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I don't have time for comics (unless commissioned!), so I came up with a new idea - little deaths. These will be multi-part short stories with an illustration accompanying each page, and at the end of each you'll get a choice on how you want to proceed. It'll be interactive. A few ground rules up front:

1. All characters are 18 or older.
2. You choose from the options given. Don't throw out requests. They'll be ignored.
3. I'm only drawing and writing the story you choose. No alternate versions or endings for options not taken.
4. I'll leave each new page for three days to allow you all time to vote. Whichever option gets the most votes is what I'll do.
5. Yes, you're all anonymous, but PLEASE don't spam vote or vote a bunch of times. I'm asking you guys to play nice.
6. Discussion and feedback is encouraged! If no one seems interested, I'll stop.


File: 1470278908232.jpg (532.22 KB, 1200x1001, Jordan1Done.jpg)

Do you:

A. Have her blow you, or...
B. Get straight to the fucking?

I'll count votes late on Friday night. I also welcome thoughts/opinions on this new venture!


blow me


Blowjob first.


Love the idea! Straight to fucking is my vote.


blow. Foreplay is important!


vote for straight fucking!


Blowjob first, she's so cute ! Also awesome concept =)


CYOS - brilliant :)

She's got a face that just asks to be fucked.


Wonderful idea EeveE.

Jordan seems like a perfect target, a young and willing to fuck slut, unaware of what danger she's in. Wonderful. I'd go with fucking her.


oh yeah, blowjob first!


Deffo blowjob


File: 1470729512444.jpg (685.74 KB, 1200x1001, Jordan2Done.jpg)

7 to 3 for oral sex first!


Here's the result.

Next choice! Do you:

A. Open her up the middle and fuck her upside down, or...
B. Open her low across the belly and fuck her from behind?

I'll count votes on Wednesday night.


Option A please. Great idea EeveE!


I'll go with A


Would love to see A.


Great work and definitely A


Up the middle please!


Hey, I go against the majority this time with choice B ^^


I'd also prefer B, but both sound good. I'm just not crazy about the blood-all-over-the-face look, which tends to happen with upside-down victims. Dribbling over the chin or from the corners of the mouth is cute, but for some reason when it splashes or splatters on the nose or around the eyes, it spoils my fun. Don't ask me why. I can't explain any of this shit.


Option A for me! Love this new idea, and always thrilled to see more of your fantastic work EeveE!


File: 1471103150588.jpg (706.89 KB, 1201x1004, Jordan3Done.jpg)

This one wasn't even close. Option A FTW!

One last choice. How to end the story?

Do you:

A. Bury the knife between her tits and gag her on your cock for one last blow as she dies, or...
B. Pull her heart out and force IT down her throat?

I'll count votes Monday night! Hope you're enjoying this. Comments welcome along with your votes!


Well that was so much hotter than expected.

I vote for A this time.


Yay! Glad you liked it!


Damn good go with A


Don't exactly know why your A options sound so good, but I'll go with A again :D




I vote for B. This is great! Hope for more stories like this!






Option B sounds MUCH more interesting.


You know I gotta go with B!
Awesome job, EeveE!


5-4 in favor of A right now!


Crazy hot already!
And it's a tough call, but I've gotta go "B" on this one!




Option B please.


7-5 in favor of B right now! Votes close soon!


File: 1471311133387.jpg (53.52 KB, 262x412, Jordan4bSP.jpg)

B it is! Here's a sneak peek at the line art.


My god I would kill to have my heart shoved down my throat! You're the best Eevee!


You would kill?
Yourself probably, hehe.


File: 1471497377983.jpg (734.08 KB, 1201x1004, Jordan4Done.jpg)

And we're done! Thoughts? Feedback welcome!


how come you never use huge breasted teens i've noted even the ones you claim to be g-cup or larger would barely fill a c-cup, i'm guessing you don't know how to draw breasts



I've had busty girls before. Plenty of times. I draw them just fine. What I don't draw is ridiculous balloon breasts.


Obvious troll is obvious.


Fantastic work as always EeveE! I never get tired of your style or subject matter!

And ignore the trolls, I for one, am a fan of the smaller cups.


Not a bad finish, but it would have been better if we saw the heart in her mouth rather than just the fingers. Show, don't tell, and all that. I'd have changed my vote to A if I knew we wouldn't see what was being described. Still, great series, hope there's more.


I thought it was great. I love the accompanying narrative, which is almost as much of a turn on as the pictures themselves. My compliments, madam, and I look forward to seeing what's next.

Also, I agree with 13013. Small breasts are nice, and balloon-size, unrealistic breasts are kinda ridiculous.


I really love all your work. Your art is great and the stories are too. Just ignore the assholes who can't handle realistically drawn proportions. My one and only critique would be not seeing the heart but still great anyways.


Nice job, as always!


File: 1471655011313.jpg (58.4 KB, 262x412, TaylorTest.jpg)

Feedback/comments still welcome on the first story!

I'm letting you guys vote on who the next girl is.

A. This is Taylor. A stoner girl that finds your grow house out in the hills and offers sex for a big bag of fresh weed.


File: 1471655118197.jpg (50.4 KB, 262x412, DestinyTest.jpg)

B. This is "Destiny", a call girl from an escort service, hired to keep you company in your hotel on a business trip.

I'll close votes on Sunday!


Going with B on this one!


I'm going be too, and the story was absolutely amazing =)


Keep up the good work.and I'm B


I couldn't decide. That's when I realized the correct answer was both. Watching each other being killed


Gonna go with "A" on this one


Great storry and pictures. Thanks. And I vote for B.




B for me!


Voting B this time


I'll go for B
Also really good thread, first one I've ever commented on. Longtime lurker


Tough choice. Why can't the presidential candidates be as appealing as these two are? I'll see if I can continue my streak of picking losers and vote for A.




File: 1471755145654.jpg (315.5 KB, 1201x1004, Jordan4Donemod.jpg)

I also felt it would have been better to see the heart, so I modded it a bit. Hope you don't mind, EeveE. If you do, will remove.


File: 1471755164346.jpg (315.77 KB, 1201x1004, Jordan4Donemod2.jpg)


File: 1471767513603.jpg (61.88 KB, 262x412, DestinyColor.jpg)

I don't mind. First one is more accurate, since he reached up inside the wound he made gutting her.

So it looks like Destiny won. Here's what she looks like in color.

First page should post in a couple days!


File: 1471825659397.jpg (590.79 KB, 1200x1002, Destiny1.jpg)

Here we go! Story number two: Destiny.

Where do you want to start, Mr. Diplomat? Do you:

A: Start with oral, or...
B: Go right for that ass?

Votes close Tuesday night!


Did oral on the first one, so I'm going with B now.


I've gone 0-3 with my voting and haven't been disappointed yet, so I'm voting mostly as a way to show my support. I'm sure whichever option wins you'll make it look amazing, but I'll go with B.


Can't wait to see what happens this time around! I too am going for "B"


This is fantastic!!!

Vote for B!


Always like to lead with a BJ Voting "A"


B sounds great let's be rough from the start :3


Voting for B. Get right to the good stuff.


6 to 1. Anyone really wanting A, or do I call this early?


File: 1472017674302.jpg (626.24 KB, 1200x1005, Destiny2.jpg)

Here you go! So now, do you:

A: Stay on her ass and bury a knife in her back as you cum again, or...
B: Get her on top of you and gut her when she least expects it?

I'll count votes Thursday night!


B please!


I vote the following chain of events:

1) Staying in her ass (my penis serves as a buttplug, preventing the girl from shitting herself), I stretch out her nipples and then nail them to a nightstand by the bed.

2) I use a saw to slowly debreast her. The pain makes her ass tighten in a most pleasurable manner.

3) I don't let her die until after I cum. Maybe I'll cut out her cunt and then gut her through the hole where her pussy was?



Not taking requests. Please don't derail the thread. Thanks.


Here's a B vote ^_^ keep it up


I'll go B too!




I'm going "B" too, can't wait to see what a mess you make of her!


Awesome stuff. I'll also go with B. Lemme see those guts.




Eevee these are all amazing. Thank you so much for making these.


File: 1472100883493.jpg (76.41 KB, 378x293, DestinyGutted.jpg)

It's unanimous so far, so it's clear B will win. Here's a sneak peek at the second half-panel image of her riding you, her guts spilling out on you. No blood effects added yet. The upper half-panel will be her face as she throws her head back and squeals in agony.


File: 1472117387653.jpg (742.49 KB, 1200x1004, Destiny3.jpg)

Last part! How do you want to finish her? Do you:

A. Titfuck her while you slit her throat, cumming on her as she dies, or...
B. Bury the knife in her chest and jack off over her dying face?

I'll take votes until Friday night!


I vote for A.


Amazing work gotta be A next


A. Needs some throat-slitting in this thread ;)


Wow EeveE


We losing voters?


Oh man oh man oh man, a throat slit! "A" please!!


File: 1472429345809.jpg (769.36 KB, 1200x1004, Destiny4.jpg)

Holy shit, it's back! Yay!

So here's part 4. I think I'm done for a while - these outages are getting frustrating.


Thanks for these nice sets EeveE. They're a real treat :)


Fucking incredible! Thank you so much!


If you ever choose to upload your art to a different site please link to it here!


What the hell, how has anyone been voting? Gurochan's been down for DAYS for me. Would have gone with A though anyway. Seriously, what is going on with this website?


You can try going back to, their website is a little more reliable. Sadly they're more of the decapitate and dismember anything and everything crowd so there's a lot less variety over there.


Awesome! By the way, I don't suppose you're planning on finishing off Alexuh from Park Bloodwood? She's the last one left! Don't let her get away, Eevee!


Yeah, I didn't vote because of the outage. Had no idea any of this was posted until late last night. It's excellent stuff as usual, although I'd like to see a full shot of the girl with her guts hanging out. I know that probably takes a lot more time to draw, and it's not fair to ask that of you with all the great content you've been treating us to, but if you want feedback, that would be mine.

Also, I hope you don't give up, or like others said, if you find another site to post on, let us know.


You are definitely one of the top if not the top guro artist. I understand creating art takes not only time to do but often time to just find the inspiration so please don't ever rush but please don't go!!


I'll probably keep going. Anything you guys want more or less of? Things you like or aren't liking? Feedback helps me.


Keep up the accompanying text, if you can. You write as well as you draw, and it really adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Something else I think you do really well, and I'd like to see more of, is the wide-eyed, mouth agape, look of shock and disbelief on the victims' cute, innocent faces as they die.



Aw! Thanks! I like those faces, yeah, so I put a lot into them. Always wondered why none of my stuff ends up in the 'Trauma Faces' thread on g/.


If you're taking requests, I'd love more breast and/or genital mutilation of some kind. Gunplay would be cool too. I'd also echo continuing with the prose, it's very good!


Definitely agree. I love your posts and hoping for some variation into that as well


File: 1472637489390.jpg (592.86 KB, 1650x900, TayNeeKay.jpg)

A. Taylor - Stoner girl stumbles on your hidden grow house.
B. Neesha - Mixed-race stripper agrees to go back to your hotel room.
C. Kaylee - Blonde college girl picks the wrong frat boy to go home with.


I'd love to see that stripper show us some moves. B for me.


Oh man I genuinely like all three but I'll go with the smaller tits on A. I can't lose on this one though no matter who is picked. They're all beautiful.




I think I'd like to see B too although I hope this is "see B first"


I'll go for A, always love a stoner!


Tough call! Going to go with "C", would love to see what Kaylee there is made of ;)


Nice! I'm gonna cast my vote for Taylor again. So A.


B for sure! Good work ^_^


Love the expression on C, want to see how she looks at the end.


Three-way tie so far! 3-3-3. Closing votes tonight!


What a choice gonna go with A tho


My vote's for B, we need more color here ;-)


Okay, A and B are tied. I'll go with B for a chance to do something different. Or should I have a run-off between A and B?


I'll also go with B!


C here!


Ha! Now B is at 5, and A and C are at 4. Closing in a few hours!




B please!

Also didn't vote cause of the outages.


Hey EeveE! Wanted to tell you I absolutely love your stuff! Apart from amazing pictures, you write the text and describe the scenes like no other. Think I've even derived more pleasure from your stories than from the images themselves. The way you show us their anguish, their begging for life, and how the light slowly goes out of their eyes, it always takes me over the edge.

A very small nitpick in the last kill picture - there's not so much fatty tissue in the neck for it to be yellow like that. It's mostly muscles, vascular system, and bone/cartilage near the middle.










Whoops sorry looks like I double posted there


If votes aren't closed yet, I vote C =)


B wins!


No, B loses. Mwahahaha!




Can't wait to see her die.




You guys know voting is over, right?


Hey EeveE, where'd you go! Are you still doing these?


Hope you haven't given up on us.


File: 1473846934658.jpg (127.73 KB, 525x825, Marisol.jpg)

Still alive. Lost my mojo. I'll resume eventually. Mostly just doodling characters, like this.


ah take your time EeveE, your style is really great :)


Hey eevee I think it'd be cool to see some of the other sketches you've been drawing, if you feel like posting them. I really appreciate your artstyle. Anyhow have a good one.


File: 1475379261124.jpg (205.33 KB, 525x825, Marisol2.jpg)


Love it!!




I just wanna let you know I jerked off and came buckets to this.


Whooo! Queen of Guro is back!


Beautiful, Eevee. Thanks for sharing!


File: 1476242286122.jpg (73.61 KB, 525x825, NewToon.jpg)

Playing with a new cartoony style. Thoughts?



love it


File: 1476258848977.jpg (98.88 KB, 525x825, NewToon.jpg)

Further along. More exaggerated/cartoony.


File: 1476273658041.jpg (151.66 KB, 525x825, NewToon.jpg)

Still have to to the guy and the background, plus blood and cum.


It's definitely good. I think your other style is perfect but this one is very good as well.


File: 1476319316670.jpg (206.59 KB, 525x825, NewToonDone.jpg)

And finished.


Amazing as always :D


Hot stuff.


Lovely breasts!


I actually like the toon version even more. The rounded face, the big eyes, the button nose. Lovely.

I'd love to see you tackle Ariel in the Disney princess thread with this style. Preferably the human version. I know you don't take requests and I can't afford a commission, but if it tickles your fancy, it'd sure make my day.

BTW, I wrote a short story based on your Homocide Girls stories. If you're interested in reading it let me know and I'll post it on the literature forum.


File: 1476649963333.jpg (98.18 KB, 525x825, Vanessa.jpg)

Aw! Thanks! And sure, please post, that would be awesome!

Here's another cartoony one. Asian again.


Very, very nice!


File: 1476663161514.jpg (119.27 KB, 525x825, Tayler.jpg)

And a blonde girl.


Awesome! I'd love to see blondie there spill her guts.

I posted that story I mentioned.


She looks really cute :)


File: 1476745220507.jpg (143.88 KB, 525x825, Tayler2.jpg)

Like this?


Exactly like that :D


Hell yes, like that!


Your art is great! Would love to see even more of her bowels pulled out, large intestines included.


I love the new style. It'd be great to see a decapitation bj at some point :)



Your story was great! We should RP sometime!


File: 1476857252090.jpg (136.08 KB, 525x825, Vanessa2.jpg)

Rough idea for the Asian girl. Butchered with lots of bondage and writing all over her.


File: 1476868710675.jpg (140.02 KB, 525x825, Vanessa2.jpg)

Drawn in full!


Aww Tayler looks awesome! Think you'll color her at some point?


Love it! I would trade places with her in a second.



Thank you. At least one person liked it.

And please forgive me, but I don't role play. I'm happily married to a wonderful woman, and role playing this sort of thing with people on the internet would feel too much like cheating.



Oh! No worries! I TOTALLY respect that!


eEVEe, do commissions? email me at


File: 1477370652114.jpg (103.47 KB, 525x825, Cameron.jpg)

A couple new characters.


File: 1477370669445.jpg (97.39 KB, 525x825, Parker.jpg)


File: 1477376707386.jpg (78.83 KB, 525x825, Logan.jpg)


File: 1477394251064.jpg (99.63 KB, 525x825, Esmerelda.jpg)


i would say that parker and esmerelda would be perfect for the barbecue spit, but your going to do what your going to do, i just thought i throw something out besides the gutting you always do


A nice assortment of feisty young sluts. This might not be your thing from what I've seen so far EeveE, but I could see Parker get relieved of her massive juggs, then half decapitated and throat fucked.

In any case, looking forward for more of your work.


Love the one with the taped nipples.



Esmeralda is a cutie with braces,

she needs to have a mouth full of cum. lol, get it dripping in those braces.



Esmeralda is a cutie with braces,

she needs to have a mouth full of cum. lol, get it dripping in those braces.


File: 1477554152254.jpg (91.41 KB, 525x825, Logan2.jpg)

How are these?


File: 1477554171647.jpg (123.12 KB, 525x825, Esmerelda2.jpg)


Omg Eevee, I don't know how you do it time and time again. Love the scene with all the cocks getting hard to her death show and the knife buried to the hilt in the other girls chest.



Colored, Logan will be plastered in cum from those cocks. Esme will have a bunch on her face, too, and shading will make it more clear he's resting his cock on her forehead.


File: 1477580745121.jpg (142.96 KB, 525x825, Parker2.jpg)

Parker drawn.


It's just a constant stream of awesome art from you! Many thanks!


A beautiful gutting for mixed race girls Neesha and Cameron, with lot of organs spilled out. Small intestines of course, but also colon, stomach organ, liver...


Best stuff on gurochan right here. I hope you get back into your Little Death Series as well sometime. Your writing is as good as your drawing.


File: 1477727958717.jpg (98.55 KB, 525x825, Cameron2.jpg)

Last of the new bunch.



Yes, yes, and yes. Totally this.


I can never get enough of your art Eevee.


Bumping, because EeveE is the best!


File: 1480116844167.jpg (115.42 KB, 525x825, Mariela2.jpg)


That's one long ass knife, must be a filleting knife xD
Very nice artwork as always



Salmon knife, yeah.


Love it :D Glad to see you're still drawing.


Would you mind posting your commission prices again?


Wait, was there a Mariela1 I missed?


Park Bloodood-style: 1 page with a before and after illustration, a brief bio of the victim, and a short text story between the pics detailing their demise. See the Park Bloodwood thread here for samples. $100

Metal Mouth Murders-style: 2 page webcomic story, going from start to finish in broad strokes. See the Metal Mouth Murders thread here for samples.$300

Homicide Girls-style: 4 page webcomic with a bio page giving lotss of details about the victim, like you see in this thread. One page of interview/undressing, 3 pages of sex/violence. $500

All prices are negotiable. The more I'm into like what you're asking me to draw, the more likely I'll negotiate. Email me if you're interested.

Nope. I just drew her death. Might go back and do before.


Hey Eevee, I e-mailed you regarding a possible commission ;)


File: 1480515091714.jpg (120.2 KB, 525x825, Moon.jpg)

Nerdy Asian girl.


I hope she's still conscious and aware of what's happening to her.


File: 1480556527414.jpg (135.21 KB, 525x825, Moon2.jpg)



Love the hanging


bump, these are great


Wow, seems like I missed a lot! Very nice new ones!


Where is your homicide girls thread?


how could i get ahold of the artist to talka bout a commision


click on her name, that's the address you can contact her at.


sad that this seems to have died...


Agreed. She was my favorite artist on here. I really hope she comes back and continues these someday.




File: 1492237703359.jpg (158.38 KB, 525x825, Esmerelda1.jpg)


File: 1492237732771.jpg (222.87 KB, 525x825, Esmerelda2.jpg)


File: 1492237761785.jpg (158 KB, 525x825, Cameron1.jpg)


File: 1492237783659.jpg (183.66 KB, 525x825, Cameron2.jpg)


Welcome back! Great work as always!


Yes! Eevees back!


Yay! You're back! Hope you start up Little Deaths again!


EeveE is alive! Though her glorious girls not so much. :-p


great stuff good to see you back posting



O.O Is that the real Eevee?


I doubt it, there is some guy who randomly bumps threads with artists names lately


Yup. Didn’t even spell the name correctly. It’s EeveE, not eevee.


File: 1557674162089.jpg (161.22 KB, 525x825, Jez2b.jpg)



File: 1557674391046.jpg (146.96 KB, 525x825, Duch1b.jpg)

<.< >.>


great job



You are back??


Eevee! So happy to see new stuff from you.


so good to see new stuff here.

EeveE you do such hot snuff.

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