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decided to drop these here


File: 1472854546393.jpg (1003.88 KB, 1535x1085, 2ab2186d94ffba052c3615f7f3….jpg)

enjoy ^^


This is nice and all, but what the hell does it have to do with gurochan?
Where's the guro?


Category is Artwork
Guro is not a requirement, besides there IS LOTS of guro here. Surprised you didn't see it


These look like random overwatch pictures that aren't even from the same artist

There's already a guro thread about it here.


Long shot but could you please draw Mei ripping a fart so intense that it melts a hole through her cryo freeze barrier?


The board is /art/ but the site is still gurochan
It doesn't have to be guro but it's not just for dumping r34 either


Well I guess I'm not worried about what someone else posts. I'm going to leave judging what is or is not allowed to the admins and moderators. I always find that if I don't want to see something here, I just don't look at it or bother with it. I used to post on hentai foundry. But they have "standards" which honestly are totally subjective. What I like here is the artwork category is so open. So I really hate hearing someone come in here and try to dictate what should be posted in someone else's thread.



If you're not worried about what someone else is posting why the sanctimonious response?

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