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Guess I'm glad to say that I'm finally home. It's good to be back gurochan!

Sorry for the departure during last October. I was in a small car accident while driving during a raining night. A guy hit my car on the driver's seat at a crossroad, it was not huge but the airbag still bumps out and dislocated my shoulder. My left arm and foot and shank was broken too but thank god I was fine after the hit.

The fractures a not too bad from my doctor's view so I was only in the hospital for 3 weeks, but my parents then moved me back home for better care. Then I was home for 2 more month and then later my girlfriend came to live with us too. I got back to walk with a crutch in the winter, and stayed a little longer till the Chinese new year is over, and then moved back to my own apartment. I couldn't really draw anything for my parents are both retired and got infinite time to stay with me. So I can only watch some day time comedy with mother, or sit on a wheel chair to the garden with father, and watch some guro pictures secretly during the night.

It is quite a painful experience to recover at the beginning. Luckily I'm almost fully recovered now but still got minor ache during my walk. Although my girl is still with me but at least I can pick up the pen again in my private space in my apartment.

So here's what happend to me. I'm so eagered to draw something these days. So we got my first victim of 2017, 2B or not 2B, that is a question.


File: 1488202326545.jpg (333.25 KB, 2000x1200, 2b2.jpg)



File: 1488202547329.jpg (301.47 KB, 2000x1200, 2b3.jpg)

I wonder if Android got the similar guts with human ladies?


I'm sorry to hear about what happened, and glad to hear that you're alright. So far I'm enjoying your art.


Wow. It's really great to see you back Ayaswan, especially after something like that.

Glad to hear you are recovering well, and thanks for the art!


File: 1488211801963.jpg (428.57 KB, 2000x1200, 2b4-2000.jpg)

Thank you guys.

I'm delivering this last pic tonight and head for sleep. See you gurochan.




Sorry about the accident - but very, very glad to hear you're feeling better! Just wanted to ask - will you be bringing back your patreon at any point?


It's good to have you back, Aya. This board just isn't the same without you and your art around. Even given the circumstances, it must have been good to spend some time with your family again. Here's hoping you make a full recovery!

If 2B is an android, she is entirely man-made with no real human parts. In that case, those are some very convincingly crafted insides, assembled soley for our sick pleasure!


Very happy to see you back. Drive carefully, wish you healthy forever!



Holy shit, glad to hear you're alright after a collision like that. Will your Patreon eventually re-open for those of us looking to continue our support?


Thats quite unfortunate. I imagine what it is like to be in that situation but i'm really glad things are turning alright after the accident. I'm glad aswell that we did no lose you Aya. I wish you recover fast.



omg, glad you're back AyaSwan! So glad you have recovered :)


It's glad to see you that you are back!


Holy shit dude I was worried we'd seen the last of you for a bit there!
Sounds like you've had a rough time, not least because you couldn't openly indulge in violent pornography.
Hopefully your patreon is going back up soon?


Its super good that you are ok and almost fully recovered! Well may i ask - as your patreon went down completely what are your plans? There were from what i remember 3 series you started on it - one was Tracer from Overwatch other was Leona and Miss Fortune (or was that other LoL girl) execution/s and i think something else... Do you plan of finishing those or are you moving to other projects? Also could you post the old patreon stuff here?


WOHO! My favorite artist is back! The fun have been doubled again!! :D
Glad you are ok and back on your feets!

So if you are planning on drawing some stuff may i request some Kill-la-Kill girls snuff? :D


SO glad you're back!


First I'd like to thank everyone who cares and supports me while I was gone. Yes, it's really happy to be back. It may sounds horrible but it's really not that bad for me. Like I said, what really kills me is that my parents are watching over me all the time like I was an infant, kinda loose my privacy and dignity as a human being (yeah, I have to ask my dad's help if I need to go to the toilet lol)



As for my Patreon, it went down without giving any notification and I can't log in or reset password as well. I didn't receive any email from Patreon so I sent an request form to check out what happend. Still waiting for the reply. When it comes back, I'll start to make some new illustration regualrly and I will keep the same fee for the subscriptions.

At this moment I think there's no harm to release my previous works step by step. The on going Tracer and Leona stories - I still got some unpolished sketchs so I'll release what's done first.


File: 1488335280146.jpg (1.43 MB, 2000x2000, wonderwoman2000.jpg)



File: 1488335372665.jpg (696.07 KB, 2000x1500, wonder woman2 batmansuperm….jpg)


File: 1488335403286.jpg (812.49 KB, 2000x1500, womderwoman ending2000.jpg)


Dude, so glad you're OK! In regardless of whether you continue to post those awesome work or not, stay healthy man!


Damn, I assumed you were away on work but that is crazy. Hope you fully recover soon.


Glad you're okay! Embarrassed to say I thought you took my money and ran. Will definitely support your Patreon again if it goes back up!


File: 1488449264296.jpg (1.16 MB, 2000x1250, 2b5 2000 fix.jpg)

A quick sketch to the next step


I like how he holds her hand in the end, while she passes away. Also, the boy reminds me a bit of kaneki from tokyo ghoul, any inspiration from there ? xD


>>16364 is just the 9s from Nier:Automata.
BTW, 2B is still alive there.


Glad to see that you're back! I was one of your supporters on patreon before. Love the new works. I'd love to see Alice from Alice: Madness Returns be mutilated next. I plan to support you again if you get your patreon back up.


My condolences regarding your accident. I'm glad it didn't diminish your artistic skills, which remain excellent.


I'm so happy about that either. My left hand has minor pain still but my right hand is perfectly normal right now. Guess I'll have to thank the Chinese driving seat is located on the left side of the car. Viva la CPC


Praise the sun! Glad you're well.


Glad to see you're back
Also if Patreon isn't going to be super helpful have you ever thought about say a gumroad account for one time purchases/batches per month?


Welcome back~
i'm looking forward for your new artworks


Glad you're okay, aya. Would you be okay with posting an alternative version of these pics with 9s? I just dont find him appealing.

If not, thats okay. You don't owe us anything. I hope your recovery continues well.


File: 1488565678164.jpg (863.12 KB, 2000x1315, dawn.jpg)

I don't have 9s in other pics, sorry

I wasn't sure that if I got enough stuffs for packages. I'm thinking about developing my patreon to a better level of operation, maybe a new level of a new kind of content...Maybe to develop some individual images into a story? But I'm very sure it's gonna take a long long time to finish one :p

A quick sketch of an OC - Dawn


Welcome back, Ayaswan! Hope you will recover completely soon. It was great to see your updates on pixiv again!

Looking forward to seeing you develop your work further!


Aya said: Maybe to develop some individual images into a story?

I LOVE when you do the longer form stories, like the one with Black Widow, or the guys having the time of their lives with those two girls for Valentines day. Those are FABULOUS.

If you're taking about a full fledged comic, what words could I possibly say other than, TAKE MY MONEY NOW!!! :-)


As for the patreon it was fine as it was. 5 $ previews/sketches of exclusive and earlier access to free drawings 10$ exclusiv (for month/few months) works in h.resolution + pools for subject/what girl to use for drawings.

As for the "series" or stories - as long as they would be made in an easier format/style so they dont take super long to finish and take too much time form your more refined drawings then i'm all for it! Of Course we would like to see little stories like for example that one with Sakura. Maybe done in simple color to save time. Or series of images/sequences with little stories/descriptions taing them together?

Anyway looking forward to your full recovery and more LoL girls (i'm the annoying guy that requested Leona :P - now i will be requesting Ahri or Jinx cant decide yet; tho i think Jinx is HOT crazy b*** xP xD )


I think most artists with a gumroad pad the packages our with sketches and wips a few multiple CGs. and they double up per month (provided they do enough content) where they post collection of fisnished stuff via month. I personally enjoy gumroad for that reason and that theres more choice and more of a enphasison one time purchase instead of being charged a certain amount per month. But thats just my suggestion. do what you like when things are fully in your control.


Great to see you again. Who are your upcoming victims?


The 2B stuff looks amazing! Beautiful work.


File: 1489157009124.jpg (656.92 KB, 1200x755, d-va-3.jpg)

Hey Veiled glad to be back to talk to you guys again~

Yeah it's only because I draw comics too slow or I would love to present stories like that.

I am considering leave my day job and once I get more time drawing I could start releasing stuffs by packages.

I'm gonna ask that who's today's favourite heroine except 2B? The heroines from Overwatch and Lol is back online now.


File: 1489157104794.jpg (284.29 KB, 1200x572, leona 5 sperm only.jpg)

Oh and I'm also considering more Disney princess to go. Would love to switch some of their heads.


Any chance you'd do Zhang Chunhua from Dynasty Warriors dying brutally?

Or hell, Candy Cane from Rumble Roses would be awesome too.


I posted some ideas on your latest drawing on patreon. :)


really off topic question but whats your zodiac sign?


Favorite heroine? Mercy from OW probably. She's fun to play.


Just became a Patreon supporter. Happy to help support your wonderful artwork!


also another question Are you turned on more by the act of killing or fucking a already dead body (erotophonophilia or necrophilia)


I second what marinette said


File: 1489524552574.jpg (384.36 KB, 914x1080, lika decap-1.jpg)

Aries I am

I'm slightly more turned on by killing itself. It would be perfect to kill while fucking.

Thanks a lot. The problem is still the same. One can only fit few time to draw everyday. I made something out for Tracer's impale story yesterday and today just a quick sketch of this after watching GANTZ:O


File: 1489524730204.jpg (131.39 KB, 699x900, leona-7no line.jpg)

AND a new one from Leona's decapitation, this one is almost done recently. Finally this story is close to the end. I guess there is just 2 more to go according to my sketch.


A little text I just made:

I'm not a good person while playing the games and I'm pretty sure that anyone who joins GANTZ would not behave normally as well. For example, if I got such a power suit and swift sword I might try to destroy some people just for fun. And this is what happened to Reika who is such a perfect whore for many GANTZ players. So they captured her, disembled her arms first. She screamed and cried but nothing would stop her murderers from thinking about how to fuck her hot body after this. Reika was beheaded with a swift hit and her body struggled standing for a while, and she pissed and fell.

The GANTZ players got what they want with Reika's headless and armless body.


File: 1489571801634.jpg (292.81 KB, 914x1080, lika decap with head.jpg)

Additional head.


File: 1489571832259.jpg (387.47 KB, 914x1080, lika decap middle NO PANTY.jpg)


Love your style, but will you be doing anything other than decapitations from now on? It seems to be the vast majority of your work lately, which is personally a turn off for me.


File: 1489601193751.jpg (257.56 KB, 640x800, Reika brain sketch.jpg)


Question about your going to be re-uploading some of your older stuff as well? I missed out on signing up back then but looking at the posts that are up it seems like a lot of that stuff isn't available as of now.


Have you ever thought of making male guro? I would like to see at least one in your style ;-;


As a matter of fact I did have a story about superman and batman got killed by Harley Quinn.

I just can't remember which of old works are posted and which are not. Well, you know what? I'm gonna repost all the high-res works including the ones on my pixiv.


Jeez man, sorry to hear that! I hope you are alright, and welcome back!
2B little sis in deep agony sure looks great! hats off to your always superb works and enthusiasm!

It so happened that I also had a small fracture to my left ankle last Nov, and after walking in pain for 2 weeks it came to me that it's not just a sprain, earned me a sick-leave for a month and half, then comes the winter holiday. but unlike you and prolific cavalry-chan, illness and laziness overcomes me :P
hope I can come up with something next week, something kunoichi.


have you posted the batman superman thing anywhere? If not, is there any way to access it?? :o


>> 16636

He just put it up on his Patreon today. You should join to support his works.


Glad to hear you're OK after the accident! The world of internet guro smut just isn't the same without you. :)

Speaking of stories and killing-while-fucking, some time ago you did a series of pics in which the Mortal Kombat bitches and a couple friends got ripped in half, stuck on spears, and raped to death. MK is my favorite series, and Kitana is my favorite victim, so needless to say, I loved the fuck out of those pics - they are in my "desert island" fap folder! But I've always been wondering: was there a story behind that? How did Kitana wind up in such a horrific situation, cut in half and slowly dying as her organs get gangraped? Who were those guys, how did they manage to defeat the heroines, how long did it take them to die, etc.

I'm guessing that, if there was a story behind it at all, ReikoRikku had something to do with it?


What's his Patreon? I used to be pledged to him but I can't find his new patreon.


>> 16676

Here you go. It's only $10.00 a month.


File: 1490428740219.jpg (504.31 KB, 900x900, kushina 2.jpg)

A commission from a fan of Kushina Uzumaki. I think she probably had never fought Pain. I named this impalement "guts rape", from Pain's black big stick penetrate from her pussy to her mouth.


File: 1490428782698.jpg (378.08 KB, 900x900, kushina 1.jpg)

Alternative version with her cloth on


welp I need to get some money


Had a small disagreement with a car on my bike a week and a bit ago and my lower leg - the only properly injured part - and small parts of my hands /arms that were also hit still haven't healed, bruises and aching and itching and tenderness and swelling etc. Thankfully no breaks or anything else that needed more than a checkup at hospital. Proper protective gear kept it from being worse, though it's revealed where the flaws are in my setup.

That's unpleasant enough to deal with, having to cope with all those different injuries at once for months (and IRL...), especially as the only thing providing injury protection is the easily punctured and just as hazardous car, must have been horrible. Good to hear you've bounced back :)

Hopefully any costs are on the other guy...


Had a small disagreement with a car on my bike a week and a bit ago and my lower leg - the only properly injured part - and small parts of my hands /arms that were also hit still haven't healed, bruises and aching and itching and tenderness and swelling etc. Thankfully no breaks or anything else that needed more than a checkup at hospital. Proper protective gear kept it from being worse, though it's revealed where the flaws are in my setup.

That's unpleasant enough to deal with, having to cope with all those different injuries at once for months (and IRL...), especially as the only thing providing injury protection is the easily punctured and just as hazardous car, must have been horrible. Good to hear you've bounced back :)

Hopefully any costs are on the other guy...



I'm glad to know that you are OK from a hit between flesh and steel. We gotta be really careful about idiot drivers. Even if you drive carefully some fools are still trying to hit you anytime. My car was hit by a small van bumps out of a valley from nowhere on the left side. Luckily mine was an SUV and the van is quite low so most of the impact hit my leg and the airbag kept my head safe. I didn't realize it until half a minutes later.

Still, I feel lucky that I survived and recovered now. Or else I may say that Karma does exist.


We all lucky you survive :,)


Only just found this thread, but great artwork! How much do commissions cost if I may ask?


how old are you if that's not too personal, you're amazing and I want to draw good like you. I'm wondering how many years it took you to have all those techniques.


Here is a Discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

A community of artists and fans to share and Enjoy eachother.

A place to expand your fanbase...

Also it is nice to see you again.


Does anybody know what the status of Aya's Re:zero stuff? He has a post on patreon where he thanks people for reaching the $500 goal and the post has a blurred out image of what is clearly Emilia from re:zero. He also states in the comments that he's working on a re:zero comic, but I still haven't seen or heard anything.


File: 1491898636643.jpg (653.73 KB, 1125x3000, VK=-FUULL.jpg)

I'm still working on it. Got too many jobs recently as the old is really painful to squeeze time

Got some new sketchs of a commission of a Valkyrie got impaled and baked.... however it doesn't seem as a full colored request so I may just post the sketch first.


how many overwatch girls are you planning on drawing?


also, could you please please please not add junkrat as the one killing any of the characters (if you ever thought of that) cause I'm gonna explode of bloody jealousy.. I want him to die, not kill.


Awesome Art like always! Do you plan to make a next pic after she get eaten? Or during the feast? With brain like you all do :P

Ty for sharing :)


Going to be signing up soon as a $10 patron and looking through the post titles it seems like there is still a bunch of stuff missing like Mei's set,'s set and some other stuff on your Pixiv that had watermarks/small res that I assume was probably available in a bigger watermark free size. Correct me if i'm wrong about that though.

Looking at the dates it seems like you kind of gave up with re-posting the old stuff so I was just wondering if that was the case or if you still plan on putting more up. Thanks.


File: 1493319706916.jpg (1.19 MB, 1200x1243, mercy and widow sample.jpg)

I have these two on the table now. Will release them next week.


I see your trouble, sorry I couldn't spare more time recently for my dayjob is haunting me all day long again. I'll try to pack historical things up by the weekend.


File: 1493319872146.jpg (573.75 KB, 1600x1067, vk15-3 1600.jpg)

It's the first time I make cannibalism pictures if my memory serves right.
Hope I can cook her right.


What a pleasure to see cannibalism work by you!

Don't forget the butchering phase! :P And maybe brain eating, no? It's like your signature, no? ^^


Holy shit! I'll support your patreon for your OW works alone!


File: 1494700120935.jpg (988.88 KB, 1600x936, vk 15.5color.jpg)

A new sketch for this series


File: 1494700235102.jpg (440.35 KB, 800x1317, eng1.jpg)

An original work released from my Patreon to celebrate 14000 followers record on my Pixiv page. Some of you guys might have watched it but I think it is better to repost it again on gurochan.


File: 1494700256741.jpg (467.99 KB, 800x1320, eng2.jpg)


File: 1494700280055.jpg (540.71 KB, 933x1320, eng3.jpg)


File: 1496654679289.jpg (399.76 KB, 800x1257, small 1.jpg)

A commissioned work of Anko from Naruto. Scripted by me. Hope you like the story and get the TRUE SPIRIT OF A NINJA!!


File: 1496654746593.jpg (456.53 KB, 800x1257, small 2.jpg)


File: 1496654795793.jpg (479.87 KB, 800x1257, small 3.jpg)


only wish it was longer, seeing Anko get fucked like that was super hot


Considering i had a crush on Anko when i was younger, this comic makes me very happy lol


this is how people talk about keep on dreaming till it come true...


great comic <3 best revenge too :)



I am still dreaming about something to do with everyone's favorite anime Ballerina - Princess Tutu ;)


File: 1499158268289.jpg (329.49 KB, 1200x710, luka brain.jpg)

Gee, Gurochan is finally back. Got two fresh brain fuck pics to show~


File: 1499158339931.jpg (347.86 KB, 599x1065, DVA brain HF.jpg)


You are getting better at every new update. Thank you AYA



Woo! you are back! was so worried the heavenly court harvested your organs!


File: 1499620861053.jpg (82.33 KB, 800x800, sketch line.jpg)

seems like I got better luck this year...

Got this commission of Mirror's Edge: Faith fell from a building and badly hurt herself, then two guys passing by raped her ass and brain.


File: 1499707218319.jpg (304.79 KB, 1200x760, sample.jpg)

Finish! The proper way to treat a brain damaged girl is to stick a dick inside her brain!! I guess in some cases if you're lucky enough you can hit the pleasure core of her, and bring her a death with an ultimate orgasm...the whole story contains 11 variations, it is the first time I did so many variations to complete a story.




Fantasstic piece!

Any chance of you doing a guro image with Tracer's Graffiti skin?


I know you are busy most of the time but maybe when you get some free time off commissions consider drawing Nami, Robin or Carot from One Piece? :)



he already did, you can find them on his pixiv, or look them up on rule34


Damn!I was once a huge fan of OP, and my most wanted one is Robin x Hancock. I should pick up OP again since the last time I read it was like 4 years ago.

I got this Tracer's comic...on going. I don't know when it can be finished but Right now I got only 4 pages left.


you will love the new arc! And new characters! I love Carrot! She is so cute! But would be even cuter on a plate- cooked xD !



Yummy! Any more pics of this story?


File: 1500149148012.jpg (419.1 KB, 1186x973, Mei's.jpg)

A new story coming...not soon. I will go deal with some old OW debt...


quick question, is the Leona comic already finished? Or are there more sketches to be had? Because I would love to see more from her!


Hell yeah! More OW!


File: 1501871292820.jpg (461.17 KB, 1200x1032, cima.jpg)

Can't believe I didn't post this one here.



Fuck thats good!

Any more of this or the other cannibal story you posted some time ago?


File: 1503456834971.jpg (683.98 KB, 1300x1036, Mei's 2.jpg)

a quick update.


Superb picture.


Hey Aya, I learned about you from the wonderful work you did with leona, I wanted to ask if that comic is already finished or if you still have to draw a few pictures for it? Would you ever post it here or will you keep that wonderful work of yours patreon exclusive?


>>18872 I've been selling them on a new site now so I guess I'll keep them for a while.


File: 1505111969667.jpg (746.72 KB, 928x1200, 1200-poster.jpg)

this is a very interesting creativity combine Kemono Friends with variable other stuffs. It's a combination of the Arcade Game GROWL with the friendly animal characters from the game combined with Kemono Friends. I'm glad the result turns out good and the commission of this project will keep on coming.


File: 1505112140020.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1175, 1200-1.jpg)

And here is STAGE-1, fight in the fire of a small bar. Since this is gurochan, I'm just gonna show this evil head crush version, you can check the rest of this set on my pixiv.


File: 1505112216224.jpg (824.96 KB, 1200x1075, 1200-3-3-2.jpg)

This is the scene of stage2, the lion was kept by the enemy in the game. So it is time to free her and let her have the revenge!


File: 1506623100109.jpg (818.53 KB, 1333x1600, 1600-CLOTH.jpg)

Triss Merigold from Witcher 3, commissioned work.
There will be a guro version later developed on my Patreon...maybe it's an impalement, or maybe gutting? I think I'll at least go for the gutting if I have time!


File: 1506623122803.jpg (718.07 KB, 1333x1600, 1600-NUDE.jpg)

The nude version


Great work on Triss. Hope u do Ciri also.


Nicely done


the detail on this is craaaazzy! great job on this!


File: 1507657761541.jpg (737.13 KB, 1600x874, SAMPLE.jpg)


File: 1508731507195.jpg (468.72 KB, 1000x800, SAMPLE.jpg)


So did Aya ever get around to re-posting stuff from the old Patreon account that got shut down? Noticing a $30 tier now so I would certainly hope so at that price but can someone who pledges to Aya actually confirm that?


I'm one of his patrons and everything from his old patreon has been re-uploaded at this point, either on his pixiv or on his new patreon.

The $30 tier is for works older than 3 months.

The $10 tier only grants access to works from the last 3 months. So if you want to see everything he's ever posted, you'll have to pledge $30 for the first month, but then can switch to the $10 tier for the second month and on.


Eh...I was watching the Patreon post titles pretty damn closely and I never saw these re-uploads take place minus a couple of things. Which is why I never signed up, the ones I wanted in higher res without watermarks just never got posted far as I could tell. Stuff like the Kanaberi image, Metroid stuff, Tomb Raider stuff, the very first D.VA/Mei sets and several others watermarked in smaller res on Pixiv. Now even some of the newer stuff looks like it's missing like the re-posted Tracer set, the newer Gantz set and the 2B Nier set. So what's going on there? Don't even see it in the $30 tier.

I'm going to be trust in Patreon as a service and the artists who populate it is at an all time low. It's been soured by one too many bad experiences and so having a bunch of "what if's" just doesn't inspire confidence. Like I still don't even know if these files are lossless PNG or lossy JPEG because the description doesn't clarify. I also have no clue what is ACTUALLY available in the $30 tier in terms of zipped files. Is it JUST the current month content zipped or is there a full archive available as well? Are some of the images I described above even included? Are the single images uploaded as file attachments?

That final question is really important because a lot of artists still don't understand that Patreon re-compresses image uploads UNLESS it's a file attachment. Recently they even started re-re-compressing older images to the point where they resemble 30-40% quality JPEG's or worse. That's why I typically don't even pledge anymore unless I know for a fact everything will either be zipped or hosted on some cloud storage service.


Hopefully this answers your questions. ALL of his artwork IS available through the $30 tier.
The reason you don't see all of his work is because some of the 'individual' posts were removed. Due to patreons new policies againts guro content, he can not post his work freely the way he used to. The reason you don't see everything on his patreon is because he was forced to remove some of it due to the new policies.
*However* if you become a $30 tier you will get access to ALL of his artwork through google drive.
If you decide to become a $30 patreon you will receive a PM from ayaswan himself giving a link to a google drive with literally everything in it. This includes the 2b, tracer, dva, mei, tomb raider etc, along with high res stuff from his pixiv.


Also note, some of the artworks were never finished. Or incomplete and never released. So if you're hoping for some of the mentioned follow ups images... he never completed them.

Honestly I don't expect artists to complete everything except if they are commissions. I found many creative types tend to loose interest in things really quickly.


File: 1510823065362.jpg (612.24 KB, 800x1000, -preview.jpg)

A piece of new work. Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) executed by a tentacle monster after her defeat.


Oh boy!!! Saber, i love it!


File: 1512243288423.jpg (574.14 KB, 1200x887, dva 1.jpg)

Dva and some sort of unknown alien bug with brain favor inside a tentacle lair.


Holly shit!!!


any chance you gona draw something like the DVa scenario of getting killed by an alien with Leona from league? or was this a commission?


Sorry but I'm generally busy this year. Drawing some commissions and orginal pieces is my only thing can do in the free time, and now even not enough time for commission anymore. Maybe next year I'll open to some great ideas and turn them to images.


completely understandable! Coms come first no questions asked! Its just a fitting scenario lore and idea wise for Leona to get fucked, impregnated and then killed by some void bugs or something, its what she was trained to fight in canon so the scenario could come to pass. And with your awesome way of drawing that would be a killer (hue) hit! Take the time you need! And happy holidays, if you even consider the idea for a moment ive done well :D


yo thats really hot. Im imagining that scene from AVP2 with a group of chest bursters. Leona gets fucked by some monster, then gets impregnated and then the larva burst through her body and eat her/ tear her to shredds. That sounds really hot!


thats giving me a really strong alien vib. But I gotta agree the idea seems quite hot, fucked and killed. Leo seems like a good choice tbh


Show us poor peasants who can't afford your patreon at lease the sketches of some of the recent works!


Guys, go to his pixiv account. There are some good stuff there


File: 1522324642390.jpg (57.42 KB, 645x729, brainletaya.jpg)

AyaSwan I think your work is so cute! You draw so creative dead people XD

Was of wonder you do request?
Am of wanting "Brainlet" AyaSwan girl like pic related
It must be not too horrific of normies so can post on 4chan blue without the bans @_@

Last time post at 4chan your girl with no brain I ban :(

Make AyaSwan brainlet plzzzzzz!



/biz/raeli here. I fucking knew your lurked here.

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