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File: 1472718194626.jpg (1.87 MB, 3000x1200, disney_princesses.jpg)


Hi all!

Do you recall remember the amazing collaborative piece starring multiple Nintendo girls being brutally snuffed by the talented artists of /art/ in 2015?

I propose that if there's enough interest, we should do something like that again, this time with the innocent doe-eyed Disney princesses.

The format is the same as last time, pick a girl, snuff her and post it here for all of us to enjoy.
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they were cartoonish but I loved them all...the tiana one and pocahontas ones made me laugh

and Mulan's was just cool to see


Yes I think you just named my three faves ;)



I am very impressed by your art and would like to invite you to an area to expand your fanbase.

This is a Discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

A place where artists and fans to share and Enjoy eachother.


Here's hoping this gets some good pussy wounds or debreasting. I would draw them myself, but I'd be laughed off the site lol


It's not my art, as I said, I just took it from a french humor website, I'm not the one who draw them sadly, just thought they'd fit there well ^^

File: 1492762780149.png (265.03 KB, 591x639, grose.PNG)


hi im diqdiq and im grose

this thread is probably mostly gonna be sketches and wips
bestiality, monsters, shota, gore, death, etc
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yo thanks my dude
i'm getting set up on tumblr/furaffinity too

commissions are closed my guy but maybe later cause i like that idea


God feed that guy some burgers! He will die from starvation! xD But great looking art! Keep it up!


Horsecum will do, too! Lots of horsecum.


File: 1492847212288.jpg (205.6 KB, 2000x2000, i26^pimgpsh_mobile_save_di….jpg)

o yea you can follow me/send asks to http://diq-diq.tumblr.com

i'm there more than anywhere else


File: 1493123670312.png (379.61 KB, 1360x768, unknown.png)


File: 1470278190086.jpg (45.57 KB, 751x80, LDLogo.jpg)

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I don't have time for comics (unless commissioned!), so I came up with a new idea - little deaths. These will be multi-part short stories with an illustration accompanying each page, and at the end of each you'll get a choice on how you want to proceed. It'll be interactive. A few ground rules up front:

1. All characters are 18 or older.
2. You choose from the options given. Don't throw out requests. They'll be ignored.
3. I'm only drawing and writing the story you choose. No alternate versions or endings for options not taken.
4. I'll leave each new page for three days to allow you all time to vote. Whichever option gets the most votes is what I'll do.
5. Yes, you're all anonymous, but PLEASE don't spam vote or vote a bunch of times. I'm asking you guys to play nice.
6. Discussion and feedback is encouraged! If no one seems interested, I'll stop.
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Welcome back! Great work as always!


Yes! Eevees back!


Yay! You're back! Hope you start up Little Deaths again!


EeveE is alive! Though her glorious girls not so much. :-p


great stuff good to see you back posting

File: 1491603616004.jpg (256.62 KB, 700x937, 1466617214418.jpg)


Let's gather up all of Dutchko's stuff so it's all in one spot


File: 1491605886645.jpeg (96.75 KB, 700x882, C4yEqPfVYAIgsga.jpg_large.jpeg)

I'm sad that he deleted his naver account, but at least he's back on pixiv and twitter.

File: 1485898580493.png (511.85 KB, 1200x1452, gore4.png)


Hey if you need art drawn hmu at spicysnail69@gmail.com
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About $30


About $30


About $30


Snail do you do furries? or even girls with cat ears?


Where do you post most of your stuff?

File: 1490126251606.jpg (409.29 KB, 820x1600, hibana_imp17.jpg)


Hi guys, sect18 desu, it's been a while.
Long story short, start drawing eroguro stuff again. And here comes another Hibana impalement.
Nice slim body of a defiant kunoichi deserve nothing less than a good old impalement.

I'll try to finish my long abandoned WIPs first, mostly Hibana of course, and will come back with more this weekend.


welcome back. I loved your femshep stuff. Waiting for more


Shit, Sect18 is back! Love your stuff and hope to see more. Your Mass Effect guro was superb and I hope you'll do more of it too! Not enough FemShep snuff to go around!

File: 1489707118821.png (241.66 KB, 1000x1000, doll.png)


Hi i'm yag I draw and make games blah blah blah... kms 2014


That's looking good. Where we can see you other works? Or you can post it here?


cute artstyle


File: 1490003653756.png (1.08 MB, 1154x1065, toilet4.png)

This is a older drawin, but heres another art.. I havent drawn any new gore in a while but i'll post it here when i do. im also tryin to work on my old guro date sim game again so ill do updates. Thank yall!

File: 1489818868561.jpg (1.7 MB, 2361x2953, MDS00009.jpg)


Please enjoy.
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File: 1489819144821.jpg (1.72 MB, 2357x2949, MDS00011.jpg)


File: 1489819193505.jpg (1.92 MB, 2361x2941, MDS00010.jpg)


File: 1489819749656.jpg (1.28 MB, 1308x1851, MDS00004.jpg)


I wonder why nobody responded to this
But your pictures are pretty good while they are not really guro but some modern art.

I just do not really like pictures 1 and 3 because I cannot understand what is going on there.


This is exacly why no one replays. Its more Art than guro so its hard to comment. Its interesting but...

File: 1488933543061.jpg (258.78 KB, 1920x1080, jokerhavingfunwithbatgirl.jpg)


Hey! I am AG aka anythinggoes.



Should you take this spot, you can still do same thing as other regular tiers but, you also get to have a paint once a month which i will make it in either private stream or just offline.

mind that finished art(guro arts) will only be distributed to that person.
and won't be posted anywhere else. you can post it or share it anywhere after.

and monthly requests will only be accepted by patreon messages.
yes i do not wish to scare others on my patreon. but i also like to provide an option where u can have guro stuff from me.

u can take this as an bundle commission monthly.

anyways. thank you for your time!


File: 1488933735039.jpg (127.74 KB, 1920x1080, juriebfunstyle.jpg)

here are more examples.


File: 1488933765108.jpg (226.56 KB, 1920x1080, megumifuckedtoohard.jpg)

one more

File: 1445508331160.jpg (443.37 KB, 2722x2061, quiet.JPG)

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Kept you waiting, huh?
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File: 1481125993470.jpg (902.88 KB, 2191x1881, lusa.JPG)


Welcome back!


File: 1488660858024.jpg (1.17 MB, 2319x1955, 230001copy.jpg)


I'm unsure if you're still around, OP, but is there any chance you'd do any guro of Elsa or Anna from Frozen?


I'd like to second that Frozen idea.

And as long as etiquette is still good enough to earn us gifts, may we please get to watch them hang together?

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