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"Rock-paper-scissors" - fifth drawing of the series


This drawing is wonderful.


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Plans for July:

Last month I did a lot of sketches for future drawings, so there are no sketches in my plans for July. But this does not mean that there will be no sketches - they will appear outside the plan, at the will of inspiration. however, I'm planning to create sketches for the continuation of the comic "the Collection of firewood for a holiday." And the main efforts I will focus on finalizing existing sketches, creating the next page of the comic book "Rock-paper-scissors" (and "Collecting firewood…"as soon as the sketches are ready). hope to record more videos. And will begin work on the animation (which is going to be completed in August) - stages of work will describe the steps. I hope for your advice and comments. And your generosity :)


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July was hard. Because conceived plans to perform completely failed. However, I think You've noticed how the level of drawings has increased. I hope this will atone for some quantitative decline in publications (especially in the conditions of still not recovered income from publications).
Now it's time to form new plans for August: there will be a lot of sketches, I hope to continue not only the comic "Rock-paper-scissors", but also "Collecting firewood for the holiday". In addition, I hope to publish 6-7 finished drawings (about half of them will be without extreme).
And as I continue to study the technology of animation and consider the future cartoon. I really hope for your support (I will be glad if someone will show even more generosity and move to another level of payment).
Forgot to mention another change. From August, only small copies of the completed drawings will be available for subscribers of the$ 1 level. Sketches will be open only for subscribers not lower than $ 10.


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Your work is so…beautiful.


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The routine of the Inquisition

In fact, it was the Spanish and Roman Inquisition that persecuted witches the least. In witch-hunting the German Inquisition and secular courts of the Protestant States, and also "witch-hunters" widespread in the same Protestant countries were noted. Interestingly, in contrast to the judicial institutions of Europe 15-17 centuries, the Inquisition was strictly regulate the process duration (the figure below shows the hourglass that measures the time of torture) and the type of torture (broasting five Spaniards almost never used). Moreover, in the most Inquisition torture were used relatively rarely. And even more unexpected for me was the discovery that the suspects preferred to get under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition (Spain or Rome), and not under the jurisdiction of the secular court - there was a high probability to get out of prison healthy. In addition, the Registrar of the Tribunal could be a student (at that time, students were part of the clergy, as universities were spiritual organizations).


So I have to ask… does this artist do anything other than human work if commissioned?


The question is not understood


The person seems to be asking you if they can commission you to draw non-human characters.


Can and non-human characters to draw, yes


yes, I was asking if they could draw anthro characters as I've only seen humans drawn.

Since they are actively on this site it seemed the easiest way to ask.


I can do this drawing


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any idea where to find the ones without obrazets (sample in cyrillic) across the front?


presumably through the links the artist is posting in this thread?


can not access patreon or deviant art but thanks anyway


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Such sketches with different subjects this month I published on my website 21 pieces. Sign :)


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Great end to a great series.


Поддерживайте, будет еще лучше :)


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What happens in some abandoned houses


Superb pictures, the characters' expressions are great.


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Publish the result of long consideration of the continuation of the comic. I hope I get your approval.


This is a superb series.

Is this some kind of ritual? Or just for fun?


А ты хорош


Да, я хорош :) Но похвалу все равно приму с удовольствием.
А серия про сожжение… всегда оставляю зрителям свободу для творчества :)


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