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File: 1522465432281.jpg (299.75 KB, 525x825, Makayla2.jpg)


I'm picky about what I'll draw. Not doing comics any time soon, just pinups (hi-res files).

Rate starts at 100 per pinup and goes up based on content. Standard is one girl, color. A few samples to follow. If interested, click my name and email me.
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Also is it okay if I post your work to my blog with a link to this post?



Thanks! And sure. :D



Are you commissioning that? :D

Glad you like my stuff!


Sometimes it feels like you are the only person in the world who fantasizes about gutting. And then you discover Eevee.


I posted in the role-playing forum. Looking for RP partners, so if you ever wanted to play something in my style with me, I'm interested in one or two partners for scenes.

File: 1510255762284.jpg (177.44 KB, 1200x644, TheCutting-01.jpg)


So, having enjoyed a lot of the bloody and violent art around here, I'd thought I return the favor. Here are some of my drawings.

I like masculine men killing and torturing for pleasure. There is not a lot of that around here, but I have seen enough to be convinced it's not completely out of place on Gurochan. So for everyone who does not mind sexual man on man violence, please enjoy!
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As somebody who has moderated on this site for years, I can tell you that you are easily one of the more talented artists I've seen. Try not to burn yourself out though. I've burned out from making art multiple times, so don't rush yourself to make more content.

By the way, it'd be best if you made a 3DCG thread for your 3D renders.


File: 1515073586787.jpg (126.37 KB, 930x800, SchoolAttacked_06.jpg)

"Now choke on your own cock, you little shit"

Thanks a lot. That seems like good advice, lets find out if I can listen to it :)

I do not have a steam account. Why do you ask?


cuz i'd love to chat lol

Hey would you be able to make a profile pic of sorts? Like a severed cock in a bag, but it not SHOWING the cock but the outline showing, so I don't get banned for nudity lol


ur my god! i love big muscle guys get totally destroyed


Thanks a lot! Those are the best.

File: 1466902282328.jpg (327.94 KB, 1496x1592, Black_Canary.jpg)


Not enough superheroine guro.
Have some superheroine guro.
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File: 1468856074849.jpg (110.65 KB, 288x768, ant1.jpg)

Hello you are really a great artist! Could you please let Antonia Bayle killed in your artwork? She is the queen of justice in a video game everquest2, a superheroine that leads her people. I am so eager to see her struggling face while she is being killed brutally. Thank you so much!


Yeah, yeah. More Black Cat. Because seriously, fuck that slut


File: 1474589151094.jpg (1.89 MB, 4048x3064, black_cat_4.jpg)





File: 1513213507023.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448, 20171213_190106.jpg)


Howdy. I decided to try and draw some guro, so uh, I thought Id share and see if I could get some feedback? Currently just sketches, but I might make them digital with time, if you guys want.

Excuse my english, it is not my mother tongue.


Uploaded the wrong pic. Apologies.


File: 1513213718007.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264x2448, 1513213676549-220621788.jpg)



This is good


You're off to a great start with some of my favorite subject matter.

Rotate your future pictures so that they're upright--that makes it easier for us to appreciate your work.

If you're using Windows 10, the default Photos app can do the job with ctrl+R. 7 and 8.1 should be similar processes, just with Windows Photo Viewer instead of Photos.

If you're on Mac, open the picture in the Preview app and hit command+L or command+R.


Can You Do sci-fi headless style?

File: 1442034119178.png (202 KB, 900x900, eva (6).png)


someone asked in another thread if i could make an art thing so they could see some of my work!
i'm gonna post some of the things i draw here periodically if you guys don't mind
feedback would be nice!

>i'm terrible so pls be gentle
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I'm Rocket btw. Great to learn that I'm not the only one with predilection of drawing messed up stuff.


File: 1488619198016.png (92.25 KB, 900x900, eva (132).png)

i'm gettin' rusty eugh



Beautiful! ^v^


I like this. Thank your alien.


Think you could do some cunt/ass stabs?

File: 1464530695260.png (301.93 KB, 1500x1046, Gato_breasts_Flat_color_we….png)


Seems the thread I started before the site went down is gone. It was mostly just rough sketches of Sly Cooper stuff and some Digimon art.
Here is one of the sketches I posted from then inked and colored. No shading yet though.
Based on a story written by someone else.
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File: 1498529875629.png (657.91 KB, 2438x1626, Gwen_processed_scribble_fl….png)

Right now I don't have much time to work on art for other people. I really shouldn't even be working on these.


Know the feeling, done a few sketches and pictures I shouldn't have worked on at the time, but one needs free time as well, right!

As far as Gwen goes i believe she can if she concentrates pretty hard, its more she needs the hands for ease of control (with it really easy with hands). Her powers are kinda mana powered manipulation of energy and matter, and her human body can best be described as a "meat suit" for an energy body. Her grandma who's far more adept had the ability to build and destroy her own body over and over around her energy body, but it was implied that Gwen was still pretty low on that skill level so by ultimate universe she could kinda make a shifted version of her body into the energy being, but not sure on the full on regen. Obviously out of canon anythings possible, just the more plausible the more suspension of belief :). Any head canon as to what shes used in or for for that negotiations?


I liked the idea of Argit being sort of a conman tricks or convinces her reluctantly in to cooking and serving herself as a sort of peace deal between some alien race with her having to use her powers to help him do so.
Could always have been given some special shot in order to amplify her powers for a short time.


ah, well I more meant how he'd cook her, what device and so on seeing as theres alot of options :). Was curious what you may have had in mind as your head-canon.


>is not something I am really in to. Kind of have a few other projects that need to be finished.

Aw man. You have nice furry style that would be good for it. Welp.

File: 1435618907849.png (30.18 KB, 324x227, 100101.png)


Hey there, I'm Gluttonace, I'm going to be dumping my art here.
I'm still trying to learn how to draw well and have just about every fetish in the book so I hope you'll bear with me and chill.
Comments/requests and critique welcomed, I'm always looking to please and/or improve. (as you can tell, though, I'm more style than realism)
Not sure how often I'll be posting but with commissions dwindling I'm sure I'll at least be able to get a couple a week.

Also still figuring out what I want to draw today, so enjoy this severed head while I figure things out.
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bump for this artist.


Can you do cunt shootings or castrations/penectomies? Especially on ponies. There's just not enough pony guro to suit my fetishes...


I miss this thread, I really liked the magic stuff.


bump for this artist.


bump for this artist.

File: 1512405564812.png (3.42 MB, 1000x3000, NarcoPunchingBag.png)



File: 1512405649609.png (1.54 MB, 1200x1500, impaled1.png)


File: 1512405694628.png (738.17 KB, 800x1200, KONY.png)

File: 1412555150388.gif (109.93 KB, 256x256, ebj.gif)


I always have a thing for willing participants artworks, but I don't really find many of those, or maybe I just don't know where to look. Eitherway I resorted to drawing some myself. sadly I'm bad at art.

This is the latest one I did, started out promising, but end up having to resort to the spray tool for the important frame.
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Bwahaha! Now that's a prank for the history books!






Nice! I really like the "Barrel Girl #XXX reporting for duty!" business.


really looking forwards to your next post been a wile hope you've not given up on it

File: 1511480147173.jpg (25.78 KB, 386x600, k01.jpg)


This is all I have. If you have something that's not here, please share.
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File: 1511480667275.jpg (89.82 KB, 773x792, Untitled1.jpg)


Is there more?


That's all I had.


Looking complete to me. Never seen his stuff on more than one side anyway. Never heard about a commission business of sax either.

Completing ndofline, aishado or luthor collection should be more of a challenge.


How about collecting rov? He is just posting on a hard to enter side.

Does anybody know any background of sax? When did he draw? Where is he coming from?

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