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Aug 14 19:39 Accepting Commissions (starting $5) FemOwner
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Jul 17 06:51 Patreon
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Jun 28 17:57 Scream's Fate
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Jun 14 01:44 With love :)
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Nov 22 22:13 Happy Halloween!
Nov 21 16:05 TheRed7 thread [art, animations with sounds and gifs] possible commisions red7
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Nov 10 22:15 My Art - Guro/occasional monsters
Nov 09 20:11 Giving this "drawing" thing a new try
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Jul 08 11:29 One of my favorites
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Nov 19 03:52 If you spend enough time on pivix, you would find 10k+ guro pic Phan
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Oct 31 21:41 Goretober? blt
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Sep 30 03:06 lame, unnecessarily cutesy gore KittenMoth
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Sep 13 20:29 back again for comission kekito mangaka
Sep 13 11:26 Zee's art - Dipper guro and various boys Zee
Sep 10 10:33 My artwork - Varied themes. Yuno-chan
Sep 04 10:52 overwatch girls
Sep 03 01:27 My Stuff LITD Studios
Aug 20 01:25 Guro artstuff [taking commissions alwayssss] Missgorehound
Aug 15 22:11 Formally Twisted Doodles
Aug 12 15:04 Guro Artist links. Pooper

File: 1470186367182.jpg (407.08 KB, 848x1200, namako1.jpg)


Warning: graphic imagery require higher supervision and education.
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i remember the OP pixiv had like amelia crasman from state of decay…
now it's gone, only bunch of dumb references…


wtf stop wasting this thread.
or you can post to pixiv instead because now it has pprivacy law or something



anons pls gtfo or something.
bring your complaints elsewhere

OP is doing this only for fun.
no actual subjeccts are being used ever.(maybe should add that tiny fineprint)

it is all good in what it is ever going be, a drawings.


are you open for request?


File: 1570217272170.gif (372.75 KB, 1102x641, upside down corpse fucking….gif)


File: 1570212208351.gif (1.01 MB, 2489x1636, tongue kissing animation.gif)


I'm an up and coming guro animator. Check out my pixiv page if you like

File: 1487150525281.png (364.86 KB, 638x900, Kaede Self mutilation gray….png)

 No.16023[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

Hello everyone, its a me, Hitori the Artist, long time no see..

I seen that in gurochan some of my old work is being posted, and that is no good!!, they dont represent what i do now which is far better and juicier =)..

So i am back to post new stuff about your favourite characters And my own OC´s.. also you can have your perverted ideas drawn with me cheap and live =)
this is my channel, every sunday and wednesday I ´ll be doing commissions live!! (unless i say i cant or need to move it to another day for that week)

Commission info: Sunday- 7 slots of 2 character images - $17 USD per character, up to 2 characters per image, full color. you can ask for as many slots you want.

Wednesday- 7 slots of 2 characters - $10 USD per character, up to 2 characters per image, gray scale. You can ask for as many slots you want. ( sample image of gray image here )

any question send me an email

And finally, so keep my prices low I need your help..
even $1 USD will help me to keep my prices as low as they are, Sadly the patreon is not that gorey but will keep this gallery here in Gurochan with lots of images free for most of the people.
(yes there are some images for paid patreons that in time will be released, just need some money to eat sometimes)
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thats a lesson i learned TOO late =/.. i should have started doing them live almost from the start … and do the paks live too… … which will be doing from now on actually hmm just need to find the day each week


Been waiting since 2013… I seriously doubt he will ever complete the "cut in pieces" pack he sold people.


Seriously how can anyone protect this guy still. Hes delivered like 10% of what he has promised and it's been like that for several years. There was a simple commission I waited a year for and only got half of it. Seriously emailed back and forth for a year and during that time he was offering all those packs etc.


the least he can do is refund people who haven't had their commissions delivered.


i am open to give refunds yes, but have a big problem now regarding that on paypal.. before i just didnt have the money for that, now on top of that, thanks to mexican laws, i can not use paypal funds to do anything, must wait till the money is in a bank account, limiting the options even more, add to that that banks are being stupid lately and its a total trainwerck.. as the moment of this message, i lteraly have no money thanks to that situation =/

BUT, the moment i can, if anyone wants a refund or change the commission i owe to a new differet image done live on a sunday, youre welcome to ask for it…

File: 1546990963258.png (31.5 KB, 645x600, CBT.png)


Finally, I managed to get into Exhentai and read mrsound's post entirely.
Unfortunately, I also had some free time to think about it and the more I thought and the less benevolent I felt.
In the beginning, I hoped there would be a quick and kind way to settle this issue down, but it's clear by now that the guy won't take a step back, especially if he thinks that I am just reaping what I've sown.
Sure, it's true that I've decided to share my darkest side with Gurochan people, a so-called public forum, but is also true that I've asked for discretion in exchange from the beginning. May be I've been too naive but for more than three years nobody here had problems to comply with this little agreement, nobody ever treated my stuff like it was theirs and everybody knew that the best back-ups were the ones people host on their own drives. I guess it's my fault if I took this respect for granted, but our adventure ends here if I can't count on it.
I apologize to those who enjoyed this ride and kindly complied with my whims. To the others, I won't tell words they wouldn't listen to and couldn't understand. To the admins, you can take down my threads. Someone made a pretty nice back-up out there, even if I think that the term gallery-rip would be more befitting.
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File: 1566169355529.jpg (66.15 KB, 766x800, The fuck you want.jpg)

Me?! Harakiri?! If I had a katana, I think I would find a better use for it like… slicing the roast beef!

Thanks likewise, pal!

Sorry, I don't feel like it. However, I won't complain if you try repainting that picture yourself. There are free tools like GIMP which fit the purpose well. Microshit Paint is quite inappropriate, instead.

Oh, come on! Is there really any need to explain?

Huge?! I don't think so. I just happened to share a fetish with some other people.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Oh, come on! Is there really any need to explain?

Actually considering that I wonder if this is the obvious reason or that another reason. ;)

It is unpleasant, but you took it way too serious. If someone will find out your secret you can be sure that person most likely is your fan anyway ;)


>Actually considering that I wonder if this is the obvious reason or that another reason. ;)
Right… people in this board are so sick that it's better to left nothing to their imagination. Lol,look who's talking!!
I'll try to keep the story short. Easy to guess, I'm talking about my closest and most beloved relatives. I know for sure that I am not prosecutable for what I've posted here, still drawing guro brings a huge stigma with it and I want to spare my beloved ones the guilt feeling of having generated or being related to a monster. Of course I am not a monster, but I am not going to check whether or not they can understand. They know to a certain extent that I draw porn, but things was within limits that allowed everyone to just don't mind about. My careless trip in the land of guro changed things. May be you're right about me taking this too seriously and I know the chances of them finding out are few, but they're not zero and I've seen a lot of what thermodynamics can do.
Now it's my turn. Sorry, but my brain is slowing down today. Whatthe fuck were you talking about, lol?!


hope you're alright


I supposed you do not want me to mention that another reason, and probably you do not want tio argue about such thing either but if you really ask it:

The stuff you draw does not make you a monster. You are not the type of artist who draws innocent girls being raped or murdered and gets of on their suffering ad tears. If anyone of your relatives will see your pictures the first thought will be "A girl with the dick bigger than herself stuffing ugly boys into her dick? What the fuck is going on there? Nothing makes any sense at all. The artist must have some screws loose in his head."
Your drawings are no more violent than "Tom and Jerry" cartoons.

However, considering your obsession with Lucy and the way you draw her, is quite obvious that Lucy is actually you yourself and I suppose it would be very awkward if any of your relatives found what is in your mind. Although I highly doubt they will be that smart to notice :)

File: 1498661389941.jpg (550.26 KB, 596x842, JUNE2017-09.jpg)


Hello everyone, I'm Blackbible and as you can see, I back to path of gore now.

I open some of my patreon for my livespan living after Coup to economy crisis in Thailand. So if you like you can subscribe and get reward or reach poll of the next month.

This month is Rainlily from Flower knight girl. Enjoyed!

PS. You can commission me at
PS. Next month Patreon reward is a death of Shimamura Uzuki form the idol master : Cinderella Girls to die like a princess. Look forward for completed preview version!
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File: 1560670015457.jpg (562.6 KB, 594x842, June2019-05.jpg)

Reward of June 2019. She-ra the new goddess of power received a test to protect princess Aysselum of Mars from star beast Dehaka…And paid with both their life.

Full Preview :
Support and get via:
tier 10 :
tier 20 :
Poll of next month about "Operation : No remorse" ends in 20th June (Suppoters only)

The old work of now packed in DLSite as Director's cut and Full set without cut now in Gumroad!
2017 :
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1562818041418.jpg (454.46 KB, 843x597, July2019-08.jpg)

Reward of July 2019. UMP45 went to resistance base to destory and face with Slincer who wait for her.

Full Preview :

Support Patreon
tier 10 :
tier 20 :

Support SubscribeStar
tier 10 :
tier 20 :

Support Pixiv Fanbox
tier 10 :
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1565189983968.jpg (464.97 KB, 596x842, August2019-06.jpg)

Reward of August 2019. Jerry miss missing tom, So he used cinnamon instead!

Full preview :

tier 10 :
tier 20 :

tier 10 :
tier 20 :

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1567655858152.jpg (317.49 KB, 843x597, September2019-08.jpg)

Reward of September 2019. Cute Succubus Vtuber Yuzuki Roa get kidnapped by an order from alien Mondo to satisfied himself!

Full preview :

tier 10 :
tier 20 :

tier 10 :
tier 20 :

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


File: 1570024808410.jpg (527.48 KB, 596x842, October2019-05.jpg)

Reward of October 2019. May got caught by freelance police and received BRUTALLITY!

Full preview :

tier 10 :
tier 20 :

tier 10 :
tier 20 :

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1464880855429.jpg (73.2 KB, 652x745, delly_neck_ty.jpg)


My original artwork! looking for some commissions, see my pixiv page and massage me!
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Amazing work


Cant find your patreon page. Do you have anymore sid and jake pics. Love your work. So talented.




like many good guro artists delly was kicked from patreon, but you can find his current work here


Note the Pixiv is now gone as well

File: 1494097093380.png (1.02 MB, 1036x1444, fgb000.png)


Thanks to some interest in my old project, I am currently re-drawing my old Fantasticgirl comic.
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File: 1496214407038.png (451.53 KB, 665x829, fgb017.png)


File: 1496403084244.png (710.89 KB, 800x860, fgb018.png)


please continue loving the new art


please continue loving the new art


So is this dead?

File: 1494046210203.jpg (211.6 KB, 1184x1584, 1464594212412.jpg)


Where'd Paco's thread go?
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Oh hell yes! Love your stuff!


Hey Paco, eagerly awaiting more from you!


What happened to Paco? I really miss his stuff!


Hey Paco, you ever coming back?


I really miss this guy's work. Anyone know if he posts somewhere else or what happened to him?

File: 1564387369707.jpg (89.99 KB, 796x797, 1563262800147.jpg)


I'm Forbidden Hornet.
Here's an artthread of my work from the Fucked to Death thread. I started drawing guro/ gore art. So new here.

I take COMMISSIONS. If you're interested, message me through this email.
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File: 1569225308747.jpg (840.29 KB, 2250x3000, 1558161806664.jpg)

Some more old art.


File: 1569225326392.jpg (843.82 KB, 2250x3000, 1558161856820.jpg)


File: 1569225338605.jpg (906.13 KB, 2250x3000, 1558161874005.jpg)


File: 1569225357850.jpg (893.95 KB, 2250x3000, 1558161888395.jpg)

Commissions are Open


File: 1569834458003.jpg (82.81 KB, 800x810, tease.jpg)

Working on some more digital art. Here's a teaser WIP of a Guro death pic set. (Part 1 of 2)

BTW I am accepting commissions. Feel free to email me.

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