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File: 1485757278757.jpg (876.04 KB, 1274x1650, Karen copy.jpg)


Karen Killed
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File: 1486261582608.jpg (1.3 MB, 2754x2376, Britney a.jpg)

Britney Blown Away


File: 1490821871214.jpg (1.15 MB, 2203x1901, Amy a.jpg)



Are you still doing art?


He's been posting on sexyamazons


I'm still kicking. Although I'm in a new living situation where it's hard to draw what I usually like to draw.

File: 1468927636590.png (620.79 KB, 1280x1024, Morri_Gurochan00.png)


I always found Morrigan a really interesting character for Ryona, Guro, and defeat fantasies, since she is practically the most powerful demon on Makai(demon world), and there are a lot of powerful foes that want her dead,or want to enslave her, so why not make them whishes come true... hehehe. I'll b posting content related to Morrigan here (my own Artwork) ....

I have been thinking on some sexy defeat scenarios for her....
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That'd make sense, and I don't think anyone would mind ;)



I don't suppose you'd be willing to do a thing for my birth month? ((This month))


Hey ! Not too sure if you still check your commission address, so just in case, since you're more likely to check here, if you still look to do some commissions, I'd be interested :) Also, do you have a pixiv or something where you post your art so I can follow your works ? :)


Any chances for a simple hanging or decapitation? With her pristine nude sexy body just lying/hanging there? :D

File: 1414908642954.jpg (195.88 KB, 512x640, H3.jpg)

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Now that GuroChan's back and has remained back for a while, I'm giving Aiko's Guro Game another go - and this time, for the first time ever, you get to see who's been carrying out your requests!
That's right, it's me, Aiko's adorable twin sister Aikoko (hashtag selfie)! I've also been doing the typing for her since you all keep having me chop off her hands so she can't post anything ;P
- Ask me to do something to Aiko and I'll show you the results if it isn't terribly complicated (e.g. nothing hard to draw like snake skin)
- No advertisements! I won't do anything like carve your name or website on her.
- If you end up making me kill Aiko, she'll respawn in her clone body and we'll have to start over.
When you last saw sis, she'd had her hands amputated and an eyeball and some teeth removed. If you'd like, I can kill her and start a fresh round, or we can continue where we left off.

P.S. Feel free to post constructive criticism about my drawing- er, I mean my photography ;)
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Blarg! Sorry about the huge hiatus. I have no end of gratitude for Gurochanners' undying patience. I've been rather busy this Summer so I haven't dedicated any time to the Guro Game. Here's hoping my schedule gets a bit clearer going forward.


Don't mind me, just bumping this thread so it doesn't disappear.


bumping for interest~
If you save aiko's corpses, how about we play with a bit of that~? Maybe bury her under her previous carcasses?
if not, how about she gets hung by her own intestines?


Not a bad idea, either of them. If you're any good at drawing, why not take a crack at it over in the "Aiko's Guro Game: Party Mode" thread?


I miss this

File: 1497611792957.jpg (1022.01 KB, 3543x2549, 001dorocolor.jpg)


Comics can be found here: patreon.com/slaveryart


File: 1497611850352.jpg (653.97 KB, 3543x2531, 001engcolv.jpg)

File: 1496945617863.jpg (33.08 KB, 475x640, 19021280_10213212142283289….jpg)


Sometimes you just fall out of your loop for a while, that's me. I did some doodles today for training in my free time, but I need feed back (to keep my healthy and happy :))

I could ink them tomorrow, which seems to make my work 11.6 times more likeable, in general. Or I might move onto something else.

Uploaded from tor cause GC is down again?!

File: 1476733699566.jpg (865.59 KB, 2380x1992, Untitled.jpg)


Repost at the request of PogueMahone.

First up is a piece inspired by his story 'The Interview'.


File: 1476733781844.jpg (1.09 MB, 3840x2160, Untitled2.jpg)

And here's the WIP I never finished since I wasn't too happy with the concept.


File: 1496702106499.jpg (1.06 MB, 1225x2400, Inside-out Outside.jpg)

This is an edited and colorized version of a panel from "Nikubenjou no Kabaneri Sono Ni to Rei", a manga with lots of great prolapse and ovary manipulation shots that PogueMahone very helpfully pointed me to.

The title is 'Inside-Out Outside'.

File: 1219242533282.jpg (879.32 KB, 1748x1412, 01_131230233018.jpg)

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It seems like the thread we had disappeared because of the recent hard drive problems that occurred on the site.

As always, you can access the gallery here:

I'm gonna post it all back, it's worth it.
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Thread's going down even though it was just made?
Is the clock fixed?




no problem, glad i could help :P and thanks for keeping teri's thread alive


You seem to be good at loli. Think you can do some loli's stabbed and shot in the cunt?


No problem, it's worth it!

He only posts his own stuff from time to time, which is fine. He might take up your request though.


File: 1496472027283.jpg (933.7 KB, 3361x4689, Tip.jpg)

Aaaannd this thread is now more that 6 months old already!

If anybody has older art from Teri that hasn't been posted here, please share it with us, since its pretty much all we have of it although it might be close to being all of it.

I'm also hoping to hear some news from the guy himself and maayyyybe see some new stuff in the works. If you're reading this you've always been #1 for me over the years!
Also thanks for sending me these tips when i asked.

Sorry for the bump!

File: 1470186367182.jpg (407.08 KB, 848x1200, namako1.jpg)


Warning: graphic imagery require higher supervision and education.
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File: 1472637818021.jpg (453.5 KB, 2893x4092, oranges.jpg)


hey, sorry, been dealing with some life issues.
Looking to, employ high memory system of imagery and getting a career...

Sorry, been slowing down a little.


File: 1472857872962.jpg (401.06 KB, 848x1200, orangecov.jpg)

Been thinking if this is rather too charitable?Cheers.
I'm developing this all in details.


File: 1472942962667.jpg (297.5 KB, 706x1000, Dinecov2.jpg)


I like that first pic. Sooo inviting.


Do you take requests?

File: 1493858429464.jpg (897.05 KB, 1594x2514, girl3_fix.jpg)


Hi guys

I am open for comissions

$20 Per Drawing in black and white

$25 in Color

I also do Manga pages max 6 panels at $35




File: 1470222465457.jpg (311.1 KB, 800x600, Alice Hates Sand.jpg)


My Random Art Thread appears to have fallen off the back end of /art/, so here's a fresh one to replace it. I'll dig up what I can remember posting in the old one (I don't think there was much - only one or two pieces) and repost it later.

For now, a new piece! This is a possible scene I'm working on for the ongoing "Cracked Mirror" guro visual novel project in which the protagonist makes a costly mistake near a volcanic caldera. I'll let it be known here and how that I expect tasteless jokes to be made ;P
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File: 1484371202884.jpg (102.63 KB, 600x480, 1 Split.jpg)

Aiko has undertaken the 12-month Gore Art Challenge as detailed here: gore-machine.deviantart.com/journal/Gore-art-Challenge-619297242

For January I have "split" wherein Aiko is splitting herself down the middle. To what end? And where is her dear twin sister? Mysteries for now...


This is a lovely drawing.


File: 1485326174987.jpg (48.87 KB, 480x480, Sketch 20170124.jpg)


File: 1488893233253.jpg (224.47 KB, 640x640, 2 Tear.jpg)

I accidentally missed February's challenge picture so I guess I'm doing two this month. Theme #2 is "Tear," as in tearing - in this case, Aiko's heart. The viewers sure are hard to please sometimes!
This time I tried seeing how well I could do with a fully grayscale picture and no conversion tricks. I found that even with a very light gray starting color it was easy for the blood effects to quickly get very dark.
I also experimented with coloring in Aiko's hair to reflect that it is not, in fact, white xD


I have also missed March's - er, April's ...whatever. This month I have an excuse though: I got roped into illustrating a children's book on short notice and had to draw six full-color pages and two colored backgrounds, plus proofread about 30 pages of terrible English in the span of a week and I was thus all arted out for a while.
Hopefully I can catch up in the coming month xP

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