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I have no clue what I'm doing, but that's never stopped me before.


File: 1488239171089.png (74.5 KB, 622x482, TN2.PNG)

Chloe vs. Explosive Cumshot.


File: 1488239353092.png (66.74 KB, 700x700, Frame5.png)

Six from the game Little Nightmares.


any chance you can do one of a girl in a school uniform being sawed in half?


What you're doing is pretty good, so please keep shooting in the dark.


File: 1488259732783.jpg (459.68 KB, 802x1933, WrileyN.jpg)

I'll post some still pictures in the downtime while I'm working on new animations.

No guarantees, but I'll put it on the list.

Thanks man, will do.


File: 1488259769656.jpg (195.42 KB, 802x1933, WrileyG.jpg)


File: 1488264679476.jpg (57.19 KB, 1249x874, Dungeon1.jpg)

Here's a set I did a week or so ago. The character is based on Eskarina Smith from Terry Practhett's Discworld series.


File: 1488264702132.jpg (173.38 KB, 1249x874, Dungeon3.jpg)


File: 1488264732836.jpg (247.7 KB, 1249x874, Dungeon4.jpg)


File: 1488264754040.jpg (261.91 KB, 1249x874, Dungeon5.jpg)


File: 1488264802558.jpg (241.18 KB, 1250x880, Dungeon6.jpg)


File: 1488264837104.jpg (80.36 KB, 668x363, Dungeon7.jpg)

Obligatory pun.


I'm not into lolis, but I've got to say your animations are very nice, and the sound effects are on point.


It's amazing what you can get for free these days. All the sounds are either swiped from YouTube videos or homemade.


I can't view any of the animations. Whenever I click on the link it just takes me to a blank page



These are pretty great. Hope to see more soon


Theese are great artworks. Do you have any account on pixiv or DeviantArt?



File: 1491362850712.gif (654.63 KB, 720x540, Pole Dance GIF.gif)

Videos with sound:


A little short story on the side:

Orphaned from birth in the festering city of Dredge, a little nameless scamp made her way on the streets for nine years before being taken in as a baker's apprentice -- were she picked up the name Muffin.

Eventually the chef, who had always been a bit secretive, was found guilty of some crime or another and banished outside the city walls, where it was believed the fog consumes your soul.

Now eleven years old, Muffin wasn't happy about being re-orphaned. She snuck outside during the day when the fog was thinnest, smuggling food and water out to her now vegetative master.

That went on unnoticed for some time, but one day she was caught by an enterprising young guardsman. Aiding the damned was punishable by death, and kids were no exception -- especially not orphans.

Even in a city like Dredge, it was not common practice to execute children publicly. Muffin was a rare exception.

"Pole Dance" was the method chosen. For this type of execution, the victim is lashed to a post then decapitated with razor wire. To ensure an entertaining spectacle, the wire would be waxed with a sodium-rich balm. This stimulates the exposed spinal nerves and causes the victim to thrash for several seconds after death -- hence the name "Pole Dance."

Muffin's execution was textbook. She drew a small crowd by merit of being a handsome little girl in her own right, and because Dregians couldn't pass up a good show. A murmur went up when the child started to cry, so one of the presiding watchmen gagged her.

Moments later the signal was given, and a length of razor wire tightened around Muffin's slender neck. It sank into her skin and punctured her throat, making her retch. Blood flooded into her mouth and she stiffened as the wire slipped through muscle and sinew.

It caught for a moment on the bone of her spine, then with a wet pop the little girl's head tumbled from her shoulders. A ragged cheer broke out, then the dance started.

Spurred by the sodium wax, Muffin's prepubescent body jerked. Her throat sputtered in a grotesque gargle as one tender thigh rose into the air. The leg came down in a jerky stomp, and the child's corpse arched in a tip-toe death throe.

Later, when the crowd had dispersed, one of the guards would remark that she was the noisiest corpse he'd ever seen. Were Muffin alive to hear that, she would've died from embarrassment -- having always been a very quiet girl with a rigid sense of dignity.

The show her cadaver was putting on couldn't be called dignified by any stretch. Blood jetted and slopped from the gory cross-section of her neck. Her little boobless chest thrust skyward and flexed. A ragged cough erupted from her throat, along with a misted fountain of hot kiddie blood.

Her four seconds of fame were over, and Muffin's dripping body slumped to the ground. Residual spasms kept her neck stump gurgling for a moment, then that too died away.

The crowd dispersed satisfied, saddened, and in one case, aroused. The watchmen disposed of the child's corpse, cleaned up the blood, and retired for the night. One of their number didn't show up for work the next morning, citing nausea induced from seeing such a pretty little thing die in such a messy way.


You know i completly ignored your works as they looked 2 simple aND wit out any nudity... until you posted that last animation and i realized they are animated... now I feel stupid as this thread become one of my most favorite ones... Only thing i hope you will add more to your works is some more nudity or necrophilia.

And just so you know - that last animation was amazing! I just wish it was a bit slower or longer!



Good to hear! I am planning more variety in the future, so keep an eye out. Also the dropbox player has some speed options, it's not perfect but it extends the animation to 16 seconds and retains the audio -- albeit distorted.


Its great! It was pined instantly at out guro discord channel! I just wish her face was visible so it could also give us a "show" of expressions! :D And that closeup... damn...


Any reupload of this?


Do more with farting like this, fuckin love it:


Man, that's the best thing I've seen in a long time. The story is great, it compliments the animation splendidly, making a fantastic package. Thank you so much for all the hard work, I'm really looking forward to more.


Good to see that people like it! Faces are one of my weakest areas, so I have a bad habit of hiding them partway into the animation. I'm working on it though, no worries.

It's a short one, but here's the dropbox version:

I'll put it on the list. Since I was planning that anyway, there's a good chance you'll see some in the next animation I do.

Thanks! The story definitely isn't my best work, but I'm glad someone enjoyed it.


cant wait for more farting and scat guro :D

Love ur other animations dude


cant wait for more farting and scat guro :D

Love ur other animations dude


God.. we have like 5 threads about it already.. why everyone are so in for SHIT... i could even like piss but farting and shit? whats hot about it?


piss is sucks so much to me, but i don't whine about what other people are into. we're on gurochan for god's sake. grow up.




Where have you gone? Miss your art


He's alive. The sort of frame-by-frame animation he does takes a very long time for one person to do.


File: 1493900167551.gif (136.22 KB, 560x317, GIF.gif)

Videos with sound:

Normal Version:

Clean Version (100% less scatology):

Picture Day

At around noon, a jumbled line of 3rd graders could be seen plodding down the central hallway of Upshot Elementary. The hall was a carpeted killzone of dropped lunchboxes, forgotten backpacks, and the occasional chewed up pencil. Upshot Elementary had only one janitor, and he’d called in sick.

The mess tripped a few of the shuffling kids – specifically those preoccupied with assorted picture day activities, like picking at starchy collars, smoothing frilly dresses, and pawing at tufty hair. Perhaps the least fussy of them was a girl ambling quietly near the tail end of the line. Her name was something like Chloe Cook, but there were four other Chloes in her class, so officially she was just called CC.

The first thing to notice about CC was her hair. It was long, blonde, and so silky one could just about see one’s reflection in it. Frighteningly good genetics were to thank for this, although the fact that she used her mom’s shampoo that morning probably helped.

The second thing to notice about CC was her clothes. A plain dress shirt (which might be called a blouse, but only because it was on a girl) clung snugly to her 2x4 figure, and tucked into a knee-length skirt whose pleated folds rustled gently as she lollygagged with the best of them. Standard-issue dress shoes hugged her shuffling feet a little too tightly, as did the black socks which rested halfway up her milky calves.

The very last thing to notice about CC was the fact that she’d spaced out, during which time the line had run down to a stub. The second to last student was presently being ushered into the art room, which had been converted into a quaint little studio to fill the Upshot Elementary yearbook with 200 awkwardly smiling faces. CC had painted a flower on hers. It was actually just five blobs of colored finger paint, but she thought it was pretty.

The student came out a moment later. He looked relieved and began to actively dishevel himself on the way back to class. CC would be lying if she said she wasn’t annoyed at being last, but now it was her turn, and a girl like CC is never unhappy to get her picture taken – no matter how long the wait.

“Right this way sweetie.” A modest middle-aged woman beckoned CC to enter.

The door clicked shut behind CC, whose bright blue eyes swiveled to take in the old art room. It really had been stripped bare, even the countertops had been torn out. The only furnishings were a few tripods and a collection of rough black duffle bags, as well as a full mop bucket in the corner.

“Just stand right over there on that red tape, okay?” the woman said, pointing to an otherwise nondescript patch of chilly blue tile with a strip of colored duct tape.

CC wandered over and stood obediently while the woman fiddled with her camera. After a while the little girl began to rock back and forth on her toes in the universal What’s Taking so Long, I Have to use the Toilet dance.

“Um, excuse me,” CC quavered at length, “I gotta go potty.”

And that’s when things got interesting. She saw a shadow move in a hitherto unoccupied corner, and turned to see a man bearing down on her. She recognized that worried, lightly wrinkled face. She’d often seen it doddering through the halls after hours, working the mop and vacuum like a pro. But now he was naked, and his normally gentle face was split into a wicked, hungry smile.

CC let out a panicked whimper and tried to duck out of the way, but it was too late. A pair of rough brown arms clapped around the child and levered her to her knees.

“Hey! Let go!” CC whined, but the janitor was dead-set on his task.
They struggled, young girl kicking and squirming, man wrenching and pressing. While the janitor pinned CC down on icy blue tiles, the photographer lady marched up and yanked the fussing child’s panties off. She tossed the pink and white garment aside and knelt, camera aimed to capture the scene.

“Hurry,” she prompted, then thumbed a button on her camera and added, “I’m recording.”

The janitor responded immediately, lying back and dragging CC around to straddle him. She bucked and twisted like mad, but what could a 9-year-old girl do? She couldn’t hope to break free, all she managed was to wear herself out.

Taking advantage of his victim’s exhaustion, the janitor lined himself up. CC’s girlhood was hovering just above his thick, adult cock. A death grip clamped onto the little girl’s forearms, and with a grunt the janitor yanked her down.

Knives shot up CC’s spine as the man’s erection destroyed her hymen and burrowed deep into her body. She choked, rattled, and had her lungs filled to scream when the trusting started. Her pent-up wail came out as a shuddering moan, which only spurred the janitor to pound faster.

The camera lady shifted her weight to get a better angle, “You hear that? The lil’ kiddie’s moaning, you think she likes being raped?”

The janitor grunted and kept going, face a twitching mask of stifled pain. He was fairly well-endowed, and the slimy vice of a small schoolgirl’s ham wallet was not a good fit. Driven by that discomfort, he doubled his pace.

CC bounced. Her springy blonde hair bounced, her loose blue skirt bounced, even her voice bounced, girlish mewls and pitiful whimpers cracking to the aggressive rhythm of rape.

“Oh my God, look at her go! What a filthy child-whore,” CC heard the camerawoman coo.

At that point, fuzzy blackness began to seep into the edges of the girl’s vision. All she could hear was the sharp swat of skin-on-skin, and her own garbled voice eking out squeals and grunts – which were beginning to sound naughty, even by the camerawoman’s standards.

“Listen! I think our little princess in enjoying herself – let’s end her on a good note,” the woman reached behind her and brandished a razor-sharp machete, but her victim was too preoccupied to notice.

The little girl’s mind was fogging up. Black fog crept further and further into her sight, but a hot, pressurized tingle was building up in her groin – and it wasn’t just the blood. She could feel something alien welling up from those chills, that embarrassment, and even the pain. Forgetting herself, CC started to buck her hips up and down, desperate to release the hot pressure in her underage snatch.

Grinding and slopping her hips in the throes of pre-orgasm, CC didn’t see the blade coming.


Her head went spinning into the air, and the furious, frustrated desire to cum died with her before she hit could the ground. Meanwhile, the little blonde’s body was taken in the spasms of pleasure she never got to feel.

CC’s washboard chest thrust outward as her posture went rigid. Her arms shot out to either side, where they mindlessly flapped up and down, as if trying to take off. Vocal chords that weren’t finished moaning let out a strangled gargle. Shuddering waves shook the inside of her sopping wet cock socket, bringing the janitor to climax.

Hot rolling globs of cum burbled from her ruined pussy and slopped out from under her rumbled skirt. Little bubbles grew and popped in the thick, oozing semen as it slowly spread into a sticky, foul-smelling puddle.

Another gout of the putrid white fluid escaped when CC’s spurting corpse slumped back, it’s silly-looking death throes apparently over. The janitor gave the camerawoman a questioning look, to which she nodded. He then drew his hand back and delivered a good hard smack to the child’s shivering body.

The reaction was instant. With a series of violent jerks, CC’s cadaver rose twitching to its feet. Her truncated neck spat a few blistering ropes of blood with a sound like spfft spffrt, while her hands flailed at the spot her head had been, fingers locked in a claw-like rictus.

The 9-year-old’s arching, shuddering spasm only lasted a split second. Her thighs jiggled and gave out, dropping the dead body back into the puddle of cum it’d just milked.

The janitor had a great view of her neck anatomy as another belated moan, or perhaps a latent death scream gurgled from her bloody, exposed voice box. A little tremor shook the prepubescent girl’s pelvis, and then – not to put too fine a point on it – she farted.

“Aww, isn’t that precious,” the camerawoman mocked, then scuttled off to fetch the mop.

The janitor rolled CC’s soaked, still-twitching body into a vacant rubber-lined duffle bag and zipped it up for the journey home, where it would be put to good and thorough use.


HOLY SHIT. That fart on the end, 10/10. Dude, do you take commissions? I'll be willing to fork over some money for requests.


so good... nigga, you just made me a brapfag. fuck.


As a fart fetishist meself, thank you for using a realistic sounding fart. you got something right that 90% of porn stars don't.


Would've liked it without the fucking part but nice decap and even the fart was kinda hot. Never thought I'd call a fart hot.


Would you be willing to do some Loli girls taking bullets to the pussy? preferred pregnant?


any more on the way? would love to see more guro incorporated with farts and poop.


File: 1498268815021.png (624.36 KB, 2000x2000, Words1.png)

Currently in between animations. Here's a little set to keep things spicy:


File: 1498268831060.png (546.09 KB, 2000x2000, Words2.png)


File: 1498268848774.png (845.73 KB, 2000x2000, Words3.png)


File: 1498268869105.png (834.39 KB, 2000x2000, Words4.png)


File: 1498268883593.png (722.68 KB, 2000x2000, Words5.png)


File: 1498268895951.png (656.32 KB, 2000x2000, Words6.png)


File: 1498268908852.png (429.24 KB, 2000x2000, Words7.png)


File: 1498268922261.png (518.17 KB, 2000x2000, Words8.png)


Hot as hell. Wish it ended with shit instead of piss but still great 👍


any chance you can do one of a school girl(in uniform) (or multiples if you please) in a magic trick (or tricks) gone wrong. Sword box, knife throwing, sawing in half, that sort of thing?


Nice series.


Love it. Can't wait to see more beheadings with stinky shit. 👍


holy shit! You are fucking fuck awesome!!!
Where do you get these sounds???


File: 1498680704389.gif (1.69 MB, 640x480, DisplayGIF.gif)



I mostly get them off of YouTube.




Love it ;)


File: 1498839408110.jpg (83.92 KB, 1592x907, Thumbnail.JPG)


Dear OP! I love your works!
In my personally opinion, the repeating of the death moment isn´t a good idea. It interrupts the flow of story and it is really not good



:D !! LOLI!


wonderful!l love girl poop when she die.


File: 1499463068694.jpg (71.6 KB, 1528x918, Thumnail2.JPG)


Legendary loved the fart too youve given me a fart kink


File: 1499734452559.gif (443.9 KB, 700x730, Squirt.gif)

No sound this time, just a quick .gif I threw together.


File: 1499763815013.gif (371.12 KB, 1560x1000, Swingset (GIF).gif)


I love all your stuff, but especially this one because I love asphyx!

It's very good. I hope it's okay to say: the bend in her back makes her looks a little stiff, and not in a "rigormortis" kind of way. And she looks kind of like shes moving right more than she is left.

But i love this poor yoyo animation, hr age group is great and her form is perfect, and whats happening to her is my favorite thing as well, so good job!



Yeah, I saw those problems myself. That one was rushed because I was chomping at the bit to get to work on my next big project.


I love it!!


OP, please, do throat cutting, if you like!


I am not into guro at all, but I must commend you for making loli animations feature scat and pee. I wish there was at least one or two without deaths and just scat...what are my chances of getting something like that?


File: 1501243722839.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, Illya vs Kuro.jpg)

I took a quick break from animation, but I'll be getting back into it very soon. In the meantime, here's some gnarly Prisma Illya fanart, with a story:

Both girls' eyes narrowed into slits. The wind was stiff on the roof of the elementary school, and it toyed with the twins' hair as they faced off. Illyasviel took her kaleidostick in a vice grip. Kuro just grinned and shifted her weight in a vaguely suggestive manner.

Illya's face warped into a snarl. This slutty dark-skinned clone of hers was getting out of hand. It had tried to kill her. Even worse, it'd force-kissed Illya's best friend. And now it was actively out to ruin the poor girl's social life.

Forgetting that her friends were still watching, the little mage decided it was time to deal with Kuro. She kicked off the school's concrete rooftop and swung her kaleidostick in one fluid motion, calling forth a blade-like blast of concentrated mana.

She was expecting Kuro to dodge -- to transform and fight like she'd done before. But she didn't. By the time Illya landed, Kuro's head was already spinning through the air on a tail of hot red fluid.

Illya stared, unable to look away. The promiscuous 10-year-old's body was still standing, knees locked, arms rigid by her side as her truncated neck gargled up splurt after messy splurt of steaming blood.

A nauseous retch worked it's way up Illya's throat as she watched her twin's corpse begin to struggle. Kuro's plump brown thighs started to jiggle and flex, her arms jerked up and spasmed just above the gory stump. It was as if the dead child was trying to catch her head, which now rested some five feet away, face frozen in a shocked rictus.

Illya's eyes refused to leave the obscene spectacle. The elementary school girl's body was still standing and twitching violently, some 20 seconds after it's head had been forcibly removed. Could it be because of all the excess mana she'd died with? Who knows, but Illya couldn't take much more of the disgusting sight. She collapsed to all fours and coughed, then abruptly puked up her lunch.

Shaking and dribbling recycled stomach acid, Illya glanced up just in time to see Kuro's cadaver stagger dumbly before finally flopping dead on the sun-baked concrete roof. The headless child then shuddered and kicked a few more times before finally dying for good.

Illya's cheeks puffed out, and with a heave she lost her breakfast as well.

I'll put it on the list.

I'm open for commissions, but there's a bit of a line right now.


Think you could do some Zelda lolis Like Saria?


love Ur work!


File: 1502280019341.gif (5.53 MB, 960x540, Comm4.gif)

Another commission, non-loli again. This one's more scat-focused, so if you're not into poop give this one a miss.


Read the story (It's free):


love scat ,girl poop when she die is sex :)


File: 1502367870129.jpg (404.44 KB, 1920x700, Chloe Clothes.jpg)

Someday I might jam one of these designs into an animation. Let me know which one you prefer.


4 and 5,and can u make girl hanged?


4 and 5,and can u make girl hanged?


4 and 5,and can u make girl hanged?


4 and 5,and can u make girl hanged?


4 :D we need some sex scene!


4 is really cute, but I think I have to go with 1 :)


5 and 1


1 and 4.


2,3,4, and 6! All cute in their own ways.


I wasn't going to say anything because I thought the right answer was obvious, but now I'm worried we may lose. 6 is the clear winner!


What animation next? anymore Girls farting with Gore?


File: 1503337985773.gif (2.14 MB, 640x360, Raffle1RAW_1.gif)


....I like two head girls a thank you all mighty one



File: 1503898500556.gif (6.26 MB, 1311x983, Double Team [GIF].gif)


A bit of explanation: I'm trying to make this sustainable, so from now on MOST of my written content will be behind a very small paywall.

That said, all my animations and illustrations will stay free. I don't plan on changing that any time soon.


File: 1504038436302.gif (4.38 MB, 1280x720, Comm6 [GIF].gif)

Commission #6, it's not guro this time. Or loli for that matter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dropbox -
Mixtape -


File: 1504488155111.jpg (223.89 KB, 1629x1080, Trick.jpg)

Quick two picture sequence in which a vampire gets stabbed in the head.

Patronize me and read the story here:

Animations soon.


File: 1504488174497.jpg (229.3 KB, 1630x1080, Trick2.jpg)


Quick preview of the story because I'm not a complete sellout:

Driven partially by adrenaline, partially by anger, and partly by lack of sleep, Oliver stepped forward and lifted the small child until her legs dangled. He then lined his growing erection up with his captive’s girlhood. Seeking control, one of his hands latched onto her smooth amber hair and yanked upward, forcing the kid’s head upright.

She woke up with a flutter of the eyes and a girlish mewl. The man leaned in, prodding her entrance with his now fully erect penis.

“Hey, you little bloodsucking shit,” Oliver growled through a grin, “You’re a cute one, aren’t you?”

The girl tried to protest, but the words were lost in a pained grunt as Oliver forced himself inside her. She choked on her own breath and sputtered wetly, eyes wild and unfocused by pain.


If you're interested, the full thing is 1,381 words long.


File: 1506408329102.gif (146.84 KB, 560x315, Lollipop[GIF].gif)

It's alive! Well, I am anyway. Can't say as much for the loli.

Videos with sound:

Mixtape -
Dropbox -

Short story excerpt:

The child’s body teetered, having rocked back on its heels from the sheer impact. The shot had burst open the little girl’s braincase and caked her personality all over the floor and walls, but much of the lower brain was still attached. This meant she could still balance, if only briefly.

Nolan raised an eyebrow as the girl’s throat fluttered and spewed a wet gargling scream. There was no way she was still alive. Not without most of her head. He chalked it up to a latent reflex and adjusted his swelling package. The best part was yet to come.


Become a Patron and read the full story:


File: 1506496901299.gif (855.93 KB, 560x315, X1GIF.gif)


Nice :D!


Very nice work!
Do you have some animations with little girls who get heartshot?


File: 1509835545980.gif (5.27 MB, 1920x1080, GIF.gif)

Chloe said a naughty word, so she's getting her mouth washed out with soap.

Did I say soap? I meant cum.

Loops with sound:


That is insanely hot, especially the way she gags and spits up! So close to barfing, love it X3


File: 1512817015520.gif (128.5 KB, 560x315, GIF.gif)

Hat Kid can't find her hat! And her head too, but the hat's more important.

Loops with sound:




Let me know if you need the Dropbox links, I tried to put them in this post but it kept triggering the site's spam protection.


File: 1515438229371.gif (467.33 KB, 560x315, New Years[GIF].gif)



happy new year


these are great, but damn, wish your animations had more poo in em


File: 1519451089674.gif (236.63 KB, 560x373, RawGIF.gif)


Wow! Cool!


You have the only guro that has ever turned me on...thought that likely has more to do with the animated pee and scat as well as the sound effects. Would love to see more panty pooping


Great animations!
Any more? Would like to see some more little girls shot in the chest/head, or slit their throat, whatever...


Wait you!


Wait you!

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