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File: 1470334909826.png (1.24 MB, 1700x2400, filthy sketch1.png)

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poo, alot of poo


File: 1470334966537.png (1.89 MB, 1700x2400, filthy sketch2.png)


File: 1470335040109.png (1.55 MB, 1700x2400, filthy sketch4.png)


File: 1470335276115.jpg (563.46 KB, 1700x2400, website please.jpg)

please work this time


nice on this



its the messiest one iv done up til now.


I'll still be around the otehr tread providing feedback, but Ill stick around here as well.


I love the "lesbian femdom" ones.


Yes, those are great



sure thing buddy.


thanks. pretty fun to do to.


File: 1470345313485.png (124.96 KB, 318x750, tumblr_inline_ng6ow25ubf1s….png)

May I please request some scat desperation? I'd love to see a character like Mia Fey struggling to hold back a monstrous load while in court as her ass begs for a toilet.

No visible scat but the brief moment before she unloads in her panties.


sorry, i just do heavy scat :/


Fair enough. How about her shitting herself on the way to the bathroom?



i mean i can probably do a buisniss woman in a suit like that, shitting her pants sure.

its not a bad idea, i might do it.


File: 1470353674183.jpg (378.2 KB, 1700x2400, bayonetta.jpg)

bayonetta is done, lets see if this uploads.


Damn that's dirty! How'd she manage to shit all up over her tits like that?


Do you do non-messy scat? Like where the log's "clean" with no sloppy parts anywhere? And how thick are you willing to draw a turd?


Could you do Cidney from Final Fantasy 15 taking a big dump out in the desert?



she didn't, thats sewage pipes : X


i can do characters, i prefer to not do backgrounds or scenarios, like desert and such.

i can do a massive turd, sure. but making it messy is the fun part of it.
Cidney is really hot, so sure. i might do that, yeah.


Niiiiice! Thank you so much :)



Well since you're willing to do hyper can you draw Zero Suit Samus pushing out a massive thick hyperturd?



i like tight suits, so that might happen yeah.
would you care to give me a reference for how hyper exactly?


What about having one version before you add in the messy parts?


maybe il do that in the future some day.


Aaaaah, I see it now! Cool.


Oh I originally meant there'd be a hole in the butt of the suit, but I've always loved the idea of unleashing a huge turd in a skintight suit (unimpeded by the material, so instead of forming a mound the turd just pushes down and retains its shape while the material remains tight), so yeah I'd have it in the suit.

As for thickness, maybe as thick as her upper leg?



hmm yeah none of those options sounds bad, but since its a hyper turd, i might go for hole in pants.


Cool. Looking forward to it!


me too, man!


File: 1470403802774.jpg (117.95 KB, 1920x1080, NarutoSakura&Sarada.jpg)

If you're not already overwhelmed with suggestions would you be interested in doing a pic of Sakura losing it and loading her panties because her daughter Sarada was hogging the bathroom?

Maybe they both got the runs from Sakura's bad cooking.


i am going to do the one im doing now, and the samus one.
more than those, i cant promise at the time being.

but il write you up on the poop-list. and think about it later.

i dont have much time to draw today.



since the recent trouble, if this keeps going just come to my shit den over at

here is Sidney from final fantasy, hard to recognize her but i tried. lol


File: 1470725402769.jpg (479.13 KB, 1700x2400, MEME TEAM.jpg)



I guess your awesome art broke the site.


Would you be willing to draw characters which aren't human? Demi or other creatures or characters?


lol, thanks


yeah i could try furry, right now i have a some drawings that need to be done before i can say for certain.

also, because its easier, i might switch to tumblr instead of going back and forth from tumblr and this. also i need to switch my picture files, sometimes it doesn't upload... sorry for the inconvenience for those who prefer this. : X

tumblr is a mess but it seems more stable than this site at least.
so yeah i might switch entirely to that, for the time being.

sorry guys


File: 1470819581391.jpg (248.85 KB, 1700x1633, filthy sketch7.jpg)


Are you still working on the Samus pic?



you really shouldn't expect too much when doing requests to me.
i really just take and drop stuff based on what i wanna do the second i draw.

that being said, il try. il give an effort since i did say earlier that i had planned to do it.


File: 1470860977136.jpg (332.03 KB, 1700x2400, samus.jpg)


here you go, hope you like it~


Love the thick turds here!...And the thick girls~



no problem ; *


If you ever feel for it, a beaver chick dumping out a huge load into a small river would be fun, so much shit it makes a damm.



that does sound interesting.


Well you said before Gurochan was down for a few days that you were working on it so I thought it was fair to assume you were still doing it.

Dude... I love it! The log is has a great texture, and it's nice and thick; just how I like them. I like how slick and shiny it looks too. This is a high-quality turd and it looks great coming out of Samus' huge butt. I like how she doesn't look like she's in pain or straining, which implies she's used to passing thick monster loads.

Also thanks for not making it too messy. I know this sounds stupid, but I like clean scat. For me the appeal is the size, texture and the fact that somebody could create and pass something so large. Thank you so much for taking my request.

Holy crap that's an amazing idea. A dam made of a copious amount of thick "logs" sounds incredible.


File: 1470909074437.jpeg (81.06 KB, 566x800, 0cb7f0db973e91b3c51e66492….jpeg)

If you're still doing requests, I have a suggestion: The aftermath of Nico Robin being used as a human toilet, she could be chained up or handcuffed to something and mindbroken, while wearing a microbikini and being covered in poop, both days-old and fresh. It would be nice if her mouth was gaping open and filled with diarrhea, almost like she's gargling it because she's so full. You've got some nice art


Also, I'm just now realizing there's a chance the OP picture is of Nico Robin, so if you don't want to draw her again, maybe swap her out for Nami since she has lighter-colored hair and poop stains could show up more easily on hers.



thanks alot! so glad you are happy with it.

i mean you see, this is why i try to be as vague as possible.
i dont like to disappoint, but i am absolutely horrible at holding any promises.


well you see, its not reliable requests. but it is requests.

i just say il consider it, but i wouldn't count money on it. lol


That's fine, I just saw your artstyle and thought of an idea that would be a good match for it. Feel free to use it at any time or not at all.



sure ideas are no problem, thanks.


File: 1471005698660.jpg (3.91 KB, 199x199, 1470079617927.jpg)


btw stuff might get a little slow here, my drawing tablet just broke down.


File: 1471395506684.jpg (567.77 KB, 2267x1950, katarina.jpg)

finally back

here is katarina from lol, it was a request from a tumblr pal.


Dude, awesome shit! Literally, haha!

If I may, could I request a picture of a girl standing over her maid and taking a hyper dump on her as she's on the floor struggling against the mass of endless feces pouring on her?

The girl could be saying, "Hey, clean this up when I'm done."
And the maid replies, "Y-yes, ma'am..."


thank you!

sounds interesting, though if did it, i might go for a cenario where the maid is letting the waste go down her throat and its filling her up.

im currently working on the Nico Robin idea.


File: 1471491524201.jpg (83.77 KB, 400x567, Splatoon-Marie-Cosplay-Cos….jpg)

Great to see you back.

I know you already have a pretty big backlog but if you're ok drawing humanoid characters I'd love to see Marie from Splatoon taking a massive dump in the bathroom while someone knocks on the door saying she has to be on air in 2 minutes.


Frankly, I'm not into the whole shit-eating thing (though I feel that seems a little strange, since I'm outright suggesting a pic of a maid being buried in poo....), but hey whatever floats your boat!



angeldark did that maid thing for you now. i guess you wouldn't be too let down if i moved onto something else right?

though covering someone else in a mountain of poo does still sound interesting.



shes a bit too young, im trying to shy away from kiddie stuff.
sorry about that. though petite, and small girls is fine.

the lines are blurry, so who knows.


File: 1471555104574.jpg (369.75 KB, 1700x2400, Nico Robin.jpg)

so here is the nico robin thing, so uhh she grew a cock..

not my foult, dont look at me.


Not the requester but I love it.


thank you <3


Not a fan of futa but she looks so hot covered in poop with that outfit on I can ignore it. Thanks for doing the idea.


I read on a thread on scat the you have a hentai blog and I have to ask do you post your scat on there and also where may I find it?



it was kind of out of the blue, glad you can still enjoy it.


yeah sure i post everything on both places.
hit me up for a chat or something.


I did request this of both of you for a reason. While I did initially give the request to AngelDark, I wanted to see how you'd pull it off too.


Perhaps the roles could be reversed? A maid taking a hyper dump on her mistress?


well i guess..

i dunno, maybe il do it.


File: 1471586951125.jpeg (79.11 KB, 707x1131, alia_megaman_x_by_omar_si….jpeg)

I was wondering if you can make a pic of Alia from the Mega Man X series taking a dump?


Woah. I'm not used to getting impressed enough to speak up for fetish art, but you seem to know your shit in a way I don't see near enough of with scat art. That nasty detail and messy scale really drives home the relief/embarrassment thing that seems so essential to the kink. Really ups the stakes of sadism when there's someone on the receiving end of it all.

Speaking of which, too tempted not to make a request. If you ever find time, would you be interested in some extra-messy F/F facesitting hyperscat? Something real unwilling, where the victim's head is halfway up the dom's shitfarting asshole? Fuck, that'd make my day. Especially if they're both mostly clothed.



thanks alot! compliments as genuine as this is rare. ᕕ(ᵔᴥᵔ)ᕗ

im feeling less in a cropophagia mood lately, but eventually that probably will happen. yes.



maybe, im not sure. sounds interesting though.

i feel some artist block creeping in on me... jeez..



Aww, shucks. Just figured your style deserved more credit for how it stands out against the crowd. Hope you keep up the nastily glorious good work!

Oh and yeah, not really into corpophagia myself, just scat-related domination. That's all I really meant to imply.


Hey, out of curiosity, who are your favorite video game females?


thank you man ^ 3 ^
big chance more scat related dom will happen.


probably liara when used in sfm, bayonetta. and when shadman does his incredibles, incest thing.

cant think of much more


Say, does hyperfarting interest you?


funny you say that i was thinking of doing that now, lol


Nice! I'd totally love to see a hyperfarting/hypershitting princess. I dunno, I just have a thing for elegant looking females doing their lovely business without inhibition.



i dont know if its going to be a princess, but i do like the idea.

maybe il try some princess stuff in the future.


Your call, dude. I'm just throwing around ideas. :)

Though, as suggested earlier, I kinda would like to see a maid taking a hyperdump on the floor as she went. Like while she's cleaning or mopping, pretty much defeating the purpose, haha.


gotcha, yeah ideas are fine. lol


Ooooh, I just had a nice idea. How about a girl so backed up she starts hyper shitting all around her house? Poop is just falling out of her ass and there's nothing she can do to stop it.



its alot of work, to create a scene, with so much poop.
but its a neat idea, if i feel enthusiastic enough to draw something that
complex and big sometime, maybe.


No probs, dude.

Say, another idea. A girl who begins who hypershits her bed (or futon or whatever) as she's asleep?


File: 1471663526301.jpg (49.71 KB, 531x723, øhiu'.jpg)

cool idea man, btw right now im making a image set with a asari stripper kind of character, that farts and then shits her pants.


Frankly, I prefer human characters but this is looking pretty dope so far, dude!


okay so a 5 image, image set is done.

since i dont want to convert all of them, and upload them one at a time, since i am super lazy, here is the link to the post.


thanks dude! you racist lmao.


Haha, my bad xD


lol im only joking, obviously.

did ya like the image set?


If you ever do something princess-related, Peach is definitely a good one in my opinion. Imagine the turds that plump ass could push out!

And as for this set, it's easily my favorite work from you so far! Pantypoop is just the best! And I love how her expressions change from each pic. Great work~


I know you were.

And yeah, not bad!


Idea: Girl stands confidently with her hands on her hips as she creates a massive hyperdump pile behind her.



thanks alot ^3^



wouldn't be too hard to do.


How about Piper from Fallout 4?

Maybe her reading a newspaper while filling overloading a toilet and complaining about the shitty food to eat.


Can you do tenryuu from kantai collection trapped in a septic tank or anything where she's mostly submerged in shit?


good ideas in theory, but im not super exited about any of these characters, or scenarios.

sorry guys, i dont know if il do these.


How about a bride dressed in an elegant wedding dress taking a massive, desperate shit in a filthy gas station bathroom because she got a really bad case of nervous trots on her way to the chapel?


Ok, I won't get my hopes up for the tenryuu idea



hmm, i kinda like that idea.
im not good with clothing, though.

so i dont know. maybe il do it.


rip : /


File: 1471768439001.jpg (66.62 KB, 763x835, boibud.jpg)

hey anybody here like femboys?

im working on this, right here.


I'd be down for some cutie-boys~




Another idea: Hypergassy maid?

Out of curiosity, though, would you be interested in drawing a Touhou character?


Femboys are cute. Go for it!


maybe il do a maid character, actually.

how gassy is hypergassy?


Like nuclear mushroom cloud gassy, haha. If that makes any sense. So gassy she can uproot a tree with her tremendous winds.


gotcha, sounds fun to make. : >


Oooh, femboys are adorable. Cant wait to see him all shitty/gassy. Perhaps with a ladyfriend to humiliate?

Oh my, that sounds fun. The contrast and desperation is lovely to picture.


the plan is for him to poo a little and get analed by a big benis. ^ 3 ^


File: 1471903201764.jpg (188.93 KB, 1700x1903, boybutt.jpg)

phew finally, there it is.


Random idea: Girl eating a ton of food as she poops an insanely tremendous pile.


hmm yeah, that would be pretty neat.



I like this. Sketcher, would you consider doing stuffing-leading-to-scat in any future drawings? All that poo's gotta come from somewhere, right?



yeah maybe, its not a bad idea at all.


Maybe some hyperfarting as well?

Oh but yeah, would you be interested in drawing a Touhou character?


maybe, what character is it?


Kaguya Houraisan.


she,s pretty cute.


Brainstormed it for a while. Came up with a few possible candidates.

-Yuyuko Saigyouji
-Yuugi Hoshiguma
-Tenshi Hinanawi
-Sakuya Izayoi
-Nitori Kawashiro
-Sanae Kochiya
-Kanako Yasaka
-Komachi Onozuka


As well as Clownpiece.


File: 1472094756604.jpg (338.77 KB, 2523x1726, smell.jpg)


gotcha, some of them are kinda cute, but its a meh.

so this is a smelly thing, probably too much brown fog in it.


File: 1472144898857.jpg (61.89 KB, 285x395, tAG_55412.jpg)

How about a super strict teacher completely loading her panties with shit in front of everyone because some students spiked her coffee with laxatives.


yeah i dig teachers.

i might do this actually.


How about a nude muscular girl lifting a weight while shitting a massive hyperdump pile?


il move to tumblr completly, if anybody care, just follow me on there.
any requests should be asked there.

i got some new shit up on tumblr bth

as for the swole girl request. i like muscle girls, so maybe, but i got other stuff to do first. so i dont know.


"its done, my account is taken over, and i cant change back my password.

What happened? That's all? You are good artist, post somewhere else. Whats about DeviantArt?


yo sketch, try posting all your pic from your deleted tumblr or put them in a MEGA file

His new new Tumblr page.


Heyho, realy nice pictures up there. Thank you for sharing this. Your art developed quite much in the last 4 months. Ive looked though every scat picture, even if i think the Asari one on Tumblr is missing. (if i havent got anything wrong)

I realy like your forced scat content. Though i realy like your beginning scat eating pictures more, because scat-eating is in my opinion something like a relationship. Yeah relationship is the Word. The more People get involved it the more it loses its appeal for me. Im fine with more people using the same (human) toilet, but they should to this in a row~ not everyone in the same time.

Also very appealing for me is the idea of the shitting person to taunt the one who is reciving the turd, but its pretty difficult to depict it just by expressions in the picture. Well i dont have any idea to depict, but to write down such an idea. So would you mind to involve a text, in your next pictures Maybe at the left or right side, that lets the one who is defecating~ speak to his or her toilet (if human toilet), or just maybe explain how this Situation came into beeing. Because Imagination is a gift that only needs a small push to evolve and transform into an detailed idea.

Ive think i wrote to much allready, so to come back to the roots, you wrote connected to your first picture in the thread,"poo, a lot of poo." sure, true~ And i hope there is a lot more to come.


Is scat allowed on Tumblr, or its restriction just not enforced?



Oh my GOD, he did a (sort of) scaty picture of Sunibee's character, Gooze (The pink dinosaur-creature... she's actually a plant-alien)!!!

Nobody gets how BADLY I've wanted to see such a big donut like hers get dirty and show what it can do. <3


File: 1506048723255.jpg (38.29 KB, 500x344, 1388302632860.jpg)

>Churnurg's tumblr deleted again

luckily i have a back up
but the last crawl was from August, so i'm not sure if there was nothing new or downloader didn't crawl there for some reason

Churnurg if you're here, please DM me on my discord if you need anything:

(will reject anyone else that isn't the artist, don't want strangers.)


File: 1507930681316.jpg (57.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

anon, this thread is already at the point of irrelevance, so he might not be coming back at all.
so my best advice for you is to ask any pro-scat artist that maybe in good contact with him

Discord channels and Tumblr is your highest bet now


File: 1507931705442.jpg (69.65 KB, 680x578, Sad-loli.jpg)

i'll try these
but i'm still leaving my long-shot option open just in case
i'm temporarily under Halloween name now: XPECTRYX#1685
(again, no strangers)


File: 1507931897685.png (1.25 MB, 1325x1920, tumblr_ojf3m64J5f1vgb4ppo1….png)

this was his last gift before tumblr nuked and kill access to his older blogs, if i remember. Suni even okay it



its allowed but tumblr moderation is quite dumb to keep things up
my assumption is that they nuked him the first time due to reportfag brigade

the same brigade that went after dudes like sunibee, minus8, bumbleborg, and many other artists on tumblr.



I mentioned the pic on >>15590 , but I DO want to thank you for retrieving it, once more. Though I might not like Sunibee, I like his characters (even if this wasn't made BY Suni).


Someone in the /s/ gossip thread said he fucked off himself, not tumblr.
If that true, then you may as well give up Tarmaker. He aint coming back.

Fuck, why the hell all the great scat/efro artists keep disappearing? I really hate the taboo crowd


I gave up
He deleted his cleaned up pixiv just after a week messaging it
I guess he really wanna disappear from the net for what reason and it hurts the fact we lost another one of the best scat artists on the net

I'll post a mega or make a exhentai gallery for you guys later


actually, i want people to move to this thread

This place served its purpose, yet another scat artist fucked off off to oblivion. So its nott worth bumping anymore

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