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Hello! I stalk this place pretty frequently but I never post, so I figured I'd change that. I mostly draw cute boys getting chopped up, and I take requests sometimes! I'm starting off with some Superjail fanart because the show didn't have enough gore on its own, I guess. Enjoy?


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An oc, named Fredericke. He's a ghoul who likes to cut people up and sew them back together again. He's really quite sweet if you get to know him though


Always nice to see new artists showing up. Got any OC subs you wanna decapitate?


Absolutely, I've been planning on doing that for a while actually! Particularly one named Carlin, Fredericke's boyfriend. He's the one losing a leg.


Is there any chance you can do a girl? I love the cute style and would love to see something like a school girl in a magic trick involving blood.

Like the sawing in half or sword box went wrong and shes in shock and the magician is just like "oopsies"


I dunno if you do requests, but I'd love to see some cutesy stuff with Magoichi (SamuWars) x Ladybug (Miraculous), the two of them both covered in blood and maybe watching a porno, masturbating to the sight? IDK if that sounds like too much..


I can absolutely do girls, yes! That sounds right up my alley tbh, I'd love to


omg this is awesome

can we get some shota penises being cut off? (uncut pls)


Please do if you have a chance then!


are you still taking request?


Yes, I am! I just take a long time to get around to actually drawing things sometimes, sorry about that.

The magician I'll try to get around to tomorrow (today?) and I'm sorry for the wait!


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Well, he's not exactly the best at magic...


This is awesome!

any more like it?


Something tells me if he tries the cliche "tickle her feet while she's in two" bit , shes not going to feel it.


Thanks you so much for doing this request! It came out great.


this is great you should do a series like it, diffrent characters would be neat but school girl is best


Do you have any other place that you post your art?


I do!
Goretober is coming up and I'll be participating in that, and most of those will be posted over there.


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"Dr. Liston, something went wrong, the patient is still alive..."

Not exactly gore but I happen to really like this one.

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