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First when I update it, it dates 20.08.08! And now it's gone??? The hell is this buggery!!!!!
Admins! plz check the site's clocks and even more PLZ restore my freaking thread!!! I saved it as html at the last moment, so contact me at DA if you need it:D Will be much obliged:D


Mine got deleted too. Funny too since I just saw it a few hours ago. Thankfully I uploaded less than 20 photos and am not particularly verbose; so if its unrecoverable let us know admins, I can easily remake my thread from scratch.


Hard drive died and we had to restore to a backup, some content was lost, unfortunately.


I'm afraid that's incorrect-_-` If you are admin, you might have noticed that yesterday site's clock was set to 20'th august of 2008 Which made all the yesterday's posts debump their threads to the very bottom! And My thread was fully operational until I updated it with my latest pick... That made my thread sink to the very bottom and in 6 hours probably auto deleted/sent to archive whichever works on this new site... My only concern is whether it can be salvaged or not? I was able save it on my PC but I dont want to start new one if there's a possibility;P


Mine is at the bottom as well. I knew it from posting my pic and yea.. i'm at the bottom because of date reset. lol


m0zg can you repost the Amy/Rouge image?

At least this place had backups. Not like the dopes over at u18chan. They lost years worth of content a few months ago, and had no backups.


Ask an admin on IRC.


You still going to be uploading art here, m0zg?
Or just to pixiv now?


WTF is that?
I'm thinking about it... I'm currently too lazy for that;P Plus I am really buthurt for loosing my #98 thread-_-`


Maybe you'll feel better if you hang some attractive anime girls. Seeing that always cheers me up.


Oh, come on! Don't be so reluctant. You're worshipped here! Data loss happens and the more secure the system, the more painful the data loss. Furthermore, the only truly secure system is shut down, locked in a safe, under armed guard. Show the middle finger to God or to Fate and go on! :D


File: 1481245458028.jpg (262.74 KB, 1000x2754, KSAOHUB.jpg)

That might help;P
Worshipped:? You call an average 2-5 comments in a month worship? Whoever worships me are doing it awfully silently:D While Loli, gore and gore fucking trigger a whole discussions my stuff is mostly ignored.... I'm not saying that people are obliged to comment, but the fact that they don't means that what I do isn't enough to provoke it;P
Also it's one thing is loose something to a force majeure like when two previous sites collapsed and another thing when you know it's happened cause someone forgot to set the freaking clock!!



Can you do bloody stuff? Such as shooting a cute Loli in her virgin pussy?


Well its hard to worship you loud with a noose around the neck ;)

So hey, if someone really likes your art and wants to make you a fanart doodle, what character would you like to see hanged?


File: 1481330000198.jpg (1.02 MB, 4656x2516, HxKp1.jpg)

Well of course there's no physical law preventing me from drawing gore or loli, except the simple fact that I find that stuff disgusting and off putting... I'm totally fine with with people who likes the stuff, and they can fap to it all they like, but I am not obliged to share their fetishes^^
And if you want me to draw a pussy shot I can do it as a professional, it'll cost 20$ for lineart(10$ for character and the rest is props and gory sex modifier) But one important limitation: NO UNDERAGE CHARACTERS!!!! the only consent I can do is an anime highschool characters, or cases like Marie Rose where she's vanilla 18, still they must have at least some signs of maturity, so I will decide whether I'm in on the character or not....

Well, I prefer to "hang" my favourites myself;P But if you volunteering, You can try doing characters from The Breaker or The Breaker New Waves:D They are generally overlooked by general audience...


m0zg can you repost the Amy/Rouge image?


File: 1481390607936.jpg (1.06 MB, 3348x3668, AxRFF.jpg)




Hang the lesbians! (Any excuse is worthwhile if it leads to some hanging =D )


One will be strangled with her top and other suffocated with pockeball as a gag;)

<- More space:D


File: 1481407886809.jpg (1.15 MB, 4988x1080, Space rubble.jpg)

the file was too big-_-`


File: 1481457296769.jpg (1.72 MB, 3030x4935, Shower.jpg)


The character feels familiar. Who's she?


File: 1481471396641.jpg (277.59 KB, 1271x1800, for m0zg.jpg)

:D Can't wait

Really like how you construct the images, with the multiple angles and perspectives C:

Also, I tried :D
I hope I got the right characters, internet wasn't very helpful with references


File: 1481494999707.jpg (1.08 MB, 1006x5399, Let's go boyss.jpg)

Clara from Watchdogs;)

I'm sorry to say it's hard to say;P Left one is probably Jinnie and other is probably Shiho... Am I right?)


File: 1481542648843.jpg (1.53 MB, 4794x1600, What you shouldn't do in s….jpg)


File: 1481580040708.jpg (563.19 KB, 2384x3824, DXD Student Counseal.jpg)


File: 1481580078269.jpg (568.37 KB, 2384x3824, DXD Student Counsea f.jpg)


File: 1481667740678.jpg (633.65 KB, 2110x2160, Mass Execution.jpg)


File: 1481668022696.jpg (1.46 MB, 4619x2160, Mass Execution p2.jpg)


File: 1481714292673.jpg (1.4 MB, 2711x3200, P5SS.jpg)

alternate version;)


New updates looking good. As I may have said before, never been a huge fan of male guro, but excellent work, as always.

Wondering if you'd petitioned the mods yet in the discussion thread about restoring your previous thread? There was a thing up on the news page saying to post there for lost threads and they'll be restored. There's hope for you, yet!


Was EDI fondling herself before her neck got twisted? hehe. Nice details there.





In the last thread was a picture of an girl with cat ears being hanged in a pyjama. Could you reupload that?


File: 1482003079095.jpg (273.84 KB, 1280x2457, Stretched kitty.jpg)



File: 1482024975157.jpg (1.1 MB, 4171x2762, Couple.jpg)


Could you do something more with her please? She was a cutie.


File: 1482032333665.png (664.46 KB, 770x2160, Tsubasa.png)

<- Hanekawa Tsubasa, this one is her too;p But if you want more, 10$ will help the matter;P If you're in get me at pixiv or DA:D


File: 1482123115262.jpg (1023.83 KB, 2601x2160, Amagi Briliant Swing.jpg)


File: 1482186203906.jpg (168.13 KB, 1038x1218, Avatar-girls6-5-13.jpg)

Was asked to reupload this old one:D


Could you please reupload thr MLP based.stuff?


Could you post your commission prices and guidelines again? They got lost with the last thread


File: 1482226602395.jpg (367.1 KB, 2684x2955, Flutershy.jpg)

My commission guidelines -
Contact me at Pixiv or DA for detailed calculation;)



File: 1482233737885.jpg (328.43 KB, 2100x2756, aplejack c.jpg)


File: 1482282032176.jpg (787 KB, 4704x2160, Paradrop.jpg)


File: 1482322590883.jpg (473.07 KB, 2451x2916, pie_peril_by_m00zg-d7biel0.jpg)


File: 1482322617072.jpg (351.37 KB, 1556x2160, pie_peril_alt_by_m00zg-d7y….jpg)


File: 1482322665172.jpg (908.35 KB, 2268x3704, Dazzlings.jpg)


File: 1482323256213.jpg (312.07 KB, 1286x1620, 100% cooler.jpg)


File: 1482323752151.jpg (693.14 KB, 1889x3500, 20percentcoollerexecution.jpg)

I think that's all


my god that one is awesome


I love the MLP ones ;)

I bet either Sunset or Starlight would look awesome kicking on a noose.


File: 1482666231156.jpg (1.28 MB, 4312x2380, Nyotaimori..jpg)

<- Mai Kawakami


Weird question but would you mind if I practice inking and coloring by using your pictures as a base? I want to try to make them look super slick and clean straight out of a high budget anime. I'd fully credit you in the signature corner of course. Some artists don't like that so figure i'd ask first.

Awesome work and thanks for posting it btw. Some really great concepts.


omg that's stunning :D


What a clever idea. It must be much easier to keep the sushi cooled if there's no body heat.


File: 1482925384944.jpg (1.24 MB, 4312x2380, NyotaimoriToy.jpg)

what do you mean by inking? Just tracing the lines? Than I will warn you that my linework cant be called exemplary;P Colouring is a more logical:D
Still I don't mind so feel free:)

<-an alternate


Since it doesn't look as if the old thread is coming back, I'd humbly like to re-request what I posted in the last thread: Would you draw Lola, or perhaps Babs Bunny, nude, diving with goggles and flippers underwater, drowning by caught on something or sea creature or scuba diver?


What was 'Woohee!!!.jpg'


I'm having a hard time messaging you on pixiv at the moment. I keep getting a little red box that says "You can't submit this comment." Do you have an e-mail address I can reach instead?


Is it you monstarkook?
If not please use my DA( for contact:) It's quirk of mine to keep my mail under the radar:D


It is indeed. But then I remembered I had your email from our old conversations so everything worked out.


No new m0zg stuff? T_T


File: 1485651535877.jpg (932.38 KB, 2688x3888, Woohee!!!.jpg)

Here:) Sorry for late reply;P


File: 1485651580935.jpg (1014.62 KB, 3780x4670, Seesaw.jpg)

Been lazy this year-_-`


Not sure if it's been said, but I love your work, especially the hanging stuff.


Mozg, i can't find some of your older and uncesored images. Can you help me?


Las thread you had a wonderful decapitated Tracer. Do you still have it? ^.^;


File: 1486714647657.jpg (780.49 KB, 1280x4977, Check this out!!!.jpg)

try my pixiv or The Dark Spot;)


File: 1486870499463.jpg (322.99 KB, 2394x2844, DxD NS.jpg)

More DxD


File: 1486870534919.jpg (326.6 KB, 2394x2844, DxD NS F.jpg)

With futa alternate;)


You're so good at drawing tracer! More tracer please!!


File: 1486983916972.jpg (713.53 KB, 2109x2910, Urban Guerillas.jpg)

Some dudes for a change...



File: 1487162062045.jpg (452.9 KB, 1722x2916, DQxBTP.jpg)


Really nice. I like it!


Nice, it's great to see male stuff for a change. I hope you do more.


File: 1487646824281.jpg (676.65 KB, 1941x2934, Alexys p2.jpg)

There's few more coming;P


File: 1487990380635.jpg (912.16 KB, 4313x2390, Grand blue.jpg)


File: 1487998484345.jpg (1.25 MB, 7084x2160, Marie Rose Hanginggc.jpg)


Awesome, I will be looking forward to it. It's my favorite kind. :P


Great pictures.


The Marie Rose is one of your best!


Nice work. Good to see more beheading pictures from you.


File: 1488172209670.jpg (421.62 KB, 1936x3948, Juggle.jpg)

Here you go:D


File: 1488195850631.jpg (1.48 MB, 5345x3240, Dead tree.jpg)


Wow, this is outstanding.


File: 1488509663365.jpg (659.18 KB, 2160x2160, Sside Guy.jpg)



File: 1488509725428.jpg (765.54 KB, 3564x3090, Another one.jpg)


Are all these characters anyone in particular?


Awesome, thanks. :)


File: 1488674754637.jpg (464.88 KB, 2100x2775, Ziptie unexpected follow-u….jpg)

The joggling is DoA:)
As for Tree, there are few, but mostly I tried to improvise;p

You welcome:D


File: 1488772625132.jpg (924.1 KB, 2332x3856, Daphnie.jpg)


I don't recognize any on the lower image, but the upper one is of Harley Quinn juggling the severed heads of the Dead or Alive girls


File: 1488791262261.jpg (329.42 KB, 2240x3856, Triss_cum.jpg)


File: 1488837133464.jpg (342.95 KB, 2415x2955, Noose friends.jpg)



cute both of them


Think you could reupload your Cultural Issue series? I'd also like to know if you have any more images from that series finished up. :)


File: 1489001087368.jpg (987.87 KB, 3366x2328, Cultural Issue p1.jpg)

I'll be uploading as I shade it:D


File: 1489001384605.jpg (358.57 KB, 2736x2604, Same breath.jpg)



Gotcha. Looking forward to it. :)


File: 1489409474289.jpg (797 KB, 2436x3126, Cultural Issue p2b.jpg)



File: 1489602461516.jpg (204.28 KB, 1719x2604, DxD IrinaF.jpg)


File: 1489602574786.jpg (340.82 KB, 1506x3006, NRWDTN.jpg)


File: 1489619346925.jpg (249.91 KB, 2310x2478, DxD villainesses.jpg)



Nice. :)

Looking forward to the next part of the set. :)


File: 1489751345223.jpg (429.35 KB, 1530x2853, Mari vs Ixtab.jpg)


File: 1489880240429.jpg (464.5 KB, 2841x2949, Ziptie3c.jpg)


File: 1489983015625.jpg (585.31 KB, 2841x2949, Ziptie final discovery.jpg)


File: 1489983093999.jpg (1.25 MB, 4578x3240, Mars.jpg)



Wow, nice!

Looking forward to more shadings of the Cultural Issue series, and I hope you can shade this thing, too - or better yet, give it to Ashgale to color!! :D


File: 1490045660130.jpg (216.57 KB, 1160x1839, FnMC.jpg)


File: 1490743351985.jpg (267.25 KB, 1452x2853, Legpull.jpg)

My favourite pastime - pulling a leg;P


File: 1490777443686.jpg (841.14 KB, 3750x3780, PGH.jpg)


File: 1490843187921.jpg (354.65 KB, 1452x2913, 2b.jpg)


File: 1490845624180.jpg (308.51 KB, 888x2853, Yuran.jpg)


File: 1490879993044.jpg (1.06 MB, 4656x2516, HildaxKisala yury.jpg)

Some action for a change;P


So, I have this thing with certain characters I like so much, I hate it when they're in art such as this, but the 2B drawing is really hot to me! Lol


Absolutely love your work, M0zg. I've never found a better artist for hanging images.


File: 1491139002254.jpg (799.6 KB, 3744x2250, Moon final.jpg)

Glad you still enjoyed it:D

<<back to space;)


File: 1491182837906.jpg (376.24 KB, 1452x2913, Jane.jpg)

For them who wasn't satisfied by her turning walker after hanging...;P


File: 1491482531996.jpg (958.95 KB, 2022x3500, Chocobo.jpg)

you may call it a late Happy new year! picture;P


File: 1491520970473.jpg (236.37 KB, 1444x2568, Asia.jpg)

Asia's turn:)


Safe to say she chocobo'd to death.


bump for this.


This one stings a little.

Thanks for the new art, m0zg. Glad to see your still updating regularly, as you do a great job with your images. '
Granted, I tend to follow you on pixiv more than gurochan, but still always nice to see some great hangings.


File: 1492648016744.jpg (1.19 MB, 2931x2160, Diserters fate.jpg)

>>17083 >>15483
I'm engaged in too many commissions to even contemplate free requests... SorryT_T




Very nice.

Hope you can shade that one, or give it to Ashgale to color.

Any more shadings from Cultural Issue coming soon?


File: 1492693011992.jpg (919.49 KB, 2565x3021, Cultural Issue p3b.jpg)




Nice. :)

Looking forward to the next shading from that series. :)


where did he go?


File: 1494153310000.jpg (320.59 KB, 2124x2838, Knight.jpg)



File: 1494160282267.jpg (595.45 KB, 1452x2913, Elena.jpg)


File: 1494287162973.jpg (554.75 KB, 2100x2775, Ziptie2.jpg)


File: 1494531913096.jpg (1.04 MB, 2964x2913, Pigsty for two.jpg)


great run of pieces


File: 1496006342927.jpg (840.97 KB, 2835x2895, Sad girl.jpg)


File: 1496008655432.jpg (478.26 KB, 1109x1600, hinata_in_the_rain.jpg)

So it works!) Hopefully I was directed here by a kind soul:D


Thank you for your awesome work m0zg! Especially grateful for Hinata :-)


File: 1496570211013.jpg (651.76 KB, 832x1200, 62978867_p0_master1200.jpg)

Here's an alternate then:)


File: 1496570283264.jpg (542.12 KB, 1590x2973, 62952719_p0.jpg)


File: 1496582484649.jpg (706.11 KB, 2289x2808, 62918068_p0.jpg)


Next Cultural Issue shading coming soon?


File: 1496611848822.jpg (1.12 MB, 3825x2160, queen_of_gaspers_by_m00zg-….jpg)

My SSD died last week with all my WiPs there... So no promises-_-



Sorry to hear that... :(


i never got a shaded version of ciri and geralt man


File: 1496654168989.jpg (288.56 KB, 1390x4000, 62918115_p0.jpg)

Don't worry:) I should get the results of diagnostics today, and even if data can't be saved, I still have the finished lineart I can use as a base to restart the shading proses:D


Any status updates on the SSD issue?


File: 1498391708807.jpg (693.25 KB, 1509x3006, Miku.jpg)

Sorry for the silence, been depressed a s fuck-_-`
The SSD is beyond recovery, so I will have to do most of the stuff from scratch:(
Check my DA page for details:)


How goes everything?


Bump in hope of a status update from m0zg


aw jeez mozg, losing data is the worst :( gotta use that backup :(


I've learned from experience to keep everything that is storable data and not a program on a traditional HDD. Try that out buddy. Sorry for the loss :(


Hey all, I've been in contact with m0zg and he wanted me to let you know that due to certain rules in his country he has a tough time posting here. Hence the updates now being few and far between. He apologizes for this inconvenience. If you've got pixiv you can follow him there for more regular updates and such.


File: 1501239401875.jpg (758.5 KB, 4167x2352, Hinata's Breather.jpg)

Will you work already???


File: 1501239462195.jpg (354.92 KB, 1847x2809, DxD Phoenix.jpg)

Fucking FINALLY!!!!


File: 1501239717101.jpg (1.28 MB, 2444x3859, The Traitor, the Bitch and….jpg)

Dumb Tor browser glitched until I updated it... Hopefully it will keep working:)


Good to see you back man


Agreed, good to see you again. :)

Looking forward to more shadings of the Cultural Issue series. :)


File: 1501404080535.jpg (333.1 KB, 1731x2835, Aika.jpg)


File: 1501713604910.png (594.37 KB, 1140x3997, Satsuki.png)


Wow, you did a really good job of capturing Satsuki. Both artistically and literally.


Bump. :)


File: 1505662097988.jpg (1.44 MB, 2636x4008, Sada.jpg)

I'm back:)


File: 1505662160299.jpg (170.33 KB, 938x3006, Hagakure.jpg)


File: 1505664089371.jpg (357.6 KB, 1452x3006, Tsuy-chan.jpg)


File: 1505664212944.jpg (367.85 KB, 1452x3006, Momo.jpg)


Wonderful to have you back! I like >>19189 the most of these 4, but all are great!


File: 1505668829957.jpg (1.87 MB, 3321x4008, Droit du seigneur.jpg)


File: 1505668909333.jpg (729.32 KB, 2397x3006, Black Cat.jpg)



yay, persona and hero academia stuff! :D


Awesome work!


File: 1506195675874.jpg (386.52 KB, 1936x3956, Snaring hops.jpg)


Please! PLEASE! please! Tell me you have a nude version of this one!!! <3 Pleeeeaaas! :D


File: 1506294376996.jpg (366.02 KB, 1936x3956, Snaring hopsN.jpg)

Haven't planed for it, but here:)


If i could i would hug you so hard you would die from asphyxiation! <3


File: 1506546869444.jpg (878.52 KB, 1752x2967, Hakaba.jpg)


File: 1506548376496.jpg (863.7 KB, 1752x2967, Hakaba N.jpg)


Who's that? She has like the biggest tits you've ever drawn.


File: 1506561317173.jpg (851.93 KB, 2403x3006, Cattleya.jpg)

Miyabi from Senran Kagura:)

And you wrong, this is the biggest tits;P


You got Judy Hopps...

Is Nick Wilde next to die?


I don't have any money to found my request but I'd love to see you do something with Dark Magician Girl, Botan and or Aqua. It would be great to see the sexiest magic users meet a dark fate


File: 1506876365866.jpg (923.06 KB, 3402x2964, August 21 20XX.jpg)

Someone will probably order them one of those days... But if you don't have 10$ you can always try brown nosing;P That is actively comment on my stuff, saying what you like and what you find it lacks, also point out when I start obviously slacking:D I am glutton for criticism, and no one has the gut to do it... Without it I became discouraged-_-`


Oh yes yet another p5 piece <3 Great to see so many of these coming from you recently. Is there perhaps a version with her being naked in the works?


File: 1506882642313.jpg (239.22 KB, 1452x2964, TFL.jpg)

Sorry I had gone for authenticity this time round:)

But here's nudity if you wish it this much:D


File: 1507768285342.jpg (544.41 KB, 1458x3213, Bullet time.jpg)

One more


File: 1507768810524.gif (936.29 KB, 245x138, tumblr_mtn9u00xVT1sj3oxho1….gif)


File: 1507817935951.jpg (133.83 KB, 1324x2412, DxD Le Fay F.jpg)


File: 1507898611325.jpg (1.18 MB, 1458x5291, Maven.jpg)


File: 1507921731596.jpg (922.3 KB, 1458x5291, Maven N.jpg)


File: 1508004632572.jpg (1.1 MB, 8502x2160, DxD Gallery.jpg)


File: 1508042878622.jpg (1.44 MB, 3233x2160, Rising the gates.jpg)


"> I am glutton for criticism...
" Well, I think that you've passed the point from which the average audience can't tell you anything without stumbling on matters of mere personal taste. As for me, I keep in high regard all those artists who look so at ease with inking because that's a dreadful operation to me. I especially like how your strokes have a nervous aspect while remaining perfectly functional and good looking. I think it's a very cool thing. However, if you really want me to split the hair, there's an advice which I can give to you. Generally speaking, when drawing overlapping figures, things can turn out quite mixed up. This problem can be solved by coloring, by shading, by giving the proper amount of details to each layer and by inking the foreground figures thicker. Now, I can see that you prefer to ink because most of your drawings are made of outlines, so let's drop colors and shades. I can also see that you are aware of the problem of which we are talking about and that your favourite method to solve it is to give the proper amount of details to each layer. That's ok but this method has its limits (see >>19543 and >>19198 for example). I suggest you to focus on inking the foreground figures thicker. Again, I am splitting the hair.
And now, I will end this so unnecessarily long post by praising you for your... how to say... honesty! Look at >>19572, in example. There's a main panel showing a large execution and ten smaller ones showing a close-up of each victim (with lovely boobs). A lazy ass like me would have drawn a scaled version of the faces in the main panel to avoid sketching again, but I can tell by the slightly different poses that you've redrawn all of them. And this is very cool! You surely deserve more love from your audience (if not more money).


For being such a nerd about this series I feel a little dumb for not recognizing them, but who are the girls in the middle frames on either edge (or the rightmost and 4th from the left in the huge picture)?

Also as for feedback, a great work as usual, the only small thing being that all of their bust sizes seem relatively similar (though maybe that's just perspective), for group pictures like this I always like if there's some noticeable variety.


File: 1508154499398.jpg (1.57 MB, 3233x2160, Rising the gates C.jpg)

I wish people do this more often:) Even if it's a personal preference opinion, I am interested in knowing what people like or hate:) I am an attention whore, and I loose motivation easily if I don't receive a feedback-_-` So do contact me on Pixiv or DA maybe I can do something for you;)
Also I must confess that I am a self taught, and rely on gut feel, so I'll be really obliged if you keep giving me more pointers:D Cause I'm not exactly got what you were talking about, thick lines, thin lines, it's all a bit outside my comprehension:P linework is a stuff I'm truly bad at, and I am too lazy to hit books and learn... I prefer personal approach;) I
As for closeups, their purpose is to accent and highlight the important stuff in the image, so I don't see any reason in including them if you just scale.... Everyone have a zoom function;P And I use them cause it pains me to choose between comprehensiveness of full body shots and expressiveness of closeup XD

Here's a version with names, and traces of use;P As for boob sizes, I too prefer variation when I do group images, but this one is a commission, so the wishes of client come first:)


You Ask for feedback so here i go.

I love the closeups and poses, most of your faces is quite good. Especially on closeups but there is one thing i alweys wish was better and what is kind'a boner-killer - Breasts - this the only things that alweys look at best "meh" on your drawings. They are alweys almost perfectly round, in the middle of the chest pointing forward and sometimes stick out so hard that you may think they are made of solid stone.
There are many tutorials online on how to draw boobs and nipples and i think you should at lest look at few simple tips like this
As for the nipples themself i think you should try to at least color in the aureolas (like you for example did here >>14600 ) if you leave them just as simple circles that look very bad.

And just as a personal opinion I also think that you should try drawing more variety of bodies - be it tomboys, lolitas or a bit chubby girls or simple experiment with difrent sizes of waist, butts and shoulders.


Any progress on shading the Cultural Issue series? That was one of my favorites. :)


> So do contact me on Pixiv or DA maybe I can do something for you;)

Sorry, but I prefer to stay here for the sake of my privacy. And keep on doing what you like the most. I will be perfectly satisfied with that, thanks!

> Also I must confess that I am a self taught, and rely on gut feel...

Welcome to the club!

> ... so I'll be really obliged if you keep giving me more pointers:D

Oh, it's my pleasure!

> Cause I'm not exactly got what you were talking about, thick lines, thin lines, it's all a bit outside my comprehension:P

Then, let me touch-up one of your drawings, if you don't mind.I think that an example worths a thousand words. I will post the result in this thread then we could talk about it, if you want. >>19543 would be perfect.

> linework is a stuff I'm truly bad at...

You're better than you think.

> As for closeups...

I understand and I am agree!


I do share your sentiment, and I will put up only two excuses:
1- That spherical shape you are complaining about used in many vanilla designs of characters I am asked, interested or paid to draw:) So I have to comply:P
2- I am a virgin! And never in my adult life had I touched or seen a real naked breast....(not accounting photo, video ond CG materials;P)
Thanks for the link, thankfully I have some understanding of picture construction, or that image would be as useful as a PC blueprint to accountant;D
Lastly, I understand the usefulness of trying out various shapes, and I do have various examples in my gallery, I just can't help what myself like, and what I am paid for.......r

Next is almost done;)

Well, I can't fathom how DA or pixiv account can compromise your privacy more than having this site in your traffic logs, but I respect your position, and I can offer an alternative - I do have a Halloween image to do, so I can accept ideas;)

I totally don't mind, I can be somewhat dense, so do use it and don't hold back:D

And I accept your prize, I know am better than many, but nothing good had ever come from rejecting the obvious evidence of your own shortcomings, and being contempt with what you achieved so far..... I think once you stop aiming for improvement, you are dead as Artist.....................................


File: 1508270390086.jpg (2.51 MB, 3024x5368, Maven Revamped.jpg)

> I just can't help what myself like, and what I am paid for...


> Well, I can't fathom how DA or pixiv account can compromise your privacy more than having this site in your traffic logs...

The laws in my country take action against fictitious material only if it represent real people in a realistic way, but the world is full of perbenist idiots in search of the new scapegoat so I just prefere to avoid places which can be crowded with the wrong people. As for my logs, I have my ways and I hope they're enough.

> ...I do have a Halloween image to do, so I can accept ideas;)

What about a "trick or treat" gone bad? A girl refuses to give cookies to the kids and ends up hanged.

> I totally don't mind, I can be somewhat dense, so do use it and don't hold back:D

Here it comes, then! The original picture is on the left. The touched-up one is on the right. The close-up was good but I had to slightly darken it in order to keep the balance with the picture below. Well, at first I have to know whether you think there is some improvement or not, otherwise any further speech is worthless. So, what do you think?

> I think once you stop aiming for improvement, you are dead as Artist...

I think it's even more simple than that. Keep on doing stuff. Improvements will come.


The far to many examples of artists who even if they continue to work, ether relax and become craftsmen producing quality stuff, but without the spark, or start to indulge themselves and drown in self repeats, loosing all the skill in process... Especially if they get overpraised;P

As for the image, I assume you used Colour Burn tool? At least it's how I would do it... and I would also use Dodge to lighten the BG... But I felt Lazy:D What do I miss?

As for halloween scene... It has a potential... but to fit it in one image, it needs further development.....


Halloween idea if it would be a single panel image then maybe a number of girls "dressed like" characters from games/movies/shows being displayed in diffrent execution situations? For examples: One hanged off a tree another one on the ground headless next to a bloodied tree stump with an axe in it, another one floating in a tank of water, One tied to a tree with arrows stuck in her chest, one impaled all the way through(in pussy out mouth) on a pike etc. Something like that. Add some pumpkins and spooooky decorations and you have a nice Halloween picture! :D
If i could suggest one girl i would like to see Adagio Dazzle or Twilight Sparkle from Equestria Girls - you draw them so nicely! :3


File: 1508358451353.gif (14.28 KB, 1000x600, 000.gif)

> The far too many examples...

Well, I guess it can happen. It's a pity, though.

> As for the image, I assume you used Colour Burn tool? At least it's how I would do it... and I would also use Dodge to lighten the BG... But I felt Lazy:D What do I miss?

Sorry, but you're on the wrong track (^_^)7
Try to give a closer look, especially to her right hand and to her gun. What I did was to use the old brush tool to make some of the original outlines thicker. The color burn tool would have made the stroke darker, not thicker, and most of the outlines in the drawing were black already. The background and the fillings were ok to me, so I did nothing to them. My inking is based on two simple principles. First, choose the direction of the light and thicken the outlines on the opposite side. Second, the foreground objects should have a thicker outline. Of course there are exceptions and it takes a while to do it right, especially when drawings have a lot of details, but I hope that you've found it at least interesting!

> As for halloween scene... It has a potential... but to fit it in one image, it needs further development...

You can take your time. The next Halloween is ok to me, lol!


File: 1508675250417.jpg (858.73 KB, 1902x2964, Last wish.jpg)

I dont like empty posts, So I had to finish something...
I can't thank you enough:) But I totally draw at what you call an "Old Brush" at lest PS CC I use desn't have it in sub brushes...

The Halloween drawing idea proposal was directed to Nickname Here for his useful, detailed comments:) Sorry, but You need to distinguish yourself from other Anons.... Cause there's a lot of you and only one of me;P


File: 1508791369207.jpg (824.79 KB, 1902x2964, Last wish N.jpg)


> ... at lest PS CC I use desn't have it in sub brushes...

Same here, lol! Just use the drawing tool you're more comfortable with. I'm pretty sure you have all it takes to get the best from even little hints.


File: 1509114322579.jpg (867.03 KB, 3402x2964, Bad end futaba....jpg)

Well, someone paid me to do it, so enjoy;P

Well you did say you used an "old brush tool" so I understood it directly:)


By the way. There were pretty image with Tracer from Overwatch – but I can not find it.
Could somebody reupload it?


File: 1509471699685.jpg (1.45 MB, 3885x2985, Trick or Treat.jpg)

I know it's not exactly what you wanted, but I had an OC I havent used for a long timem so I decided to play safe;)


File: 1509476618656.jpg (192.44 KB, 1000x1449, 56917658_p0.jpg)

The beheading one is up the thread, but you probably meant the hanging one:?


Loving this version! The halloween pic also looks pretty, with the dead tongue and saliva


Oh, realy, I have missed that post, sorry.
And thanks for «hanging one»!


File: 1509796603569.jpg (379.82 KB, 4293x3006, rd_gamewip_by_m00zg-d7c4vj….jpg)

Could you finish this sketch? It's one of the best among you works, IMHO.


File: 1510264652639.jpg (365.01 KB, 1464x3000, Hinata colour.jpg)

Heh... another victim of me being involved with paid stuff..... Maybe one of those days;P

<--Found this base coloured on the Ashgale's thread >>11600 Decided to shade it:D


File: 1510447431525.jpg (1007.68 KB, 2844x3000, Getting late.jpg)

Yomico-chan had a trouble getting to school on time... So the matter gone to "Student conduct manager" Betty:)


File: 1510610829535.jpg (978.54 KB, 4655x3496, 03.jpg)

Oh, yes, I am a big fan of your old pre-payed times works, :-).


File: 1510955165328.jpg (1007.8 KB, 2248x4000, Public IndecensyDA.jpg)

Now that caries an implement that me taking the money for my work is bad,,,, How else should I finance the time I spend on drawing??? Do you have some Ideas?)


File: 1510976797202.jpg (1.71 MB, 4477x4000, Getting rid of EnvyN.jpg)


Who is she?


File: 1511049286401.jpg (1.42 MB, 2874x3000, LoZ aftermath.jpg)

OC by pixiv's Wayfar:)


don't get me wrong your a excellent artist and am no way putting you down, put your kinda one theme wonder hanging and strangulation seldomly leaning towards cannibalism spitroasting or even debreasting



Nothing wrong with that if that's what he likes.


I know it's not exactly what I wanted, but It's still a nice drawing. Sorry if I thank you late, but recently I've been pretty busy in pulling me out from some shit.


>> 20059
> Do you have some Ideas?

Communism can save us. At least, I have not any better ideas. :-(((



Actually if you dig back far enough you will see he actually does do stuff other than hanging and strangling. He's done impaling and beheading stuff as well.


File: 1511315156178.jpg (924.67 KB, 3254x2925, RogueBF.jpg)

I draw because I like it, and I draw what I like:)
If you want me to draw what you like, We can agree on the price ether on DA or pixiv:D
Sorry foor making changes;P Here's a link to an old one, where small characters "hang" someone while fooling around;)
Communism you say? Been there done that.... we wasted 75 years onthat stuff...


File: 1511315541622.jpg (742.93 KB, 2406x3009, Rabbid Lynching.jpg)

>>20085 >>20147
And here I go forgetting the lint-_-`

<- Here is the pic directly;)


oh please color this one~


File: 1511383439609.jpg (896.81 KB, 3254x2925, RogueN.jpg)

Sorry but colouring takes to much time.... And I still have the debts to work off....


File: 1511699050801.jpg (1.28 MB, 2646x8066, Liffe threadF.jpg)


File: 1511734014040.jpg (1.27 MB, 2646x8066, Liffe thread.jpg)

A non futa version


Wonderful drawings as always!


>>20288 two favorite girls thanks for this my man



Would you ever consider doing all the girls of Final fantasy in a mass hanging?


... There are a *lot* of girls in Final Fantasy


File: 1511914058215.jpg (919.43 KB, 3254x2925, RogueF.jpg)

Don't say Ashgale:) I shudder at singe thought of this >>20313 If you just take main chicks from main titles of the series starting from 7 to 15 ignoring the online ones, it will come up to 50, and for the whole series with all the spinoffs and online worlds it will come far over a hundred or two....


Starting with IV, Final Fantasy is oddly consistent in that there's *precisely* three playable females in each numbered main title (excepting the MMOs and XV). If you just take those, it'd be 'only' 27 (minus some 4 or so that are very clearly loli, plus Paine and Serah if counting the numbered sequels). I mean, I'd love to see all of them hanged or something, but I can also imagine it'd be a fuckton of work to draw.


When I was writing my huge FF crossover story, I used exactly 27 characters, skipping some like Freya cuz furries and lolis, as you said. With the girls from XV added, the total would probably go to around 35? That's obviously a tooon of drawings, and the request is completely unreasonable. With that being said, m0zg has already drawn the FF7 trio twice I think, and I remember he also drew the Farron Sisters as well



File: 1512904803757.jpg (1.36 MB, 3466x2817, Karin.jpg)

For me the roster of each FF title doesn't stop with main characters:) Yes the older ones have almost no detailed reference for NPC, but later ones have plenty:) Especially 8 13 and 15:) Not as much in 9, 10 and 12 due to unappealing art style(9&12), or the fact that they dont have that many female characters pst BG mob(10&12), but I compiled the list of characters that could be interesting to draw(and forgot to save it;P) it was far over 60


File: 1512941134397.jpg (481.67 KB, 1929x3000, Gasping art Online.jpg)

mods are great;)


File: 1513019997567.jpg (1.55 MB, 3831x4320, High tide.jpg)

While vacation at the Oceanside Bunny found herself two studs to ride... the waves with;P They found a small remote island, seemingly all to themselves... Only to find that the real owners had a thing for privacy;) So now they are left to wait for the tide and their last ride:D


Aw man. :/
Well, I hope you consider more furry stuff in the future.

I'd like to point out a small criticism. Sometimes for some images, I find your breasts are drawn too high. They need to be pushed down the chest just a bit. And maybe have a bit more weight to them. Food for thought.


File: 1513237425055.png (940.14 KB, 1006x1080, Kallen.png)

It would be good if you point out the exact cases, since I once I gain will point you to two facts: 1 vanilla concept designs, 2 I am a virgin-_-`... I'ys hard to judge;P


File: 1513382100489.jpg (1.7 MB, 3410x3692, A Space for two.jpg)

Back to space:)


File: 1513545154763.png (3.85 MB, 2403x2160, RogueCBF.png)


I'm glad you painted this piece. I love it!!!


File: 1513574501486.png (3.82 MB, 2403x2160, RogueCN.png)


What's your current commission prices?



File: 1513647165041.png (3.91 MB, 2403x2160, RogueCF.png)

Contact me ether on DA or Pixiv;)


File: 1513970146414.jpg (712.52 KB, 3460x4030, Breath taking miaolinn.jpg)


Unfortunately I do not have the time to go through the entire thread to pin-point examples, but there are several here. You being a virgin shouldn't matter, there are art anatomy books you can study. Available for purchase, or perhaps from your local library.


File: 1515492502404.jpg (297.53 KB, 1486x2160, Tifa.jpg)


File: 1515493518150.jpg (2.06 MB, 4398x2160, happy_new_2018_year_by_m00….jpg)

heh, that's a great help;P I have the anatomy atlases, and they deal only with generalities... Without the direct examples or hands on experience to understand the physics and the dynamic, all I can do is try to play it by the ear:D....


Hey, M0zg. Big fan of your stuff.
Do you reckon you could repost your drawing of Zelda and Malon hanging? I think I've only ever seen the censored version on DeviantArt, and I'd love to see the full nude version.


File: 1516136174701.jpg (820.75 KB, 1677x2160, ZxM.jpg)

It was on Pixiv;)


Thank you!


File: 1516486617866.jpg (1.15 MB, 2436x3126, cultural_issue_2a.jpg)



Good to see another update to the Cultural Issue Shading series.

Looking forward to seeing that get finished.

Also, would like to see your Gasping Art Online image ( >>20477 ) shaded or even colored. Perhaps you can send it to Ashgale for most of the coloring work, then touch it up a bit when he's done?


File: 1516582261402.jpg (1.64 MB, 3688x3992, TFHBn.jpg)

Glad you like it:)
If you want GAO shaded 20$ could see to that;P Sorry salesman in me talking-_-`
As for Ashgale, he haven't posted anything in 5 months and base coloring is the least bothersome part... Plus as always there's commissions in the way:)


File: 1516582346138.jpg (1.69 MB, 3688x3992, TFHBz.jpg)


File: 1516582420938.jpg (1.69 MB, 3688x3992, TFHB.jpg)


Hey m0zg! Beautiful art! Can you do more masks, specifically respirators or gas masks?



Gotcha. How much would the commission be for a full coloring of GAO, if I may ask? Not entirely sure I'll commit yet, but I figure it never hurts to ask.



Also, would you be alright with me posting some of your drawings I like on /req/ or elsewhere, and asking 'Can someone write a story based on this?'

Obviously, GAO would be the first of those, but more would likely come later, as long as you provide permission for it - and I'll be sure to give you proper credit for the pic. :)


File: 1516921607534.jpg (1.85 MB, 2384x3900, FD1.jpg)

Not exactly my thing, but here's an unfinished pic with a veil;P

As a special "reel in" offer let's say 35$ :D If you accept contact me at DA or pixiv;)



Gotcha. I'll keep thinking about it.

Now, about my other request, of getting your permission to ask for stories based on your pics...?


File: 1516983274330.jpg (233.23 KB, 1458x2892, Jinx.jpg)

Well.... I don't mind, but do inform me of the results;)



I've not been very diligent about posting the stuff I've coloured (In part because I've also not been very diligent writing the stories that accompany some of them). And yeah, the base flats I do are the easy part of colouring (at worst, it's a bit tedious)

While I appreciate your enthusiasm, I colour for my personal enjoyment. I'm not going to colour something just because it's been sent my way unless I want to



Gotcha. If someone does get a story up, I'll make sure to link you.

First up will be posting GAO on /req/ to see if someone will be willing to write a story based on it. :)


File: 1517251314275.jpg (420.14 KB, 1542x3504, PostedDA.jpg)

I guessed as much:) hope you get your muse;)


<- Two chicks of free virtue got their jocks upset one time to many...


Whats with the censorship? ?


File: 1517269878022.jpg (416.59 KB, 1542x3504, Posted.jpg)



File: 1517643141306.jpg (258.98 KB, 947x3024, Hibari.jpg)

Is it just me or does the site goes down every 2 days out of 3-_-?


File: 1517750268496.jpg (941.65 KB, 1785x2862, Closet perv.jpg)


some good closet fun


Maybe I should force her hand and commission something I'd like some day


File: 1518774295014.jpg (1.2 MB, 2265x1600, Namakubi ADD.jpg)

you're welcome:)

New series of images;P


It's for everyone. Proof: the list of updates has whole days missing - no uploads.


File: 1518777884036.jpg (714.47 KB, 960x1600, Lucy.jpg)


File: 1518777907703.jpg (578.46 KB, 960x1600, Juvia Silver.jpg)


File: 1518778112331.jpg (642.67 KB, 960x1600, Bisca Bronze.jpg)

??? If you mean the fact that Gchan goes down 3 days of 5, so it goes... But I have an added buggery that it is banned in my country and Tor routes me trough local sites half of the time...


File: 1519355398411.jpg (1.02 MB, 3194x2823, Prancing pony.jpg)

Whell, fore thoe 30 min that site is up, let's dump the pics;P


File: 1519355591340.jpg (410.98 KB, 1559x2160, BG.jpg)

there'a some 15+ variations here;


File: 1519355815400.jpg (551.68 KB, 1483x2160, D_VA.jpg)

and a dead one;)


File: 1519420646411.png (2.06 MB, 1656x1600, Shy.png)

Here's a properly isolated link


File: 1519431056387.jpg (1.53 MB, 3258x1600, 2018C.jpg)

long overdue NY pic:d


ponies, ninja, and mech pilots oh my


We going to get a nude version of the new Hinata pic becuses that would be amazing


File: 1519504359363.jpg (688.88 KB, 4057x2797, Hanginging with pikemonsN.jpg)

Well, I offered that option to a commissioner, but he choose to stick to full costume...
If you make you feel better, this Pokemon pic has a very similar pose;)


File: 1519648796280.png (3.5 MB, 1962x1080, 6_down tds.png)

Finally completed this one:)


File: 1519804148970.jpg (858.78 KB, 1944x2964, Cindy B.jpg)


Wow, this one is simply awesome.
Thanks for posting it, I love it!


File: 1519859102653.jpg (1.12 MB, 2432x5591, RBCU.jpg)

just in case the two last pics are from FFXV;)


Holy shit this is good!


I'd like to see Noctis hanging like this please. :)


File: 1519942158301.jpg (1.29 MB, 1417x2362, Levy.jpg)

15$ please....(I said it many times I only interested in chicks, so dudes are only on commission basis...) Contact me on DA or pixiv for details...

It isn't even half finished! There will be closeup, clothed version and full color;)


File: 1519993892347.jpg (824.93 KB, 1417x2362, Wendy.jpg)


Any chance you'd be doing girls from Skullgirls? Like Squigly?


File: 1520024330595.jpg (1.17 MB, 1417x2362, Erza.jpg)

I was asked to do them several times, and they are interesting, but as always there a increasing commission line in the way................

<- and this one will finally please more of site's regulars


File: 1520200612473.jpg (543.49 KB, 1983x4178, Naked blossoms in the sun.jpg)

Friends together


don't they look cute together


File: 1520271009616.jpg (213.41 KB, 1536x2904, LxE A.jpg)

That was the Idea;)

<-now it's time for a feast:D


If you stopped drawing Tracer it would be a crime tbh


File: 1520464812101.jpg (384.14 KB, 1827x2904, Iner pervert.jpg)

It's only a third one....





Oh, quick heads-up, I think I got someone interested in writing a story based on your Gasping Art Online image. Might take a while for it to happen, though, they've got a lot on their plate already.


File: 1520633283191.jpg (1.18 MB, 1417x2362, Cana.jpg)

so it goes:)


By the way, a question regarding the GAO image, needed by the writer I know - who is the girl masturbating by herself on the right? My guess is it's Sinon, based on hairstyle, but with no color, it's hard to tell.


File: 1520727138622.jpg (802.66 KB, 3213x3240, Of snakes and women.jpg)

Your guess is right:D Sorry for the lack of skill;P



It's fine. :)


File: 1521081944166.png (2.51 MB, 1988x2160, How long can you go.png)

When I started I knew it will eventually happen.... here's my first pony furry-_-`


File: 1521273443835.png (2.73 MB, 1835x2822, Dying Ember.png)

And another MLP....


File: 1521326966642.jpg (1.28 MB, 1417x2362, Lisana.jpg)


File: 1521507238475.jpg (511.42 KB, 2619x2343, Emeraldn.jpg)


File: 1521930186756.jpg (413.02 KB, 3042x2352, Gasing Matsumoto.jpg)


File: 1521937903548.jpg (400.63 KB, 3042x2352, Gasing Matsumoto2.jpg)


Really love your artwork.


File: 1521966439994.jpg (410.08 KB, 3042x2352, Gasing Matsumoto3.jpg)



File: 1521970626422.jpg (365.65 KB, 3042x2352, Gasing Matsumoto4.jpg)


File: 1521970663335.jpg (422.1 KB, 3042x2352, Gasing Matsumoto5.jpg)


File: 1521970709304.jpg (418.01 KB, 3042x2352, Gasing Matsumoto6.jpg)


put them to sleep


The Gasping Art Online story is up - writer is Eterya.

It's over on his thread in /lit/.


File: 1522514797246.jpg (579.63 KB, 3600x2100, BPN.jpg)

I know my reaction is late, but all I say it is passable....
The author himself admited that he knew squat about the characters and just copy-pasted the story.... And boy it shows....
I mean there so much opportunity wasted! Shinon should've been the source, due to her traumatic experiences, she confesses to Asuna who tries to learn more on the theme and realizes she is in to it.... And being the main moving force of their relationships brings her heel on Kirito to make the mod, it is stated in the first book that he has server level PC so he can run simple SEED environments on it. Kirito should have been a duffus he always is, with constant WTF attitude, And I would add a scene of Kirito using debug console to adjust pain threshold and HP consumption, by having Shinon and Asuna strangle eachother, the story totally left out such technicalities as HP bar.... Then Asuna dragging Kirito to the gallows and riding him.... But I digress;P
Tobe frank when you said you wanted a story, I was surprised you didn't ask me, but then again my knowledge of sex is akin to zero like the mass of the electron, so even if I can make the setup, I wouldn't be too good with the main action-_-`


Didn't know if you would want to turn the pic into a story. If you want to write your own take on it, feel free. And if you want to get in touch with Eterya, you can possibly provide feedback directly on his thread. Maybe you can help him properly refine it?


File: 1524541257959.jpg (327.05 KB, 1398x2805, R.jpg)

What's done is done, me barging in to Eterya and asking him to rewrite the bit, can be questionable from the ethical point, he wrote what he wanted to write, and how he had seen the scene, so it has it's own right to exist...
As for me doing it by myself, right now, I'm both to busy and lazy for it;P At least next couple of months....



Gotcha. :)

Also, nice pic with Ruby Rose. :D


File: 1526127656846.jpg (1.99 MB, 2187x3240, Nana in the garden.jpg)

Damn thiat blasted off time!!! I nbeed to catch up-_-`


File: 1526127709655.jpg (1.2 MB, 1417x2362, Mira.jpg)


File: 1526127792956.jpg (1.36 MB, 2037x5056, Bloodbath.jpg)


File: 1526127847887.jpg (1.33 MB, 3156x2763, Caught in the web.jpg)


File: 1526172123244.jpg (1.25 MB, 2828x2547, Akari.jpg)


File: 1526172226208.jpg (937.16 KB, 1418x2679, AAOA.jpg)


File: 1526172289961.jpg (650 KB, 2865x2667, 4TTU.jpg)


File: 1526242522131.jpg (927.96 KB, 3451x2186, Yoko.jpg)


Yay, the site works so I get to enjoy your work again. Thank you for all you do!


File: 1526324284995.jpg (1.02 MB, 2496x3021, Cultural Issue1v3.jpg)

You always welcome:D


If you want to enjoy his work there's always his deviantart or pixiv pages when gurochan is down.


File: 1526327008751.jpg (1.09 MB, 1987x2160, LoZ 144.jpg)


File: 1526392124706.jpg (1020.41 KB, 2835x3648, Pigyback.jpg)


File: 1526399515007.jpg (2.59 MB, 4692x3240, Bobing.jpg)


File: 1526413596040.jpg (1.12 MB, 1458x2778, Stri Exe 1s1.jpg)


File: 1526413644187.jpg (676.15 KB, 1458x2778, Stri Exe 2s1.jpg)


File: 1526413723956.jpg (706.03 KB, 1734x2601, Akari 3-4.jpg)


File: 1526413761055.jpg (549.19 KB, 1734x2841, Stri Exe 4s2.jpg)


File: 1526480224239.jpg (341.98 KB, 1596x2736, GDEp2.jpg)



Nicely made long drop series!


File: 1526605077190.jpg (412.4 KB, 1458x2736, GDUE3.jpg)



I can't afford to pay sadly but a picture involving Mipha, Zelda, Urbosa, and Riju would be amazing


I'm not sure he'd do one with Riju since she looks like a kid and is most likely one as well. I did commission him to do one with TP Zelda and Urbosa though.



Yeah, I'm pretty sure Riju is very much under-age. I don't think he will do that.


File: 1526952039631.jpg (386.08 KB, 1575x2940, xianghua_by_m00zg-d7r17ce.jpg)

DA deleted this one today



These are great!! :)

Where's Page 1, though? I assume this is also going to continue a bit?


File: 1527006779319.jpg (485.23 KB, 1950x2913, mineva_s_appointment_with_….jpg)

Died with my old thread:D


File: 1527017472724.jpg (609.9 KB, 1840x2736, GDUE4.jpg)


File: 1527022663244.jpg (369.22 KB, 1296x2736, GDUE5.jpg)


File: 1527041516239.jpg (431.33 KB, 1458x2736, GDUE6.jpg)


File: 1527062082496.jpg (403.38 KB, 1458x2736, GDUE end.jpg)


Nice finish - you planning on shading or even coloring that?


File: 1527118126880.jpg (1021.82 KB, 3315x2160, Hanginging with pikemons.jpg)

The commission was originally for shading, but If there is a sponsor, it can be further upgraded:P
<- I had posted this one before, but here's the full version:D


File: 1527196597777.jpg (1.04 MB, 2496x3126, Cultural Issue111.jpg)

More Issues:)


File: 1527234034177.jpg (750.75 KB, 2076x3021, Cultural Issue222.jpg)



Very nice. :)

Looking forward to the last page. :D


always love seeing your colored works. do you plan to do more of them?


File: 1527783621027.png (1.36 MB, 1167x3000, SFF.png)

And boy o boy do I have orders for color stuff.....


File: 1527839290328.jpg (1.08 MB, 4595x1080, DxD wall.jpg)

More heads


File: 1528025962965.jpg (1.3 MB, 2720x4168, Naokitty.jpg)

What can you do when you don't want to tie their hands, but don't want to risk?)


I mean, there's also cutting the hands off but this is cuter! Lol


File: 1528029872630.jpg (408.15 KB, 1911x2260, LoZ whiping CU.jpg)

I'm afraid hey don't dance as well when you hang them without the head....


Do you make arts on requested characters or just make it from own fantasy? Sorry if same question was asked before me...


Now I want to see Malon hang again.


File: 1528143357128.jpg (1.18 MB, 5712x3544, Noosedancing all night.jpg)

Most of what I do are paid commissions, aside from brain farts like this one;P


>>22204 More persona? Awesome!


File: 1528324699061.jpg (603.97 KB, 1866x2658, Anthro 1.jpg)

And it is not the last one:)


Intend to make a series based on how you think the female soul reapers and aarancar died/lost their human lives?


File: 1529368940787.jpg (2.06 MB, 2628x2658, RoadsignC.jpg)

A curious thought, but to be a nerd about it, Arankars are out of the deal since they are an amalgamations of thousands of souls...
And most if not all of Shinigami characters are born in Seretei....


Who's the girl on the right?


I asked that same question. Its Tiffania Westwood from zero no tsukaima.


File: 1529422338383.jpg (460.4 KB, 1629x2649, WMH.jpg)


File: 1529629345134.jpg (1.49 MB, 5807x3240, Hall of Shame.jpg)

More pokemon:)


File: 1531039126458.png (1.9 MB, 1025x2160, Chery blosom's place in th….png)

Finally I can access the site normally:)
Hope others can to;P


File: 1531081233804.png (4.89 MB, 1983x4178, Chery blosom's place in th….png)


File: 1531081357783.jpg (727.73 KB, 3288x2254, Hilda x Kisala Action.jpg)


File: 1531082589847.jpg (845.96 KB, 4596x2238, Hilda x Kisala Aftermath.jpg)


File: 1531130522934.jpg (719.18 KB, 1572x3145, Sucking furry.jpg)


File: 1531131706981.jpg (401.07 KB, 1499x2805, G.jpg)


File: 1531214648965.jpg (498.28 KB, 1794x2895, Have a drink.jpg)


File: 1531342569723.jpg (1.83 MB, 5366x3240, decommission.jpg)

From the game "Azure Lane"
A ship girl is solemnly sent to the grinder foe recycling...

Don't ask me lore or logic, since I didn't play the game;P And there will be no actual guro sequels....


File: 1531351314089.jpg (2.29 MB, 2406x2892, 13th hour.jpg)


File: 1531817971554.jpg (882.98 KB, 2274x2946, Elizabeth.jpg)

Okay, I am used t not getting comments on this site, but if I won't see at least some activity, I'll loose interest in it....


This…is really nice! Fuckin' hell, her look as she held that noose really sold it to me!


File: 1531843497061.jpg (815.78 KB, 4843x1080, Hall of Shame CU.jpg)

Glad to hear:)>>22545


File: 1531848247237.jpg (406.94 KB, 1380x2892, Locker revenge.jpg)


File: 1531850961859.jpg (1.45 MB, 3392x3544, Beovoi.jpg)

I was always bothered by the fact they skinned the androids of their human skin in the game... Pussies!!!


>>22544 This one is so beautiful... Happy to see all these Persona drawings you do

>>22548 Are the dead girls in this one supposed to be anyone in particular? Top left looks to be 2B, but how about the others?


The top left does look like 2B, but the rest are probably just generic girls. The main part of the image is the boss beauvoir from Nier Automata. She's a robot obsessed with beauty and attached skinned android bodies to herself.


File: 1531922372592.jpg (1.08 MB, 2274x2946, Humans are weird.jpg)

well, the "necklase" one in the middle supposed to be the Commander, and the one on the right is A2... others are just improvisation;)


File: 1531922443569.jpg (649.97 KB, 2274x2946, Humans are weird A.jpg)


Awesome new images. I love the Pokemon ones, but I think the Naruto one >>22515 is the best.


File: 1532073098053.jpg (1.01 MB, 2349x2949, Those rivers flow nowhere.jpg)

heh:) I don't know why, but drawing Hinata happens to produce better images;P

Meanwhile something new:)


Its probably because you've drawn her the most out of any character. I for one love your hinata drawings.


Have you ever thought about doing Scott Pilgrim girls?


File: 1532274296985.jpg (1.32 MB, 2300x3456, Smash Souls PxR.jpg)

Me too:D

Never read it;P


File: 1532358319592.jpg (1.54 MB, 5790x3240, RWBYPC.jpg)

A big one this time:)


hell yes



Very nice.

Looking forward to the rest of your other RWBY series, too. :)


Do you plan on doing a nude version of Smash Souls?


File: 1532561607383.jpg (1.32 MB, 3900x2775, Wild Astrid.jpg)

Sadly no... The commission was for clothes:)


File: 1532801232294.jpg (2.07 MB, 4929x3640, I.jpg)

When you go out under the full moon without an evoker;P


>>22770 Happy to see another Persona drawing! Kinda feel you missed an opportunity there, could have shoved those massive hands under their skirts to add to their discomfort



I wonder what would happen if a baddie secretly replaced the envoker with regular guns


File: 1532938146681.jpg (231.66 KB, 1458x2553, Bubble Girl.jpg)

I didn't miss it I refrained from it:) Maybe another time.... Lovers and Hierophant are still out there;)
That's certainly a fail on Shingi Ikutski's part;P


File: 1533141072945.jpg (874.44 KB, 2800x3404, Ultra Street Dancers Nude.jpg)


Can you please continue the Fairy Tail heads sset?


File: 1533279791052.jpg (252.33 KB, 1458x2403, Kendo.jpg)


File: 1533497614162.jpg (202.4 KB, 1488x2667, Handfull2.jpg)



File: 1533500031779.png (468 KB, 2037x1080, Let me wrap you in my arms.png)


Woah, it seems you really like Kendo!


File: 1533596769596.jpg (526.87 KB, 1458x2946, Noona.jpg)

Not exactly:) just had few ideas inspired by her quirk, that I wanted to depict:D


Who is she supposed to be?


File: 1533626090924.jpg (413.76 KB, 1458x2946, Jinie.jpg)

Sera Noona from The Breaker NW:) Face is a bit off, so other versions will have better liking:D

And this is Jini from the same:D


File: 1533632636022.jpg (468.09 KB, 1458x2946, Noona W.jpg)


File: 1533679625525.jpg (445.67 KB, 1458x2946, Jinie W.jpg)


File: 1533680082080.jpg (444.78 KB, 1458x2946, Jinie O.jpg)


File: 1533680142665.jpg (491.95 KB, 1458x2946, Noona ND.jpg)


File: 1533680192386.jpg (1.19 MB, 3690x4662, MBA.jpg)


File: 1533861605395.jpg (1.04 MB, 2048x3872, MGM S.jpg)

Let's return to the site's main theme:D


>>22958 looking great as alweys!
Any chances you could draw some Nami and Carrot from One Piece? :) Love ya!


File: 1533895067920.jpg (1.14 MB, 2136x2985, Cultural IssueEND.jpg)

I do wanted to do carrot, but I have to much commission backlog to allow more than one or two distractions a month...
And I already did for few month forward...-_-`

<= And with this the CI series are finally over:D



Very nice.

Glad to see that finished, looking forward to your next series. :)


File: 1534027473127.jpg (251.57 KB, 789x1080, I&P.jpg)

Only space and ponies for now:D


File: 1534030442281.jpg (1.08 MB, 3348x3784, Jaked.jpg)


Really love your art M0zg! Do you accept commissions?


File: 1534320180359.jpg (516.31 KB, 1882x1620, Changing MO.jpg)

Contact me at pixiv/DA:)


Yes! It's Yukiko!


File: 1534443593720.jpg (2.25 MB, 4400x5532, BPD.jpg)

Iwas bound to get to her:D


No idea who these girls are, but I feel like I should. Any help for the uninformed, here?


The female cast of Persona 3


File: 1534528121781.jpg (575.81 KB, 1492x2923, MMZ.jpg)


File: 1534545627663.jpg (187.58 KB, 1494x2805, BH.jpg)


File: 1534569130229.jpg (1.34 MB, 5752x2805, SGHZ.jpg)


Oh nooo! Poor Team RWBY.

Love your stuff though, btw


File: 1534705024290.jpg (619.6 KB, 1478x2805, YY.jpg)


File: 1534885685015.jpg (386.52 KB, 1617x2940, Dokkaebi.jpg)


Awesome, some r6 siege stuff!


File: 1534978065625.jpg (1.1 MB, 5304x2601, May BH.jpg)


Holy hell, why is your OW stuff always so good?


Do you plan on doing more R6 Operators?


File: 1535313365445.jpg (1.61 MB, 4578x2781, Heroes die.jpg)

I like them?P
I know squat about R6, so unless I get another order, no-_-` To much paid stuff on my hands...


File: 1535415287548.png (3.25 MB, 5304x2079, Bridgittte in the box.png)


File: 1535611572389.jpg (1.18 MB, 3439x2160, Road ambush.jpg)

Lore Zelda


File: 1535921359122.jpg (1.22 MB, 5551x1080, Bicycle!!!!!.jpg)

Is there anyone alive out there?P


>>23122 Everyone is dead ;-; Loving all the recent OW drawings!


I'm here >:)



Not too many, since the admin is too incompetent to have the Let's Encrypt automation work correctly. If/when they get it sorted out people will come back for another couple of months until it fucks up again.


I should have figured your DA one wasn't the only version.


File: 1537137891084.jpg (1.06 MB, 1944x4020, Kanzaki N.jpg)

There will be more
Good for you:P
Well, this site is banned in my country anyway... I need to use several workarounds anyway....


File: 1537210409012.jpg (4.1 MB, 6541x3964, Porch Hangout N.jpg)


This looks awesome.


File: 1537701025344.jpg (491.85 KB, 2259x2901, Noose Gorillas.jpg)



Being that the right one's Akari, you know she liked it! Left one probably did too! The two probably hung themselves! :)


Bindings would imply they were hung by someone else, but they no doubt wouldn't have minded.


File: 1537738532381.jpg (1015.41 KB, 3284x2892, KHor.jpg)

They did:D
I might note that them cuffs are furry ones:) So they might have put them on themselves... So it's open for interpretation;P


Almost as if they wanted to expose themselves for a certain someone


>>23324 >>23327 >>23329
Wow, this makes the picture even sexier.


Do you intend to continue the FT girls beheading series?


File: 1537880980027.png (2.02 MB, 3114x2550, Bridgittte in the box open.png)

>>23344 - The honorable Viewer-san;P
>>23329 - Enjoy:D

And now time for me to partake in unboxing craze:)


Could you draw one or two futanari royalty getting their genitals chopped off in some sort of public execution scene?


File: 1538313224757.jpg (723.22 KB, 2240x4728, Hanging Celica UW.jpg)

That's not my area of interest, so only as commission.


File: 1538370288098.jpg (460.95 KB, 1458x2912, Centorea c.jpg)


File: 1538409731196.jpg (976.17 KB, 4671x3500, ToB.jpg)


File: 1543985714216.jpg (401.12 KB, 1719x2895, NxN.jpg)

Is it working?


Yeah boi!
Welcome back


lol, Aigis


File: 1544611033144.jpg (537.82 KB, 846x2893, Hinoka.jpg)

Before I relised it's a clone of the original, I started a new thread >>23592
Shall I move there or continue here?)


does it bumps?

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