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Hey there guys (and girls?) I don't want to spam this place with my art, but a lot of it fits the bill, so I figured I'd share a few assorted chanworthy pieces as an example of my work. It's mostly furry and mostly male/gay, but that's not the only thing I can/will do. Also, anyone else is of course free to post anything of mine that they've seen and liked.

Now, since I browse requests a lot anyway, if it's allowed, I'd like to leave this thread open to requests. I do original work as well as editing (though I'm not going to edit anyone's watermark out or anything like that, so don't ask.).

...Now, I don't want to give the pretense that I have a life, but I probably won't be here every day and I don't want to draw 24/7 so I'm just going to pick requests based on if the idea inspires me to pick up the pen. That said, if I'm going to disappear for more than a week I'll say so.


File: 1466313981986.jpg (218.96 KB, 826x588, 1205132720.anonihmus_homgm….jpg)

My first (and last so far) dicknipples


File: 1466314032769.png (733 KB, 1254x763, 1219658959.anonihmus_conto….png)

"Contortion Modules"


File: 1466314064177.png (437.88 KB, 800x1000, 1235423135.anonihmus_vince….png)

Some bdsm/toilet stuff


File: 1466314163694.jpg (205.84 KB, 820x861, 1208224453.anonihmus_anoni.jpg)

Look! A girl! (Actually a genderbend of my serial killer/slaver character. Whereas I love him, this bitch kind of scares the fuck out of me.)


File: 1466314323641.jpg (247.14 KB, 922x696, 1218053143.anonihmus_hange….jpg)

GIRLS! ....I can draw dem.


File: 1466314612190.png (401.39 KB, 700x764, HeadlessBarelegReq.png)

Aaaand, finally, here's an edit (I'd say "shop" but I use PaintTool SAI, not Photoshop) I did day before yesterday for someone in /req/.

Well, that's all I'm going to flood the place with for now, but I've been drawing for going on fifteen years, and I get inspiration block a lot so if you like what you saw, feel free to browse my gallery:

or make a request and I might draw/edit it if I like the idea. :)


Hi, would you mind doing anything involving Sunako from The Wallflower? Maybe raped by tentacles until she bleeds, beheaded from behind as she gets her ass fucked or her own panties used to strangle her to death as a sharpened holy cross made of wood is shoved in her ass?

Thank you!!


Hmm, that's a really good elf picture. Is it Warcraft?


Can you draw a bunch of severed penises with foreskin?


As you mentioned, maybe if possible u can do this elf with facehugger?:)


As you mentioned, maybe if possible u can do this elf with facehugger?:)


Can you do furry requests? I've got a fluffy girl or two I'd like you to have a go with...


Could you draw a busty Captain Phasma getting filled with tentacles, kinda like in the OP pic?


I have no idea where the elf is from, but from the very little I know about WoW, the ears make sense for her to be from that.


File: 1466510892655.png (714.24 KB, 600x810, Penii.png)

Hopefully you'll find these penii to your liking.

...One of them is a little stress relief/my opinion on Spock-Uhura and I call it "Uhura getting what she REALLY wants from Spock".


File: 1466512382132.png (715.44 KB, 600x810, Penii.png)

Oops! Please forgive, I forgot Spock's foreskin.


"... I'm just going to pick requests based on if the idea inspires me to pick up the pen"


something to do with hatsune miku, legs and scat? can be an edit



Alright then.

I don't have a proper up to date refsheet but... You see that fat fluffy pink/red dog thing in the link above? (you may need to swap x for t)

You wanna draw her? You can draw her getting killed or killing someone else. Either is good.



More like this please, this is pretty damned cool. Severed cocks lined up in a line maybe?


If you like xenomorphs and gore please post on this thread


May I ask for a pic of Shima of Planet Dolen being killed by her mirror self (I forgot which ep that one arrived in) by strangling her and finger fucking her?


I have a couple requests actually. I'd like to see Tails from Sonic having both his dicks cut off as he cums, and Amy getting stabbed or shot in her pussy


Nice! This image has been one of my favorites for a long time.

It'd be nice to see Applejack from MLP:FIM drawn long drop hanged in assless chaps and cowboy boots with her hands tied/shackled behind her back.

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