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I´m new to drawing so please be kind. I´m better at writing and those are some of my characters. Sabrina, Miranda and Tina. They are all lesbian as I am. So please no real cocks. Strap ons are okay though. Sabrina and Miranda are in love and Tina is their friend. Be as wicked as you like just in the end a life roasting and the heads on a plaque please.

Feel free to just write or draw them.


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Very nice! I'm looking forward to see what happens to them.



Thanks for liking them!

Me too! lol I hope someone has an idea soon. As I said written or drawn.


Tina, slit open up the middle, having her bowels dumped out before being shoved into an oven still alive. I will try and draw at some point.


A nice idea! Can´t wait to see your drawing! I tried it but I´m not good enough yet! Would you play with your food before slicing her up?


Oh and I forgot to mention lol! The girls have had a spell cast on them! They will automatically be resurrect once the left overs are thrown in the garbage and the head is on the plaque! On the plaque is then stated the No. of the girl The date. Who snuffed her and how. Like for you it´s

Tina 01
Anonymous 02-Feb-17 18:22
Slit open, gutted and roasted in the oven

(I added the spell so that the next who want´s to do her still can lol!)


cut off their feet then dispose the feet over a fireplace/burn them


For start Make picture of miranda strangling Sabrina using her own (miranda's) intestines .
do not make faces blue or something ugly, make them both enjoying that


>They are all lesbian as I am.


no faggot



>For start Make picture of miranda strangling Sabrina using her own (miranda's) intestines .do not make faces blue or something ugly, make them both enjoying that

I´ll try to draw that. It might take a while since I draw by hand. How do you want it to go on then?

@ Joker
Stay civil please! I´m not a faggot.
And only because we all like to torture and kill fantasy persons It doesn´t mean we have to be mean to each other.


>>How do you want it to go on then?
You mean what to do next or you are asking for more details?

By the way I think you should consider somewhat automating your drawing process and using premade eyes faces and other possible components. so that you can focus on important stuff and be more productive.


Yes what happens next. Lol Since in the end they have to be cooked still barely alive and their heads go on plaques then.

(Or don`t you think they are cute enough for having their heads mounted as trophies?)

So Miranda strangles Sabrina with her guts. She can stop just before Sabrina dies and then? Miranda can survive her guts hanging out quiet some time. How you want to continue torture them?

(And I´ll try that! Never thought of premades yet! Thanks!!!)


Considering that drawing by hand is pretty hard job I did not expected that yo can make that many pictures or make it very complex.

Cooking all 3 girls at once is overkill this is way too much work to to waste for one picture so better make story like this:
Tina uses axe to chop Sabrina limbs but leaves right hand.
then Miranda strangles Sabrina while she is masturbating with the remaining hand.

And final picture will be Sabrina's legs and hands cooked on the table her head in the middle as decoration. her torso thrown our in the dumpster
and Miranda offering piece of meat on the fork to the Sabrina's head while playing with he intestines in the other hand.

Of course story can continue.


Just forgot about that premade stuff, if you draw by hand you can just copy stuff on the glass. or you can print half made picture and then draw everything else

Manga artists usually work like that most of the time.


That sounds good! I´ll start working on it this afternoon! I hope I´ll get it done soon and good! At least the ink drawing. Colouring them will take longer I do it with acrylic paint.

By the way I got sooo wet when I read your idea! And I have an idea to add! Sabrina's head is mounted alive on a special box. That contains a small blood pump and so on to keep her head alive! Her throat is connected to a small garbage bag so she can actually taste herself.


if yor gunna post trash, post it on trash/garbaj chan not gurochan


>>15899 You certainly have a right to complain, but he/she can post or do whatever he/she wants as long as the board's rules aren't violated. Now fuck right off :)


May I make a suggestion on your drawing style? It's not horrible but it could definitely be improved with better use of shading. Your shading is too little/too confined to the edges which gives that flat "paper doll" look. Simply covering a larger area of the drawing with shading will solve that, you can use irl photos as a reference.



Thanks! I´m new to drawing and just try. I´m working on the above described pictures but it´s taking time :( I´ll try to get better at shadows too.


So, how it is going?



Not good :( all drawings I do look bad. I have the picture in my head but it won`t come out. I wish I would be better. But I wont give up! :)



Don't be discouraged by rude posters. We all are our own worst critics. That you think your at is bad means you see where you can improve. Your art is really good and will improve if you keep doing it.


Looks like your project is not going too well, so maybe you will accept some help?
I can make you simple 3d picture /outline for reference/trace where you can add most important stuff.


File: 1493220390901.jpg (269.25 KB, 1050x910, st1.jpg)

here is picture for you



Thanky Onix I´ll use it as a reference!


Seems fun. How about a couple of live roasts, with Sabrina and Miranda showing off their plump rumps through the oven window.

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