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File: 1544815718099.png (730.65 KB, 1267x713, promo.png)


Message me on Discord at haybalerbass#5451 if you're interested!
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The new artist did not allow the release of any of their existing work to be used in promotion of this event. You are welcome to view their gallery at scapefiend.deviantart.com. There is no gore artwork there, but they are a very talented artist.


How does this work? Will you be uploading them here?

Also where can I view the past works?


Yes, I will upload them here. Gurochan unfortunately went down during the course of the last tournament, so I never uploaded it here, perhaps I will. Here it is: https://imgur.com/a/dtJidnn


when does this start?


how does this work exactly? What decides how the rounds go?

File: 1521787681256.png (2.53 MB, 3090x2000, sierraelfschlicktext.png)

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Hi, I'm Poe. I behead elf girls.

I draw my own characters at my own pace. If you want to request something, check my Piczel; sometimes I take requests while warming up. I often start at around 8 p.m. EST and go till 12. This isn't set in stone.
Piczel: http://piczel.tv/watch/poetic

My finished pictures are free. Support me on Patreon if you want monthly sketch packs, if you want to vote in character polls, or if you just want to help me draw more.
Patreon: http://patreon.com/poegryn

Follow me on Pixiv for finished pictures and occasional sketch dumps, or to find my art when Gurochan's down.
Pixiv: http://pixiv.me/poetic

Now let's behead some elves. First up is Sierra--or at least one of her MMO characters. I suspect that's not the reaction her "friend" was going for.
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Your skullfucking drawings are awesome!


File: 1549220080849.png (164.5 KB, 587x906, CLIPStudioPaint_2019-02-02….png)

Thanks, guys. I'm definitely going to do more scenes where the girl's enjoying her end. Is one of my favorite things.

… but not this picture. Luna, Inica, and Jin died in tears on the chopping block after hours of rape and abuse.

Speaking of which, revised version of Queenslayer coming soon™.


I'm much partial to girls enjoying their demise, but that's still some nice skewered elf meat.



We need highly detailed evidence of what happened to them before they wound up in that state. For um, justice of course.



Great job with these hanging drawings!

File: 1519952856781.jpg (1.28 MB, 1516x2264, Ad copy.jpg)


Hi all! I'm BCGuro, you may have seen some of my work here. I recently decided to make a patreon for anyone who would like to support my work.
Please note that this is not a paywall. It is just to recieve my work in full scale/.psd files, and to vote on characters/concepts to be drawn in future works.
I hope to gain your support, it will be greatly appreciated! Anything helps :)

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BCGuro
Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=29590819
HentaiFoundry: https://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/BCGuro/profile
Email: bcguro@yahoo.com

I will repost a few examples of my work, sorry for spam (´・ω・`)
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File: 1548992033029.jpg (1016.15 KB, 843x1500, Momo1.jpg)

the fall of a hero


File: 1549237584612.jpg (1.11 MB, 1600x800, Komi1.jpg)


File: 1549237639714.jpg (1.09 MB, 1600x800, Komi3.jpg)

Komi has been snuffed c:


Atleast her body didnt go to waste


File: 1550101547009.jpg (1.47 MB, 1500x1210, Rin1.jpg)

Gotta make good use of it afterall

File: 1548632781308.jpg (265.48 KB, 900x1318, wonder comic pa6g2.jpg)


This is the Zeditor speaking, hi~
I recently found out that gurochan was up again here. So I wanted to share some of the guro commissions I did in the past years. Since I don't post this theme in my other porn galleries. Hope you enjoy.
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These are very nice. I was trying to see your commission information on your tumblr page but adult tumblr is kinda hard to access these days. Would you mind posting your current commission info here?



Tumblr dropped nuclear bomb to any adult content. You wouldn't find any nowadays.


not really true, especially for guro. Tumblr filters have some problems when the bodies aren't in one piece.


Is there more of this set or it's just a single pic?


File: 1480357223044.jpg (2 MB, 1400x2100, medicshot4.jpg)

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Hi there,
To some frequent Gurochanner might remembered me. lol
I'm back!
Let's start fresh again..

If anyone want to commission me, contact me at anguroart@gmail.com
I prefer to draw girls killed in fighting, explosions, torture or something along that. And please don't ask for too much details, I'm not good at it if someone giving too strict directions, I did refunded once and I'm sorry to that person. Truly apologized.

So let's start!
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File: 1550004160392.jpg (195.11 KB, 744x1052, GenePT6_resize.jpg)


File: 1550004546036.jpg (222.02 KB, 744x1052, GenePT11_resize.jpg)


File: 1550004741956.jpg (233.91 KB, 744x1052, GenePT7_resize.jpg)

To see full gallery without frame skipping, please donate and enjoy voting on my Patreon AnguroKraken. :)


Are there variations on your patreon that don't involve implants?


Most of the time, yes. :) But some month I don't do natural breast.

File: 1469302639166.png (296.34 KB, 923x748, 7-23-16 Riven Fuckdoll.png)

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My first foray into the world of guro. I draw mostly LoL and Overwatch.

Riven has been turned into merchandise. Would anyone like to purchase her?
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File: 1531497187432.png (399.32 KB, 1000x750, OdeRLep.png)


File: 1543828268257.png (562.82 KB, 667x1000, 061a26e9b8d31d2785af4bf50e….png)

Since Gurochan has been down, I have done this! But fear not, more guro isncoming!


I vote for Katarina next


Zoe! Do Zoe!! :D


File: 1549832766766.png (430.41 KB, 1000x800, 2-10-19 Jinx Headfuck Bloo….png)

Have a Jinx head. More versions on Pixiv.

File: 1546990963258.png (31.5 KB, 645x600, CBT.png)


Finally, I managed to get into Exhentai and read mrsound's post entirely.
Unfortunately, I also had some free time to think about it and the more I thought and the less benevolent I felt.
In the beginning, I hoped there would be a quick and kind way to settle this issue down, but it's clear by now that the guy won't take a step back, especially if he thinks that I am just reaping what I've sown.
Sure, it's true that I've decided to share my darkest side with Gurochan people, a so-called public forum, but is also true that I've asked for discretion in exchange from the beginning. May be I've been too naive but for more than three years nobody here had problems to comply with this little agreement, nobody ever treated my stuff like it was theirs and everybody knew that the best back-ups were the ones people host on their own drives. I guess it's my fault if I took this respect for granted, but our adventure ends here if I can't count on it.
I apologize to those who enjoyed this ride and kindly complied with my whims. To the others, I won't tell words they wouldn't listen to and couldn't understand. To the admins, you can take down my threads. Someone made a pretty nice back-up out there, even if I think that the term gallery-rip would be more befitting.
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Did you just add me on Steam?


I can't believe it, after so long, and when I just found you again, you're about to leave! I'm really sorry for what happened with the exhentai thing, knowing how much you wanted to keep it safe here of course, just hope this isn't the end of our journey with Lucy and Meddy.

Maybe there's no a reliable way to fix it over there so far, and you may need time as well, but that guy mentioning pixiv has a point, there's something called MyPixiv over there, where you can actually hide your questionable submissions from everyone, and decide if some are trustworthy to let them join to your "MyPixiv" circle.
I know this may don't sound as a definitive solution per se, but please think about it, I'd hate to lose such a talented artist like you for good, all because of this mess.

And for your concerns about some people you know finding your stuff, it might won't ever happen, or they don't really care since it's you, and it's not like a questionable gallery could make them distant or anything, and if this happens, means they didn't appreciate you enough to start with so, why would you want them at your side? If you think you may miss some contacts or business because of it, maybe you could find something better somehow, without restrictions doing whatever you always wanted to try, even if it was too extreme for vanilla tastes.
Sorry if these advices sound pretentious, which is not my intention at all,
but just want to let you know you're not alone and we want to lend you a hand too somehow.


When i mentioned backup it is not exactly personal backup to protect against dive crash, but against situation when it will disappear from internet by some reason. like maybe you get a heart stroke or lose interest and never show up again without any explanation and all your artwork will be lost forever. Lots of stuff was lost that way so that most people are trying to recover it in some ways. So you kinda could think about leaving some legacy LOL

I don't think exhentai is so bad for you because it is not public after all, it is relatively well hidden with only some people having access. It is also not exactly sponsor driven because it has no adds and essentially exists as private site for contributors who upload stuff.

It is just strange that they are so unwilling to cooperate with you never expected that to happen.



Not really surprising, exhentai doesn't give a shit about copyright. Makes it nice for people who want free hentai. They are not going to take one gallery down cause the artist asked or they would have to take down 75% of the galleries on their website.

But you're right It's not that well know and it's private and stable. Feels like a decent place to put your art as long as you don't mind the no deleting policy.

Shame to loose a good artist making some real interesting stuff because of all that though


What i meant is that they take down stuff if artists ask for it and even do not allow any further uploads.

while japanese artists seem to be just unable to talk in english LOL

File: 1417807015485.jpg (296.65 KB, 1371x2362, RITA GENZIANA.jpg)

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some pics
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File: 1543950365030.gif (651.24 KB, 800x1026, Cassie Cage lq censor.gif)


For your patreon, each month do you email out just what you did that month, or do you send out a collection of all your works?

If not, is there a way to get your collected works so far?

Also, do you do commissions?


Would love to see more of these >:)


"For your patreon, each month do you email out just what you did that month, or do you send out a collection of all your works?"
that month.

"If not, is there a way to get your collected works so far?"
you can buy it via pay pal. E-mail me if you want to know more luffy.r18g@gmail.com

"Also, do you do commissions?"
not doing right now, maybe when i finish the current series (swa assault)

"Would love to see more of these >:) "
i am glad!


File: 1549655106732.gif (292.23 KB, 624x800, 2b lq censor.gif)

Commissions open… check out my patreon web

File: 1456403884124.png (230.96 KB, 1636x1000, red.png)

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Hi, call me smithy, I've been making Guro stuff mostly games for over a decade years now. I have a site where you can view pretty much everything I've ever done.


If you've been before check out the new Gallery section for stills from my game and other images.
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File: 1532958708195.png (612.72 KB, 1920x1080, Beta.png)

There’s nothing quite like meeting a cute girl, hitting it off and then having her alter reality until only the two of you exist… wait wrong game. Still I did feel inspired by the Visual Novel format. If this goes well I might explore that further.

Some the Basement now has a lead up, endings and two new Tools, both Story based. So other flourishes in there, but I’ll leave that to you.

Some context to go with the mutilation is always nice. That said maybe next time, some kills.

It’s beta time! Yes Fool’s Booty is in it’s final form, mostly, hence the term beta. Never release a game (especially one this size) without thorough testing. So if you find any issues, please let me know. In the mean time I’ll be doing some polishing where need and of course the sound design, which still need some work. As I’ve said before my training isn’t in that area, but I think with what I’ve taught myself over the last few years, it should work out.

Current Update
- Blood Vixens Beta (wooo!)
- Save a Friend / Gut a Friend

Next Update
- Polish
- Sound Design
- Testing, lots of it

​The Poll’s still on with A Very Excessive Machine nicely out in front, that should be fun to design. Always liked mad contraptions. Of course any would be fun. Please vote if you haven’t already and Enjoy!

If you haven’t already please consider supporting my work on Patreon.
None of this would happen without your support!


We’re going to be doing something new for September, that requires some prep time so I’m giving everyone a months notice. The next poll will be fan request only and since there is only one of those on the current poll (and one being made as we speak) we need more contenders.

Submit all request at: smithysaftersunset.com/index.html

No reasonable request will be left off the poll, rules will be listed above the entry form.


More Collection

Bit of a mid-month update, though I'm working on four games concurrently, I still have the urge to write, so I got two more chapters of The Collector. ​Hope you enjoy them!

Also, while this has been a busy time in general, I expect the end of the month to be even more mad as I will be away until the 30th and while I could put it out then, if history is any indication, I will pass out shortly after my return home. So instead I will post this month's game on the 28th.


File: 1538148221070.png (211.95 KB, 1200x475, 04 Garrot 13.png)

Mechanical fun and D-struction

The Excessive Machine is complete! I think, is done enough, if it’s not excessively done? Done to Death? Well there is a lot of death… a question for philosophers I suppose.

Well at any rate should be fun to see if you can find all the executions, or maybe just compose a killer tune.

Continuing work on the game I mentioned last month, lot’s of painful cuts, and more to come.

As for Fool’s Booty, got something fun, I’ve narrowed down the musical tracks I’d like to incorporate to under ten. I’ve got everything from bouncy, to intense to goofy to dark and one that is down right jaunty. If you’d like to hear them and vote on your favorite head over to the Lord’s Court.


I have Fool’s Booty’s final beta ready to go! Yes it’s very nearly done!

Full release next Update!

​The third and likely final version of “The Queen’s last Walk” is up! A bit off the top and a new and exciting way!

Also both “Hangwoman” and “Queen’s Last Walk” now have cheat codes!

Check the Lord’s Court for more information!

Until then Enjoy!

File: 1501454835957.jpg (252.37 KB, 1405x1163, etnaprinny.jpg)

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Old threads autosaging now that it's in the 800+ post. Wanted to have a colored image at the top of the new one so waited till I had a new one :P. Be the same as before, lots of canni, large stuff, freakshow style monster girls, etc. This picture had been on the backburner for awhile and finally finished it.

Those unfamiliar with the series, disgaea has a reincarnation thing to upgrade units. I figured they had to be reborn somehow :P. A little prinny love, and a little later a new Prinny warrior is born. Course the attack up made it a little harder for Etna to squeeze him out...

Previous thread while it's still viable: https://www.gurochan.cx/art/res/8.html
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File: 1549623411235.jpg (80.97 KB, 810x642, matoii.jpg)

Basically got inspired by boeserwolfs halloween picture and envisioned it as a "yolei shop meatgirl" set up for kari. The other is mal's oc thats a super speedster they basically designed to get molested and taken out by the villains, so I envisioned a few shots of her based on local stuff used on her, and in that one the idea being she tried to jump a bunch of vandalizes in a gym and they made use of the local items on her. She's got speed healing as well, so after a bit its more the issue of whats stuck in her…
Probably gonna start up a bit slow compared to before (specially since most of my works been non hentai while i was away.)
For those who want to know why I quit for a bit, I took an extended break cause of exhaustion from work and honestly getting harassed enough on other sites to do even more work, that I kinda got sick of managing galleries or pms or what not. Still pretty tired, but recovered a bit and got over my annoyance enough to post a bit. It was a case of a few bad seeds but man those bad seeds were like 80% of my inbox.

<random image as i used up all the guro stuff I drew over the last 6 months.


File: 1549709631040.jpg (222.67 KB, 1089x1148, updated.jpg)

Little bit of freakshow from a stream, what happens when some of the monsters in the mario 64 haunted house gets the princess crown (and random scribbles.


File: 1549709696786.jpg (224.89 KB, 1211x1148, muffetoween.jpg)

More muffet, annnd looks like my thread may no longer be bumping :P. Killed another one.


File: 1549709781816.jpg (156.76 KB, 975x922, orfwiteread.jpg)

More o.c.s of fellow streamers abuse. Gwen's the one in the stocks owned by mal and poetics pun bread.


Could you pretty please draw something with this quality, but it's Wendy with an uncut futa cock and balls, slicing them off to put into a burger? you'll be my fave artist if you do :P

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