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File: 1508327680865.png (15.3 KB, 606x406, naisu.png)


Lord help me, I'm back on my bullshit... I haven't posted on here since like 2014 but it's whatever.
I'll do requests but probably only simple stuff and fetishes I have.
If anyone can find my stuff from october 2014, that would be cool.
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Hi OP, any chance you’d mind doing anything of Dexter’s Mom dying? Something of her uber fat ass being roasted would be perfect, or just a simple beheading.


Like- generally speaking- I'm sort of uncomfortable drawing stuff of characters from shows I grew up with?
You offer a tempting deal with the "roasting" part though. Could we split even on just a redhead milf with a fat ass? Or perhaps a cartoon mom from past 2010ish?


Hey op, if I could hijack a request, is Cecily Campbell getting her head impaled but body used okay?


File: 1510313628547.png (17.7 KB, 518x710, florian.png)

My friend's cat knocked over my laptop and totally busted the screen... I'll try to do some traditional art today. Life is so busy sometimes that it's annoying...

Here's a corrupted angel I drew before the laptop debacle.


Could you do anything of Sakyo from Yu Yu Hakusho killing off Chloe from Tekken?

File: 1466333505125.png (794.12 KB, 887x1143, Drw9-Export2.png)


I've been playing around a bit with Gimp's pattern brushes and alpha channels.

No lineart layer, because my lineart tends to look horrible.


File: 1475550174115.jpg (409.65 KB, 1240x1754, page.jpg)

Me too I'm just starting out, I use mostly Manga Studio 4 EX. Its a good program if you're into the manga style. Good work though keep it up.


File: 1510258284047.png (161.85 KB, 1300x1008, Drawing5-ColorSmall.png)

Here's another, older drawing I finally got around to coloring. No brushes this time, just flat colors.

File: 1487150525281.png (364.86 KB, 638x900, Kaede Self mutilation gray….png)


Hello everyone, its a me, Hitori the Artist, long time no see..

I seen that in gurochan some of my old work is being posted, and that is no good!!, they dont represent what i do now which is far better and juicier =)..

So i am back to post new stuff about your favourite characters And my own OC´s.. also you can have your perverted ideas drawn with me cheap and live =)

this is my channel, every sunday and wednesday I ´ll be doing commissions live!! (unless i say i cant or need to move it to another day for that week)

Commission info: Sunday- 7 slots of 2 character images - $17 USD per character, up to 2 characters per image, full color. you can ask for as many slots you want.

Wednesday- 7 slots of 2 characters - $10 USD per character, up to 2 characters per image, gray scale. You can ask for as many slots you want. ( sample image of gray image here )

any question send me an email

And finally, so keep my prices low I need your help..
even $1 USD will help me to keep my prices as low as they are, Sadly the patreon is not that gorey but will keep this gallery here in Gurochan with lots of images free for most of the people.
(yes there are some images for paid patreons that in time will be released, just need some money to eat sometimes)
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File: 1508530468591.png (675.26 KB, 638x900, samus pose and roast 900.png)

and more images, this one suposed to be for patreon only but.. erh, just a little peek


How much are your commissions?


Nice drawings. I enjoy your style and your subjects alike.


post more on your blogspot


File: 1509865050600.png (276.49 KB, 638x900, Kaede limbless lost 900.png)

thankyou, will do, and the price is every 2 weeks for guro sundays

$20 per character, $17 when its about the monthly theme and $15 when its about my own Characters.

for now just limbless one

File: 1478252799279.jpg (395 KB, 1553x920, poopoo.jpg)


Hey guys! I've started drawing more and more scat art and i'd love your guy's opinion on it! i'll post some stuff here but you can get direct updates on my tumblr! with is thedankair dot tumblr dot com!

thanks for the feedback and i cant wait to hear what you guys think!
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File: 1478253026578.jpg (52.61 KB, 540x454, tumblr_og020aHejv1vjlmnjo1….jpg)

a slightly older image but just as tasty ;)


File: 1478253182123.jpg (202.75 KB, 750x917, DankAir-178710-A_Hasty_and….jpg)

this girl just couldn't hold it~ but at the end of the day i think she didn't want to


File: 1478336752434.jpg (763.91 KB, 1920x1080, tubbo.jpg)

a nice soak in the bath~


you still around?


I've seen your stuff around. Hope to see more!

File: 1450952457083.jpg (668.15 KB, 934x1800, New canvas.jpg)

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Let me once again share my sick guro shit with you, so that even the ones with specific desires have something to fap. Lolis, even a lot toddlercon stuff lately because one can get bored and sometimes adult females being fucked, abused, cut into pieces and killed etc. Whatever floats my boat - and sometimes maybe what floats yours if im in the mood. Have fun and enjoy my little bitches that only exist to make everyone happy by getting screwed and slaughtered.
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File: 1507100147358.jpg (542.87 KB, 1564x1410, 012.jpg)


File: 1507100166324.jpg (434.52 KB, 1564x1410, 013.jpg)


File: 1507100187035.jpg (591.59 KB, 1564x1410, 014.jpg)


File: 1507100207598.jpg (580.97 KB, 1564x1410, 015.jpg)


File: 1508684533972.jpg (170.1 KB, 1379x900, Sarada num 2 - 07.jpg)

File: 1470334909826.png (1.24 MB, 1700x2400, filthy sketch1.png)

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poo, alot of poo
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its allowed but tumblr moderation is quite dumb to keep things up
my assumption is that they nuked him the first time due to reportfag brigade

the same brigade that went after dudes like sunibee, minus8, bumbleborg, and many other artists on tumblr.



I mentioned the pic on >>15590 , but I DO want to thank you for retrieving it, once more. Though I might not like Sunibee, I like his characters (even if this wasn't made BY Suni).


Someone in the /s/ gossip thread said he fucked off himself, not tumblr.
If that true, then you may as well give up Tarmaker. He aint coming back.

Fuck, why the hell all the great scat/efro artists keep disappearing? I really hate the taboo crowd


I gave up
He deleted his cleaned up pixiv just after a week messaging it
I guess he really wanna disappear from the net for what reason and it hurts the fact we lost another one of the best scat artists on the net

I'll post a mega or make a exhentai gallery for you guys later


actually, i want people to move to this thread

This place served its purpose, yet another scat artist fucked off off to oblivion. So its nott worth bumping anymore

File: 1506061736432.jpg (1.79 MB, 1139x2024, Anatomical Lizz.jpg)


I wanted to post some gore i made but didn't want to make a new thread for such little content. So instead of just posting my shit lets have all the other small timers have this thread. Post your guro art here, if you have more than five i suggest make your own thread.
Enjoy my stuff, it's not as gruesome as others but i do enjoy doing it.
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Cool drawing mate. I like this one.


File: 1506412482649.png (1.02 MB, 720x804, Screenshot_2017-09-26-02-4….png)

Thanks man, I've mostly do safe or mild art but I'm trying to do more for this thread.


File: 1507140853047.gif (2.7 MB, 1300x1550, animated thing.gif)

Something i made in college, i was trying to color it but that's just too risky.


great anamtion movement



File: 1508256644651.jpg (1.38 MB, 1114x2071, zcamera-20171017_110859.jpg)

Not my best but what ever

File: 1506548073364.jpg (69.69 KB, 846x600, Wall - Double-Decker.jpg)


I'm a fan of gory art, particularly when it involves carving the boobs off of well-endowed beauties. But, my art skills are pathetic at best.

However, as a writer of some skill, I'm fairly good at telling artists what I'd like and, when there are no threats of police action, I even pay them to draw these things.

This is my latest commission and it comes from Hitori the Artist, who frequents this place. It features, not just debreasting, but also de-dicking.

And, it's something from one of my many gory stories.

If you like it, and/or want to know more about my writing, I have more of Hitori's art, and my own writing, lurking on my blog at:

FrictionByBill dot Blogspot dot Com

Also, feel free to fire off with some feedback!


I wonder whom we should be praising here you or Hitori. LOL

By the way, I also have half finished 3d picture on the similar topic so maybe you would like to use it for some of your stories.
It is about dickgirls at the barbeque.



How about a bit of both?

He does great work and I'm thrilled to have him draw commissions for me. When I post his work I give him credit for it and link to his projects/sites for those who are interested in more of the same.

I pay him in cashmoney too, not just exposure. Apparently artists can't actually live on exposure and need the money too. Who knew?

And, hell yes, send me your picture. I've got my email linked to my name here.



Well. if you insist LOL
Thanks for making Hitori show his talent.

Considering content of this picture. It a bit wrong because the futa in the door shoud be without dick and breasts because they are on the floor already.

Also everything woud be better if provided a small piece of the story which goes along.


Wish I could afford commissions..

File: 1504374185901.jpg (735.25 KB, 992x1403, 58987130_p0.jpg)


All Editors Welcome!
- Do not request edits of real people.
- Do not "bump", "re-request", "second", "third" etc. requests.
- Be patient, not all requests will be fulfilled, it all comes down to plain dumb luck.
- Take it easy and please be nice to the artists! Remember, they do these for fun.
- Artists, don't hold back! if you like a request someone else already did, feel free to do your own take.

How do I request?
-Put "requesting" or "/r/" on your request
-Provide references and names in one image/post.


File: 1504510821909.jpg (783.43 KB, 800x2283, 1502252278087.jpg)

Requesting to edit the last panel (or to add another one),to either make the plates of her suit welded together,or to remove the seams between them.
Basically make her suit into one single piece of metal.


File: 1506421850340.jpg (992.27 KB, 1600x1000, 1485169736245.jpg)

Is there someone willing to color this picture of Kanzaki Ranko from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls?


File: 1506421980960.jpg (1.06 MB, 1017x1400, 1485169736246.jpg)

Here's a reference.

File: 1504539509212.jpg (96.73 KB, 670x704, 122.jpg)


Crossed is a comic book written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Jacen Burrows for the first ten issues, and published by Avatar Press. Following volumes Crossed: Family Values, Crossed 3D, and Crossed: Psychopath were written by David Lapham. A new series, Crossed: Badlands is written and drawn by rotating creative teams. The franchise has also spawned two webcomics: Crossed: Wish You Were Here, which ran from 2012–2014, and Crossed: Dead or Alive, which began syndication in November 2014.

with that in order, I will dump some drawings here, some ones will be parodies of pre-existing draws and others will be new works

possibly I will be posting in IB, too, but since I been doing some anime/ human characters I will put them here too cuz apparently I don't want to searching between the rules of every site to be sure if they allow this kind of stuff

feel free to contribute anything you can draw would be nice

but i'm not sure if here we can post pics of other people...
anyway here's something, (you can remove the source pic in order to obtain a clean version!)
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File: 1504706578771.jpg (281.25 KB, 1171x1580, 5.jpg)


File: 1505070542493.jpg (150.66 KB, 880x1412, 122132.jpg)


hapy dey


File: 1505808445916.jpg (163.3 KB, 940x1568, wq2.jpg)


File: 1506357475410.jpg (289.92 KB, 1633x2213, axe2.jpg)

just a little update

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