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Guess I'm glad to say that I'm finally home. It's good to be back gurochan!

Sorry for the departure during last October. I was in a small car accident while driving during a raining night. A guy hit my car on the driver's seat at a crossroad, it was not huge but the airbag still bumps out and dislocated my shoulder. My left arm and foot and shank was broken too but thank god I was fine after the hit.

The fractures a not too bad from my doctor's view so I was only in the hospital for 3 weeks, but my parents then moved me back home for better care. Then I was home for 2 more month and then later my girlfriend came to live with us too. I got back to walk with a crutch in the winter, and stayed a little longer till the Chinese new year is over, and then moved back to my own apartment. I couldn't really draw anything for my parents are both retired and got infinite time to stay with me. So I can only watch some day time comedy with mother, or sit on a wheel chair to the garden with father, and watch some guro pictures secretly during the night.

It is quite a painful experience to recover at the beginning. Luckily I'm almost fully recovered now but still got minor ache during my walk. Although my girl is still with me but at least I can pick up the pen again in my private space in my apartment.

So here's what happend to me. I'm so eagered to draw something these days. So we got my first victim of 2017, 2B or not 2B, that is a question.
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You are getting better at every new update. Thank you AYA



Woo! you are back! was so worried the heavenly court harvested your organs!


File: 1499620861053.jpg (82.33 KB, 800x800, sketch line.jpg)

seems like I got better luck this year...

Got this commission of Mirror's Edge: Faith fell from a building and badly hurt herself, then two guys passing by raped her ass and brain.


File: 1499707218319.jpg (304.79 KB, 1200x760, sample.jpg)

Finish! The proper way to treat a brain damaged girl is to stick a dick inside her brain!! I guess in some cases if you're lucky enough you can hit the pleasure core of her, and bring her a death with an ultimate orgasm...the whole story contains 11 variations, it is the first time I did so many variations to complete a story.




Fantasstic piece!

Any chance of you doing a guro image with Tracer's Graffiti skin?


I know you are busy most of the time but maybe when you get some free time off commissions consider drawing Nami, Robin or Carot from One Piece? :)



he already did, you can find them on his pixiv, or look them up on rule34


Damn!I was once a huge fan of OP, and my most wanted one is Robin x Hancock. I should pick up OP again since the last time I read it was like 4 years ago.

I got this Tracer's comic...on going. I don't know when it can be finished but Right now I got only 4 pages left.


you will love the new arc! And new characters! I love Carrot! She is so cute! But would be even cuter on a plate- cooked xD !



Yummy! Any more pics of this story?


File: 1500149148012.jpg (419.1 KB, 1186x973, Mei's.jpg)

A new story coming...not soon. I will go deal with some old OW debt...


quick question, is the Leona comic already finished? Or are there more sketches to be had? Because I would love to see more from her!


Hell yeah! More OW!


File: 1501871292820.jpg (461.17 KB, 1200x1032, cima.jpg)

Can't believe I didn't post this one here.



Fuck thats good!

Any more of this or the other cannibal story you posted some time ago?


File: 1503456834971.jpg (683.98 KB, 1300x1036, Mei's 2.jpg)

a quick update.


Superb picture.


Hey Aya, I learned about you from the wonderful work you did with leona, I wanted to ask if that comic is already finished or if you still have to draw a few pictures for it? Would you ever post it here or will you keep that wonderful work of yours patreon exclusive?


>>18872 I've been selling them on a new site now so I guess I'll keep them for a while.


File: 1505111969667.jpg (746.72 KB, 928x1200, 1200-poster.jpg)

this is a very interesting creativity combine Kemono Friends with variable other stuffs. It's a combination of the Arcade Game GROWL with the friendly animal characters from the game combined with Kemono Friends. I'm glad the result turns out good and the commission of this project will keep on coming.


File: 1505112140020.jpg (1.05 MB, 1200x1175, 1200-1.jpg)

And here is STAGE-1, fight in the fire of a small bar. Since this is gurochan, I'm just gonna show this evil head crush version, you can check the rest of this set on my pixiv.


File: 1505112216224.jpg (824.96 KB, 1200x1075, 1200-3-3-2.jpg)

This is the scene of stage2, the lion was kept by the enemy in the game. So it is time to free her and let her have the revenge!


File: 1506623100109.jpg (818.53 KB, 1333x1600, 1600-CLOTH.jpg)

Triss Merigold from Witcher 3, commissioned work.
There will be a guro version later developed on my Patreon...maybe it's an impalement, or maybe gutting? I think I'll at least go for the gutting if I have time!


File: 1506623122803.jpg (718.07 KB, 1333x1600, 1600-NUDE.jpg)

The nude version


Great work on Triss. Hope u do Ciri also.


Nicely done


the detail on this is craaaazzy! great job on this!


File: 1507657761541.jpg (737.13 KB, 1600x874, SAMPLE.jpg)


File: 1508731507195.jpg (468.72 KB, 1000x800, SAMPLE.jpg)


So did Aya ever get around to re-posting stuff from the old Patreon account that got shut down? Noticing a $30 tier now so I would certainly hope so at that price but can someone who pledges to Aya actually confirm that?


I'm one of his patrons and everything from his old patreon has been re-uploaded at this point, either on his pixiv or on his new patreon.

The $30 tier is for works older than 3 months.

The $10 tier only grants access to works from the last 3 months. So if you want to see everything he's ever posted, you'll have to pledge $30 for the first month, but then can switch to the $10 tier for the second month and on.


Eh...I was watching the Patreon post titles pretty damn closely and I never saw these re-uploads take place minus a couple of things. Which is why I never signed up, the ones I wanted in higher res without watermarks just never got posted far as I could tell. Stuff like the Kanaberi image, Metroid stuff, Tomb Raider stuff, the very first D.VA/Mei sets and several others watermarked in smaller res on Pixiv. Now even some of the newer stuff looks like it's missing like the re-posted Tracer set, the newer Gantz set and the 2B Nier set. So what's going on there? Don't even see it in the $30 tier.

I'm going to be trust in Patreon as a service and the artists who populate it is at an all time low. It's been soured by one too many bad experiences and so having a bunch of "what if's" just doesn't inspire confidence. Like I still don't even know if these files are lossless PNG or lossy JPEG because the description doesn't clarify. I also have no clue what is ACTUALLY available in the $30 tier in terms of zipped files. Is it JUST the current month content zipped or is there a full archive available as well? Are some of the images I described above even included? Are the single images uploaded as file attachments?

That final question is really important because a lot of artists still don't understand that Patreon re-compresses image uploads UNLESS it's a file attachment. Recently they even started re-re-compressing older images to the point where they resemble 30-40% quality JPEG's or worse. That's why I typically don't even pledge anymore unless I know for a fact everything will either be zipped or hosted on some cloud storage service.


Hopefully this answers your questions. ALL of his artwork IS available through the $30 tier.
The reason you don't see all of his work is because some of the 'individual' posts were removed. Due to patreons new policies againts guro content, he can not post his work freely the way he used to. The reason you don't see everything on his patreon is because he was forced to remove some of it due to the new policies.
*However* if you become a $30 tier you will get access to ALL of his artwork through google drive.
If you decide to become a $30 patreon you will receive a PM from ayaswan himself giving a link to a google drive with literally everything in it. This includes the 2b, tracer, dva, mei, tomb raider etc, along with high res stuff from his pixiv.


Also note, some of the artworks were never finished. Or incomplete and never released. So if you're hoping for some of the mentioned follow ups images... he never completed them.

Honestly I don't expect artists to complete everything except if they are commissions. I found many creative types tend to loose interest in things really quickly.


File: 1510823065362.jpg (612.24 KB, 800x1000, -preview.jpg)

A piece of new work. Artoria Pendragon (Lancer) executed by a tentacle monster after her defeat.


Oh boy!!! Saber, i love it!


File: 1512243288423.jpg (574.14 KB, 1200x887, dva 1.jpg)

Dva and some sort of unknown alien bug with brain favor inside a tentacle lair.


Holly shit!!!


any chance you gona draw something like the DVa scenario of getting killed by an alien with Leona from league? or was this a commission?


Sorry but I'm generally busy this year. Drawing some commissions and orginal pieces is my only thing can do in the free time, and now even not enough time for commission anymore. Maybe next year I'll open to some great ideas and turn them to images.


completely understandable! Coms come first no questions asked! Its just a fitting scenario lore and idea wise for Leona to get fucked, impregnated and then killed by some void bugs or something, its what she was trained to fight in canon so the scenario could come to pass. And with your awesome way of drawing that would be a killer (hue) hit! Take the time you need! And happy holidays, if you even consider the idea for a moment ive done well :D


yo thats really hot. Im imagining that scene from AVP2 with a group of chest bursters. Leona gets fucked by some monster, then gets impregnated and then the larva burst through her body and eat her/ tear her to shredds. That sounds really hot!


thats giving me a really strong alien vib. But I gotta agree the idea seems quite hot, fucked and killed. Leo seems like a good choice tbh


Show us poor peasants who can't afford your patreon at lease the sketches of some of the recent works!


Guys, go to his pixiv account. There are some good stuff there


File: 1522324642390.jpg (57.42 KB, 645x729, brainletaya.jpg)

AyaSwan I think your work is so cute! You draw so creative dead people XD

Was of wonder you do request?
Am of wanting "Brainlet" AyaSwan girl like pic related
It must be not too horrific of normies so can post on 4chan blue without the bans @_@

Last time post at 4chan your girl with no brain I ban :(

Make AyaSwan brainlet plzzzzzz!



/biz/raeli here. I fucking knew your lurked here.



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