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I see a lot of people here with incredible skills.Is is possible to create some snuff animations or at least pictures for VR? i.e android? Like having sex with a girl and a monster comes takes her off your dick torture and kill her. Or just kil her! ;) I think it's possible! Will someone do this?


I see m8, but while VR snuff will be sugoi, and the artists here are talented, real VR 3D movies require special tools, meanwhile you can split 3d movies with Split Player or Var Vr apps, you can do the same 4 pics.Still a real VR 3D movie will be fantastic!


Its certainly doable. If you want 'true' VR all you have to do is render the scene twice but with one camera slightly offset to the left/right so you can get stereoscopic vision.

I could give it a shot, but need to get through commissions first.


That's definately what many of us here await! Ty m8!


If you can do what the guy said, you are awesome!


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Allow me to bump this board and see how interested people actually are in this. I can do it, although as a commission or as a paid downloadable (I'm talking about a couple bucks only, nothing excessive). And that's because I'm actually trying to make a living out of this.

Hi, I'm recently probing the idea of making pervy games and get something of a brand out for myself. That screenshot is of a thing I just did as part of a larger project which takes my full attention now. I'm an indie 3D artist for videogames. Certainly not the best out there, but I pretty capable.

I've already done lots of VR for Cardboard and the bigger toys as well, only nothing like this. But that should be no problem.

To see what I've done just search for "Zako Doru - testing build 01" on Let me know if you would buy such a thing, and what would you expect to see.


It's great to see someone interested in actually producing a guro game. It's one thing this industry lacks. I understand it's difficult because of the taboo associated with guro.

I would really love to play a guro ryona torture game. There is one out called the torture game, but it only uses a stick figure male, or a male model. I would love to play a torture game where you can torture and kill the victim in multiple ways, and be able to choose the difference genders. I appreciate your time, and yes I would pay to play this game.


Yeah, it's not as complicated as many people assume, at least not if you're making SBS videos (as opposed to fully interactive game environments). Render a scene, then shift the camera to the left or right, 1/30 the distance to your focal point, and render again. Arrange the two videos side-by-side, download Whirligig, and bam. VR guro.

I don't make videos, but I've been experimenting with still images, and I'm guessing that 98% of the CG guro artists here could get acclimated with VR in fifteen minutes or less.


Pretty much all 3d games can be rendered in stereo just by video driver without any effort from developer and then video can be streamed to android VR
Main problem is to make game itself which woud be actually worth playing.

while it may be interesting idea, but from what I see on those videos your game currently does not have anything else besides just some 3d models flying around.
and this is already done may times except that they use models of various zombies robots.



That torture idea has sparkled a lot of interest in me, thank you. I think that's one thing I would totally do with my models. And yes, it's a bit tricky because of the taboo. That's why I made the decision to charge for what I do, because I really want to claim this as my full time job.


To be honest with you, I have never seen VR pictures, becuase that's what you're saying, no? But I don't know why I've never heard about it because it sounds awesome. How exactly does that work? What format o what viewer does one use? I think I'd like to produce some.


Totally, this is nothing more than a little toy that allows you to see what I'm working at. It's not quite as an early access release. It's just a way of having people that are interested be able to actually play around with what I'm doing at the moment, instead of just watching videos or pictures.

Also, I'm not aware of any tool that for streaming to android in VR. Are you speaking hypothetically or is there actually one that does that?


what really matter in the game is not what 3d models you use but gameplay itself and I wonder if anyone has any good implementable ideas that woud be guro related.
so I wonder if you can reveal what is exactly your final plan on using all this stuff you made.

considering vr streaming there are few applications that do that
for example check
or KinoVR or Trinus VR

but this vr idea is not that great as it sounds navigating environment with your head is not that convenient as doing it with your mouse.
and also you need to turn your head do much that your neck starts to hurt and image is also unstable.
Much better thing is simple stetero 3d image on the screen

As for for VR pictures, they are just stereo 3d renderings I will try that now, this should be very easy to do and can be even viewed on pc screen without any extra gear at some degree. so just wait for the example picture.
In any case this is just interesting as some novelty, but later it gets useless


So is this asking about 360 video, 3D video, or actual VR? You don't even need VR to see 3D video if you have a capable monitor and video card. As for the other two, I think this image illustrates the difference nicely.


Since I apparently fail at uploading images for the previous post,


this is pretty much same thing for a a game because image is generated interactively.

however this stereo feature is only thing what separates usual 3d shooter from VR if we do not count using your head for navigation instead of mouse.



180 SBS (side-by-side). It's the format most "VR porn" is produced in, and what those cheap-o smartphone VR headsets are most suited to display. It's basically two images (or videos), one next to the other (horizontal is the most common; certain players can use vertically-oriented material, too). Each image is almost identical, but rendered from a _slightly_ different perspective, in order to simulate the difference in perspective between what you see from your left and right eyes. When viewed on a traditional monitor, they look weird; just two nearly-identical images. But when viewed with a headset and the correct software, then either side of the image can be seen by only one of your eyes at a time - fooling your brain into thinking that you're standing in front of a genuine 3D object. (this is basically how VR headsets work, most of the time - they split videofeeds into two channels, and then send a channel to each of your eyes; 180 SBS is just that minus the interactivity)

For viewing, I use an HTC Vive headset with Whirligig, an inexpensive media player available on Steam. You can get such images and videos to work on any headset, though: smartphone headsets, Google cardboard, etc.

Like I said, it's not too hard to get the hang of it; it didn't take me too long to grasp the basics, and I'm HORRIBLE with CGI...! There's even freeware video converter software that can change standard 2D images and videos into 3D stereoscopic stuff, but I have to warn you, the results usually aren't very good - it's far better to render your picture/video in SBS from the beginning, while you have full control over your camera position, because otherwise you'll be at the mercy of software AI and it can be VERY difficult to get objects to display at their proper depth.


Actually you can view it without any headset directly on your monitor if you have 2 images side by side.

all you need to do is to cross your eyes in away that each will see different pictures. while ordering will be wrong but our brain does not care which image is left and which is right, so it works fine.

Of course experience is not perfect but you can get an idea on how stereo 3d looks like



"what really matter in the game is not what 3d models you use but gameplay itself"

It depends on what the person that opens up the game is looking for in the first place. I believe that for these cases, where the game is a tool for fulfilling a fantasy, the graphics are equal to the gameplay mechanics, if not more in some cases. As I view it, it's all about the immersion, and the things that catch your immersion in the first place are the ones that you perceive with your senses, not the ones you think.

That's my opinion, though. I'm bound to be a little biased to graphics, hence my profession. I'm open to be wrong, but this principle guides my decisions for now. We'll see what comes of it.

I'm thinking of something that is not a game proper, but a *toy*. Ghoul gave me an idea that I liked. Something like those little flash games where you torture a little person, and you have many different tools to do different things. After enough torture, the person, that in my case will most like be a girl, dies. You can sodomize this girl and rape her using different tools, that would give different reactions each.

Just that. Maybe some details on top, but essentially that. Now I'm not saying that I'm going to make that. At least not yet. But that idea has caught my interest.

I don't know to what extent something like that would be able to do for Cardboard. It would have to be very simple. On an HTC Vive on the other hand would be way more fun. I have access to one, luckily. Still, let's keep the ideas flowing :)


The problem with that approach is that your toy will be very limited as it will be not much different from just plain video. You will not be able to do anything out of the box and results will be pretty much same every time so after few minutes of use everyone will get bored if you do not make some goal/reward system and a way to limit content delivery rate.

On the other hand making this will be extremely hard and time consuming.

For now I see that only 2 possibilities are available as cutting those dolls in half vertically or horizontally and that is not much.

If you at least made it possible to cut them at any place that woud be something more fulfilling as it woud be possible to spend time trying to kill or mutilate them in different ways.

even with current version it is possible to add quite easy gameplay mechanic if you do not just blow them up, but for example let them fight each other or throw them on sharp blades.

it could become puzzle game or something like guro lemmings.


Shouldn't this be in the discussion forums?


Shouldn't this be in the discussion forums?



I agree, this conversation is getting out of hand.


That lemmings theme is interesting. For now rather not delve too much into gameplay mechanics. I have my hands full with 3D work.

Going back to the topic, what other ideas are there for a VR game/toy?


I think this thread is ok here because we might see some guro 3d vr videos, from one of the masters, game previews etc. I sugest a patreon page for developing a game, with a lot of public versions, and some guro 3d videos like a fuck sessinon interrupted like the original poster said to see how it goes! Good luck gentlemen!


Another sugestion will be to start with cardboard videos and apps, because that's what many people have at the moment.


File: 1488512974726.png (348.97 KB, 958x599, cb2.PNG)

I made a little something. It's not what was proposed but goes to show it's possible. The assets themselves (the 3D models and some other code) took a long time, about a week of work, but the app itself took about half a day.


The game looks promising, and that doru ideea is a really nice thing.People will certanly appreciate such a product.Meanwhile i was thinking of video, short animations like the vr sex scenes with a guro element like ninja, hitmen, mad killers or some natural disaster appear and kill your girl for you.


Tested the app, it loads fast and the graphics are clearly there, but it doesn't show well on my device running android, the panels show but you can only see the doru's legs and half the menu.


That's ok n_n. Why are videos preferable?

What's the phone you used? Would you mind sending me a screen cap? I would appreciate if you do it in my thread or via PM on so as not to fill this thread.

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