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It seems like the thread we had disappeared because of the recent hard drive problems that occurred on the site.

As always, you can access the gallery here:

I'm gonna post it all back, it's worth it.


File: 1219242626121.jpg (553.02 KB, 2272x1784, 02_131231224580.jpg)


File: 1219242657371.jpg (1.32 MB, 2272x1784, 03_13123258089.jpg)


File: 1219242671925.jpg (1.32 MB, 2272x1784, 04_131232590474.jpg)


File: 1219242689292.jpg (1.33 MB, 2272x1784, 05_131232600793.jpg)


File: 1219242710250.jpg (1.33 MB, 2272x1784, 06_131232610848.jpg)


File: 1219242746446.jpg (563.83 KB, 1813x1612, 07_131239767757.jpg)


File: 1219242774041.jpg (1.07 MB, 2272x1784, 08_131246896749.jpg)


File: 1219242799913.jpg (1.49 MB, 2272x1784, 09_131246896749a.jpg)


File: 1219242819589.jpg (609.43 KB, 2272x1784, 18_131703836527.jpg)


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File: 1219242862913.jpg (581.93 KB, 1696x1053, 20_131703845670.jpg)


File: 1219242979600.jpg (1.28 MB, 1763x2183, 1455975579093.jpg)

I have to ask, is she actually sitting on a dildo in this one? A fourth one?


File: 1219243005787.jpg (788.3 KB, 1819x1817, 1455976227423.jpg)


File: 1219243047001.jpg (426.05 KB, 1016x1200, 10_131257267165.jpg)


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File: 1219243125950.jpg (574.3 KB, 1748x1369, 14_131332133524.jpg)


File: 1219243152564.jpg (601.44 KB, 1748x1369, 15_131332136711.jpg)


File: 1219243174118.jpg (610.52 KB, 1532x1426, 16_131379221286.jpg)


File: 1219243198479.jpg (585.33 KB, 1532x1426, 17_131379231162.jpg)


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File: 1219243272095.jpg (185.7 KB, 1446x1157, 22_131711637396.jpg)


File: 1219243322731.jpg (334.82 KB, 853x1261, 23_131729229246.jpg)

Am I the only one seeing wrong post dates? 20-Aug-08 seems off.


File: 1219243359278.jpg (382.5 KB, 2648x2486, 24_13173390508.jpg)


File: 1219243393502.jpg (1.99 MB, 2648x2486, 25_131733951813.jpg)


File: 1219243408820.jpg (353.81 KB, 2048x1407, 26_131759814598.jpg)


File: 1219243422139.jpg (327.12 KB, 2048x1407, 27_131759818485.jpg)


File: 1219243452845.jpg (1.98 MB, 2381x4462, 28_131780831897.jpg)


File: 1219243479270.jpg (1.98 MB, 2381x4462, 29_131780838273.jpg)


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File: 1219243557103.jpg (638 KB, 1880x1988, 32_132044512339.jpg)


File: 1219243715883.jpg (769.98 KB, 3690x4047, 31_132044498519.jpg)


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File: 1219243823019.jpg (1.91 MB, 4552x3541, 34_132465614636.jpg)


File: 1219243846408.jpg (1.69 MB, 4552x3541, 35_132465621716.jpg)


File: 1219243869992.jpg (1.78 MB, 4552x3541, 36_132465632537.jpg)


File: 1219243895516.jpg (1.76 MB, 4552x3541, 37_132465641850.jpg)


File: 1219243918136.jpg (1.44 MB, 4552x3541, 38_132465654367.jpg)


File: 1219243945862.jpg (1.64 MB, 4552x3541, 39_132465659350.jpg)


File: 1219244062862.jpg (1.72 MB, 4552x3541, 40_13246567445.jpg)

I love the reactions of both girls from having something that deep in their throats (and more).


File: 1219244118148.jpg (1.6 MB, 4024x3526, 41_132465705484.jpg)


File: 1219244148967.jpg (1.47 MB, 4024x3526, 42_132465764869.jpg)


File: 1219244170261.jpg (1.52 MB, 4024x3526, 43_13246576942.jpg)


File: 1219244233197.jpg (1.98 MB, 4444x3537, 44_132465776051.jpg)


File: 1219244324372.jpg (1.06 MB, 3462x3459, 45_132465800456.jpg)


File: 1219244352057.jpg (1.11 MB, 2242x1721, 46_132768384181.jpg)


File: 1219244377044.jpg (1.16 MB, 2278x1788, 47_132768390450.jpg)


File: 1219244410520.jpg (806.61 KB, 2278x1788, 48_132768394699.jpg)


File: 1219244449899.jpg (1.03 MB, 2337x1712, 1440968391798.jpg)


File: 1219244489293.jpg (894.22 KB, 1558x1657, 1455976569506.jpg)


File: 1219244524329.jpg (1.28 MB, 2191x2396, 1455976693836.jpg)


File: 1219244553105.jpg (636.66 KB, 1407x1404, 1455976747631.jpg)


File: 1219244600021.jpg (1.11 MB, 1444x2029, 1455976845593.jpg)


File: 1219244627076.jpg (1.15 MB, 1444x2029, 1455976959953.jpg)


File: 1219244683634.jpg (1.34 MB, 2417x2208, 1455976996627.jpg)


File: 1219244714026.jpg (1.43 MB, 1872x1788, 1455977035326.jpg)


File: 1219244822050.jpg (874.93 KB, 2835x3402, 1455977073352.jpg)


File: 1219244847299.jpg (829.88 KB, 1355x1997, 1455977122019.jpg)


File: 1219244883495.jpg (943.21 KB, 1805x1499, 1455977157291.jpg)


File: 1219244940451.jpg (202.25 KB, 987x879, 1455977213600.jpg)


File: 1219244951348.jpg (180.63 KB, 987x879, 1455977236670.jpg)


File: 1219244961971.jpg (184.59 KB, 987x879, 1455977270141.jpg)


File: 1219244973920.jpg (201.21 KB, 987x879, 1455977361579.jpg)


File: 1219244987368.jpg (197.66 KB, 987x879, 1455977412103.jpg)


File: 1219245008187.jpg (202.33 KB, 987x879, 1455977500357.jpg)


File: 1219245021493.jpg (202.11 KB, 987x879, 1455977558410.jpg)


File: 1219245031918.jpg (196.23 KB, 987x879, 1455977604806.jpg)


File: 1219245056564.jpg (196.89 KB, 987x879, 1455977667579.jpg)


File: 1219245071146.jpg (198.01 KB, 987x879, 1456063510569.jpg)


File: 1219245094766.jpg (195.96 KB, 987x879, 1456063610421.jpg)


File: 1219245107835.jpg (198.72 KB, 987x879, 1456063649787.jpg)


File: 1219245133898.jpg (210.72 KB, 987x879, 1456063761072.jpg)


File: 1219245182649.jpg (202.7 KB, 987x879, 1456063817664.jpg)


File: 1219245251806.gif (294.32 KB, 1277x1265, 139787582922.gif)

I just love theses two sets!


File: 1219245282716.jpg (1.62 MB, 2544x2159, 1456064415255.jpg)


File: 1219245332748.jpg (769.83 KB, 1588x2220, 1456137915595.jpg)

Now to the more recent stuff.


File: 1219245459753.jpg (387.33 KB, 1588x2220, 1470949118451.jpg)

And please fix the website's clock.


File: 1219245491130.jpg (392.76 KB, 1588x2220, 1470949133664.jpg)


File: 1219245530886.jpg (393.43 KB, 1588x2220, 1470949149349.jpg)


File: 1219245559084.jpg (392.05 KB, 1588x2220, 1470949165506.jpg)


File: 1219245575469.jpg (507.58 KB, 1588x2220, 1457233465269.jpg)


File: 1219245599242.jpg (270.63 KB, 1568x1771, 1470949377890.jpg)


File: 1219245620148.jpg (247.85 KB, 1568x1771, 1470949391418.jpg)


File: 1219245642006.jpg (267.87 KB, 1568x1771, 1470949406020.jpg)


File: 1219245663067.jpg (298.42 KB, 1568x1771, 1470949422113.jpg)


File: 1219245680500.jpg (423.05 KB, 1568x1771, 1470949439264.jpg)


File: 1219245695470.jpg (402.77 KB, 1536x1748, 1470949460365.jpg)


File: 1219245746112.jpg (1.23 MB, 2835x3402, 1470949488069.jpg)

Pretty much all of the newer ones are amazing.


File: 1219245772955.jpg (291.31 KB, 1903x2335, 1470949515308.jpg)


File: 1219245800073.jpg (520.7 KB, 1903x2335, 1470949528978.jpg)


File: 1219245824617.jpg (472.87 KB, 1903x2335, 1470949543552.jpg)


File: 1219245848710.jpg (265.32 KB, 1545x1674, 1470949562119.jpg)


File: 1219245870917.jpg (266.03 KB, 1545x1674, 1470949575650.jpg)


File: 1219245903416.jpg (269.1 KB, 1545x1674, 1470949590864.jpg)


File: 1219245928438.jpg (272.07 KB, 1545x1674, 1470949603756.jpg)


File: 1219245943085.jpg (647.84 KB, 1407x2018, 1472056311115.jpg)


File: 1219245962467.jpg (418.16 KB, 1903x2335, 1472056503776.jpg)


File: 1219245974589.jpg (242.74 KB, 1903x2335, 1472056518297.jpg)


File: 1219246002257.jpg (266.69 KB, 1903x2335, 1472056554016.jpg)


File: 1219246029487.jpg (164.49 KB, 627x960, 1472056572861.jpg)


File: 1219246049541.jpg (149.03 KB, 627x960, 1472056600008.jpg)


File: 1219246069915.jpg (141.27 KB, 627x960, 1472056640585.jpg)


File: 1219246093122.jpg (92.52 KB, 627x960, 1472056661463.jpg)


File: 1219246105243.jpg (89.69 KB, 627x960, 1472056677644.jpg)


File: 1219246132062.jpg (91.99 KB, 627x960, 1472056692614.jpg)

And right through the rib cage UNF!


File: 1219246151618.jpg (132.38 KB, 627x960, 1472056736009.jpg)


File: 1219246190139.jpg (164.77 KB, 627x960, 1472056750942.jpg)


File: 1219246227648.jpg (163.38 KB, 861x1061, 1472056763376.jpg)


File: 1219246242093.jpg (176.31 KB, 861x1061, 1472056783807.jpg)


File: 1219246316285.jpg (944.18 KB, 2835x3402, 1472056812706.jpg)


File: 1219246341162.jpg (1.94 MB, 3361x4689, 1472056863453.jpg)


File: 1219246363343.jpg (851.48 KB, 2659x2615, 1472056902506.jpg)


File: 1219246384933.jpg (1.2 MB, 2835x3402, 1472056945775.jpg)


File: 1219246405566.jpg (1.04 MB, 2835x3402, 1472056971387.jpg)


File: 1219246472744.jpg (671.82 KB, 1641x2064, a1.jpg)


File: 1219246517962.jpg (738.62 KB, 1641x2064, a2.jpg)


File: 1219246554727.jpg (768.21 KB, 1641x2064, a3.jpg)


File: 1219246580549.jpg (782 KB, 1641x2064, a4.jpg)


File: 1219246604400.jpg (805.05 KB, 1601x2068, a5.jpg)


File: 1219246622207.jpg (869.81 KB, 1601x2068, a6.jpg)


File: 1219246637671.jpg (546.07 KB, 1545x1674, b1.jpg)


File: 1219246655599.jpg (546.8 KB, 1545x1674, b2.jpg)


File: 1219246668898.jpg (549.58 KB, 1545x1674, b3.jpg)


File: 1219246680461.jpg (535.9 KB, 1545x1674, b4.jpg)


File: 1219246693238.jpg (519.93 KB, 1545x1674, b5.jpg)


File: 1219246706282.jpg (493.78 KB, 1545x1674, b6.jpg)


File: 1219246718883.jpg (515.83 KB, 1545x1674, b7.jpg)


File: 1219246730007.jpg (530.54 KB, 1545x1674, b8.jpg)


File: 1219246743462.jpg (546.52 KB, 1545x1674, b9.jpg)


File: 1219246799042.jpg (544.01 KB, 1545x1674, b10.jpg)

I'd like to see an end to this one, looks like it was about to get even rougher.


File: 1219246848766.gif (915.21 KB, 772x837, 1473172646840.gif)

And here's a gif another fan made, thanks!


File: 1219246880699.jpg (1.08 MB, 1969x1159, c1.jpg)


File: 1219246894450.jpg (711.7 KB, 1789x973, c2.jpg)


File: 1219246907396.jpg (625.08 KB, 1903x2335, c3.jpg)


File: 1219246919755.jpg (688.96 KB, 1903x2335, c4.jpg)


File: 1219246940280.jpg (337.6 KB, 1903x2335, c5.jpg)


File: 1219246952400.jpg (460.64 KB, 1903x2335, c6.jpg)


File: 1219246970307.jpg (368.66 KB, 1903x2335, c7.jpg)


File: 1219246982939.jpg (525.89 KB, 1903x2335, c8.jpg)


File: 1219246993763.jpg (245.21 KB, 1903x2335, c9.jpg)


File: 1219247019254.jpg (345.98 KB, 1903x2335, c10.jpg)


Thats everything...


Thread's going down even though it was just made?
Is the clock fixed?




no problem, glad i could help :P and thanks for keeping teri's thread alive


You seem to be good at loli. Think you can do some loli's stabbed and shot in the cunt?


No problem, it's worth it!

He only posts his own stuff from time to time, which is fine. He might take up your request though.


File: 1496472027283.jpg (933.7 KB, 3361x4689, Tip.jpg)

Aaaannd this thread is now more that 6 months old already!

If anybody has older art from Teri that hasn't been posted here, please share it with us, since its pretty much all we have of it although it might be close to being all of it.

I'm also hoping to hear some news from the guy himself and maayyyybe see some new stuff in the works. If you're reading this you've always been #1 for me over the years!
Also thanks for sending me these tips when i asked.

Sorry for the bump!

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