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I lurked here for sometime and now I wanna share my art


File: 1470160761736.jpg (211.26 KB, 1048x1534, 3.jpg)

picking the next piglet


File: 1470160823375.jpg (115.24 KB, 1836x964, 2.jpg)

Succulent piglet roasting


File: 1470176756603.jpg (172.89 KB, 1552x1096, hjk.jpg)

Dig in


Sunako from YamaNade getting cooked, please?


File: 1470187644739.jpg (153.42 KB, 1060x1388, hjk.jpg)


I will look this "Sunako from YamaNade" and see what i can do, do u have any ideas how to dolcett cook Sunako?

This is my cute puppy petgirl :)


File: 1470188915453.jpg (179.21 KB, 1058x1102, fgh.jpg)


I would have to say no, >>> I love taking requests <<< but ALL of the characters I draw are adult characters, no exceptions :D


What about Lina Inverse being beheaded wearing only magic canceling cuffs please


Hi GuroDood, is there any chance you would mind doodling anything of Aigle (Rumble Roses) eating up a carved, cooked B. Orchid (KI)? I can't get enough of Aigle and just love her to bits!


File: 1470203631488.jpg (310.18 KB, 1020x1436, rty.jpg)

>>12515 I have to decline because as I said before, characters have to be adult characters, Googled Lina Inverse, and she is not, sorry!

>>12519 I just googled, they're both adult characters and I'll give it a shot!

Meanwhile, here's a pic I drew the other day


File: 1470215906211.jpg (230.6 KB, 1572x872, xcf.jpg)

>>12519 Aigle (Rumble Roses) eating up a carved, cooked B. Orchid (KI)

Hope you enjoy it :D let me know if u have more ideas or requests if you liked this one


Any chance you can do a girl in a school uniform in some sort of failed magic trick (like sawing in half or in a box of swords)?


Heya, can you draw something with Azura from Fire Emblem: Fates?


File: 1470263759950.jpg (290.38 KB, 1632x856, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

I welcome all requests that include adult characters!!!

>>12531 I'll draw a woman but can't draw a school uniform because my characters are strictly adult characters.

>>12539 I looked her up and wasn't able to find her character age, I only draw adult characters :D

Meanwhile, here's an alien Dolcett shop



I thought Lina was an adult.

What about Etna of Disgaea being beheaded (she looks young but is well over 1000 years old))


Hi, would you mind drawing anything of Julia Chang from Tekken served up as a delicious meal? She's 21, and perfect to be a human rump roast. ;)


Sorry, was sure her age was stated to be adult but after checking no FE characters have their age given. What about Agnes Oblige from Bravely Default then?


File: 1470288319132.jpg (259.04 KB, 1080x1800, hji.jpg)

>>12542 Julia Chang from Tekken looks delicious :)

thanks for the request, bring up more

please send me more of those request and the characters have to be adults only!


May I request Charlotte from Fire Emblem rotisserie style please? Thank you ;)


Ooh, if you're looking for requests, I'd love to see Soul Calibur's Cassandra split, spitted and roasted!


Can you do some gut fucking or neck fucking?


Combined with her hair stuff and the color schemes yah got there that's a great looking picture :).


Does Marie Rose from DoA interest you? She's 18, but I'd love to see her eaten by Gracia from Samurai Warriors (she's 22).


File: 1470342578171.jpg (301.88 KB, 1080x1548, fgt.jpg)

Soul Calibur's Cassandra split, spitted and roasted turned out beautiful :)

also, does anyone know if drawing and posting these is bad in the United States? i don't wanna get into trouble drawing these characters if it's not allowed although all I'm drawing are adult characters

give me more requests I'm liking those!


Ryoko and Satsuki being beheaded by their mother?


Ryoko and Satsuki being beheaded by their mother?


File: 1470365770420.jpg (694.93 KB, 1632x2380, l.jpg)

The story of "NOT Lois Griffin" requested by someone, though people might like it here

Bring up more requests :)


Dexter's Mom being captured, raped and cooked? There's little to no guro of her, which is shocking considering she's popular.



Lovely work :)


can it at least be one in long socks, short skirt, belly showing maybe with some pig tails and glasses, could alwasy be some sort of college too


Damn... i like it when people draw some character outside of manga and anime.

Well i wold request Gwen Tennyson from Ben10. Preferably hanged, fucked up the ass and cooked. Then served on a plate like a roasted pig - ass up.

And if you feel like drawing some furies (i cant find anyone who do draw them here even in /fur/ and take requests) i would LOVE to see Flora being hunted down, shot and her dead body fucked, then cooked over a fire pit!


While Lina Inverse is underage for the majority of her appearances, she is 18 in Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R, so she's legal there at least if that helps change your mind.

If not, I'd like to see meals made out any of the following: Femshep, Harley Quinn, Seras Victoria, Princess Zelda and Linkle, Mad Moxxi, FF7's Aerith/Aeris, and/or Darkstalkers' Morrigan.

Carved and served on a platter, spit roasted, as long as they're the meals


While Lina Inverse is underage for most of her appearances, she is 18 in Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R, if that helps change your mind about her.

If not, I'd like to see Harley Quinn roasting on a spit


I love torture, not necisarilly mutilation or obviously fatal, but shocking, needles, whipping, the kind that says "your mine for years"

got any?


You know we could try making short erotic stories based on this page while Eka is finishing getting the other site?


If you don't mind the question, do you share your guro art elsewhere (pixiv, eka, etc.)?

As for the request/suggestion, is it possible to request original, generic, characters? You could make them as old as you're comfortable with. I would like to see a harpy stuffed and baked.

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