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File: 1537533104173.png (1.07 MB, 1200x630, 57DCA44E-9F41-49C2-AF42-EC….png)


80s girls with crushed windpipes


File: 1537533160518.png (223.03 KB, 2208x1242, AB9FD661-CF1E-4ED5-8E5A-E0….png)


File: 1537533182404.png (180.05 KB, 2208x1242, 364F5E83-0975-44F5-BF07-07….png)

File: 1531966522159.png (808.12 KB, 1524x918, Board0.png)


Some of you may have seen these tournaments. The one behind them is me.
I thought I’d start it up new, but with a professional artist and some well-known figures putting their limbs at stake.
Round by round, these girls will lose limbs and clothes. Some will win the round, and others will get their heads cut off. Who’s your favorite?

I set up a ko-fi to help fund this. All the contributions go toward paying the awesome inkeranon for his work. Please consider making a contribution. Thank you.

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File: 1537215950005.png (1.2 MB, 924x1982, Progression.png)

The events of the game laid out a bit neater.


File: 1537216149876.png (843.89 KB, 1138x722, Losers2.png)

Dungeon of the losers.


File: 1537216726744.png (147.59 KB, 876x230, squares.png)

More before & after portraits.


our winners have such cute faces


Thank you to my latest donor Imako for your support.
I will say that while I can see the body reference, I cannot view the first reference you sent as your submitted character as I do not have exhentai enabled.
I would also ask that none of you leave any potentially flagging words in kofi comments such as "hentai" in the url. Kofi can not technically be used for adult works. You can email me your references and concerns, haybalerbass at gmail.

After Imako's donation, I have updated and reset the goal on kofi to reflect my new goal: the funding of a new round plus the complete funding of this one.

File: 1435914074477.jpg (93.87 KB, 868x1080, 000.jpg)

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So, I'm starting my thread over again.

Opening a thread in a board for the first time is a tricky task because you will always have the feeling that you could have done better. May be it's the title, may be it's the nick, may be it's the images or may be the bullshits you wrote in the introduction. You will always have the feeling that you haven't do your best. Unfortunately, not all perversion have a sexual nature so those who can not put their minds at rest will begin to look for a pretext to start all over again. Of course, they will find at least one but the only result they will achieve is to see that things go more or less the same way.

So, what are my pretexts?
At first, and jokes aside, the old title was actually too generic and I wanted something that could spare those who don't like my stuff from bad surprises. Then I am going to provide better images, at least until someone beats me up for excessive disk space usage. Finally, after the recent accidental repulisti, my old thread looks like
one of those characters from amputation threads but my fetish is different...

And now, let me introduce Lucy before she start introducing other things.
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love youR work, some of the hottest art i've ever seen if not the hottest. I'd like to ask how to find your old work that you keep posting. was that from an old thread?


File: 1545429901808.jpg (71.26 KB, 648x1080, Lucy Older and Bolder.jpg)

I'd like to change this thread's title in "Very young and huge futanari mistresses and other sadistic lolis on very young victims" but, if I remember correctly, it wasn't possible…


File: 1545429992646.jpg (357.59 KB, 1920x1333, She has a proposal 1.jpg)

Here it comes an upgraded version of >>23101…


File: 1545430116053.jpg (344.96 KB, 1454x1920, She has a proposal 2.jpg)

Okay, then! Is there anybody willing to point out how anatomically wrong is this drawing? Her tits even change size from panel to panel, lol!


File: 1545431550054.jpg (165.52 KB, 1691x1080, Puppies are not dirty.jpg)

>>23634 (Anonymous) also ever thought of lucy abusing a pet? possibly right in front of the crying boy/girl who owns it?

Like this?! However, I apologize. I really suck at drawing animals.

File: 1528046472685.png (596.35 KB, 992x636, decap.PNG)


I'm a semi-popular artist that got into guro work.
For the sake of this, I'll call myself ShiawaseFuneral, instead of my normal alias. I also opened up a new gmail specifically for gurochan!
I've only done gifts/commissions for other people, but I soon want to change that. I'll post some examples below.

All my work starts at $20 for this type of sketchy style.
As fucked up as you want! <3
Please comment and gmail me feedback!
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Oh hey, those were my commissions :)

Hope you can get some more people to commission you, your art is really fun!


Hi everybody

I am an artist and I always wanted to draw stuff for this community. All characters are adults

I have SFW commissions for a very small price. but I wanna draw some NSFW and have questions

Is it legal to draw guru in the US?

What payment methods do u use?

Please tell me and I can give you a discount haha if it’s all good to go

Thank you very much


You should post with a name and email so people can contact you! This is stepping on Shiawese’s toes so you should really post a new thread with some examples of your work we can see, and let us know what you do and don’t do.

Technically, all pornography is illegal in the US, but it’s not enforced EVER. It’s a huge industry. Guro and loli are pornography but also not targeted, though there are rare outside cases involving loli stuff and international shipping or real child pornography.

I’ve worked with many artists and all but one use PayPal. I advise you to ask your customers to send it as “commercial” and not “friends and family.” This way you pay the fees. If you do a lot of “friends and family” transfers then PayPal may stop working with you, since this is not true.

If you’re interested in doing some work for me, click on my name and you’ll see my email.


File: 1532487472176.png (686.17 KB, 805x1080, 7295AE72-CD3B-41D6-BCEC-11….png)

I commisioned this from Shiawase Funeral when gurochan is out a while back and i tell you it was really impressive this piece of marvelous art is based on the official girls und panzer character named hana isuzu and a non-canon girls und panzer fan doujin called “ yukiyukite senshadou kuromorimine no tatakai” where a scene(on page 49) where hana gets her head blown off by a tank shell in the turret of a panzer 4.

i was thinking of a backstory of this commision as well that after the senshadou match there was a guy managed to enter the match area and stumbled upon a destroyed panzer 4 in a wrecked building once entering the tank he saw three dead bodies inside it but he got attention on the blown off headless corpse that was once hana. instead he have sex with the headless corpse until he fufilled his necrophilic desires while ignoring the other two corpses.

pretty impressive art i might commision again to the artist once i had my ideas


anyone there?

File: 1481826497970.jpg (212.41 KB, 553x855, bmSM1.jpg)


Do like this drawings ba Bernd Sadet?
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File: 1482073850056.jpg (412.63 KB, 1260x1746, 11062_family_123_538lo.jpg)


File: 1482073906528.jpg (647.52 KB, 1754x1275, 28418_Friends_123_577lo.jpg)


File: 1482073937366.jpg (133.11 KB, 1207x1724, 37917_Scan000087_122_182lo.jpg)


File: 1482073972562.jpg (147.27 KB, 1223x1621, 60004_brother_nsister_123_….jpg)


File: 1500951612243.jpg (553.34 KB, 948x1100, gape2.jpg)


My secondary tumblr which had all my alternative stuff was taken down recently. Thought that I might as well make a thread here and upload some of my stuff.
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File: 1531967977946.png (877.22 KB, 2014x2212, poo1.png)


File: 1531967994265.png (777.98 KB, 2332x1754, poo2.png)


File: 1532102430409.jpg (5.45 MB, 4092x2895, 2018-06-06_Airashi_Sakana_….jpg)


File: 1532102479140.jpg (1.56 MB, 3748x2601, 2018-04-27_Airashi_Sakana_….jpg)


File: 1534921559151.jpg (1.46 MB, 1409x1212, y'shtola.jpg)

Finally got around to making a new tumblr, hopefully this one lasts.

File: 1532303244254.png (105.8 KB, 585x599, iuyho.png)


1-double art style.
2-mostly femboys and yaoi.
3-reqs ope for now.
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File: 1532303314552.png (134.1 KB, 521x702, 2.png)


File: 1532303337461.png (92.48 KB, 521x450, 3.png)


I like it!
I'm personally a big fan of large insertion though, so you got me there.


draw a cute boye gettin his dong chopped off


Mind doing anything of the guys from Yu Yu Hakusho killing some unlucky sap?

File: 1488202119684.jpg (342.3 KB, 2000x1200, 2b1.jpg)

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Guess I'm glad to say that I'm finally home. It's good to be back gurochan!

Sorry for the departure during last October. I was in a small car accident while driving during a raining night. A guy hit my car on the driver's seat at a crossroad, it was not huge but the airbag still bumps out and dislocated my shoulder. My left arm and foot and shank was broken too but thank god I was fine after the hit.

The fractures a not too bad from my doctor's view so I was only in the hospital for 3 weeks, but my parents then moved me back home for better care. Then I was home for 2 more month and then later my girlfriend came to live with us too. I got back to walk with a crutch in the winter, and stayed a little longer till the Chinese new year is over, and then moved back to my own apartment. I couldn't really draw anything for my parents are both retired and got infinite time to stay with me. So I can only watch some day time comedy with mother, or sit on a wheel chair to the garden with father, and watch some guro pictures secretly during the night.

It is quite a painful experience to recover at the beginning. Luckily I'm almost fully recovered now but still got minor ache during my walk. Although my girl is still with me but at least I can pick up the pen again in my private space in my apartment.

So here's what happend to me. I'm so eagered to draw something these days. So we got my first victim of 2017, 2B or not 2B, that is a question.
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thats giving me a really strong alien vib. But I gotta agree the idea seems quite hot, fucked and killed. Leo seems like a good choice tbh


Show us poor peasants who can't afford your patreon at lease the sketches of some of the recent works!


Guys, go to his pixiv account. There are some good stuff there


File: 1522324642390.jpg (57.42 KB, 645x729, brainletaya.jpg)

AyaSwan I think your work is so cute! You draw so creative dead people XD

Was of wonder you do request?
Am of wanting "Brainlet" AyaSwan girl like pic related
It must be not too horrific of normies so can post on 4chan blue without the bans @_@

Last time post at 4chan your girl with no brain I ban :(

Make AyaSwan brainlet plzzzzzz!



/biz/raeli here. I fucking knew your lurked here.

File: 1534028931692.jpg (67.5 KB, 781x1023, petgirl_by_femowner-dcjudm….jpg)


Hi Friends,

I am open for commissions :) this is an old pic i drew but its the only one on my laptop now

I can draw guro, characters 18+yo, and accept PayPal

It will cost $5+ depending on how complex it is and what it involves

if anyone is interested, plz reply here and we can talk more about it


How about an email address so we can talk privately?

File: 1494046210203.jpg (211.6 KB, 1184x1584, 1464594212412.jpg)


Where'd Paco's thread go?
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File: 1508218419238.jpeg (418.69 KB, 1655x2185, Drawing 037.jpeg)

As she followed her younger brother down the stairs to the basement, she wondered what he had to show her. She was hoping he was going to finally admit to his visits to her bedside when he thought she was asleep. She was quite anxious for him to put his cock to proper use inside her instead of jacking off in a towel in silence in her room. She dropped out of college to care for him when their parents died, and since he started high school, he was getting bolder in his secret affections toward her. Something about him cumming near her made her want him inside her.
He flipped on the lights and she saw his project hanging from the wall. It didn't look like much. Just a pipe with ropes.
"It's a dungeon display for a haunted house. A volunteer will get tied up in it and wail to be let free."
She was intrigued by it thinking of the possibilities, but disappointed that her panties were going to remain untouched.
"Of course I need to test it out. Make sure it looks real."
She had an idea,"Try it on me."
"Well, I dunno..." he seemed quite unsure.
"Oh it'll be fun" she said.
"Okay then" he took her hand "stand here and I'll get you hooked in" he led her in front of the bar wrapping the ropes around her neck. He slowly snugged them until her eyes glazed a bit. Her mind went giddy a little as her blood flow was slowed to her brain.
Seeing her state, he opened her blouse and slid it off her. Next he undid her bra throwing it aside. He noosed her boobs and cinched them tight. They bulged round and proud and she stroked his hair as she pulled his face into them. Around her back he ran the ropes and then he tied her arms to the pole. Her nipples were swelling and he sucked both hard to ripen them for what was to come. She was cooing in delirious expectation.
"Are you gonna fuck me little brother?" she asked as he unzipped her jeans. He just grinned and pulled them off her. He reached into her panties and stroked her mound, then probed her roughly with his middle finger. She moaned and he slid off her panties. He raised first one leg then the other high as he could, tying each above the knee. She was ready. Spread and moist with desire. But he wasn't giving her just a simple fuck. This was a test of a torture device.
Her nipples were puffed full from pressure of the rope. He took a knife from the table behind him and slowly split each plump areola. The inner force made them blossom like red roses. Her tits were nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Oh hell yes! Love your stuff!


Hey Paco, eagerly awaiting more from you!


What happened to Paco? I really miss his stuff!


Hey Paco, you ever coming back?

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