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File: 1470186367182.jpg (407.08 KB, 848x1200, namako1.jpg)


Warning: graphic imagery require higher supervision and education.


File: 1470186669015.jpg (72.83 KB, 494x700, johanna.jpg)

More, this one from wolfsmund manga.


File: 1470186771626.jpg (80.84 KB, 494x700, namako2.jpg)

all food came from porking, or so i read somewhere.


Is this a request based thing OP? Nice work on those angles, very lively.

And no, not all thing is pork OP, go Vegan.


hey loving those shapes... very strong.

There's not much hooded female character in animes or games though...
Very niche.


Sssh Op, sssh, a bit rough on the edges there>>12510
Try using vectors.

I can send some references of characters, if you let me know how to PM you.


File: 1470207659804.jpg (40.01 KB, 570x760, princessassasas.jpg)

Hey, neatly done OP, Tokei!
...Would you do princess leia from Star Wars? She had scenes where she was hooded...with that giant hairdo.
This hair looks better with it.


Yeay, go vegan OP. All food is pork. Veg is porkly too.

Hehe, take it easy Tokei. That's some tough shit you drawing there. Not for the weak-minded.


hey, don't push it Anon. No one likes being told weak-minded.

Especially the primitively curious fanatics and self-serving narcissistic.


File: 1470208530010.jpg (55.97 KB, 480x360, hq.jpg)


hey alright, alright, what is this predatorial extra we're having here?
Let's keep the thread clean and potentially word-safe for now.
As it says, any graphic imagery require higher supervision and education.

Tokei, Op, easier to call you OP.

There's also Raven from teen titans, she looks horrendous in the latest injustice. Do her justice!


File: 1470255438683.png (115.94 KB, 718x633, Tempura.PNG)

Hey, it's alright! Ideas!

>>12517 Ain't my problems with vegan.
Thanks, glad you noticed the subtle details.

>>12517 Sort of. I don't know.
I was expecting critiques, color tones and what not.
Still can't understand how to think around it.

>>12527 Yeah, let's not push this thread any further to things like that.
The argument sounds too common and contributes nothing to the craft itself. Only for the motormouths and abusive.

Please keep it technical...i suppose?

Here's a tempura. I colored it, but it felt cheap, like overcooked dish.
Maybe some inputs?



Hey looks alright!

All colors starts from light right? And then darker and darkers.
That should be the basic.

From that angle, the steaming oil would be the source of light, yellowish and burning.

Keep it up! Maybe start from something simple inside a room. A figure perhaps. I look forward to spider-gwen, perhaps?


Just like what anon says. Think simply.
YOu have the form and posture take care, the color should follow the guides.

And any thread is clinically prone to exploding out of proportions.
There is now about 7 million people on earth, 11 million by a decade or so.
Once mass media decays into tiny forums and exclusives, you'd know by then we're fucking it up for the kids in the future. But of course, the other half of the population doesn't care, nosing around and continues porking and messing it up big time.

Keep on drawing OP, surely that kind of stress is beyond your control even if made aware.


File: 1470271238225.jpg (51.83 KB, 560x560, elf.jpg)

Sylvanas Windrunner maybe... Tokei?


File: 1470304728697.jpg (66.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

So, are you officially open for request now? Because i'm seeing lots of ideas from outside... Is it exclusively only for hooded females? That some fetish you have...

Please do someone from dead or alive, maybe Mila and Tina!


File: 1470337086338.jpg (423 KB, 564x800, ss.jpg)

Heyhey, Sylvanas sounds alright...
But requests? I'm not that confident career wise, need some more interest.
I don't know any other way that posting here.

And requests is such a wildcard, all my works are just observational study.


Pretty high quality I'd say. The lighting is now rather precise, but lacking effects.
I'd suggest more realistic or 3d photo reference, but even their angles are not very well built....

Oh and i saw a scimitar there! What do you mean by observational? Is art not an opinionated form of statement?


Vouching for these two, OP

Got me interested in your thread here. More volume, less talk.


Wow, is this Goeniko? The "one" genderbend character from King of Fighters that fits legit okay since Mugen?
Nicely done! I'm so amazed now, i feel like writing a story for it? Care to collab Tokei?

And Tsaringan, more volume means more work; Are you all heat and steam, no brain or heart?



Hey rest it both of you. This just a thread, let the sharptongue rest a little.

I'm sure OP will attend to both of your request, whenever s/he can....
Probably a little too much so we'll have to discard a few and look for the necessary?

I look forward to spidergwen or Leia and Raven or Sylvanas next!
or just return to the food series, which could be Udon and many things.


Sweet good lord. More colors. This thread could be buried under words.

Maybe try and animate them? Honestly your speed and precision is quite something.


File: 1470748290615.jpg (235.35 KB, 565x800, ss2.jpg)


File: 1470748506891.jpg (230.33 KB, 565x800, ss3.jpg)

Totally a cool idea? But i'm not very confident yet... thinking of finishing a tiny short story first haha.
Yeah, rain, it's her. I plan to do more of her!


File: 1470748649770.jpg (279.92 KB, 565x800, ss1.jpg)

Some fake cover ideas, honestly there's been a low volume in manga and drawn contents recently...



Wow, OP, you got some serious juice going on... Please do a comic with her! I'm looking for Leliana from dragon age too!


I wonder if the religious overtones are any tad offensive... hahaha


Anon, please. Try watching news. This thing is exclusively 2 dimensional.


Are you open for request?


Yeah please, for fan art at least would be amazing


File: 1470991260502.png (110.71 KB, 403x633, Capture.PNG)

Here's some raven!

Testing out something i learnt from a book just so that i can deliver better works and faster!

And i saw a thread on gurochan talks about, the importance of guro being kept fiction...

Maybe i should add "forbidden to try elsewhere but in fiction"?


Yassss, ravennn!!!

What will happen to her, i wonder! Maybe pair her with beast boy and trigon? or trigon?



man, these two are definitely my favorites... and no need for that kind of tags... an "M" or R-18 is enough of warning


File: 1471088704567.png (127.59 KB, 474x646, rave.PNG)

Hey, good idea, age warning right! Alright, next time i'll be putting them.

Here's something subtle and quick!



Yeah more raven!

Please put her with Trigon!


File: 1471132600083.jpg (548.95 KB, 706x1000, rvt.jpg)


Alright! here's one with Trigon!
Just one since i'm in the mood!
And i'm not sure about request...

Currently i'm unemployed and my only skill is drawing,
and i also have many things i'm worrying, like moving out and bringing an entire family safely...

So yeah, so soryy, but keep posting, i'll let you know if i can draw it or not!


Ahhh, so glad it's with Trigon now!

Awesome! Is this now a request?
Can we ask for characters now?


These are nicer but they could have more color treatment like this one below...


File: 1471297093378.jpg (411.17 KB, 706x1000, ss.jpg)

Here's Brianna from Star Wars: Knights of The Old Empire 2!!

Never got the chance to turn her evil...
i always stayed on the light side...

Hope you enjoyed and>>12944 Anon, no, not request...
But i am still listening!
More inputs will keep my inspiration fast!



The effects on these two are kinda lacking...
need some gloss and lens flare.
The colors and shape are almost precise.



these are stunning, do you do lolicons? Maybe raven in its younger version, or just a younger everyone



I thought underage is banned?



NO, it was banned then unbanned after awhile.
But raven in >>12856 looks young enough... i guess it counts?

The labels are just labels anyway.

More quality stuffs OP!
I look forward to more star wars! Maybe vissas marr or padme during her disguise!


OP your work gets better and nicer, have you ever considered animating?

maybe, do you perhaps animate in japan?


OP probably lack the skill, as we can see.


File: 1471417183750.jpg (439.74 KB, 706x1000, Hopesm.jpg)


I don't know and i don't look forward to it? Let's not talk about lolis since i'm not into it or lack the taste for it.
Raven probably looks younger since she's mostly younger in my memory.

>>12973 And Jin, thanks. As much as it is flaterring to hear that, i'm still abit far from their skills. And going to animate there, is more about speaking the language and the culture.

And since my fondest memory about japanese culture are only as much as their video games teaching me their broken translated english, i'm definitely lacking the language to even survive daily activity.

Good news is, glad you noticed that i am improving, and i'm probably a little bit deeper into the visual technique than i am in language.

Here's uh, hope jensen from Assassin's creed.
Testing on a few things such as renders... enjoy!


Ah new stuff! good job OP.

It's definitely lacking a few bits, but i think you're on the right track.

Just ignore the haters and the busy bodies. They probably are too high up there, wondering the meaning of things and the standards.

As for the latest one though... it's a bit dark?
The style feels closer to the schlussel/goeniko ones...

I'd suggest a series of continuous subjects OP, and tie up the effects together...


And again, lacking the polish. And since it's not animated, this definitely counts as illustrations.



Ah gowd, badass! Hawt as hell.

If anything, i definitely think you can animate if you feel like it.
Maybe not in japan, online perhaps?

I look forward to more Handmaiden!
Brianna looks gorgeous but abit too dark, she look like Elena from Street Fighter!



These two are my favorites!


speaking of hope...

This might be befitting.



Damn gorgeous... would you feature her again?
The glass reminds me of marie from evangelion...



Please do more hope... maybe comic!


Please do a Leia and Johanna, wolfsmund hasn't been updating, it's ridiculous!

Maybe crush leia with force or melt her in Mustafar!


no more art OP?


is this thread still active?


File: 1472637818021.jpg (453.5 KB, 2893x4092, oranges.jpg)


hey, sorry, been dealing with some life issues.
Looking to, employ high memory system of imagery and getting a career...

Sorry, been slowing down a little.


File: 1472857872962.jpg (401.06 KB, 848x1200, orangecov.jpg)

Been thinking if this is rather too charitable?Cheers.
I'm developing this all in details.


File: 1472942962667.jpg (297.5 KB, 706x1000, Dinecov2.jpg)


I like that first pic. Sooo inviting.


Do you take requests?


Ah,back again.

Will continue posting again.
some of these images turns me off alot.

I seem to fail to post some stuff from pixiv.

will add more things now cheers


File: 1558791911437.jpg (597.91 KB, 1280x720, 1440337075937.jpg)

old art. wheeeze!


Wheee, drawing is still hard, especially when not using any reference at allll in life or as a guide.

but the key is simple : good measurement and precision in sizes.


just a random question.

is vaping considered drugs? sisha? i mean, i took a hit with a bunch of academy friends… i hope it is not drugs that broke my brain or something.


what about sourcce of guro then?

why do some likes guro?
hhaha why does the activity appear?


this seems private to enjoy than public lol.

very niche and uh… not open to pubic


>>25661 public lol


influenced by kizaki?


well, freak, do you get 2nd voices in your head hahah


is this somehow connected to your taste


does anyone actually think this thing can be a dayjob? gore is banned in many places…

except kitchen and butchery


>>25676 anon are you saying wtf i hear you saying?

at this point i am gonna be the bad cop and say you are outta your mind.

kitchen and butchery violence IS socially accepted violence. it is for our own survival. but this, this is purely entertainment.

you cannot say the animals are equal to us


i remember the OP pixiv had like amelia crasman from state of decay…
now it's gone, only bunch of dumb references…


wtf stop wasting this thread.
or you can post to pixiv instead because now it has pprivacy law or something



anons pls gtfo or something.
bring your complaints elsewhere

OP is doing this only for fun.
no actual subjeccts are being used ever.(maybe should add that tiny fineprint)

it is all good in what it is ever going be, a drawings.


are you open for request?

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