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File: 1469302639166.png (296.34 KB, 923x748, 7-23-16 Riven Fuckdoll.png)

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My first foray into the world of guro. I draw mostly LoL and Overwatch.

Riven has been turned into merchandise. Would anyone like to purchase her?


Love it! Would love to see more lol and overwatch girls dismembered <3


I would love to purchase a mutilated Lux please~


Any chances on buying roasted Leona body and Miss Fortune butt? Paying top $$$


How much for that torso? I need a new pillow :3


oh another person drawing lol, would you be okay doing scat?
if not could i suggest a lux hanging?


Scat is also a possibility. Lux hanging sounds lovely though.

Probably will do MF next unless anyone wants to see Riven being enjoyed.


Why everyone loves Lux but no one loves my poor main chemp. - Leona? She is a super hot redhead and you can see her sexy panties when you go into bush in game! :(


sweet :D could i request fiora squatting down and taking a shit while constipated full ass in view?

maybe some dialogue if you're feeling up to that too


or maybe eve taking a sloppy shit all over a vision ward your pick


File: 1470204604576.png (394.43 KB, 987x600, 8-2-16 MF Leona Roasted.png)

Chef's Special: Roast Bot Lane


love how mf looks


Great work!!!


File: 1470732170911.png (524.04 KB, 976x779, 8-6-16 MF Leona Headfuck.png)

Don't let the heads go to waste.


They look like they are sucking on a very boring jawbreakers! xD But yea! More MF and Leona! YEY! Man i would fuck they assholls so hard!


man that leona though, id do her fried body without a second thought, great art man!


could I request to see how Leona got fried? Id like to see that powerful with a little expression of fear and anguish right before she gets cooked nicely :) would be super sweet


Its funny... i started cult of Leona snuffing in Aya thread and now everyone love Leo snuffed ass. xD And i main her in The Game! (you lose) XD


why do I loose? I love seeing that strong powerful tank getting fucked over or cooked, whatever really. She is my favourite champ and every pic I see of her is a victory


why do I loose? I love seeing that strong powerful tank getting fucked over or cooked, whatever really. She is my favourite champ and every pic I see of her is a victory


I would prefer more skullfuck with Overwatch characters like the one you recently did. Aya is already doing it on his patreon.


I heard you're semi okay with scat :o

would it be okay to suggest sivir looking back, spreading ass, and shitting a massive thick turd saying "better duck"?



I'll try to get some Overwatch in soon, if anyone has any suggestions.


LOL I like this one, haven't done Sivir in a while.

BTW if you want to check out my other stuff,

I only post non guro/scat stuff there, everything else will probably be in this thread.


I mean I personally would LOVE to see more Leona of any kind, she is my only real waifu and I kinda want to explore this whole guro thing with her


amazing to hear :>


looks like chef Tahm Kench really knows how to fry the bot lane :P now we just need to see that nice meal used. We wouldnt want such prime meat to go to waste that would be a real shame


god that leona slit and ass look so inviting, it would be a shame if that went to waste just like that!


still around milk?


File: 1478034802459.png (192.18 KB, 590x1000, 11-2-16 Fiora Scat.png)

I return, bearing Fiora scat.


looks amazing dude :D


Holy shit you're back. Been ages !!
Where you been man?
Hoping to see more from you especially Overwatch females :D


File: 1483505544716.png (317.76 KB, 749x974, Vayne Headfuck.png)

I took a long break from guro but I'm back for more. Today's victim is Vayne.


File: 1483505567269.png (347.8 KB, 749x974, Vayne Headfuck 2.png)


File: 1483505587534.png (376.83 KB, 749x974, Vayne Headfuck 3.png)


Hello! Happy New year m8!
from that vayne drawing i can already see you have improved your style while you have been away!

Well how you feel about drawing some Wolf(kindred other half) playing around with Kindred and/or Ahri? Im sure he would be hungry for those nice meaty pieces of they bodies!


Amazing. Do you intend on showing her body?


Thanks, Ahri guro sounds like something I'll probably do pretty soon.
I hadn't really planned on it.



could you do some nice Leona guro some time? The bitch has ruined my last 15 ranked games man, she is sexy af so I dont want to let the body go to waste tho


File: 1492045140385.png (257.1 KB, 749x800, 4-12-17 Lux Fuckdoll.png)

Got in the mood to draw a fuckdoll, so here's Lux.


File: 1492045215797.png (252.9 KB, 749x800, 4-12-17 Lux Fuckdoll.png)


....I want the lux


can we see more of leona? would be awesome!!


I say Kindred! Leana is fine to but i had not seen Kindred guro yet! :D
But whoever it will be maybe some butts now? :D


I was actually thinking about coming back to guro and doing a "all champions must die" sorta thing.


M8. Whatever you do it will be great! :D


I would LOVE to see some intricate way of Leona getting killed by someone. You could combine it with another champion killing her. Somehow you need to incorporate her sexy body, maybe rape? That would just be wonderful.


I'd love to see Sejuani! There's not nearly enough guro of her. You could have her roasted like a pig.


A cool idea might be Xayah earfuck or just anything with Xayah


I gotta agree with Leona, thicc amazon warrior redheads are always nice. Be creative with it!


+1 on Leona some rape + kill would be hot af!


was gona suggest MF but then again ur right Leona is way better than MF for this, go Leona!


when u draw bro?


need more defeat leona fuck and gore very good u draw <3


Yeah I'm just having trouble creating art at all, let alone guro. I should have a new piece soon though.


wonderful to hear my friend! wishing you all the best!


yes make Leona! sex and kill!


Ok dude.. chillax with the fucking Leona comments... GOD...


File: 1511331942361.png (131.56 KB, 465x800, 11-21-17 Karma Booty.png)

Did a Karma set for Slashgash.


File: 1511331973078.png (159.14 KB, 465x800, 11-21-17 Karma Booty Piss.png)


File: 1511331993339.png (148.77 KB, 465x800, 11-21-17 Karma Booty Scat.png)


File: 1511332014664.png (170.51 KB, 465x800, 11-21-17 Karma Booty Both.png)


its so good to see you again! You're the only real source of League guro and we need more!


Can i get a bit of Ashe please?

And those line art is so thick apparently...


I side with the masses for some good rough Leona guro


I will draw Leona eventually, I promise. Control yourselves.

I have one more scat picture on the way and then the next picture will be guro.


File: 1511456488860.png (341.35 KB, 800x597, 11-23-17 MF Akali.png)

MF and Akali set


File: 1511456508647.png (355.83 KB, 800x597, MF Akali Piss.png)


File: 1511456537263.png (351.71 KB, 800x597, MF Akali Scat.png)


File: 1511456556332.png (364.72 KB, 800x597, MF Akali Both.png)


File: 1512151485873.png (160.21 KB, 618x800, MF Toy.png)



Really nice! Personally i like them in a chaotic pile on the ground but this will do! *zippp*


That's a great arrangement and a very nice ass and pussy! Love it!

Is this going to be a series? I'd love to see Janna mounted.


wonderful work indeed! Ravenous for more!


File: 1512199972657.png (261.04 KB, 618x800, MF Toy Final.png)

Ok here's the finished version


File: 1512200002805.png (266.23 KB, 618x800, MF Toy Final Cum.png)

And with cum


Yeah I'll do Janna next


A little bit of critique - that's not how pussy works. 1st - its not a gigantic tunnel that's the whole length of the vagina. 2nd - the opening is closer to the anus - so the cum would pure out from there - maybe gravity and stuff but still - its wrong place to pool it.


I really, really love this! Could you do classic Cassiopeia please? Would love to see her decapitated head getting fucked <3




File: 1512511248208.png (116.65 KB, 521x800, Janna Toy Preview.png)

WIP of Janna Mounted!


amazing janna pic ^_^


File: 1512591333227.png (332.43 KB, 521x800, Janna Toy.png)



File: 1512591361055.png (336.07 KB, 521x800, Janna Toy Cum.png)



Thanks :)



Requester here. Just... brilliant! Thanks a lot! You've got a talent for really nice asses :D


Its so good to see you do some quality League guro again! Your the only one I know! looking forward to more stuff! maybe something rougher the next time? Would be sweet good sir!


Can I request riven x poppy guro/scat please?



Next one will be a little rougher. :)


I hope its Leo getting roughed up like the bitch she is!


Any chance you could fuck Cassiopeia's head? :) Love your stuff so much!



At some point, next is Cait


File: 1513673695585.png (509.23 KB, 566x800, Kitty Kat Piss.png)

Drew piss on this picture.



Hey, not sure how often you check your email, but I just sent you a commission request. If you don't get it, just say something on here.


File: 1519773775647.jpg (65.48 KB, 600x407, 67152334_p0_master1200.jpg)

Riven headfuck!


File: 1519773808802.jpg (66.09 KB, 600x407, 67152334_p1_master1200.jpg)


yo milk, is that Leona death rape thing still going down?



Maybe in the distant future, I didn't have any plans for it right now.


File: 1521560839654.png (493.12 KB, 1000x750, 67827467_p0.png)

Riven being pissed on!


love the lux set would be nice see eye used or head held and mouth used?


File: 1522696852113.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024, 20180312_115508.jpg)

LeBlancs headfuck sketch


Omai nice stuff :3 How about some yourdles ?


File: 1522724244778.jpg (2.71 MB, 4032x3024, 20180402_194449.jpg)

Not likely, sorry.

Vayne headfuck I drew a while ago because I can't produce much right now


Wonderful Content>:D


File: 1530643132658.png (472.85 KB, 1000x700, 7-3-18 Vayne Infomercial.png)

I'm back after a very long time of no guro. Here's a new product that you might enjoy.


File: 1531497108149.png (421.89 KB, 1000x750, XsvgRMN.png)

Vayne headfuck set. I know, I know, I've already done Vayne.


File: 1531497134173.png (436.11 KB, 1000x750, ikCb61Q.png)


File: 1531497162145.png (384.22 KB, 1000x750, XqMdPzB.png)


File: 1531497187432.png (399.32 KB, 1000x750, OdeRLep.png)


File: 1543828268257.png (562.82 KB, 667x1000, 061a26e9b8d31d2785af4bf50e….png)

Since Gurochan has been down, I have done this! But fear not, more guro isncoming!


I vote for Katarina next


Zoe! Do Zoe!! :D


File: 1549832766766.png (430.41 KB, 1000x800, 2-10-19 Jinx Headfuck Bloo….png)

Have a Jinx head. More versions on Pixiv.


File: 1555702385082.png (487.41 KB, 1000x800, 4-19-19 Riven Head Cum.png)

More Riven. Cumless version on pixiv.

I also have a Kat sketch that I'm working on!


I'd love more roasts like this!
If you'd be open to a suggestion, maybe Nidalee spitroasting someone?


Yes, I am always open to suggestions. That's a good idea, I can sketch that soon.


Aww, that'll be sweet, thank you! How you got in mind for her prey?


How about star guardians being roasted for dinner.


File: 1557536884898.jpg (428.8 KB, 1280x1758, tumblr_o84carFkQW1snepxto1….jpg)

Would you be willing to do some trophy or roast of this slut?



Different anon here
I'd like to see a hanging of No.25415
Little a short drop or pulled up one


File: 1560653031875.png (1.19 MB, 2400x1600, 75225863_p1.png)

New commission!


File: 1560653060426.png (1.23 MB, 2400x1600, 75225863_p2.png)


File: 1560653087473.png (1.24 MB, 2400x1600, 75225863_p3.png)


File: 1560653115381.png (1.27 MB, 2400x1600, 75225863_p4.png)


Requests are a little hard to get to at the moment, but guro commissions are available at

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