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My Random Art Thread appears to have fallen off the back end of /art/, so here's a fresh one to replace it. I'll dig up what I can remember posting in the old one (I don't think there was much - only one or two pieces) and repost it later.

For now, a new piece! This is a possible scene I'm working on for the ongoing "Cracked Mirror" guro visual novel project in which the protagonist makes a costly mistake near a volcanic caldera. I'll let it be known here and how that I expect tasteless jokes to be made ;P


File: 1470281560997.jpg (679.94 KB, 640x960, Halloween Card.jpg)

Here begins some of that old stuff I'd been mentioning. Halloween came and went last Fall without me getting around to actually posting this (or maybe I did and then forgot...) so here it is now.
I do not presume to have created GuroChan's mascot(s) in any fashion whatsoever, particularly given the existences of great characters such as Bikko and Guroccubus, but when I drew this card I realized I hadn't made up a last name for these girls (suggestions are welcome), so I just went with "GuroChan" xD


File: 1470281663754.jpg (582.25 KB, 640x960, Christmas Card.jpg)

More old stuff. In this case Christmas came and went without me posting this as far as I recall. And again, I assume nothing by my choice of last name.


File: 1470282271441.jpg (111.63 KB, 800x500, Wormhole Necklace.jpg)

More old stuff.

Want to be headless, but not permanently, and short on magic? Using this nifty little wormhole choker, you can pop your head off and back on any time you want!
And if you call in the next 15 minutes, you'll get the arm band and garter editions absolutely free!

Our scientists are currently working on a surgically implantable version that can be completely hidden under the neck skin for a "naturally headless" look.


File: 1470282625540.png (739.89 KB, 1080x1080, Oppoid.png)

More old stuff. Warning: wall of text ;P

The oppoid is a creature mentioned in my MS Topless spinoff "The Business Trip" (which has since fallen off the end of the /lit/ archive. If anyone wants it reposted just say so). Long story short, it's an attachable parasitic boob capable of breast vore should the host desire it. Its ability to absorb and digest nanobots makes it one of the few viable breast replacements for those who have had a NanoBlock injection, although the MS Topless company is madly working to develop a new NanoBlock that oppoids can't neutralize.

Inspired writers are welcome to use oppoids in their stories. I'd of course prefer to be credited, but if you forget it's fine as long as you don't claim that you made it up yourself ;)


repost of business trip would be appreciated


Good to hear Cracked Mirror is still a thing, I happened to be curious a while ago and visit the website but it appeared to be quite inactive. I won't play the game since personally I'm here for /s/ mostly but I'm still rooting for the project to succeed.


Welcome Back Miss Psychoaiko

i love to see your art again and i'll forward into it


>>12779 Will do! Sorry I missed your post. For some reason the thread didn't seem to bump for me.

>>12781 My apologies for sucking at PR. Progress is very slowly but surely being made, but we've been rather lax about updating the website. Thanks for reminding me to get back on that horse... xD

>>12792 Thank you! As you might guess I don't draw very regularly but I'll make sure to post whatever I do produce.


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Aiko has undertaken the 12-month Gore Art Challenge as detailed here:

For January I have "split" wherein Aiko is splitting herself down the middle. To what end? And where is her dear twin sister? Mysteries for now...


This is a lovely drawing.


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File: 1488893233253.jpg (224.47 KB, 640x640, 2 Tear.jpg)

I accidentally missed February's challenge picture so I guess I'm doing two this month. Theme #2 is "Tear," as in tearing - in this case, Aiko's heart. The viewers sure are hard to please sometimes!
This time I tried seeing how well I could do with a fully grayscale picture and no conversion tricks. I found that even with a very light gray starting color it was easy for the blood effects to quickly get very dark.
I also experimented with coloring in Aiko's hair to reflect that it is not, in fact, white xD


I have also missed March's - er, April's ...whatever. This month I have an excuse though: I got roped into illustrating a children's book on short notice and had to draw six full-color pages and two colored backgrounds, plus proofread about 30 pages of terrible English in the span of a week and I was thus all arted out for a while.
Hopefully I can catch up in the coming month xP

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