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File: 1458100600368.jpg (328.42 KB, 1600x1000, comissionInfo.jpg)

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Yep! Commissions are now open!

It took me a while to figure out the pricing. I had to factor in taxes + transaction fees + conversion rates... All the ugly stuff :-(.

Just send me an email to get started!

Go to my pixiv gallery to see what I can do:

Also check out my stickied Guide to R-18G:

My old thread is here:
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ah it's a shame you are leaving us Veiled, it's been a wonderful journey with you, best of luck!


You're not gonna blackmail me, are you?

I guess I should be happy that I am the cause of your depression in this case? :-p

Like I said, I will probably still drop by, if I get inspired.

Lol, I'm actually not quite sure abou the the consistent part. Thanks!

Thanks! You keep making good stuff too :-)


After i read my post it does sound a bit like i'm treating you! xD Not my intention in the slightest - its just that ppl are dicks and can do stuff like this just to be mean.

I have one question tho. What about commissions? I mean new ones. You will or wont take them?


No commissions right now. They take up too much of my time :(.


It's a shame you won't be as active here, but I'm glad to hear you're following through with your original goals!

File: 1449155718854.jpg (914.79 KB, 1420x3233, leona-1st half long.jpg)

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Let me repost the 1st half of the story.

The old thread seems full of wasted lines so I suppose it's better to make a clear new thread
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He just posted a new image on his Pixiv


I just "talked" to him on the Pixiv.

He was a car accident but thankfully now he is almost fully recovered.


I can't wait to see aya's new works!!
welcome back really


That's FABULOUS news! Aya, if you're reading this, so sorry to hear you were in an accident, and glad you're getting better. Hope you can get back to your and our favorite hobby of ripping these gorgeous whores to pieces for our pleasure like they were built for. You have no equal in this art-form in my opinion.


welcome back! I wish you a quick recovery.

File: 1488173669603.png (700.2 KB, 1600x960, wip1.png)


Stuff's not finished, but you get the idea..

Let me know what you think! I like ideas too.

I may finish if you peeps really like it, but I'm reaaallly bad at finishing things I start..


File: 1488173710897.png (148.76 KB, 1000x700, wip22.png)


File: 1488173742471.png (90.98 KB, 800x600, wip3.png)


I like the subject much
U knew many sketches here r instructive and welcomed
Just keep on the work and post it whenever u want

File: 1488179656662.jpg (662.3 KB, 2079x3094, 021.jpg)


Page 21 of Supergirl: Agents of Oblivion part 3



File: 1485915672332.png (4.44 KB, 100x100, avvy.png)


Sup nerds! So... just deciding that I might as well just get all my snuff / guro in one place. I've had a few people treat Neptune n I like separate people... but thats not the case!

I'm just merging the furry and non-fur accounts into this- hopefully the final transfer, and I know there has been plenty of them x3

If anyone wants to hit me up or check on commission opening, find me here, on Discord! Dot-Matrix #8814


File: 1485915794530.jpg (335.2 KB, 755x1000, 60885298_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1485915807034.jpg (79.79 KB, 612x810, 60885298_p1_master1200.jpg)


File: 1485915971122.png (306.56 KB, 844x998, fasajflasjflk_23klj.png)


File: 1485915987788.png (869.36 KB, 1000x969, 1485889702.dot-matrix_sent….png)


File: 1487621602679.png (634.38 KB, 777x900, com.png)

a commission

File: 1472067402866.png (59.43 KB, 1466x722, doggy_gore_fun.png)


turns out my last thread has vanished completely because I didn't touch it in fucking months and I can not for the love of me remember what the last thing I posted in it was!

And I've done a LOT of shit since then.

So I'm gonna pick up from some arbitrary point in my collection of guro

here's some MS-PAINT guro done using the lasso select tool to start things off
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File: 1487526567143.jpg (1.87 MB, 6400x1580, emiko_smol_because_gurocha….jpg)



holy shit, that actually worked.


File: 1487527088079.jpg (1.53 MB, 2580x1989, NOMPF_gurochan_edition.jpg)

i tried to attach the second image with >>16157 since I saw that >>16156 posted but that didn't work... hmmm


sweet stuff!



YOU'RE sweet stuff >;3

File: 1481482352825.jpg (837.5 KB, 1264x747, Wendy b.jpg)


Wendy killed
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Who made this cause I want to see if they will make more.


Please sir, I want some more.


Please sir, I want some more.


File: 1486349063661.jpg (1.92 MB, 3175x1900, Fairy Hunter Lucy copy.jpg)

Lucy Heartfilia and Celestial Spirits Aries, Virgo, and Aquarius.


Awesome work;) more please.

File: 1483752881521.png (306.61 KB, 848x1000, oie_6183647ZjFlgKK0.png)


Hey! I'm back or whatever... lets get back into it :D

This is a new girl I just doodled up a couple days ago, doesn't have a name yet but I plan for her to be an opposing commander against Ayda, the green haired girl you may remember from my old work.

Oh, in case something is to happen to Gurochan again, you can find my pixiv gallery here: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=19959078
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I do take commissions every now n then. If you ever wanna see if I'm open or not, my email is neptuneestate286@gmail.com

I'll check in every couple days or so.

Just a couple nono-s off the top of my head would be scat, underage, internal organs.


File: 1484094354889.png (486.81 KB, 755x1000, ss (2017-01-06 at 05.29.22….png)

Poor Ayda, just a stain on the concrete now ;p



A discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

Your art is awesome and I think you'll enjoy it there ;)


Oh, wow. So many sub channels :o

ANYWAY! If anyone is interested in a commission or just chatting, hit me up here on discord: Neptune Estate #8814

File: 1451018297928.jpg (533.18 KB, 1100x1100, Sketch233234820.jpg)


HOLLYHELL after patched and modify my phone's system I finally made this step◐u◐ I'm really about cring for POST things actually in THIS board,, If someone had the same problem as I had,I'd like to share my own solution with U!
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Thank u for advising.
The purpose why I save the missing files is that I wanted to post them all at a time,insead of one by one like before.I thought it could be slightly surprising if gurochaneeses see me upload pile of pics when wake up ◐u◐
Actually I have a cloud disk account already,but I just forgot it till I saw your comment.


Well I don't know if you'll make more gas masked girls but I would love to see more girls in masks getting killed.


File: 1470934772793.jpg (1.64 MB, 2448x3264, e97d7eb1-c872-460c-a449-eb….jpg)

Accidentally found my shiets did during my primary school time.
What an intelligent Kid I was ohhh
BTW the cn letters below the corner of the paper are my name,just ignore them





You sir or mam artist are awesome and invited to join a Discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

It is fast growing and contains many artists and fans.

And YOU are invited!

File: 1476790499026.jpg (84 KB, 564x748, saccstry.jpg)


what about this so called pastel guro , is that a thing or what ?


File: 1476796257346.jpg (147.95 KB, 1050x864, 1167663913634.jpg)

Looks a lot like Trevor Brown...


pop surrealism


File: 1484301125233.png (21.53 KB, 524x717, tumblr_oivcgybnsK1vkvnhfo2….png)

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