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I need more people who are into the same fucked up shit that i am to look at these drawings.


Interesting style. Never cared much for guro, but I'm done with scat. If you're looking for suggestions, Gwen from Ben 10 would be a fun option, given your style looks like it would suit the original series style or even Omniverse.


i'm the same as orpheum i'd love to see more scat maybe suggest a character later too ^^


Would you mind doing anything of Magoichi from Sengoku Musou series on a toilet, blushing hard too? Wouldn't mind if it had scat in it.


kinda /f ish


Are these uploading? I feel like they're not uploading correctly... My internet's really bad lately.



Sometimes some pics don't upload. I'm STILL unsure why this happens.



Try altering the file a bit, like changing the format from PNG to JPG if it's the former. Or even just do the black dot thing to alter it slightly. Sometimes the site is outright bitchy like that, lol

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