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Now that GuroChan's back and has remained back for a while, I'm giving Aiko's Guro Game another go - and this time, for the first time ever, you get to see who's been carrying out your requests!
That's right, it's me, Aiko's adorable twin sister Aikoko (hashtag selfie)! I've also been doing the typing for her since you all keep having me chop off her hands so she can't post anything ;P
- Ask me to do something to Aiko and I'll show you the results if it isn't terribly complicated (e.g. nothing hard to draw like snake skin)
- No advertisements! I won't do anything like carve your name or website on her.
- If you end up making me kill Aiko, she'll respawn in her clone body and we'll have to start over.
When you last saw sis, she'd had her hands amputated and an eyeball and some teeth removed. If you'd like, I can kill her and start a fresh round, or we can continue where we left off.

P.S. Feel free to post constructive criticism about my drawing- er, I mean my photography ;)


Aiko should be prepared like a Thanksgiving turkey, and cooked alive, before being beheaded, like Sora in In my opinion, the stuffing should be pushed into her intestines and her womb through her original orifices, i.e., she should be fisted (each fist holding a handful of stuffing) and then raped, with Aikoko using a strap-on dildo to rape her beloved sister.

Her arms should not be tied up as she's being prepared; she should be allowed to masturbate with the stumps of her arms, in masochistic joy. (Nonconsensual guro is not as sexy as consensual guro, in my opinion.)


Welcome back, Aiko and Aikoko!

For my request, begin with a fresh undamaged Aiko, tie her to a pillar and repeatedly whip her across the back, buttocks and thighs. The whipping should be severe, leaving deep lash marks on her skin or even tearing small pieces of tissue from her body. Next, take a length of barbed wire and tightly wrap it several times around her head at the forehead. Once Aiko has her 'crown' in place, it's time for the main event: Crucifixion.

Standard crucifixion technique should be used, nailing her arms to the horizontal beam through her wrists and her legs to the vertical beam through her ankles. This cross, however, would be slightly modified to include an additional horizontal beam positioned between her legs; when the cross is erected, Aiko will end up straddling this horizontal beam. But this beam isn't just to give Aiko a 'seat' and take some pressure off her arms and legs. The horizontal beam has a pair of cyclindrical holes that allow for a pair of 12" long metal spikes to be slid up into her vagina and rectum.

With the cross erected and the metal spikes inserted, give Aiko some time to adjust to being simultaneously crucified and impaled. After she's acclimated, make one horizontal and one vertical cut in her abdomen and slowly remove her intestines. Once she's disemboweled, snip off her clitoris with a pair of pliers, cut out her tongue with scissors and scoop out both of her eyes with a sharpened spoon. Throw away the removed pieces and leave her to die slowly on the cross. People can survive for hours following either disembowelment, crucifixion or impalement, so Aiko should suffer for quite some time before dying and respawning.



Easier to just crucify Aiko upside-down, her legs spread, but her hands nailed together. Move the loincloth so it's tied around her armpits, covering her face.

Then insert a metal brazier that's shaped like a human head, into her pussy. Put burning coals into the brazier, one-by-one, to cook her pussy as she hangs from the cross.

When it comes time to stab "Aiko Christ" with the Lance of Longinus, use a scythe instead, to cut off her breasts. Alternately, break her "legs" (her arms, as she's upside-down) as if she was a common criminal to be crucified, but use an ax to chop off the limbs instead.


Why not play a game where each person gets to do one thing to her? It would prevent overly detailed or specific requests. Just see the result in the end when she finally dies.


File: 1415336087998.jpg (120.25 KB, 512x640, H3.jpg)

>>1421 Good idea. It has indeed been quite a puzzle making everybody's requests work at the same time.
Heneceforth here is one more rule: each person gets to suggest one thing per turn, so while some of you gave me very interesting concepts, unfortunately I can't handle more of those complicated multi-step setups.

As for this round, for simplicity's sake I crucified her upside down, but left out the extra beams; and because stuffing her and disemboweling her conflicted I just went with stuffing. You get to imagine whatever it is I stuffed her with ;) Also I got a request for her head to be underwater and for something related to scissors, hence the bucket and scissors.

What should I do to her next, hmmmmm?


Oo, could you have her ride an electrfied dildo?


I just want to see her head fly off with a good old fashioned decapitation


>>stuffing her and disemboweling her conflicted
I'm not sure I see what you're coming from here... How does it conflict? Disemboweling her and removing the guts makes room for more stuffing.


o_o I am dumb. I'll see if I can do something about it this turn.


File: 1415856803320.jpg (222.34 KB, 512x640, H3.jpg)

I did something about it this turn! xD
Although now that I look at the drawing I realize you can't really tell. Oh well x_x
In any case, since she was going to get decapitated and that would mean the end of the round, I made sure to help Aiko enjoy this round as much as she could. After bringing her to orgasm with the electrified dildo, I pulled the rope on our trusty guillotine right at the climax and finished it off with a bellybutton raspberry (as requested over on GuroDate).
'Course I ended up getting shocked a bit too when I did that, but who am I to complain? ;P

While the new body activates, let's cook up some more ideas~!


As a between round treat can you show us this body being cooked in the oven by any chance?


>>1628 I'll see if I can work that in. No promises though ;)


Perform a hemicorporectomy operation on the newly arrived body!


Carve up Aiko's previous body and serve it to her as dinner, with the severed head seated like another guest.


Navelingus <3

How about, after every death, Aiko gets to make one tiny mark on Aikoko's body, eventually spelling out "I love my sister" or "I love my sister's blade" or something?


Ooohhh how about good ol' drowning? In a liquid of your choice of course!


Next time someone has one or more of her limbs cut off, screw an eyehook into the bone of the stump(s) and chain it to the wall


How about Aiko eating or cooking herself?

for example
Aiko is standing near to the stove or plain table where one of her breasts is being cooked in the frying pan while Aiko is holding fork and knife in her hands.
Also the breast which is still on her body is skewered with long carving knife.

Or alternatively simpler version to draw, romantic proposal:
Aiko is offering plate with her severed breast while her another breast is skevered with burning candle. Of course she is in good mood and smiling.


Before anyone starts worrying I gave up: I've had a lot of work to do this past week, but I should be able to draw something between now and Thursday, luck permitting.


How about Aiko getting strapped into a garroting chair? It's basically a chair with arm restraints, leg restraints, and a neck strap attached to a crank bar. When the crank bar is turned, the strap is tightened, and it can be tightened to the point where it crushes the occupant's throat and cuts off their airflow.

You don't need to start turning the crank bar right away - just strap her into the chair first. :)



Don't work too hard! We are a patient bunch :)


Waiting excitedly for the start of the next game/body


>>2124 Just a couple more days please! I have some long-term stuff that needs to be completed tomorrow and the next day, but after that I expect a lot of free time to open up. ;)


Add two vibrators to the chair- one in her pussy, one in her ass- and we're good to go.



That certainly works. :D


По моему мнению Вы не правы. Я уверен. Пишите мне в PM, обсудим.


Да, жизнь опасная штука


Жаль, что сейчас не могу высказаться - тороплюсь на работу. Вернусь - обязательно выскажу своё мнение.


How're things coming along over there, Aikoko?


>>2389 Aiko ran off on me and whined about how she didn't want to do this any more. I've only just now managed to chase her down. Sorry about all that! She'll pay dearly for this ;)


Well now. You're gonna have to cut off her feet so that doesn't happen again.




I think at some point, we should take out her eyeballs and replace them with webcams set to do Picture-in-Picture for the pic, so we can see what's coming for her, but she can't...

Then again, she's pretty well immobilized, and that would be more fun if she was more intact. So, it'll have to wait for the next iteration, I guess.

We could implant metal strips in her scalp. That might be fun, especially if we wired the metal up to some christmas lights and tested them out. Gotta make sure the voltage is high enough to get a steady glow, but low enough that she doesn't cook or twitch more than desired.

After all, if we did that, then her face and ears and neck should all be lit up enough for precision work.



That'll likely need to wait for the next iteration, too - I mean, this iteration of Aiko doesn't have long until the strap around her neck is tightened all the way, cutting off her air completely - then all that's left is to watch as she suffocates.








Great ideas from all. I feel bad that I'm so slow and irregular about drawing updates. Alas... I'll see if I can do one tonight or at least sometime this week.


File: 1422942624263.jpg (290.78 KB, 512x640, H3b.jpg)

I had trouble with "flay her", since she's still wearing her dress (you guys never said to take it off ;P), so I debreasted her by flaying her breasts. With the blood loss from that and ripping her arms out of their sockets, she's pretty close to dead, so I don't think the odds of her managing to chew herself an air supply before passing out are very good (particularly with the neck strap on its current setting). So it seems like it's time to start thinking of how to finish her off for the round...


Good old fashioned shotgun shell shot into the side of the head


That would make kind of a mess. Some tarps should be put down first, so nobody has to re-paint the room for clean-up. Plus, their content can be framed under glass for souvenirs.

I think the most appropriate thing would be to simply tighten the neck strap until something gives. If you have access to a good hand winch, that might be the best way to do that. No need to strain yourself.



Yeah - just keep tightening that strap.


Yeah, and you might as well tear the dress off while you're at it.


Force feed her until she bursts please :3


This has my vote.


File: 1426411961214.jpg (461.18 KB, 512x640, H3b.jpg)

The long awaited finale!
The regulars around here probably already know how it is with sis and me, but my apologies anyway for my procrastinating nature (er, I mean hers... this roleplaying thing is hard sometimes).
Anyway, I couldn't force-feed her very well with her mouth glued shut and her throat closed off, but I did pump up her belly until it exploded, and as you can see it was quite the bloodbath! No worries about cleanup, though. We do have a bit of experience with this, after all ;)
Aiko and I tried to time everything so she'd still be alive for a moment or two after her belly splattered so I'd have time to work in the shotgun. She hummed something that I presume was a "goodbye" before I pulled the trigger, so it's pretty obvious by this point that we better start thinking up things for a new round.


Yay, new round! Here's an idea stitch closed all her orifices except her mouth.


Oh and cut off her hands and half of her arms and stitch the ends of the stumps together behind her back.


File: 1426834525093.jpg (188.56 KB, 512x640, H4.jpg)

Ordinarily I'd wait longer for more requests before posting a new image, but I was in an artsy mood so here it is anyway.
I originally had a picture showing her from behind where you could get a good few of what I did with her arms, but then I realized you couldn't see her face... oh well. At least I tried.
Aiko's really excited for this one - per a request from last round, I took out her eyes and replaced them with webcams, so in the small frame we get to see everything she would be seeing as it happens to her, while she can't.


Good idea. Since she can't see, don't forget to keep telling her, "Turn your head this way," so the camera will capture what is being done to her body.

A pity such a camera won't let us capture anything done to her head, e.g., sawing off the top of her skull so someone can eat her brains. (Remember what Hannibal Lecter did to Paul Krendler in 'Hannibal'?)


btw sorry if my art melted. I keep making these and thinking they look good, and then the day after posting them thinking they look terrible. Please do give me tips if you have them! Consider it paying me back for all the free requests I'm giving you ;)


Don't know if this has been done before, but give her a tattoo with acid laced paint that slowly dissolves her flesh


Obviously, it's time to set up a semi-dangerous obstacle course. I recommend sanders, grinders, and the occasional buzz-saw. Aiko's sense of touch will teach her to avoid those...


Oh, I quite like that one.


File: 1427699949715.jpg (173 KB, 512x640, H4.jpg)

Not a lot of suggestions this time? No problem.
I gave her a heart tattoo above her real heart, laced with acid that will slowly dissolve a hole downward until it reaches her heart and kills her. To save herself (and keep the game going), she'll have to make her way through the obstacle course I've set up to the other end of the room where I've placed an antidote. With her arms sewn together behind her back, she's stuck feeling her way with her feet and trying to avoid too many painful surprises.
Do you guys think she'll make it? Or should I make the course harder?


The course doesn't need to be too long, but it should have something that can spin her right around - I recommend a floor waxer or a circle sander. Maybe two, if getting the girl dizzy is OK.

Hopefully, Aiko won't wander into the bathroom and brain herself on the tub or anything dull like that.



I'd say give the course a few potentially fatal traps.

Trip-wires that are connected to swinging swords - trip the wire at ankle level, the blade slices out at neck height and, if she can't duck in time, decapitates her.

Or perhaps a hangman's noose, set at just the right height for her to walk into it in such a way that it slips around her neck. She tries walking further, the increased tension on the rope triggers a mechanism that pulls her into the air.


Maybe some tazers set at various heights so she gets shocked in different areas


Uh, oh. looks like she might lose a foot.


*Elevator music*


Hm. How about making the corners of every edge everywhere lined with razor blades? If she falls down it might just be the bloody end for her :>


axe pendulums are always fun


axe pendulums are always fun


How about something as simple yet devious as a tripwire. Optionally right before some sharp/pointy things (like broken glass).


File: 1437202523642.jpg (488.8 KB, 512x640, H3c.jpg)

Welp. It's been hectic lately. I started setting up some tripwires with some pretty clever traps, but Aiko had already started trying to navigate through them, and while I wasn't paying attention she wandered right out the door and fell out a window! As you might guess, it took a long while to mop up all that blood.
She's going to be so embarrassed when she gets back with her new body and sees the picture I took ;P


Great stuff! The expressions are lovely and I really like the balance of simple yet detailed.

So here's my idea. Let's get Aiko on the chin-up bar and tape a grenade into her mouth, and tie off the pin to the bar with a string. I'll let my fellow sadists come up with ideas on how to make Aiko lose her grip.


Uh, guys?
If the interest's dried up I guess that's okay, but if not does anyone have a way I can make her lose her grip?


Maybe set up a slight electrical current along the chin-up bar, shocking her until she lets go?


How about lighting a small fire under her, so convection slowly burns her soles, and possibly more intimate parts if she doesn't keep her legs clenched. Totally not saying one could tie her feet to a wooden bar so they are forced apart (with her legs and the bar forming a triangle, basically).


Theres always the classic vibrator bringing her to orgasm


gradually heat the bar until red hot


gradually heat the bar until red hot


Put hooks through her nipples hang a bucket off a chain from the hooks. Then turn on the water so that it slowly fills the bucket up. Let's see which gives out first, Aiko's nipples or her grip!


Swing things she'd like just out of her reach. Donuts, sweets, toys, shinies, all kinds of things that she'll grab on instinct.

Or just bounce a tennis ball off of her head.


File: 1438524060121.jpg (178.63 KB, 512x720, H3d.jpg)

It took a few days for us to get a chin-up bar installed, but it's finally in and we've proceeded with the next round!
Since we're indoors, the bar's going to get pretty hot just from the fire I lit, so I don't expect there'll be much need to heat it with anything else or electrify it. I also misread one of the posts somehow and ended up putting clothespins on her nipples instead of hooks through them... I'm a little worried they're going to give out before Aiko does, but we'll see how it goes. She's looking pretty strained already and I doubt she'll hold out against that vibrator for long.


Love it!


Neat. Is any input from our side needed at the moment or are we supposed to wait for the next pictures right now?


>>5800 Unless there's a special circumstance and I say otherwise (which hasn't happened yet) I only do one picture per "batch" of requests.
If perhaps I rejected or overlooked one and you really want it included, just say so. ;) Otherwise I'm just waiting for new requests to roll in.


Easy fix to the clothespins - use a nailgun to send two nails into her breasts, before connecting the nails with another wire, which runs under the handle of the bucket.


All's fine. And my idea was in there. I was just under the impression in this particular case we would wait for some part to give in. But if we're supposed to help along, I'mma get creative.

The only thing I can think of is one that would lead to a rather quick end though: Light the hem of her dress on fire. Stuff is bound to get "hot" that way. Although it would depend on the material: Silk or synthetic fiber goes up in a flash, while wool or cotton take longer. And I'm totally not saying that what she's wearing looks like a thin summer dress that tend to be made of polyester and stuff.


Well, if things are going to get too hot, of course you need to cool them off.

Spray her down with a hose.

Not only will that cool things off, it'll also make the bar more slippery and fill up the bucket more quickly. Of course, you'd have to build up the fire more so it doesn't go out, which would make it even hotter, so then you'd need to spray her more, which means you'd have to build up the fire...


Oh yeah, I'm still supposed to be doing this, aren't I? xD

Sorry, my life's just been busy and chaotic the last few weeks. Things should cool down and let me get back to this soon.


File: 1446452148057.jpg (230.87 KB, 512x720, H3d.jpg)

Unfortunately this round didn't last very long. I tried to go after Aiko with the nail gun, but all too quickly she lost her grip. Her dress was indeed highly flammable, and before the grenade had even gone off it went up in flames and Aiko was incinerated.

...It blew a big hole in our wall, too, which took quite a while to fix.

Fortunately, Aiko's implant worked perfectly and her new body is ready for a fresh round of abuse! ^^


I'd suggest putting her on a gallows this time. Noose around her neck, measured for a short-drop hanging, positioned above a trap door, but don't trigger it and drop her just yet.


Nothing too elaborate for the start, just set up the peril for the end.


Anyone else?


bump xP


I totally second the short drop gallows idea. Or alternately a (computer controlled) garrote that *slowly* closes to cut off her air while still leaving enough time for other fun ...activities.


Play some (reverse) hangman with her.
Miss a letter, lose a piece


File: 1448524129377.jpg (132.79 KB, 512x768, H3e.jpg)

>>7247 Reverse Hangman actually sounds like a great idea! Time for a special round.

The rules for this round:
- A set of blanks has been placed in the picture. Visitors to this thread take turns guessing letters to fill them in a la classic Hangman.
- For each correct letter, I'll fill in one blank - but not necessarily all occurrences of that letter! I want to keep this going for a while.
- For each incorrect letter, I'll take something off of Aiko - an article of clothing, a hand, an eye, etc. - but not whole limbs or her head.
- When all the letters have been guessed, the trapdoor opens and the audience wins and gets to laugh at Aiko while she slowly suffocates. This will of course take longer and be more entertaining if we reduce her weight first ;)
- If Aiko dies without the word having been guessed, she wins and gets a new body, and we can either start again with a new word or go back to the standard game.


really interesting * W *

Then the letter that I choose is



There's a bit of strategy to this game, You normally pick the common letters first (unless you anticipated that and avoided them to trip us up).

Either way, I'll go with 'n'


Hold on - We don't want to guess the word too quickly, or else Aiko won't lose any clothing or body parts before she dies. We need to get just enough letters wrong that she suffers a bit before the word is guessed, but not so many that she dies before we guess it.

With that in mind, the letter I choose is "Q"


I'll go with 'z'. :)

And nice minigame. :D


Just a little bit of fun with her before the end.
I figured when she loses a second leg, that's when she ends up hanging.



ooh! I bet I know the word.
I pick 'M'.


eople do not want to wait to know first what letters were correct ? however I have a suspect on the word


File: 1448769276027.jpg (144.14 KB, 512x768, H3e.jpg)

Blarg. I KNEW I'd forgotten something in the rules I made up. Ahem.
From this point forward, when you guess a letter and worry (or expect) it'll be wrong, please specify what you'd like me to remove. Otherwise (or if you say something invalid) I'll just pick something.
For now I've written the incorrect guesses and removed items accordingly. Surprisingly, only one guess so far has been correct, so that made five items:
- Necklace
- Left slipper
- Right slipper
- Left hand
- Right foot


OK, I'll go with 'a' this time, and if it's wrong, remove her dress.


I guess I, O, and U (just to round off the vowels. And what she would lose if they wind up not being there will be her hair, an eye, and her teeth


T, and if I'm wrong, remove the rest of her left arm at the shoulder (since you said no whole limbs, and it's not whole anymore, hehe)


damn, typo, R is the letter


File: 1448861339861.jpg (148.29 KB, 512x768, H3e.jpg)

>>7773 I suppose I wasn't specific in the rules, but one letter / removal per person per turn please. This time I'll just go with "I" and "hair" since they were the first things you listed ;)

...and unfortunately for you guys, the last three guesses were all correct... or would that be fortunate? Depends ;P


That's totally cheating.

I guess S, if that's not correct, remove some fingers


I'm gonna say 'y', and if that's wrong, take off her dress.


I think you missed this guess: >>7669

In case you were just being nice, can we get the letter 'E' with, say, her right ear?

That might crack her composure a little.


I'm going to guess 'u' this time, with a request to remove her dress if it's wrong.


File: 1448948110197.jpg (145.89 KB, 512x768, H3e.jpg)

>>7874 No, I got it, but it was wrong, so I wrote "E" on the wall and removed her necklace. In case maybe it was hard to read I've gone and touched it up a little ;)

This time around there was one correct letter and one wrong letter. You finally got through her dress! And it turned out she wasn't wearing anything underneath, ooh la la... or not. By this point you've seen her naked plenty of times ;P


No, we'll still say ooh la la!

But, let's get to more treacherous perils - the kind that will leave her less put together.
I'll wager the letter 'D' can be found there, and if not, give her a nice spiky D to enjoy! take off that pesky v-card of hers!

That might get her to stop having so much fun. Or get her to have too much...


Also, oh yeah, that's an E! Whoops. I... kinda missed that...


Nice game you have here.

I wonder what letter should I choose... but then again, I probably don't want to actually guess right, do I? It would be much more fun to see Aiko loose another body part. So I'll just choose a letter at random and that would be


And if there is not such a letter in this world, then... how about cutting a hole in her belly and make a coil or two of intestines hang out?


J and hair


OK, since you didn't say if 'u' was right or wrong, I'll guess it again. And since she's nude, how about removing her other hand if it's wrong?



Since her hand is getting taken elsewhere, let's say an 'F' for her other foot.


pretty precarious with a noose around the neck and nothing to stand on.

Anyways B and take her left arm off above the elbow


You may be worried, but I don't think there will be any problems...

There is, after all, only one word in English that fits the pattern of the letters we have now.


My guess is G and if I'm wrong it's her left eye


My guess is G and if I'm wrong it's her left eye


I'll say 'O' and if it's not there, take off her left foot (or a bit of her leg)


Welp, that's game. I hope Aiko is still sangfroid after swinging around a bit.

If she wants to play another round, maybe she could be strung up next to her old body so she can play with herself for our amusement...


File: 1453796514511.jpg (208.01 KB, 512x768, H3e.jpg)

Blarg. Sorry about suddenly falling silent for the last six weeks. I simply lost my motivation to draw anything for a while, plain and simple ^^;
Wait, I broke character. Um, I lost my motivation to abuse Aiko? xD
So yeah - all those guesses in the last round ended up solving the puzzle! I also worked in all the incorrect guesses and the corresponding instructions. Shaving Aiko's head was quite the tricky operation with her standing tiptoe on one foot and attached to that rope.
Aiko still weighed about the same as normal, so when the puzzle got solved she suffocated pretty quickly. The brain device went off after about ten seconds or so. But Aiko's all better now and ready for the next round~! Shall we do another Reverse Hangman round, or try a different game maybe?


I'd say another reverse hangman round. :D


I'd say another round.

That said, is her body just going to be left there, like a deranged wind chime, or is someone going to cut the corpsicle down?


Bump in hope of an update


This seems like a great thread that I'd like to see continued. Come back to us?


Bump to keep from losing this. :)


Blarg! Sorry about the huge hiatus. I have no end of gratitude for Gurochanners' undying patience. I've been rather busy this Summer so I haven't dedicated any time to the Guro Game. Here's hoping my schedule gets a bit clearer going forward.


Don't mind me, just bumping this thread so it doesn't disappear.


bumping for interest~
If you save aiko's corpses, how about we play with a bit of that~? Maybe bury her under her previous carcasses?
if not, how about she gets hung by her own intestines?


Not a bad idea, either of them. If you're any good at drawing, why not take a crack at it over in the "Aiko's Guro Game: Party Mode" thread?


I miss this

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