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I haven't posted my art here in forever heh cx
Glad to be back tho!

-Missgorehound (formerly lilloli, hopelessfangirl)
IG: @missgorehound
DA: @lil-miss-gorehound


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emailed ya


Really great to see you here, Gorehound! I've been following you since your wee days on DeviantART.


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Glad to see you're still around and bein' a gross perv with the rest of us :)


Wrote ya - hope the message don't gone into SPAM-Folder... xP


Would you mind doodling anything of Sunako from YamaNade dying?


Can you draw a collection of severed penises? (With foreskin attached, shaven please).


That's how ya keep bitch's straight and pressed when they're out of line.

(It's ya girl Luci from DA btw)


Do you do shota/loli content?


Commission for 2ndvoice


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File: 1471656320575.jpg (1.31 MB, 1836x1836, IMG_20160730_195105.jpg)

I started making artist trading cards recently! They're full color and just $10! p: email me at

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