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YEA BOIIIIII, here we go!
I've been requested to create this thread, so I did.

I'll be uploading some of my works here. Finished or unfinished, it doesn't really matter.

You can contact me on my mail if you want some COMMISSIONS >:3

Or visit my HF page for more stuff:


File: 1488175522936.jpg (806.71 KB, 1160x1450, behead.jpg)

Bumping to the infinity!


File: 1488175922056.jpg (246.15 KB, 1224x765, thumb.jpg)

Some old stuff.




Hey uhhhhh... You got anything more of the girl on the far left?


I love this picture so much.


I've had this old picture sitting in my favorites for years now. It feels so casual and fun and naughty.

Also, if that's strip Poker they're playing, I suspect the guy in the gray shirt is cheating.


moar pls ty


Boi, if course I do.


File: 1488256305319.jpg (189.57 KB, 1224x490, thumb (1).jpg)


Please, post more of your old art


File: 1488256625404.jpg (169.58 KB, 1047x766, IwGYydXhMJI.jpg)

This one is non-guro one, unfinished and never will be probably...
But, I guess, it has the charm even without being finished properly.


File: 1488257102497.jpg (377.89 KB, 1440x1044, gorevore.jpg)

This one is from my sonic-fanboying times.
I decided that I should finish my fanboying in a symbolical manner...


File: 1488257244580.jpg (654.13 KB, 1440x1440, dacatst.jpg)

Here's more of that curvy girl


wow , stunning work - I love that western toony style, welcome to gurochan :D



I like this nerd


WOW! I am not a sonic fun myself but the way you did this pic is outstanding the outside and inside view are perfect! And i love the midsection cut on this and >>16302 this drawing! Holy fuck thats hot!

Thos i personally would like to see the already expired redhead from this >>16257 she must have an amazing ass and i just love redheads they alweys have lots of cute freckles even on they butts! :D Maybe from when she was executed or when her pussy was used? :D


Hey, I was in the middle of trying to find your stuff! I'd saved a few images a couple years ago.



I love this picture. It's inspired me an idea for a gigantic series involving a guillotine, sex and card games


Really great art, I always loved your stuff but I didn't know where to find it.

Thanks for the link.


File: 1488530006249.jpg (734.42 KB, 1600x1166, selphieee2.jpg)

hey what's up guys it's scarce here


Fucking love your consensual stuff man, extremely cool and good.


Thats a good one! IT'S ONLY A PRANK BRO!


Please more like the prank gutting! Holy shit thats hot!


+1 for consensual gore.

btw what's your favorite kind of gore?


I like sudden dramatic deaths, that are shocking to surrounding people and to the victim itself.
I'm also into drowning.
And of course I'm into people enjoying death and willing to die -stuff.

If you ask about actual bodyparts - I don't care, really. I'm more into the feeling and the mood of the picture, not into the actual guts. However, I find it amusing to draw gore itself.


Hell yeah, welcome!
I was afraid that you might drop a couple of those amazing drawings and disappear back into the night. Glad to see you post again!


haha that last one is awesome, maybe it'd be on Vimeo though :P


Going to need more of your stuff. There isn't enough consensual guro.


But wait, there's more!


File: 1493204046456.jpg (409.74 KB, 2000x766, venom2.jpg)


File: 1493204097930.jpg (230.6 KB, 700x700, 12345.jpg)


File: 1493204126289.jpg (352.44 KB, 1000x1600, monk22.jpg)


All stuff are hot.

to 16257

Had only the girls the bad cards?
Or have the male a bad hand too?


Great drawings on a lovely subject.


That's freaking sweet, I really appreciate your technical skill!

Is art your hobby or job?


Love it all! Thanks for posting


Hey there, just wanted to let you know you're my favorite guro artist out there right now because of your style, casual scenes, and happy victims. Keep up the good work, hope to see much more in the future!


wow. Amazing art style!

Could you please do the boy on the left >>16257
getting his penis cut off? :o


File: 1496932665999.jpg (352.75 KB, 1500x1071, knaive1.jpg)

Oh boi.
Another commission done.


File: 1496932715253.jpg (271.99 KB, 1285x1500, futa1.jpg)

Some futa action!


File: 1496932774691.jpg (203.93 KB, 1500x1125, futa 33.jpg)

Another futa comission


File: 1496932994727.jpg (301.87 KB, 1600x526, couch 55.jpg)


This is beautiful... I Fucking love it


This is beautiful... I Fucking love it


This is beautiful... I Fucking love it


Amazing stuff, dude!
I'm also a new artist here and I've never heard of you before, so, made a cool discovery, great first day! :D
Great art, love it!
Favorited, even tho I don't use hf, unfortunately, because of loli.


Get a load of this guy, he can stand ultraviolence but mosquito bites are a no-go


I don't use hf anymore because of the loli ban.


I'm real disappointed you did a patreon paywall, but what's a fella to do.


Damn it, we lost another one to Patreon?


File: 1503955931521.jpg (165.33 KB, 1600x2000, 8337910.jpg)


File: 1503955944136.jpg (202.35 KB, 1502x2000, 8337915.jpg)


Thanks for giving us this despite your patreon! It's appreciated.
I'm pretty broke myself, so for now I can't support you but I may do that in the future.

Your gore art is some of the best so keep it up!


Love her! Looks like like you followed the instructions that were on her, but what about that arrow?


Should clarify that I'm not Underrock, saw these posted publicly by the commissioner (allegedly), but didn't realize he was putting his work behind a pay wall. Hope I didn't fuck up by posting them here.


I hope so too, I mean I like it but if he doesnt want it posted here... we'll see.


Hey, guys!

I'm back, just a little bit busy with all the commissions and stuff.

To clarify: Most of the commissions are gonna be posted publically, even on my patreon page, if not - then either I had no time to post them, or the commissioneer wanted to keep them private.

The only thing that I will add to those works on my patreon page are higher resolution and/or sketches and progess shots.

As for the long run, I'm planning and skething a little episodial comic about this skinny girl with glasses I'm often asked about.


File: 1504932256756.jpg (394.96 KB, 1120x1500, alley22.jpg)

Naruto-themed commission


File: 1504933034937.jpg (264.19 KB, 1176x1500, sk112215.jpg)

Dat girl again. This time - commissioned.


And, to update my links:

My mail for commissions:
HF Page:


Wow, superb.


Thanks! I can respect that, not all artists share their work after starting a patreon.


File: 1507370995166.jpg (904.16 KB, 3190x3741, naruto 3.jpg)

some naruto stuff again


Always nice to see sakura's heart!!!


File: 1507986689854.jpg (717.56 KB, 813x1200, ladybugres.jpg)

Here are new pictures I did, thanks to my patrons:


File: 1507986726048.jpg (592.46 KB, 944x1200, mai33.jpg)

And another one


File: 1508859836803.jpg (540.36 KB, 1500x1225, Underrock-548502-New_Imagi….jpg)



Love it!


Still open for commissions? How's the queue looking?


I'm always open! (almost)


File: 1512145007319.jpg (503.1 KB, 1400x1187, sawing2.jpg)

Allright, folks! I've made a tumblr page!

I'll be posting promo comics, public works and some other stuff that I won't be posting on HF, such as some concepts and maybe some side-projects yada yada yada...

Anyway, I'm starting slow, as always, but I hope that I'll keep it steady (somewhat)


File: 1512145216618.jpg (562.65 KB, 1400x900, hilda1.jpg)

Rest in pepperoni pizza pasta, Hilda.
You trained hard and got your goddamn badges, all of them...


Nice! Is there a sawing1.jpg?


Seems like tumblr doesn't approve, the link isn't working already.


Fixed it. Was messing with pages and all that.


I'll take a look there too from time to time.
Also love the recent stuff!


Hey underrock, is there a "before" picture to that sawing one?


If someone sent an ask to old url, did you get it? Or do we need to resend?


I've got the ask thingy, don't worry. Will respond soon, as I'll finish with most of the commissions.

Stay cool!
And, yeah, there's no picture before the sawing one ;c


File: 1513052148365.jpg (2.16 MB, 3024x4784, venomr1.jpg)

Here's one I commissioned from him- an illustration for a story I wrote.


Love the Gutting artwork...


Awesome! Thank you! Really loved the happy-games you did here >>16257


File: 1513837779387.png (386.88 KB, 514x756, mainposter.png)

Underrock fans - get this!
I came up with a way for you to play the bloody card game in that famous picture of his, piloting your hapless OC, or the girl of your choice!

There's an auction in the /rp/ board for a slot in the game. The game will result in two pictures - the final outcome, and an intermediate one selected by the winner.

Go get your bids in now!

This game is being run with Underrock's participation and blessing.




Or i can skip all this and commission Underrock for 2 character commission of my choice. Siriusly - if you start something like this and put a starting bid for a full rander commission price ON 3 SLOTS -so 150$ if it ends on MINIMUM bid. So in the end even the winners lose! Woho! xD maybe lest start at say 20$ and have a chance of someone actually playing? :)


The game will result in two four-character pictures, both guaranteed to feature the commissioner's character.
That plus, the game aspect? I know I'd pay at least $50. But maybe I'm just a gambler...



Nice. More?


File: 1528134426899.jpg (8.44 MB, 4000x5000, PGBC.jpg)

Another pic commissioned from him for another story I've written.


Yes! I'm a huge fan. So glad you got a art page!


Where is this story?



I'm triggering the spam filter with a link, so you'll have to Google it. "Said the Fly to the Spider" on HentaiFoundry.



Wrong story, sorry. That one is "Heroine Addict" and the scene in particular is from Chapter 2.


anyone got some of his newer stuff?


File: 1552224670131.jpg (641.12 KB, 858x1500, mai from avatar.jpg)

Gurochan alive!
Long time no see!
Anyway, here's some new-ish stuff stuff


File: 1552224768162.jpg (1.94 MB, 2946x3684, lab.jpg)



File: 1552225173653.jpg (1.4 MB, 1485x2176, 38.jpg)

Ah, forgot to mention, if you are stil unaware of that:
I'm currently doing a quite violent comic with guro elements in it.
Go check it out:
Support this here:
(You can vote in polls for the next pinup thingy, plus you get lots of other bonus stuff)


How's patreon lately? still have to be all sneaky?


File: 1552376522261.jpg (382.85 KB, 989x1500, 4.jpg)

Yes I do!
However, I send art packs via Google Drive.
I'm still thinking about making a web site for that purpose.


Was there ever a continuation to game night? It felt like it kind of ended abruptly, I was hoping for some tentacle based brutality for those last two girls :P


Sadly, the client lost interest in this one ;c


what about creating a discord server?


will you ever release any of your old packs for free? love your art but i'm a cheapskate and broke



Whaaat! Damn, I'd gladly commission the last couple pages if you open up again!


not a bad collection here


File: 1553000779430.jpg (38.96 KB, 472x472, 1324181868951.jpg)

Yeah, that's mine. I upload most of the older packs here just to remind people about my existence. The pics are mostly in lower resolution, but that makes sense. I don't really want to be paywalling main content, because what's the point of it then?

Anyway, as with the older packs - I still think about doing something, maybe adding another tier, or reducing the price significantly.
Just wait a couple month if you are patient enough - I share some of them in the gallery above ^^^


File: 1553000903877.jpg (586.53 KB, 1012x1400, 05.jpg)



Great picture!
I love all the themes in it.


Would love to see more heart art from you!

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