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I'm a terrible artist but, as you might have gleaned by my trawling in other artists' threads, I'm a passable colourist. In this thread, I'll post other people's pictures I've coloured.

First, a picture from Andlex's pixiv: Inica executed


File: 1465701168769.png (427.24 KB, 1492x1080, net - A1.png)

Next, a series of pictures I've commissioned and coloured. I don't believe they've been ever posted anywhere (even in their black and white glory) so I'll give some background at the same time

The Eevee Girl is a local jazz singer with (as might be obvious) an eevee theme. The travelling Circus, offering innocent family-friendly circus shows during the day while more or less secretly hosting far more adult donkey shows at night, have convinced her to take part in one of these donkey shows. Unbeknownst to her, the Circus hides another darker, better kept secret. In addition to the humiliating yet ultimately harmless donkey shows, the Circus also organises snuff shows, in which the performer is brutally murdered while being fucked by pokémon.

Before the show proper can start, the Eevee Girl must strip down. She's understandably nervous; she can see a few familiar faces in the audience, regulars at the jazz club she performs at. She tries not to think of the humiliation she'll face when she encounters them there

Artist: Oo_Sebastian_oO


File: 1465701324362.png (341.71 KB, 1492x1080, net - A2.png)

To help put her at ease, the first pokémon brought on stage for the Eevee Girl is a very docile and lazy Slaking. After being pushed to the centre of the stage, it just lay on its side and didn't move. Despite its inactivity, the sight of the naked singer had a visible effect on the pokémon: it sported sported a large, rapidly growing erection. Slaking still didn't move towards her, though. After hesitating for a bit, and with some silent prodding from Circus officials in the wings, the Eevee Girl approached the Slaking herself. As the Slaking still didn't move and to much cheering from the crowd, she starting climbing the pokémon and sliding his dick inside her pussy.
EG is incredibly embarrassed; letting herself willingly get fucked by pokémon is humiliating enough as it is, but it's even worse that she has to be the one to initiate sex

Artist: Oo_Sebastian_oO


File: 1465701688936.png (381.82 KB, 1492x1080, net - A3.png)

The second pokémon in the show is a large Hydreigon. Unlike the Slaking, this pokémon is taking an active role in the show. It came up behind the Eevee Girl, forced its dick all the way inside her pussy and took flight. It's holding her arm in its mouth (although to be fair, how else could it hold her) biting as hard as it can and not letting go.
The poor singer is a little worried. Hydreigon is much rougher than Slaking was, and its bite is hurting her arm (although luckily, it doesn't have sharp teeth). She's struggling to make it release its grip. To make things more humiliating, the Slaking's cum has started to form eggs inside her belly causing it to visibly swell (you'll have to ask a pokémon professor to explain it to you, although good luck finding one that'll admit to watching girls fuck pokémon)

Artist: Oo_Sebastian_oO


File: 1465701847772.png (354.84 KB, 1492x1080, net - A4.png)

The climax of the show! The last pokémon is a very lethal Mega Garchomp. Unlike its predecessors, it has a barbed dick painfully raking the Eevee Girl's pussy. Of course, that's the least of her concerns: Mega Garchomp's arms end in dangerously sharp bladed claws. One of the claws is cutting through her neck: it sliced all the way through her throat and is slowly making its way through her spine. The other claw isn't much better; it's wrapped around her belly (now full of eggs from both Slaking and Hydreigon) starting to slice her in half at the waist.
The poor girl is in shock. She's ineffectually trying to pull the claws off her, but it's too late. She has a terrified look in her eyes; the reality of her imminent death hasn't registered yet.

Artist: Oo_Sebastian_oO


File: 1465701915025.png (316.09 KB, 1492x1080, net - A5.png)

Finally, Garchomp completely slices through EG's body separating her in three distinct pieces lying in a pool of her blood.

Artist: Oo_Sebastian_oO


File: 1465702027534.png (437.18 KB, 1492x1080, net - B4.png)

Alternate ending!

The ringmaster learned that investigators from the local police department have found themselves in the audience. Of course, when your job description involves tricking young girls into getting murdered on stage, you very quickly learn to have a backup plan to avoid revealing your operations. Needing to switch gears at the last minute was always a possibility and the ringleader had planned for it.

Instead of the Mega Garchomp he initially planned on, the Ringleader sends a Mega Metagross, a much less immediately-lethal partner for the Eevee Girl

Artist: Oo_Sebastian_oO


File: 1465702222890.png (289.18 KB, 1492x1080, net - B5.png)

Finally, the last pokémon is done with the Eevee Girl. Unfortunately for her, her last act of the show is to lay all the eggs the pokémons put in her belly. She's sitting on the floor leaning on her hands, legs spread wide open. A pile of already laid eggs is sitting in front of her. Another quite large egg is coming out of her pussy.
The humiliated singer is struggling to give birth to all the eggs, gritting her teeth and crying as there seems to be no end to it.


File: 1465702384049.png (530.13 KB, 1492x1080, net - C5.png)

Bonus alternate alternate ending !!

The "police situation" has been dealt with and, although adjusting for the different last pokemon, the show can carry on as initially planned; it turns out the show will be able to end with a lovely innocent victim's death after all.
As the Mega Metagross was finishing up with the Eevee Girl, the ringleader approached the stage and gave it a single command: "Metagross, pull"


I love the character and the setting of the comission, especially the Megatross alternate ending.

Your colorings look pretty nice overall. There's still room for improvement though: in my opinion the lines of the characters could be emphasized a bit so the colouring feels a little less bland, but maybe that's just my preference.

In any case I appreciate what you've done, and want to ask you: does the artist Oo_Sebastian_oO have any other guro-related work posted on the internet?


This is great! Keep it coming.


File: 1465854036094.png (159.28 KB, 418x588, Halfgnome 0-c-net.png)

The alternate ending or the alternate alternate ending? ;)

And yeah, I definitely need to learn how to do shading, but since I'm mostly doing these for myself and I'm satisfied with flats, I don't have much drive to learn. Plus, shading with a mouse sounds like hell.

As for the artist, I know he has a pair of autopsy pics in the Crime scene/Morgue thread over in /g/. I don't know if he's published more elsewhere; I haven't seen him publish this series either.

I do have a slightly older series involving a lovely pregnant gnome


File: 1465854401707.png (1.25 MB, 800x608, Halfgnome 1-c-net.png)

I have this alternate Warcraft universe in which snuff porn is (mostly*) legal. This series is part of it.

This lovely gnome girl accidentally got herself pregnant. Unfortunately, no one wanted to help her get rid of the baby, except a group of skeevy snuff producers. With no other choice, she agreed to let them saw her in half lengthwise in exchange for taking care of... her little problem.

* Seriously, I have this whole spreadsheet detailing how each nation treats snuff legally, and which kinds they typically produce)


File: 1465854424404.png (1.26 MB, 800x608, Halfgnome 2-c-net.png)



File: 1465854443360.png (1.18 MB, 800x608, Halfgnome 3-c-net.png)


Artise: emikochan



" Seriously, I have this whole spreadsheet detailing how each nation treats snuff legally, and which kinds they typically produce"

Interesting. So how do most countries see snuff? I'd like to see that spread sheet.





It's legal in most places and practiced pretty much everywhere (obviously; what's the point of inventing Snuffland if you're just going to make snuff illegal there)

If anyone feels inspired by this, feel free to use the ideas therein :)



That's pretty rad, I have a habit of making up my own little mind games to make my faps more interesting, never had the artistic skill to carry it over into OC
If you're still commissioning stuff I'd dig some of that Bronzebeard 'heat play' stuff, something with a pretty face sweating in desperation before having it ruined with a large wad of molten fluid


Interesting concept in the WoW Snuff chart.

I'd certainly like to see some hanging scenes, such as in Thunder Bluff or Darnassus, or maybe even Stormwind. :D


Stuff from Silvermoon would be interesting to see, too. :D


Don't think I'd be able to do too much in terms of art, Ashgale, but would you be up for discussing concepts for 'reactive storywriting' (aka RP) in your little WoW AU?


File: 1470869378844.png (759.28 KB, 2000x2000, resurrection-01.png)

New series!

Still in the snuff-friendly Warcraft universe, this Tauren shaman is gathering a crowd to watch her perform a miracle. She will kill and resurrect this lovely young orc at her feet. Of course, this is just a snuff production; she knows her talents are rather common.

Artist: Emikochan


File: 1470869428125.png (350.98 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-02.png)

A slit throat is a rather sensual way to kill someone, wouldn't you agree?



File: 1470869465703.png (302.52 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-03.png)

"See! No reaction when I plunge this knife into her heart. She's really dead!"



File: 1470869502445.png (426.32 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-04.png)

And now, the grand miracle. Watch as this poor young soul comes back to life!



File: 1470869546058.png (383.97 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-05.png)

Wait! What's happening?! Why isn't the spell working?



File: 1470869627813.png (293.25 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-06.png)

"We don't take too kindly to murderers 'round these parts"
"No! You don't understand! I'm a professional!"
"Professional murderers even less so"



File: 1470869696123.png (304.46 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-07.png)

"Please, I'm innocent. Let me just resurrect her! It's just a show! All scripted"



File: 1470869730449.png (352.81 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-08.png)

And yet more "throat-slitting". Much less sensual this time around.



File: 1470869909314.png (413.42 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-09.png)

Now if our poor tauren healer had been less terrified, she might have realised that actual guards would have had her put on clothes before executing her. These were just more actors, now fucking her cooling corpse for the enjoyment of us, the audience



File: 1470870008576.png (407.96 KB, 1024x1024, net-resurrection-10.png)

And finally, while some other healer is resurrecting the unsuspecting tauren, the guards have some more fun with the day's other corpse. I don't think either of them realised the holes they were fucking were much too tight for them.



Oh oh oh! Do a worgen next! :D I would suggest a "Cooking show" with a wolf as a hostess and she end up as the main dish killed, fucked and slowly cooked over fire with a sweet filling of fresh cum up her ass!


File: 1472095423737.png (795.53 KB, 1536x2048, Hinoka-01.png)

Princess Hinoka of Hoshido gets captured and executed by Nohrian forces.

Art and shading by Veiled616



File: 1472095442975.png (661.5 KB, 2048x1536, Hinoka-02.png)



File: 1472095471169.png (972.89 KB, 2048x1536, Hinoka-03.png)



File: 1472095493927.png (1.1 MB, 2048x1536, Hinoka-04.png)



File: 1472095529411.png (834.1 KB, 2048x1536, Hinoka-05.png)



File: 1472095549742.png (867.79 KB, 1536x2048, Hinoka-06.png)



File: 1472095565622.png (864.12 KB, 1536x2048, Hinoka-07.png)



Very nice, thank you for the colored version.


Dude! Why didn't you tell me when you were done with the coloring? :)

Nice work! I've got some pointers for you if you are interested. You know my email ;).


File: 1481484566268.png (96.23 KB, 1000x707, net-alola_001.png)

Here's a first look at my latest commission, by Oo_Sebastian_oO. I'll post the rest when I'm done colouring the lot.


Soon after young trainer Sara arrived in Alola, Tapu Koko appeared in front of her and saved her life. The island Kahuna was categorical: Tapu Koko had marked her as someone special. She would have the privilege of taking part in a special version of the island trials, to prepare her for her grand destiny. Sara was so excited at the idea of being Chosen, special, that she barely bat an eye as the Kahuna explained she would travel to the four islands and mate with a different totem pokémon on each island, each representing an aspect of the local Tapu.

After travelling to the first island, Akala, the assembled Kahunas explained how the trials would proceed. Sara would need to expose herself where the Totem pokémon roamed. They in turn, would recognize her as marked by the Tapu and approach her for the trial. A little nervous, Sara turned away, undid her top and tucked her skirt in before scurrying away towards the forest where Kahuna Olivia had indicated the first Totem lived. Her mother called out to Sara, who turned back to see her mother wish her good luck and waving alola at her. She waved back and soon realised she was half naked in front of her mother... and the kahunas...

and an unnervingly large crowd of locals. How embarassing... What was Sara getting into?


How did I miss your stuff previously? This is really good! :O


The art is by various people, I just did the colouring


File: 1482381877639.png (290.02 KB, 1000x707, net-alola_002.png)


Sara walked through the forest of Akala looking for the totem pokémon, when it found her instead. The massive Oranguru managed to sneak up in Sara and start sniffing her before she noticed its presence. She turned to see the ape walk to the base of the nearest cliff and sit down lazily. Staring at her chest, Oranguru perversely scratched its crotch as his massive erection started to sprout. Sara's eyes grew wider as the member grew ever bigger. She would have to fuck this?! Still, if the kahunas sent her on this trial, it must be possible. She steeled herself and, intent on completing her special chosen one trials, walked up to the beast.
From up close, it seemed even more imposing. Sara looked at it, trying to figure out how she would get its dick inside her pussy when, seemingly tired of waiting for her to make a move, Oranguru grabbed her and placed her on top of its dick. She felt so tiny in its massive paw, and now that it was pressed against her pussy, she had no idea how toe totem's dick would ever fit inside her. Still, to her surprise, it slid inside easily. She let out a loud pleasured gasp and immediately clasped her hands over her mouth. In the distance, she could hear voices that seemed to be wondering what that sound just was. Sara tried to stay quiet, but as the ape bounced her up and down on its dick, she couldn't help but to moan loudly in ecstasy. The voices came closer. Sara started to get concerned that they might stumble upon her in this compromising situation. She could see the bushes rustling as the voices approached. She tried to cover her face, maintain a minimum of dignity, but the totem psychicly forced her hands away from her face. Finally, a group of young women burst into the clearing where Sara was undergoing her trial. The women giggled and pointed at Sara. She was petrified with embarrassment. All that went away as Oranguru forced all the way down on its dick one last time and came deep inside her pussy. It felt so good. Sara let out one long loud last moan of pleasure, not even noticing the women taking pictures of her.
The trial was incredibly embarrassing, but if they were all this nice, she wouldn't mind it.


File: 1482381903428.png (261.68 KB, 700x990, net-alola_003.png)


On Ula'ula, the Kahunas directed Sara to the meadow. Thankfully, the only thing that lie beyond the meadow was Po town, and Team Skull's reputation meant that the locals didn't spend longer in the meadow than necessary. Sara didn't have to walk too long before she encountered the totem pokémon. A giant... pink... praying mantis... Lurantis. Sara hated bugs. The kahunas had assured that this totem wasn't a bug—like Tapu Bulu, they said, it was a grass type—but although it was shaped like a bug, at least it didn't seem too creepy. She tried to lead it towards a more out of the way location, but the pokémon refused. Every time she moved away from the middle of the meadow, it got in front of her and blocked her way, its erection hardening as if it was aroused by the idea of fucking the poor girl in plain view.
Sara finally resigned herself to undertaking her trial on the spot,hoping that if she couldn't go to a more private location, she might at least get it done before anyone came by. She walked closer to the pokémon and started trying to mount its dick,but it ruened her around and forced itself on her from behind. The pokémon started petting her crotch, getting its arm stuck in her skirt. Undeterred, it started stroking her face instead and stood up, as if to claim her out of perverse love. This totem might not have been a crawlie, but it sure felt creepy...
It was only after the mantis finally came inside her that she noticed the crowd of Team Skull grunts watching her trial intently


File: 1482381930330.png (220.46 KB, 707x1000, net-alola_004.png)


As they travelled to Poni island, the Kahunas explained that this island's totem pokémon is incredibly shy and wouldn't appear if she went looking for it. Instead, she should sit in the geyser fields and wait for it to come to her. Sara sat on the breaker coast for what felt like hours. Every once in a while she would hear skittering behind her, but when she turned to look, she couldn't see anything. So she waited. She stroked her swelling belly. She wasn't sure when it had started growing. She didn't even know if it was normal. The Kahunas hadn't said anything about it, so maybe? Then again, she couldn't remember if it had started swelling before she left them to wait for the totem on the coast, so they might even know it was happening to her.
More skittering. Sara felt something grab her shoulder before the totem flipped her over and grabbed her waist before she could see the buggiest bug that ever bugged bug bug BUG! It didn't waste any second ramming its chitinous dick inside her pussy. Sara struggled to get away but the bug had a strong grip in her. The sex felt like an eternity before it finally let her go and skittered away.


File: 1482381957894.png (229.2 KB, 707x1000, net-alola_005-f.png)


On the way home to Melemele, Sara was just done with the challenges. All she wanted was to go home. Back to Kanto, where the locals didn't coerce young girls into having sex with freaking bugs! And bug-like things! And although she had enjoyed it at the time, even the ape sex wasn't something she felt should be included in trials for young trainers. The Kahunas tried to reason with her: the Tapu had chosen her, and she only had one trial left to go through. Sara ignored them, but they kept hounding her until the boat arrived at Hau'oli City. Sara rushed home, hoping to be able to lock herself in her room without seeing anyone, but when she arrived, her mother was already at the door asking how the trials had gone. Sara tried to dodge the question but her mother was relentless. Eventually, the Kahunas arrived at her house and continued asking her to complete her trial. Her mother joined in. Defeated, Sara resigned herself to following the Kahunas as they led her towards Hau'Oli City.
Sara pulled down her top as she entered the city. Although she tried to keep to the back alleys, after the day she'd had, she didn't care who saw her breasts anymore, she just wanted to get this trial over and done with. Thankfully, she didn't have to wait long. With a loud buzz, the Vikavolt came crashing down on her back and lifted her a few inches off the ground. The totem carried her to a nearby porch on a house off the main road, then flipped on its back to fuck the poor girl in full view of anyone passing by. Sara would have been embarrassed by the situation if she didn't have more pressing issues on her mind. Literally in this case. The pokémon's pincers wrapped around her head, pressing hard against her skull. The only thing she can think to do is hold the pincers back until the totem finally releases her. After what felt like an eternity of the insect's penis fucking her pussy raw, it finally released a stream of cum inside Sara and tossed her to the ground before flying away. Sara was finally done.


File: 1482381975535.png (129.71 KB, 1000x707, net-alola_006.png)


When Sara arrived back home, her mother wasn't there. She had left supper on the table along with a note. "Gone to help our new neighbours," it read. "I'm proud of you, my chosen one." Sara crumpled the note and ate quickly. She just wanted to go to bed quickly and forget about her horrible day. After eating, she retreats to her room. Inside, she finds the boxes of her belongings are not there. Strange... she could have sworn she'd piled them into her room, before this whole ordeal had started. Her mother returned as Sara started to look in the other rooms for her pyjamas. Sara asked for her help finding her things, but her mother insisted that she'd had a long and hard day. The boxes would still be there the next morning; they could find them then. Sara was too tired to complained as her mother corralled her back to her room.
In her room, Sara started stripping down. Her clothes were dirty with sweat and cum. Worse even, they would always remind her of these trials she wanted to forget. She lay on top of her bed. The room felt too stuffy for covers. She tried to fall asleep quickly, but her mind kept returning to the events of the day and her terrible treatment. She found her hands kept finding their way back to her swollen belly. She didn't know what to make of it, or even if it was normal.
Sara cried herself to sleep. She never noticed the smouldering embers of a fading bonfire in the backyard.


File: 1482382003619.png (310.03 KB, 1000x707, net-alola_007.png)


Sara slept restlessly. Most of the dreams she had were nightmares, reminders of the trials of the totem pokémon, turned monstrous by her dreaming mind. Other times she was on a boat, gently rocked by the waves. She turned in her sleep, her feet getting caught in the sheets. She could hear rain beating on her window, rolling thunder, people laughing and singing outside. She opened her eyes lazily to make sure her window was closed. The moon was shining brightly above her, not a cloud in sight. Good. She went back to sleep.
She turned in her sleep again. This time, it was her wrist that snagged in her covers. She moved to push the sheets away, when the covers wrapped themselves around her other arm. She opened her eyes to see what she was doing. Kahuna Hala was standing over her, smiling. She blinked slowly. Around her bed, a large crowd held torches and drums. She blinked once more, the haze lifting from her brain. Her heart started to race. She wasn't in her room anymore. Her wrist and ankles were tied to the floor of Iki Town sumo arena. Hala was holding her free arms strongly, pulling it down towards one more restraint. Sara was confused. She tried to struggle and free herself, but it was already too late. She was at the mercy of the people of Melemele.


File: 1482382075533.png (341.38 KB, 1000x707, net-alola_008.png)


Once Sara was completely secured to the floor, the sacrifice could begin. To the sound of drum beats, two Kommo-o walked to the sides of the poor victim as Kahuna Nanu prepared a long sharp barbed spear. When the beat stopped, he placed the tip of the spear in between Sara's pussy lips. The drummers play a few quick notes as Sara panics. Nanu rams and twist the spear inside her while the Kommo-o toss each other a sharp scale. The scale slides across Sara's throat, making the first of many shallow cuts in her neck. More drums. The Kommo-o pass each other the scales once more, slicing deeper inside her neck. Another Kahuna, one Sara doesn't recognise, takes her turn twisting the spear.
The drumming, slicing and twisting continued for some time. Sara had stopped struggling soon after the sacrifice had begun, but her occasional gurgles and spasms proved she was still alive, even with the spear embedded deeply in her torso and her throat ripped open. The Kahunas rejoiced. The longer the sacrifice took, the more prosperous Alola would be.


These pictures are also available at, including daytime versions of the last 3 pics


good old bug type pokemon and their crazy worshippers


Are you the one drawing these?


Ash is the colorist, the lines are from various artists.

See: >>15101


The artist for this latest batch is Oo_Sebastian_oO.

As Poe said, there's various artists: One of his (soon to be more, when I get home after Christmas and colour them), some by emikochan and one series by Veiled616. I mention who did the art at least once per series; the art styles should be enough to pick out when the artist changes


your colouring is getting better and better, keep up the good work :D


File: 1482564508215.jpg (1.29 MB, 1722x3000, IMG_2071.JPG)

Mr or Miss Ashgale Could You Please Color this one from Hitori because i love this comic and thanks in advance


oh wow, blast from the best, that was quite an inspirational series :)


File: 1483212048607.png (113.41 KB, 667x1030, net-1.png)

So Poe asked if he could draw my OC River (whom you may recognise from that series I commissioned from Wing R where she gets beheaded on stream), and I was so in love with the result I asked him to do a series with her.

In this series, River has done a giveaway to celebrate hitting a subscriber threshold. The winner gets an evening with her to do anything he wants. River, innocent as she is, imagined it would be something like dinner and games, but the winner had a different idea. He led her to a warehouse with little but a noose. Before she could assume the worst, he quickly explained that he "only" wanted to fuck her while she had the noose around her neck; she'd be quite safe.

Of course, this being Gurochan, he was of course lying. River assuming the best of people with the worst intentions is something of a theme with her.

Artist: Poe


File: 1483212064335.png (200.88 KB, 667x1030, net-2.png)



File: 1483212080054.png (80.21 KB, 667x1030, net-3.png)



File: 1483212091604.png (126.96 KB, 667x1030, net-4.png)



File: 1483212135669.png (101.74 KB, 667x1030, net-5.png)



File: 1483212164098.png (83.33 KB, 667x1030, net-6.png)


The winner just let her drop without warning


File: 1483212189423.png (176 KB, 667x1030, net-7a.png)



File: 1483212208704.png (137.4 KB, 667x1030, net-7b.png)


Alternate version of the previous


File: 1483212316568.png (243.78 KB, 849x1200, riverEXTRA1.png)

And Poe being Poe, he also fell in love with her and decided to draw his own take on the original scene

Artist: Poe


File: 1483212344591.png (249.14 KB, 849x1200, riverEXTRA2.png)



File: 1483212361331.png (293.58 KB, 849x1200, riverEXTRA3.png)



File: 1483212403271.png (196.63 KB, 849x1200, riverEXTRA4.png)


There was also a fifth picture with her head and limbs in a trash can, but I don't intend on colouring it (at least not in the near future)


Redheads look so nice covered in blood. Good job dealing with my choppy sketches, too.


Really nice drawings Poe & Ash. River is so damn cute, i'm having mixed feelings seeing her die.


wow. There is colored ver. :O
Nice River :P


File: 1483500118010.png (397.75 KB, 1000x750, net-MultiUniverseSnuffPart….png)

The commissioner of this piece asked if I would like to colour it in. Since I had run out of regular colouring material, I said yes. Enjoy!


All that food looks much better in color!


File: 1483759156281.png (285.1 KB, 353x1000, net-Ino hanging.png)

I've run out of fresh stuff to colour, so until I get my next batch of lines to doodle, enjoy an older pic by m0zg


>>15504 You're free to color as much of my stuff as you want (if you can find it... I think most of it's managed to slip off the end of the board into oblivion) ;)


File: 1483847790937.png (504.56 KB, 488x1000, net-Hinata hanging.png)

Some more dead ninjas by m0zg


File: 1483847805122.png (319.26 KB, 1000x440, net-Sakura hanged.png)

Some more dead ninjas by m0zg


great coloring



File: 1484262417076.png (517.49 KB, 653x1000, zznet-Linkle hanging.png)

More m0zg hangings


File: 1484262464583.png (485.69 KB, 568x1000, zznet-Linkle hanginged.png)

And one more.

I'm in the process of colouring a whole bunch of pics I commissioned from Emikochan. I'll post them here when I'm done with the lot


File: 1485233066683.png (772.77 KB, 1705x1767, Catriona - full.png)

I had mentioned this previously: It seemed weird that I had built this entire mythology to explain why snuff porn in Azeroth could be a thing and yet each time I set a scene there, I would just invent a new girl. So instead of inventing one new girl, I decided to invent 26!
12 lolis (one for each non-undead race), 14 adults (again one per non-undead race, plus an extra blood elf and night elf representing the Demon Hunters), each class is represented at least one in each age range (except warlocks who only have a single adult, and demon hunters who are both grown up), each with their own backstory. I may have gone a little overboard. Without further ado, here comes the first batch

Catriona, Dwarf Enhancement Shaman

When she was starting her adventurer career, Catriona was a very reckless girl. Her skill with axe, hammer and elements made her feel invincible. Unfortunately, this was far from the case. After taking on much more trolls than she could handle in Jintha'Alor, she was captured, repeatedly raped by the largest trolls she had ever seen, before finally being sacrificed to Hakkar. Luckily, another group of adventurers were assaulting the troll city at the same time and were able to resurrect her before the Blood God could flay her soul.
Her experience in Jintha'Alor changed Catriona; she discovered that not only did she enjoy having sex while facing inevitable death, she craved it. She volunteered for more than her fair share of Wildhammer death trials, but it was never enough to satisfy her; the trials were more focused on overcoming pain and torture than on sexuality. She eventually left the Hinterlands, roaming the land in search of new and interesting ways to have sex and die.


File: 1485233184897.png (862.92 KB, 1708x1680, Lizzy - full.png)

Lizzy, Goblin Fire Mage

It's no secret that goblins love their explosions. In Kezan, you can't walk more than a few metres before finding a roof hastily patched after an amateur pyrotechnician blew up what they called their study. The best pyrotechnicians on the island are admired not so much for the beauty of their explosions, but for their ability to survive them. The best of the best were able to achieve both. There was a goblin couple who were especially adept at the craft, but more than their explosions, they especially prized their young daughter, Lizzy. They loved her, taught her everything they knew about explosions and couldn't wait to have her join the family business of using explosives to entertain trade princes.
But then, Deathwing came. Goblinkind panicked in the streets, rushing to get to the boats before the volcano's eruption swallowed them. Lizzy and her parents were in their workshop then, trying to gather up as many explosives they could carry. You could always use explosives as a refugee. They never managed to get to the boats. The stress of Deathwing's sudden appearance, mixed with the panic and rush to evacuate ignited Lizzy's latent magic. Her first spell wasn't much, a tiny spark barely, but it was enough to have disastrous effects. The workshop blew up instantly. Lizzy was blown out on the street. They were nearly empty by then, all the goblins had already moved to the docks, trying to swarm their way onto a boat. Thankfully, there were still some near enough to notice the explosion. Or rather, near enough to do something about it. It was a big explosion. It could probably be seen all the way in Winterspring. The local snuff troupe, trying to bring with them as many props and torture implements as possible, hadn't reached the bustle of the docks yet. They found Lizzy lying in her neighbour's astroturf. She was badly burned and injured, but she managed to ask where her parents were. The troupe leader took a look at the crater that used to be Lizzy's house. She gestured towards Lizzy and the hobgoblin standing next to her grabbed the poor girl. "I'm sorry, sweetheart," said the troupe leader. "They're gone." Lizzy was too exhausted to cry. The troupe, new member in tow, made their way to a rickety ship the greedy goblins were ignoring as they tried to buy their way onto one of the more luxurious yachts. In Durotar, the troupe managed to bounce back, young Lizzy lending her explosive knowledge and personality to the production.


Milli, Gnome Protection Warrior

From a young age, little Milli has been an engineering prodigy. She would rewire everything she could get her hands on and build all kinds of mechanical pets.
Her most impressive creation was a large (compared to a young gnome) mechanical suit she could climb in or control remotely. Local producers were very interested in her creations and took her under their wing as soon as they legally could.
Every cheerful, Milli is always happy to field her mech, even when it means experiencing firsthand what it's capable of.
What can I say, not all snuff performers have a dramatic backstory


File: 1485233444013.png (1.55 MB, 1500x1500, Milli - full.png)

Picture was too big


File: 1485233705347.png (539.2 KB, 2000x2000, Sulyana - full.png)

And the last for this batch. I actually forgot to write the long-form of her backstory, but long story short, she wanted to assist her sisters' profession as snuff courtesans, but she felt Paladins are too stuck up and Priests are too physically weak. Luckily, from the Mists of Pandaria come monks who preach mens sana in corpore sano.


Mother of god, there's so little Warcraft stuff out there, you're a god send! Can't wait for the night elves, keep up the amazing work! ^^


File: 1485265847037.png (341.64 KB, 838x1000, shantaeguillotineprank.png)

Did someone say Poe art that got coloured!


File: 1485265905170.png (598.37 KB, 839x1000, shantae_and_friends.png)

This one was a lot of fun as well. I look forward to finishing the next pic ^_^


Glad you like ^_^


Yeah, Emi. You did a marvelous job on those. I can't wait to do the next batch


File: 1485832992781.png (845.64 KB, 2092x1000, LoliMassExecution2_Ash.png)

Forgot to post my version of this pic. From Poe's thread, I present you, coloured lolis getting behanged! Hangapitated! Killd by hanging with razor-sharp wire until their heads pop off!


Remastered an old classic by an unknown artist.

In addition to the colours, I also fixed the large number of typos and grammatical errors, and shrunk the younger girl's nipples in the first panel


File: 1487651404130.png (1.93 MB, 1000x2600, Rebels - colors.png)

Smaller file size...


Woah, I love this comic, thanks for coloring it.


File: 1489792511807.png (224.26 KB, 709x1000, Linkle 1.png)

Well, this picture seems completely innocent. Whyever am I posting it here of all places?

Artist: Hitori


File: 1489803813770.png (198.06 KB, 1000x709, Linkle 2.png)

Ah ha! As it turns out, it is illegal in Hyrule to call yourself the Legendary Hero. The penalty, of course, is beheading by time travel (that is, by inserting the Master Sword in its pedestal, through the criminal's neck)


File: 1489808630953.png (166.34 KB, 1000x709, Linkle 3.png)

And here's the last part. The magic of the Master Sword left her head alive and, although unable to control it, feeling every little thing that happens to her body.

Of course, the first thing I'd do with it is let a massive Goron dick tear her crotch in half. Poor girl can't even comprehend what's happening


File: 1490761324521.png (1.16 MB, 2000x2000, Xuyin - full.png)

And more of Emikochan filling my Azeroth with cute girls

Xuyin, Pandaren Brewmaster Monk

In Pandaria, you can find festivals celebrating snuff almost every week. The bigger ones, in the temples of the Celestials and in old Mogu seats of power, have their own performers who train all year for their one big show, but in the smaller towns, the events are staffed by a few brave local volunteers and travelling bands of performers.
Xuyin's mother Li-An was a member of one such band. The young pandaren grew up on the road, travelling from town to town and festival to festival, enjoying the child-safe celebrations with the other young Pandaren, while Li-An would prepare for her performances. Xuyin wasn't very old when she learned what her mother's role in these performances was. Li-An taught her not to be scared or ashamed of her sexuality. From that day on, Xuyin would help prepare the shows, proudly taking on these new responsibilities. The day she was old enough to take part in the shows herself was a celebration in the troupe. Xuyin bravely took her place on the stage as Li-An watched her little girl get nailed, figuratively and literally, with a tear off pride in her eye.

Emi, I needs me more arts! ;)


File: 1498161811834.png (1.1 MB, 1320x4410, alolan-combined.png)

Poe posted his version of this cutie in his thread. Here's mine, only combined because I'm too lazy to make 3 posts


If I posted a pic, could you color it?


ooh that's a good idea, i have too much stuff to post i should stick them together :P

Always love seeing your colourations too <3


File: 1498410336641.png (1.57 MB, 2000x2000, Galena - full.png)

One more actress by Emikochan

Galena's small and remote village rarely received visitors. When a troupe of troubadours passed by the village on their way to bigger towns, she was entranced. Everything was so colourful and bright and, to make things even better, they were accompanied by an actual shaman! The shaman, who introduced herself as Musha, offered to teach some of her art to the village's shamans-in-training. Galena was fascinated by the lessons. She wanted nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of this great healer. She followed the older shaman as often as she could, but when Musha would return to the troupe's assigned lodgings, their guards would stop her from entering. One day, Galena snuck into the troupe's main tent to see what happened there. What she discovered, that the troupe's main events were snuff shows performed under the watchful eye of Musha, would have shattered many trainees' trust in the shaman, but Galena was more interested in the miracles Musha wove. She wanted nothing more than to follow in her footsteps. When she noticed the young girl watching, Musha was troubled; she didn't want to expose such a young soul to her world, but she could tell that trying to ward her off would risk driving her away from healing, perhaps off shamanism altogether. It was better to teach her in a safe environment.
Galena was a careful study, but sadly, the Spirit of Life did not speak to her as easily as the other elements did. Musha taught her to take this in stride. The Earthen Ring prizes Elementalists as much as they do healers.


File: 1498410366556.png (1.51 MB, 2000x2000, Galena - full - brownskin.png)

And just for fun, a Maghar variant


File: 1498410729568.png (733.68 KB, 2000x2000, Vanessa - full.png)

and one more

Growing up homeless and orphan, Vanessa often had to resort to stealing just to eat. Unfortunately for her, she was never very good at subtlety; more often than not, she would have to run away from the guards just to keep a portion of her loot. Luckily, she was a fast runner and always managed to get away.
One day, she was heading back to her makeshift shelter after an unfruitful day when in an alley, she stumbled upon bandits raping a woman and threatening her with knives. Vanessa may have been a petty thief herself, but she did consider herself a good person. She could not let this stand. She grabbed her weapons and rushed in.
Unbeknownst to her, the rapists and their victim were part of a snuff troupe. The rapists, assuming Vanessa was part of the show, quickly managed to disarm and strip her. After finishing off their original victim, they turned on the young girl, raping her in all orifices for hours before finally plunging a knife straight into her heart.
Vanessa awoke the next day in an unknown room. Suddenly remembering her traumatic death, she looked down at her chest to see if she had dreamed everything, and saw nothing of the ordinary. Hearing the young girl stir in her room, the troupe's producer entered. He explained that he too thought she was part of the show, a surprise twist his assistants might have arranged. He apologised for the confusion and the trauma, then learning that Vanessa had nowhere to go back to, offered to take her in his troupe


Great setting and great illustrations to go with it.


File: 1500269439908.png (1.74 MB, 2000x2000, Lotherielle - full.png)

One more actress: Lotherielle, the Discipline Priest

The Sisters of the Moon hold a very important role in Darnassian society. They are in charge of holding the sacred sacrifices to Elune and bringing the volunteers back to life afterwards. Each priestess, from the lowliest acolyte to the high priestess herself, is expected to help in these rituals. Before they are ordained to the higher ranks of the Sisterhood, priestesses are sacrificed to receive their holy orders from Elune herself.
As an acolyte, Lotherielle still had much to learn before climbing the ranks herself. For now, she was usually tasked with resurrecting the volunteers under the supervision of a senior priestess. Lotherielle seemed to have trouble with this task; the senior priestess having to jump in to help more often than she should. Thankfully, the Sisters never turn away a genuinely devoted acolyte. Instead, the priestess decreased Lotherielle's resurrection load, in the hopes that having fewer volunteers to handle will help her focus and improve.
When that still didn't help, the undeterred priestess had Lotherielle try to perform the killing part of the sacrifice, a task usually reserved for more adept priestesses. To both their surprise, after her trial sacrifice, Lotherielle flawlessly resurrected all her volunteers. Having finally found her niche, a less common mixture of killing and resurrection, Lotherielle is well on her way to becoming a productive Sister of the Moon


File: 1501115912967.png (1.08 MB, 2000x2000, Kazel - full.png)

She's a little late, but here's Kazel, Fury warrior

For as far back as orc memory goes, the Ring of Blood has always been part of Burning Blade culture. Orcs from all walks of life would test their skills against the best the Burning Blade had to offer.
Kazel was one of the best. Her fury was matched only by her talent with twin polearms. More than a few orcs fell to her blade and, based on the bulge their corpses exhibited some of them had specifically sought out the experience.
Kazel was not interested in a mate, but she was not frigid either. Though she did not crave long-term companionship, she had urges of her own. Yet at the top as she were, she intimidated many she would have liked to know carnally. When a troupe of snuff performers passed by, they offered her a chance to join them. They were hoping to recruit a renowned executioner, never expecting that she would request her share of intercourse and death. The troupe had hit jackpot. Deals were drawn quickly and the troupe, newest member in tow, left to prepare their greatest production yet.
The timing could not have been better. Only days after they left, the Iron Horde marched through Hallvalor and conscripted each and every Ring of Blood champion


File: 1501115940257.png (1.05 MB, 2000x2000, Kazel - full - greenskin.png)

and greenskin because why not


File: 1502854700302.png (2.82 MB, 2000x2000, Musha - full.png)

A healer of some renown, Musha was walking around Thunder Bluff when she encountered a snuff crew facing some trouble. Their sole healer had abandoned them for a bigger production, leaving them with no way to safely perform the scenes they had planned. Rather than report them to the authorities or worse risk them performing the scenes without a healer, Musha offered to keep them safe and healthy. Her matronly and nurturing nature quickly won over the performers who begged her to stay with the troupe. She agreed and soon followed them on the road.
Perpetually pregnant, many of her colleagues suspect she believes it will keep her producers from casting her in victim roles. She couldn't be further from the truth, but everyone is very careful not to reveal this titbit to her.



I forgot to note: this is Musha, she's a Tauren Resto Shaman and is the same tauren as in the series starting at >>12699


File: 1503273170226.png (2.75 MB, 2000x2000, Sigrun - full.png)

And here, we have Sigrun, Vrykul Brewmaster Monk

King Hrothgar has many sons, but only one daughter, Sigrun. He and his sons would give anything to protect her. Unfortunately fit Sigrun, this protection extended to parts of Vrykul culture Hrothgar considers too dangerous for his little pearl. Growing up, Sigrun's brothers were encouraged to attend the children's feasts, where they would, under the watchful eye of Vrykul parents, eat, drink and knock some sense into each other's heads. Through supervised debauchery, Hrothgar's sons and​ the other Vrykul children, male and female, learned their limits and the value of moderation… to a degree. Sigrun didn't get this education. She still played and socialised with other Vrykul her age, but Hrothgar deemed the feasts too rowdy and days for his daughter.
One night, Sigrun decided she was old enough to decide by herself that she could attend a feast. She knew her father would never agree but perhaps her mother would. Queen Hilgya also loved her daughter deeply, but she could hear the frustration in her voice. She agreed to help Sigrun sneak out and to keep Hrothgar occupied with the children's feast on the other side of the village.
At the feast, Sigrun enjoyed her newfound freedom. She mingled with other Vrykul, some her age who were elated to have her join them in a feast, some older who were proud to help the king's daughter enjoy her feast. Mead, wine and beer flowed. Sigrun wanted to try everything. The other young Vrykul started a drinking contest and she joined in, unused to alcohol as she was. Next to her, a young Vrykul couple were getting frisky. Sigrun's​ drunk self thought this was a wonderful idea; the heat was getting harsher, removing some clothes would help her cool down. The next thing she knew, she was standing on a wooden table, a mug in her hand, toasting each Vrykul whose mug she could reach. She was naked, she noticed, but she didn't care. None of the other Vrykul seemed to either. They cheered for her. Her naked drunken dance turned the ambience sexual. The young couple she saw earlier were now lying on the table, in a lustful embrace. All around, other couples feel to the floor, ripping each other's clothes off. A few threesomes and foursomes formed. Nobody made a move towards Sigrun yet, unsure of how her father would react, but a few more hot-headed Vrykul we starting to see her as a potential prize. A few seats away, an angry Vrykul saw his mate kissing his brother. He tossed a mug at their heads, but missed, hitting another couple behind them instead.
When the orgy turned to general brawl, a number of Vrykul fought each other for the chance to be the first to claim the virginal king's daughter. In the struggle over her (she was too drunk to realise the danger), she took a hatchet to the neck and died without any of the other vrykul noticing.
Once minds started to clear a little and the feast moved into its second orgy phase, the Vrykul noticed the corpse of the young teen. One of the Vrykul started to fuck the young girl's tight pussy, his lust overcoming his reticence to face the king's wrath. Emboldened, another tried to fuck her mouth but, since the first moved her too much for him, he took the hatchet from her neck and hacked her head off to give himself a blowjob. A third Vrykul chopped off her arm to give himself a handjob without having to get knocked around.
It is at this point that Hrothgar stumbles upon the grisly scene of his daughter's murder. The vrykul stopped maiming Sigrun's body (as they might have another vrykul woman), terrified of what their King's retribution might be. After a tense pause, the second Vrykul did the only thing he could think of: He took Sigrun's head and shoved her down on her father's cock. Seeing this as their only way out, the first Vrykul jumped on the occasion: Sigrun was spending the night in the Halls of Valor, drinking with Odyn, he claimed. Hrothgar should honor her body instead of punishing his clansmen. Hrothgar pondered his word for a moment, then shoved the first Vrykul away from his daughter and returned Sigrun's head to the second. With a mighty cry of "For Odyn!", he shoved his dick inside his daughter. The vrykul cheered. None dared dismember Sigrun more than she was, but the revelry and gangbang of the young corpse continued into the night.
Sigrun claims she saw the Halls of Valor that night. She remembers Odyn's deep belly laugh as he saw the young girl, her mind suddenly cleared of the alcohol's haze, blushing and covering herself as she found herself naked in front of hundreds of warriors. "Oh, I so rarely see one as young as you, child. First feast, I take it?" Sigrun didn't answer. She was too embarrassed and awed to respond. The keeper took her hands, placed them at her side and looked her up and down. "I can tell you'll make one fine lover." She tensed. He laughed again. "Perhaps next time you come. When you have tried it for yourself. Now go! Drink, eat, be merry. The Halls of Valor, and its inhabitants, are yours to enjoy tonight"


File: 1503459550361.png (2.7 MB, 2000x2000, Celeste - full.png)

Celeste, Worgen Feral (heh) Druid

Celeste was just a child when the Worgen attacked Gilneas. In a rush to evacuate the city, she dropped her doll and wriggled out of her father's grasp to go and get it. When she crouched to pick up the doll, a worgen jumped on her and bit her arm. Celeste's father shot the beast, but before he could come rescue his daughter, more rampaging worgen overran his position. Celeste's father, and the families he was evacuating with were ripped to pieces.
Celeste crawled away from her hiding hole safely, but by then, there were no Gilneans to be found anywhere. She was all alone, scared, cold, hungry and undergoing a traumatic transformation.
Once the transformation was complete, Celeste's enhanced instincts took over. Once the supplies in the immediate neighbourhood were depleted, her hunger drove her to the woods where she joined with a wild worgen pack. She lived in the wild for years, scavenging and hunting for food, before the Gilneans captured her and her pack. By then, the secret to calming the beast within was well-known—Deathwing, Garrosh and the Iron Horde had been defeated since—but even after regaining her human form, Celeste remained a savage child, close to feral. A snuff troupe decided to take advantage of the situation. They would protect her and help integrate her back into society by channelling her aggressivity towards more constructive purposes.

Art by Emikochan (In fact, she did all the lines in this series, even those I forgot to attribute)


File: 1503459669225.png (1.93 MB, 2000x2000, Genna - full.png)

And Genna, Human Demonology Warlock

Genna was only a toddler when the Orcish Horde sacked Stormwind and forced its citizens into exile. Her earliest memories are of the long march to Lordaeron and of the stories of nobility and manor life her mother told her to distract her from her hunger and exertion. The nights in the streets of Lordaeron were harsh. They were harsher still after the death of her mother. Alone, orphaned in a foreign city, the only thing keeping her going was the idea of returning to Stormwind, of returning home and claiming her birthright, her titles, her holdings. She was too young to join the expedition to retake Stormwind in the Second War, but by her 19th birthday, with the rumours that a new Horde was rampaging in the Lordaeron countryside, she decided the time had come for her to return to her ancestral home.
By then, Genna had become a talented, if self-taught, young mage. Upon arriving in Stormwind, she found an apprenticeship under the tutelage of one mistress Ursula Deline and rented a room above a tavern in the Mage Quarter. With her immediate needs taken care of, she started petitioning the House of Nobles for her family's titles. It took several months for her to receive a response, months during which she continued her studies and sent numerous additional letters hoping to expedite her case. The answer she received was not what she was expecting. The House of Nobles had no records of her family estate.
The incompetence of the nobles infuriated her. How hard could it be to find a noblewoman's family tree. She sent yet another letter to the House of Nobles appealing their findings and elected to the a few hours to do the job they were supposed to do herself. She visited the records office daily before and after her apprenticeship, poring over records of marriages, births, land purchase, looking to find just a thread to use as proof to the House of Nobles. She was not alone in her search. Other men and women were in the same position. The orcish occupation had done ravages to Stormwind's record keeping and everyone laid claim to whatever they could. Most were delusional, she noticed. One particularly disheveled man claimed to be Nielas Aran, looking to recover "his rightful title" as court conjurer. Others didn't give their name, keeping to themselves until they found a particularly juicy estate they could claim as their own. Most left the castle in chains, led to the Stockades for having claimed to be the very noble hearing their appeal.
Days turned to weeks, then months. Over time, the crazier regulars stopped coming. Then the more legitimate ones. Soon, Genna was the only person regularly scouring the records. Her only company were the record keeper and the occasional peasants with a minor border dispute. Her studies were starting to suffer. Mistress Deline kept her longer and longer, only to arrive at the same results as at the beginning of her apprenticeship. Her night time research wasn't bearing any more fruits. In frustration, she knocked the scrolls off her table. As she fumed, the aging record keeper cleaned the mess and asked her what she was trying to find in these increasingly unrelated texts. Broken down by the months of fruitless research, Genna told the old man she was looking for records of her mother's House. When she told him her name, a tiny spark of recollection ignited in his eyes. The name did seem familiar. Genna's mother was indeed named in one of the numerous record books, all that mattered was to find it. The record keeper told her he would try to find the book on his own time. Genna finally had a thread to hold on to.
The thought of being so close to her goal reignited the passion in Genna's heart. She redoubled her efforts in magic, to her mistress's delight. She renewed her appeal to the House of Nobles, claiming she would soon have the proof she needed. At first, nothing changed. The old record keeper was busy and didn't have much time available to search the more obscure records based on a vague recollection.
Finally, after still more months of painstaking research, Genna arrived at the records office to the sight of the record keeper beckoning her over to a table where he and another man pored over a thick book. The man introduced himself as Lord Wishock. It was he who had finally found the missing record. Genna's heart sank when she saw the contents of the book. Rather than a family tree or a history of nobility, her mother's name was finally found in Lord Wishock's old employment records. Genna's mother used to be the Lord's maid and wet nurse.
Genna left the office without a word. There had to be a mistake; after years of looking through these musty scrolls and books, it couldn't end this way. As she walked by the canals, her despair turned to denial, then to rage. The real records must have been destroyed by the orcs when they had occupied the city. Lord Wishock had to have falsified the records he had "found" or so he claimed.
The next day at her apprenticeship, she poured her rage and wrath in her magic. Mistress Deline looked on with a smile. Genna was finally ready for her real training.

Art also by Emikochan. There's two little easter eggs in that story (one is very obvious). Can you find them?


Honored you choose my stuff to color:) Great stuff:D but I think it cold benefit from some shading;P Which I did on my thread >>19903
I hope you don't mind...


File: 1517673499229.png (289.12 KB, 1000x649, sierrariversacrifice.png)

Damn, it's been a while since I posted here. Here's a cute sacrifice by Poe of two of our OCs


File: 1517673566165.png (560.11 KB, 1000x1000, Sathiel - full.png)

And by Emikochan, Sathiel, Blood Efl Protection Paladin (She's adorable!)

Growing up in Silvermoon after the Sunwell crisis, Sathiel would often listen to stories of the Blood Knights' heroism, valour and redemption. She wanted nothing more than to join the paladin order herself when she grew up. As a young child, she wouldn't go anywhere without the wooden shield and falchion a woodworking relative had carved for her. Lady Liadrin, the matriarch of the order, in particular was her greatest hero. As she grew older, she eventually stopped carrying her wooden arms everywhere—what's cute behaviour for a child eventually becomes less acceptable—but she still made it a point to go watch as many parades and exercises as she could.
It was after one such parade that she took the shortcut that would change her life. The district she cut through was safe—Silvermoon is not a very dangerous city—but that day, she encountered a trio of older ruffians threatening and bullying a boy, much younger than her. Sathiel's thoughts were clear: it is a paladin's duty to protect the weak, and if she wanted to become a paladin, she needed to act like one. The boys, men nearly, were much bigger than her, but that didn't matter to her. She charged the nearest boy, knocking him to the ground, before turning to the other two. The bullies didn't seem to have expected a waifish girl to attack them. Surely, they could easily overpower her—they were at least twice her size—but they kept their distance, preferring to gesture threateningly at her. Sathiel took a step towards them and felt something warm trickle down her leg. The bullies looked surprised, but determined.
Sathiel took another step and feel forward. Her legs giving under her. The bullies now surrounded her. One of them kicked her in the chest hard enough to flip her over. As she turned, she saw a blurry figure in one of the hazy windows. Another bully moved to kick her, but stopped. One of his friends was pointing at the figure. They ran, disappearing in the summer day's fog. Sathiel tried to push herself up, but her hand slipped. She felt a sharp pain in her back when it hit the ground. Her hand was stained with red. She tried to call out for help but who would come? The building was gone. Had she dreamed it? All she could see was the red fog. Muffled sounds surrounded her as she lost consciousness.
When she woke up, Sathiel was lying in bed in an intricately decorated room. She propped herself up trying to understand where she was. The pain that should have stopped her was gone. The door started to open, the sounds of Sathiel rousing must have attracted whomever had brought her here. She gathered the sheets around her nearly naked body, suddenly aware of her vulnerable state. She hoped the stranger had good intentions. Not even in her wildest dreams would she have imagined who was now entering her room.
Lady Liadrin, in the flesh, was standing in the doorway. A loud moan came from a nearby room, quickly turning to an interrupted scream. The paladin matriarch rolled her eyes and sighed as she shut the door behind her. Sathiel was at a loss for words. She wanted to tell Liadrin how much she admitted her, ask what she was doing here, what happened to her… Lady Liadrin sat on the side of the bed and shushed the blabbering young girl. What Sathiel had done in the streets was, to put it bluntly, stupid. Had Liadrin not been nearby, the young girl might never have recovered. Sathiel's heart sank. She was face to face with her hero and she was being lectured like a child. Liadrin paused to let her words sink in then told Sathiel to rest. She could stay in this room as long as she needed; someone would come to lead her home when she was ready.
As she opened the door to leave, Lady Liadrin turned back to the young girl. What she had done was stupid, she explained, but it was also very brave.
And the Blood Knights could always use more brave young elves


File: 1517673889716.png (616.44 KB, 1000x1000, Selyne - full.png)

And Selyne, Blood Elf Vengeance Demon hunter

This Blood Elf is completely devoted to the Illidari cause and Kayn Sunfury's loyal second in command. She wants to do everything she can to defeat the Legion. Despite her high body count, when the campaign grew longer and morale dropped, Kayn assigned most of the female demon hunters to occasional morale duty. She believes it is a dumb idea and that she'd be of more use killing demons, but Kayn's orders were non negotiable: he believed higher morale would lead to greater success and that ordering even his loyal lieutenant to such duty would help reinforce the troops. Selyne disagreed, but she did not disobey, only performing the strict minimum to bring the men she was assigned to climax


File: 1517695566632.png (252.96 KB, 836x1000, ilyserenhanging1.png)

Ily and Seren having a bad day (by Poe)


File: 1517695618954.png (255.63 KB, 836x1000, ilyserenhanging2.png)

and here's what if that very bad day happened while they are very pregnant


my kind of show


Of course, if their jailers are sadistic enough, they can make sure it happens this way. They're the one scheduling the bad day, after all...


File: 1538397820876.png (4.75 MB, 2000x2000, Huofeng - full.png)

I haven't posted in forever, so here's a few sans context.

Huofeng: Pandaren MM hunter


File: 1538397848490.png (1.93 MB, 2000x2000, Issca - full.png)

Issca, Draenei oly Priest


File: 1538397874840.png (2.13 MB, 2000x2000, Liana - full.png)

Liana, Havoc DH


File: 1538397912884.png (1.45 MB, 2000x2000, Myrna - full.png)

Myrna, Survival Hunter


File: 1538397947187.png (2.1 MB, 2000x2000, Shiv - full.png)

Shiv, Subtlety Rogue


File: 1538397980727.png (1.82 MB, 2000x2000, Tess - full.png)

Tess, Worgen Frost Mage


File: 1538398014532.png (5.24 MB, 2000x2000, Thessalyn - full.png)

Thess'salyn, Naga Destruction Warlock


File: 1538398038583.png (1.62 MB, 2000x2000, Zenaka - full.png)

Zen'aka, Troll Shadow Priest


Great stuff, I love warcraft smut.
Also appreciate the different versions (preg/non preg)

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