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File: 1469877054002.png (1.22 MB, 1294x1000, orchid86.png)


Here is "new" art ... which is really very, very old.


File: 1469877203104.png (857.17 KB, 1131x1000, orchid87.png)

And an other.


Welcome back, Sa'Kay! Nice to see new art from you. Orchid's huge tits are getting some well deserved attention here.

Did something just eat Orchid's nipples and breast meat in the second pic?


I can not remember ... but they are not there. :-)


File: 1473251234142.png (1.7 MB, 932x1400, catwoman2.png)

Here, some new inspiration.

~ She went to the room very quiet ... but not too quiet enough, as when she waited to study, five cracks of gun fire sounded in behind, and she gasped in pain! She looked down, and in her breasts and womb were the holes, from where smoke licked up to her face ... she tried to speak, but her only sound was gasps from the hole in her throat.
"Ah-! Hhh-!" ~


File: 1473251281773.png (286.73 KB, 932x1400, catwoman2 bw.png)

And for bonus, black-and-white-version. :-)


File: 1480239813278.png (1.6 MB, 1000x1600, orchid88.png)

Sabrewulf just can not resist.



Rupture that tight ass and rip off her tits. No Mercy!


File: 1480669387590.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1492, orchid89.png)


None in deed. :-)

New work: "Orchid Trophy"


Nice ass! Delicious Orchid-on-a-stick... But where are her pretty head and tits!?



A very good question ... ;-)


File: 1482731856473.png (944.64 KB, 1000x1000, chunli15.png)

Chun-Li discovered high-kicks do not work with Ryu.


Chun Li has been unzipped!!!


Love this sort of thing. Have you done any pics of villains getting killed?



In sense of traditional, no ... my most is fighter game girls-Orchid, Kitana, Chun-Li, Maya-and very, very old of Tifa & Aeris.

Subject, alpha-betical:

Danielle Dawson
Kim Wu
Natalie [she is my character]
Tifa & Aeris & Cait Sith & Cloud


More Orchid torture please!


Sa'kay's back! Sort of.

Two questions: one, do you have an archive of all your old work? Like a RAR file or a torrent? I lost most of your material from back in the day.

And two, any new Kitana art? We need more dead/dying/necro'ized Kitana.



To one: yes! I have one archive on g.hentai. :-)

To two: no. :-( I have only some un complete sketches I will not probably complete. I do not "feel" them.


File: 1528020287507.png (664.44 KB, 1000x1600, catwoman3.png)

And also, new work complete! :-) Cat woman loses another life, and can't decide to cum or scream!


Do you take requests?


I would LOVE to see some more tit eating, maybe some nipples getting chewed or ripped off by monsters. Looks like you've got a new fan. Loving your artwork so far~


To XIO,dude where else can I find your posts?
you know like your captions for breast eating and stuff.


To anon guy;
Huh? I don't really make debreasting and cannibalism captions myself though I'm heavy into that stuff. I know some folks that make captions for it. What exactly are you looking for? Just more content or..?


To XIO,I was talking about like some of the pics that you posted in translations and alterations on this particular I was thinking of the picture you posted where the girls bikini top flies off revealing that her boob had been chewed up with bites missing. I really like that pic.


Oh,to sa'Kay,I like your stuff too, sorry for taking up all your space on your page.?



Any thing if I have ideas! :-) But I only draw what I find interesting, so no guarantee ...


And would I, lol!


No worry, happy to let two fans chat. :-)


Hey Sa'kay. any more/new Kitana art?


Sakay, do you have a torrent or RAR file of your works? I had the file back in the day, but 4shared deleted it :(


How about Cat woman shot right in her cunt?

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