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I figured I'd contribute something here. My artwork isn't that great, i'll admit, but i figure if i upload to sites like here that will be a bit more... blunt that I can learn and grow. Part of me feels like I should be learning more in writing, but my art gets more attention than my non nbm writings for whatever reason. Anywho, here's the first picture to start off my thread!


File: 1459566291483.png (1.15 MB, 2550x3510, silence_____a_late_day_4_p….png)


nbm? also , welcome to gurochan ^_^

Yes writing is harder to get into, anyone can appreciate a picture but reading is a pain for some. some nice concepts here, keep up the practice :)

If you want tips just keep practicing anatomy and your linework


File: 1459818979499.jpg (324.13 KB, 2462x2865, Day1.jpg)

thanks ^^ that's definitely true, a bit quicker to look at a picture than to read a few chapters of something.

I'll keep improving on my anatomy, even my mortal enemies fingers and toes. That and weight. Two characters of mine are supposed to be "heavier" but I can't get the right bits down, though in the first two pics here I tried giving Jess a bit of a belly.


well your hands a feet are pretty good for a beginner, i'm sure you'll get it in no time :)

Nice to see someone drawing different body types too!


Hmmm have I seen you on deviantART somewhere? That's the only place I've seen the phrase "natural body magic" or NBM be used.

I guess its a more specific term than "modularity" though.

Anyway... So uh, you want to master different body types huh? Glad to hear that. I don't think I see many people actively going for that.



Perhaps =v=

NBM/natural body magic is still a weird nebulous term though. Does TF count in the term? It's kinda like with using the term headless from someone holding their head. The latter one's probably just me though.

I mainly want to have different body types for two characters of mine. One being a sniper, which in my opinion doesn't necessarily require someone to really be fit. Although now that I think of it, a drunk scientist really wouldn't be exercising much...



Yeah but if I run a search for modularity I get a lot of hits about like modular.js and modular technology shit and yeah basically


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Figured I'd post up pics from the 30 day 2 person detached head challenge. For the first three, I used a hand drawn method for converting the paper lines, though in 4 and 5 I used a point line system. I don't like some bits about it, but at least the lines aren't too wiggly. Might get Sai, I hear that does wonders for line fixing..


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File: 1459998161637.png (628.08 KB, 2550x3509, day5g.png)

Well 3 didn't want to upload ^^;


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day 6, I uploaded this on dA a few days ago.

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