds. As she did, her father returned from his swim. He was refreshed from the cold water and the sight of his daughter orgasming encouraged him to rush to her.
She felt him against her and she screamed, "Do it again Daddy! Pleeease!!"
He slid his cock into her again, savoring the warm, wet and still tight feeling of her. She cooed with delight, and he bent his head down to her left breast and sucked in her ravaged nipple, sucking and chewing the raw meat of her as he ground toward climax. She came suddenly on him, and he let loose into her. He bit down hard as he came and she shrieked as her nipple tore off. He sucked at the meat of her mammary swallowing what he could loosen as he ejaculated into her ripping womb. She passed out again and he collapsed to his knees. As he looked directly at her sloppy pussy, he wondered if it was tastier than her tits....


File: 1503220167228.jpeg (571.52 KB, 2550x2698, Drawing 002.jpeg)

Ping wanted to seduce her master and become his mistress. For a girl of 16, she was ambitious and a little too sure of her charms. She sneaked into his bedroom and stripped to her panties and a tiny blouse barely covering her perky boobs. She knew he longed for her, she could see him staring when she gave him opportunities to look at her tight bum as she scrubbed floors. Once she bared her breasts for him as she rearranged her blouse and she saw him grin. Tonight all of her temptations would pay off.
She would be his and she would be worth lavishing gifts upon. If she only knew the appetite of the man she wanted. He slid the door open and paused when he saw her. Closing the door, he approached and knelt in front of her. She began undressing him as he stared into her eyes. Not a word was spoken between them. When she finished him, she began removing her top.
He held up his hand to stop her. Her eyes began to water, she had failed. But he gently turned her facing away from him and said, "On all fours so I can admire your charm".
She bent over hands and knees and she felt him running his hand along her backside. She sighed and wondered if he would want pussy, bum or both. Then she felt him pull down her panties. She gasped as he licked deeply into her pussy and as her heart leapt with joy at the thought of him choosing her cunt for pleasure, she heard him draw his sword. Soon as she realized it was, he shoved the grip into her virgin slit up to the guard. "AHHH!, she groaned as her hymen split and her tender vagina was violated. He began pumping her with the hilt, slapping the guard against her smooth labia.
"You wanted to make me your husband? Heir to my lands? Slave to a woman's love?"
"N-n-No, ahh, n-no, unh. I just want to please my lord.ahhhh. AHHHHHHH,AH AH AHHHHHHHHAhahh"
Tears flowed from her eyes as her orgasm broke and she sprayed back onto his sword and arms.
"Then you will please me in the manner I wish" he roared as she arched her back and he jerked out the sword with a pop.
Before she could collapse, he spun the blade and speared her with it through her back piercing through her heart and nailing her to the floor. He walked around in front of her and as she gasped for her last breaths, he shoved his cock down her throat, drowning her with his cum. He finished pulling out his sword, and when she sprawled onto her back, lifeless, he ran the blade into her pussy as far as it would go, and then lifted, splitting her open from crotch to collar.


Awesome! Glad to see you back! I'm curious too. I bet we'd understand more than you think, but I won't pry since you seem uncomfortable with it.


File: 1503441242450.jpeg (311.93 KB, 1677x2185, Drawing 003.jpeg)

She was lost and crying as he walked over to her.
"Where is your mommy? or your daddy?"
She wailed, "They left me alone."
He guessed she was just lost and he looked around for them when she held out a piece of paper. On it was scrawled, "If you find this child, she is yours. Don't care what you do with her."
He looked into her face and opened his arms. "I'll take care of you"
She ran to his arms and kissed his lips. Odd thing for a four year old.
To his apartment they went where he fixed them a meal. She was so hungry.
"Can I take a bath now?" she asked.
"Sure," he said, "go right ahead". She stood and waited. He looked at her, pausing a moment.
"Aren't you coming?"
He looked puzzled.
"You have to help, I'm little"
"Oh,OH!, Yeah ok"
He filled the tub, she tested the temp and nodded then stripped in front of him. She threw up her arms and waited, then looked back at him. He was looking at her backside when she said "Ready"
He snapped out of it and guessed grabbing her under her arms and lifting her into the tub. He tried to keep from staring by sitting on the toilet seat and reading a magazine.
Her cheery voice sang out, "Time for your part". She was holding the washcloth out to him. He took it and she bent forward. He gently scrubbed her smooth back. As he did she asked, "Are you my daddy now?"
He wasn't sure what to say. Might as well make her happy at least for now. "I suppose I am"
She sat up, "Ok then you better wash the daddy parts too" and she stood up with her legs spread. He saw her open little cunny and started to it with the washcloth. She giggled and said, "No silly, you have to use your fingers"
He was stunned. She took the cloth from him and grabbed his hand placing it between her legs. He couldnt help himself, he stroked her mound.
"Don't forget inside too." He slid his middle finger into her slit, massaging her clit. Her eyes closed and she reached down and pushed his finger into her. She wriggled as he caressed her pussy. He pulled out his hand and licked her juices. She was sweet to taste. He heard the bathtub draining. She was smiling at him.
"Time for the lotion" he was foggy headed and started grabbing bottles from the cabinet.
"No, from there" he looked and she was pointing to his obvious boner. You have to put daddy lotion on me and then I wipe it off. It makes your skin smooth."
He grabbed a towel and wrapped her and they held tight as he walked to his room."What about the lotion?" she asked.
He was searching his dresser while he explained, "Definately gonna lotion you sweetie, but..." he found what he was looking for, "I have something for you first." He held out a large vibrator. "You will like this."
He pushed her back onto his bed and opened her towel. He spread open her legs and dove in licking her outside and inside.
"Oh daddy that's good but it tickles. I feel very clean now."
"This will really clean your daddy part" and he pushed it in as she gasped. He turned it onand she moaned a little. He turned it up and she tried to clasp her lover with her legs. He maxed it and she began her ecstacy. She went on for 15 minutes, sweating and tortured, her young body unable to fulfill its needs. He pushed until it went in all the way, bottoming in her undeveloped womb. She pissed but no climax. He licked and nibbled and rubbed her clit and she screamed for release. He looked at her nipples and had an idea. While she writhed in pleasure/agony he grabbed two safety pins and quickly pinned her breasts below the nipples. She did not seem to notice until he pinched her tiny nips against the pins. He saw her clit pulsing and he dove onto it licking furiously. She contorted, spraying pussy juice into his mouth. He drank joyfully until she finished, then stood and rapidly undid his pants. He no more than cleared his zipper and got aim when he exploded onto her body.
She was crying , "Daddy I love you"....


File: 1503594331368.jpeg (419.54 KB, 1700x2185, Drawing 004.jpeg)

She woke with a cold feeling in her chest. As her eyes focused a little, she saw something metallic entering herbelow her breastbone. Her foggy thoughts were more curious than alarmed. The metal point..."oh it's a big hook" she realized, began pulling her upright and as her weight fell on it, began burrowing up into her. She felt the strange forces inside her, ripping and cracking, but her drugged state caused her to think she was being fucked. As she became aroused, she felt another penetration. Looking through her mental mist, she saw a curved blade entering her upper abdomen. She saw the mans arm and in her confusion she thought, "Oh yes, he's fisting me"
She watched as the blade was pulled down slightly and a stream of blood shot out into a bucket on the floor. "Ohhh, I'm cumming" she moaned, loss of blood adding to her delirium. "Cum inside me nowwww!"
Her "Lover" grabbed the hooked gutting knife, pushed the bucket to the side and with both hands, pulled downward in a long smooth cut unzipping her belly and bisecting her snatch. As her clit was neatly split, she tensed in clarity and agony, then she climaxed again as her sundered vagina tried to react in ecstasy as a flood of juice splattered from her. A second later, her guts began to slide out onto a pile on the floor. Her face retained its expression of climax as her legs and arms twitched. He watched her exposed and sliced uterus pulse until she was gone. He grabbed his saw and hacked off her arms and legs. She was going to be delicious...


Glad to see you back with more hardcore stuff!


File: 1503689665887.jpeg (311.16 KB, 1578x2064, Drawing 005.jpeg)

He thought he was careful. No one would know he was climbing onto his sister when the clan was asleep, especially when they were passed out drunk after the feasts. There parents were dead from raiders and he made sure none of the clan used her. But the sight of her nude form sleeping near him every night was too much to resist. And when she welcomed his lust with eagerness, they were inseparable from then on. She wanted his protection and he wanted to fuck. She was merely a convenience. Very satisfying but to him, she was a toy for his pleasure.
After some months, her breasts grew and her belly bulged. He took little notice until he felt a kick as he lay exhausted on her.
If the clan found out he had sired a child with her, he would be cast out and she would be passed around the clan at the next feast to be fucked to death and then eaten.
They were doomed. Unless...
If she were gone he would be safe. He could also choose another girl from the clan since he no longer would have kin.
He would rather have kept her, but she would give them away soon enough. This way only one of them had to die...and he could enjoy it.
Next day they conspired to meet in the forest for some daylight humping. He took off to hunt and she went to gather herbs. They agreed to join at the old barn sveral miles in. No one goes there because it was rumored to be haunted. As soon as she arrived he was ready. He grabbed her as she laughed and tore off her clothing. "Hey I gotta wear that back home" she whined. She saw his fist cock back and felt the pain explode as the lights went out.
She woke with a headache and on her knees tied to a post. She winced as her eye ached where he hit her. Then she saw him walking toward her, nude and penis swelling as he grinned at her.
He knelt in front of her.
"Why did you hurt me and what are you doing tying me up?"
He placed his hand on her belly, "Do you know what is in here?"
She smiled, her eyes bright with joy, "It's your baby"
"It's a death sentence. They will rip you apart with their cocks and feast on your flesh and I will be cast out to starve or worse."
"We can run away together" she pleaded.
"Until we starve or are killed by the other clans. They don't take outsiders except to fuck or eat and kill."
He pulled out his knife from the dirt behind her, placing the sharp edge under her sternum. He sliced deep into her chest beneath her ribcage as he spoke, "This way, you will die quick and giving me pleasure and I won't have to be shunned. You will be remembered as the beautiful virgin that all the men wanted to open"
She gasped as he slit open her chest. Another slit down to open it wide enough and he reached inside. She groaned and gagged as he groped for the pulsing muscle in her chest. He hooked his fingers around it and pulled without squeezing. Blood ran from her wound and the sound of seperating tissue was drowned by her squeals. He looked at the beating heart still attached to her, pumping life through her. She stared at it in his hand, panting heavily. His cock was hard and oozing and he needed to fuck her one last time. The came a thought, he placed the knife at the tip of the heart slicing it open. Large spurts of blood pumped out. He crouched in front of her and she instinctively opened her mouth for him to enter. But instead he shoved her heart with its new cuntlike slit over his cock. He pounded into it, holding her against him, mashing against her fertile belly. The beating drove him wild as it tensed on his dick. When he came inside it, his sperm was pumped throughout her body and the pulses felt so good he stayed hard in her and came again. He waited for her to die, hoping he would climax again. He ripped open her belly and tore out her womb, cut her heart loose. He wanted to take her breasts too but they needed to stay for the wolves. He made a small fire, cooked her heart and child and ate them to conceal his crime. Then he gathered her torn garment, wrapped her with them and carried her body to the wolf den, leaving it nearby. He draped her over a log and spread her legs wide to entice the wolves to tear into her tender pussy to hide her loss of virginity.

He watched from a hilltop as they took the bait and made her little more than scraps and bones. She was discovered 3 days later when clan hunters found her scattered remains.


Hot as usual.


Any chance you could do an aftermath shot of Ping after she's split from pussy to collar?


File: 1504328308183.jpeg (393.76 KB, 1700x1986, Drawing 006.jpeg)

She like when he touched her, she liked everything about him. His strength and size made her feel safe when he held her. His scent, a mix of sweat and musk, filled her nostrils as she tasted the cum oozing from his cock. She licked its tip feeling it pulse and harden. She had dreamt of this moment and now she was only seconds away from having her desires fulfilled. He began to groan in his breathing and his hands grasped her shoulders. She looked into his eyes. They were wild as he growled her name. He flung her around and hoisted her by her legs, spreading them wide. He nestled her gaping little pussy onto the tip of his penis. The strain of her weight and her spread legs popped her hymen and she gasped. She was slowly impaling on his meat as she whimpered in pain. He wanted to force into her brutally and release his lust, rending her insides and risk killing her young body. But the slow painful act of violating her was so satisfying. Besides, if she lived he could use her again. He was halfway into her. Her belly bulging with his cock, her womb entrance straining with his desire for entry, he felt himself beginning to erupt as fluids inside him began to gush through his groin to fill hers. She grabbed his arms pulling herself down onto his manhood and screaming "Please fuck me hard noww!"
The plea was overwhelming to him. "Forgive me, my daughter", and he began pounding her like a whore. She wailed as her flesh was battered. Her womb filled with his semen and stretched. He came into her for what seemed forever, grinding as he did. Her belly grew with the pressure of his pumping, and at once her womb opened and he plunged in. Her toungue lolled out of her mouth and her eyes rolled back as she passed out.
He waited for her to awake, gaining back his stamina. Her orgasm was still going and it kept him hard until he was ready again. By the time he came in her again she was crying from the pain but still begging him not to stop.


Sexy as always :)


File: 1504396962430.jpeg (332.92 KB, 1633x2196, Drawing 007.jpeg)

Brutally raped with a katana hilt by her master, Ping climaxed as he pulled out the sword with a loud pop. She arched, about to cry out in pleasure when the blade ran her through. He shoved her forward, staking her to the floor and walked around in front of her. Opening his robe and kneeling in front of her, he filled her open mouth with his cock as she struggled for breath. Down her windpipe he drove burying her face in his crotch. He emptied his load into her lungs, enjoying her struggle fo air. She went limp and when he finished cumming and pissing into her, he stood pulling his sword as he did. She collapsed onto her back, spasming for air, unable to expel the thick semen fronm her lungs. Before she lost all awareness, he shoved the blade into her pussy, slapping the guard against her cunt. Her eyes opened wide as her brain told her she was being fucked properly finally and she reached for him to embrace him. He laughed as he pulled the hilt up, splitting her from pussy to collar bones. Her orgasm was complete. Semen from her mouth and chest burst out. her severed heart exploded with its last beat. Blood from her liver pooled beneath her tiny ass and her uterus could be seen quivering in a mass of wiggling, chopped intestines. He was so aroused by her display that he gut humped her trying to get another load off. Instead he passed out on her and finished hours later when she was cold.


Oh my god, you're awesome!


File: 1504486594441.jpeg (476.11 KB, 1700x2086, Drawing 008.jpeg)

He waited in his room. His mother told him he could not have a regular girl, they were too fragile. He didn't understand, but she promised he would thank her if he would trust her and wait in his room. She was going to give him something that would make him believe.
After a few minutes, he heard the doorknob turn. The door opened slowly and his little sister stepped in, closing the door behind her. She walked over to his bed and jumped up next to him. She whispered into his ear, "Mommy told me to tell you a secret". She leaned away watching him waiting.
"Well, tell me ya little brat"
She laid on his chest looking directly into his face,"Mom says we are different because daddy was from far away. She says that because of the two of them had us, we are able to do things different, that we can't do things with other people or we would hurt them. She said we can't be hurt like them so we are...perfect mates. She said we will be stronger when we mate and that you should do whatever you like with me now.
She sat up and pulled her dress off. She had no panties. She next undid his belt and jeans. She looked at him and said "She said you would know what to do next"
He stared into her tiny pussy as she stood up. No way he could fit in her, but some instinct told him he had to fuck her right now. His cock tore through his underwear as it swelled. He pulled her down next to him and hurriedly stripped. He knelt on the bed grabbing her up by her arms. His grip was fierce and she squeaked as her arms bruised. He yearned for her and he pulled her against himself humping against her belly and flat chest. His cock felt warm and wet and so good. He felt a burning sensation and looked down. Her eyes were rolled back and she was gasping between his thrusts. He pushed her away and saw his dick covered in her blood sliding out of her torso. As he pulled out, her guts began to pop out and there was a squirt of what smelled like stomach bile. Now he knew, he had to continue to save her. He plunged back in pumping with urgency into her, churning her stomach contents as the acid burned his foreskinthe feeling of his testicles slapping her spilling guts drove him wild and he ejaculated into her stomach until she vomitted his sperm. She finished puking and she looked up at him and smiled. He raised her to his mouth and kissed her drawing in his semen and her bile. They were mated now, having survived their awakening. He would have many years of pleasure ripping her body and watching it heal before she could bear their children.


File: 1504501399540.jpeg (448.41 KB, 1700x2185, Drawing 009.jpeg)

She woke laying on her brothers body. The rise and fall of his chest made her feel safe. She remembered the violation of her body the previous night and she sat up to look around. The sheets were bloody and stained and there were bit of her torn insides here and there. She looked at her belly and saw the new flesh where she was ripped open by her brother's penis. She wanted to run and show mommy how well she did, but she felt something touch her back. Before she could turn her brother propped himself up and said, "Good morning brat" and he winked at her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt something slide down her back and lodge between her ass cheeks. The feeling made her cheeks flush and she locked lips with him. He sucked her lips so hard her toungue flowed into his mouth and she relished the feeling. His lust rose and his cock grew longer and harder, stretching and filling her asshole. She groaned at the insertion as it tore her bum. She release him and fell back onto his dick. The pain was incredible and she muffled a scream as he bored through her gut. Her belly bulged as she humped on him, and when he succumbed to her body he ground up. Her insides tore loose with a pop and her bladder emptied on him. The stimulus to him opened his blood vessels and he thrust hard while his cock grew to full length and turned hard as steel. Her belly burst open as she wailed in pain. She had to crap but couldn't with him inside her. She hears his semen splattering out of his penis onto his chest. Her nostrils filled with the smell of his fluid, she leaned in and slurped it off him. She needed his semen to heal and this was not enough, she needed to drink from him...


Thank you for your continued contributions! Please never stop. Ever.


File: 1504507076153.jpeg (368.01 KB, 1700x2174, Drawing 010.jpeg)

Thank you Kitty

He watched his sister slurp up his cum and he laid down to rest, enjoying her closeness. He closed his eyes and felt her extract herself from his still swollen cock.
She knew he was drained and she needed to milk him soon or she would not recover fully. She took hold of his dick and engulfed his head in her mouth. She stroked him and pumped with her toungue he moaned as she caressed his nutsack. She felt it engorge and he said, "I don't think I can cum yet sis"
In desperation she gnawed hard on him and he growled, with pleasure. Then not knowing what else to do, she squeezed his nut hard. He let out a howl and rose into her gullet. His testicles released very thick goo, not having enough fluid, and a bit of blood. She squeezed over and over, sucking and gnawing his cock taking his gel-like cum. She filled her stomach and fell back sated as her torn anus grew back and her tummy closed. She thought, "I need to crap soon as I get closed up"


File: 1504559302966.jpeg (388.39 KB, 1700x2163, Drawing 011.jpeg)

By the end of their first day of incestuous, bloody sex the two siblings had grown more relaxed. She was feeding off of his semen not only during their brutal sessions but also while he rested. His cock was now swollen beyond normal and was nearly the size of her thigh. His glands were producing cum at a rate where he was nearly a constant source for her appetite and he was nearly always ready. She too was gaining strength. She could heal almost instantly and she could store enough of his potency to recover from anything he could do to her. At least so far.
Lying on his chest, they kissed deeply. He thought, "She's so perfect. I want so bad to fuck that tiny pussy, but I doubt my finger would fit."
Almost as if she could read his thoughts, she started stroking his erection with her slimy pussy. He hardened against her and she slammed down on his crotch, crushing on his ready to burst balls. He grunted a breath into her locked kiss as he involuntarily squirted into the air and onto her backside. She giggled at the trick and then laid on him.
"Why haven't you used my pussy? I really ache for you to fill it with your tasty goo."
"Sis, I'm WAY too big to fit in there. Besides, there are so many other things to try first."

She frowned and said, "Even if you tear me open, won't I just heal. Besides, I get stronger each time and somehow I know that if you feed me like that, I will be complete"

His mind swirled with the thought, his body also ached to open her womb. He just wasn't sure she would survive and that thought made him cum. While his little sister gobbled up his orgasm, he wondered...

"What should I do next?"............


Tear her open and fuck her up to her chest!


Split that pussy wide open!


File: 1505071883096.jpeg (375.99 KB, 1700x2041, Drawing 012.jpeg)

She laid back on the bed in front of him and spread open her legs to display her smooth mound. It seemed more developed than yesterday and he noticed her nipples were swollen and tender. Were her breast bulging ever so slightly too?. He grasped her knees and opened her legs further. Her vagina opened slightly and he watched as her still immature hymen tore open. She giggled, "That tickled."
The sight of her open slit excited him as his cock hardened again. He spread her wide and beheld her tender, unused, inner meat and saw the opening into her womb. The little slut was squeezing her cunt to entice him in. He wanted her so much, his penis throbbed. She grinned as he looked into her gorgeous eyes, oh to wreck that beautiful pussy. Cum drooled from his tip in anticipation. Thick fluid suddenly pooled in her pussy and dripped out.
Her eyes rolled and she moaned and whispered, "fffuuuck meee, pllleeeeease!!"....


File: 1505079427124.jpeg (458.23 KB, 1700x2174, Drawing 013.jpeg)

He could resist no longer. Pulling her legs open as far as they would go, he drove into her visciously. His sisters tiny body submitted to him as he entered her and he grunted as she strtched around him. The smallcanal could not contain him as he forced into her womb. He came as her tight cervix gave for him and he paused as he unloaded. She made him feel strong and his urge to pound into her fully took over. He yanked on her thighs as he ground into her. Her womb burst and he plowed deeper sliding through her slippery, hot intestines. She was wailing with each thrust and she gasped when he penetrated her liver again. She started to vomit until his growing cock pinched closed her gullet. The feeling made her gag on her toungue and she shreiked.
Her reaction brought his lust to a peak and he drove his cock in further. He felt her heart beating against his manhood and he drove through it.
For a moment, she died. But as he came again in her heart, she revived and her heartbeat squeezed him. He began to climax again, but this time it was with a force he had never known. He drilled his penis in again and her ribs cracked, breaking through her chest. She convulsed, trying to scream for "mommy". She felt his cum hitting her chin. She wanted to catch the semen in her mouth but was unable to with his dick inside her like a splint.....


I'm loving the multipage series you're doing. Hope you do more of that kind of stuff!


File: 1505104595375.jpeg (414.23 KB, 1700x2185, Drawing 014.jpeg)

Thank you and yes it's not finished yet

He was spent finally. He looked down into his sister's eyes, now wide with terror with what she had just experienced and realized how much he loved her. She was the only one on earth he could have sex with because she was his sister. But something was not right.
She could feel death coming. She had used all of her reserves to survive so far, but her brother had shot his load outside her and she desperately needed more of his seed to mend her heart and lung. She needed to get him to ejaculate in her or she would die soon...
He needed to rest for the first time in two days. He started to withdraw while gazing into her pleading eyes. He felt such overpowering desire for her as he slid his tip back into her chest. Warmth in his sore cock grew and his dick swelled fatter, so much that he caught in her. Her heart raced on his constricted dick until it split in her chest. Her pussy, already stretched to its limit, split towrd her navel to accomodate him. She convulsed in a seizure and he burst another spray of cum in her. Blackness took him as he heard her scream, "AHHAHHHHHH".
He collapsed onto her and she held him as she sobbed....


File: 1505109437875.jpeg (308.79 KB, 1700x2174, Drawing 015.jpeg)

He woke slowly feeling content and hungry. He felt something move under him as an arm wrapped around his waist. He rolled off his dear sister pulling a few pubic hairs as he separated from her. Her chest was healed and she was smiling at him. She was still in the spread and ready position trying to retain his sperm. The sheets were bloody and semen stained as were they both. Her pussy was gaping, still torn from their workout. A large mass of his cum was hanging out of her, thick from drying all night. As he watched, her he noticed her breasts were swelling even more. Her nipples were beading milk and her belly was definitely mounded. He knelt between her legs and held her belly. There was a kick from inside. As his heart leapt for joy something fell from his limp cock. Her womb had been ripped from her and was still on him until just then. He spread her pussy lips open and looked. She had grown a new womb, and it was occupied.
"I hope it's a girl", she said, "because I don't think I could handle two of you at once. Besides you need more pussy to screw and I don't mind sharing"
He wanted to fuck her so bad again but he could not get hard. He looked at her bloody womb laying there and he thought how delicious it must be. He picked it up, still full of her blood and sucked it dry. It was burning down his throat and his stomach lurched. There was a loud ringing in his ears and he kept hearing "EAT, EAT, EAT"
He shoved her uterus into his mouth chewed and swallowed. His head ached from the screaming,"MOOORRE".
He looked hungrily at her pussy. Her bruised and bloody clitoris was exposed fully on one side of her tear. He leaned down licking it til it responded swelling painfully for her, then he began chewwing it, swallowing the fluids and flesh as he gnawed it loose. She stroked his hair as he ate her, enjoying the sensation, knowing that he would be reawakened with this new food. After cannibalizing the right side of her pussy down to her groin muscle, he was satiated. He kissed her lips smearing her blood on her mouth, and suddenly felt his orgasm coming. He sat up grabbed his penis and aimed it into her open vagina. He watched as her body absorbed his cum and rapidly regrew the beautiful little pussy.
Panting, he asked, "How was that brat?"
She just smiled and giggled.
Their mother came in and changed the bedding. He thought it strange when she found a puddle of his cum and she carefully scooped it into a bottle....


That's some hot shit going on. I hope she doesn't share though. They got a romantic thing going on.


File: 1505280053866.jpeg (573.71 KB, 1700x2185, Drawing 016.jpeg)

It was midnight of the third day of the two siblings state of continual bliss. He was on his back deep in thought as he doggie-cranked his little sister. He held her shoulders and crunched into her stretched and bruised pussy from behind as he considered what their mother had told him that morning. He felt his sisters tears on his cheast as he remembered waking to find she had delivered a very tiny baby girl and was deperately trying to care for it. Her tiny breasts ached to be suckled but they were too undeveloped to give more than a squirt of milk. Their mother entered just then. Seeing the baby she ripped open her blouse. Her breasts were huge, her nipples were swollen and dripping milk. It was as if she were a new mother too.
The memory of his mothers ample bosom made him forget his control and he began a long-grinding orgasm in his he raptured in her he recalled the morning.
He was sitting with his mother as she fed his child and sis went for a bowl of cereal. "Mom, how can you give milk? Why are your boobs so big all of a sudden?"
She smiled looking at her granddaughter, "Your seed grows babies fast. The first time you gave some to your sister, I took some for myself. I gave birth to your second sister/daughter yesterday."
He stared at her unbelieving.
"Oh come now," she continued "It's not the first time. Think. Your 'sister' is six years old. You are seventeen. Your father left when you were four."
He looked confused.
"When you were young you would climb in bed with me. One night, you must have had a young man's dream. You were on me and inside me. Because you were so young you only bloodied me some, but it was so wonderful to feel that power of your father tearing at me, I was willing to die a horrible death for your cock in me"...
As he recalled her words, he slapped loudly against his sisters ass with the long strokes of his hips plunging her vagina as she cried for release...
"In the end, I survived the..rape" she winked wickedly at him "and gave birth to your 'sister'. You didn't remember the next day, or at least you didn't seem to remember."
His heart leapt.
How wonderful!
How confusing?
"But for now, I will care for your newborns so you can care for your lover...." He leaned down to her and suckled milk from her unoccupied breast while she stroked a handful of cum from him. She applied some to her nipple, let the baby feed from it and licked up the rest herself...
He had quickened his pace in sis and he had swollen again. Blood splattered from her with each thrust and now she was clenching in climax. Her renewed pussy tightened on him bringing him to instant orgasm. He groaned loud and low and she yelped with spasms of pleasure. They both passed out in a puddle of semen, blood and pussy juice


File: 1505659797687.jpeg (411.27 KB, 1700x2097, Drawing 017.jpeg)

A year had passed since the two siblings had taken each other as mates. They and their mother and his two daughters now lived in a remote cabin far from prying neighbors. The little ones were growing at an accelerated rate and though they were only one year old, they appeared more like four year olds. His mother told him he would have to breed them soon or they would die, just like his sister would have. He was wanting to fuck their cute little bodies for fun but his real love was his sister. He could think of nothing but her screaming on his dick, taking him in and pumping him dry.
She had not conceived since her first-born, and he believed it was because he was holding back the sperm from his semen. Tonight, it was time to implant a son into her. One who could save his sisters.
"Sis," he said to her "we need to make a son to mate our daughters"
"But I thought you were going to screw them?" she seemed concerned for him.
"Oh I will, just to feel their little tender meat rip as I awaken their abilities, but I can't imagine loving any other woman as I do you"
He watched her tremble then suddenly she ran to him. He lifted her and carried her to their cot. She wrapped her legs around him as he sat, his ready cock in position in her slit. They locked lips and sucked at each others toungues and lips, saliva flowing between them like sweet wine. He oozed precum and lowered her onto his staff. Once his tip entered her vagina she squirted on him and he let her weight slide her home. She had released her legs, abandoning her young womanhood to his unforgiving pole. He no longer ripped her apart when they had sex. Her body had adapted and while he missed the feeling of power over her it gave him, she was able instead to drive him crazy with incredible orgasms, squeezing out his cum into her.
Her belly was bulging under her rib-cage and he still had the urge to penetrate her in a bloody manner. Inside her, her guts writhed up and down him, making him fight to hold out. He grabbed her back with both hands and held her tight as he ground into her slow and deep. He thought ,"Finally, time to let the boys swim free" and as he allowed his sperm to release, he climaxed as if it was his first time. They tried to continue their kiss as their lips numbed, but they both jerked back as if losing their breath. He roared and she arched back grabbing her tiny breasts, presenting them toward him. He saw her nipples and in his lust he pulled her to his mouth and bit down on her one breast. Her shriek was exciting in his ears and he chewed and swallowed nipple flesh and gland. She sobbed with the pain of it. But when he had eaten his fill, he held her gently and stroked in her rapidly to get their shared orgasm.
After, she lay on him as her breast grew back. She was no longer flat-chested, and she was pregnant. He could sense the child in her. Meanwhile his belly burned from her devoured breast. He wanted to taste more...


File: 1505671997333.jpeg (428.16 KB, 1534x2196, Drawing 018.jpeg)

He woke to find himself ejaculating as a warm hand stroked him slowly. He felt the warm body of his sister against him and recognize her sweet smell. He moved his arm pinned under her moving his hand up her belly. She felt wonderfully fuller and he moved higher to her chest to play with her soft puffy nipples. It was then he discovered the round full melons where last night had only been budding lumps. He opened his eyes and scanned her backside. He recognized her hair, but the body it adorned was that of a shapely teen goddess. Propping himself up he rolled her toward himself to admire what she had become. She was still groggy, almost drugged as she was just finished with her most dramatic physical development. She seemed unable to wake yet, it was almost as if she were extremely horny. Her eyes watered, her hands searched for him and stroked his skin as she writhed slowly. He stroked her delicious pussy and she moaned, licked her lips and held her mouth open. He straddled her face and guided his cock into her mouth. He felt himself swallowed into her throat and he eased in as he bent down to toungue fuck her mound...


File: 1505673076103.jpg (346.43 KB, 1700x2019, Drawing 000.jpg)

Non Sequitor

Found this one. n older work that survived

As she lay on the warm sand, she enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her bare flesh. Sweat beaded and trickled across her skin and she imagined it to be the touch of fingertips running down her belly or fresh spewed semen running down her breasts or dripping from her pussy down her slit to her ass. The thought made her ache for something between her legs and she reached down to massage her lips. It was good, but not enough and she yearned for help. Something touched the back of her hand as she fingered herself. She looked to see a wonderfully plump cock burrowing out of the sand. She laughed thinking some guy was pranking her. Well she was going to give him a surprise. She began stroking the cock and it came up more and more until it was completely uncovered. She marveled at it as it slithered on her legs and belly, seeming to explore her. Two foot of cock with baseball sized nuts. She was intrigued and horny. It positioned itself between her legs and pressed its "tip" to her slit. She grabbed it to pull it away, but as it wriggled in a little she was overcome by the sensation of the slick meat spreading her open. She opened her thighs, offering her already moist pussy and it urged into her in slow forceful pulses.
It was exquisite. She came quickly as it throbbed inside her. Then as her womb pulsed with pleasure she felt it push in further. At first the novel feeling was exciting, but it began pounding in her harder and faster She tried pulling it out but it was anchored to her with barbs into her tender love canal. Then it convulsed in her. She saw its nut-sack contract and felt her insides fill. The burning sensation made her scream in terror. Several more creatures emerged from the sand. One entered her mouth and she pulled it free. It hissed in anger. Another opened a toothy mouth and engulfed her forearm before clamping down and biting it off at the elbow. Yet another entered her bum unceremoniously and began tearing her apart inside while the one she held at bay opened its fanged maw and took aim at her nearest breast. As it tore away her tasty milk gland, she came again, squeezing the cock in her clenching womb. It responded with a hard drive inward and a release of cum that burst her uterus sending dozens of fertilized eggs throughout her abdomen. Injured and helpless as she was, they would grow quickly and feed off her only to wait in the sand for the next sunbathing slut.


File: 1505708095915.jpeg (586.24 KB, 1666x1700, Drawing 019.jpeg)

The time had finally come. His sister told him that their daughter was beginning to show signs of weakening. She was past due her time of opening. At the age of two her breasts were forming and the lack of semen was affecting her mind. She was starting to have seizures and it would require a drastic yet enjoyable remedy. He told his sis to send her to him in the barn...

The little one walked into the open barn. Her daddy was hanging ropes when he saw her. "Come here Pepper, daddy want's to talk to you"
She walked close and inspected the ropes he was working on. One had a large gleaming hook. She liked the look of it.
"Do you know why mommy sent you out here, honey?"
She nodded "She said you were going to make me better. Like you did for her"
"That's right. You see, our family is different. We are not like other people. My daddy was from a different world. Our bodies work different, have "needs". We are so much so that we cannot do body things with other people. We would hurt them. So we are our own kind. Your grandpa was not mixed so he was able to have us with grandma, who is a normal human."
She nodded but was still apprehensive about what was to come. He smiled at that, "Your brother is to be for you and your sister, but he is not ready enough to help you so I must" As he explained he removed her dress. He was wearing jeans and no shirt and he caught her staring at his bulging crotch. "Do you want to see what daddy has there?" she looked up guilt on her face. He had caught her staring at his bulge lately.
"It's ok. It's swollen up for you anyway. But first we need to attach these to your arms" and he tied a rope above each elbow.
"Now Pepper, daddy is going to raise you up a little" and he pulled the other ends. The pulleys overhead squeaked as she raised. She squealed as she felt her tummy flutter and then she giggled. He walked around behind her and with his arm round her belly, he lifted her bottom level with the hook tip.
"Pepper, I'm going to start now so you must relax and trust daddy"
"Ok daddy"
He put the tip against her bum, then thought better and wet her hole with his tongue. She laughed and wiggled, "Oh you like that?" and she laughed more. He saw for bum relax and open and he inserted the hook three inches. She went rigid, gasping. With his right hand he massaged her ass until her sphincter relaxed again. He kissed her backside and ran the hook in until the loop was against her middle back. The he gently lowered her bottom. She was hanging perfectly by her arms with the hook snug.
"This is going to seem scary at first but it is necessary for this to work." She was trying to hump the hook, good girl.
He grabbed the third rope and jerked it hard. The hook rotated in her penetrating her bowels and protruded out her back lifting her bottom again by her pelvis. She panicked and kicked and screamed and as she did he stabbed her shoulder with an old screwdriver blade she started to shake as her affliction took over. He knelt under her to quickly catch and swallow her dripping blood from the blade. Her blood made his cock harden like steel. He opened his jeans dropping them at his feet and taking her head in his hands he held it firm as he entered her mouth. He shoved until her palette split. Again he thrust and tore through her cranium. Once more and her scalp popped open splattering brain and blood. He fought the urge to burst her skull clean off and pulled back inside. Once he was in her warm mush again, he drained his cum in her head. He waited for her head to fill and he withdrew. He held her jaw closed and covered her head wound to retain his semen. She hung utterly motionless and lifeless for three full minutes. He began to weep for her when suddenly she thrashed and and gagged for breath. Cum blew from her throat and as she gulped for air he lifted her from the hook and untied her arms. He held her for hours as she slept and he watched her mend. When she woke, she sat up, looked at his cock next to her, and then told him point blank "I'm hungry daddy". He nodded, laid down, and let her lay on his chest to feed from his dick. He listened to her gulp,gulp,gulp as he suckled and explored her fresh holes. Her appetite was draining him until she came in his mouth. Then his urges rose...


Nice! She's finally got breasts! Hope to see some tit mutilation soon!


An excellent suggestion. I will work on that right after I deal with the other daughter. Maybe he will have to work with mom. Anyone know how that will turn out?


File: 1505796714747.jpeg (234.42 KB, 1611x2030, Drawing 020.jpeg)

And then there was Lilith, his youngest sister and also daughter by his mother's womb. Conceived by theft, his mother used his spilled seed to fill her need. As Pepper was shy and innocent, Lilith was rebellious and wanton. She usually slept with their mother and more than once, when he and his older sister were not going at it, he could hear mom and Lilith moaning and groaning as they pleased each other.

After he literally fucked Pepper's brains out and she had recovered and fed, he washed her in the shower as she slept in his arms. Cleaned and dried, he laid her in her bed and went to his own room. He wanted his dear sister. He wanted to....
As he entered his room, he saw Lilith on the bed. She was wearing her favorite white dress.
"Sis and mom are going to have a girls night tonight, and I thought we could talk", she said as she adjusted her skirt to reveal a little more thigh.
"Sure Sis. What's on your mind?"
She smiled and started,"I saw what you and Pepper did today. It was awesome. It really made me wet down here. Mom explained why you did that." He noticed her staring toward his bulging jeans, "But what I really wondered is do you think I'm just as pretty as Pepper?"
He could see where she was going, "Lilith, it's not about pretty. Pepper was dying because she was developed sooner."
"But we're the same age, and I was born before her."
He sat on the bed beside her, "There's more. Pepper is a full mix of human and dad's race. You aren't"
"I have the same mother as you and Sis."
"Yes Lilith, but dad was not your father. He was your grandfather. I am your father. So you are three quarter human."
She was scared, "Then I'm not able to be fucked by you!"
He was shocked slightly by her candor but then, mom had been slutting her up. Then it occured to him, she might be fun to have a go at.
"Now don't worry about that, you see Sis is also my daughter." Lilith gasped and then giggled.
"Way to go bro'. I mean dad. I mean...well this is what I mean..." and she pulled up her skirt and drew up her knees, spreading giving him full view. He had to admit, her mound was delightful and she smelled of citrus.
"Mom says it tastes and smells like oranges. Do you like oranges?"
He didn't hesitate and in moments he was drinking orange juice.....


Hopefully with something that lands the mother in the hospital!


File: 1505884893085.jpeg (380.4 KB, 1700x2196, Drawing 021.jpeg)

He dove into her hairless mound massaging her unbroken hymen with his tongue while sucking on her clit making it swell with blood. Her legs wrapped his head in place as she approached climax. Her body was on fire for his, or at least for what he could do to her. She convulsed and he drank her tart juices. It warmed him to his belly and his heart began to pound. Blood hammered in his cock as it engorged, ready to violate her. He raised up and roughly undressed her and sucked hard on her nipples until they were huge and purple. She did her best not to scream as her tender puffies nearly burst. She didn't want him to stop. Little did she know he wanted her to scream.
Her eyes went wide when she saw his huge hard-on. She had watched him in secret screwing both his sisters, but she never witnessed the monster before her now. For the first time she was frightened and yet she couldn't wait for him to plunge into her. He saw the fear in her eyes and relished it knowing her primal terror of brutal rape would feed is frenzy. He lunged for her like an animal and she closed her knees screaming "NNOOOOOO!!" She fought him as he forced them open, she kicked and screamed for help, trying to crawl away. He spread her wide and placed his weight on her legs. Her hips strained to stay attached as pain seared her head. Something warm was against her crotch. For a moment, her pussy tingled. She began to smile and suddenly her snatch seemed to catch fire. The pain was unbelievable, she shrieked until her lungs were empty. Before she could get air, the brutal beating began like a sledge was driving against her stomach. Her father roared as he forced himself up her abdomen. Her belly was bloating with each push. Her tiny pussy had torn with his entry and her internal organs were a mix of mush worthy of stuffing into a sausage skin. Her cries of protest and terror drove him on until he felt his glands erupt. The fluids rushing through him begged for complete fury against her body and he gave one last brutish shove into her tiny body. Her belly burst and her guts belched out. Bits of pulp and blood splattered her chest and soiled the bed-sheets. She was crying uncontrollably. Her daddy continued his pumps emptying into her. When he finished and pulled out, her uterus came out with him. It hung from her wrecked vagina full of his cum. She lay shivering as her womb absorbed her prize. He lifted her guts back into her belly and let her begin to heal. When she had calmed and began to weaken, he mounted her mouth with his blooded cock so she could feed and he bent down as she did to feast on her now useless uterus. Inside her, a new one was forming and he could sense something more in her. He had sired another child, and it smelled like a girl!
"I wonder if she will taste like oranges too?"
His daughter gulped his semen down, and then she bit him. He worried about what she just did but her continued drinking soothed the aching pain and aroused him...


Up next:
Our hero, mortally wounded, seeks out Sis to heal him, but when he finds her with Mom he loses all reason and succumbs to his baser urges.
Will Sis save him?
Will he thank her properly?
Will Mom take her punishment like a slut?
Will tits explode...?


File: 1506051205875.jpeg (373.09 KB, 1700x2179, Drawing 022.jpeg)

He had to get to Sis quickly. Lilith, in her first act of lust with him needed so much of him to recover. She instinctively bit off the tip of his cock, not only devouring it but drinking down his cum and blood. The experience was so satisfying at the moment, he let her drink herself to sleep. Now he was faint and losing blood fast. He rushed into his mothers room interrupting mother and daughter as they neared climax together. They caught him as he fell onto the bed and Sis held him like a baby. She guided his mouth to her nipple and he suckled it. Two gulps of her milk and his bleeding stopped. His glazed eyes looked at her and she said softly,"Go ahead, sweetheart" She pressed his head into her breast.
Sis let out a stifled scream as he bit down around her nipple. Blood and milk ran down his chin as he chewed and lapped up her fluids. He swallowed and fire filled his belly. He continued into her breast, taking mouthfuls, ripping the skin and digging deep into the fatty glands. Her screams were terrifying to her mother and she reached to him to stop him, but Sis hoarsely yelled, "No, he must do this."
Her left breast gnawed down to a stump, he paused to breathe. The raging fire in his belly was still hot and he growled like a hungry predator. He knocked her onto her back and savagely attacked her right breast, tearing and gnawing until it too was gone. He felt his penis burrow into a warm wetness and he slid into her. His semen spewed into her and she wrapped her arms and legs around him. He was more animal than human at that moment and as she kissed his rigid ejaculating body, she was thankful he was safe. She looked at her mom and giggled. Mom's eyes were wide in terror and yet she was in mid orgasm, fingers up her twat and squirting, watching them.
Sis knew her brother needed to recover so she left him to check on Lilith and give herself time to sport new boobs.
Alone with her son, Mom moved close to comfort him. She saw his dangling cock, now whole again and without thinking she grasped it to inspect his condition....


File: 1506140793975.jpeg (379.94 KB, 1622x2174, Drawing 023.jpeg)

His head was swimming, his body was trembling. Digesting Sis' breast not only restored his health, but was driving him mad with lust for her. He needed to dump some of his sexual energy back to her. It was their way, giving and taking from one another that kept them alive. But he needed her now. Where was she?
He felt his mother's hand take his cock. He felt lips on him, at first kissing his foreskin but soon gnawing gently on his shaft. He sighed relief for Sis' attentiveness, not realizing it was his mom. He was still on all fours when she forgot herself and took him deep in her mouth. He tried to stay relaxed and enjoy the feeling, but when his nuts pumped out a squirt warning him he was about to release, a wave of urgency came over him. He stepped off the bed and abruptly lifted his mother from behind. He positioned her over his cock and lowered her onto him. She reached back grasping his buttocks and pulled herself down. He was barely half into her and she felt somehow different, but no matter. He began grinding in her and she started groaning in pain. Louder and more frightened with each thrust, Mom now realized her error. She was both terrified and exhilarated. Her son was finally going to fuck death. He grabbed her breasts tightly, her weight and his pounding had already burst her uterus and was now making paste of her organs. His strength returning, his cock hardened like a metal spike and the pressure on her breasts rupture her glands. Her nipples puffed purple and sprayed blood. The damage in her was horrific but she could not scream or breathe. She tried to push off as he started to climax, but his arms held her tits so tight, his fingers tore into their flesh. He held off his final push until he emptied into her. Her blood ran down his dick and covered his nuts. He let a roar of triumph and penetrated her fully. His bloody penis appearing through mom's upper abdomen. The result was so satisfying he ripped off her left breast. The ruptured glands flew out across the room. She remained motionless for a few seconds, her eyes wide, her mouth gaping in a silent scream. Blood and meat dripped on the bed in front of them breaking the silence. Then she let out a death rattle and slumped on his cock. He pulled out smiling to himself how well he had done. Her body collapsed on the bed-sheets and he climbed over her and rolled her over to let her fill her belly with his cum. He stared into his mother's dead eyes.
"Mom? MOM!! NOOO!!"
His daughters came running in. They all held her, weeping....


Definitely hot, but why'd she have to die?


Story-wise because the premise is her progeny are half-human half other-wordly. This mix is somewhat vampiric as they feed off each others strengths through their physical interactions which are violent in nature, at least where the male is concerned. So much so that his natural act of sex is deadly to a human, who cannot use his inseminated infusion to recover. Likewise, if say a predatory human male were to attack one of the sisters in a sexual way, she would drain the life from them in a hideous way.
Practically speaking, only Hallmark movies do not have a tragic component, and I submit this is not the Hallmark channel. This plot could continue, but for now I am running out of story and I don't want to make it any crappier than it is.


Well it's been an awesome run! Hope to see you do more multipage comics or even just before/after shots. You really do excellent work and have quite an imagination!


Damn, love me some tit mutilation!


I'm working on something to move the story forward. I have three cels to present the next step and at the end will be the path path to choose. It will not be "what you want to see depicted" but rather "what path the character of the brother/father will take with his sisters/daughters"
So after I present the dilemma, I will take suggestions. So, try to put forward something that follows the mental state of the brother/father using what I have written so far.


File: 1506311507891.jpeg (304.5 KB, 1468x2185, Drawing 024.jpeg)

Sis was worried for her brother. He had been quite sullen since mom's death. Even open sorrow would be better than this. He seemed dark and angry. Not for any violent display but just from a lack of anything. It ha been a week since they buried mom and tonight she would try to ease his sorrow. She spent the day making ready, cleaning their bed scenting the room with wildflowers and most important preparing herself for him. She used everything mom had taught her on skin, makeup, perfume. All she could do to break through is melancholy. He hadn't come to her since mom's death and she knew from her own feeling of frustration from lack of sex that he must be troubled. She needed to bring him around, not just for the two of them but also for Pepper and Lilith. Regardless of their plans all three girls were going to need his attention now that he had started their lust..
Sis had just finished her bath and she waited in his bed draped in a towel. She heard his approach and her heart jumped as he stepped through the door.
He drank her vision in. She was the love of his life and he ached to mount her lean frame and burrow into her. He crept closer to her and crawled onto the bed. He placed his lips on hers and she slid her tongue in his mouth. His jeans ripped as his cock engorged and searched for her. He smelled of the forest and it thrilled her as her sweet perfume intoxicated him. Grabbing her up against him, he raised her over his penis and forced into her hungrily. Fucking her while kneeling on the bed, the springs launched them and she wailed with each landing. Her pussy stretched wide to accomodate his pent up desire but it resisted tearing. The pain of him pulverizing her insides thrilled her yet she screamed as if being murdered.
Her Brother cried out "Nooo Mom! " as he climaxed in his sister's brutalized womb. His left hand closed around her neck and she gasped for air. She saw her brother, the man who gave her life in their mother's womb, pull his hunting knife from his ragged jeans. His eyes wild, he yelled at her, "You left me alone with her. I needed help and you left me.'...


File: 1506318926816.jpeg (421.64 KB, 1700x2196, Drawing 025.jpeg)

Sis knew what was coming and she closed her eyes. Her right breast was his first slash and it popped like a ripe melon as his blade sliced clean through to her ribs. The shock to her mammary meat made it feel like it was freezing. She bit her lower lip as he screamed in rage. She was the focus of his fury but not really the cause. Nevertheless, when her left breast was cleaved it burned like fire and she gasped. Before she could get out more than the start of a pitiful wail, the blade plunged into her side below the left arm. She watched as he drew the blade diagonally down across her belly. He released her neck, falling back and watched her try to hold her composure as her guts spilled out between them. He felt as if he had taken vengeance for his mother as he took glee at the wreckage he had done. He glared at Sis' face. She did not meet is gaze, she merely struggled to remain erect, to not fall and give him the satisfaction of humiliating her further. He saw the hurt in her eyes as she held back tears. She still loved him and hoped he had love for her. He dropped the knife, now regretting his rage. He reached for her and she collapsed into his arms. Physically she was going to be fine but her spirit was dying. He laid her down and placed her guts in her belly. He offered her his cock to drink from but she showed no interest. She was healing, but didnt care. He spent the night caring for her and when her wounds had closed she was responding to his attempts to excite her. That night for the first time he did only things to pleasure her and by morning she was so needful of him, she drank from him until she could no longer swallow while he tongued and suckled her tender mound. When she was done, he held her tight and they slept together until dusk.


File: 1506401117325.jpeg (312.79 KB, 1457x2185, Drawing 026.jpeg)

He woke feeling more rested than he had been for weeks. Then he noticed Sis was not next to him and he remembered how he treated her. Not that he had mutilated her, but that he did it with malice, as if he wished to kill her. He remembered trying to make it up to her, by showing her he could love her gently and that his anger was wrong. But she was gone and he began to fear she had left him.
As he tried to clear his head, the door to his room opened and Sis stepped in, naked as she usually was in his room. "You have guests" she said smiling moving aside. In walked Pepper, naked like Sis. She looked bright-eyed at her daddy, but stood silent. Lilith followed behind her, also nude and sporting a fertile belly and modest milk-filled breasts. She smirked a dirty grin and winked at him. She took a wide stance, appearing to be trying to entice him.
Sis spoke again, "Daddy. You have brought us into being and given us new life again and again. We could not survive without you and all three of us..soon to be four...wish nothing more than to share ourselves with you. You can do to us what you wish for pleasure, but all we ask..all I ask, is to never use us in hate"
He could barely stand and he fell to his knees in front of them. All three held him as he kissed their bare bodies.
He looked up and asked them, "What do each of you want from me?"
Lilith being the least shy spoke right up. "I kinda liked the crazy shit you did to me. So when you get a wild itch you can't quite scratch, I'd love to work the kinky stuff outta ya"
He saw thick fluid drip from her vagina. She was already horny. He held out his hand and she stepped close. "That's a very pleasing thought", he said and taking her hips in his hands he licked deep into her slit catching the next ooze of her juices. He kissed her baby belly and turned to Pepper. "And how can I make you happy, my little angel?"
"Sometimes I don't like sleeping alone. I'd like to sleep in your bed daddy, just sometimes."
He hugged the little munchkin, "Would you like daddy to do anything special when you sleep in my bed?"
She wrapped her legs around him and said excitedly, "You mean like Lilith does when she visits at night?" Lilith giggled unashamed.
"Uhh..Yes sweetie, yes. And daddy can do things that Lilith can't."
"Ohh yes please daddy" and she planted a very adult wet kiss on him. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it. Damn she's gonna be fun, he thought.
To Sis he looked,"And you my love, what is your desire?"
"Ohh, maybe all three of you on me at once, maybe just your very best effort or maybe I'll let you know when I want something and you give it all to me. Maybe we can get that dirty knife out again and do it right this time. I want you to use me over and over any way you want as long as you do it without hate."
He stood up facing her took her into his arms and licked her neck. She leaned her head over exposing her throat and whispered to him, "I'm yours to take. Drink from me and fuck me in front of your daughters to show them our love....


Ok that's the premise for the story to continue. He has three girls to choose from with different needs. He can choose any of them and can vary from what they request, after all he is the wildcard who loses control in fits of passion. I have no preference on which path to take. So let's hear some good ideas.


I'd say go with the older one, just because I'm not into the pedo stuff. I'd also suggest wrapping it up with an ending in the near future just so it doesn't start to get stale. Awesome work as always though!


I'd say fuck the older one so hard she rips in half.


Such a tame end for her. A shame.


Hey Paco, are you going to finish this series?


File: 1507433281283.jpeg (298.68 KB, 1611x2041, Drawing 027.jpeg)

Already finished it.

He leaned down to her offered neck and with open lips he began sucking her below her ear. Sis cradled his head with her left hand and moaned as her flesh swelled into his mouth. She lifted her legs one at a time as he lifted her by her thighs. She was shivering as her neck bruised and her carotid bulged. She could feel his teeth gently gnawing. She was caught by surprise as his cock slid up her pussy. He slowly eased her on, not to cum too soon. She reached around him pulling tight and spoke into his ear, "It's time my love. Take me, drink me in. My life is yours to devour.."
With a sickening "crackle" his teeth ripped open her neck. Sis let out a panicked yell for just a moment and then held tight and started humping her lover's cock. Her arousal was greater than she had ever known and though the pain of his bite made her gasp for breath, his suckling of her blood made her giddy as if each gulp made her orgasm.
Her blood burned in his belly. With each swallow his dick hardened. He began thrusting with her humping, never releasing her neck. His nuts burned to release, he slammed into her violently. She was wailing in pain with each drive of his hips. He was intent on drinking her dry and he did not notice when her pelvis broke. She was crying silently now, too weak to scream. Her blood loss was almost complete. Her arms flailed as he bounced her.
He was blinded by her voice in his head, "More, MORE, MOOORE."
Try as he might, he could not climax. His penis was enormous inside her and he was ready to burst, but he could not ejaculate. He tried to drink more but she was empty of blood and he heard cracking as he continued to rut her. He looked to her face and dead eyes looked back....


File: 1507433368205.jpeg (310.29 KB, 1346x2174, Drawing 028.jpeg)

In desperation he continued to screw Sis. He needed not only to release his pent up semen but she needed to receive his life-force gift. Her pelvic bone was broken, her spine was snapped, her internal organs were pulverized from his frantic pounding. For thirty minutes after she had expired, he savagely bored her. Her abdomen had long since torn open. By sheer stubbornness he tried to keep her hips together, the left leg and buttock were detached completely. Tears were streaming from his eyes and he wailed pitifully in grief for what he had done to her. As despair took over , he heard Sis say,"You can stop my love. Everything will be fine. Just rest for a while."
He called out "Sis! Oh Sis I thought I had lost you" And he laid her broken body down, and kissed her lips. There was no life in her, and he just wept, broken. He tried to pick her up but he was unable to stand. He heard his daughters crying. Lilith came to him and hugged him, "Oh daddy, that was beautiful. I hope you will fuck me like that some day." He thought of granting her wish for saying such a thing right then, but something inside him calmed his rage. The burning was still in him unfulfilled. He was on the brink of climax still.
While Lilith comforted him, he felt another pair of hands caress his aching penis. The touch was soothing and his stress relieved a little. He needed to cum so bad but at least the pain was easing. His thoughts returned to his poor dear Sis when he felt something wonderful engulf his cock...


File: 1507433496123.jpeg (490.48 KB, 2148x1365, Drawing 029.jpeg)

Lilith helped him to a sitting position. She held his head and kissed his cheek. "Looks like Pepper has a surprise for you" she said then stuck her tongue in his ear.
He saw Pepper wiggling down his cock. He was helpless and unable to stop them. It was wonderful. His penis was in her and though it was in a relaxed state, it was still large enough to strain her young love canal. He could feel she had embraced him in her womb. It was like wearing a tight rubber. She began bounding on him, slowly at first, as she lubed with her juices she sped up. Her mouth opened, her head and back arched and her breathing was loud and heavy. Again the need to release his load grew and grew. Oh she felt soo good, he just wanted to explode in her. His head was swimming, he heard himself groaning in bursts as Pepper pumped him hard. His little daughter was fucking him, almost raping him. He wanted to grab her and ram himself through her but his body was trapped by something. He then heard the voice of his angel Sis, "She's almost ready my love. You must release all of you into her, you must release me into her. I promise my love, I will be with you again. She is about to give you a gift that only she can"
He felt her leave and it was utter loneliness. He wailed and tensed and he heard Pepper climax with a deep chesty staccato of groans. A wave of euphoria rushed over him as his sperm rich semen rushed through his loins. The bulge in her belly from his dick grew as she filled. She clenched her eyes and pussy and gritted her teeth as she fought to contain his seed. Sweat beaded on her forehead as he continued to gush like a garden hose into her. Then sudddenly he was finished and he gasped for air. Her pussy held him tight and he watched her belly recede until only the bulge from his meat remained.
She relaxed and his limp dick popped out. He thought with an inner giggle "Wow, the little slut broke it."
Pepper fell onto his chest and fell asleep. Lilith laid him down and placed her milk-laden breast to his mouth. Her milk was warm and sweet and drank from her enjoying the peace of the moment. He looked into her face. She smiled and said, "Oh you aren't done yet mister."
As he drank her milk his strength returned and so did his erection....


File: 1507433627976.jpeg (425.56 KB, 1894x1697, Drawing 030.jpeg)

He drank greedily from Lilith's tit as Pepper slept on his chest. As he did his head cleared and he knew Pepper was changing, and that she was carrying his child. Something was different about this child. He felt drawn to it. It wasn't that he had any great feeling of love for Pepper. She was a great fuck and he loved her, but he only felt the longing for Sis and that longing he felt with the child in Pepper. He swallowed more from Lilith and her tit ran dry. Her milk was making him horny and he wanted more. He turned for her second tit and Lilith whispered hoarsely. "No Daddy. If you drink from both you'll go crazy again." He could see his milking her was getting her off. He didn't care about her warning. He quickly flipped her on her back and dove onto her tit squeezing it and gnawing her nipple. Her milk turned hot and tasted of cinnamon. As he gulped she moaned in pre-orgasmic urgency and his penis pulsed with his pounding heartbeat. It was too much. He stood from the bed and she swung her legs to the floor, turning her ass to him. Clearly she offered her bum. Instead he grabbed her hips, pulled her from the bed and folded her til her preggo pussy turned up to him. He slid his tip down her slit pressing in until it spread. When it did he launched into her gradually, one smooth insertion. He knew she was near delivery for their child so he decided to get a two-fer. He entered her womb as Lilith in a panic cried, "Oh daddy,daddy. No,no,no not that,..UNHAHHH Ooohh, oh yes, YES"
Her water broke as he continued in another half a foot. He felt suction on his dick and he came. Their child was blowing him. The baby only took a small amount and released him so he bathed the child in his soup.
He pulled out of Lilith's pussy and switched to her asshole. She preferred ass-rape and went on a litany of "Fuck, FUCK, Oh Daddy I love you", over and over. He beat her butt raw until she vomited blood and then filled her pooper with sticky cream. He turned her to face him. Her eyes were beet red bloodshot and she was near passed out. She managed a smirk and, "Why don't you just bite off my pussy and eat it too."
He smiled back and said, "I would you little bitch, but you are giving birth right now to my next fuck-toy."
He kissed her and laid her on his bed. The milk fever was still in him. He saw Sis dismembered corpse on the floor. He contemplated his hunger for flesh but knew her meat was dead so it was not helpful. And then he heard Pepper say, "Daddy, could we wrestle some more?".....


File: 1507433727876.jpeg (389.35 KB, 1908x1500, Drawing 031.jpeg)

He looked at Peppers bright face. She had shown her talent and was bearing his child now. How could he refuse her? How could he not abuse that little body. He looked at Sis again and sighed. She needed to be taken care of but he needed to quench whatever Sis had done to him. He held onto her promise, whatever it meant. While he was in thought, Pepper had come over to him. She turned backside to him and said, "What you did to Lilith she seemed to like" she bent slightly pulling her butt-cheeks open with her hands, "I wanna try it too"
He admired her sweet tiny ass and he knelt behind her. He wrapped his arms softly around her and guided his cock into her open bum. She squeaked as he went in and made gagging grunts as he pumped her rectum. His cock swelled inside her and he strained against her belly. He heard Sis voice in his head ,"Be gentle with her my love. She's not ready for your full lust. Give her another load and wait a while. Then you can feed both of us"
He was confused by her words. Feed both of us? He couldn't concentrate on it now. His climax was nearing. And Pepper puked from the pressure on her stomach. He reached down to Pepper's cunt and began stimulating her clit. It took a bit to get her going but once she got excited she peaked within seconds. He ejaculated inside her, making squish sounds with each gush, and with each gush Pepper moaned as the hot fluid coursed into her. He withdrew and she collapsed on the floor. She shuddered as her body absorbed his cum. She was building to a metamorphosis and he wanted to experience her young body fully before she changed. He kissed her lips, chewed and sucked each nipple and nibbled her belly, working his way down to her tart little pussy. It tasted salty and smelled like rose petals. He licked deep then sucked her raw clit...


File: 1507433809612.jpeg (483.58 KB, 2097x1700, Drawing 032.jpeg)

Pepper lay on the floor with her calves draped over her father's shoulders. She cooed as he tongued her vagina. When he sucked her hooded clit she rewarded him with bursts of her fluids. She was delicious in his mouth and her mound swelled into it as he sucked her. Her little voice moaned and quivered as he began to gnaw on her tender snatch. His tongue inside, teeth outside, her blood trying to fill the void he created. She felt her cervix convulse inside and the waves of orgasm began. She arched while clamping her legs. She filled his throat with her thick clear nectar. He drank from her and succumbed to his hunger. Her mound was inflated inside his mouth. He clamped his jaws as she was wailing with delight. Her flesh tore and she burst with blood. Her wailing rose to a shriek of pain, but she held onto him. He continued to lap up her bloody issue. Once more the fire in his belly rose. Her pain subsided and her bleeding stopped. Her legs gave out and she fell from him. Strings of tissue stretched and snapped as her bottom fell away from her pussy, which was being chewed and eaten by her father, a sex-crazed, half-human high school senior.
He chewed her meat and savored her juices and sweetness. His cock was squirting cum with each swallow. She lay panting hard and watching him wide-eyed. She didn't understand what he had done to her. She was afraid he would kill her like he had her mother, Sis. Pepper rolled over and tried to crawl away. She felt him grab her ankles. She was lifted and her legs were spread. Her shredded crotch suddenly burned with fiery pain. She screamed in terror for the pain and rejoiced at the cause of her pain as her daddy penetrated what was left of it....


File: 1507433959323.jpeg (307.28 KB, 1501x1964, Drawing 033.jpeg)

Having fucked Pepper, drank from her and Lilith and now eaten her pussy his primal need was to brutally rape her followed by inseminating her so she could heal. It was an uncontrollable urge that was their natures. His fathers species lived to reproduce and when mixed in a human that meant constant fucking. The brutal sex was his heritage as was the girls ability to live through flesh rending copulation. So his urge was the normal course for him. Every fiber of his being wanted to eviscerate Pepper and decorate the walls and ceiling with her. She would then mature to the next stage, adult woman and with child. The only problem was she was already with child and not just any random fuck-toy. When he drank Sis dry, her essence was infused in him. Sis was able to push him to hold her until Pepper was near. Her influence led him to mate with Pepper early. Sis would be reborn from her daughter, but only if her daddy and lover could elevate Pepper without killing the fetus of Sis in her womb. And he was almost ready to bore into Pepper, destroying her womb.
Pepper was crawling away from him and he grabbed her ankles. She was still trying to crab-walk as he raised and spread her legs wide. Her exposed, raw vagina glistened as her crotch spread. He could smell her sweet meat. His cock was poised, hard and ready. Kneeling behind her, he pulled her back impaling her gaping mutilated vagina with his over-sized cock. Her screams of pain were music to his ears and he entered her womb without resistance.
"Oh daddy, it really hurts. Make it stop hurting. Your creamy pee will make it feel better. Please daddy."
He paused to relish her fear and pain, "All in good time baby. But daddy has some fun stuff for you first."
He gripped her ankles tight and readied to rip her belly out spilling her guts with a vicious fucking, but he froze. Deep inside Pepper, a tiny human, only a few cells, touched his penis. In his head he heard "Fill her womb with all your seed my love. Bathe me in your strength that I can be with you again. Restrain your urge to rip out Pepper's womb and I promise you will wake to have me in your arms. "
She was gone again. He was clear-minded and tears were flowing from his eyes. His body ached to butcher the child on his dick, but his heart yearned for Sis more.
A great calm came on him and he gently stroked in Pepper. His semen flowed into her in hard gushes and he kept it flowing until he was empty. She was almost in a drugged state. Her belly was larger than Lilith's. It took fifteen minutes to fill her but only five for the cum to be absorbed. He knew he could not destroy her womb but it needed to be torn that she could mature. He gritted his teeth and with enormous self control, pushed himself through her uterus and popped out her belly with a squirt of cum. It was dreadfully slow and painful for Pepper. She was bawling pitifully while he was tearing though her. He pulled back in and managed another shot of very thick goo.
He stood with her still attached and he carried her to the bed. Poor Lilith had just given birth and was nursing. He laid Pepper beside her and with his last bit of strength, gathered Sis corpse. He placed her on the woodpile wrapped in a sheet and lit the pile. He watched her consumed by the flames and almost made it to his bed, collapsing in the hallway...


He woke in his bed. It was warm and he was cozy with the sweet scent of women filling his nostrils. To his left was a bob-haired brunette, lean and shapely and beautiful round bosoms. Her eyes opened and she smiled,"Daddy". It was Pepper.
He heard a deep sexy voice to his right, "'bout time you woke up stud. Bring some of that love potion over here." Sandy hair, freckles, slutty talk. "Lilith?" She was gorgeous too. And neither were wearing a stitch. And both were horny as hell.
"How long has it been?" he asked.
"Two weeks. You really had us worried. We had plenty of milk for you and the babies"
He looked at their breasts appreciatively and imagined how they were going to taste.
"Wait. Babies?"
"Yes," Lilith spoke up, first our daughter was born before you passed out, her name is Desire' and she's sleeping. She will be a while before you can have her.
He smiled at Lilith,"I think you and I can spend some quality time now"
"You'd better or no more titty buster" and she kissed him.
"But, what other baby?" he asked
Pepper's lite voice like a wind chime, "I have a gift for you daddy. We just call her Sis. You can name her. She leaned on his chest to kiss him. Her ripe breasts oozed milk on him. A short kiss and she held herself over his face dangling her nipples in his reach. He took one while Lilith helped herself to the other. His erection started as Peppers sweet milk warmed him. He felt a warm wet presence on his cock.
She sucked him down and he pour out into it. "Oh geez Lilith that feels wonderful"
Lilith giggled next to his ear.
She cleared her throat and said, "Daddy, I think someone wants to say hi"
He looked down between his legs. Al little dark haired, ponytailed head bobbed on his dick gulping as he came for her.
"She's been doing that to you every day since she's been able to getaround alone. She never leaves your bed."
She finally released him gasping for air, her cheeks covered in cum. He was astounded. It was his sweet Sis. She squealed and scrambled to him, kissing him like a bride on her wedding night. Her sticky face on his made him hard.
"Hello My love. Did you miss me? When you finish with mom and auntie Lilith, we can play a game together."
He embraced her choking back tears, "I would like that very much" Just then, his cock was swallowed deeply and he began grinding out more cum. He looked into Sis eyes and asked, "auntie Lilith?" Sis just laughed and nodded


File: 1507434165609.jpeg (192.09 KB, 1501x1832, Drawing 034.jpeg)

Exotic dancer/stripper, mother to Jaden, Sis and Lilith. Human.
Amanda was seduced, brutally raped and left for dead in her apartment by Jaden's "father", and extra-terrestrial shape-shifter, of a species that procreates violently and frequently. She was selected by him to satisfy his need to mate while he was stranded on earth for a month. Her beauty while astounding, was irrelevant. She had a perfect combination of kinky sexual desires, including rough sex, a willingness to fuck even in public to satisfy her appetite and, of course, she was the first to agree to his "Hi, I really need to fuck someone, would you object if I penetrate you repeatedly".
Her response was a hearty laugh and "Oh my god, an honest man! Honey you come with me and make me a believer!"
The trauma of the next 48 hours almost killed her. He left her bloody, bruised and torn. It wasn't his intent to harm her. His kind often mutilated their females inadvertantly. But his species females had amazing regenerative powers. They liked being fucked to death, repeatedly. He left her not considering her condition, except that he knew she was now carrying his son. In an act of concern for his son he left a memory in her mind of his requirements and what he was from.
She twisted the memories to fit what she could understand and somehow survived with the aid of the local hospital.
Years later, her son impregnated her. She had an attraction to him and encouraged him to join her in her bed, letting him lay between her thighs, his boy penis against her mound. One night when he was around 10 years old, he woke in his manhood and feeling her close, he acted on his need to copulate. She was awake as he entered her and she was overjoyed. His cock filled her and she groaned as a tear fell from her eye. He gave one shove into her ripping her pussy. She panted as he unloaded an incredible amount of semen into her. She panted for air as his sperm took hold of her. Her mind cleared of its delusions and as her egg fertilized she felt a blaze of heat in her groin as the child started to form. She raised the child and told Jaden it was his sister. She knew they were going to be perfect for each other, just as she now knew she could never have him without losing her life...


File: 1507434288630.jpeg (189.55 KB, 1468x2163, Drawing 035.jpeg)

Half-breed human, daughter of Jayden and Sis. Mother of Sis through vampiric rebirth. First child born from non-human breeding. Out of necessity, she was assaulted by Jayden to correct a brain defect caused by her lack of copulation. Lack of nourishing semen from a male of her kind resulted in nervous disorders that threatened her survival. Jayden was able to save her life by literally fucking her brains out and filling her skull with cum. With the proper semen nourishment and the shredding of the damaged brain, Pepper regrew her skull full of mush in proper order.
Pepper is the purist of Jayden's offspring, neither seeking nor refusing sex from her daddy. She is quiet and good natured and loving. That being said when the need arises, she is the willing receptacle for daddy or even Sis, her mother and also for her sister Lilith whom she also services. In fact most of her life she has nightly been used by Lilith as her own private carpet muncher.
Pepper was also instrumental in saving the life of Sis when Jayden in a fit of blind lust, drank her life in an incestuous frenzy. This frenzy not only killed Sis, but Jayden also mercilessly raped Pepper, transferring Sis essence in his sperm to be reborn through her. The act of flesh rending impregnation and semen feeding also matured her body from a child of roughly five years old to a woman of seventeen.
She is lean framed, dark haired and her most pleasing feature is her delicious pussy mound which Jayden enjoys taking large bites out of right after cumming in her. She is also in a constant state of lactation and frequently nurses any children which Jayden brings forth. She also enjoys letting Jayden drink from her tender nipples which turns him into a fucking machine .
Pepper is a perfect example of an unselfish obedient concubine and she is favored by Jayden for this...


File: 1507434379198.jpeg (195.83 KB, 1424x1876, Drawing 036.jpeg)

Daughter of Amanda, sandy blonde not very curvy. Tom boyish in appearance, yet good round breasts, and well developed pussy and vagina. Able to contract muscle around her labia to stroke a cock inside , hold it tight from withdrawing, or pull it into her further. "Look ma, no hands". Conceived by deception, theft and selfishness when Amanda gathered Jayden's spilled semen from his soiled bed and adding to that what she also took secretly from Sis' ass on the first night, after she gave Sis to Jayden. She sneaked into his room and sucked mouthfuls of cum from her penetrated abdomen. Little Lilith displayed all these qualities, she was first and foremost a cum-slut, conniving and seductive. She would get what she wanted by trickery or deception and what she wanted is fucked and fucked hard and mean. Hers was a kinky nature. She was not interested in love and tenderness, but raw sex and pleasure with pain. Jayden preferred soft loving girls, but he used them the way Lilith liked to be abused. So although she was not his first choice, she was the spice, the straight whiskey when he needed a pretty girl to be a beast with. Though Lilith was more human mix than Pepper, she developed sooner that Pepper since she could use Jayden's semen differently. It also contributed to her development that she was adept at seducing Sis into sharing what Jayden had pumped into her. Quite often, Lilith would climb into their bed while Jayden slept contented and prey on Sis' emotional high, drinking from her tits, sucking Sis pussy for leftovers and lapping up the cum leaking from Sis' stretched bum hole. Jayden would have happily given her all she wanted, but to her, taking it was much too fun. In all of this she was more a slave than her sisters. She needed him more because of her lust. She is a wildcard in the family...


The End


Nice. Will you continue other works? Hope to see more!!


File: 1508218419238.jpeg (418.69 KB, 1655x2185, Drawing 037.jpeg)

As she followed her younger brother down the stairs to the basement, she wondered what he had to show her. She was hoping he was going to finally admit to his visits to her bedside when he thought she was asleep. She was quite anxious for him to put his cock to proper use inside her instead of jacking off in a towel in silence in her room. She dropped out of college to care for him when their parents died, and since he started high school, he was getting bolder in his secret affections toward her. Something about him cumming near her made her want him inside her.
He flipped on the lights and she saw his project hanging from the wall. It didn't look like much. Just a pipe with ropes.
"It's a dungeon display for a haunted house. A volunteer will get tied up in it and wail to be let free."
She was intrigued by it thinking of the possibilities, but disappointed that her panties were going to remain untouched.
"Of course I need to test it out. Make sure it looks real."
She had an idea,"Try it on me."
"Well, I dunno..." he seemed quite unsure.
"Oh it'll be fun" she said.
"Okay then" he took her hand "stand here and I'll get you hooked in" he led her in front of the bar wrapping the ropes around her neck. He slowly snugged them until her eyes glazed a bit. Her mind went giddy a little as her blood flow was slowed to her brain.
Seeing her state, he opened her blouse and slid it off her. Next he undid her bra throwing it aside. He noosed her boobs and cinched them tight. They bulged round and proud and she stroked his hair as she pulled his face into them. Around her back he ran the ropes and then he tied her arms to the pole. Her nipples were swelling and he sucked both hard to ripen them for what was to come. She was cooing in delirious expectation.
"Are you gonna fuck me little brother?" she asked as he unzipped her jeans. He just grinned and pulled them off her. He reached into her panties and stroked her mound, then probed her roughly with his middle finger. She moaned and he slid off her panties. He raised first one leg then the other high as he could, tying each above the knee. She was ready. Spread and moist with desire. But he wasn't giving her just a simple fuck. This was a test of a torture device.
Her nipples were puffed full from pressure of the rope. He took a knife from the table behind him and slowly split each plump areola. The inner force made them blossom like red roses. Her tits were numbed but she felt the burning and she groaned, "Oh yes hell yes, bite those titties boy".
He watched her body react. Her pussy opened and closed as she was nearing climax. He went to the corner of the basement and retrieved a cloth sack. From it he withdrew a large rattlesnake. It was still groggy from the chloroform he used to sedate it. All it wanted was a safe warm place to hide. So when he presented her snatch to it, it slowly made its way into her.
She spoke hoarsely, "What are you doing to me. Fuck me like you mean it. Don't just stick it in me and jizz. Make it hurt!"
The snake was trying to get in further but she was full. It would retract soon so he had to stop it from exiting. Two pieces of tubing were handy. He gauged her abdomen and the position of the snakes head. He wanted to trap it not kill it. He took aim and plunged into her belly to the left and then on the right. She was roaring with pain thinking he was penetrating her with a giant cock.
The snake started to writhe, needing to exit for air. It got wilder for a minute and then slowed down ,but it was enough to stimulate her orgasm. Her cervix throbbed against the viper and it struck inside her, injecting its venom in her pulsing womb opening. He waited for the snake to die in her and he pulled it out. Venom poured from her slit. He was ready now to burst. Planting his penis into her, he ground hard as he spewed cum into her. When he finished unloading, he relieved his bladder in her, washing out the cum and venom. As he did, the warm wetness made her release down his legs. He smiled and licked the juicy incisions on her breasts. He would have to let her down eventually, but not until she begged...


Oh hell yes! Love your stuff!


Hey Paco, eagerly awaiting more from you!


What happened to Paco? I really miss his stuff!


Hey Paco, you ever coming back?

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