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this thread is for my new work only, please keep my old stuff out of it.


File: 1458168537549.jpg (113.74 KB, 1000x1000, desp.jpg)


File: 1458168562202.jpg (160.86 KB, 700x1000, pantiepoopies.jpg)


File: 1458168583108.jpg (232.67 KB, 1000x1000, accident.jpg)


File: 1458168619141.gif (309.01 KB, 800x800, annie.gif)


File: 1458168649018.gif (232.28 KB, 1000x1000, bucket.gif)


File: 1458168676791.gif (120.49 KB, 1250x700, poopybutthole.gif)


File: 1458168694212.gif (106.37 KB, 1250x700, cleanbutthole.gif)


File: 1458168728015.jpg (175.46 KB, 1000x1000, fartingteen.jpg)


Hey, great stuff Yum, but i think the thread should have been named "Yummystuffs Art" or something because people may not find it very well. :p just saying, also, are you planning on making a new animation?


yes i am, ill make a few actually. heres 2 ive already started


Will you still take some requests like you did back in the day?


Sure! Feel free to give me ideas


Hey Yum, how about some loli pee farts, preferably on a squat toilet if you can?

Girls accidentally farting while letting out a huge pee with an embarrassed and desperate expression on their face is my thing right now.

And if you agree to do it, can she be a cute petite red head with freckles please? they're a favorite of mine :p

So what do you say Yum, think you're up for it? :)


A cute little farting freckled red head sounds hot to me :) consider it done


I have the perfect idea for an animation, if it's not too much trouble!

There's a scene in the anime Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 where a young girl becomes desperate to poop and eventually is forced to use a small, disposable toilet behind some bushes for relief. She's not shown using it, unfortunately, but that's where you come in, Yummy!
I always imagined her hastily ripping through the package and struggling to set the toilet up properly because of her intense urge, but once she gets it right, she hurries her butt onto it and basically explodes with a torrent of soft, light brown mush. You don't have to do it exactly how I described it though, I mean if you decide to take this on.
Whole scene is from about 2:35 - 8:20 for anyone who hasn't seen it, starting from when the urge first hits. A demonstration of how someone looks when sitting on the portable toilet can be seen at 5:13.


maybe i could do just the end, but the setting up of the toilet would take time that i dont have in abundance right now


Perfectly ok with me! I only shared how I envisioned the scene happening for some inspiration, and there is no rush to do it either.


File: 1458202531899.jpg (201.66 KB, 1100x900, redhead.jpg)

before i continue, how is this looking so far? ill have different camera angles and stuff, she will also uncross her legs from this camera angle


WOW! that's looking really good so far Yum, thanks for taking it up by the way, you're the best :)






10/10 would watch poop



Also, I didn't expect you to be doing a full animation of it Yum, i was just talking about an image, but an animation would be really AMAZING! Yum, you must've really like the concept huh? thank you. :)

And just in case, I'm the one who suggested it by the way if you didn't already know LOL :p i know i should start naming myself more often, keep it up Yum it's looking great!


hehe yea, i do like it. something like a fart scenario is better expressed through an animation anyway :)


Haha i thought so :p and yeah i agree, it would be better expressed through animation :) hows it coming along anyway? i hope it isn't taking up too much of you're time, we all have a life to live, but from how long you're working on it, it feels like it's going to be a really great one lol :p


Oh! and they'll be peeing involved too yeah? wouldn't be a pee fart without it obviously lol :p It's just that i hear pee is difficult to animate is all :)


yes of course there will be :p its not a big deal :)


/r/ a loli nude underwater wearing goggles and flippers spreading puss and having a nice warm pee in the cool deep sea. Prefer furry but will accept human.

Also, your animations are amazing please never stop.


His art is unique, to differentiate from other hentai scat artists.
To continue this way, don't commit them errors like poop too big to girl with a small body.
You're one of bests.
Suggestion: to draw a girl with a school uniform shitting on a beach.


File: 1458461827435.png (570.49 KB, 1100x1300, licking.png)

her heart was pounding in her chest as she gentlly took the mass of warm waste, exiting through her friend's gaping and softly contracting butthole. her tongue swiped the tip of it, collecting the mucus and a bit of undigested food that was sitting there.


Toilet ex-rays?


Toilet ex-rays?


Just curious, how would you feel about drawing shotas?


#10327 more of this plz


#10327 more of this plz


Would you ever consider doing inhuman sized dumps?


I just like the way Yum is going like he normally does, i hope he's OK, he hasn't posted in a while.

He was doing a request for me (with the red head and what not) i do hope he hasn't left us again, sorry, i think I'm worrying too much I'm sure hes fine :P


Could you do another scene of multiple girls shitting everywhere, making a mess of things, and commenting on each other's shit, like the old one with the three girls on the bed?

I also really like the swimming pool ones, maybe you can take it further, they've shit so much that most of the pool is shit by now, and they're enjoying adding more to it and swimming in it.


been busy. all your requests have been noted!


File: 1458760960569.png (383.65 KB, 825x1000, xray.png)

toilet xray



Fuck, man! This is EPIC! I especially love how you experimented with lighting and shading. <3


WOW! yum this is amazing! hope you do more like this ^___^

Also, how goes the red head pee fart animation?



You know, the style almost kind of reminds me of Ed, Edd, n Eddy. The girl almost looks a bit like May Kanker in a more proportional body. Anyway, great work, and amazing how far you've come.


thanks orpheum. the similarities are completely unintentional. i think i watched maybe half of one episode of that show when i was 14 :p

im slowly workin on your animation, maybe ill have something to show next week.



Wait, what animation?



Any progress on mine, if I can ask?


sorry orpheum, i meant #10452. progress is slowly being made on lots of things.


You already worked on my request, I'mean just happy to see you back at it!


You already worked on my request, I'mean just happy to see you back at it!


File: 1458818232362.gif (550.32 KB, 700x800, farting.gif)

she loves putting her little butt right at your nose and emptying her belly of all the rotten smelling farts shes been holding in. the depths of her intestines unload the hot stinky air, and the bit of poop in her rectum adds to her scent.


O____O Yum! you're really impressing me with these animations :p I'm guessing this was one of Waru's requests then? :)

Take as much time as you need man, there's no rush, i was just wondering if you were still working on it is all, I'm guessing you want to go all out with that request from the looks and sounds of it? lol :p



No... that wasn't MY request, at ALL!


Could you draw a blonde girl having an outdoor buddy dump with the redheaded girl?


i sure could :)


Can you post just the first frame?


File: 1458863256470.jpg (106.61 KB, 700x800, fart3.jpg)

sure, heres 2 versions. one with the plain coloring and one with a bit more


File: 1458863353142.jpg (120.3 KB, 700x800, fart2.jpg)




Can you do a pic of someone pooping their pants while in line for a restroom, after they can't hold it anymore?



MMMPH... dat coloration.


hey yummy you ever finish the annie one?


still working on it :)




File: 1459661590225.png (175.93 KB, 1250x1500, blondeandredhead.png)

no color to these yet, but there will be. hope ya like em.


File: 1459661666806.png (268.19 KB, 1700x1500, waitinginline.png)


File: 1459661693411.png (92.9 KB, 1200x1100, poolpooping.png)


>>10654 is fantastic! Congrats!


File: 1459676655058.gif (242.37 KB, 1000x1000, swimsuit.gif)

and heres another animation that i started but i dunno if ill finish it. maybe when i have more free time.


Amazing animation! love swim suits! thanks yum! :)

Also, hows go's the progress for the red head animation so far lol? :p


its coming along, ill post an update to it next weekend



You are a god among men


Can't wait to see how you handle my request, when these are done. ;)


i am not a god among anything, but thanks for the kind words :p



Definitely my favorite out of the uncolored pics







Hope you find some time to color and finnish these, coz they are awesome :o


File: 1459840270332.jpg (174.36 KB, 800x1000, fart4.jpg)

sigh <3 <3 <3


Im considering doing some sound effects for your gif and maybe even some frame by fram coloring....though to be fair im not very good at coloring...though my sound effects would be on point =3


im still working on the gif, it will have color and more animation when its done. as for sfx, if you wanna try, go for it



Ooooooh, so many GREAT things.


bump for this.


Another thing that would be kinda cool is if you could get make some pictures at some point that fits in the "Casual Grossness" thread, coz girls pooping or peeing casualy while doing something else, or trying to be sneaky about it, is awesome as well :)


i was really busy this week an didnt have time for much, sorry. for the person who requested the underwater peeing, dont worry its been noted and is being worked on :)



I would give anything for a party two of this.


where abouts would you want the plot to wander?



Maybe a rearshot of her looking over her shoulder at the massive bulge in her pants, now causing them to sag enough to expose more of her butt. Meanwhile the girl behind her, also desperate, is starting to turtlehead into her shorts.


I, for one would like to see some diapered art.


I hope YS hasn't forsaken us.


nope! but, busy with rl. sorry. ill have some new stuff soon.



sorry ive been absent, been busy as ive said for a while now :p real life has absorbed much of my time. a bunch of completed requests are coming soon.
what would be a good springboard idea for a scenario with a group of girls wanting to get messy with each other and explore their bodily functions together? where are they and what circumstance has them together?


One or all of the girls swallow a small object (like a coin) and test to see how long it takes for the object to pass through their bodies. Each time a girl takes a dump, the others watch and then afterwards dig through the poo to see if the object is there.

This idea came to mind for me because there isn't a lot of this type of content to be found.



Probable because coin swallowing is dangerous?


So is eating poo, yet there's tons of art on it. Your point is invalid.



It's only dangerous if you eat coins containing certain elements that, in excess, can poison you. Plenty of old coins were actually safe to swallow, though the risk for poisoning was still there if too many were consumed in one go. Hell, I swallowed some small magnets once as kid.



I was leaning toward the "choking" aspect of swallowing coins, not the "toxins in the metals" aspect.

Also, you should be glad you didn't get severely injured internally or killed, after swallowing magnets. Kids can potentially die from magnet swallowing due to either 'clipping' off a portion of bowel by attracting each other, to shredding the viscera from also attracting each other...

... Buuuuuuuut that's REALLY neither here nor there. If you guys want ys to draw coin swallowing/shitting, I won't stop you. I'm just merely pointing out the rl risks, is all; nothing more. Sorry if I came off as a downer.



Eh, they were teeny tiny ones, each one barely bigger than the bit of paper from a hole punch, and very weak.



Well that's good to know. :)


Do you have work anywhere else? I swear I've seen your new art style somewhere.


i might, but lets not discuss it here.


Yummy stuff...I have a peculiar request that you are welcom to turn down. I know you've just been bombarded since you got back but...have you ever considered doing a drawing with vomiting? I would just adore it, your vivid style and excellent detail would make it so amazing for me. Though I understand that this is a niche thing that only a very small group(out of our already small group) like. Thanks for coming back, keep up the awesome work.


Yummy stuff...I have a peculiar request that you are welcom to turn down. I know you've just been bombarded since you got back but...have you ever considered doing a drawing with vomiting? I would just adore it, your vivid style and excellent detail would make it so amazing for me. Though I understand that this is a niche thing that only a very small group(out of our already small group) like. Thanks for coming back, keep up the awesome work.


ill have to decline, i dont find anything pleasant about vomit. its pretty gross. for what its worth, i also think spitting is gross too, which i think is pretty weird considering the things i have been fantasizing about for most of my life. kids pissing and shitting all over each other is just fine and dandy but spitting? blech, no thanks. total turn off. my brain sure picked strange places to draw the lines!



Genius borderlines insanity: I just learn to slowly accept who I am, while keeping an air of normalcy for the vanillas.


I suppose I could understand, my fetishes are pretty specific and all of them stop at oddly specifc points, or emphasize strange aspects of the kink. I am still very happy to see your vivid depictions of poop and panty soiling.


Hey Yum haven't been here in a while hows it going? :p Any updates on the pics and animations so far :)


heres a few unfinished drawings ive started, in a rar. more stuff coming soon-ish



Looks promising, YS. I'll happily await.


Oh wow that's great stuff so far yum thanks :) can't wait! is there any animations in the works still such as the freckled red head pee fart one etc? no rush as usual :p

Also you never answered my question lol :3 i asked how you were going? hope you are doing well and you aren't in any trouble and stuff :)


im always in trouble. heck ive got a feeling things are only going to get worse.


I'd like to concur to this request with one of my own.
Any chance of seeing a girl in a public setting like in a classroom surrounded by (silhouettes of) other students, then leaning to the side and pushing a dump out in her panties as if she were scratching an itch.




Can we get some catgirls with diarrhea? Maybe failing to hold it?


Uhm... guys.... ys MAY be having some technical difficulties (in the "someone who saw his nsfw non-scat art realized that he does scat art, too" level difficulties).

Here's hoping he doesn't do anything rash.


that was hardly the worst of the problems i said. and there was no need to make your post. please stay out of it.


Waru if I were you I would delete your post, we don't want this to become a big thing.


i dont know about it becoming a 'big' thing. do wonder what the stats are though, regarding how many people regularly view this thread and know that i exist. i honestly would ballpark it in the region of less than 30 people.



I WOULD... if it would let me (it keeps saying "Wrong password")



Probably, yeah. I mean, most people here on gchan are for the guro, not the scat.


I check back here every couple of days. But only cause I love the lewd expressions you draw on their faces. The Scat has pretty much been secumdary when I Fap to these.


hey yummy did you ever finish the annie gif?


Hey Yum I know you're probably pretty busy as usual, but has there been any updates or progress made to the freckled red head pee fart gif project you were working on? :)


sorry guys, i havnt touched those things in a while. but dont lose hope, ill return to them soon enough!


File: 1470750033770.png (277.16 KB, 1500x1250, bucket.png)



Very nice. Keep it up. ;)


File: 1470811913998.png (216.12 KB, 1500x1250, 1470750033770.png)

Here's your art back, just edited it


you changed the saturation of the colors a bit. why? :p


File: 1470878080465.png (235.11 KB, 865x1250, toiletfart.png)


Could you please do more art related to pants soiling? That'd be awesome to see more.


File: 1470946701083.png (195.91 KB, 918x993, blue.png)



Honestly, the highlight of this pic is her freckled face, and that awesome, character-filled smirk.

I mean, yes she IS squatting over a toilet, and blasting a fart (which IS hot), but... the body isn't quite as catching as her face. I DO like the entire piece, mind you.


File: 1470955508195.png (269.28 KB, 1500x1000, beach.png)

request for girl in school girl outfit pooping on a beach


Wow that was quick. Great art ys.



That pic is fucking awesome. /chapeau



This is FANTASTICALLY done! I'm going to hazard a guess to say that you REALLY enjoyed making this one (or you were calmer?), since your style seems more relaxed, and looser.


i really enjoy making all of them :p


More embarrassing public accidents please, these are all excellent though!



Well, THAT'S good too, ys. :D


Absolutly awesome Yum !!! :) Such great work on all these man, keep it up :p


File: 1471196188640.png (771.74 KB, 1700x1500, line.png)


Awesome. Those girls look their best with a load in their pants imo. Keep it up!


WOW YUM !!! You're on your A-Game lately, Thanks so much for all your hard work :p we truly apprecate it :)


File: 1471286815721.png (317.58 KB, 1200x1100, pool.png)


File: 1471443985706.png (361.63 KB, 1150x1000, beach2.png)


love the panty/pants messing pictures. keep up the great work



Not a fan of panty-shitting, but I LOVE her expression. You can FEEL her disgust! lol


I check once in a while, still around, waiting for this.


File: 1471709706529.png (396.16 KB, 1150x1000, alt1.png)


File: 1471709721694.png (312.93 KB, 1150x1000, alt2.png)


File: 1471709763504.png (293.77 KB, 1150x1000, alt3.png)


File: 1471729109515.png (308.8 KB, 1150x1000, bg1.png)


Scat! Because when nature calls you can't help but responding. Promptly!

Is that a target practice? Lol!

Joking aside but never too much, I like your style and how you manage to keep your characters cute despite their... their... you know what I mean, lol!


Ever done art involving all the girls pooping themselves at the same time?


Love your work, would you maybe do a classic messing accident in school scenario?


still slowly working on older requests, newer requests are noted.


Overdue thanks for this.


Hey Yum! Hows it going? How goes the art?


Hi YS! Whenever you can, how about a cute skater girl soiling her skinnies?


Request noted!
Everythings been same as usual on my end. Ill upload one or two request pictures tomorrow


File: 1476456579408.jpg (319.01 KB, 1600x1100, skaters.jpg)


are these girls anything like what youre thinking of?



Not the requester, but I'm liking all three. <3



Those are some qt patooties


Oh, my! What a cute trio of skater girls! What about a little "jet propulsion"?! Okay, that would be more funny than sexy but I would find it terribly cute!! XD


Do you have a pixiv?


Do you have a pixiv?


Do you have a pixiv?


Sorry, i dont have a pixiv
thanks for the comments :)


Not that I'm rushing you Yum, but I would love to see something new. I love your art!


Not that I'm rushing you Yum, but I would love to see something new. I love your art!


Not that I'm rushing you Yum, but I would love to see something new. I love your art!


ill have some new stuff soon enough, i love making it as much as you love seeing it


Looking forward to the new stuff


File: 1482041121424.png (349.24 KB, 1211x887, wiping.png)

wiping and showing <3


File: 1482044994118.png (228.24 KB, 950x1000, peeking.png)

can you see it yet? is it coming out?


Keep it up ys. Maybe some more pants soiling in the future?


Niiiiice, I love your work!

This!! Especially more embarrassing public accidents, like at school or maybe even during something extracurricular, like while playing in a little league softball game.


File: 1482662159425.png (257.58 KB, 875x954, redhead2.png)


Nice stuff, Yummy! Can't wait to see what else you have been working on!


File: 1483779188914.png (336.06 KB, 1500x1000, lumps.png)


File: 1483844896709.png (411.93 KB, 1500x1000, undercovers.png)

they were hiding under the covers to look at eachothers privates and smell each others farts, but one of them accidentally let out a little more





WOW! Thanks so much for these Yum! Every single time you post something it makes my day, I'm super happy you've decided to stay with us all this time, we really do appreciate it! :p

I hope you had a nice and relaxing holiday break and everything is we'll, all the best for 2017 :)


File: 1484128435800.png (207.91 KB, 1150x1100, mouth.png)


File: 1485798231052.jpg (134.49 KB, 1500x1100, squatanim.jpg)

im uploading a few works in progress, this first one id like to turn into an animation as part of a comic with some animated parts. its about a foreign exchange student from japan whos at a slumber party with two friends, and she uses the toilet like a squat toilet, and the other girls, having never thought of using it that way, want to try it.


File: 1485798267219.jpg (141.77 KB, 1500x1100, comic.jpg)

this one is part of the idea also


File: 1485798368976.jpg (205.92 KB, 1500x1100, shower.jpg)

this one will have a bunch of sweaty junior high school cheerleaders in the shower have some dirty fun pissing and farting


File: 1485798407887.jpg (90.02 KB, 1500x1100, anim2.jpg)

id like to tun this into an animation


File: 1485798496217.jpg (185.66 KB, 1500x1100, oops.jpg)

you walked in on her while she was tring to clean a mess that running down her legs and all over her ass which can be seen in the mirror


File: 1485798550136.jpg (122.34 KB, 1500x1100, push.jpg)

id like to make this an animation of her trying to push out a big one, with the close up of her anus gaping wide but she cant get it out


File: 1485798618693.jpg (138.16 KB, 1500x1100, asdf.jpg)

might make this into an animation of her spreading her cheeks and showing a dirty butthole or something


File: 1485798651529.jpg (124.23 KB, 1500x1500, spread.jpg)



Definitely excited for this one. Hopefully it'll end with her finally overcoming the beast and squeezing it out of her butt.


File: 1485895699645.jpg (212.99 KB, 1340x1100, skater.jpg)

part 1



Oh yes Yummy! A cute skater girl about to destroy her panties! Im so ready!


File: 1486101452628.jpg (255.51 KB, 1500x1100, skater3.jpg)


Nice Yum! Loving these, thanks! Although the text that says "rotten eggs" sort of ruins it a little for me. See, I personally don't like to know what stuff like that smells like, it's the ACT alone of a girl doing this sort of stuff is what I like most :p

No offense Yum, keep doing what you're doing. I always love your art :)


File: 1486129372858.jpg (251.24 KB, 1500x1100, skater3-2.jpg)

heres an edit of it with the text removed. i personally do love the smells associated with the act (so long as its coming out of a younger girl) and ive wanted to add that element to some of my drawings for a while now.


File: 1486133362844.jpg (188.15 KB, 1500x1100, skater2.jpg)

part 2


Thanks so much Yum! :) If you want to put it in your art, go for it! Don't let me stop you it was mostly a nitpick anyway :3

This is awesome! I love her facial expression and how shes peeing and pooping herself at the same time, thanks again! Looking forward to part 3 if there is one :p









File: 1486544486086.jpg (163.79 KB, 971x1100, fart.jpg)


File: 1486676285678.png (283.99 KB, 961x1031, squat.png)


File: 1486748261767.png (247.75 KB, 1088x884, butt.png)





Do you do any art in other subjects? I like your style, but I'm not a big fan of scat.




File: 1486840048424.png (294.26 KB, 883x1056, squat2.png)



Excuse me... I need to fap now... VIGOROUSLY! <3 <3


Any more accident pics you're working on?
You're one of the few artists out there (maybe the only one) who manages to draw characters feeling truly ashamed/terrified of what they did!


Would love to see this animated. Extreme poop desperation with massive soiling is VERY scarce.


i could do some more. to be honest im only doing them because people request them. while i do like the idea of girls intentionally messing themselves for certain reason, i dont really like the idea of a girl being in distress over it. i prefer girls being happy, not upset :p maybe the only exception to this is post #15779, there would be something exciting about walking in on a situation like that, and her surprise and fear would have something to do with that excitement. drawing these scenarios does give me opportunity to utilize a broader range of facial expressions which is seems im rather good at, so i do have reasons to keep making em.


File: 1486967116553.png (499.13 KB, 1500x1100, oops.png)


These are fan-tastic keep it up I especially like watching it come out, watching the scater girl pee and poo is amazing :)



Amen to that, then. I must admit I'm *way* more into accidents than nude/regular scat, but forcing an author to draw something he doesn't like is the quickest way to make him quit (since I work as a comic writer, I DO understand your point!).



Fukkin saved


File: 1487189837474.png (390.19 KB, 1500x1100, poopbra.png)

i wanna lick and suck all that delicious filth off her


File: 1487189869706.png (369.16 KB, 1500x1100, poopbra2.png)

clean version




Could you do a pic(s) of a girl being desperate to poo in the back seat of a car, and pooping her pants when she can't hold it?


Could we see a futa loli shitting diarrhea into a clear bucket?


Well, all I can say YS is a legend.


hey ys would you ever be open to doing commissions


Hi all, As someone with a fart fetish I have to say I really love the fart art here and I'd love to see more!


File: 1489859015906.png (303.58 KB, 1300x1000, bathtub.png)


File: 1489877212307.png (496.31 KB, 1300x1000, lineup2.png)

im not taking commissions, sorry


If she is farting in the bath shouldn't it look like bubbles when underwatter and not as smoke?


its not a fart :)


File: 1489948300629.png (219.43 KB, 900x1000, schoolgirl1.png)


honestly, this is my favorite because it describes the smell. wish u did that with more


there will be more of it then. the aromatic aspect of a young girls fart is my favorite thing about it


Awesome, can't wait! If you may, can you just quote and say what the last few art of farts smelled like?


File: 1490045992709.png (609.27 KB, 1700x1000, chipsanddip.png)

those chips and dip give her very tasty farts :)



since you do farts so much I wonder why didn't you still made a picture of some of those girls igniting her fart LOL


File: 1490640873298.png (286.5 KB, 900x1000, may.png)


O___O Yum! Please continue with this! And maybe do more well-known loli characters too please!!


File: 1490837590187.png (239.39 KB, 1350x1000, may2.png)


Oh wow! Thanks Yum, I love May, could you perhaps do a farting while peeing Misty next please? :)


File: 1490935147743.png (282.97 KB, 1350x1100, misty.png)


Love it! Please have Dawn pooping next.



This, or Rosa having a rather large poo accident in her tights.



>pokemon girls in scat situations



File: 1490992668553.png (292.83 KB, 1350x1350, rosa.png)

part 1

other requests that have been made in the past are not forgotten


Oh god! Thank you for this Yum! That is so awesome, could you possibly do Misty having a soft poop in a toilet next please? When you have the time that is. More Misty scat, fart, pee stuff is total welcomed! it's so rare see! :)


>Misty having a soft poop in a toilet next please?

I second this!


If you're still taking requests, may I request Serena or Moon having diarrhea in a toilet? Your art style works unbelievably well with Pokemon girls <3



AAAAA I can hardly wait for the next part(s)!


File: 1491169748099.png (393.8 KB, 1350x1350, serena.png)


I kinda want to see Hapu squatting (either toward or away from the viewer, 3/4 view), as she takes a hearty dump... Look of determined strain...

... that, or Lillie doing similar, but she's more embarrassed than straining.


Did you ever finish this? I'd love to see the final product.


no i didnt.


File: 1491252138847.png (314.92 KB, 1100x1250, mistyfart.png)

the serene silence of the lake she was bathing in is broken by a loud fart escaping from between mistys wet soft cheeks


Yummy, never stop the Mistys coming! Pease!!


Misty's never had content like this, it's very rare to see, keep it coming Yum. :) Amazing btw!!!



My first Poke-waifu, and I am SO happy to see such lewds, and Misty's round naked butt. <3



Echoing across the entire lake. You know how sound can go all the way across the surface :D


File: 1491285884135.png (289.91 KB, 1100x1050, lillie.png)



Yummy p-p-pls


Wow Yummy your work has changed so much...
Loving your new art man :)



Fucking adorable (As Lillie should be). I don't know whether to kiss her cheek, or kiss her ass. lol ;)


Would you mind doing princess tutu pissing while looking embarrassed?


Hopefully you can do something with Hilda and Bianca, perhaps referring to their lovely asses.


File: 1491374685569.png (274.34 KB, 1200x1350, bianca.png)

ill add more to this later


aw man you stopped adding the smells... that was great :c


Hi yum, I got request. Could you do a tf2 femscout character scat in the toilet? Use your recent uploads as a reference. Btw no rush doing if you're busy. Can wait


I would love to see May or Misty having a desperate poop- but instead of using the toilet they use training potties in the shape of pokemon



Looks great so far. If you do one with Bianca at some point, should have her looking very desperate and holding her belly or butt as she struggles to drop a mighty turd.


Since we're doing Pokemon girls at the moment, I would love to see Dawn taking a desperate, mushy dump in a toilet, side view pref. :D


File: 1491470112797.png (198.81 KB, 1095x1160, penny.png)


Oh, omg, yummy it looks just like Penny in your style (chest could be flatter though), could you do more please? She has hard to find scat content too.

Maybe a toilet farting while peeing powerfully from the front up with an x-ray? For Penny please? ^___^


Penny's a beaut! Nicely done.

Definitely want to see femscout on toilet pooping/diarrhea! HOT TTM! Would you mind to add on her, clutching her stomach?



More Rosa when?! I have a mighty need for this to continue!


Serious, femscout is an all natural, perfect shape. An X ray of her poops in toilet would be nice ;)



Amazing rendering of Penny Gadget, YS. Good job.


File: 1491604467570.png (241.9 KB, 975x1050, penny2.png)

i couldnt really add her farting to this one so i guess ill have to make another :)

the rosa stuff will be finished later dont worry about it


How about Juniper Lee from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee pooping a thick turd?


Wow never seen scat art of Penny before!
Would you be willing to do other lolis on toilets like Trucy from the Ace Attorney series?


File: 1491696448119.png (177.41 KB, 1050x700, penny4.png)


File: 1491696477147.png (181.71 KB, 1050x700, penny3.png)



Bump. Any update to it?


File: 1492497712190.jpg (240.61 KB, 976x1188, jadefaces.jpg)

Would be fun to see something Jade from Jackie Chan Adventures in your style. Maybe once more paying the price for eating half a dozen hotdogs and slurping down so much soda.



Yummystuff does lolis, not women in their early-to-mid 20s.


File: 1492559446576.png (425.69 KB, 800x800, _Jade Desperate 01 - Small.png)



I'd kill for a continuation of this pic here, where instead of making it to the toilet, she loses control and takes a substantial dump in her pants.




I like your artwork!!


thanks! new stuff coming soon


File: 1493290404508.png (222.83 KB, 1350x1100, poopeating.png)


File: 1493734246582.png (347.07 KB, 1350x1100, farts.png)


That's awesome Yum!! Keep it up! :)

Also I second vote a Jade Chan pic from you too hehe :p

Maybe based off the scene from the show where she really needs to pee but makes it to the toilet eventually, except add a twist where she farts loudly while peeing or ends up emptying her waste too?

Just thought id throw that concept into the mix for you to consider ^___^



Yeah! Shiteating is so hot. Could you do one where she locks her mouth to the other girl's ass so she pushes the poop straight down her throat?


Something with young/adult Ciri from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt would be perfect, maybe she's pooping herself either out of fear or because she couldn't hold it anymore?


ah man, no more smell description?



i was going to add some dialouge to it that related to the smell, guess i should have. for the next one i will

all the requests have been noted


It is not exactly a request but I woud like to suggest to make something more complex that just girls farting and pooping.

Maybe something like one girl eating it from another girl ass with a spoon.
maybe something like picture of the girl with her ass pointing up with ass and pussy widely open filled with appropriate content and for the bonus cocktail straw stuffed into pee hole

Or you could draw human centipede version.

Or 2 girls connected with tube.


its not exactly a request but could i suggest that you fuck off


Damn! Why so ungrateful for yummys work? Don't be a dick man.


I woud like to know the reason of this hostility, because I it is pretty surprising to see that kind of response.
Why do you say I am ungrateful?


Different guy from the guy above but the way you phrased it just seems a bit... disrespectful considering ys is already drawing all his art not only quickly but well, and also tries to take all requests into account.


The way |I said it is precisely that I am not requesting anything, but just presenting it as ideas that he can take or ignore.
And for that matter I wonder how more clearly I could express myself.



"but I woud like to suggest to make something more complex that just girls farting and pooping."


That's like saying, "I see that you make your thing... but I disregard it and ask for this, instead, because!"

Also... I doubt ys would make ANYTHING related to the human centipede. That's borderlining /f/ and /g/, which makes it much more vile, imho.


This is why I started with statement that I am not requesting to do that. I am just making suggestion.
While his drawings are nice they lack meaning and context

By the way he already made something similar to human centipede here
it is not F stuff to draw girls on all fours as there is no need for any body alterations.
In this situation I woud just expect him to take some known idea and draw picture referencing that idea.


thanks waru, you summed up my exact feelings on the matter.

could a mod please nuke all these posts from this thread.


Hey yum: love your work. Good work on the drawings they are awesome. Keep it up


thanks! and thanks to all the anons out there watching. or maybe its just the same guy over and over, who knows! :p


Hey. Yum. You're the only reason I come to gurochan anymore... Is there somewhere I can find your work beside here?



Lol, why do you think I namefag? So people will know it's me.


Oh, my awesome pal! We love you more than you know.


File: 1494444851156.png (127.91 KB, 1597x1100, meangirls1.png)

part 1.


File: 1494444870635.png (123.45 KB, 1671x1100, meangirls2.png)

part 2


File: 1494444951158.png (151.75 KB, 1526x1100, meangirls3.png)

part 3. the fear has put her tummy is in knots and she might not be able to control herself! ill post the rest when all parts are colored in.


Omg yum! I live for this sort of accidental stuff! I cant wait to see the rest! I hope its a big mess!



Hnnnng, well, in any way, she'll either lose control standing, half-squatting, or getting down into a full squat (since her pants ARE down). Either way, I'll happily await. P:


or all 3


File: 1494572498626.png (204.28 KB, 2000x1100, meangirls4.png)

heres one more unfinished panel


I dont know if you still take requests but....
Could you draw a pic of Loli Tracer by Shadman shitting on the toilet?


File: 1496291413289.jpg (251.68 KB, 2000x1100, waterpark1.jpg)


File: 1496291424439.jpg (251.54 KB, 2000x1100, waterpark2.jpg)


Geez Yum, Your such a tease...I would just love to see her barf all that up!



Goddamnit, MOAR!



Brace for impact!



Holy fuck, I love this type of sickly desperation.



i love this ys.



i agree ( ° ʖ °)


Any updates on those last two series?


Let's hope yummystuff can find us again after all the downtime


i check every day to see if gc is back :p

new stuff coming soon


ive also started learning 3d modeling so i can take my love of this stuff to the next level. ive got the basics of it figured out (manipulating meshes on simple geometric shapes). getting a girl fully modeled shouldnt be too much trouble.


File: 1498299831825.png (408.77 KB, 2000x1100, scratch.png)

scratching their buttholes and smelling their fingers



So gross it's hot. Wish you would show what the fart smelled like tho




im not the biggest fan of diapers but i do like goodnights and things like that. but if you want diapers ill make something


yay, i love the innocence captured in these pictures, like the last one


how old do you want the girls in diapers to be


Can you do Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 farting while peeing on a toilet or something please Yummy? I love your art and She's my favorite loli girl :p


For a diaper drawing, I would like to see Annie from League of Legends filling up one with a nasty, mushy load.


I kinda second this!



Heh, I just wanna see the second part to this.

I already love the style Yummy has done with Rosa.


I'll be going back to Pokemon girls soon. Currently doing futa loli stuff, and diaper/goodnight stuff.


idc i like young


idc i like young


Dude, don't be such an asshole, you should appreciate Yummy for actually choosing to do this for you. I mean, I know you only said a few words, but Man, talk about coming off as an ungrateful prick, where did you learn your manners?


i didnt think there was anything mean about his response :p



Same. Hey >>18040 , the requester was trying to say, "I don't care how young you make them, so long as they're young."... but didn't say it in as much detail as I just did.


Sorry guys, I just find whenever someone says "I don't care" it comes off as rude and disrespectful, I may have jumped the gun just a little :p



We're all human. We all make mistakes.



still planning on turning this into an animation? cuz that pose is hot!


Hey there, YS!

Any news about your projects? :)


havnt really done much this past month :( too busy. ive started some splatoon inkling stuff.


Sounds cool. Something funny I suggested to KSA a ways back could be that their poops are colored like their hair/tentacles.


Are yoou going to complete those 2 unfinished mini-stories you show us some posts ago?

(the jump-scare and the pool ones)


yup i will


yes please ys please animate that bent over pool girl i wanna see her take a nice slow big poop in the pool i will love you forever


yes please ys please animate that bent over pool girl i wanna see her take a nice slow big poop in the pool i will love you forever


did not mean to post that twice


Not to burst your bubble, but with the desperate condition she's in and the food she ate prior, combined with upsetting her stomach with the consumption of pool water, that's not the kind of poop she would realistically have. It would be the very mushy kind of poop.

I have never seen anyone or experienced myself the inability to hold in a thick, hard log before reaching a bathroom, no matter how long it takes to get there. I know some people have special conditions or whatever, but the average person can definitely hold it.

If Yummy wants to do both kinds of poop to make everyone happy, then it's whatever. Personally though, I'd rather see her either fill her swimsuit and eventually overflow with mushy poop, or have her move her bottom piece and create a mound of mush on the ground, while the small crowd of kids bear witness to either event and possibly point out the chunks of half-digested pizza in amusement.



we both talkin these two lol? she dont have no swimsuit nor does she look desperate she looks more like shes ready to put on a good show.


Oh, my bad.

I totally thought he was referring to >>17557 and >>17558 since the poster right before him was talking about those pics and the jump scare pics.

Never mind.


ah woops lol i saw the word pool and thought thats what the poster before me was referring to my bad.


christ reading this made me sit back for a minute and really think about how much of a fucking degenerate I am


SPLATOON INKLING GIRL STUFF! From THE legendary YummyStuff? OMG I think I'm going to have some sort of panic attack, it's like the perfect characters for you to work with, you were meant for this Yummy! It's your destiny! :p


That sounds fun to me! Inkling girls in awkward/embarrassing toilet related situations, peeing ink and pooping soft turds that are same color as the ink/pee would be fantastic man!


I hope you consider doing some loli Overwatch girls in the future such as Tracer, D.Va and Mercy Yum, your art style is awesome and would be amazing to see them in it with their cute designs and all :)


legendary lol yea right


You're just being modest man :3 You've been around since the beginning of the original GuroChan, you're legendary in my books :p


To be fair Yum, you really do have a name for yourself in the scat community :)


lol, wut?


Glad you think so. :)


something im working on. hold up or down arrow keys.


Looks pretty cool. It'll be fun to see the whole animation, as that girl looks stuffed.


I can't get it to open. I get a blank screen after downloading it from dropbox.


Never mind, I fixed it.


File: 1506042314222.png (204.95 KB, 1000x1050, squid1.png)

heres one.



VERY hot and kinky! Thank you, YS!


I'm so sorry, but can you bring it up to new download page? I want to see it, but it doesn't work.Or anybody knows how to fix swf lagging??


Amazing Yum! You are the best! Also I can't see your download thing, it wont work, I downloaded it but when I play it through firefox I just see a white screen with nothing on it.


For those of you having trouble viewing the sfw, open it in another browser. I don't know why but it won't work in Firefox.


It doesn't work for me either. That's because all browsers have started blocking flash by default, because flash is outdated and unsecure.

You can prob make it work by turning the automatic flash block off somewhere in the browser settings but that means you're unsecure on other sites.

An easier option would be if ys just embeds it on a webpage, because for flash content on a web page, you can actually just click on it and choose "unblock it this one time".


I can get it to open, but all that happens is just making the camera pan up and down. Is there meant to more?


He DID say he's working on it.


Like I don't fucking know that? He didn't exactly say "it's just the camera pan" you know.


heres something else ive wanted to make for a while. i am a fan of heartbeat stuff and wanted to incorporate some of it into something. ive bundled an html file with the swf.


Wow yummy this is amazing! I like the cute fart, can't say I'm a fan of heart beats though, I don't mind it but I just wouldn't get turned on by it :p



The inner anatomist in me is loving this. Seeing how this cutie's healthy body is working as it should. I'd also love to see how her heart's beat changes the when she pushes to shit (squatting, sitting, bent over.... up to you, YS)... and to hear her cute voice grunt and strain (that giggle is doing things to me, as was the fart and the heartbeat). <3







Amazing! I don't understand what she's saying clearly, but I love it! It's definitely what a loli would sound like, slurring words ever so slightly. And I like the added fart sound effect, it's a nice touch!

Do you have any plans to let us see her "let the rest of it out" Yum? Would love to see that :3



Loving it. Can't wait to see more progress to it. <3


this will be the last update on this for a little while.


and yes the next scene will be her pushing it out



And only NOW to I realize she's saying "I have a huge fart to let out..."

Still, this is coming along fantastically. Even adding the stomach kidneys and bladder. <3



I'm the above poster, btw,


File: 1506751699744.png (437.73 KB, 1202x1014, buddydump.png)



MMMMPPPH! White's/Hilda's hole lewdly doming. <3




This reminds me, you still gonna do that one with Rosa having a poo accident in her tights?


yea its comin


File: 1506833536833.png (134.48 KB, 1000x800, mistytoilet.png)

setup for an animation


Hope it's a huge one


OMG! Yes! Misty! I'm so hyped for this thank you Yummy! :)


File: 1506866674750.png (108.61 KB, 1000x1000, gwen.png)

heres the start of the gwen request. i downloaded all 4 seasons of the show and have been combing through the eps for audio. ive found some stuff i can use for an animation.


Jesus Christ! Yummy! Gwen! too!? Are you trying to give us a heart attack!? Hyped to hell and back over here!!!


And it's at my favorite toilet angle to watch it all come out as well (Between the legs) Hnnnnggg....


Oh boy, this is going to be awesome. Hope she drops a real fatty.







that really old desperation animation of mine reappeared on scatbooru recently. its time to make something better. heres the start of it. it will have some interactive elements to it.



Wasn't this the one (or rather, the original one) where a girl poops in a sock?




The interactivity is fun. Can't wait to see where this goes.


File: 1507273887973.png (236.35 KB, 1116x1086, bnw.png)


File: 1507290875603.png (170.47 KB, 800x1000, bnw2.png)


click on her or her closeup. click on the eye for an xray. theres some sound.

in the next version you will be able to make her fart, and push out a segment of poop, which you can either have her clench on and break, or keep pushing out more.



"Mmmph!" (i.e. Thank you, though I had to zoom out to see the eyeball)


ok, *next* update will have pooping. added more xray stuff, the start of the fart sequence, randomness added to the sounds, the beginnings of the anus functioning.



I do hope that you'll include heart beat rate changes when she pushes (same with the other one), along with some grunting and straining (even if just lightly).


File: 1507824200051.png (135.93 KB, 1000x860, exam.png)

this project ties in with the futa loli request (pooping in a bucket).
a little girl with a big penis gets a medical exam.
the dirtier things arent implemented yet. it will be done soon though!



You are a man with MANY different hats, YS. FOUR Flash projects simultaneously! Wew, lad!


drag your mouse over her cheeks, starting from the crack outward.
its just a test but i might develop it further.


small update, you can now part both cheeks by running your mouse up her crack.


A very nice angle!!

I was wondering when you would have stumbled on the shaft of a lovely and well equipped futanari girl. Finally, the time has come, lol!

Scat is not my favoutire fetish, but I like your style very much. Most of all, I love the essentiality of your strokes. Your drawings may look simple but they're lacking in nothing! You have a huge sense of... how to say... of what it takes! I'm really envious of this and I hope that you will keep on drawing for long.


i can always make lots more futa stuff, so long as someone here wants to see it. it probably wont get as extreme in comparison to your content but if you want to see more little girls with big cocks, id be glad to provide


I am far convinced that the artists give their best when they're focused on what they like and this is twice true when talking about fetishes! As for me, I will be satisfied with anything you will draw.


I agree with >>19573. While we have our ideal fetishes, I'm sure people with other fetishes besides scat, piss, and farts will appreciate your art as well.


ive gone though about 80% of all the dialogue from the last of us (its all filenames like A07E6, completely unsorted, about 30000 files in all) but ive found a bunch of really great stuff from ellie. ive got all the young female grunts, straining noises and breathing to last forever, along with some other dialogue that will be useful.





File: 1508871397004.png (110.84 KB, 1200x850, beachgirl.png)


Hey Yum. I mean no offense when I say this but, wouldn't it be best to focus on one animation/image before making another? Like one at a time? It just seems that you keep creating new projects and leaving others unfinished.

Personally, I really like the animation, but I'm not into dickgirls myself, never understood the appeal, but that's just my opinion. Besides that though, I really love your work, keep it up! :p


nothing is being left unfinished. dont worry about your requests, theyll get done. furthermore i get tired of things very quickly and if I only focused on one thing, Id get nothing done.


I would like to see these characters scatting while/after being killed.


That mean even >>15960 is getting animated?
my request for that >>18404 was really pushy to the point i thought it just got ignored :(

but if its in the works i cant wait!


yea eventually. it wont be colored that nicely though :p


File: 1509129568441.png (145.71 KB, 1250x900, diaper.png)



The way the anus protrudes so drastically makes it feel like I'm looking at prolapse. I don't mean to be so critical, but I was curious if that was what you were going for.


It's pretty great and cute, but the prolapsed anus almost puts me off, is it possible for you to make a version without it please? :p


It doesn't look like it's prolapsed. I can tell YS only wanted to make the anus bulge out when the girl pushed, but he overdid it. AFAIK, anal prolapse is when the inside of the rectum is visible and protrudes out from the anus.



Hyper anal protrusion is hot as fuck. Please please please do more!


i didnt really think her anus distended too far but, the people have spoken. heres a new version, and all updates will be done on this one. for now ill focus on the gwen animation until its finished.



Sorry, ys. I don't want you to think I was ripping apart your work dude (you know I'm normally VERY supportive of your work). Sometimes even good artists have some bad days. We've all had 'em.


File: 1509451885101.png (166.4 KB, 1146x1223, pee.png)


Love it! Keep em' coming Yum ^___^

Really looking forward to the Gwen animation :p



Fantastic stuff! Hope we see more diarrhea and desperation too, yours is the best.


File: 1509880809699.png (247.78 KB, 570x1200, g1.png)

i love girls like this



Oooooohh... a sexy punk loli. Can't wait to see the lewds with her, Yummy.


heres a preview of gwen. this is the most dialogue heavy part. ive looked through the 2016 reboot episodes and found some more audio i can use.

when its all done ill release it in two parts, one will be more in line with the request (gwen on a toilet peeing and farting) and the other will include that, plus scat, and some involvement with ben.



Looks promising. :)


OMG! No way! I was the one who requested Gwen a while ago, you're the man Yum! I though you just chose Gwen out of your own preference.

That preview of it is amazing! I like the inclusion of her voice and how well you've implemented it so far, I also like how you managed to get both her cocky attitude and expressions just like her in the show, it works well with your art style too. Consider me super hyped for it!


File: 1510475567889.png (781.77 KB, 2000x1200, bigclit.png)

heres some body related stuff. a girl exposes her huge clit to her friends.
ive got all sorts of interests in stuff like this, plus big nipples, pre-adolescent lactation, early pubic hair growth, smelly armpits and sweat. if anyone wants to see stuf like this, ill draw it :p


I really love girls comparing genitals, breasts etc, so yes please!


Honestly, I prefer the loli girls to have normal proportions and stuff, I'm not a big fan of expansion, dick girls, pubic hair on pre-teens etc. I guess I would be fine with sweaty/smelly armpits if they have no hair there :p Just my 2 cents, I usually just like your scat/fart/pee art so if there's still a hint of that, the armpit thing I wont mind. Please don't put this stuff in the Gwen animation though, just saying :3 :Love you Yum :)



Big clits are a BIG YES! Same with big buttholes and such. Seeing any of these cuties with the runs is always lovely~


another update. if this isnt gwen peeing and farting on a toilet while looking embarrassed, then i dunno what is :p when i am done with the stuff related to the request i will be taking a break from this, i am getting pretty tired of it right now.


Yum, that's incredible! I absolutely love it! And it's not done yet? Amazing! She isn't really peeing, but her embarrassment and reactions are very cute. It's a shame you're getting tired of it, I understand though, it must be annoying working on the same thing for a while, but yeah, you deserve to take a break afterwards, it's some amazing work you've put in! Thanks you!


ill have these parts done by sunday. ill continue working on the scat segments later.


I look forward to it, but try not to push yourself too hard, take your time, I know how hard to it is to do what you do, I think we all appreciate it, I know I do anyway :)


File: 1510944204377.png (95.22 KB, 1000x900, shota1.png)
animated big dicked shota. you can move your mouse cursor over his erection to get an internal view. i might develop this further.


File: 1511104704782.jpg (231.47 KB, 1000x1000, gwenfarting.jpg)

alright, id say this request is mostly done (ben will have more animation when its 100% complete). use your up and down arrow keys to pan the camera.

the scat stuff will see the light of day, ive got too much good audio to let it all go to waste, but id like to focus on other stuff for a while. this project has really turned me on to shipping ben and gwen :p and ive exhausted all the material at paheal, so ive got to make my own!

let me know what you think


Oh my fucking god! You've nailed it Yum! This has to be the most amazing thing you've ever done! Jesus! It's so good! I can't believe it. Best early Christmas present, am I right? haha! Thank you! I can't wait to see the improvements and pooping scene when it's done.

I would love to see you do more Gwen images at some point, she's a great loli, one of the best I would say, she works really well with your style :) Keep up the great work man.


Someone better check on Waru, he may have gone into cardiac arrest from being stunned by that animation, lol



This is definitely shaping up to be a GREAT flash. Work on other things for now, so when you DO finish this flash, it can be the best you've made. Of course, don't exhaust yourself.


File: 1511194316694.png (314.43 KB, 2000x1250, 1.png)

the girl on the right wanted to help her friend with her babysitting, and learns that on this evening, instead of looking after a little toddler (which is what she figured they would be doing), they are looking after a boy around their age who is mentally less-abled, and he's made a mess in his diaper.

this fantasy might be a little too out there for my crowd but if theres any interest in turning this into a comic, ill do it.



Well, I won't hold it against the idea of a girl getting to see a boy's dick, and getting a bit "tingly/pulse-y" (aroused).



i.e. if you wanna keep going, do it, ys.



Seems naughty and fresh~ Do it! :3


Not my thing, only enjoy seeing girls do it, seeing boys do it just completely puts me off. Just my two cents though :p


File: 1511283467284.png (410.62 KB, 2000x1100, churning.png)

the girls would end up getting messy too :p

heres something from the waterpark story, which i guess im 50% finished. this panel is one of 2 panels that will be animated. youll be able to move your mouse over her tummy to view her intestines churning, over her butt to watch her fight her butthole's intense desire to unload, and also see her rectum churning her liquidy poop from the sideview.



HNNNNNNG to the new page, and HNNNNNNG to the loli AND shota scat, together. <3 <3



Holy fuck. You're amazing Yummy, I'm serious.


Looks amazing and I had been hoping you would finish this scene for a long time.

The only honest criticism I have is I wouldn't expect the poop to be liquid-y after she ate a ton of pizza and ice cream earlier like she had mentioned in the first pic. I imagined it would be mushy and creamy, but still having some density to it, like wet mashed potatoes or hot oatmeal, and maybe even showing some small chunks of undigested pizza from it all being rushed through her intestines.

Just my personal opinion I'm voicing. You can do it however you want since it's your creation, Yummy. It will be hot either way.


It'd be liquidy if she had some kind of food poisoning going on, which is the implication~


dont worry, there will be some thicker sludge coming out of her :p there will also be some vomiting, but not from her


I found the drawings with the girls in the bathroom or in the pool and the ideas for it 1A. The work currently are not so yummy for me ....


dont worry, ill have more stuff that youll enjoy


it would help though if you requested the kinds of ideas you do like :p



Can we get some cute shotas desperate to shit/with diarrhea? :3


Is this going to get animated eventually? You could do an image instead if it's too much for you? Misty is a loli, I don't know if it's the angle but shouldn't she be a little thinner, smaller and less curvy?

Seeing her really embarrassed would be great too, considering what her personality is like in the Anime, she would be if someone walked in on her while she was doing it :p



working on it.


working on it :p


>> №20271
Shotacon really does not have to be ..., there are so sweet girls, and if there are no boys ...


Hey Yum, I'm not really into furry characters all that much but I really love Amy Rose from Sonic for some reason, she's a loli (12), would you ever consider doing a pic of her desperately pooping and peeing in a forest behind a tree or something please? :p


File: 1512542418389.png (119.48 KB, 1000x800, newgwen.png)

new gwen on the toilet making an enormous coil of soft waste <3 looping animation coming soon



Cute New Gwen. She deserves a bit of love, now and again, /s/ wise. lol


How about a cute girl on all fours pooping as viewed from behind yum? My personal fave pose to see a girl poop it gives the best view of the ass and the goods :3


I second Amy yummy, you may like her, even though she's a furry she's really cute and I admit I'm quite interested to see you attempt her also :] The one from the Sonic X TV Show that is.


Is it there a possibility to see a Drawing or Animation of Chloe Park from we bare bears farting and/or pooping on the Toilet?


File: 1513324661048.jpg (141.38 KB, 1000x1000, snacks.jpg)

working on another gwen animation.

the amy requests are noted. i might try to get started on the tracy wright and loli tracer requests soon.


Hey YS there's a new loli in league you might like called Zoe would be fine doing a scat picture for her if so?


Wow Yum, you work fast! And yes please! More Gwen! Your first Gwen animation has to seriously be one of the best things Ive ever seen of her. Really hope you somehow find the time to add the pooping part to at some point.

And I too would love to see you attempt loli Tracer and Amy Rose sometime, keep up the great show!


Hey, how do you feel about Jinx from Teen Titans Yummy? I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment but if you could find the time, could you try your hand at an image of her using a toilet from the front, pooping/peeing looking pretty embarrassed? I know shes technically a teen, 15-16 I think, but you can make her more loli if you want to :3


there any update to the scat part of the toilet animation?


Oh yes! More Gwen is always welcome :) Are you going to be using her voice clips from the show again? I feel that was one of the best features of your first animation (I still don't know if you got the sound clips from the original series or the newest one), I look forward to seeing more of it anyway ^___^



sure, ill give it a shot eventually.


yup, there will be more audio. ive got quite a few good lines from both the original and the reboot.


oh no not the gwen animation this one >>19525 and maybe this one?
>>19534 i really like them both and was curious


i will still be working on those in the future, i havnt abandoned them.


You're not one of the comments he was replying to, are you? I mean, are you seriously trying to tell him to do those instead of the Gwen animation? Because if you are, first of all that's pretty selfish man, and second I can almost guarantee that he will go back to finishing those eventually, like he just said.


Oh no I misread I don't want him to stop working on anything I was just wondering
Good to hear sorry about confusing you



Hmm, to follow up on the "coin swallowing" scenario, what you could also do is have a scenario where kids are hanging out by a lake and swallow a bunch of tiny animals such as fish or frogs, and when they poop later you see the bones in the little animals' remains. I'd love to know your thoughts on this ys, since it is sorta vore lol.


I'm not YS, but I personally don't like Vore, I just prefer straight forward toilet scenarios, I don't mind coin swallowing and stuff like that though :) Just my two cents (No pun intended) :p



how about some kids by a lake at a camp site. they use a slingshot to kill a bird or something, a net to catch some small fish. they cook the animals on a camp fire, and so on. because the animals are so small theyll just chew and swallow whole parts, bone and all. maybe one kid could swallow a live animal whole, if the animal being alive when it goes down is necessary for you to enjoy it. and is it just girls, or boys and girls?


File: 1513495054205.png (91.32 KB, 1000x1000, trucy.png)

not sure if ill give this nicer coloring in a different program or do some animation with it in flash.



Heh, I'd prefer at least one kid swallowing a live animal or two yes. : ) Apart from that, the rest of the scenario works for me!

Andd let's do just girls for this one.

Thanks a lot!!



alright, i think i can make a scenario that would end up with a few girls swallowing live creatures. maybe just fish though.



would you want internal shots in the stomach/intestines showing the digestion?



Hmm...that's a good question. If possible, sure! : )


Long time follower (2010?) haven't commented on this thread the entire time, but I'd pretty much pay for vore, maybe with scat, it is my ultimate kink. lizards or fish would be amazing


Love all you do Yummy, never stop. <3


File: 1513843654718.png (130.05 KB, 1000x1000, prolapse.png)

the only thing i find repulsive about prolapse is the color. its a shade of red thats really.. blech. it makes me uneasy to look at it. but if it was a sweet pink color on the other hand, i find it very very hot. ill probably make a few pics and anims featuring it


Hot as fuck, especially with the shit stain around her prolapse's entrance.


Hey yum did you ever get the chance to add color and stuff and finish that Annie gif?


Also love the idea of the prolapse being dirty it's really hot


Have you got any updates you can give us regarding this as of yet Yum? :3



when ive got something to show, ill post it :p . right now i want to focus on some old requests.


File: 1514017989407.png (156.09 KB, 1000x1000, annie.png)

starting a new annie animation.


Oh wow , that's a treat :D thanks yummy!
Could she have a bit of eyeliner by chance?


File: 1514025943673.png (235.81 KB, 2000x1250, sauna.png)

sure thing.

another animation i want to do of some girls in a sauna.


File: 1514755003076.png (157.43 KB, 1000x1000, tracer.png)

ill be turning this into an animation. i downloaded this characters dialogue ( and theres enough material here to make something good. hopefully the person who requested this is still around :p


She looks adorable. <3


Lots of naughty things can be done with prolapses... pulling on them for a start... then some good-natured torture! vaginal and anal ones are fun. I'm not into scat at all but your scat art is very good.


Please, go easy on the prolapses Yummy, it really puts me off and I don't want to stop coming here, I love your work :( Try to stick with toilet related art stuff (as the name of the thread suggests).


File: 1514907854881.jpg (658.69 KB, 1600x2460, 1afbdb2414a5c7d069d80c92aa….jpg)

I agree, she looks really cute, would be even better if you could put some clothes on her, I may understand why you haven't, if it's because her outfit is unnecessarily complex at times? Why not try doing the outfit from this Overwatch comic? It should be a lot easier to do, and it would show she's in her home bathroom considering this seems to be her "casual, around the house" look :)

P.S: I'm one of the requesters, haha and I love it so far :p



i didnt put any clothes on her because the person who requested the tracer pic provided a reference that didnt really have any clothes.


even though the other prolapse stuff im working on overlaps with scat themes, ill stick it in my other thread.


Happy New Year Yum! Hope you had a good Christmas :) I'm still really happy you decided to come back to us after such a long time and looking forward to seeing what you do in 2018 :p


Yeah, when I requested loli Tracer I didn't mean for her to be naked, the reference was just for proportions really :p But if you don't feel like adding clothes then it's fine, I don't mind at all, it's still going to be awesome :)



2018 will see the introduction of Clip Studio Paint into my work here. Very powerful and useful software. its basically photoshop and flash combined. my first demonstrate of it will be in the second gwen animation, where her butt is over the plate.


When you said you were 'one of the requesters' instead of '*the* requester' of the loli tracer pic, i didnt really know what you meant by it, sorry! without dedicated usernames, who knows who's who. ill make two versions of the animation, one with a shirt on and one without. it wont be any trouble. do you want her visor over top her hair too?



also i guess i should ask, although ive got ideas that tie in with her dialogue, is there anything specific you want to see? How much waste, what kind (soft or thick logs etc.)


You don't have to be sorry Yum, it's okay :p Thanks for going through the trouble of doing a variation, and yeah, if it's no trouble for you, can you have her visor on her head like it is in that comic page I provided?

And regarding waste size, how does just normal sized soft-ish type poop sound? Oh, and is there a chance of her peeing a little? Or is that out of the question since the original request was for just a pooping piece? :)


File: 1515513011843.png (105.72 KB, 380x630, April.png)

Have you ever considered maybe doing something with April from the 2012 TMNT show? While she's technically a teen, I would think her younger, more petite body could work with your style. As for what she'd be doing, maybe she's squatting in an area of the sewers and unloading.
Either way, it'll be fun to see what you've got in store next. I'm certainly eager to see the completed version of that Gwen animation.



April ALSO has "dat ass" ;)


File: 1515606778835.png (1.37 MB, 1912x1072, April tied up.png)

Indeed she does.


now that guro is working again that reminds me could you have annie shitting out logs for the pic?


Come back to us Yummy, we miss you :(


i never left :p
the april request is noted


I vote for soft/mushy.


So excited for this :D


Any updates for us yet Mr Stuff? :3




File: 1517837493231.png (171 KB, 330x400, Hat_Kid_Controls.png)

If you ever have the time Yummy, would you consider adding Hat Kid from the game A Hat in Time to your request list please? She's so cute :p Pooping and peeing on a toilet preferably :)


File: 1517837587582.jpeg (360.94 KB, 1024x756, 238206-full.jpeg)

... another reference, just in case you want it :3


alrighty, noted


Thank You Yummy! ^___^


a few drawings coming soon. not much progress made on any animations that you know about, and a few things started on some animations that you dont know about. theres not much time right now to work on anything. I will have to disappear for a few months, since i'll be moving across the country to finish a project, and that will really require all of my focus. but i will be back, i promise! you know how much i love this stuff :) ill be gone no later than august. i leave march 1st. ill get some stuff up here before i go.


a few drawings coming soon. not much progress made on any animations that you know about, and a few things started on some animations that you dont know about. theres not much time right now to work on anything. I will have to disappear for a few months, since i'll be moving across the country to finish a project, and that will really require all of my focus. but i will be back, i promise! you know how much i love this stuff :) ill be gone no later than august. i leave march 1st. ill get some stuff up here before i go.



Ok, Yummy. Good luck. :)


Unfortunate but understandable. Good luck Yum we'll miss you :(


Yummy no! :(


*weeps in loli*


just popping in, comfortably relocated. i will be creating content again soon enough, dont worry.


Sniff... You mean August? Or over the new few weeks or so? :c


For the love of god, don't type like you're really crying, that just looks pathetic.


ill have some dirty stuff to show before august i guess.



Good to know you've settled into your new place!! Good luck with your project!


i gotta leave. i might return some day, but it wont be too soon. im really sorry. cant explain too much, but some bad stuff has happened. *PLEASE* dont repost this stuff in another thread or another site, you arent doing me any favors if you do. i know this is very sudden, and im sorry. i already wiped my inkbunny gallery (most of you already know who i am there) and i asked a mod to delete this thread. again, youd really really be doing me a big favor by letting all this disappear.


okay. see ya.
don't forget! entire dropbox also goned as well!


And so it ends.
Maybe we'll see you after a decade, as it happened for the old Nyou3, maybe we won't. I must admit I hoped t see those two sets of pics completed before your departure, but it's been a fun ride nonetheless.

Good luck, I (and the board, I dare to suppose) hope your problem won't involve the police or worse.


It's obvious it has to be a new legal/pedophilia issue he's being charged with or trying to avoid entirely, but at any rate, I also hope for the best for Yummy.


Why must it be that? YS could just be having some personal issues and doesn't want to be burdened with promises to deliver content he may not have the time to actually make. Him asking for the stuff to not be spread could easily be a personal decision, as plenty of artists do that, Micro for example didn't want a lot of their old stuff shared.


I know some artists are modest about having their art being spread around, but in Yummy's case, he doesn't want any of his works from here to spread for the obvious reason of pedo content. Finding these works from anywhere else can easily connect them to him, and the less of his work that's out there, the better. It's not hard to connect the dots.

Micro didn't want people posting her old art because of how bad they are compared to her newer stuff. She specifically said as much long ago. It's out of shamefulness, not for the purpose of going into hiding.

All things considered, it's more likely to have it be legal issues than anything else, but unless Yummy decides to share more details, we can only speculate.


How would anyone connect the art to his real life though? He doesn't use any kind of signature that would be recognized by people he knows, and I would imagine he hasn't done art elsewhere like KSA who does have a "public" art face that he prefers to keep separate from his scat one. Besides, this stuff is loli, and most countries don't care much about it beyond some really stuck up places like France. (which is rather ironic, given a lot of their cartoons like Wakfu)


sad gone


If you are not allowing anyone to repost the lost dropboxed swf file? why not you do it again yourself?

We are disagree that all your dropbox link from the previous thread to today exdpired.
many of us lost chance to get that file!

we want that precious cardiophillic content and we did not got one before the expirty!


If anyone is still active on the gurochan revival and they have contact with sweetstuff/yummy, I really wanna know if he's still alive

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