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YEA BOIIIIII, here we go!
I've been requested to create this thread, so I did.

I'll be uploading some of my works here. Finished or unfinished, it doesn't really matter.

You can contact me on my mail if you want some COMMISSIONS >:3

Or visit my HF page for more stuff:
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Or i can skip all this and commission Underrock for 2 character commission of my choice. Siriusly - if you start something like this and put a starting bid for a full rander commission price ON 3 SLOTS -so 150$ if it ends on MINIMUM bid. So in the end even the winners lose! Woho! xD maybe lest start at say 20$ and have a chance of someone actually playing? :)


The game will result in two four-character pictures, both guaranteed to feature the commissioner's character.
That plus, the game aspect? I know I'd pay at least $50. But maybe I'm just a gambler...



Nice. More?


File: 1528134426899.jpg (8.44 MB, 4000x5000, PGBC.jpg)

Another pic commissioned from him for another story I've written.


Yes! I'm a huge fan. So glad you got a art page!


Where is this story?



I'm triggering the spam filter with a link, so you'll have to Google it. "Said the Fly to the Spider" on HentaiFoundry.



Wrong story, sorry. That one is "Heroine Addict" and the scene in particular is from Chapter 2.


anyone got some of his newer stuff?


File: 1552224670131.jpg (641.12 KB, 858x1500, mai from avatar.jpg)

Gurochan alive!
Long time no see!
Anyway, here's some new-ish stuff stuff


File: 1552224768162.jpg (1.94 MB, 2946x3684, lab.jpg)



File: 1552225173653.jpg (1.4 MB, 1485x2176, 38.jpg)

Ah, forgot to mention, if you are stil unaware of that:
I'm currently doing a quite violent comic with guro elements in it.
Go check it out:
Support this here:
(You can vote in polls for the next pinup thingy, plus you get lots of other bonus stuff)


How's patreon lately? still have to be all sneaky?


File: 1552376522261.jpg (382.85 KB, 989x1500, 4.jpg)

Yes I do!
However, I send art packs via Google Drive.
I'm still thinking about making a web site for that purpose.


Was there ever a continuation to game night? It felt like it kind of ended abruptly, I was hoping for some tentacle based brutality for those last two girls :P


Sadly, the client lost interest in this one ;c


what about creating a discord server?


will you ever release any of your old packs for free? love your art but i'm a cheapskate and broke



Whaaat! Damn, I'd gladly commission the last couple pages if you open up again!


not a bad collection here


File: 1553000779430.jpg (38.96 KB, 472x472, 1324181868951.jpg)

Yeah, that's mine. I upload most of the older packs here just to remind people about my existence. The pics are mostly in lower resolution, but that makes sense. I don't really want to be paywalling main content, because what's the point of it then?

Anyway, as with the older packs - I still think about doing something, maybe adding another tier, or reducing the price significantly.
Just wait a couple month if you are patient enough - I share some of them in the gallery above ^^^


File: 1553000903877.jpg (586.53 KB, 1012x1400, 05.jpg)



Great picture!
I love all the themes in it.


Would love to see more heart art from you!


File: 1563908790825.jpg (562.1 KB, 1372x1400, wasps 1.jpg)

some more hot stuff


File: 1563908981653.jpg (1.15 MB, 2510x2379, maihangin.jpg)


File: 1563909116496.jpg (1.46 MB, 2310x3438, futa celling.jpg)


File: 1563909186209.jpg (944.47 KB, 2648x2063, uro1.jpg)

You know the scene…


A classic. I'm grateful to be reminded that it exists, so I can bust a proper nut.


This is a lovely batch of pictures.


OMG finally found more of your stuff, please don't forget to post more here


looks so good, but If only I could know what the hell is happening there? :)



Pure. Awesome.

That's what.


Holy shit, that's amazing <3
I'd love to see your take on the other scene from Uro, that poor lab assistant turned into a MESS that I'm disappointed the camera didn't show



File: 1566992168982.jpg (572.67 KB, 588x1400, 4.jpg)

Now that's some really neat stuff


File: 1566992184808.jpg (383.15 KB, 588x1400, 5.jpg)

second one


File: 1567150968672.jpg (441.34 KB, 1400x1076, 6.jpg)

and moar


one heck of a shot


File: 1568313480261.jpg (2.75 MB, 3000x1552, 112.jpg)

The comic is still going.
And there are a bunch of really messy scenes in it ;)
Go check it out if you haven't already:
e-hentai. org/g/1480722/7a801d683c/


Hello, Underrock, i just wanted to ask - do you have a World of warcraft themed arts in your portfolio and can you share them if yes?


Do we going to see her (corpse) again?



Dangit lost the password!


any new pics?


>>26835 oh yeah that fisting scene was my absolute favourite! We definitely need more anal and fisting from you -looks so nice


Hey, underrock, would you be willing to email me about a possible commission


dead thread


More futa castration, please!

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