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Hello everyone, its a me, Hitori the Artist, long time no see..

I seen that in gurochan some of my old work is being posted, and that is no good!!, they dont represent what i do now which is far better and juicier =)..

So i am back to post new stuff about your favourite characters And my own OC´s.. also you can have your perverted ideas drawn with me cheap and live =)
this is my channel, every sunday and wednesday I ´ll be doing commissions live!! (unless i say i cant or need to move it to another day for that week)

Commission info: Sunday- 7 slots of 2 character images - $17 USD per character, up to 2 characters per image, full color. you can ask for as many slots you want.

Wednesday- 7 slots of 2 characters - $10 USD per character, up to 2 characters per image, gray scale. You can ask for as many slots you want. ( sample image of gray image here )

any question send me an email

And finally, so keep my prices low I need your help..
even $1 USD will help me to keep my prices as low as they are, Sadly the patreon is not that gorey but will keep this gallery here in Gurochan with lots of images free for most of the people.
(yes there are some images for paid patreons that in time will be released, just need some money to eat sometimes)
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File: 1497568178022.png (772.68 KB, 638x900, beheaded toys 900.png)

I wont let this die...

pieces pak update soon


Is it still princess month?


Is it still princess month?


never was princess month... though is a good idea for next month.


Oh, I must be thinking of a different artist... My apologies..


apology accepted and thanks for the idea =) next month theme will be princesses =)

and hope Gurochan stays online, want to upload new images later today


File: 1498844163439.png (611.23 KB, 900x638, bento echi 900.png)

keeping this alive, though need to hurry on the pak


a very tasty bento


I like it~


May I request specific princesses for you to do?


I do commissions of them, sadly at the time cant do them for free..

I do them live though, so you can see when i do it

send me a mail for more info about it =)


File: 1499280913572.png (469 KB, 900x528, witch cake 900.png)

man forgot to add an image here O.0


Unfortunately I can't afford commission ATM...


File: 1499469706255.png (598.09 KB, 638x900, luvia head toy 900.png)

its ok its ok, i´ll be around for whenever anyoen wants anything =)


File: 1499887696668.png (666.56 KB, 638x900, Hammy Kaede 900.png)

hmm O.0


File: 1501872238734.png (598.65 KB, 638x900, blessed heads 900.png)

time for some updates.. think i saved some good art for free here


File: 1501873095433.png (551.12 KB, 900x638, lamb sadwitch 900.png)

and a lamb sandwitch


File: 1508529664457.png (651.88 KB, 900x638, Alie mega roast 900.png)

well, i`ll keep posting images here regardless the opinion you might or might not have of me, I need a place to post the free to see guro images i do afterall

no many pages accepts them. Besides, need to post updates on the Pieces pak somewhere


File: 1508529721263.png (624.12 KB, 638x900, blue balls 900.png)

more images

cock vore this one


File: 1508530232639.png (594.66 KB, 900x638, head colector 900.png)

more images


File: 1508530293209.png (532.54 KB, 638x900, Disastarfire lines 900.png)

more images


File: 1508530358569.png (531.34 KB, 638x900, Sakura deep fry 900.png)

more images

deep fry


File: 1508530468591.png (675.26 KB, 638x900, samus pose and roast 900.png)

and more images, this one suposed to be for patreon only but.. erh, just a little peek


How much are your commissions?


Nice drawings. I enjoy your style and your subjects alike.


post more on your blogspot


File: 1509865050600.png (276.49 KB, 638x900, Kaede limbless lost 900.png)

thankyou, will do, and the price is every 2 weeks for guro sundays

$20 per character, $17 when its about the monthly theme and $15 when its about my own Characters.

for now just limbless one



Is there some sort of "keep things from falling off the board" bot or something? Second blank anonymous bump?


File: 1559587919267.png (432.39 KB, 638x900, Kaede witches slug XXX 900.png)



He's a nice person but be vary when it comes to commissioning him.
I haven't gotten mine done after years.


So anyway what happened to the petrification pack? It was supposed to be released and still its not. :/


uhh dude he draws comms on stream every Thursday and Sunday, commissioned him a few times in the last year and he always delivered :)



I hate people on here. I left this fucking board because of autists like these. Fuck all of you for hating on this person's art and giving snarky insults. Go jerk off to some brainless shit, you have 0 tastes. Fucking hate all of you. Keep up the great artwork. ♡



So… awhile back Hitori took money for "packs" (maybe commisions too IDK) and never delivered. While he seems to be much better now than he was in the past, there are some people who have been burned by this artist and are still upset.


You know I really don't care to be quite honest. They could have started new on a different alias but wanted to make a comeback and people are just insulting them. Insults like these discourage artists in the long run and make them not even want to get up and try anymore. It sounds like they've had it rough in the past and are trying to make up for it. If you had questions or concerns about a pack purchased that was never delivered, ask the artist. Don't just say like "get off our site, p.s. your art sucks and hasn't even improved". I hate working for people like this and can't imagine trying to come back just to get insulted. You all take things too personally.


Here is my paypal link paypal/i.o.u.

I promise you if you pay me X0$ i will send you a pack of nice guro drawings.
Or rather i won't. But after 2 years i will again say i will. Then i will not do so, instead i will start taking money for another XXX drawings packs. And if you mention it i will say i'm working on it.

Don't take it personally. :) Its only money, right?

As for not improving - he did improve but you can't see it on 99% of his drawings.
Only on like 2-3 drawings he made in a year time where he takes his time on them you can see he CAN make a proper great looking art piece.
He takes so many commissions and projects that making around 2~ drawings a day make his art look like some random doodles most of the time.

He is NOT a bad person or artist but his attitude toward making grand promises and never delivering on them made him quite a few unhappy customers.

I won't side with the people harassing him but i will also not ignore the facts about him owning people stuff they paid money for. I myself paid for the petrification/TF pack and never received it. I forgot about it as it was so bloody long ago but now got reminded again about that. He could just post the sketches on his blog and say sorry and i bet most people would forgive him. But $$ is $$ i guess..


I deeply apologize for not been able to deliver yet, i have plenty of excuses but, that doesnt change the fact i didnt deliver yet

I am Sorry

and i can asure you i am still working on that pak ( cut in pieces not petrification, i wont do petrification because i dont like it that much). once is finished, all who has bought it will have it Pluss some extras. already sent some email to all of those whi bought it to ask for what extras they wanted…

again, sorry for all the inconveniences and delays. but i wont hide for all the criticism.


Oh great you won't hide from the criticism, woohoo…



I will


Not defending or blaming anyone here as I dont know this situation, but I just wonder how do you manage to draw anything at all in that condition ;)


i need to eat, is not easy.. basicaly what i am doing is just keeping alive, all commissions are done live on picarto. so i am still working, just havent had time for those old proyects… i am very sorry


File: 1569781620453.jpeg (7.64 KB, 212x238, images (7).jpeg)

Don't be phased by anything they say. Since it's an anonymous board their autism shines more freely. They can be upset but their concerns are not taken seriously when they act like man-children and put all caps. Just worry about yourself first. There will be people who will believe you will deliver as soon as you're in a better situation. Then there are those people who are just rude. Hang in there.


Hitori one tip from me. It's best to only accept money after the commission is complete. Otherwise, you're putting yourself under pressure. Because there are always people who don't want to/cann't wait and therefore your creativity suffers as well.
So there are more people who get impatient.
It's a vicious circle in which you've maneuvered yourself into it by overloading yourself with too much work.


thats a lesson i learned TOO late =/.. i should have started doing them live almost from the start … and do the paks live too… … which will be doing from now on actually hmm just need to find the day each week


Been waiting since 2013… I seriously doubt he will ever complete the "cut in pieces" pack he sold people.


Seriously how can anyone protect this guy still. Hes delivered like 10% of what he has promised and it's been like that for several years. There was a simple commission I waited a year for and only got half of it. Seriously emailed back and forth for a year and during that time he was offering all those packs etc.


the least he can do is refund people who haven't had their commissions delivered.


i am open to give refunds yes, but have a big problem now regarding that on paypal.. before i just didnt have the money for that, now on top of that, thanks to mexican laws, i can not use paypal funds to do anything, must wait till the money is in a bank account, limiting the options even more, add to that that banks are being stupid lately and its a total trainwerck.. as the moment of this message, i lteraly have no money thanks to that situation =/

BUT, the moment i can, if anyone wants a refund or change the commission i owe to a new differet image done live on a sunday, youre welcome to ask for it…

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