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File: 1483752881521.png (306.61 KB, 848x1000, oie_6183647ZjFlgKK0.png)


Hey! I'm back or whatever... lets get back into it :D

This is a new girl I just doodled up a couple days ago, doesn't have a name yet but I plan for her to be an opposing commander against Ayda, the green haired girl you may remember from my old work.

Oh, in case something is to happen to Gurochan again, you can find my pixiv gallery here:


File: 1483752912659.jpg (65.99 KB, 612x810, ss (2017-01-06 at 05.29.22….jpg)

This is an old sketch of Ayda I'll probably never finish, so here you go x3

Its been so long since I've drawn her, I had been working on a redesign with more animal features. I thought it would be fun for one Faction to have animal hybrid soldiers. I dunno, lemme know what you all think! :)


Welcome back!

Hybrid soldiers sound great, you should totally try them!


Welcome Back, Neptune! I enjoyed your work since you first started posting it and followed you through your different incarnations. It's nice to see you go full circle and add some nuance to some of your older concepts. Looking forward to more fantastic work!~


File: 1484028261913.png (386.48 KB, 818x1030, ayda.png)

Yeah I think I will stick with that idea, thank you ^w^

Aw you're very sweet! Thank you~

And heres a sketch I did today, I'll probably finish this one up, I really like it so far :D


Do you take commissions? If so, what's your E-mail address?


Welcome back Neptune! We missed you!
I love your anthro ryona pics, would you ever consider doing a bunny girl strangled with her own tie or tights?


Godamn I've missed you. Can't wait to see more!




I do take commissions every now n then. If you ever wanna see if I'm open or not, my email is

I'll check in every couple days or so.

Just a couple nono-s off the top of my head would be scat, underage, internal organs.


File: 1484094354889.png (486.81 KB, 755x1000, ss (2017-01-06 at 05.29.22….png)

Poor Ayda, just a stain on the concrete now ;p


A discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

Your art is awesome and I think you'll enjoy it there ;)


Oh, wow. So many sub channels :o

ANYWAY! If anyone is interested in a commission or just chatting, hit me up here on discord: Neptune Estate #8814

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