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File: 1479648490252.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, khloealiapohcumshower.png)

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My old thread died, and then I accidentally opened a new one in /s/ instead. This time I'll get it right.

Anyway, here's Khloe Aliapoh from FFXIV.


File: 1479648532332.png (288.32 KB, 406x800, angelabreeder.png)

Reposting some stuff from the old thread.

I drew this to see where the line was drawn between 4chan's /d/ and Gurochan. Someone wanted to see Angela Balzac from Rakuen Tsuihou reduced to a breeding sleeve.


File: 1479648598411.png (449.06 KB, 651x800, ANGELABREEDER3.png)

A tamer version of the same scene.


File: 1479648663895.png (492.57 KB, 619x800, yorhamilk.png)

2B from Nier: Automata.


File: 1479648719486.png (349.76 KB, 565x800, samushag.png)

Samus Aran from Metroid series.


File: 1479648771737.png (546.18 KB, 622x800, neptuneaspic.png)

Purple Heart from Hyperdimension Neptunia.


File: 1479648836937.png (432.81 KB, 564x800, halloween2016.png)

Something I did for Halloween, but then gave up on.


File: 1479648938737.png (524.91 KB, 543x800, fleshbot02.png)

This was equal parts inspired by Quake 4 and Urban War's Koralon hybrids.


File: 1479649018212.png (350.55 KB, 932x600, hfimg019c.png)

Random Miqo'te from FFXIV.


File: 1479649059971.png (404.73 KB, 1015x800, miqotesow04.png)



File: 1479649137215.png (1.47 MB, 2460x1648, miqotesow01.png)

In retrospect the anatomy for this one is all messed up, but I still like it, somehow.


File: 1479649235394.png (354.05 KB, 425x800, salamahaggard.png)

Salama from Amagi Brilliant Park.


File: 1479649271386.png (490.45 KB, 456x1280, jeanepso2.png)

Jeane from PSO2.


File: 1479649355539.png (288.66 KB, 517x800, hypnochan01.png)

Unnamed character requested on 4chan /d/rawthread, with a shirt saying "I'm hypnotized, now treat me like the toy I am."


File: 1479649483515.png (227.4 KB, 364x800, princessanna.png)

This is Princess Anna, some royal bitch I created to appear in dark fantasies involving people of high office falling from grace in the most humiliating manner possible. Is there a pixiv tag for that sort of thing?


File: 1479649666233.png (630.64 KB, 1000x788, PRINCESSLOOSENING2.png)

Princess Anna being trained by man-rat abominations to ease into her new life as a subhuman sow.


File: 1479649717599.png (574.76 KB, 651x800, princessshitter.png)

Princess Anna converted into a turd production plant, or something.


File: 1479649781240.png (324.39 KB, 507x800, princessmutilated.png)

Princess Anna carved up into a trophy of conquest.


File: 1479650515980.png (253.97 KB, 427x715, lisetteparasite.png)

WIP of Lisette from Stella Glow.

That's all I have to dump for now. My SSD inexplicably stopped being recognized as containing an Operating System and I'm not sure how to fix master boot records, or if that's even the problem.

Also, shortly before my thread died, someone mentioned something about Princess Tutu, but I don't remember what. Refresh my memory?


File: 1479688623464.png (184.81 KB, 800x522, dvaampresize.png)

Scanned this at work. Not going to make it a regular occurence. Only scanner is at a common computer in a very open and public space.

Anyway, from Overwatch.


Sorry if this is rude or pushy but do you take requests?


I recall it was something involving gutting or strangling Princess Tutu while she's pissing herself in fear.


I don't mind doing requests. If its not something I'm comfortable, I won't do it, that's all.



Not sure what your comfort levels are but I was going to ask for Elsa and Anna from Frozen beheaded and necro fucked.



Not sure what your comfort levels are but I was going to ask for Elsa and Anna from Frozen beheaded and necro fucked.


not bad at all.


If you are taking requests. How about doing something utterly terrible to Sailor Saturn? Perhaps have her tentacle raped to death, or have her getting her brain eaten alive if you are into brain play.


File: 1479740849579.jpg (306.11 KB, 395x1000, lewdarmor2.jpg)

Here's something I sort of forgot about. I wanted to do some kinky sci fi action, alien infestation and subsequent transformation into immobile breeding pods, being reduced to space cattle, devoured from within by some nasty parasite, stuff like that. But I haven't gotten round to any of that, because ideally, I'd like these bad ends to happen to a squad of women, if not a small army, which is way easier said than drawn.

Oh heh, that's well within my comfort zone. I was more worried about requests for furry futa BBW diaper pics or something. But as you can see, most of my works aren't really guro-centric, I'm definitely more into aging, mutation and disfiguration. I'll give them a shot, but don't hold your breath waiting, because it could take a while before I come up with an idea. I've had my eye on that drawthread request concerning Narika for some time now, but nothing worth putting to paper comes to mind so far.

It just kind of bothers me somehow when I draw guro, because even though as the artist I dictate the events, at least in the 'timeline' I illustrate, its the untimely end of a perfectly good fuckhole.


Would you mind doing any guys? Mayhaps Magoichi from Samurai Warriors on the toilet (piss or scat optional)?


If you don't mind hearing requests, I'd love to see Cassandra from Soul Calibur transformed into a breeding sleeve or some sort of grotesque mutant zombie - after all, the series has a history of infecting people with eyeballs and tentacles!


Sorry man, I'm not a fan of male porn.
Oh that sounds like a challenge! I want to see some examples of said infections.



File: 1479989849370.png (354.34 KB, 580x800, FROZENMEAL.png)



File: 1480000254087.png (486.37 KB, 800x540, CASSANDRAMUTATIONsketch.png)

This is something I came up with before I saw your links. A nasty case of Cyclopia.


Just passing by to say I admire the way you make girls into cumsleeves and shit pots especially the Princess Anna kebab you made.


Ay thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it.


> shortly before my thread died, someone mentioned something about Princess Tutu, but I don't remember what. Refresh my memory?

Original requester here: Yep, if you don't mind gutting her open like a fish, hanging her from a flag pole, or do something that tickles your fancy!


File: 1480075364482.png (252.34 KB, 303x800, sailorsaturnassimilation.png)

Here's Sailor Saturn being assimilated into some alien fungus thing.



Lovely work Fractavius! Thanks so much!


would you be open to a scat request?


File: 1480165444791.gif (333.94 KB, 720x576, CASSANDRAMUTATION.gif)

I don't know if I'll complete this, but I want to animate it, and add some spiky bits and carapace, like the malfested have.

Sure, why not?



Well, if you do happen to finish it, you'll definitely have at least one very appreciative viewer :D

Also, love that Sailor Saturn assimilation. Do you happen to take commissions or anything?


could you maybe draw shemale morgana from league of legends shitting with really heavy hanging tits and balls and maybe a thrusted out asshole?


File: 1480334623530.png (221.12 KB, 721x800, princesssuperloose.png)

I've been doing a bit of traditional inking. Here's Princess Anna again, having undergone some loosening treatment, so her body may accommodate just about any penis out there. Containing the semen is perhaps another thing, but regardless, she's a literal cocksleeve now.

I'm not big into shemales/futa. I'll probably just draw a normal female version and see how it is. Also not sure where the scat part is?


oh she'll just be shitting through the thrusted out anus if that makes sense


What is that white stuff she's wearing? Is it part of her hair or is it some kind of veil/scarf/hat?


Wow this is some freaky deaky stuff, love your gape/prolapse drawings though! I've got a particular thing for broken/dislocated jaws as well, such a rare detail, so love >>14871


File: 1481006807669.png (287.61 KB, 510x800, Morganashit.png)

Something like this?

I haven't tried doing commissions before, actually. Never marketed my works or generated enough interest in them before.

I shall take that as a compliment!


yeah :D that's great thanks fract


File: 1481544074116.png (613.3 KB, 679x800, Orcpet.png)

I've been working on this for a bit, finally something with background. Pretty tame stuff I suppose, but 4chan doesn't tolerate bestiality and it makes me wonder if I'm too comfortable with the taboo.


File: 1481643812532.png (480.59 KB, 685x800, Djeetavessel1.png)

Granblue Fantasy sure has lots of cute girls. Here's Djeeta being modified to be a suitable vessel for carrying an elder god's progeny.


Dude, do you take requestes? Cause these looks really good :D


Sure thing, you wanna do an art trade?


File: 1481975790356.png (275.41 KB, 498x800, Princesstutustretched.png)

Princess Tutu stretched beyond the human limits.

Along with this one, I'm not really satisfied with, but I got no inspiration somehow.


File: 1481976329540.png (588.19 KB, 555x800, Djeetavessel2.png)

Djeeta has the honor of recieving the ancient god's seed.


File: 1481977853593.png (663.89 KB, 588x800, execution1.png)

A scene depicting Bright's story.



Scary! I would love to do a story-art trade sometime with you if you are keen. ^^


Scary! I would love to do a story-art trade sometime with you if you are keen. ^^



That would be good, dude :D


I've never done an art trade before though. How do we go about doing it?


Sure, man, the only three things I don't draw are scat, feet or lolis, anything else is fair game, you can check my thread to see the kind of stuff I draw and see if something gives you an idea.


Ah I just realized you said story-art trade, not art trade. Sure thing, what kind of stuff do you like to write?
Well alright, we're on mostly the same wavelength. What request did you have in mind?


File: 1482407181595.png (856.67 KB, 639x800, wizardmutation.png)

If you decide to confront the mad wizard, you damn well make sure you don't lose to him.


File: 1482488303380.png (382.62 KB, 566x800, randomshit.png)


File: 1483884298473.png (500.38 KB, 692x1000, lisetteparasiteweb.png)

This took longer than I thought it would.


colours are amazing just that the inner trypophobe in me is scared of those breasts haha. amazing still.


angela balzac/hatsune miku/some goth-loli stuff please?


Would you mind doing anything of Beverly from Mr. Pickles dying? Or Dexter's Mom KIA'd?


File: 1485213102774.png (166.61 KB, 429x800, Weissschneehaggard.png)

Some /f/ material of Weiss Schnee from RWBY.

I am working on something for both of you, but I definitely won't be drawing Beverly true to the style of Mr Pickles, because TBH the whole cartoon looks pretty hideous.


File: 1486641533495.png (431.71 KB, 666x800, Angeladissect.png)



Incredible <3



Would love to see her made into a human toilet or waste processor.


Is she being fed gasoline?


File: 1487000633977.png (351.2 KB, 534x800, princessannacolony.png)

It is a gas nozzle, but what she's being fed is open to interpretation. I personally envisioned it as the same yellow gunk foie gras geese are force-fed.

There's an idea, but for now enjoy her being hollowed out by parasitoid worms.


Oh so Dva is being fattened up to be eaten then?


I like that she's smiling for whatever reason. Perhaps the worms secret a toxin that locks the muscles up so that her facial muscles are locked in a smile.


Anywhere we can find your stuff from the old thread that died?


thanks, love it


File: 1487086471721.png (541.13 KB, 800x562, Djeetavessel3.png)

Djeeta becomes the mother of a demigod.

Something like that, yeah. Or producing celebrity turds to rake in some dosh.

My old thread was only about a month older than this one actually. I think I reposted everything that was lost there.


celebrity turds? I guess people would buy that actually


If people are willing to cough up an arm and a leg for a pair of Yeezys or a Life of Pablo shirt, I think buying a celebrity's bodily discharges may not be that far-fetched.


File: 1487165193703.png (370.75 KB, 693x800, Beverlygoodmanassimilated.png)


Still such a great thread.

Would love to see something to do with the head being hollowed and use for something, or anything to do with heads/brains in general. Not picky about characters.


File: 1487255789013.png (271.12 KB, 498x800, princessannabattlegear.png)

Here's another outfit I drew of Princess Anna. Still not sure what colors to give her.


File: 1487433316251.png (349.86 KB, 800x763, princessannatoiletcleaner.png)


not as extreme as what I'd expect from you with a title like "toilet cleaner". Still pretty nice though


File: 1488012019210.png (195.58 KB, 800x687, Samustryto.png)

I gave up on finishing this one.


hey fract if it's not too much could you draw up something filthy for the sombra farting shitting part of this story?


File: 1489074248336.png (213.84 KB, 566x800, sombrafisting.png)

Don't think Sombra has cybernetic limbs, canonically speaking.


File: 1489074326907.png (563.29 KB, 541x800, oc princessanna walkofsham….png)


Hey Fractavius, I've been admiring your work for a while especially the tentacle impregnante ones. Is it possible to request one for Charlotte from Fire Emblem Fates split in half then necro'd? Thanks either way <3


File: 1489100485478.png (485.12 KB, 433x800, OC_em.png)

Shouldn't be too hard, need to think up a pose and finish up some other stuff I'm working on though.


oh thank you thank you!! I the wait will be worth it.


perfectly filthy thanks fract ^ ^


How about Alice Liddell?


File: 1489224240323.png (292.57 KB, 683x800, oc princessanna momentofde….png)


File: 1489935706975.png (822.65 KB, 687x1000, fireemblem charlotte necro….png)

McGee's Alice sure sounds like a good premise for some graphic guro.


ugh yes thank you!! it's actually quite surprising, I never imagined a pose like that. You killed it, literally. Thank you for another addition to such a small collection of Charlotte guro.



I'd def love to see some Alice Liddell if youd be willing to make some. Despite the fact she'd be the perfect guro target, there's literally nothing of her yet.


File: 1490430017492.png (330.63 KB, 601x800, mcgeealice pipething.png)


Looks amazing! Thanks for doing my suggestion!


File: 1491867249053.png (418.02 KB, 513x800, 814dd9ac-ae6d-43c2-8f28-6d….png)

Here's some muscle thing I drew.


the way you mutilate girls in your artwork is imaginative honestly. is it possible to request from you Fumina Hoshino? like the same way as >>14728 or >>14817
thanks if you do. and I'm excited to see more of your works.


Oooooh, I love this one!
More muscle girls please ! Amazon from Dragon Crown or Urbosa from Zelda:BOTW maybe ?

Though, whatever you draw is fine for me.


File: 1494559965656.png (462.92 KB, 628x800, 833545b2-8347-44ff-9bdb-89….png)

>>17022 I've seen this post a while back, but haven't had any ideas so far. Lately I've been more interested in body horror mutation/mutilation more than anything.

Here's some commissions I've done.


File: 1494560031088.png (441.62 KB, 800x606, caa40156-8477-4bbb-a150-29….png)


File: 1494560119105.png (365.57 KB, 569x800, 9a68b57c-c469-48e7-9584-61….png)


File: 1494560295158.png (374.24 KB, 580x800, 1a513111-a603-4bdf-87e6-f3….png)

Might not have been what you were looking for, sorry. But here's some muscle Alice Liddell getting a steroids infusion.


While I can't guarantee I'll have any good ideas for requests, I can at least promise I do read your posts.


File: 1494561459872.png (1.15 MB, 1280x1428, ec480361-7a64-4a9a-8197-68….png)


Those last pics look really good, dude.


Very nice ! =)

Already saw that one on HF I think, I love how bored that lizard seems.




File: 1496580678528.gif (441.19 KB, 512x512, OC PRINCESSANNA PUKER4.gif)

Yay, Gurochan is back up. I was trying to upload via the Onion link thing but that didn't work.


File: 1496580727082.png (529.39 KB, 583x800, frozen elsa parasites web.png)

A commission involving Elsa from Frozen.


File: 1500515050915.png (486.1 KB, 721x1000, metroid_samusaran_shitshow….png)


File: 1502104050345.png (191.31 KB, 721x1000, dxd riasgremory exposedbra….png)

Rias Gremory from Hunter DxD.


File: 1502104207121.png (496.77 KB, 1000x635, lol fiora xersaibreederV1B….png)

A commission of Fiora Laurent from League of Legends.


File: 1502104250399.png (504.68 KB, 1000x635, lol fiora xersaibreederV2B….png)

Version 2


File: 1502105125588.png (512.59 KB, 645x1000, oc stuntliz tentacleparasi….png)

A thing.


Whoa, dude, that's pretty good! Thanks a lot! :D


File: 1504340759049.png (442.98 KB, 1000x887, gundam fumina shitbeast.png)

Also featuring Shia Kijima.


You really are quite one of the few persons I know who makes art that makes me look at it for a while just to appreciate it because of the many happenings. Great work as always.
Not the requester, just amazed.


File: 1506522815855.png (356.57 KB, 1000x721, DRAGONCROWN AMAZON ARMLESS….png)


Here's something i did.


File: 1506522901780.png (387.44 KB, 721x1000, metroid samushybrid.png)

Some Samus mutation thing.


File: 1506523266112.png (354.93 KB, 911x1000, oc princessannaozsa bugabs….png)

Here's something involving Princess Anna and a new OC of mine called Ozsa.


I saw you writing about commissions, could you tell us your contact and details?


This one looks great, dude :D


File: 1507083232046.jpg (1.06 MB, 1425x2240, 20171003_153442.jpg)

Cheers buddy!
Sure thing, you can reach me at fractavius at gmail dot com or


File: 1507475233877.png (393.24 KB, 800x582, oc dollopprincessanna fina….png)

A commission from a while back.


File: 1507475266539.png (1.93 MB, 2528x3040, OC dollopozsa eggwalker.png)

A newer commission featuring the same goblin, Dollop.


File: 1515541212194.png (908.66 KB, 1815x1776, oc buublegum prolapseparas….png)

I have been forgetting to post here.


File: 1515541255605.png (1.46 MB, 1670x2411, Lol janna chesttear.png)


File: 1515541265672.png (875.48 KB, 1660x1326, kangokusenkan naomievans r….png)


File: 1515541348477.png (7.69 MB, 1959x2178, oc princessanna sewersport….png)


File: 1515541390039.png (625.44 KB, 582x1000, oc divfrancineguillory pre….png)


File: 1515541430917.png (1.26 MB, 1000x756, OC PRINCESSANNA GIANTDOGSH….png)


File: 1515541447632.png (589.57 KB, 1000x709, granblue grea dragonthroat….png)


File: 1515541466056.png (2.85 MB, 1625x2415, oc docheather slimed.png)


File: 1515541522048.png (3.61 MB, 2144x2620, OC LIZZYJAY TIDDYTHING.png)


File: 1515555848603.jpg (707.72 KB, 1128x1892, 20180105_145317.jpg)


File: 1515853891488.jpg (1.08 MB, 1434x2831, 20180108_234645.jpg)


File: 1516116821539.png (1.51 MB, 1419x2172, oc titananyani autobreeder….png)

A commission.


File: 1516257775361.jpg (891.61 KB, 1623x2660, 20180116_171713.jpg)


File: 1528245542924.png (3.87 MB, 2515x2022, oc annaoliviera pitpoop.png)


File: 1528245767951.png (4.48 MB, 2820x2480, codegeass villettanu poops….png)


File: 1534683074960.png (4.02 MB, 1809x2355, oc wandadumont cthonbreede….png)


File: 1545004991682.jpg (922.08 KB, 1564x2000, oc annoliviera sexbotweb.jpg)

After the abdication of the Oliviera family, rather than face execution or exile, Princess Anna Oliviera was made into "Property of the State". She is said to have spent the rest of her life bringing the people happiness, and is described as having "the face of an angel, and the body of a toilet".


Could you draw a futanari orc getting her uncut genitals chopped off in some sort of dong execution?

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