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File: 1464530695260.png (301.93 KB, 1500x1046, Gato_breasts_Flat_color_we….png)


Seems the thread I started before the site went down is gone. It was mostly just rough sketches of Sly Cooper stuff and some Digimon art.
Here is one of the sketches I posted from then inked and colored. No shading yet though.
Based on a story written by someone else.


File: 1464532399243.png (182.57 KB, 1366x1304, penelope_Caught_and_bound_….png)


File: 1464532528750.png (894.84 KB, 1857x1953, Penelope_strapped.png)

Getting revenge on Penelope from Sly Cooper.


File: 1464532615127.png (790.51 KB, 2075x1493, Penelope_split_sribble.png)


File: 1464532648184.png (501.67 KB, 1369x1273, penelope_brain_scribble.png)


File: 1464532752910.png (468.92 KB, 1265x1176, Penelope_chair_scribble.png)

And now she is Bently's new chair.


nice stuff SC :)


File: 1465028216521.png (230.89 KB, 1158x1197, Bath_time_with_Mom.png)

Thank you. I do apologize for how unfinished most pictures are, since it's not stuff I post on my other accounts it doesn't often get priority.
This was an idea for an incestuous sort of couple. The mother lost three of her limbs in some situation (have not came up with a background yet).


Another really rough sketch idea. Humans are not something I have a whole lot of luck drawing, no in anime style.
I really do like Digimon though. This is probably one of my favorite couples.

If anyone has some suggestions for them I could attempt a sketch or two.


Forgot to post sketch before I went to bed.


File: 1465056011134.jpg (500.93 KB, 2000x1778, Jeri_on_a_leash_scribble.jpg)

Image was to big and needed to be shrunk.


File: 1472645966520.png (300.92 KB, 1702x1684, Ponyta_cooking.png)

Some attempts at anime style.
Lara Laramie stuffed and about to be cooked, once Ponyta reaches orgasm his fiery mane is going to flash cook her.

Not sure if they can actually burn or cook things with their fire. Partially inspired by a story a read about Rapidash Riders being cooked while riding.


File: 1472830770466.png (376.49 KB, 1200x869, Eating_orcs_scribble.png)

Random sketch inspired by JS previous works.


File: 1473097953946.jpg (377.05 KB, 2150x1786, Rena_half_shaved_rough.jpg)

Renamon half shaved and being milked. Based of a J.S. story.


Very nice.


File: 1481644361004.png (534.24 KB, 2160x2322, Cooking_with_Leomon.png)

Cooking show idea where the Digimon must prepare their trainers/humans.
Still trying to get anime style down.


May want to look into some of thevistorblacks stuff as well on hentai foundry, he's posted a bunch of stuff like this. Might give yah some inspiration : ). Think he probably posted one he made recently somewhere where gatomon vored kari with tai taking pictures : ).

By the way yah post anywhere else? Or just the guro stuff?


Definitely a huge fan of his stories.
At the moment I only post human stuff to here, which I rarely ever draw due to difficulty/lack of practice.


Hi SC, do you do commissions?


I don't at the moment, been kind of busy.
What was the idea?
Could attempt a sketch and see how it comes out.


Could you draw a Gatomon underwater wearing goggles, flippers, & air tank, running out of air and drowning?


File: 1498243479796.png (604.98 KB, 2281x2910, Bojack_Penny_OD.png)

Have been really busy working outside lately and have not had much time to really draw.

Here is an older picture that is not really gore related. After a night of drinking Bojack leads Penny on to other substances.

Sorry, drowning is not something I am really in to. Kind of have a few other projects that need to be finished.


File: 1498244139691.jpg (616.29 KB, 2438x1626, Gwen_processed_scribble.jpg)

Rough sketch inspired by a Jim. Sugomi picture.
I honestly have not watched more than 5 or 6 episodes from different seasons and there are multiple versions of each character so I am kind of ignorant about the series.

From the wiki it says Gwen can create things and heal.
She is here helping Argit prepare to cook her. I don't know if she could actually use her powers in this way.

Imagine she is trying to help negotiations between Argit and some galactic invader who loves the taste of human flesh.

Can Gwen use her powers without her hands?


File: 1498412007956.png (556.88 KB, 2438x1626, Gwen_processed_scribble_in….png)

Ink for now.


Can I contact you over telegram or so?
Like to ask for a commission... or two...


File: 1498529875629.png (657.91 KB, 2438x1626, Gwen_processed_scribble_fl….png)

Right now I don't have much time to work on art for other people. I really shouldn't even be working on these.


Know the feeling, done a few sketches and pictures I shouldn't have worked on at the time, but one needs free time as well, right!

As far as Gwen goes i believe she can if she concentrates pretty hard, its more she needs the hands for ease of control (with it really easy with hands). Her powers are kinda mana powered manipulation of energy and matter, and her human body can best be described as a "meat suit" for an energy body. Her grandma who's far more adept had the ability to build and destroy her own body over and over around her energy body, but it was implied that Gwen was still pretty low on that skill level so by ultimate universe she could kinda make a shifted version of her body into the energy being, but not sure on the full on regen. Obviously out of canon anythings possible, just the more plausible the more suspension of belief :). Any head canon as to what shes used in or for for that negotiations?


I liked the idea of Argit being sort of a conman tricks or convinces her reluctantly in to cooking and serving herself as a sort of peace deal between some alien race with her having to use her powers to help him do so.
Could always have been given some special shot in order to amplify her powers for a short time.


ah, well I more meant how he'd cook her, what device and so on seeing as theres alot of options :). Was curious what you may have had in mind as your head-canon.


>is not something I am really in to. Kind of have a few other projects that need to be finished.

Aw man. You have nice furry style that would be good for it. Welp.

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