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File: 1475727341259.jpg (247.62 KB, 960x1280, goretobersketch1.jpg)



So, I've been a longtime lurker on gurochan, since I was 14? Maybe even 13 (I'm 24 now no worries). In any case, I feel like my artistic skill has finally gotten just good enough to make some acceptable guro/gore. I'll be posting everything I've drawn for the current goretober art meme going around on tumblr and if I actually finish the challenge I think I'll just stick with it.

My style is pretty simplistic, I sketch first with pencil then finish in SAI, and my finished art is usually pretty small in file size. For the past 6 years I've been experimenting with pixel art and the like, which explains why my art will most likely stay low-res.

If anyone would like to, please let me know what you think of my art. Thank you!


File: 1475727404722.png (76.97 KB, 861x1072, goretober1.png)

Right now I'm gonna dump everything I've made for the past few days, then update periodically.


File: 1475727501298.jpg (222.09 KB, 960x1280, goretobersketch2.jpg)

My characters for the month are probably just going to be these four, I don't really have a bunch of current characters I'd like to draw gore of.


File: 1475727599336.png (23.72 KB, 429x612, goretober2.png)

This one was inspired by the stanley coleman/brookhaven hospital poem in SH3, I really like the imagery in that poem so I might try to draw more of that theme.


File: 1475727666867.jpg (518.39 KB, 1536x2048, goretobersketch3.jpg)

Inspired by kuchisake-onna/ 口裂け女


File: 1475727710854.png (37.13 KB, 428x528, goretober3.png)


File: 1475727790615.jpg (209.34 KB, 960x1280, goretobersketch4.jpg)

And this is my most current sketch, will probably have the digital version done later tonight. I'm a little behind on the days (today's supposed to be "guts") so I hope to catch up by the weekend.


File: 1475742571659.png (35.22 KB, 426x619, goretober4.png)


Oh man, I love your work, it's so cute! And I really like the colors in the newest one. Do you post anywhere else?
I was doing goretober myself but I'm already falling behind lmao, I don't understand how anyone actually manages to keep up with it for the whole month


Thank you! I do have a pixiv/deviantart/tumblr, though the tumblr is "personal". One could definitely find it easily, but I'm not going to actively post it.

This is actually my first time trying out the goretober challenge hahaha, and it's the most I've drawn consistently in a long time. I guess it's obvious but there's something about the prompts that made me really want to try to draw every day, my job puts me in a really creative environment, I have a lot more time than I used to, plus I've finally developed a style and color palette I really enjoy.


File: 1475817487975.jpg (426.73 KB, 1280x1276, goretobersketch5.jpg)


File: 1475926485485.png (49.42 KB, 640x638, goretober5.png)

day 5: guts


Wow, I love your style, these look amazing! Also, I'm curious... those two are Smile and Sister from .flow, right? Or Vince / Visi from Fleshchild? I'm actually not sure anymore. Great work anyway, keep it up and good luck for the challenge!


They're vice and visi! I'm the one who actually made them haha. Usually their design would have their scars/whatever on their neck, shoulders, etc but I've been lazy. Maybe I'll add them in later, but right now I still have to catch up, I'm 3 days behind now.


File: 1475989771010.jpg (393.07 KB, 1106x1280, goretobersketch6.jpg)


I like them! I look forward to seeing more.
I didn't find out about Goretober until almost a week in and I don't have the discipline to keep up with it anyway, so I'll be rooting for you in my place!


Oh my god, I didn't even notice your user name! Damn! It's an honor writing with you! I'm a huge fan of Fleshchild! ^^
Uhm... now I need to ask, can I send you a fan pic of Visi I drew a while ago? XD


Thank you!! The hardest part is getting the sketch I need down, coloring isn't as important. I've got the last 2 days almost done sketch wise and hopefully I'll be back up to speed tomorrow afternoon!

haha hello! I'm glad you like the game. c:
If you want to send me something, that's awesome! I added my email, if that'll work.


File: 1476067473990.jpg (250.46 KB, 960x1280, goretobersketch7.jpg)


File: 1476069058632.jpg (240.76 KB, 795x1280, goretobersketch8.jpg)


File: 1476082050309.png (66.32 KB, 553x640, goretober6.png)

Day 6's theme is "too much blood"
I wanted to do like, a geyser of blood, but that was pretty common so bloodbath it is.


Could you draw some dicks getting chopped off into a jack'o'lantern?


File: 1476148840823.png (29.43 KB, 378x626, goretober7.png)

Day 7 is stitches.

Sorry my dude, I don't really draw overtly sexual gore. It's not really my interest artistically, and I don't think I could do it justice anyway.


File: 1476155815677.jpg (373.72 KB, 1025x1280, goretobersketch9.jpg)


File: 1476249568877.jpg (268.48 KB, 842x1280, goretobersketch10.jpg)


awesome work blt ^^


File: 1476341516546.png (74.05 KB, 362x616, goretober8.png)

Thank you very much! I hope I get better at it for sure, I'm really happy this challenge came by when it did.

Day 8's theme was "burns".


File: 1476950226916.jpg (336.74 KB, 960x1280, goretobersketch11.jpg)

Kinda dark, sorry. :c


File: 1476950962973.png (44.86 KB, 463x564, goretober9.png)

Not my favorite. Day 9 was consensual gore.


File: 1477025158147.png (329.41 KB, 871x691, previewwwww.png)

I feel bad I've been behind on the goretober stuff, as in getting stuff done in a day. But I will finish it! Trying out some techniques I saw on other binary tool artists's stuff.


File: 1477088218141.png (739.64 KB, 834x1159, goretober10.png)

Day 10 was Cannibalism.

This was way too large, I was super motivated and I like it a lot, but it took forever to do. :c


File: 1477552375343.png (774.23 KB, 820x1222, goretober11.png)

Day 11 was "plant growth"? I had a lot of trouble with this one, plants can be "gory" but I don't like the idea of mixing of red and green usually.


File: 1477734001824.png (694.82 KB, 952x1117, goretober12.png)

Day 12 was torture.



This one is especially adorable, omg. All great work!


this stuff is amazing! specially love the mermaid one <3


Indeed, I love your art as well.

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